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Here because we’re here?

Michael Cartwright
Posted 21/02/2019

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, then statistics are the last refuge of the mediocre.

For some time now, the TV screens have been informing us of how many top-flight games Everton have played. The game against Wolves appare...
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The Sigurdsson Conundrum

Martin O'Connor
Posted 20/02/2019

In the crazy summer of 2017, when we burnt money like there was no tomorrow, and continued that in the following January with the signings of Walcott and Tosun, one of the signings which only now seems to be splitting Evertonians opinion is Gylfi ...
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What I Wore: Gary Lineker

Dave McDowell
Posted 17/02/2019

It was my privilege to be witness to what I believe was the best Everton team ever in the mid-80s.

Howard Kendall had built a team with the perfect blend. The sublime skills of Kevin Sheedy and Trevor Steven, the bite of Peter Reid, the guile...
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Why do remain a Blue?

Andrew Nekson
Posted 17/02/2019

My good friend in LA has asked why, despite people like us being long-suffering, we remain loyal to our football team?

He feels that if Everton (well Sunderland in fact) were a USA team their attendance would have dwindled to the absolu...
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The Goose With the Golden Egg

Jerome Shields
Posted 13/02/2019

For the past 20 years, we were sold the sop of "The People's Club". We were told we had no money, though the Premier League money was rolling in. It financed a comfortable status quo of a manager who had a glass ceiling on his achievement, over-pa...
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Chris Brennan
Posted 11/02/2019

Of all the articles, posts, letters, rants and moans about the current crisis (and it is a crisis) engulfing our great club at the moment, there is feeling that a big problem with the players is confidence. This is very obvious by the lack of asserti...
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Stick or Twist? Over to you, Denise

Steve Hogan
Posted 09/02/2019

First of all, can I say, I have no axe personally to grind with Denise Barrett-Baxendale. But once again, Blue Bill in all of his West End pomp, quickly labelled her 'litle Miss Dynamite' at a recent Philharmonic Hall production, due to be released o...
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Everton's Identity

Winston Williamson
Posted 08/02/2019

Ever have that feeling of not being sure of yourself? Not sure what you’re aiming for or how you’re supposed to get to where you are going? Listlessness sets in. Complacency. No sense of purpose. Lost. No identity. That is how I feel about Eve...
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We Need to Talk About Marco

Steve Hogan
Posted 03/02/2019

After the latest debacle yesterday, the general consensus amongst fans is should the club 'stick or twist'.

Realistically, does the manager have it within him come next August, to have a realistic push for top four/six? I'm not sure he does. H...
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Time for change

Andy Bacon
Posted 01/02/2019

Just thinking outside the box here, which is where most of our shots come from!

Anyway what I think the main issue with our team is we are so frightened to try anything new, there has been nothing to excite us fans, there was a little bit o...
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Sensible management and settled team is everything

Jim Wilson
Posted 29/01/2019

It's absolutely unbelievable what goes on at Everton, on and off the pitch.

All the talk of getting the structure of the club right, all the talk of buying the right players, getting team tactics right, having a cull, the ground move etc. <...
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Let's put the players under the microscope for once

Daniel Johnson
Posted 28/01/2019

There are lots of discussions about Marco Silva and his relatively poor performances at Hull and Watford and how that is being transferred to Everton FC. But, if you look closer the majority of this Squad has now been managed by Koeman, Unsworth, All...
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Why I believe that Silva is no longer fit to mange our club

Andy Crooks
Posted 27/01/2019

It is with a heavy heart I write this. The worst performance I have ever witnessedas an Evertonian was the 3-0 loss at Southhampton when it was clear to me that Martinez was unfit to manage our club.

We are here again. Yesterday was as bad a...
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Not Again — What next?

Mike Fisher
Posted 27/01/2019

It seems like every year of late we reach a point or two when we hit the same old problems. We seemingly implode and start a losing run which leads to the departure of the manager.

From the years under Moyes, when I personally felt we moved forw...
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Marco Silva: Whose fault is it anyway?

Jerome Shields
Posted 26/01/2019

I have not been impressed with the appointment of Marco Silva as Everton Manager, compounded by his ability to identify team weaknesses, his coaching development of players, and his tactical awareness.

But Silva didn’t ask for the job; he was a...
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Couldn’t tackle their way out of a paper bag

David Cooper
Posted 20/01/2019

I am just watching the Fulham v Spurs game and I cannot for the life of me believe that so many so-called lesser teams have players who win tackles and physical challenges.

Watching yesterday’s excuse for a performance at St Mary's, I tri...
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An Education for the Future

Jamie Crowley
Posted 14/01/2019

A somber preface to an interesting life-decision.

I'm 49 years old. My Dad passed at 64, my best friend's dad at 59, the only company I worked for, before I started my little Ma and Pa Print Shoppe, my boss died at 54. I've had multiple frie...
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Have a Plan and Stick To It

Andre James
Posted 04/01/2019

The last month hasn’t been pleasant, has it? The last time I saw us play in the flesh was Newcastle at home. My brother maintains, as do many on this site, that the derby damaged our confidence. I disagree because of how we came back after the i...
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Half-Term Report

Mike Oates
Posted 02/01/2019

We thought that Silva and Brands did us proud back last July and August, signing two ex Barcelona players, one of Brazil’s rising stars, one of Brazil’s most coveted midfielders, and two excellent loanees, and they also managed to keep hold of...
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Happy New Year

Andy Crooks
Posted 01/01/2019

First alcohol free new year that I can remember( kidney infection, antibiotics, pissing glass) — Happy New Year, my arse!

But things are going to get better. This time next year we will be challenging for a Champions League spot. Though I ...
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