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Column & Opinion Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

If All of This Was Easy, It Wouldn’t Be Worth Doing

Paul The Esk
Lessons learned, expensive mistakes... time for a re-boot. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. If it did, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Time for Boldness

Paul The Esk
"Being bold de-risks, being timid increases risk and reduces the prospects for success. Mr Moshiri, time to be bold in every sense."

Kicking the Can Down the Road

Paul The Esk
In modern day language it means deferring, putting off difficult decisions, to postpone a difficult action. To me it singularly defines the last 12 to 18 months at Goodison Park.

The Bramley-Moore capacity debate

Paul The Esk
Is there sufficient demand for a 60,000-seat stadium and what does the capacity of the new ground say about Everton's ambition?

The Business case for a smaller capacity?

Paul The Esk
Following recent comments by Robert Elstone, a look at whether it makes sense for Everton to opt for a smaller increase in capacity at the proposed new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock than was originally thought.

Unnecessary caution at business breakfast meeting on Bramley-Moore

Paul The Esk
Paul reports from the “Everton Football Stadium and Associated Regeneration” meeting hosted by “Downtown in Business” featuring Everton’s current CEO, Robert Elstone and Liverpool City Council Mayor, Joe Anderson.

The Turning Point?

Paul The Esk
Are we at a point where we can finally throw off the shackles of the past, the lack of ambition, the cautious thinking, the poor decision-making and execution?

Nil Satis… you know the rest – time for it become a reality

Paul The Esk
The decisions the club makes in the next few months will define our future, once and for all. The right decisions will ensure that our future can be as glorious, and perhaps even more glorious than our incredible past

A club of firsts – time to be bold and imaginative

Paul The Esk
This is an opportunity to be bold, not only in terms of capacity, physical features and design and pricing structures but in the whole approach to hosting a football match.

Goodison, its legacy and what should we take to Bramley-Moore?

Paul The Esk
Ensuring that we protect the essence of Everton when we leave, not only at our new home but back in L4 as well.

Knowing your customer/fan – moving out of the dark ages

Paul The Esk
Generally, most clubs have no basis for optimising revenues from across their customer and fan base. Can they learn from business processes that other industries have used for decades in their interactions with consumers?

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