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Days of Heaven (from Tony's seat)

Andy Crooks
Posted 22/04/2019

Things rarely turn out how you expect and more often than not it's not in a good way. A few times, though, the stars align and it all falls into place. Those are the days that make memories. I had one of those days yesterday.

It's been a lo...
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Silva’s Everton shine at Goodison on Easter Sunday

George Wilson
Posted 22/04/2019

What a win. What a performance. We demolished Manchester United yesterday to build on our recent run of good form, which goes like this:

W 4-0 v Manchester United
L 2-0 v Fulham
W 1-0 v Arsenal
W 2-0 v West Ham
W 2-0 v Chelsea » Read

Rising up the 'Ineptitude League'

Ray Said
Posted 19/04/2019

The Guardian run an annual Ineptitude League, which is well worth a look... and Everton are in 3rd spot and pushing for the top! ...
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You Never Win Anything with Kids

Gerard McKean
Posted 19/04/2019

One of my weekly duties is to attend a meeting of the Council of Elders. Nobody else calls us that but, as Evertonians, we are naturally wiser than any of the kopites who venture into our hallowed committee rooms, otherwise known as our local pub,...
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The VAR conundrum

Steve Carse
Posted 18/04/2019

I've never been a fan of VAR.

For one, it doesn't remove subjectivity – far from only being used to interfere with refereeing decisions where the VAR outcome is clearcut, it is often being employed on issues where the end result is simply...
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The Top-6 Finish

Simon Jones
Posted 10/04/2019

I often read calls for Everton FC to set themselves a target of finishing in the “Top Six” (T6). So I thought it would be interesting to see if that is possible by looking at the seasons since 2013-14.

The League Positions» Read

Beware of Greeks Europeans bearing gifts

Brian Winstanley
Posted 09/04/2019

I turned 80 last January. This more or less coincided with my decision not to renew my Season Ticket. This decision had nothing to do with the club’s current travails. I had begun to notice that the journey was getting more tiring (I live close ...
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Missed Penalties

Peter Fisher
Posted 05/03/2019

The recent post about Alan Balls missed penalty against Ipswich back in 1969 shows how trophy success can hang on the thread. Those fortunate to have been in Goodison Park during the 1968-69 season witnessed the finest football side since the war in ...
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Our responsibility

Peter Rogers
Posted 04/03/2019

After the derby, it seems a good time to mention the responsibility we as fans have.
The impact that the amazing atmosphere had on Sunday can’t be taken lightly. From before a ball was kicked, we were up for it and the team responded by giving u...
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More questions than answers

Jim Bailey
Posted 25/02/2019

So many questions, no definitive answers; only second-guessing and supposition, probably alternatively known as 'opinions'.

Question 1: Why is Bill Kenwright seemingly still pulling strings?

Question 2: Why do so many fans still labour...
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Memorable Penalties

David Peate
Posted 25/02/2019

Dixie Dean

In 1927, he scored a penalty, his second goal versus Arsenal, to equal George Camsell’s record of 59 goals (for Middlesbrough) from the previous season. The roar from the crowd was heard for miles. My dad was working a coupl...
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Here because we’re here?

Michael Cartwright
Posted 21/02/2019

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, then statistics are the last refuge of the mediocre.

For some time now, the TV screens have been informing us of how many top-flight games Everton have played. The game against Wolves appare...
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The Sigurdsson Conundrum

Martin O'Connor
Posted 20/02/2019

In the crazy summer of 2017, when we burnt money like there was no tomorrow, and continued that in the following January with the signings of Walcott and Tosun, one of the signings which only now seems to be splitting Evertonians opinion is Gylfi ...
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What I Wore: Gary Lineker

Dave McDowell
Posted 17/02/2019

It was my privilege to be witness to what I believe was the best Everton team ever in the mid-80s.

Howard Kendall had built a team with the perfect blend. The sublime skills of Kevin Sheedy and Trevor Steven, the bite of Peter Reid, the guile...
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Why do remain a Blue?

Andrew Nekson
Posted 17/02/2019

My good friend in LA has asked why, despite people like us being long-suffering, we remain loyal to our football team?

He feels that if Everton (well Sunderland in fact) were a USA team their attendance would have dwindled to the absolu...
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Should you Ever Hope your Team Loses?

Gary McCarty
Posted 12/02/2019

The fixture against Manchester City at Goodison Park tossed up an interesting dilemma for Everton fans, with supporters of the club unsure as to whether they wanted the Toffees to win. Quite a few Evertonians who were making their way around the c...
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The Goose With the Golden Egg

Jerome Shields
Posted 13/02/2019

For the past 20 years, we were sold the sop of "The People's Club". We were told we had no money, though the Premier League money was rolling in. It financed a comfortable status quo of a manager who had a glass ceiling on his achievement, over-pa...
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Chris Brennan
Posted 11/02/2019

Of all the articles, posts, letters, rants and moans about the current crisis (and it is a crisis) engulfing our great club at the moment, there is feeling that a big problem with the players is confidence. This is very obvious by the lack of asserti...
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Stick or Twist? Over to you, Denise

Steve Hogan
Posted 09/02/2019

First of all, can I say, I have no axe personally to grind with Denise Barrett-Baxendale. But once again, Blue Bill in all of his West End pomp, quickly labelled her 'litle Miss Dynamite' at a recent Philharmonic Hall production, due to be released o...
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Everton's Identity

Winston Williamson
Posted 08/02/2019

Ever have that feeling of not being sure of yourself? Not sure what you’re aiming for or how you’re supposed to get to where you are going? Listlessness sets in. Complacency. No sense of purpose. Lost. No identity. That is how I feel about Eve...
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