McGeady talks about Russian life

Aiden McGeady has been talking about his time in Russia with Spartak Moscow, and admits that the novelty wore off after a couple of years. He also cites a massive difference in attitude to football, and it not being the easiest place to bring up children.

He said: "It was different living over there. The first couple of years were great but after that the novelty wore off a little bit. It was a difficult place to live and with a family, it's not the easiest place to bring up children.

"It's a totally different way of life in the way they approach football over there. It's like night and day from here. It was probably just too big a change.

"Towards the end I was getting a little bit frustrated but I never had falling outs with the manager at the end. I think it was just a case of them getting tired of me not re-signing so I ended up getting put in the youth team, which was a good experience.

"I can't really have any complaints. It was a great life experience and a real eye-opener."

Look out for a full interview in The Echo tomorrow.

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