Everton: Still A Decent Club In An Indecent League

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A Spurs fan revisits a belief he posited a year ago that Everton are a fundamentally decent club in an indecent League and concludes that, if anything, his theory holds more water now under Roberto Martinez and the Blues' recent community efforts than it did before.
Ive always had the impression, and this is obviously tinged with a purely subjective viewpoint, that Evertonians understand that football isnt just about results or trophies or the narrowness of what happens on the pitch. Theres a very real sense that they understand that there are other, more human factors that unite us all as fans. Perhaps witnessing their neighbours suffer such unspeakable tragedy has forced them to re-evaluate the very essence of the nature of rivalry.

Maybe thats what it is that makes Everton such a decent club. Perspective. Winning and losing make no difference in that regard. As long as the club exists and attempts to live up to its nothing but the best motto is all you can really ever ask of the football club. Silverware, however welcome it might be, is not the ubiquitous bottom line.

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