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Moyes calls for patience going forward


David Moyes says that patience from both the players and the supporters is going to be required at times as the Blues pursue the possibility of Champions League qualification this season.

“There's no doubting that we are in a good run of form just now," Moyes says. "However, we must all remain positive, and at times patience from both the players and the supporters is going to be required.

Mindful of how difficult his depleted first team found it to break down Swansea City in the last home game, Moyes believes that patience both by his players during games and supporters in the coming weeks as the squad deals with injuries to key players, will help.

“We found against Wigan that we had to be patient to get the victory in the game and, in a different way, Chelsea did a job not dissimilar to that in the previous home fixture.

“I feel it will be vitally important that we get as many of our injured players back to give us a fighting chance in the second half of the campaign.

“Kevin Mirallas, Darron Gibson and Tony Hibbert have all been out and it was important that we got Seamus Coleman back for the game at Cheltenham.

“Undoubtedly, teams will pick up suspensions or injuries and with the tight squad we have we can't afford players to be out for long periods.

The manager reiterated his desire to keep his squad together this month as the media continues to throw around stories of interest from other clubs in Everton's biggest stars.

“We are deep into the transfer window now and I have said all along that my intentions are to keep the squad intact.

“My emphasis to the players is to keep focused on the job in hand and that the next game is always the most important one.”

Quotes or other material sourced from Liverpool Daily Post

Reader Comments

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Steavey Buckley
388 Posted 17/01/2013 at 16:52:32
You can have all the patience in the world going forward, but if the target is missed, what's the point?
Keith Conchie
392 Posted 17/01/2013 at 16:59:15
Moyes is right, our priority must be to keep the squad we've got and get injured players back as soon as possible.

We are really missing Mirallas going forward for us who will hopefully form a good partnership with Coleman down that right hand side. Gibson controlling the midfield is a big loss too, you only realise how good of a job he does for us when he's not playing. He doesn't try to be clever, but just does the simple things really well.

I still think Moyes will bring one or two new faces in though, however wether they are loans or transfers remains to be seen.

Patience going forward ON or OFF the pitch is the key, and something we evertonians are only too used to.

Paul Andrews
395 Posted 17/01/2013 at 17:35:34
No signings then?
Terry Maher
396 Posted 17/01/2013 at 17:28:14
As long as we keep are best players I think we have got a good chance of 4th or FA Cup. Hopefully Mirallas will play some part of the Southampton game and Gibson will be back soon.
Clive Rogers
403 Posted 17/01/2013 at 17:50:43
We've been patient with Moyes for 10 years and we don't go forward with Neville and Osman in centre mid, just sideways. But they are both blue eyed boys. Moyes told us 3 years ago Neville could only play fullback. He's 36 for gods sake. Osman has never been a centre mid player. He's ok on the edge of their box, but otherwise just takes the easy option, across the back four. All our forward progress against Swans was down the flanks but they expected that.

Also all the strikers who play for Moyes stop scoring after a few months. Beattie, Johnson, Yak, Saha and now Jelly. Its the Moyes work ethic. Strikers should just try to get on the end of things in the box, but Moyes can't understand that. The substitution against Swansea was a joke. It's time for him to move on. He'll never win anything anywhere in my opinion. He's just not got that winning instinct.

Sam Hoare
405 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:14:47
Clive Rogers, uuurgh. Where do I start? Osman IS a centre mid, hes been great this season and is so much better there than right mid its not funny. Literally. Moyes stops strikers scoring...yawn, rubbish. Strikers go up and down in form like every other player, especially the ones we can afford. He's just not got that winning instinct huh? Well he's won more points per pound than any other must be doing something right. Time to move on? Well maybe, though we will be very lucky to get a better manager and he should go with credit.
Susong Hermawan
406 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:19:52
Agree with Clive #403
Ian Allaker
407 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:13:26
Yeah Clive lets get Holloway or Coyle or Hughes or Di Matteo or Souness or Iain Dowie or Paul Ince or Roy Kean or Juande Ramos or Paul Jewel or Dave Jones or some other manager much hyped on here who have been sacked or relegated. Maybe we could get a step up from that list with all the money we can offer them and bring in Lambert or Martinez or some other PL manager likley to be sacked or relegated this season.
James Martin
408 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:35:12
Clive who else do we play in centre mid? Fellaini? Him and Rodwell couldn't muster a forward pass between them for the first half of last season. Osman's played every game in this position for us this season. Compare the football being played and the respective points tally.
Phil Sammon
409 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:29:41
Ossie not a CM?

Clive, you wronker.

Kevin Hudson
410 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:18:18
With the third-best Premier League form over the last calendar year, and with the Blues currently sat fifth in the division, apparently, "It's time for (Moyes) to move on," according to Clive Rogers.

Clive, suppose that in a parallel universe, and completely out of Moyes's control, the same game produced just one notable exception (let's say: a flukey own goal that won it for us..) do you think, that the 'other you,' would still have submitted such a barking-mad assertion?

Steven Telford
414 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:33:38
Clive #403
Do you understand what it means “punch above your weight?”

When I mention to friends of mine who support other clubs about the stick Moyes get from some of our supporters, they think I am winding them up.

The top 3 places in the EPL are pretty much bought and paid for. For us to be pretty much on a par with Arsenal, Spurs – and not too far of Chelsea, is pretty impressive, don’t you think?

It’s not a lack of ambition, it’s a lack or resources in an institutional setting that makes it near impossible for all but 3 (4 at a stretch) teams to hang on to any stars that shine.

Mike Gwyer
415 Posted 17/01/2013 at 18:21:16


What is it you actually want? We are 5th in the league, challenging for a CL spot. We are still in the cup and are playing good football.

We have limited funds, well being honest we have fuckall squared, so much so that QPR can easily out bid us. Fellow Evertonians I drink with can see that Moyes delivers where other managers would laugh at what we as supporters crave. We have given Spurs, Arsenal, the fucked up RS and Newcastle a run for their money for the past 5 seasons - and these teams spend serious money, money that Moyes can only dream of (of course Arsenal have the backing of 60 odd thousand fans each home game, paying around £62 each).

We should be at the bottom of EPL, with the Villa, as they are an identical outfit to us - no actually I think they spend more than us (22M on a striker). But you know what - our manager delivers, with probably the smallest squad in the EPL. Supporters like you really fuck me off with your out of context demands - win us a cup, win the fucking league, beat the RS home and away - with fucking what exactly?? Every season he delivers and if he goes then you will really be able to moan because no one else will give you the same return pound for pound.

Bobby Thomas
421 Posted 17/01/2013 at 19:26:08
Fully agree Clive.

May I suggest the Blackburn manager Michael Appleton.

Now, back in the real world.............................

Dick Fearon
428 Posted 17/01/2013 at 19:51:37
In what decade will we be excused for allowing our patience to run out. At what point in time will Moyes unload his frustration onto his generous paymasters and leave us alone.
Patrick Murphy
430 Posted 17/01/2013 at 20:15:43
Dick I fear that as long as we are above or around our neighbours some of our supporters will be happy, but if god-forbid they start winning titles again, the patience will be very thin indeed. Obviously we want Everton to be winning long before that happens.
John Ford
435 Posted 17/01/2013 at 20:34:25
Moyes is right, there no need to panic. We all know the limitations of a small squad and we can see the difference a few key injuries can make. With Gibson and Mirallas back we are a team capable of beating anyone.

It's great to be in the mix.

Barry Rathbone
439 Posted 17/01/2013 at 21:01:13
A decade of such patience is usually called a coma.
Jay Harris
458 Posted 17/01/2013 at 21:20:32
I cant understand the venom aimed at Moyesy and not at our totally anaemic board.

Sad to say, football has changed forever and you now have to be seriously funded to go after the silverware.

9 times out of 10 the monied clubs will win all the silverware and to be fair we have come close but but still no cigar.

Steven Telford
472 Posted 17/01/2013 at 22:59:46
Barry #439
I’d ask you to add a definition of “disillusion”, but for the fact that a few posters provide ample illustration.
Steven Telford
474 Posted 17/01/2013 at 23:37:04
Talking about comas, false or otherwise. Brendan Rogers appears to have gone 180 degrees on Rat Boy. Now, aren’t we glad we have manager who is dignified and consistent.

Wenger “Never sees it”; Fergie is full of hypocrisy, and enjoys a good whine from time to time;

Rogers, first he doesn’t see it, then he sees it, then he condones it, then he essentially endorses it, and then when Suarez adds verbal clarification to what is well known to all, Rodgers spins around and says it’s unacceptable.

Aren’t we glad we have a manager who is dignified and consistent?

Andy Crooks
477 Posted 18/01/2013 at 00:16:36
I don't agree with all of Clive's post but the derision heaped on it by those affronted by any criticism of David Moyes is unfair. I have long felt that Moyes will not tolerate luxury players and, to be fair, couldn't afford to, I think Clive makes a very pertinent point regarding Jelavic.

It seems to me that being moderately critical of David Moyes, as I have been, is unacceptable to some.

Kevin Hudson
479 Posted 18/01/2013 at 00:33:32
The man called for Moyes to resign or be fired, Andy.

It is not "unfair," to point out the absurdity of that notion.

Anto Byrne
491 Posted 17/01/2013 at 19:34:28
We have a very good team of international class players that Moyes has prudently put together. I expect big Vic to be playing for Nigeria very soon.

My point is we have a very good playing stock of some 15-16 players and after that it gets a bit thin. We are perhaps 3 maybe 4 players short of a very good squad. So any new manager coming in to replace Moyes should he move on in the summer is going to have a very good side unlike the one Moyes inherited from Walter Smith.

So who would we have replace Moyes? Well not another novice from the lower leagues who will take ten years to find his feet and perhaps go thru another rebuilding phase. Its going to be a tall order to replace him.

To be honest, letting Moyes go now is not an option, the clubs owners need to provide him with enough resources to do the job. If not they should be looking to new owners and that means someone with the means to allow this club to compete at the next level.
Harold Matthews
493 Posted 18/01/2013 at 05:09:02
It may be absurd to YOU Kevin but it obviously isn't to Clive..........and he is entitled to an opinion. I have to agree with Andy. The anger aimed at such a mild post is quite peculiar indeed..
Kevin Hudson
498 Posted 18/01/2013 at 06:12:17
No, not having that at all, Harold..why come after me when there were ACTUAL (see above) strongly-worded responses?

I simply characterised Clive's belief that "it's time for (Moyes) to move on," as "absurd," and "barking-mad."

There was positively no anger in either of my posts; simply befuddlement..and I object to the feint accusation of bullying that your post implies.

Ian Bennett
500 Posted 18/01/2013 at 07:28:34
If you think the last 10 were a coma, what were the previous 10? Answers to B Rathbone Esq.
Dave Lawley
508 Posted 18/01/2013 at 08:49:30
A fuckin nightmare Ian!

I know which decade I would rather have!

Mike Gwyer
520 Posted 18/01/2013 at 10:09:05
Andy #477.

I have no problem with your view of Moyes, you have been fairly constant in wanting Moyes to fuck off.

Additionally, I have no issue with fellow blues airing their views, such as Clive, about Moyes being totally shite or inept, Everton not winning every single fucking game, and Moyes destroying any capable forward that enters the GP arena. Like I said I have no problem... BUT it is a rarity, I know boat loads of blues and I have never read so much shite as what Clive posted.

I have seen the late 70s, 80s and 90s so I can talk Everton to death, so believe me when I say that I have seen totally dross players, clueless managers and totally fucked up forwards earn their wages at GP. When I go to away games now, talking to the opposition supporters is always the same – Moyes is the man and Everton are a solid EPL team – a top fucking team.

If you can't see that Moyes has tried to move Everton up in the world, buying players that he feels will give Everton more control of the ball, then you need a visit to Spec Savers. This process has taken him some time, but then again, if you look at the money that fuckwit BK gives him, then it really is a minor miracle when you look at the team that Moyes has running out at GP.

Air your views all you want Andy but you really are out there on your own. The blues that I know love Moyes and love the fact that he is the manager of Everton Football Club – long may it continue.

Sam Hoare
526 Posted 18/01/2013 at 11:00:37
People are of course entitled to their opinions but when you say things like Osman is not a CM then you open yourself up to accusations of nonsense.

I don't think Moyes is perfect, far from it, and I am happy to debates his merits and flaws, but when people talk about him as though he has been some sort of burden to the club, I find that hard to believe and give credibility to.

Steven Telford
530 Posted 18/01/2013 at 10:59:35
Indeed, calling for people to be fired or resign is hardly moderate. It’s not a crime to criticise the guy, but the fact is the guys who criticism him have absolutely no real ammunition, and then on top of that, it’s the sheer level of ingratitude that takes the piss. The facts speak for themselves.

Between Arsenal and Chelsea this Sunday, which do we need to drop points? Maybe a draw would suit us – really not sure. And of course needing Man Utd to do a job on Spurs…..
Ohhhh, it’s so nice to have to think about these things. Beats the shit out of the typical concerns of the 1990s.

Steven Telford
533 Posted 18/01/2013 at 11:20:27
Interesting webpage

Joe Clitherow
547 Posted 18/01/2013 at 12:34:44

Your typical concerns... would that be something like going to Arsenal and hoping we didn't get too much of a hammering (i.e. something less than 4-0 which seemed to me to be the average in that period) so that our goal difference at the end of the season wasn't too bad? Mostly because that was almost like another point which could have been crucial in keeping us up.

That kind of thing was my overriding impression of that decade.

Steven Telford
557 Posted 18/01/2013 at 13:02:52
I'm not sure what point you are trying to make there, Joe. My personal overriding concerns of the 1990s was more to do with relegation, but my ‘in context’ point was the Moyes era has evolved those concerns into the much more enjoyable concerns of staking a claim for Europe. And for that I am grateful.

I don’t not hold the lack of silverware against him, because I appreciate both the financial and institutional constraints under which he operates. Since Bosman, and since the selective entry of large foreign capital… football management is a different game.

Joe Clitherow
568 Posted 18/01/2013 at 13:47:45

It was the same point, probably badly made.

The mention of Arsenal and 1990s in the same post reminds me of old feelings of worry about just how much closer a bad beating would have pushed us towards the relegation trapdoor. Footballing wise at least, a trip to Arsenal these days has nothing like the same trepidation attached. We should have registered more wins against them in recent years, including the game where the most outrageously lucky last minute equaliser for them cancelled out a sublime Steven Pienaar goal.

I was agreeing with you.

Andy Crooks
591 Posted 18/01/2013 at 15:29:18
Mike #520. Moyes going was part of Clive's post that I did not agree with. Yes, in the past I would very happily have seen Moyes go. However, as I have said on other posts, for whatever reason (my view is that he has changed his outlook and matured as a coach), there has been a remarkable change in our approach.

I hope that my views are not so entrenched that I cannot recognize good stuff when it happens or admit to being wrong. I agree with Clive about Jelavic. Moyes has of necessity been wary of luxury players. Perhaps we can now carry one.

Steven Telford
635 Posted 18/01/2013 at 18:18:49
If you can’t afford luxury players, surely not being able to handle (or being weary of) them is irrelevant.
Andy Crooks
642 Posted 18/01/2013 at 19:07:15
Steven, by luxury players I mean players who may get goals but mightn't run all over the pitch. In the past our style has needed all hands on deck. Maybe it doesn't now,.
Ian Bennett
646 Posted 18/01/2013 at 19:27:42
I wished we'd signed Berbatov. Absolute class.
Steven Telford
691 Posted 18/01/2013 at 22:25:21
Ah, sorry, by “luxury” I thought you meant: proven, high price tag, larger than average ego……etc
Peter Warren
727 Posted 19/01/2013 at 09:13:36
Ian is absolutely right: Berbatov was a steal.
Roman Sidey
731 Posted 19/01/2013 at 08:52:19
Mike Gwyer, your first post was one of the worst things I've seen on this site. First, your attack on Clive was one of the most vitriolic posts I've seen on this site.

Second, you say things that are not opinion OR true. "We have given Spurs, Arsenal, the fucked up RS and Newcastle a run for their money for the past 5 seasons" is just simply an obscure fantasy. Go here - - and compare the last five years. You'll find that we've beaten Spurs and Newcastle a couple of times and Liverpool once in that timeframe, which isn't "giving them a run for their money.

And third, you measure every Evertonian with the yardstick of people that you drink with. That's gotta be the first time I've ever heard of a group of people drinking together agreeing on something.

I've pulled back a little on calling for Moyes to be sacked, but will continue to criticise the man when he fucks up – that's part and parcel of the job he is in.

Patience is not the word needed here. Patience will do what exactly? We have 16 games in which to qualify for the ECL or we're fucked. I'm not patient, calm or willing to accept failure. You guys might be, but I'm not.

Ian Bennett
736 Posted 19/01/2013 at 10:07:33
Roman – can I ask when you started supporting the blues. Serious question, in that if you have only supported under Moyes, I can understand the close but no cigar feeling. Previous 10 years on will be different again etc etc.

Me, I started 84. First 4 years spoiled by success. And then the slide, really hitting home when being humiliated against Villa away on live TV, when live TV in Britain was a rare treat, not the wall-to-wall stuff now. Battered home by QPR, Norwich. Relegation battles from 93 onwards. Getting to 40 points started long before Moyes. Joe was a temporary blip, and Walter got one or respectable finishes. This brings us up to date. Moyes's record in comparison to the previous is where I think Mike will be coming from.

John Moores sacked managers for being nearly men, with a famous quote. That Everton expects. John Moores made us the Merseyside millionaires. We aren't that any more, we are lions led by donkeys.

Ray Roche
737 Posted 19/01/2013 at 10:05:51
Roman, to be fair, I think Mike Gwyer has made some good points. Moyes HAS done a great job since he's been here, especially if you take everything into account, and by that I mean the ridiculous amount that BK expects him to run a Prem outfit on.

Many have asked the question, "And replace Moyes with who, exactly"? and the names put forward over the past couple of years, Mark Hughes, Holloway, Coyle, even Alardyce, FFS, have done nothing but enjoy their 15 mins of fame in the spotlight before getting sacked. And, in Hughes's case, squander shedloads of money at City as well as lose any respect us Blues may have had for him by his shameful comments to Moyes over the Lescott affair.

As for the comment about giving these teams a "run for their money", we HAVE given them a good game at different times; Arsenal were only saved by two deflected goals in a performance described by Wenger as exceptional and Newcastle were not even in the same division as us at one stage. And we've beaten Spurs, Arsenal, Newcastle but not with the regularity that we'd like. But just look how much they've spent... Level playing field? Probably not.

That old chestnut the anti-Moyes brigade just love trotting out, you know the one I mean, that we've not won away at these grounds, well, that's a bit of a bummer, but at least we're still in a position to play these teams. Without Moyes's appointment 10 years ago, we'd be another Notts County/Forest by now.

Brendan McLaughlin
739 Posted 19/01/2013 at 10:18:09
"I'm not patient. calm or willing to accept failure. You guys might be but I'm not" — Way to go Roman #731

I can just see the headlines: "Everton Manager Quits After Very Angry Post on Toffeeweb. In a related development, Everton Chairman, Bill Kenwright, announces he is prepared to sell his controlling stake in the club for a nominal £1....." .

Patrick Murphy
743 Posted 19/01/2013 at 10:23:19
On another thread it says that Everton are maybe 3 players away from being a real threat, yet reading this thread it sounds like we're just one manager away from those 'relegation dog-fights' we used to dread.

This continuous bleating on about how DM has worked miracles with little money on the surface is true as regards transfers but with regards to wages it isn't. TV money from the past two seasons paid to Everton FC is a 'lowly' 98 Million pounds. What could you do with 98 million quid???

The fact that Everton FC has to pay this money in wages to players in order to obtain a top 6 finish is ludicrous and shows how badly the game is managed by all those involved in the PL.

Don't forget that the football served up until 12 months ago was pretty crap for the most part and getting players motivated in a way that reflects their incomes shouldn't be that difficult.

Only time will tell how things will go, but Everton FC cannot carry on paying high wages with little chance of glory and neither can the rest of the PL teams, it's no wonder the banks won't extend credit when this madness is going on. It is also little wonder that few people are willing to buy our club whilst this madness continues.

The point of all this is that, whether Moyes stays or goes, the situation won't change that radically for the foreseeable future — even if we manage CL qualification, it will only give us a little breathing space before the demands of the players outstrips our capacity to pay them.

Patience is the order of the day, not just for the coming months but for the coming years.

Steven Telford
748 Posted 19/01/2013 at 11:36:42

I think when you look at aggregated league positions over the last few years, it’s not incorrect to say we have given Spurs and Newcastle a run for their money. Spurs have piped us most times, but not all times. And we have piped Newcastle most times. Now what’s the difference between us and them? They are loaded, we are not, have spent tons of cash and plough through more than their fair share of managers, whereas we are much poorer, and have stuck with the same manager. How generous of you to pull back a bit from asking for Moyes to be sacked.

You want to talk about opinions and facts? Well, Fact: we are a financially rag-tag outfit, who, under the stewardship of a great manager who has previously qualified for the most prestigious club completion in the world, and are again this season knocking on the door of the competition. Plus it’s even harder to do now because Man City have lessened the available spots.

Ken Crowther
751 Posted 19/01/2013 at 11:52:29
I think that Roman Sidey is the nastier, younger brother of Martin Murphy (whatever happened to him?).

I saw my first match in 1954 – Oldham away in the old second division – so I've seen the lows as well as the highs.

I'd love to see us fielding teams with the all-round qualities we showed in the sixties and the eighties; but it ain't gonna happen – not in my lifetime anyway – so in the meantime, I'll settle quite comfortably for football (and results) of the quality that I saw during 2012.

If that means that I'll be patronised by the Roman Sideys of this world – bring 'em on!

Steven Telford
752 Posted 19/01/2013 at 11:41:38
If the likes of West Ham (gaining the Olympic stadium) and QPR get their act together, things are going to get a lot tougher for us, which is why we need desperately to consolidate our position; consolidation should be our real (practical) aim because, yes, progress (if it comes at all) is going to take years.

Optimal (optimistic) path for EFC:

  • Consolidation (defined to be CL qualification 1 in every 3 seasons) with 5th place finishes in-between.
  • Limited progress in the CL, the odd time getting past the group stages, but in the times we have a half decent CL run, we will probably have a poorer than average domestic performance.
  • Use CL presence to clean up our finances, and attract the sorts of players who what to play in the CL, but know they be squad players in Europe’s larger teams. Build from their…..
  • Build on that, and hope some investor recognizes our consistency and buys us.
Without a buyout that is where we stay. And that, I would say, is an optimistic view of progress for EFC

A more likely path, could be average finishing of 5-6th (if Moyes stays, but gets no finance, this IMHO is most likely). Without Moyes, I would worry for our club. Not that the end would be imminent, but that in may be like the 1990s again…… maybe worse.

Sam Hoare
756 Posted 19/01/2013 at 12:19:09
The irony is that, even if we did somehow manage to qualify for the CL, then we'd have to work miracles to to do it again with the toll it would take on our tiny squad and the likes of Spurs, Arsenal, RS and Chelsea continuing to double if not treble our spending on wages and transfers.

Sadly, as well as we are performing on the pitch, it is the club's accounts that really indicate where we are as a football club in the big picture. And we are somewhere in the middle of the Premier League.

Ian Bennett
760 Posted 19/01/2013 at 13:12:38
I don't think £98m for 2 seasons is the right number. But I think this misses the point. We have a wage bill that is about mid-table in the league, it might be a lot for a plumbing firm, but in the Premier League it's the going rate.

Aston Villa in 2011 had a wage bill of £80m, so I would suggest that Moyes gets good value in the transfer market and the wages that we pay... probably why the chairman is prepared to pay him £4m a season. A team like Villa would have been better giving Moyes £4m a season, cutting their wage bill by £20m and finishing consistently in the top 8. Their loss, our gain.

Moyes is pound for pound the best there is. What we don't know is, could he achieve success if he had the wage budget or the transfer power? Hypothetical question as Bill has neither.

Patrick Murphy
766 Posted 19/01/2013 at 13:27:44
Ian, it is the official figure given by the FA Premier League website:

£48,900,267 in season 2011-12
£49,062,411 in season 2010-11.

A total of £97,962,678 for the two seasons.

Ian Bennett
774 Posted 19/01/2013 at 14:29:03
Pat — the accounts say £55m for last year. Anyway, my point is, if you want the number to be less, you get relegated. Our wages I would think are mid-table, which shows that Moyes does more with less.
Andy Crooks
777 Posted 19/01/2013 at 14:47:54
Kevin #751 unless you are about 101 years old I reckon you just might see another top Everton side. With Gibson and Mirallas back we can go on a good run that might see third or fourth place.

I hope that Moyes can strengthen cheaply in the transfer window, it is one of his qualities as a coach. By the way, I would describe Roman as a moderate sceptic, like myself. There is no MOB now.

Ken Crowther
780 Posted 19/01/2013 at 15:14:11
Mandy Brooks #777, the name's Ken!!!

If I was at a match in 1954 that makes me at least 59.

I wasn't talking about third or fourth place, in the 60s and 80s we almost took that as given.

You can describe Roman any way you like, I'll stick with my opinion, if that's OK with you.

Andy Crooks
781 Posted 19/01/2013 at 15:39:03
Ken, sincere apologies for getting your name wrong, No excuses. By the way, top response!
Ken Crowther
785 Posted 19/01/2013 at 15:58:48
Andy #781

The reply of a gentleman.

I'll maintain my stance; but will respect your opinion.

Mike Gwyer
798 Posted 19/01/2013 at 16:39:37

Be cool mate. As I said, I will listen to any blue talk about Everton. Clive, and I guess yourself, have your opinions and yes, these are the days when you have to listen to people and take on-board what they are trying to say. Maybe my first response was hard, and that is a maybe!! So Clive, you be cool too and if you felt offended – I apologise. Unfortunately Roman, 20 or 30 years ago you did less listening and made your intentions perfectly fucking clear.

However Roman, the issue I do have with your post is the reference to the people I drink with. These Roman are fellow blues, not some drunks spouting shite about Everton, not piss-heads Roman, they are hardcore Everton supporters. To us Roman Everton Football Club is a religion - full fucking stop. So going forward, leave any reference to the people I drink with out of your posts.

Moyes!!! He is the current manager of Everton, live with it. As with everything in life Roman, pastures new lie ahead, so for now enjoy the footy that Moyes puts on show. Go to Goodison, if you have kids – take them, it’s a cracking day out.

Patrick Murphy
805 Posted 19/01/2013 at 17:00:02
Maybe the figure you quote, Ian, is inclusive of FA Cup coverage. Whatever the figure, isn't it insane that, with a payment of circa £50 million, any club in the PL is unable to cut their cloth accordingly? It probably means the money that we get from TV in August will be used almost in its entirety for players' wages, leaving very little to spend on improving the squad.

Andy Crooks
813 Posted 19/01/2013 at 17:16:57
Mike (#798), I had a drink with some mates earlier today, none are Evertonians yet they were, and always have been, fulsome in their praise of David Moyes. You know what, it's great to hear. Maybe this forum is the place to let off steam.

Because of finances, I mostly nowadays see Everton on TV in the company of Man Utd and Liverpool supporters. This season, I don't feel patronized by their praise because we can beat any of them.,

As a matter of interest, Mike, when you're having a drink with fellow blues, what would be the biggest cause of contention?

Roman Sidey
820 Posted 19/01/2013 at 18:16:14
Yes, Ian, I started supporting at the start of the 02-03 season, therefore I only know of Moyes' tenure. I've done my research though and understand what went before him. That is irrelevant though with what I see, and that's that Moyes has had opportunities (admittedly that he has put himself in on good work) to take us to the next level on several occasions and he's bottled it.

You didn't say this Ian, but others have made it clear that because they've supported longer that they are the only ones who deserve an opinion. Well, not unlike my jibe about non-UK supporters being just as important, how the hell are we supposed to grow if some supporters treat new-comers as less? For the hundredth time, I didn't have to choose to support Everton.

Mike, I wasn't having a go at you mates, I was simply saying that if you measure how every supporter should be based on your mates, then that's a very uniformistic way to view how people should support a club.

Ian Bennett
832 Posted 19/01/2013 at 18:24:30
Roman - I never said that new supporters are less worthy than the old farts. I am just saying that the guys supporting in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s will all have a different view based on the current regime, relative to what they have seen before.

I have older mates who are less bothered. As long as it gets them out the house on a Saturday, a couple of pints, away from being nagged at. They've seen the cup finals, they've seen the league trophy won. They've seen the highest high, and they've seen the lowest low. They've spent a fortune following the blues.

Me, I followed us through the shit times. Port Vale, Stockport, Bradford, Tranmere, Shrewsbury, defeats at home to QPR, Norwich, battered by Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City away, relegation scraps countless times, failed big signings, the loss of any decent new hero and endless grief from Liverpool and Man Utd fans. That's my Everton, and when we win I love it like a drug.

Patrick Murphy
908 Posted 20/01/2013 at 00:36:37
David Moyes emerges as real contender to take over from Rafa Benítez as Chelsea manager in the summer according to a report in the Telegraph in the last half-hour or so. No quotes no actual news but are things coming to a head?
Andy Crooks
916 Posted 20/01/2013 at 01:00:44
Patrick, I was about to dismiss your post as utter bullshit, but, you know what, someone like Moyes is about all Chelsea haven't tried. It just might happen. Well he'd be better than Benitez.
Patrick Murphy
918 Posted 20/01/2013 at 01:13:11
It would certainly make the last game of the season even more interesting if we're in with a chance of CL qualification.
Patrick Murphy
921 Posted 20/01/2013 at 01:27:19
Maybe you're right with your initial reaction Andy, as in the 'Shun' an hour ago in praise of BK:-

'Moyes said: “Maybe chairmen like that are a dying breed because there is probably an old-fashioned type relationship when managers were managers and chairmen were chairmen. “The new ones coming in now follow a bit more of a foreign system.

“These owners look to employ their own people to make decisions regarding players and how the club is run. “But Bill very much allows me to run the club, make decisions as far as I can make them and it’s worked well for Everton.”

Perhaps mischief making by our local rivals looking to destabilise us as they are beginning to catch us up?

Ken Crowther
942 Posted 20/01/2013 at 08:40:08
An interesting side-line on this.

"'Awwy" was interviewed on TV yesterday lunchtime, and said that he didn't know how much QPR were paying Loic Remy.

I can't imagine the Moyesiah not knowing how much he was paying any of his squad.

Ian Bennett
943 Posted 20/01/2013 at 08:45:21
Ken, they've got more sense asking his dog.
Roman Sidey
303 Posted 21/01/2013 at 16:39:25
I did acknowledge that is wasn't you that connoted that we are less important, Ian.

I think being a newish supporter is part of why I have such a make-or-break level of acceptance. In 10 years I haven't seen us win a trophy or kick on from a promissing position. I've seen my team in Australia break 32 and 20 year title droughts, missing several opportunities in between those to win, and know of the ecstasy and relief when that win finally comes. The one thing, though, that was never present, was patience.

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