Mikel Arteta: I have NOT enjoyed Arsenal move as much as I should

Mikel Arteta says he has not enjoyed playing 'as much as he should' since leaving Everton for Arsenal.

"That I achieved what I wanted to achieve but with one particular regret — that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I should have done," Arteta told the official Arsenal magazine.

"And that"s because I always put too much pressure on myself, trying to improve things that are not going well, not just in my own game but other things around the players or the club.

"I find it difficult to say 'I love it' because I'm constantly putting myself under pressure, there's always a next target or a 'we won but we didn't do a certain thing well' nagging away at you. And it's always like that.

"The fight to switch off gets harder and harder. I just can't do it.

"I have long discussions with my wife every time we have a bad result and I constantly think about what we can improve, what we did wrong, what happened in the game."

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