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How Well Are We Doing?

Gerard McKean
Posted 24/05/2019

I came across an interesting newspaper article this week... while some of you will have read it and hopefully Paul the Esk will in due course provide his forensic analysis, I thought I'd share some of the findings with those who have not seen it and ...
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Is Bernard good enough?

Tony  Everan
Posted 22/05/2019

Is Bernard good enough? It is a question that will cause a bit of a hoo-hah, but I feel it needs some discussion and debate.

I look at our set-up and compare what we have to what Man City and Liverpool have in those wide positions. I look on with...
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Who was the best player signed from a relegated club?

Don Alexander
Posted 18/05/2019

Scarred as I still am from having watched the entire spine of Wigan's relegated team play for us (and yes, I did try to support them whilst the four were with us.... well, maybe apart from "The Rock" Alcatraz) and looking at the TW "Rumour" column cu...
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New kits 19 / 20

Simon Smith
Posted 13/05/2019

So another season comes to an end and but for an extra three pts we might have made it into the European places, but I have this nagging question at the back of my mind.

What are our new kits going to look like?

Normally by now their have been 1 ...
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Who is the best, Ronaldo or Messi?

Paul Baxter
Posted 09/05/2019

Watching Barcelona getting beat on Tuesday has brought up a question I have often thought about: would you pick Ronaldo or Messi in their prime to play for us?

The last 10 years have been dominated by two football greats: Cristiano Ronaldo and Li...
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Siren “spells danger”

Barry Metcalfe
Posted 07/05/2019

Well the title is a bit of a rework of the Billy Ocean hit, Red Light Spells Danger, the explanation is for readers not of a certain vintage.

When I first heard the siren coming out of my TV, I can say it certainly got my attention as I trie...
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Mike Trebilcock at the train station in 1966

William Maher
Posted 06/05/2019

After the FA Cup win 1966, I was very depressed as I hadn't got in to Wembley. Not only that but all the cafes with TVs were full of Sheffield Wednesday fans. I ended up getting a bus to the next town and watched the second half through a TV shop win...
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Lies, damn lies and statistics

Andy Osborne
Posted 04/05/2019

I like stats, I like numbers, I like manipulating numbers to demonstrate an argument or point of view. So I thought I would share some with my ToffeeWeb family.

In the last 10 games, we have achieved 20 points out of a possible 30:

We ha...
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Tony Cheek
Posted 01/05/2019

Just to let you know that a large group of dedicated Everton fans from Norway will be at Goodison Park on Friday to see the game against Burnley, this being their annual trip together which happens once a season, although I know many of them are the...
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Sometimes in football you have to score goals

Tony Everan
Posted 01/05/2019

"Sometimes in football, you have to score goals" — Thierry Henry once said, in a moment of transcendental clarity. It is stating the obvious, to say the least, and it's an achievement doing everything else perfect, but it's the goals that count. ...
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Days of Heaven (from Tony's seat)

Andy Crooks
Posted 22/04/2019

Things rarely turn out how you expect and more often than not it's not in a good way. A few times, though, the stars align and it all falls into place. Those are the days that make memories. I had one of those days yesterday.

It's been a lo...
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Silva’s Everton shine at Goodison on Easter Sunday

George Wilson
Posted 22/04/2019

What a win. What a performance. We demolished Manchester United yesterday to build on our recent run of good form, which goes like this:

W 4-0 v Manchester United
L 2-0 v Fulham
W 1-0 v Arsenal
W 2-0 v West Ham
W 2-0 v Chelsea

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Rising up the 'Ineptitude League'

Ray Said
Posted 19/04/2019

The Guardian run an annual Ineptitude League, which is well worth a look... and Everton are in 3rd spot and pushing for the top! ...
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You Never Win Anything with Kids

Gerard McKean
Posted 19/04/2019

One of my weekly duties is to attend a meeting of the Council of Elders. Nobody else calls us that but, as Evertonians, we are naturally wiser than any of the kopites who venture into our hallowed committee rooms, otherwise known as our local pub,...
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The VAR conundrum

Steve Carse
Posted 18/04/2019

I've never been a fan of VAR.

For one, it doesn't remove subjectivity – far from only being used to interfere with refereeing decisions where the VAR outcome is clearcut, it is often being employed on issues where the end result is simply...
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The Top-6 Finish

Simon Jones
Posted 10/04/2019

I often read calls for Everton FC to set themselves a target of finishing in the “Top Six” (T6). So I thought it would be interesting to see if that is possible by looking at the seasons since 2013-14.

The League Positions» Read

Beware of Greeks Europeans bearing gifts

Brian Winstanley
Posted 09/04/2019

I turned 80 last January. This more or less coincided with my decision not to renew my Season Ticket. This decision had nothing to do with the club’s current travails. I had begun to notice that the journey was getting more tiring (I live close ...
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Missed Penalties

Peter Fisher
Posted 05/03/2019

The recent post about Alan Balls missed penalty against Ipswich back in 1969 shows how trophy success can hang on the thread. Those fortunate to have been in Goodison Park during the 1968-69 season witnessed the finest football side since the war in ...
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Our responsibility

Peter Rogers
Posted 04/03/2019

After the derby, it seems a good time to mention the responsibility we as fans have.
The impact that the amazing atmosphere had on Sunday can’t be taken lightly. From before a ball was kicked, we were up for it and the team responded by giving u...
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More questions than answers

Jim Bailey
Posted 25/02/2019

So many questions, no definitive answers; only second-guessing and supposition, probably alternatively known as 'opinions'.

Question 1: Why is Bill Kenwright seemingly still pulling strings?

Question 2: Why do so many fans still labour...
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