Lukaku support for Anelka draws criticism

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Much is being made in the media of a Sky Sports interview given by Romelu Lukaku on Monday evening in which he offered support for his childhood "idol" Nicolas Anelka, not so much for the West Brom striker's controversial "quenelle" goal celebration but more for calls not to punish him harshly for what he defends as a gesture of homage to a French comedian.

"He was my idol as a kid and he still is," Lukaku said. "I don't think he should be banned for that, he was just supporting a comedian in France. We don't have to make such a big deal about it.

"I hope he doesn't get suspended because he is a player people want to play on the pitch."

Everton withdrew the video from the official website and have distanced themselves from Lukaku's comments. Far from being "in hot water", as The Express are trying to suggest, the Belgian striker, who is an ambassador for football's anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, is likely to be spoken to but not disciplined by the club. Anelka, however, is facing a lengthy ban if the FA decide to punish him for an anti-Semitic gesture.

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