Rooney 'ready to go' as he targets silverware with Everton

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Everton FC
Wayne Rooney says he is delighted to be back in an Everton shirt after jumping at the chance to return to his boyhood club.

The 31-year-old grew up in Croxteth as a Toffee-mad kid on the Blues' books but left the club as a teenager for Manchester United in 2004 after bursting onto the Premier League and international scene.

He spent 13 years amassing a trophy cabinet full of honours and is now hoping to help end Everton's trophy drought and back a concerted push for the top four under Ronald Koeman.

Rooney was confirmed as Everton's sixth first-team signing of the summer when he put pen to paper on a two-year contract after months of speculation about his future. He will wear the No.10 jersey that is being vacated by Romelu Lukaku.

"Throughout the summer I've been working out where I was going to go," Rooney said on "I spoke to my agent and said: ‘Listen, you need to speak to Everton, see if it can happen'.

"He said it could so I told him to speak to the club and get it done as quickly as possible. It's happened, I'm delighted and I'm ready to go.

“[Wearing the shirt] feels as special as it did 13 years ago and I'm just looking forward now to getting out on the pitch with it on. “[Goodison Park] has always been a special place, even when I've been on the opposing team,” he continued. “You always get that feeling when you walk out of the tunnel so to actually do it again in an Everton shirt will be a special moment for me.

"I've kept it quiet for the last 13 years but I've actually been wearing Everton pyjamas at home with my kids. I had to keep that a bit quiet!"

Meanwhile, his new manager is excited to have added genuine experience and savvy to the team to blend with the youthful additions he and Steve Walsh have been busy making this summer.

Rooney is the elder statesman compared with Jordan Pickford (23), Davy Klaassen (24), Sandro Ramirez (21), Henry Onyekuru (20) and Michael Keane (24) but he has played on the biggest stages for club and country and still retains a burning desire to push his former club back towards the top of the English game.

“Wayne has shown me that ambition that we need and that winning mentality," Koeman said. "He knows how to win titles and I'm really happy he's decided to come home.

“He loves Everton and he was desperate to come back. He is still only 31 and I don't have any doubts about his qualities. It's fantastic he's here.

“It's all about his fitness and his desire, but he has shown me that ambition that we need. He knows how to win titles, as I said. [H]e wants to play at the highest level that is possible for him. We have spoken several times about Everton and what we are striving to achieve.

“His main quality is his quality on the ball, his experience and what I describe as his winning mentality. Everybody knows he can play out of different positions up front. He's a smart player. He's an experienced football player and that helps everybody.

“We have a lot of young players and sometimes in life you need somebody who you look up to, who you learn from.

“One of the functions for Wayne is to show the rest of the team why he is - and still is - that player.”  

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Mike Gaynes
1 Posted 09/07/2017 at 16:54:04
Love the quote about the PJs.

And he looks good in the shirt.

Adam Carey
2 Posted 09/07/2017 at 16:59:17
My head tells me his legs have probably gone but my heart says welcome home Wayne. Maybe I'm sentimental but we as a club always seem to keep a place set at the table for family, no matter what has gone on before.

He has two years to sign off a great career by helping this generation of players achieve what wasn't possible back when he left, and win some silverware.

Keith Glazzard
3 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:14:48
Head or heart? I really don't know. But with Koeman in charge I guess it will be head.

In any case, bye bye Rom. How much does a new stadium cost?

Colin Battison
4 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:23:13
Welcome home, Wayne. You are looking trimmer than I've seen for a long time!

I think he's wanted this move for a while now. A nice Number 10 role for me... his legs may have gone but his football brain certainly not.

I genuinely think he will add so much to the squad on and off the pitch. He's still got a lot to offer; just wages, so a no-brainer for me.

Good luck, son. As for the PJs – he bought them off my market stall for a fiver, lol.

Jim Wilson
5 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:25:08
This deal has got the place buzzing. I for one can't wait for the season to start now and a Derby winner from Rooney will make it all worthwhile. Good Luck Wayne!
Craig Harrison
6 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:27:49
Maybe a change of style of play. Re buzz he will undoubtedly get from playing for Everton again will reignite his on field performances. The only time he seemed interested or put in decent performances last season was when he was chasing charltons record as an incentive.

If anything having Rooney on the pitch should open up space for other players such as Sandro.

Michael Kenrick
7 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:48:14
Great to have him back. 13 years ago, that twat Moyes played a major role in his controversial departure from this club – something I never forgave him for. Ironically, Moyes went on to follow him to Old Trafford, only to crash and burn in fantastic style...

This is redemption at long last. It was obvious he was always a Blue through and through... only sad to see some fans on here repeatedly denying it. Hopefully Wayne can finally shut them up by giving us some inspirational football on the pitch that has been so lacking for so long.

Welcome back, Wayne!

Paul Kossoff
8 Posted 09/07/2017 at 17:59:36
Looks slim and fit! Glad he's back, anymore to come in this week? Apparently the red shite are not happy with their transfers.Wearing Everton pyjamas for years while at Man Utd, lol.
Brent Stephens
9 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:01:01
Wayne was raised a blue. Played for his favourite team. Wanted glory elsewhere. He requested and got his move and I didn't begrudge him his move (regardless of whether Moyes aided that).

Got his glory at Man Utd. Now on his way back. Will welcome him with open arms (and a clean pair of PJs).

Daniel Whyment
10 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:03:29
Were they Tim Cahill pyjamas?
George McKane
11 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:04:55
On Wednesday local TV asked me for my thoughts on Rooney rejoining Everton – they asked me to speak "live" and said I had about 1"45' – so I quickly decided to say something light and different.

Try the link or you will have to copy the link in your browser –- it went crazy with over 80,000 hits with mainly RS calling me unpleasant names– shows how worried they are I guess.


Tom Magill
12 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:09:50
I'm absolutely buzzing today, this transfer window rocks.

Welcome home, Wayne!

Rom who?

Rudi Coote
13 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:10:39
Welcome home!

Time for special things to happen.

You can do it!

Rudi Coote
14 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:15:41
He's smiling like a kid in a sweet shop!

I don't care if he is the Man Utd's record goal scorer, I bet none of those goals gave him the same elation as that goal against Arsenal all those years ago.

I can't wait for this season to start – and neither can Wayne, I bet.

Andy Crooks
15 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:17:08
In my view this is a fantastic signing. The best of the summer.
Tim Drake
16 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:22:14
It's telling that the number 9 jersey is still vacant. Looks like we are saving it for Lukaku's replacement. Place your bets now...
Fintan Spode
17 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:26:38
The prodigal son has returned, kill the fatted calf and let us be happy for it is appropriate to celebrate and be glad, for our brother, was dead, and is alive again. He was lost, and is found.

Once a Blue, always a Blue!

Mark Andersson
18 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:31:29
I concur with Michael Kenrick...

Great to have Wayne back because he wants to BE HERE... Only time will tell if this move has a happy ending. I certainly hope so, one of the few last Roy of the Rovers stories that could go down in history if he lands us a trophy...

Welcome back Wayne I look forward to seeing your boys at the old lady cheering you on...

Jim Wilson
19 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:34:35
Well said, Michael. Moyes was instrumental in Rooney's departure. And I agree he was a twat; few saw it at the time, unfortunately.
Dave Williams
20 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:47:34
Great news! He is a winner and a fighter and he certainly won't freeze walking out at Anfield for the derby. He will instill confidence and arrogance into our game and this should rub off on the rest.

Play him as striker with others to do his running for him and he will score plenty of goals.

As for Lukaku he clearly had no love for the club but, as a piece of business, he was a very good buy. Just a shame he couldn't have worked harder here!!

Jason Broome
21 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:48:42
Bonucci, Cech, De Bruyne, Robben, Gallas, Mata, Tiago, Ibrahimovic (Inter), Huth, Crespo, Lukaku, and dare I say Salah?

The special one has made many a knee jerk error in selling players a little to early.

Hoping to add Rooney to that list.

Glad he's back.

Kenny Smith
23 Posted 09/07/2017 at 18:59:20
I've said before on TW there's no place for sentiment as we move forward but this feels and is different.

I'm made up Wayne's back – let's hope 'Everton are back' as well!

Steve Ferns
24 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:03:54
Didn't Sandro take No 9?

George, I saw you on Granada Reports, typical of you! Enjoyed it.

Still buzzing about Wayne. How the hell have his legs gone? He's 31, not 41. He's never had a bad injury. He lost his mojo and now he's home he'll have it back.

Let's sign someone who can link up perfect with Wayne and Sandro. A true No 9.

Terry Underwood
25 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:09:57
Welcome home.

On the subject of transfers, I was in town with a plastic red, he went into Greggs and came out eating a pastie. I pretended to look at my phone.

Me: "Oh wow"
Him: "What?"
Me: "Suarez is having a medical at Goodison"
Him: "Aggh, urgggg, flaaa" choking on his pastie.
I laughed so hard I almost shit myself.

Drew Shortis
26 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:12:37
I hope this will convince Barkley to stay and learn from the best. Wayne has so much he can teach Ross. If we can get in Giroud then a front three of Barkley & Rooney just behind the big Frenchman will be a devastating attacking line. With Klaassen, Sandro and Sigurdsson as other options.

Defensive/Central Midfield looks solid with the likes of Gueye, Schneiderlin, Besic, Davies, Barry and McCarthy competing for playing time. If we need to play wider we have the option of Bolasie & Lookman.

Central defence is covered, though replacing Funes Mori with Van Djik would be the icing on the cake. We have a top class keeper.

Providing the Giroud & Sigurdsson deals come through (and right now I have no reason to doubt they will) we just need a bit more cover at full back. I think Kenny will fill in admirably for Coleman.

Really, really excited to get going now. I know there are a lot of new faces, but most of them have plenty of Premier League experience (bar Sandro) so should gel quickly, plus they have a full pre-season to get settled in.

We have two routes into the Champions League and I think the potential to mount a title challenge. Perhaps still a little behind Chelsea, but Leicester did it with hard work and a great chemistry. With the players Koeman/Walsh/Moshiri have brought in I can see those same ingredients.

We have offloaded the egomaniac and have a really good blend of youth and experience. I can't quite believe all this is really happening after all these years of struggle!

Jay Harris
27 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:13:15
As one who did not want Rooney back under any circumstances, I am pleased that it is exciting so many supporters and maybe it will be the galvanising effect that the club has needed for so long.

As some posters have said, at least he is a winner (not a whinger like the other big lazy, egotistical lump).

I look forward to our time at the top again and hopefully the demise of the not so special one.

Dennis Ng
28 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:14:25
Terry, that's a good one, LOL.

Rooney is here more than just a player. Koeman would use his presence in the dressing room and training ground IMO. The only catch is his salary as I think it is too high for this gamble. I do see him doing great things with us but it is a pricey gamble nonetheless.

Ken Buckley
29 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:14:30
A real leader and fighter but mainly a hell of a footballer, the sort you cant coach as he is naturally tuned in and up to speed as that built in football computer brain whirrs away.

With the other signings, and it looks like more to come, we should be set up to play possibly 60-odd games.

I am delighted he is back and I must remind Mr Moshiri to invest in more footballs to replace the ones he kicks to his mates in the kick-in.

Note to Santa – Rooney pj's please.

Robert Workman
30 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:14:37
The prodigal son returns – a penny for your thoughts Romelu? Did you jump too soon?
Frank Sheppard
31 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:16:02
Club Captain?
Denis Richardson
32 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:18:59
I was really hoping this wasn't going to happen but secretly thought it would. His wife has no intention of moving to china so never thought that was a goer.

Now that he's here I guess we hope for the best but I honestly can't see him being able to play the pressing game Koeman wants. He is not and never will be a top midfielder. We've had enough square pegs in round holes over the years so I really hope its not the plan to play him in midfield in some 'quarterback' role where everyone else has to do the running. Didn't work when he tried it for England or Man Utd and it hasn't worked when other 'ageing stars' have tried it when their legs have gone.

He's wearing the 10 so presumably that means (a) he'll play up top next to or just behind the main striker (whoever that may be), and (b) with his salary, media circus and shirt number, he won't be sitting on the bench and will be in the starting XI (at the start of the season anyway).

Hope it works out for the team but, more importantly, if it looks early on that he's not going to be able to contribute as imagined, the club has some sort of get out and we don't have to pay him £15m odd over the next 2 years for the odd substitute cameo role or just for the Europa League games.

Am pretty sure had he not been at Everton as a kid we would not be signing him now, based on footballing abilities alone. I just hope the quality other signings are not forgotten about when the inevitable 'coming home' drama will be built up in the press.

I bet he's given the captains arm band to boot, so Kenwright can add the icing to his theatre drama 'Rooney coming home' cake.

Btw, I couldn't less care about the badge kissing and how he left, all so long ago and I'm not bitter about that. I am completely against signing him because I just don't think he's good enough for what we want to achieve and the inevitable circus may be a negative for the dressing room. Never mind his questionable off field antics which won't have a positive impact on the youngsters – the guys smokes, ffs.

Paul Holmes
33 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:24:05
I watched him play for Man Utd against Spurs in the last match at White Heart Lane. He scored and played well until Mourhino brought on Rashford and moved Rooney out on the wing.

He’s still got it, but he needs to play through the centre and let players like Gueye and Klaassen do his running. He still has that class and intelligence to see a pass early, unlike Barkley.

A great signing imo, and he will be highly motivated, because – let’s face it – he is an Evertonian!

Johm Pascoe
34 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:31:41
I am a Cardiff City supporter but also follow your team. I'm absolutely amazed that any Everton supporter would welcome Rooney back to Goodison Park.

I always remember before he left lifting his blue jersey to show a tee shirt underneath with the words 'Once a Blue, Always a Blue'. Shortly after, he went to Man Utd.

What I really disliked about him was the way he celebrated with enthusiasm when he scored against you. Normally, ex-players show respect for a club they supposedly love.

I genuinely feel sorry for your supporters who can see through his false persona. 😈

Jeff Armstrong
35 Posted 09/07/2017 at 19:33:05
Costa being linked with Besiktas, what about him as our new number 9?
Jim Wilson
36 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:02:34
Great point, Drew. I too hope Barkley will want to stay now but it maybe whether Koeman wants him to stay.

At least Barkley now knows he will be playing with selfless players who will work with him and for the team. Here's hoping it will all fit into place now.

Bjoern Haall
37 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:08:26
If all the players in the current squad will perform to the level they are capable of and if some of the youngsters step up – I think we can win the league.
Neil Thomas
38 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:19:54
Personally I think it's a great deal for Rooney and the club. The fact that the lad as taken a massive pay cut rather than sitting on the bench earning a fortune should tell you how much he wants this – unlike some who have just jumped ship.
Si Cooper
39 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:22:09
"I am pretty sure had he not been at Everton as a kid we would not be signing him now, based on footballing abilities alone."

Denis – That's the whole point of why this is potentially a great deal for the club!

Koeman has made it clear that he needs to be performing to be playing, but the Rooney 'x factor' is what he can give to the squad throughout the week. He is emotionally invested in the future success of the club and brings a wealth of experience of competing at the highest level.

There is literally no-one else like him available to our club at this moment in time and the experiment deserves some time to see if it can bear fruit.

David Barks
40 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:23:20
I'm happy we've signed him. I think he does bring a winning mentality into the team. I also think it's great to be winning the news cycle. No matter what happens, this has absolutely raised the profile of the club. It's all over the news in countries around the world, not just in England.

As far as his play being something that will put us over the top, I don't think that for one minute. I think he does have a lot of talent and skill, a wealth of experience and still has a big name in the game.

I just don't need to hear about Everton pajamas and all that nonsense. He left and was right to do so, he proved it. He won just about everything there is to win at the Club level, earned an enormous amount of money in what is a short career window.

Now he's come back and I think he will be a positive impact with the squad as well as, and in my opinion more importantly, greatly increasing the brand recognition of Everton FC. That's what is needed to get the shirt sponsorship at the same level as those above us, and absolutely is being considered with a new stadium on the way that will have a sponsor attached.

It's now time to see just how much the new marketing department at the club has improved under Moshiri.

Eddie Dunn
41 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:24:09
I really think this will be a seminal moment in our future. Rooney may be a yard slower, but he is still a class player and he will show the likes of Davies, Lookman, Calvert-Lewin and Barkley the way to future achievement.

Welcome back, Wayne.

Shane Corcoran
42 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:37:06
Michael #7, can you tell me what it was that Moyes did with regards to Rooney leaving.

There's a lot of talk about "rewriting history" on the other thread. All I remember is that Moyes tried to sign Alan Smith saying he wanted to play him up front with Rooney. Then I remember Rooney releasing a statement saying he wanted to leave to win trophies.

Peter Lee
43 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:41:55
Okay, how was Moyes instrumental in Rooney leaving?

A verifiable fact or two would be welcome rather than a few "I think that's".

Ian Hollingworth
44 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:43:47
Whose next?

I do not want this ride to stop and let's hope we get a couple of derby wins in the first season. Now wouldn't that be something.

David Price
45 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:45:02
Welcome back, Wayne.

Romu, Romuwho?

Romu, Romuwho??

Romu, Romuwho???

Who the fuck's Lukaku????/p>

Brian Harrison
46 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:45:39
I hope most of the posters are correct and Wayne coming back will galvanize our club to again be challenging for trophies. But I always think the old adage of never go back is true, and there aren't too many cases were its been proved wrong. He has been a brilliant player but age waits for nobody not even Wayne.

Mourhino says he had a lot of respect for Wayne and said it was sad that he couldn't play him as much as Wayne wanted. But we have to remember that Wayne couldn't get into a side that finished one place ahead of us in the league. So I just hope that our supporters don't expect Wayne to be able to be the player that he once was.

Derek Valentine
47 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:47:50
Rooney is back. Lukaku is gone and arrested. Priceless. Trust in Koeman, Walsh and Moshiri. I said at the start of last season something special is happening at our club. It's now ramped up some more.

Bring in another 20+ goal a season striker to replace America's most wanted and watch us go. Time to make history again.

Jay Woods
48 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:52:31
Never go back? Olaf Thon went back to Schalke after a long spell at Bayern Munich and almost won the Bundesliga, but for a disgusting refereeing decision in Hamburg that saw Bayern steal it with the last action of that season.
Graham Mockford
49 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:55:53
Shane (#42)

In Rooneys first ( I know!) autobiography he claimed Moyes's lack of support and attitude forced him out of Everton.

Moyes initiated a libel case against Rooney which ended up being settled out of court. Subsequent editions of the book had the passage removed.

I guess you pays your money but I always thought Moyes's handling of Rooney was pretty poor. I think he had a bit of a Fergie complex thinking he had to be all alpha male and keep Rooney in his place. In reality, Rooney could just say fuck you, there are teams who want to give me 10 times my wages.

Charles Barrow
50 Posted 09/07/2017 at 20:57:18
I wasn't that keen on Rooney returning but, like nearly all fans, let's give him all the support we can – and let's hope it'll be re-paid with goals and a fantastic two years.
Graham Mockford
51 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:00:12
Ken Buckley #29


I own a pair

Michael Kenrick
52 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:08:05
Fantastic words added up top to the main story, giving Koeman's take on bringing Rooney home.

Michael Kenrick
53 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:23:23
I felt at the time that Moyes was a poor and very limited manager who was not in anyway making the most of the lad's incredible talent.

It seems in his book – the one Moyes sued over – Rooney saw him as overbearing, controlling and ultimately responsible for his transfer to Manchester United in 2004. Put like that, it sounds like Moyes was just being a manager, but in that dreadful last season, something was clearly seriously wrong between Moyes and Rooney.

Given the club's dire financial situation, and Wayne being the potential/eventual golden goose egg... was Moyes doing someone's bidding to make him unsettled? Or did he mess up his development for other reasons? All speculation on my part of course... but completely unfounded? Well, it depends how much of the story you feel inclined to piece together.

If you're a Moyes lover, and gawd knows we still have plenty of them, you're not going to hear a word said against the miserable Presbyterian. So best not read this post.

Brian Williams
54 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:27:46
Kevin Campbell is the first ex-player I can remember going anywhere near the truth when he said on Sky today "Wayne was hung out to dry over that transfer."

He knows what happened, and others do too. ;-)

Gary Reeves
55 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:27:51
Ahh, for fuck's sake, posts on here saying it will bring out the best in Barkley.

WTF!! ... best transfer business this Summer would be getting him out. Three seasons of gormless meandering. What do you watch???

Marc Jones
56 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:31:33
Just to echo the majority of posters I'm absolutely buzzing to have Wayne back. I think with his mileage in footballing terms he may be used conservatively (akin to Ronaldo this season), rested for certain games, withdrawn early in others.

What I do think is he'll leave everything out on the pitch. I'm expecting us to really push for silverware this season we've got a squad shaping up nicely to be the dark horse team. Definitely excited for the season to begin. COYB's!!!!

Graham Mockford
57 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:33:22

I think you are correct in a lot of ways. The relationship between Moyes and Rooney was poor in the final season.

I think it's conspiracy theory on steroids that Moyes deliberately engineered a situation to force Rooney out of the club. I think he just managed it badly.

And of course Rooney had to pay Moyes considerable damages in an out of court settlement for suggesting such.

In the end I'm convinced by his statement. "Sorry I'm going but I want more money and some silverware."

Let's hope we can now get some more silverware but in a blue shirt.

Sean Patton
58 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:36:16
Hung out to dry

Must have imagined that he was going to join Newcastle in order to force United to come forward and the fact he slapped in a transfer request the weekend before the deadline.

Mike Connolly
59 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:41:02
People still come on mentioning Rooney's wages and saying he's too old. We are not Little Everton anymore, money does not appear to be a problem. He is also not the only signing this season. It's great seeing Rooney as opposed to McGeady, Kone and Niasse.

Mourinho said: "It is no secret that I have long been an admirer of Wayne. He has been a model professional throughout his time at the club." Rom & his agent will never hear words like that attributed them.

Graham Mockford
60 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:41:33
Brian #54

Which Sky interview was it?

Mike Hughes
62 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:43:38
Strange betting odds on Paddy Power for the Premier League.

We're 80/1 to win the league. And 90/1 to get relegated. Which, according to the bookies' estimates, puts us upper mid-table, i.e. 7th.

I was expecting odds on how many points we'd win the league by!!!

My hopes (realistically):-
(a) 4th
(b) A trophy (League Cup please)
(c) The double over Liverpool.
(d) Repeated after-match phone-ins on Radio Merseyside with kopites complaining about the money we've spent and are we trying to buy the title? And they can't jeopardise our World Heritage status with thas stadium cos it's our year etc etc. (All in a Norwegian dialect.)

Chris Corn
63 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:45:56
Michael (#53), I know that there was conflict between Rooney and Moyes in that last season.

I had professional dealings with a locally well known Evertonian and after a dire away game at Birmingham in 03-04, where I think we lost 3-0 , he told me that he saw Rodney's dad in the stand and said to him that he never thought he'd see an Everton side with Wayne Rooney play so poorly. Rooney Sr responded with "What do you expect when that red haired prick plays him out wide?"

However, I don't buy into the assertion that he was forced out. There were a number of factors, not least that he was outgrowing us at an alarming rate and also we were in the shit financially. Sadly, the way it played out left a bad taste with many people.

Ultimately, he has had a great career and is one of the best British players ever. His goalscoring records back that up. I'm glad he's back to supplement the signings we've made and hopefully will further make.

People will always have it in for Kenwright, and many have been sceptical about Koeman, Moshiri and Walsh, myself included, but if you can't be excited about what is happening at the club at the moment, I think you should pack it all in and do something else.

Ian Burns
64 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:52:34
For footballing reasons only I did not want this to happen. However now he is a Blue once again I give him a massive welcome back and pray I am eating humble pie quickly into the new season.

Great thread – this and the earlier thread before he had put pen to paper spoilt by Moyes getting a mention. He is one former employee who I pray will never return!

Welcome home, Wayne – would love him to run out against Stoke in his jim-jams but not because he overslept!

Danny Broderick
65 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:55:35
Rooney was out of order when he left the first time, don't blame Moyes. Moyes sued him for libel afterwards, and Rooney issued an apology for some of the things he said about Moyes.

No point trying to re-write history. Rooney was well out of order. He should have given us 3 or 4 years before going (like Torres at Atletico Madrid) and no-one could have really held it against him.

In any case, it doesn't really matter. We have all moved on, and I am delighted to have him back. Even if it is for the twilight of his career. He's better than any other number 10 on the books. Better than Kone and Valencia. And he should be good for 10 goals and 10 assists this season.

He will also give us some narky leadership. We have often been too nice in the past. Rooney is a horrible little so and so, he'll be in the ref's ear, and he'll also expect us to turn up away at the top 4 – something which hasn't always been the case.

He's a great signing for all of these reasons, but please don't re-write history and say he was forced out of the club – he wasn't. He was made a record offer to stay. He couldn't wait to get out of here as soon as he'd hit the big time with the England team in Portugal 2004.

Shane Corcoran
66 Posted 09/07/2017 at 21:59:25
Who knows what happened but nothing I've read has even close to convinced me that Wayne wanted out for Wayne's sake. Bad taste then, bad taste now for me.
Nick Dogan
67 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:07:06
Still torn here...

I remember telling my son "This one won't leave, a proper blue" and seeing his reaction two years later.

I always felt that, once Rooney had won everything and made his money, he could have seen out a contract and come back for free at any time over the last however many years... but he didn't.

He may love the club but, if his love for the club was like ours, he'd have been home at least as soon as Moyes left.

When he walks out in the shirt, I'll be behind him, of course I will, he's an Everton player. Same as Franny Jeffers.

Would I have wanted McMahon back around 1990? Definitely not... but if it had happened, then I'd have got behind him when out on the pitch, though I still remember the feeling when the ageing David Johnson was dumped on us by the Red Shite.

I still feel a little embarrassment about this, though, because it's Man Utd... again and once again, they have taken our top striker.

Looking on the bright side, only 9 more years till Fellaini returns! 😊

Stephen Scofield
68 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:08:33
Rooney looks fitter than he has in years. I think no one will recognise him when he plays and the Man Utd fans will get pissed that he didn't play like that for them the past few years.

I can't see how this can go wrong. Well no, only if the Muppets who can't get over it, boo him. Because that will happen as some people haven't got two brain cells to rub together.

Jim Wilson
69 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:11:19
Rooney didn't have to apologise to Moyes for saying he left Everton when he did because of Moyes, because that bit was true.

Moyes made Rooney unhappy at the club by unbelievably not playing him at times and playing him out wide.

Moyes was happy to sell him as he has admitted (sucking up to Man Utd and Ferguson) and then Moyes wasted every penny we got for Rooney buying shite!

And well said, Stephen Schofield, we should all be chuffed Rooney's come back.


Keith Purcell
70 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:19:01
So happy to see Rooney back in Everton blue. I think he was getting stale at Man Utd cause the length of time he was there. Now he will be rejuvenated and hungry to win silverware with Everton.

Do you all think that, if he does win a trophy with Everton, it will be his most treasured than the ones he won at Man Utd???

Steven Jones
71 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:23:00
Michael Kenrick at #7 – great post. Ken Buckley (#29) – spot on. and Stephen Scofield (#68), I agree – thing is Wayne hates them and has not really played at full tilt for years because of them booing him for the contract re-negotiations over the years.

He became a bigger brand than them and, with Ronaldo and Beckham out of the way, they struggled with Rooney + Stretford having them over a barrel.

Watch him go now, for the club he really loves.

Graham Mockford
73 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:27:39
Jim Wilson,

He did settle out of court after making that allegation in his autobiography.

Bob Hannigan
74 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:28:13
My 2017-18 season ending prediction:

1 Chelsea
2 Man City
3 Everton
4 Arsenal
5 Tottenham
6 Man Utd
7 Liverpool

Jose out by March 2018

Mike Berry
75 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:30:07
It will be interesting to hear Ronald's comments about Wayne, after a training session or two, as people say his legs have gone?

I think our training coach and tactics will use the best of what he has left and I think it will be a perfect fit. Welcome back, lad!

Neil Thomas
76 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:30:30
Sigurdsson next by the look of it.

Ronald Koeman really is buying a team that is full of 10+ goal a season players rather than relying on one. To me it's a great plan if, like Lukaku at the end of last season, our striker goes missing ,there will be plenty of backup who are more than capable of carrying the load and scoring goals.

With Sigurdsson, Klaassen, Sandro, Barkley, Rooney and hopefully another striker, Lukaku won't be missed and we won't be on tenterhooks every time our Number 9 goes down.

Andrew James
77 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:30:50
On the Moyes v Rooney debate, my memories are that Rooney didn't have that good a season in his second one for us but, to be fair, nobody did given where we finished.

I include Moyes in that because he lost the momentum from when we finished 7th and I suspect was being the disciplinarian because it worked to stop us being relegated and got us to 7th but when things went wrong, he probably continued doing it and it backfired. He was a young manager.

Rooney was also embroiled in a few tawdry headlines and does anybody remember the incident at Pompey when he pushed an opponent over? But he was mint for England, hence the eventual move.

I also recall the departing Tomasz Radzinski saying some disparaging things about the club and encouraging Rooney to leave, then the random Newcastle bid and us having very little money to strengthen. We were in very bad shape.

My conclusion? Moyes was struggling as a manager (has anyone heard that in the run up to the next season post-Rooney he softened up by leaving little notes of encouragement in the players lockers?) and this episode along with the 2003-04 finish made him a better manager. But I don't think he was instrumental in Rooney going.

I think the triumvirate of Alex Ferguson desperate for him, the board needing the money, and Paul Stretford were the factors for his departure.

So to blame Moyes for him going is wide of the mark. Hey, dropping deep too often and driving expectations down, I'll accept Moyes was guilty there but Rooney going? Nah.

Mike Benjamin
78 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:39:46
Fantastic that many of the media outlets are reporting that Rooney has returned to his boyhood club while Lukaku goes the other way. Which one is the £100m player?
Anthony Burke
79 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:42:52
Welcome back, Rooney! A birthday weekend I will never forget.
Dan Davies
80 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:45:12
1. Spurs
2. Man City
3. Chelsea
4. Everton
5. Man Utd
6. Arsenal
7. Leicester

Happy Bob?

Anthony Burke
81 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:47:06
He does look fitter than he ever has. He wants to succeed at our massive club.
Jim Wilson
82 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:47:46

Quote at the time:

'David Moyes, the manager of Everton, accepted "substantial" undisclosed libel damages yesterday over a "wholly untrue" allegation in Wayne Rooney's autobiography that he leaked details of a confidential conversation with the striker.'

Not for saying he left Everton when he did because of Moyes.

Bob Hannigan
83 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:50:53
Andrew James (#77),

I'm commenting, in general, as I see it as a Yank, Evertonian since only 1999.

Rooney had great potential, Blue "for life" but as I saw it, the difference between his performances with Everton and those with the England side were "glaring". He needed to be at a club with greater support. I was sad to see the transfer but sadly recognized he needed to progress at a higher club level.

We have improved and circumstances being what they are at Man Utd he recently has been underused. Wayne will be a positive addition for Everton, brings experience, knowledge, a winning attitude that will be all positive to our younger players as well as our veterans.

Graham Mockford
84 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:55:45

Only part of the story

A quote from the Telegraph

"In the book Rooney claims he told Moyes he wanted to leave Everton after a newspaper revealed he had visited prostitutes.

The footballer goes on to suggest Moyes leaked details of the conversation to the Liverpool Echo newspaper, which led Rooney to leave the club he had supported from childhood."

That part of the book was removed in all future prints.

Michael Kenrick
85 Posted 09/07/2017 at 22:57:28
That's right, Jim. What Rooney had to rescind was that Moyes had leaked his personal conversation with Rooney to the Echo, which miraculously published what Rooney assumed had been private revelations the very next day!

What's more pertinent, Andrew (#77), is what Rooney thought at the time. Which is why he wrote in his book that Moyes was instrumental in him leaving Everton after that awful season.

Mike Gaynes
86 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:05:48
Bob #74 and Dan #80, I think you are wildly optimistic.

First, we were 15 points out of the top four last season, and I do not see our signings so far making a 15 point difference. (I reserve the right to adjust this assessment if Sigurdsson and Giroud come in.) And the sides above us will strengthen as well.

Second, our two most important attack signings, Klaassen and Sandro, have never played in the Premier League. It could take them a while to get up to speed.

Third, a team with this many changes will take a while to jell properly and learn to play together.

And fourth, there will be no time for "bedding in" because our early league schedule is brutal. After the Goodison opener against Stoke, the next four are City away, Chelsea away, Spurs at home and Man Utd away. We could easily be in the relegation zone after five games. That's a deep hole to climb out of.

So while I share the optimism about where this young team is headed, I believe they'll need a full season to grow into a top-four side. I predict sixth this year and a full-on explosion the next.

Jim Wilson
87 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:06:11
Thanks Michael

Graham - Your full quote is still nothing to do with Rooney saying he left Everton when he did because of Moyes.

I remember at the time thinking Rooney will leave Everton because of the way Moyes was treating him, leaving him out the team and playing him out of position, which was ridiculous.

Andrew James
88 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:13:55
Michael and Graham

So are we really saying that Rooney, without whatever Moyes did or didn't do, would have remained?

There were rumours going round that summer that we were hugely in debt. The Moyes / Rooney story was a sideshow. The club needed money, Streford was hawking him round and SAF had made him his priority.

My problem with the "twat" remarks about Moyes is that he was not instrumental in Rooney leaving (as the court order demonstrated) and we went on to finish 4th with a low budget squad. For me, Rooney going was the sad inevitability of a board who'd been forced to sell our best players regularly due to debt and mismanagement.

Michael Kenrick
89 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:23:28
Johm (#34 – is that a typo for 'John'?).

There's a few posts on this and other threads that explain the mitigating circumstances around the infamous badge-kissing. But you're right in that a number of the Rooney haters use this as one of the reasons for their continuing hatred.

Others saw at the time a brilliant footballer who loved the club he'd grown up with for 10 years, a fantastic talent pushed out of the club by a manager who failed to utilize him properly and who nearly got the side relegated in the process.

They saw a conflicted 18-year-old being mercilessly hammered by the fans who had idolized him months earlier, and it was his way of standing up to them. Some still bear the grudge; most seem to have moved on.

Throughout his time at Man Utd, Rooney retained his obvious love for Everton despite how he'd been treated. Hence the prevailing truth in that almost equally famous tee-shirt: "Once a Blue, Always a Blue" – that is his true persona, not a false one,

Michael Kenrick
90 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:31:12
Andrew, I think there were a number of things going on at the time. The club's financial issues; slimeball Stretford looking to make a killing; Stubbs encouraging him to leave etc. Do you hang it all on one or look at all in combination?

The background to it, though, was an awful season where the relationship between him and Moyes had seriously deteriorated. That is in the book and was not expunged – as the focus of the libel case was pretty narrow (see above).

Thing is, if you don't believe Moyes played a significant role in him leaving, then no facts I put before you are going to change that mindset. It's called 'confirmation bias' and it's very powerful!

Dan Davies
91 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:43:27
Mike @ 86, I believe the first ten games will possibly define our entire season – bring it on.
Andrew James
92 Posted 09/07/2017 at 23:53:23

I just think the £'s came first.

I had the same beliefs in 2004...I certainly wasn't blaming Moyes at the time, I was just sad that our club was such a mess. So the "confirmation bias" stuff is a leap.

I do not understand this narrative whereby people want to do Moyes down. There are much bigger fish to fry.

Each to his own. I am personally pleased to see Rooney return and hope he and Jags can hold a pot aloft this season.

Jay Wood
93 Posted 09/07/2017 at 00:01:41
Some very speculative distortion on 'the known' in relation to Wayne's departure from Everton.

Disappointed as I was at the time of his move to Manure, I have never held any rancour against the 18-year-old Rooney as many did (and continue to hold, in some cases!).

That summer of 2004 he lit up the Euros in Portugal and was the standout talent, even more so than the home boy favourite, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Injured as he was in the semi against Portugal, he of course never kicked a ball again for Everton on his return, even though the chairman declared to the world the boy was not for sale, 'not even for £50m.'

Wayne Rooney was the tiddler in a sea of sharks. Can anyone realistically believe it was Rooney himself who fly baited all the players to push through his transfer?

The corporate suits, the Glazzers, at United? The most successful club manager (and tyrant) in the history of the game, Alex Ferguson? The theatre impresario, Bill Kenwright? The morally challenged agent, Paul Stretford?

To add to the mix, this was the summer BK and Paul Gregg had their power struggle for control of the club and Trevor Birch came and went in a matter of weeks.

With all this going on, to say Moyes was the principle reason WR left for Manure is a considerable stretch, IMO.

Bobby Robson at Newcastle started the ball rolling with a bid at the Manure machine kicked into action. Everton promised to make Wayne the highest paid player in the club's history. Moyes went public and said he wanted to name him as captain. To force things through, Wayne put in a transfer request. In Fergie's biography he recalled BK phoning his mam once the deal was sealed, in tears, saying "They're taking our boy, ma . they're taking our boy."

Subsequently, in Rooney's first biography he did accuse Moyes of betraying a trust in relation to Rooney's 'Granny Shagging.' No mention at all of being dissatisfied at how he was being used or asked to play by Moyes.

It is indisputable and on court record that Moyes sued for defamation, Rooney retracted and apologised and that passage was removed from subsequent prints of the book.

It is also on record and indisputable that Moyes donated the entire sum of the damages he received from Rooney on this matter to the Everton Former Players Fund. Some 'twat', eh?

It is also on record and indisputable – you can hear Rooney saying the words himself in the 'Wayne's World' BBC documentary some linked to on TW - that he later phoned Moyes to apologize. Moyes himself confirms this and told Wayne "forget it – it's in the past."

We received a world record fee for a player under 20 at the time. That money, arguably, saved the club from even more dire straits.

Moyes worked miracles that season and got us 4th. It was all the more credible that he did so with the same team – minus Rooney! – that finished 17th the season before. AND without being able to immediately spend any of the money generated from the Rooney transfer as, in typical Everton fashion, the deal went through on the last day of the summer transfer window.

Me thinks the likes of Michael Kenrick and Jim Wilson are way off beam on this subject in this thread.

Andrew James
94 Posted 10/07/2017 at 00:14:30

Can only agree with all the above – you put it better than I did sir.

John Daley
95 Posted 10/07/2017 at 00:26:06
Of course a clash of personalities could have played some part in Rooney's Everton exit, but there was plenty of other stuff going on back then besides a player thinking his manager was a bit of a prick.

You've got to remember just how much of a hot property Wayne Rooney was back in summer 2004. You couldn't go a day without at least one rag riffing on the 'Rooney is too big to remain at Everton' theme. They were literally dripping down their leg at the prospect of the lad pulling on a different shirt.

You've also got to remember how his own actions served to increase the spotlight, scrutiny and speculation during that time, whilst simultaneously making it less likely he would stay.

There were stories about Rooney rejecting a significantly improved contract offer as Everton sought to keep him. He was coming under fire locally for, stupidly, selling his 'life story' to the Sun (for a considerable sum) after they anointed him the 'nations' new hero. Throw in the Pound Stretcher remake of Pretty Woman (no romance, no Roy Orbison, and ropier looking leads) along with a pissed-off other half and you can see why moving away might suddenly have increased in appeal, even before you lob in the enticing lure of 'competing for trophies' and trading an autocratic boss for...err Alex Ferguson.

Davie Turner
96 Posted 10/07/2017 at 01:42:36
2004 is long ago and the whys and wherefores about Rooney leaving feel almost as if they are in another world.

The only question left for me is what has the lad got left to give our team now? He is saying all the right things and he definitely hasn't played too much football over the last 2 years so I hope that he can provide something for us.

Trouble is, I am not totally sure I can work out what that is at the moment, I assume he will not be playing central midfield... so Number 10 then?

Anto Byrne
97 Posted 10/07/2017 at 02:04:50
Looks like this move has been brewing for a while. Everton won't bring a footballer without a few stipulations and getting him fit and healthy has been a priority. Looks like he has dropped off the weight. Well training at Finch Farm should be good.
Anto Byrne
98 Posted 10/07/2017 at 03:09:59
We don't get much news on the TV here about Everton. We don't figure at all. So when there was a five minute segment on the radio and about Everton, I was thrilled. Rooney is an international superstar – that's what he does for the brand.
Peter Gorman
99 Posted 10/07/2017 at 03:21:09
Kudos to Jay for hopefully quashing this twaddle. The main reason Wayne Rooney went to Man Utd begins in Paulstr and ends in etford.
Matt Traynor
100 Posted 10/07/2017 at 04:43:29
I've always believed there was a concerted campaign to get him to leave in 2004 – and Wayne (and family) were just pawns in the game.

● The ill-advised Sun column – who advised him? Stretford. In full knowledge of the impact it would have on his reputation.

● Dishonourable mention also to Kenny Dalglish, a shareholder of Proactive and who was in the family's ear to get Rooney switched to Stretford's "tutelage".
● Grannygate. Wayne wasn't alone that night – there was another player with him from the RS. But he wasn't a big name, so wasn't part of the narrative and it only emerged months later.

Like many on here, I didn't want him to return, as I didn't think an aging, pint-loving and occasional smoker was going to be what we needed. However, it's looked inevitable for a long time now, and to be fair having seen the pictures recently, he looks in the best shape he's been in for some time.

To those saying he's taken a pay cut – I don't think he has – for the first year at least. Man U are supposedly topping up his wages so he's still on £300k. Everton are just paying half of it. Still, at least Kenwright fulfils his promise of making him the highest paid player in our history – albeit 13 years later...

Danny Broderick
101 Posted 10/07/2017 at 05:12:35
Moyes forced Rooney out by playing him out of position??!!

Bless his little cotton socks.

Some serious re-writing of history here. Rooney never minded playing left wing for SAF.

Jay (93) is spot on with the indisputable facts.

Mark Andersson
102 Posted 10/07/2017 at 05:28:05
Matt Traynor your last paragraph made me chuckle... Good old Bill get's his wish. This Rooney move will soon fizzle out from the media and it will all be about Lukaku's every goal.

Can we do a Leicester City? It would be brilliant but I think I have more chance of winning the lotto. But I think Rooney will make a impact – more behind the scenes than on the pitch.

Kevin Moorcroft
104 Posted 10/07/2017 at 07:18:23
Good words to thank Man Utd from both Wayne and Coleen. Public thanks and just a word goes a long way in life.

As far as I know to date, our prima donna hasn't spoken a word of thanks which is about his level. Pity a restraining order can't hold him in The States until his court case is resolved...

On a plus factor, we're getting all the media attention now: BBC, ITV, Sky, breakfast programmes across the world... the strategy is working; the Everton Football Club brand name is gaining momentum. Clever stuff!

Let's make a massive signing this week. It's so exciting for us all. My phone never stopped ringing on Sunday about the news so, imagine globally.

Bob Parrington
106 Posted 10/07/2017 at 07:56:47
Either a stroke of brilliance by the management or a mistake. But not such an expensive mistake as he arrives on a fee free basis (I am lead to understand) and, okay, a relatively high weekly pay that equates to £15.8m over the 2-year contract. As a total that's not too bad compared with the cost of paying large transfer fees for others. Plus, it leaves some dosh in the transfer kitty for perhaps Gylfi and another defender.

I'd back the stroke of brilliance at this point.

Bob Parrington
108 Posted 10/07/2017 at 08:12:48
Jay (#93). Really well written. Hat off to you.

John (#95) Yep! History repeats itself. Okay, Rom is now a bit older that Rppney was at that time but its the same ol' story. Once the media get hold of the sniff that a so-called "smaller club" has a player with special talent they and agents beat it up until one of the "top 6" or other "favourites" wins the player over with the greed machine.

Everton develops some real talent and, until we're seen as one of the "top" clubs we will continue to lose the likes of Wayne and Rom. Now, personally, I think it looks like we're making a lot of the right moves and, with Moshiri's influence (building a top rate crew around him), we will crack the shell, as did Leicester, but with a more permanent plan. COYB

Ian Hollingworth
109 Posted 10/07/2017 at 08:23:42
Take a look at the BBC Sport football page today as it gives you a glimpse of the Rooney impact. The site is covered in Everton blue with most of the headline stories about Rooney and Everton.

The story is a global football story which is something we do not often get. This can only be good for Everton Football Club.

Andrew Ellams
110 Posted 10/07/2017 at 08:36:25
Exactly right, Ian. I've got fans of other clubs at work moaning that Sky Sports should change their Transfer Centre page to the Everton page. Slight exaggeration, I guess, but the momentum is there for all to see.
Brian Keating
111 Posted 10/07/2017 at 09:00:44
It's funny that Rooney doesn't blame Moyes anymore, the 2 reconciled well before Moyes went to Utd. Yet some here still want to call Moyes a "twat".

Rooney wanted out, blamed Moyes in his book, got sued for libel and lost, apologised and reconciled with Moyes. I always though Rooney threw his toys out of the pram and got his move.

I have no ill will towards either party, I'm happy to have Rooney back. But this idea it was all Moyes fault is nonsense.

Also didn't Moyes give his libel winnings to charity? An Everton charity? Not the actions of a twat.

Michael Kenrick
112 Posted 10/07/2017 at 09:10:08

As I said, Jay, a lot of other things were going on in the summer of 2004. But I'm thinking back a little earlier, to how the relationship between Rooney and Moyes deteriorated over the course of the 2003-04 season.

And key to how a lot of those other factors you cite panned out is, I believe, a much earlier breakdown between player and manager. That laid the foundation, if you like, for the complex web of forces and impulses that saw Wayne Rooney leave the club way earlier than he should have. And for Rooney at the time, it was clearly a factor – otherwise, why would he have written about it in his book?

In an ideal world, he should never have left Everton; but, with Kenwright messing up the financial side, and Moyes messing up the playing side, that just fueled what sadly became the inevitable.

Bill Gienapp
113 Posted 10/07/2017 at 09:19:18
I'm incredibly excited about this and have to admit to getting chills from all the pictures and videos, particularly the one of Rooney signing the camera lens.

I think people's biggest fear was that the club would effectively swap Lukaku for Rooney and then spend the rest of the summer parading him about as some sort of "statement signing." However, it's clear that he's simply one piece in a much larger puzzle and that Koeman won't be rubber-stamping his name in the starting XI if his performances aren't up-to-snuff. Like many, I think he looks fit and will be extremely motivated – he doesn't need to carry the team, just do his part.

I really don't see the downside. Worst case scenario, the romanticism of Rooney coming home gets a bit spoiled by reality.

Andrew Ellams
114 Posted 10/07/2017 at 09:25:18
Does anybody really believe that Rooney and not Stretford was the architect behind that book?
Paul Chaloner
115 Posted 10/07/2017 at 09:52:30
This is a strange one for me. I was giants him coming back; after all we are on the way up so want players at their peak. However, I'm guilty of being swept away by this transfer and ultimately, if Koeman wants it, them it's good enough for me.

Over the last month we've signed player after player yet failed to receive any substantial media coverage. That changed over the weekend. I'm not sure how long it will last but we are now on the back page.

Compare that with our neighbours who, despite signing only one player of note had a whole page devoted to them on Saturday about why they are waiting to sign players, they don't have to do anything to get publicity.

Finally, I'm hoping and wondering if there is a final chapter about to be written. Maybe I'm a dreamer but it's about time we had a happy ending. Remember the name!

Simon Jones
116 Posted 10/07/2017 at 10:16:37
HEAD – I can't decide whether I think this is a good move, a player possibly in the twilight of his career making a romantic move back home, the fans swept away by the media hype...


Kevin Tully
117 Posted 10/07/2017 at 10:39:12
Rooney was let go without a fight because of the financial pressures at the time. Bill Kenwright did offer some resistance... through his mum, according to Fergie:

‘It was Aug 2004 and we had just played Everton. Bill Kenwright was crying. As we studied the Everton chairman in his sorrow, he announced that he would like to make a call. Through his tears, Bill said: “I'll need to phone my mother.”

“They're stealing our boy, they're stealing our boy,” he said down the line. Then he passed the phone to me. “Don't you dare think you're getting that boy for nothing. That boy's worth £50m,” said a female voice.

Tony Abrahams
118 Posted 10/07/2017 at 10:54:10
Just read the story on the BBC website about how Rooney first came to Everton. Read it, it's really good and the scout who found Wayne, is also one of the nicest fella's that you could ever wish to meet.

Bob Pendleton might not have known it that day, but his actions in moving forward Rooney, going into Bellefield 48 hours earlier, might have saved Everton Football Club from going into administration, during the Kenwright years.

One of the things I always admired most about Wayne Rooney was that once he was on a football pitch, he never gave a fuck for no-one, and I hope he still possesses this attitude, as he looks to prove his doubters wrong.

If you're talking about silverware, Rooney, then let it be Wembley next may, because that's what we need lad, we need to start winning things again soon!

Rick Tarleton
119 Posted 10/07/2017 at 11:22:54
I always knew Evertonians were a religious lot, ever since at Wembley in 66 when we were two-nil down some clown managed to get on his knees in my section (G64) and we won 3-2.

But this belief in the second coming is beyond reason. He may raise the publicity profile of the club with his crap about pyjamas, but he had lost his place in a team that finished outside the top four and we are thinking he'll resurrect his form of five years ago, just because he's wearing a blue jersey.

My gosh, we aren't naive, are we?

Ed Fitzgerald
120 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:07:12
Rick, how dare you question the second coming of the messiah Rooney. I'm so besides myself with excitement I've forgotten all about the last thirteen years, the sliding along on his knees kissing at Goodison the Man Utd badge, he didn't mean one moment of it – because he always wore his Everton PJs for bed.

Your ludicrous assertion that reason rather than emotion should be invoked in analysing this transfer, is negative and uncalled for. As for Lukaku well, he is a shite isn't he, how dare he leave after four seasons, scoring more goals than any other player for Everton in the premier league, I mean WTF! joining Man Utd because he thinks he might win things! – unheard of

If you are going to post drivel like that expect a stern rebuke from the fundamentalist TW's for whom any kind of deviation from the party line can't be tolerated. I am expecting you to be sanctioned by the high priest of TW grammatical gynmastics and prince of fencing sitting – Mr Ruane himself.

I suspect Rick, you and many other naysayers will cheer Rooney on, as we have cheered every other player to don the Blue of Everton. But don't come on here with your miserable misgivings.

Joe Clitherow
121 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:08:22
Michael 90

"Thing is, if you don't believe Moyes played a significant role in him leaving, then no facts I put before you are going to change that mindset. It's called 'confirmation bias' and it's very powerful!"

Although this is actually not true (it's actually perfectly possible to change beliefs in the light of new evidence), it could equally be a statement levelled at you for having the opposite view.

For me, I was convinced at the time that the Rooney move was almost entirely engineered by Stretford based on significant financial gain and on the balance of probability I still hold that view. That's not based on confirmation bias (which I fully accept exists for many and which staggers me more when I observe US politics right now).

I'm more than happy to revise that view if evidence points otherwise.

Colin Glassar
122 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:13:40
Some of the comments about Rooney and Lukaku (a minority I must add) are sad, to say the least. One has gone after being our best goal scorer for donkeys, and the other is coming home to, hopefully, lead us on to bigger and better things.

Let's be magnanimous lads. We don't want to be called bitters now, do we?

Ed Fitzgerald
123 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:21:43

I know many of the posters hammering Lukaku and eulogising over Rooney could be be labelled fickle. Let's face it, if Lukaku had chosen to stay and Rooney not arrived, would we honestly witnessing the Volte face we are seeing on TW? I think not.

Barry Williams
124 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:23:36
I don't think this is a sentimental signing, I just don't think Koeman does sentimental.

Koeman has proven at Southampton that he can get a team to gel after a major rebuilding job, on top of that we had the 2nd biggest positive swing in points last season just behind Chelsea, he seems to have an igloo about what he is doing.

Rooney will be part of a bigger plan, not a replacement for Lukaku and I think we'll see a different style of play. We won the league without Lineker and we got Champions League with Marcus Bent. Point being, styles and approaches can be changed and Koeman's signings thus far speak of tightening the defence and distributing the goals.

Rooney will be a part of this and will offer much more than just playing time. If Koeman thought he had nothing left to offer I am sure he wouldn't risk his reputation just for some heartwarming sentimental return of a player.

Tony J Williams
125 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:24:23
Let's hope he has a bigger impact than Jeffers's return. I was surprised how slim he looked in the photos, especially as he has just come off a long holiday with the missus and the kids.

Get and keep him fit and let's see what he can do. He's got a glint in his eye again, let's hope it lasts 2 seasons.

It would be nice to say that he's taking a pay cut to come to us, but he's not; the rest is getting paid by Man Utd. Imagine that, getting a player on a free and they are paying a percentage of his wages... makes you think.

Ernie Baywood
126 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:38:33
I wanted Wayne back for footballing reasons providing the financial side made sense. It looks like it does and I really believe it's going to be a great move for club and player.

But I'm not getting into the soap opera crap. Far too cynical to believe anything written about football.

The only non playing comment I'll add is that both of my boys now want "Rooney 10" printed on their new shirts. They're massively excited by this move – so it's a thumbs up from me. That's what the club is supposed to do? Inspire the kids.

On league predictions, I'll guess at 7th again. We're throwing some young players into the team – it's a revolution. Unrealistic to expect too much straight away. But we're building something... 2 to 3 years and continued investment and we might be genuine title challengers.

Matthew Williams
127 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:56:37
Can we all just focus on the here & now? He's back; more to come in too by all accounts... new season.

Can't wait. COYB

Peter Gorman
128 Posted 10/07/2017 at 12:57:03
Ernie, signing Rooney has made people sit up and notice Everton because he is truly a global star, something that has truly set the tongues wagging across the world.

But if you wanted him back for football reasons I only ask where exactly do we play him? The consensus seems to be he can no longer cut it up front and given we, like pretty much every team in the league, play a 5 man midfield, where does he fit in? Surely Klaassen or Barkley (or even Sigurdsson) will play behind the striker and the others in the centre will be two of our many defensive midfielders.

That only leaves him out wide, not ideal for us or him. I am genuinely not sure how he fits the picture so I'm intrigued to see what the manager has in mind.

Still, he does look great in blue after all these years.

Steve Ferns
129 Posted 10/07/2017 at 13:03:45
I can't believe the reaction to the signing. It's been wall to wall coverage all weekend and even today it's still the number one story.

Lukaku signs for united for £90m and still Rooney is the story. It's all about Wayne and I think everyone has underestimated how big this is.

Rooney looks extremely trim. I hope he's not lost power. I really can't wait to see him on the pitch. I truly believe he's giving this 100%, that he's got a fire in his belly again, and that it's going to work.

I think he's looking at the side and thinking, this side is almost there, I can make the difference and take them to the top! If Wayne thinks this, and gets everyone else thinking it, and we start with a few wins, especially with those games, why not dream big?

Ernie Baywood
130 Posted 10/07/2017 at 13:05:50
Peter, I'd see him anywhere in our front 4. Preferably the central roles which, in modern parlance would either make him a 10 or a false 9.

We became so predictable last season playing through Lukaku. Yes he scored a lot of goals but we had minimal goal threat anywhere else in the team – Seamus was our next best. The types of players we've got now should be more unpredictable and we might see plenty of in game movement between positions.

Next year I'd hope we'll see Rooney, Mirallas, Klaassen, Sandro, Barkley (?) and any other additions fighting for those spots. Plenty of competition, options for rotation... that's what big clubs do. Figuring it all out is the reason I see us only in 7th. It will take some time to bed in.

Dave Abrahams
131 Posted 10/07/2017 at 13:19:06
Tony (#118), just read the story of Rooney when he first signed for Everton, a great read, as you say, and what a gem of a person Bob Pendleton is.

Always the one way, a great fella, I was always made up to bump into him, never a bad word about anyone, very down to earth and never fails to ask how you are doing Tony.

Last time we saw him was at Freddie Armstrong's funeral. Freddie was an Everton fanatic, Bob wasn't in the best of health, struggling to walk, but he had taken the trouble to come to Freddie's funeral and show his respect for a great Blue.

Bob is a well respected man and tells the signing of Rooney without any real dramatics, just the way it was.

Colin Glassar
132 Posted 10/07/2017 at 13:43:50
Siggurdsson, Gray (Demari) and Giroud are being touted by ITK reporter Sovekhol(?). The first two would be brill, the latter I'm not to convinced by.

What a summer!! The best one since 'Frampton Comes Alive' came out.

Jay Wood
133 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:02:46
Tony @ 118.

Thanks for flagging up that article on the Beeb site. That is a cracking read.

When Everton first signed Wayne Rooney: the inside story

[Worthy of it's own thread, Eds.]

As ever with the club, it's also a nice touch that in recent years they named a couple of training pitches after long-serving scouts who found us some gems down the years.

David Ellis
134 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:03:31
I am all excited about Rooney's return. My 13-year-old is saying "He's not good enough to get into the team".

Since I don't watch Man Utd play, I have no idea. But last summer when he played for England, he still looked a player to me.

Tom Bowers
135 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:07:35
Swansea trying to cash in on Sigurdsson. Don't blame them but £50 million for a 28-year-old?

I'm glad Everton now have Rooney as Sigurdsson is not wanted now.

Chris Williams
136 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:16:10
Swansea said £30m and Everton not deterred, then they said £40m and Everton not deterred, now it's £50m.

It's reported that Sigurdsson wants to go to Everton, and Everton made him their Number 1 target from the outset.

We'll see I suppose, but Swansea's owners don't seem to have much idea.

Probably all bollocks anyway

Dave Abrahams
137 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:17:37
Regarding the Moyes and Rooney affair, I always thought that Moyes didn't know where, how or when to play Wayne. He certainly didn't trust him enough to play him sometimes, despite the enormous talent that was obvious to most Evertonians.

Think of the game at Goodison when Man Utd were destroying Everton, 3-0 at half time, Wayne never started the game but came on for the second half, we battered them to get back to 3-3 only for Man Utd to score the winner in the last few minutes.

That was the game that convinced many United players to suggest to Ferguson that Rooney should be playing for them; it was no secret at the time that there was no love lost between Moyes and Rooney.

One incident which I heard about and believe to be true was after a game in London when Rooney had permission, before the game, to remain in London to meet family and friends. After the game, which Everton lost and Wayne was booked, the permission was taken back and Rooney had to return with the team on the coach.

Little incidents like this didn't improve their relationship. I wouldn't know if Moyes drove Wayne away but he (Moyes) didn't help to foster it.

John G Davies
138 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:22:25
Tony, thanks for the mention of the article on BBC. Just read it now.

I remember getting emotional when the goal went in against Arsenal. I had waited 30 plus years to watch a player in a Blue shirt who could be in the same bracket as my all time great, Alan Ball.

We didn't have him for long but he's back now.

John Keating
139 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:29:08
Would love to see Barkley sign a new deal. Then a new striker to complete our buying.
Tony Abrahams
140 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:36:24
I'd sooner take the latter two myself, Colin, especially considering how much Swansea are now demanding for Siggy. I think we have got loads of players who prefer playing centrally but not that many who like it out wide.

I just hope Rooney has got something left in the tank now he's back at Everton and if he has, then I think we need runners.

No need for Giroud then because he hasn't got much pace? But he's another fantastic footballer who would probably command as bigger fee as Lukaku if he did have pace; and his all round game would be a big improvement on Romelu, which might just improve the team?

Colin Glassar
141 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:45:01
Just seen the video of Rooney's first training session. Macca had a smile on him like a Cheshire Cat and Ross looked a bit miserable. He's probably made up though to be training with Wayne and the new lads.

Tony, I'd take all three. I'm still slightly gobsmacked by being able to write stuff like this.

Tony Abrahams
142 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:47:37
John G, I remember being in a shop on Smithdown Road on the Monday after that goal, and this young girl was in a trance in the queue, singing quietly to herself, "Rooney, Rooney!"

I said I didn't want him back because I can be a spiteful fucker at times, and I just had a feeling that this has been Rooney's biggest wish for years. The fact that he left us, when we had waited for such a player for ever, was a proper sickener, and was behind my reasoning for not wanting him back.

But I'm sure Koeman has based this on nothing but football ability, and Rooney is the most talented individual I have ever seen in a blue shirt.

John G Davies
143 Posted 10/07/2017 at 14:51:35
Let's hope he has one or two more years left in him, Tony. I know exactly where you are coming from.

Barca fans have a saying. "We hate you so much because we love you so much."

Second best player I ever saw in an Everton shirt. Even in the short time he was with us.

Colin Glassar
144 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:17:39
Bloody 'ell, Sky are dedicating their 3pm slot to the Wazza Presser!! Errrmmm, Rooney press conference in English.
Jay Wood
145 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:20:47
There is no denying this story is big news.

When was the last time the Beeb linked to a live feed for an Everton presser?


Or the Everton Facebook page had tens of thousands waiting for the same feed to start...?


Finally going live NOW!!!!

Colin Glassar
146 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:45:56
Great press conference. Feeling good about this season now.
Chris James
147 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:48:08
Good positive press conference. Rooney is clearly hungry to win something with the blues (no doubt hungrier generally also after evidently losing a few pounds).

Crucially he also looks happier and more relaxed than I've seen him in years – he's at somewhere he loves, that he's wanted and in the midst of an upswing.

Suffice to say my glass is well and truly topping the 50% capacity... ;-)

Andrew Keatley
148 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:50:11
I hugely enjoyed watching the press conference.

I have been sceptical about the impact that Rooney can make on the pitch, but hopefully coming back to play for Everton will reinvigorate his form and fitness.

Also, I got the impression Koeman wants him to play up front.

Tony Abrahams
149 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:54:18
I've never been one for press conferences or things of that nature because all the talking in the world means nothing before the actual event but I honestly couldn't fail but to be impressed by what I've just watched and listened to.

Rooney wants to play for Everton and Koeman wants players who thrive on pressure, which is something he never encountered when he first became the Everton manager.

It's being reported on Sky that Arnoutavitch from Stoke, has put in a transfer request, and Everton still need a couple more players, who are comfortable out wide?

Jay Wood
150 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:54:33
Good presser, from both R&R - Ronnie and Rooney.

Both mentioned the 'W' word a lot – WIN!

They also spoke of managers and players needing to perform under pressure.

When asked about where he will play Rooney, Koeman acknowledged Wayne is a 'striker', but with the ability to play 7, 11, 9 and 10 "and that is where he will play."

He also highlighted how Everton was too dependent on Lukaku's goals and the need to get more goals from other players, saying he prefers to have a number of players contributing 10-15 goals than having one player giving you 25 and the next best only 5.

He dodged commenting on Lukaku, other than acknowledging he was aware of the situation and believes Rom has made a good move.

Totally stonewalled a question about where all this leaves Barkley. "Today is about Wayne. At the next press conference you may hear about Barkley."

He gave a similar response to questions about further transfer targets.

Wayne looked very relaxed and keen to stress he wants to play, not sit quietly on the bench as he had to do for much of his last season at Man Utd.

I enjoyed it.

Steve Ferns
151 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:54:43
Wow, I cannot remember the last time everyone stopped working to watch a press conference about an Everton player.

It's 3/4 days after the transfer was confirmed and it's still all people all talking about. Even old dears in the office who don't like football know that Rooney has re-signed for Everton.

There's such a forward thrust at the moment, and we need to ensure that we harness this and keep going forward, most importantly, on the pitch, where it matters most.

Colin Glassar
152 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:56:26
Rio Ferdinand admits to tapping up a very young Wayne Rooney before his England debut – bastard!!

It must be hard for these young players being around seasoned pros and their bullshit spiel. Didn't Terry and Cahill admit to doing the same with John Stones?

I hope we keep young Tom well away from that shower.

Steve Ferns
153 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:56:32
Andrew, he said he wants him to play as a 10, or a free role as a 7 or 11, or even as a 9.

He didn't give much away, but Rooney will certainly not be playing deep in midfield – he's either up top, or off the striker.

Brian Williams
154 Posted 10/07/2017 at 15:57:36
Did anyone pick up on Ron's comment when asked about other players?

Said this presser was about Wayne and the "next" presser was the time for other players. Something to that effect anyway.

There will be a big presser before the window shuts!!!

Steve Ferns
155 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:00:40
Dunno about Rooney looking relaxed Jay, to me he looked like he was extremely excited. He has a fire in his eyes I have not seen for some time. He has his determination back, and that's something I think was missing (at least slightly) in the last year or so.

He admitted to not being fit in training today, so he needs to knuckle down and use that determination and excitement to get himself to peak physical condition and built up his match fitness in the early Europa League games.

I watched the Everton training video and after some concerns I had that perhaps Wayne looked a bit too thin in the photos, and that perhaps he would be lacking power. I can say he still looks powerful, and that he does still need to be a little bit thinner.

Rick Tarleton
156 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:07:51
Whose place will Rooney take? This resurrection of the blue pyjama wearer could affect the development of one of our younger talents. It probably doesn't matter seeing as he has "targetted", whatever that means, silverware; and putting on the royal blue jersey will obviously allow him to return to being capable of bicycle kick goals, and running the midfield.

If Rooney had been such a true blue surely he could have come back three years ago and offered us some of his talent. Will someone please tell Barkley's agent to let it be known that he's never ever worn any underpants but Everton ones for the last ten years, then perhaps the Everton crowd will love him as they seem to love "Once a Blue" Rooney who gave one of our rivals his thirteen best years.

John G Davies
157 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:13:49
I think it will have the opposite effect on young players Rick. They will enjoy training and playing with him. They will look up to him. Only see positives in this signing for me.
Alan Bodell
158 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:15:52
Sure this thread is about Rooney but a lot has been said about Moyes also. I'm delighted Wayne is coming back (that shirt kiss was a reaction to what we gave him so no blame there from me, human instinct) and many of my mates are still hostile to Moyes. Not me – I look at the long picture and what he did with what he had to work with.

For the record, I've always loved Blue Bill who has took dog's abuse here over the years, strange how that has gone silent since he got Moshiri in, isn't it?

John Pierce
159 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:27:07
So Everton feel like they have a strategy in place.

Signing Rooney has energised many people, including non-Evertonians which is so important. The profile of the club is being lifted from the dolldrums.

The big question is can aided with the Rooney capture Everton buy a genuine world stage name?

I agree should Sigurdsson's price tag be excessive for his age and talent then Everton should find a high-profile player open to a move in a World Cup year.

Either a centre-back or centre-forward for the balance of the team.

Brian Williams
160 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:31:24

The big answer to your big question is Yes!

Tony Abrahams
161 Posted 10/07/2017 at 16:49:39
Alan loves Blue Bill, who must take a lot of the credit for getting Moshiri to Everton, and Rick,wanted Rooney back three years ago, (he probably never!) which is fair enough except for one thing. The club never had much of a pot to piss in during Bill's reign.

We have lived through some dark days but hopefully the good times are going to start returning simply because it seems that, for the first time in a long time, Everton football club, looks like its got a real plan. It's been that long that some people don't even understand what one of our players is on about when he says he's targeting silverware!

Colin Glassar
162 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:00:11
Tony, spot on. We've been deprived for so many years of success that a few of our own fans are frightened of getting caught up (and out) with the positive vibes coming out of Goodison.

During the 80s, I always had the horrible feeling that it would come to an end and we'd be back to reality. I guess as a self-defence mechanism this cynicism is helpful to some.

Brent Stephens
163 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:00:30
Alan (#158), "Many of my mates are still hostile to Moyes, not me I look at the long picture and what he did with what he had to work with". Agree about that – scarce resources but decent league positions.

"For the record I've always loved Blue Bill who has took dog's abuse here over the years, strange how that has gone silent since he got Moshiri in isn't it ?"

I can't say I've loved or hated Bill. But at least he opened the door to Moshiri. Thank God that load of bile has gone silent, as you say.

Trevor Lynes
164 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:19:21
Rooney will be lucky to get a game, IMO.
Rick Tarleton
165 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:40:13
My God , we're forgiving Moyes, Billy Liar, Wayne ("Always a Blue"). Let's go the whole hog:

I forgive Nyarko,Bernie Wright, Glenn Keeley, Mike Walker, Peter Johnson,Ian Buchan and Sandy Brown for that own goal in the derby game and Joleon Lescott for being a greedy so and so. God's in his heaven and all's well with the world.

If Sigurdsson is the great signing then I'm even more confused. I forgive them all cause Wayne "I ran away at 18" Rooney, is back.

Sell Barkley, why not sell Davies as well? We've signed an ageing has-been and we're massaging his ego and pretending he's still one of England's best and Everton fans are objective and rational judges. In sixty years of watching them from their days in Division Two, I've never known such claptrap.

Jay Wood
166 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:46:38
Rick @ 165.

"I've never known such claptrap."

I have, Rick. In fact, I've just read it and you are the author of it.

Clive Rogers
167 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:47:52
Rick (#165),

What did Bernie Wright ever do to you?

Alan Bodell
168 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:53:12
Jay, I just read his ? whatever it was and you beat me to it, ha ha.
John Otway
169 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:55:22
Absolutely Jay.

As for Bernie Wright, for those who remember "The Golden Shot" he was nick named Bernie the Dolt!! Brilliant!!

Dermot Byrne
170 Posted 10/07/2017 at 17:55:22
So glad such wisdom has come with your 60 years + Rick !

At least we can follow your example of being one of the "objective and rational judges".

What will happen if after your sentence he does well? Probably be unforgiven for that too.

Colin Glassar
171 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:00:20
Bernie Wright, FYI Rick, was one of the most misunderstood Everton players of all time. He was unanimously considered crap when, in fact, he was utter and complete shite!
Chris Williams
172 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:09:44
Who was the Everton coach who locked himself in his car to stop Bernie getting hold of him and giving him a good hiding. Was it Tommy Egglestone?

Bernie was indeed total crap and utter shite as well as abject, abysmal and without a single redeeming feature, skill wise. His mum loved him mind, and I blame the soft shite who signed him.

Alan Bodell
173 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:13:45
Rick, what have you done here to turn the thread spiralling south?

Before I leave out tonight can I just mention, the good money spent when we never had any, on Gareth Farrelly, John Oster and Simon Davies, goodnight all.

James Hughes
174 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:23:45
Rick, you are coming across as a sour and miserable fecker. With all this "Why should we forgive?" nonsense

If you totally choose to ignore the evidence that has been presented and continue to resent his return, then that is your choice.

It has been quoted for many years now his transfer saved the club, is that alone not cause for just a hint of forgiving.

If you think an 18-year-old Wayne went fuck you all just to spite all fans you are deluded. As for the badge kissing, he was getting so much abuse – did you join in? When he did his job and scored he did the only thing he could in retaliation, what would you have done?

I know for a fact that at 18 years of age I made some dodgy decisions and I was only on peanuts. Are you without fault?

Tony Abrahams
175 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:33:56
What about Claus Thomsen on £10k a week? Same manager signed Paul Gerard and was going to let Southall go to Wolves until the kid had a shocker in pre-season and Big Nev ended up doubling his wage!

Rick, I will never forgive Kenwright for the lies that he told and the truth being held back, but he was good at looking after the people that count (the players) even if he turned Everton into a second-class club in the eyes of most outsiders.

"But", the time has come to move-on, otherwise we will never get back to where some of us think we genuinely belong! And After listening to that press conference today, it seems to me that Ronald Koeman is a man who wants to take us back there, but who really knows in football?

Stan Schofield
176 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:41:56
I'll never forgive Everton for signing Bernie Wright. My red mates took the piss out of me big time when it happened (partly because I'd always gone on about how superior our quality of football was compared to theirs) and for once I couldn't think of an argument to counter them.

I seem to recall he was a weight lifter in his spare time.

Steavey Buckley
177 Posted 10/07/2017 at 18:49:43
Wayne Rooney will never become an Everton legend because he will always be a Manchester United one. Everton should have stuck to their original price of a £100 million for Lukaku and bought younger players.

If Wayne Rooney is not good enough for Manchester United, he is not good enough for Everton.

Bill Gienapp
178 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:05:44
"If Wayne Rooney is not good enough for Manchester United, he is not good enough for Everton."

A lot of people have been making this argument, but you could literally say the exact same thing about Schneiderlin. Should we kick him to the curb as well?

Andy Meighan
179 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:13:05
Colin (#132), Classic. Best summer since Frampton Comes Alive came out. One of my all time favourite albums.
Steavey Buckley
180 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:20:58
Schneiderlin was not my choice either, mainly because of the hefty transfer fee for a player who is 28 years of age in November this year. But his performances in the blue shirt have also shown he is not an improvement on McCarthy because he links better with Gueye.

Gueye's game has certainly gone off since Schneiderlin has played alongside him, because Schneiderlin plays far too deep while McCarthy is up alongside Gueye giving the midfield a more solid look.

John G Davies
181 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:29:06
Not many would agree on your valuation of Schneiderlin's worth to the team Steavey.

I think he is a very good player who will definitely be in Ron's starting eleven.

Far calmer on the ball than James, sees a pass and plays it more than McCarthy can.

James Morgan
182 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:30:43
Steavey, Schneiderlin is twice the player McCarthy is. Gueye's form tailed off after a certain African Cup of Nations, he wouldn't be the first player that has happened to.
Fran Mitchell
183 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:44:22
The logic of the 'not good enough for x, so not good enough for us' Just is far to simplistic.

Many players can be deemed surplus at some teams, yet thrive at others. Tevez left Man City and was apparently 'past-it' only to thrive at Juve. Dani Alves was deemed past it at Barca only to thrive at Juve also. Javier Hernandes was never deemed good enough at Man Utd but most fans would have him. Forlán was a Flop at Man Utd, but one of Europe's most potent strikers for years.

Sometimes players need a change, be It club, manager, style of play, climate etc. Sometimes a player Just doesn't fit at one but can thrive at another.

Football isn't a science, so logical formations like the one above just have no validity.

Steavey Buckley
184 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:45:00
Everton's best performances last season were when Schneiderlin was not playing.

Everton played much better when McCarthy and Gueye were together especially against Arsenal at home (2:1) and in the first half against a rampant Liverpool (0:0) but as soon as McCarthy went off injured, Everton fell apart and lost 0:1.

Next season, when Everton play away and Schneiderlin plays far too deep closer to Williams than anyone upfront, Everton will be on the back foot again as they were last season. That is the reason why I believe Mourinho did not play him and sold him to Everton.

John G Davies
185 Posted 10/07/2017 at 19:56:49
Was that the game when they scored in the 94th minute Steavey? Hardly falling apart.

All the top sides who play with a back four split the centre half's and have a defensive midfielder drop in.

Only opinions though mate. Nobody's is worth more than the next poster.

Mike Gaynes
186 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:06:14
Malarkey, Steavey. The reverse is true. Everton's spring slump happened when Schneiderlin missed several games because of injury. Look it up and stop making stuff up.

I like Macca too, but Schneiderlin is a vastly superior player and will I hope continue to anchor our midfield for years to come.

Steavey Buckley
187 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:14:47
Mike, both McCarthy and Besic were injured, and Barry is a far worse option than Schneiderlin.

If Schneiderlin was that good, Mounrinho would not have sold him and be looking at Dier or Matic as replacements, because they are similar type players, but get further up the field!

Steve Ferns
188 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:15:01
Fran don't forget the player not good enough for Chelski, the one the RS just splonked a shed load on!
Steve Ferns
189 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:17:14
Dier wasn't good enough for Everton, Steavey!

Matic wasn't good enough for Chelsea but then they still brought him back and the manager who got rid of him first time round wants to bring him to Man Utd .

Steavey Buckley
190 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:18:34
When a midfield player has to drop back into the back 4 to help out, defensively, it is time for the manager to go out and buy a decent back 4.
Tony Abrahams
191 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:24:20
Interesting Steavey? But He might have also realised how good a footballer Michael Carrick is, when he started managing Man Utd?
Steavey Buckley
192 Posted 10/07/2017 at 20:25:36
Dier wanted to go back to Portugal, because that's where he was brought up. I also believe he was on loan at Everton but is now playing for England.

Mustafi is another player who got away from Everton under Moyes, and will be playing in next year's World Cup with the current world champions, Germany.

Matic has not done that badly with two Premier League title medals with Chelsea in the past 3 seasons.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
193 Posted 10/07/2017 at 21:55:43
This started as a thread on Rooney and descended into one on players past and present.

I had been musing on Wayne not taking the No 9 shirt but keeping the No 10 he wore at United. I cannot believe as a 16 year old he did not dream of wearing the Everton No 9 shirt. To go alongside the greats of Dean, Lawton, Young, Royle, Latchford, Sharp.

Even coming to the days of squad numbers and those players who owned that shirt over the last 25 years: Cottee, Ferguson, Campbell, Saha, Landon Donovan, Kone... yeah I see what he means. Go for the No 10. Who would want the No after it was so devalued over the last 4 years.

BTW – I missed out Beattie but it seemed a shame to ruin the argument that the other 6 were guys who deserved the shirt and brought something to the team.

John G Davies
194 Posted 10/07/2017 at 22:36:10
They don't do it to help out defensively, Steavey. They start the attack off by getting one of the full backs out, by passing the press.
Shane Corcoran
195 Posted 10/07/2017 at 22:39:10
I just read the Bob Pendleton article on the BBC website.

A lovely read which just reinforces my previously held view; how the hell does and 18-year-old so obviously dedicated to Everton up and leave?

Rahman Talib
196 Posted 10/07/2017 at 23:03:09
If Rooney had stayed:

1) We would have won at least one FA Cup

2) Had gone far in the Champions League

3) Probably won the Europa League

4) Probably having consistent top 4 finishes

Imagine the attacking line consisting of Rooney, Arteta, Cahill, Duncan, Gravesen, Pienaar, Bent (when he was lethal) and the experience of Lee Carsley behind the attacking line.

Rooney was actually the missing piece of the David Moyes era.

Gareth Stephens
197 Posted 10/07/2017 at 23:04:42
Just watched the montage of his goals before he left. What a wonderful couple of seasons they were with some fantastic memories.
Jim Hardin
198 Posted 10/07/2017 at 00:25:18
Based on his usual form and physique, the only silverware Rooney is likely going after is down in the cafeteria at Finch Farm. Thank goodness he found a club willing to take him in and feed and pay him as it looks like the poor "lad" couldn't afford his usual food bill once he was locked out of OT at the end of the season.

Interesting that Rooney doesn't fit into this or any squad Koeman has or can envision. Koeman cannot even figure out an actual place in the starting 11 for Wayne. "Where do you see him playing Gaffer?" "Umm, err, originally about a couple thousand miles or so away, but he could be an 11, 10, 9, 7, or, well, something." "Gaffer, I didn't ask for his number, I asked where he would play?" "Oh well, that 's easy, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, or hopefully China."

Pickford might be the only player safe from being replaced by Wayne. Rooney ought to be embarrassed and ashamed for taking money from a club which he knows sees him as the prodigal son returned, rather than what he is at this point in his career, a shakedown artist with bad hair.

Brian Porter
199 Posted 11/07/2017 at 01:20:44
Phil #193, he couldn't have had the #9 shirt as I believe that has already gone to Sandro.
Will Mabon
200 Posted 11/07/2017 at 01:20:50
Everything said so far points to an attacking role for Rooney. This is the better option. He was after all, a striker. Having the extra abilities always sees managers tempted into taking the dividend, and involving such players more and more in midfield and build up play.

"Dropping back" into midfield is now outmoded in the modern game, when a forward player loses a burner or two. It's the most demanding area. Best place for Rooney's current legs is up front as much as possible... perhaps a realistic amount of pressing.

A certain very productive recent striker managed his job with minimal running.

Mike Gaynes
201 Posted 11/07/2017 at 01:46:46
In case y'all haven't seen them, great comments from Rooney:

“My dad is a huge Evertonian and he has been travelling to Manchester to watch me play for the last 13 years but he'll have a five-minute drive now so he's happy. I have bought my eldest boy, Kai, to Goodison a few times. He's got a season-ticket here and when I told him I was going back to Everton it was the happiest I have ever seen him.

“I had known for the last couple of weeks I was going back but I had kept it quiet from him. I had kept it quiet from my mum and dad because I knew they wouldn't be able to hold it in and I didn't tell Kai because I didn't want him speaking to his mates. When I told Kai, he jumped on me, he was absolutely made up. To come back and watch his dad play; he'll be buzzing.”

Will Mabon
202 Posted 11/07/2017 at 01:58:21
That's nice, Mike. Some published words that can be taken as real for a change!

Couple of weeks, eh?

Barry Jones
203 Posted 11/07/2017 at 03:03:15
Jim Hardin. I believe that most Evertonians would love to see you eat those words. You have been wrong about most things on here so I suppose there is a very good chance that we will enjoy seeing that.
Fran Mitchell
204 Posted 11/07/2017 at 03:16:47
Jim Hardin, I guess you are at what, 7% body fat. Crossfit classes before Breakfast and after supper. Nothing other than salmon, Brazil nuts and Sweet potatoes for lunch given the way you talk about 'fat' Wayne.

Last year as an option of wide forward or central attacker we had Kone and Valencia. Now we have Rooney and Sandro. Who's complaining?

Mike Gaynes
205 Posted 11/07/2017 at 03:41:57
Righto, Jim Hardin. As if you could ever have the slightest fucking clue what "Koeman has or can envision."

Most bilious post I've seen here in a long time.

Let's all make sure we save up that truckload of manure for Mr Hardin... and we'll all bring the spoons when it comes time for him to dine on it.

Will Mabon
206 Posted 11/07/2017 at 03:56:35
Have to say, there's been vitriol-a-plenty on TW this last few weeks. Even got drawn in meself a tad.

Will all fade away when the new season starts...

James Watts
207 Posted 11/07/2017 at 04:23:33
FFS Him #198. Talk about being negative and making things up for your argument.

Koeman was saying he could play anywhere across the front 3 and stating shirt numbers typical to that position in days gone by. What's wrong with that? Having a player with his class and versatility is exactly what we need.

And for his physique? Get a grip soft lad. I thought he looked ok and it's only the start of pre season not the end.

Very moronic comments. You really should play then out in your head before posting.

Alan J Thompson
208 Posted 11/07/2017 at 06:23:25
If memory serves, and it may just be memory of hearsay, the season that Everton finished 17th under Moyes it was rumoured that there were disagreements between Moyes and the players over the style of play. When safety from relegation was achieved, quite early on, Moyes allowed the players their way and the result was a disaster ending in the 17th position finish. Anyone else remember it that way?

Others have already said it but my opinion was against bringing Rooney back but now he's here he'll have my support and hope that he is the catalyst for improvement. If it doesn't work out that way I just hope the Manager does not let it go on too long and to the point that it becomes overly bitter.

Peter Howard
209 Posted 11/07/2017 at 07:23:40
Jim (#198),

Rooney's actually quite good in goal.

Tony Abrahams
210 Posted 11/07/2017 at 07:33:02
Stop takin the piss, Peter, didn't you know that Big Jim was a goalie coach?
Peter Howard
211 Posted 11/07/2017 at 07:40:21

That's the way forward, then.

Rooney in goal (until Pickford's ready) and Big Jim as goalkeeping coach.

Tony Abrahams
212 Posted 11/07/2017 at 08:03:12
Imagine Big Jim, shouting clowns dive to the left, and jokers they dive right, why can't you just stay on your feet for me!
Joe O'Brien
213 Posted 11/07/2017 at 08:42:57
Jim @198 – you do talk a load of bollox some times.. in the past trying to defend Howard in goal when he was pure shite.. now twisting Koeman's words to justify your own stupid post..

Before Wayne has kicked a ball you you hold a pure biased opinion of his reason fur returning to us. Thank god you are in the minority.

Welcome back, Wayne lad. I firmly believe you'll be the extra bit that we need to climb higher in the Premier League and win us some silverware.

Eddie Dunn
214 Posted 11/07/2017 at 08:52:57
Jim Hardin, the reason Koeman reeled off various possible postions for Rooney was because he is capable of playing in all of them. He did though, say that Wayne wasn't going to sit deep in front of the defence!

Each game is different and Wayne may be deployed in different roles depending on who else is picked, and who we are up against.

As for your comments on his appearance, he looks leaner and to me looks like he has something to prove.

Prepare to eat your words.

Rudi Coote
215 Posted 11/07/2017 at 11:01:26
The one thing we can expect from our Wayne is enthusiasm! He'll be full of it. Even more so than the new signings, which is a massive plus for me.

A star reborn... a blue legend – better late than never!

Dave Abrahams
217 Posted 11/07/2017 at 14:19:38
Chris (#172), I think the coach hiding from Bernie Wright was Stuart Imlach.
Chris Williams
218 Posted 11/07/2017 at 14:29:41

You're probably right, and you couldn't possibly blame him.

Patrick Fennell
219 Posted 11/07/2017 at 18:01:47
I for one am very happy to have Wayne back. I still think he has some goals in him, he'll be great with the younger players, he'll make the others around him better, and most importantly he wants to play for us (unlike some who have departed recently).

One last thing. He won't go into a derby looking for anything else but a win. At times it's seemed we've been defeated before the whistle blew... that's not going to happen now. I'll bet money on it.

Jim Hardin
220 Posted 12/07/2017 at 03:28:05
Eddie Dunn, He said he could play. That is not he will play at a certain position. Over here we have those type players in baseball but they are called utility men, not superstars. I know he is Dutch but perhaps Koeman was being tactful or letting on that he didn't really want Wayne. It would be suicide for him to come out and say it though given the over-the-top reactions of some of the Rooney fanboys on here.

Also, since since some of you who had to change your pants when Rooney was announced, have decided to make it personal in comparing me to a professional athlete over 20 years my junior, okay, although not sure why. Last season, Wayne was listed as 5'9" and 182 pounds. Per the BMI that is overweight. He is a professional footballer with no other job. He could hire a personal trainer and fitness coach and a chef/dietician. I would if I were a professional athlete. His weight has been criticised countless times in articles from 2008 on to this year. ESPN, in 2012 ran an article comparing Rooney on the list of ten other fat footballers. The concluding line in the article was that "Fat Frank" Lampard would look svelte when Rooney stood next to him. So I thank you for comparing me to Rooney in real time. However at Rooney's age I was just under 5'-11" and weighed 175 pounds with a full time job and kids.

As for the attack on what I post and how wrong I am, well we are dealing with opinions but here are some that off the top of my head, I believe I have been proven correct on:

John Stones is not that good. He is not starting first choice for Man City and Everton's defense got better under a new coach and without him, even with two second rate goalkeepers – Yep.
Funes Mori is a good defender, Argentine National Team starter – Yep.
Rom would score over 20 goals this season – Yep.
Besic is injury prone and not good enough – Yep.
DelBoy is a one-trick pony and not good enough for Everton – Yep.
Robles is not a No 1 keeper – Yep.
Naisy runs a lot but is not good enough for Everton – Yep.
Ross is not good enough for Everton or England. – Yep.
Niasse deserved a number and a place in training last season – Yep.

Tim Howard was not to blame for the problems with Everton's defense nor was he over the hill. He was treated disgracefully by some on here – Yep.

So, I will go on and be 80% wrong then if this is some of the 20% which I got right as that average is still well above many on here it would seem.

Now, you can all unbunch your knickers since I have once again said something which is factual but possibly negative, about Wayne Rooney. I will apologize for the hair remark as it must have struck home to some of you as well as the weight jokes.

BTW, If Wayne does anything near what some of you expect, I will gladly admit that I was wrong. Something many of you might try once in awhile.

James Watts
221 Posted 12/07/2017 at 04:48:02
Jim (#220). You didn't want Rooney. That much is obvious. But he's here get on board and stop the bloody whinging and stop being so bloody negative about him. He may be in the twilight of his playing career but still has plenty to offer.

Your post at #198 was pretty dumb and you deserved the backlash on that. Rooney can play and will do an excellent job at either right wing or Number 7, left wing or Number 11, behind the striker or Number 10 and directly up front or Number 9. It's called versatility. This is what Koeman was clearly saying not your warped interpretation.

As for his weight. Well, it's the opening of pre-season. I'm sure if you looked through the rest of the squad he wouldn't be the only one over at the moment. But that is what pre-season is for. The BMI scale? I'm sure that would have Lukaku over weight too. And if you dug deeper into that scale you would see there are many caveats into it and you can't just rely on height and weight.

"If Wayne does anything near what some of you expect, I will gladly admit that I was wrong." Let's see but the way you are with your comments about him I highly doubt it. What I can say with certainty though is if he doesn't play well in the first couple of games, you'll be the first one on here stating how right you were.

To repeat. He's signed. Get over it and get behind him.

And finally, looking deeper at your post at #220. Some of the things you state about players past and present are correct but others are way off, none more so than Howard. He was absolutely dreadful in the last couple of seasons and single handedly cost us many points. But I guess you're backing him as hes a fellow American? Would you do the same with Rooney if he was American I wonder.

Will Mabon
222 Posted 12/07/2017 at 09:37:44
I don't put much faith in weight charts. Since the age of 15 I've always been heavier than the so-called ideal weight in the "Large build" category. In the later BMI charts, I'm always 7lbs or more "Overweight". I've never had more than two or three pounds of fat on me.

"Ideal" is no fat and the strength to operate whatever weight and shape you are. I remember Gazza being given the Mars Bar jibes, then seeing him sat by the pool at the Euros, cut six pack on him.

Barry Jones
223 Posted 12/07/2017 at 22:17:11
Exactly, Will. Some players just look fat, but in fact are not. Their build does not allow them to carry extra weight without it showing.

John Robertson was a prime example and what a great player he was. Cloughie called him "fatboy". I had the pleasure of meeting him when Forest toured Bermuda (where I used to live).

He came drinking with us for several nights and he was/is a great guy. We questioned the fatboy tag. His response was to walk around the pub with his tee-shirt over his head, asking strangers if he was fat – and he wasn't.

Will Mabon
224 Posted 13/07/2017 at 05:16:43
Now that was an attacking winger, Barry.
Jay Harris
225 Posted 13/07/2017 at 05:23:36

He's fat, he's round he's worth a million pound (Well, that was when a million pound was... er worth a million pound).

Jon Withey
226 Posted 13/07/2017 at 07:36:08
I'm more and more grateful this has happened as the days go on.

What on earth are we going to do without Lukaku?

Barry Jones
227 Posted 13/07/2017 at 12:36:52
Will, maybe the best I ever saw. He could take the man on inside or outside and deliver the telling ball with either foot, all without a great deal of pace, but incredible end product.

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