Jagielka and Baines likely to be overlooked by Hodgson

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Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines's hopes of playing in what would be their last European Championship tournament are set to be dashed, with Roy Hodgson likely to go with other, younger options.

Jagielka looks to be winning his race against injury to feature one more time in the Premier League for Everton this season when the Blues host Norwich City on the final day of the season but his chances of representing England could be dashed if Hodgson takes only seven defenders to France next month.

The 32-year-old's chances of being fit for Euro2016 looked slim when he played through a hamstring strain in an attempt to skipper Everton into the FA Cup Final 10 days ago but he is now expected to be fit in time for the tournament.

Hodgson, who took just seven defenders to the 2014 World Cup, could do the same for the European Championships and, barring injury to team-mate John Stones, Chelsea's Gary Cahill, Manchester United's Chris Smalling that would almost certainly mean Jagielka missing out.

Leighton Baines, meanwhile, is not expected to make the cut either, with Tottenham's Danny Rose and Southampton fullback Ryan Bertrand the more likely choices. Baines has barely featured for England this season due to his recurrent ankle problems.  

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Colin Glassar
2 Posted 03/05/2016 at 19:52:33
Feel sorry for both of them but poor form and injuries have ruined their seasons and the media are always on their cases saying they aren't good enough. So not really surprised and just hopeful they can get fit for next season.
John Graham
3 Posted 03/05/2016 at 19:57:14
Baines's and Jagielka's form has steadily got worse as the season has gone on. Think as two of the senior players they have both tried to keep the team together but it has had a detrimental effect on their own form. Not sure if they have been carrying injuries for a while. Shame they won't get their chance.
If he's going for the young ones and they are good enough then think it's a good thing, but sometime experience in the squad is a good thing.
Patrick Carty
4 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:00:12
I think that both of these players have still a good season or two in them, so England's loss should be our gain.
Liam Reilly
5 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:16:06
Good, they need a full pre season with Everton and at least they won't be the ones taking all the media flack when Woys Boys exit early.

That'll be just Stones and Barkley then.

Paul Hewitt
6 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:29:31
Good. they can't get blamed when England let in a stupid goal .
James Stewart
7 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:31:09
Cahill and Smalling haha christ car crash pairing that
Colin Glassar
8 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:35:24
But they have the media's seal of approval James. If Martin Samuel and co say you're good enough, woy listens.
Joe McMahon
9 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:39:48
James (7) to be fair they both have premier league winners medals and have played under Saf and Mourinho. Jaqs and Baines have zilch in winners medals and have played under Moyes and Martinez.

And as Liam says Lets let some one elses defenders be blamed for when it all goaes wrong.

Bob Cumiskey
10 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:40:03
Gutted for both of them if they don't go.

However, the positive is they both will be fit and raring to go for next season.
Glen Garrett
11 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:44:32
No Everton player deserves to play for England in the Euros, totally not good Enough.
Jim Bennings
12 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:53:41
At the stage Jagielka and Baines are at in their careers and the fact they have struggled with injury the last thing they need is going to Euro 16.

As much as its a shame for them it's common sense really.

Paul Kossoff
13 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:54:44
Just Stones and Barkley then? And Stones will probably be gone soon. If Jags and Baines don't go, I cant see me supporting a side made up of RedShite, Man Utd and London teams.

With my Italian and Irish 'both sides' family, I think I will support them.

Mark Fitzgerald
14 Posted 03/05/2016 at 20:55:46
Unfortunate for both of them to miss out on their last major tournament (I'd imagine). Can't help but think that a more successful season by the team would have seen their selection chances increase accordingly.

Also surprised, considering that the English squad isn't exactly flush with top class CBs.

Paul Kossoff
15 Posted 03/05/2016 at 21:06:18
Joe (#7),

So do the Leicester players, so all their English players should go, should they?

You can no longer class a player's worth or ability on what they have won, for example David 'where did he go?' Luise, or the two carthorse centre-halves at Man City.

Barry McNally
16 Posted 03/05/2016 at 21:11:35
Clyne is no great shakes.......will probably score a hattrick on Thursday now!
Andrew James
17 Posted 03/05/2016 at 21:58:52
Another damning statement as to where our club are...

Phil Jagielka not going to France but Chris Smalling will be...

Don't get me started on Clyne.

Hodgson subscribes to having his favourites and picking flash in the pans: Welbeck, Clyde, the up and coming young 28-next-month Lallana, Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Townsend, Sterling...

I'm sure there is some embryo striker in the Manure squad he's already lining up to debut after scoring one goal next season...

James Stewart
18 Posted 03/05/2016 at 22:02:42
So has Phil Neville Joe but it doesn't make him or them any good does it. Jagielka is better than all 3 Stones included. Who would go to a major tournament with just 3 centre backs anyway? Asking for trouble.
Jeff Armstrong
19 Posted 03/05/2016 at 22:11:17
Hopefully both will be fit and ready to go for us in August, who wants to be part of another car crash tournament that England serve up every two years anyway.

Barkley could do with the rest too, he's played far too often this season when being taken out the team now and again would have benefited him and anyone of our fringe players like Deulofeu, Mirallas, Dowell etc.

For Stones, and us, it could of course go two ways; it's anyone's guess which one will turn up – the Bobby Moore version or the Bobby Davro one!

Neil Steele
20 Posted 03/05/2016 at 22:37:39
Clyne is a right back, I'm struggling to see how his inclusion impacts Baines one way or the other?? Not sure where the article has come from but I could see both going as long as fit – you need a blend of experience and youth, Jags in particular has never let anyone down.
Colin Malone
21 Posted 03/05/2016 at 23:12:39
Was Roy Hodgson at the semi where we all seen an outstanding performance, as always from Jags? No way are Smalling and Cahill better than Jags.
Geoff Risebrow
22 Posted 04/05/2016 at 00:27:10
Jagielka is top class and is head and shoulders above Cahill, Smalling and our own John Stones but if he doesn't go he will be nice and fresh for the start of next season because we need him.

Unfortunately Baines hasn't been the same player since he signed his last contract in 2013. Hopefully he gets a full pre-season and is ready from the off.

Sean McCarthy
23 Posted 04/05/2016 at 01:28:05
No Everton player will be starting for England in the Euros and probably none of them deserve to either.

Stones and Barkley will in all likelihood be the only 2 in the squad if as expected Woy only takes 7 defenders and Jags misses out. Baines has seen too many other left backs over take him in the pecking order for him to stand any chance of making the squad. Danny Rose will probably be 1st choice LB and I don't think you can argue with that as he's had an excellent season with Spurs.

Cahill and Smalling will get the nod ahead of Stones. All the media scrutiny on him this season hasn't helped and all the hype surrounding Barkley as the best English talent since Gazza circa Italia 90 will be seen for what it is ... hot air. In my opinion, Barkley is lucky to be anywhere near the England squad. Dele Alli is twice the player. How you can be an international midfielder when you can't tackle, you don't chase back, you never look up and your decision making is as bad as anything I've seen in a football pitch is frankly beyond me!!!

I'm expecting the usual disappointing early exit from England and a green and white party from the Republic of Ireland. I know which one I prefer!!!

Mark Andersson
24 Posted 04/05/2016 at 02:04:09
At last some good news. England are as boring and predictable as Everton.

If it's form their picked on then Stones ane Ross shouldn't be considered either. However it will be interesting to see how they play under a different manager.

I have not watched a England game in years.

Richard Lyons
25 Posted 04/05/2016 at 06:25:31
Sean @23 - as good a description of Barkley as I've ever read. He has certainly not performed anywhere near well enough this season to warrant a place in the England squad.

I do think Jagielka is still one of the best, but why would you choose half of one of the worst defensive outfits in the Premiership? I would always choose winners, not losers...

Paul Cherrington
26 Posted 04/05/2016 at 08:53:12
I'm a bit mixed on my feelings with this one. as others have rightly said in some ways Hodgson is right not to take them considering the season we've had & how bad the defence they've played in has done.

But then you know he'll pick people like Phil Jones and Jordan Henderson to go who are rubbish. There's no way the likes of Phil Jones so be picked ahead of them to go to the Euros so really they should get the nod in that case.

James Byrne
27 Posted 04/05/2016 at 08:55:52
Does anyone actually give a toss about the England set up anymore; I personally don't waste my time watching the likes of Milner, Lallana, Henderson or even Rooney for that matter huff and puff like headless chickens.

Don't get me wrong Roy has demonstrated a genuine interest in some of the countries younger talent but it's too media driven.

I can understand Baines not going but not to take Jags is disgraceful. As for Stones and Barkley, they are 2 totally different players away from the shackles of this clown of a manager, so they'll probably flourish and enjoy the occasion.

Charles Brewer
28 Posted 04/05/2016 at 09:37:33
Does anyone care about this competition? Since I can't remember a single match from any of the last 5 World Cups (apart from the really funny one where Zidane got sent off) or Euros, I'll treat this bunch of dross with the same contempt I reserve for the "Champions" League.
Shane Corcoran
29 Posted 04/05/2016 at 10:36:43
Charles, I care hugely. I'm going for two weeks and I can't wait. I imagine the other tens of thousands going care too. Nothing like supporting players that come from where you come from.

Why the contempt for the competitions you've listed?

Are you one of the "if Everton aren't in it I don't care" crowd?

Damian Wilde
30 Posted 04/05/2016 at 11:05:10
Cahill and Smallin go as they play gor Sky clubs, simple. If Cahill played for us and Jags for Chelsea, Jags would go.
Kase Chow
32 Posted 04/05/2016 at 11:47:33
Baines hasn't been great this season and hasn't been the same player since the Man Utd speculation. He's gone from being absolutely brilliant to good

Jags is unlucky to miss out. He's played a lot for Roy and also been decent this season. I think it's the 'last ditch' nature of his defending rather than 'anticipating danger' style that hinders him. Terrific Premier League player but international class? I'm not so sure

That said, Cahill and Smalling aren't great either and I think Jags IS the 3rd best English centre-back. Better than Stones. I feel a bit sorry for him.

Denis Richardson
33 Posted 04/05/2016 at 11:54:19
Based on form alone (which is what the international team should be picked on), not a single Everton player should be on that plane to France.

Stones has had a joke of a season and Barkley, despit his assists goes missing for long periods in games. But the medjia seems to pick the side so they're both in. Admittedly they seem to play better in a different team....wonder why that is.

Feel sorry for Jags and Baines but they have not been good enough to merit a place. Tbh I never really thought Jagielka was international standard anyway (then again Cahill isn't either imo).

Shane Corcoran
34 Posted 04/05/2016 at 11:58:49
Damian, Jagielka started for England in the World Cup. How does that fit into your theory?

Are United and Chelsea Sky clubs (whatever that means)? Neither are in the top four. How could this happen?

How have Baines and Jagielka every played for England? How are Barkley and Stone still playing for them?

The paranoia had died down on ToffeeWeb recently.

Paul Kossoff
35 Posted 04/05/2016 at 15:31:04
Richard (#25), "Why would you choose half of one of the worst defensive outfits in the Premier League?"

So you are OK with Cahill going are you? Multi-million-pound squad Chelsea have conceded one less goal than Everton.

Also, a very poor Man Utd, 'and have been for two seasons at least,' – You would take Jones And Smalling?

Liverpool conceded one less than Everton but it's okay to take their players? What exactly is your criteria for squad choices again?

Paul Kossoff
36 Posted 04/05/2016 at 15:43:29
Denis 33, "Based on form alone (which is what the international team should be picked on), not a single Everton player should be on that plane to France."

As I've said already, if using the method of form picking a player, most of the England squad would not be picked.

Liverpool under performed, Chelsea, so bad they got the manager sacked, 'oh hang on, so did Liverpool,' Man Utd another very poor season, so on your ideas of 'still' thinking Englands squad is picked on form alone,' almost all of the players in the teams I've mentioned should not be picked.

Michael Winstanley
37 Posted 04/05/2016 at 16:02:46
Better for us if they don't but I think they'll go, Woy knows what they're about and he trusts them.

Rose and Baines for left back slot. Smalling, Cahill, Jags and Stones (can't see him getting a game) at centre half.

Paul Thompson
38 Posted 04/05/2016 at 16:51:48
I think there is a decent chance Jags will go (if fit) and he deserves it. Baines won't be picked and is certainly behind Rose on club form. Stones and Barkley will go and though undoubtedly talented, they are a bit lucky because they've had some stinkers when Roy was watching them.
Anthony Dwyer
39 Posted 04/05/2016 at 21:09:16
You can help but feel for the lads, there both really good pros, both top blues too.

I feel the Euros have come at a bad time for Baines, idiots have moved quickly to write him of due to his injury. IMO, Baines is by far the best English left full back.

Jags is a 100% type of guy and deserves a lot more recognition than he gets, he's undoubtedly one of the best English centre-back and IMO he's in form, especially if his competition is Cahill.

Peter McHugh
40 Posted 04/05/2016 at 22:14:30
Would have jags and Baines Everytime
Michael Ward
41 Posted 05/05/2016 at 20:47:36
I think England will start with Smalling and Stones. Anyone who thinks Cahill is a better defender than Jagielka needs their eyes testing, both on ability, past form and current form Jags is streets ahead of him.

Also when he took 7 defenders wasn't that because he had Phil Jones covering multiple positions. The only way he takes 7 is if Stones covers RB so Jags might still get in. Or he may think that Dier (a donkey of a player) covers CB?

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