Moshiri throws the dice (again).

Jim Potter 20/12/2019 54comments  |  Jump to last
Depending on which side of the fence you currently occupy, these are either exciting times or yet another impending disaster in the making. The dawn of a new age, or another seemingly random cash-splashing exercise to alarm the faithful and provide endless mirth to our rivals.

Our recent track-record hardly fills me with confidence. Who actually holds the tiller of this vessel? Do we actually have a planned destination? Is that an iceberg on the horizon? Or are we just adrift and floating on an endless sea of mediocrity?

I thought that this time Mr Brands would do what his job title suggests and direct this football club forward based on his footballing experience and accrued knowledge. But, from what I’ve seen from media reports, our Board seems anything but united in their vision for the club.

This time, Carlo Ancelotti appears to be Mr Moshiri’s Hollywood answer to our recently recurring question. And Marcel Brands is more Marcel Marceau in the deafening silence that surrounds him. I would be amazed if the Dutchman has put forward the Italian as his recommendation, namely because, if it actually happens, he could find his role to be a toothless (or redundant) one very quickly.

Duncan Ferguson, in his short tenure, has got his injury-plagued teams to show fight and pride as the bare minimum required when taking the field in a blue shirt. To me, Duncan must get the Assistant Manager job, whoever takes the helm next. His coaching badges, love of the club, and the promise shown over this period proves he deserves the position, rather than just being a voiceless coach amidst a sea of Italians. It has been fantastic to hear and feel a passionate and hopeful crowd again. Scrape the surface and the sleeping giant is awakening.

At this time of any season, managerial choices are limited. I would ask: Do we really need, given our recent upsurge in form and application, to recruit now? I’m in no way knocking Ancelotti; just questioning whether this is another rushed appointment, on a potential £4.5M-a-year costly contract that we might come to regret. And, of course, another huge back room contingent follows him, with, as an added bonus, his son. (If Ancelotti is God, then this aspect could be a bonus. A resurrection is desperately needed.)

You’d think a billionaire accountant would err on the side of caution. To me, under Mr Moshiri’s tenure, we’ve gone backwards. In our league position certainly. The more we spend, the worse we appear to get. Is the club more focussed and stable now than before he arrived? Are we respected more as a club? I thought the only thing we had in common with Watford was playing ‘Z-Cars’... now we match them in managerial sackings.

I used to dream of us getting a billionaire owner, but now I’m not quite sure. Can anyone tell me, are these debts we’re running up covered by Moshiri or by the club? The inflated salaries, the redundancies, and the overall huge outlay – if Moshiri walked tomorrow, does that end up on him or the club? My guess is the latter, and I find that worrying, especially with the added costs of the (albeit fantastic) new stadium.

I’m not for a minute saying I think he’ll leave any time soon but it worries me that we’ve become a ‘plaything’ of a very rich man who knows sweet FA about running a football club – and seemingly ignores the advice and experience of those he’s employed to actually do that job.

The ‘Project’ is what Moshiri and the board often allude to. If this equates to potentially bankrupting ourselves in order to achieve near relegation status, then it’s been a great success. If, however, it is supposed to be a progressive, methodical and well-thought-out plan to prolonged success and achievement – then it’s been a huge waste of money, time and hope. Are we just Moshiri’s failing vanity project? I hope not.

Where is the clear direction? All I get is a feeling of “If I keep spending, we’re bound to hit the right formula eventually”. To me, it’s been a wholly uninspiring time of waste and blown opportunity.

People often say “Well, it’s not my money; let him spend what he likes”. But if the millstone is around the club’s neck, I find the potential black hole of debt very worrying.

Whoever now takes over as manager needs time to put their hopefully well-considered and agreed plans into action. No knee-jerk sackings over a run of poor results. A recruitment policy that adds to the squad in meaningful ways and sees youngsters like Anthony Gordon given opportunities. The Financial Fair Play rules must surely be a consideration if we’re going after any big-name signings in January, because surely without player sales, we must be pushing the boundaries of Financial Fair Play? (I’m guessing here...)

We appear to be moving away from the young, aspiring and promising manager to the experienced and previously successful. Martinez gave us a season of hope but, since then, Koeman and Silva offered only glimpses of form and no stability or sustainability. Allardyce did what he was brought in to do but showed the depths to which we and the Board had plummeted.

The optimism we had has turned to disbelief and incredulity at how wrong the board have got so many issues so far. The wrong managers, the wrong signings, and the wrong mentality and attitudes. For Liverpool to do their phoenix-from-the-ashes act to coincide with our demise, is surely just fate having a cruel laugh. Could the contrast actually be bigger than at this exact moment?

Then, there is the Usmanov quandary. If he is the Panorama portrayed ‘back seat driver’ of our club? Given the USM and MegaFon sponsorships and the recent press indications that he was at the meeting with Ancelotti that sealed the deal, then surely it seems he is a prominent if shadowy figure in our club hierarchy. The sooner this is clarified, the better, as it begins to smack of dangerous waters to be sailing in. The Premier League and Uefa may take serious exception to any underhand dealings.

I’m not anti-Moshiri. Just a confused and worried fan that sees no real plan or clear direction in place. I wish Mr Ancelotti all the good fortune in the world. Given the unpredictable and demanding nature of Italian and continental Chairmen, his more recent sackings do not particularly concern me – and I’m sure he is also aware of our own Chairman’s recent history in this regard.

Ancellotti is not I think a traditional coach, more a man-manager; given our confidence issues, this may be of great benefit. I think his gravitas, experience and history of success (albeit at clubs that were more established than Everton currently are) could be a catalyst to better days. His credentials are impeccable and if the desire still burns within him for one ‘last hurrah’ we could be on to something. I sincerely hope so.

After so many recent and costly disappointments, I hope Mr Moshiri’s latest throw of the dice is more successful than previous manifestations. Let the good times roll.

Merry Christmas, Blues, and let’s hope for a great New Year.

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Colin Riley
1 Posted 20/12/2019 at 16:47:58
Moshiir's got a trigger on him and good. If they're not up to the job... Boom! Bullet... bye-bye. We hung on to Moyes way too long... not now. Get rid asap. Nice one, Moshiri. He put Silva out of his misery. Never mind the misery he put us all through. Tactical knobhead.

Now he's trying to get the Yoda of football in and you're moaning? Duncan's made my Chrimbo by just showing us what it's all about. He's gone right up in my estimation. Made me love Everton again instead of being sick to the back teeth. A future manager in my eyes, one day. He's about to learn off a master.

He's already given Liverpool a bloody nose. I'm hoping Duncan gets Big Teeth in a headlock while Yoda boots him right in the bollox. And we stuff 'em 3-0. In the meantime, tell Moshiri to get his gold card out and flash the cash like Pablo Escobar.

And a Merry Chrimbo to blues all over the world.

Stan Schofield
2 Posted 20/12/2019 at 17:01:50
This article basically says that Ancellotti is the choice of Moshiri, and implies that Brands isn't supportive of it and that Ancellotti's role would undermine or conflict with the role of Brands. This position is one possible scenario, but I don't think it's necessarily the most likely one.

Brands sits on the Everton board. As such, I don't think he's 'management' as such, but someone with football expertise who uses that expertise to advise and influence the board on decisions that affect management. In this sense, we might have what many on ToffeeWeb have thought we should have, namely someone on the board who is separate from management but has relevant football expertise to help determine managerial appointments.

It's possible that Ancellotti has an agreement from the board, supported by Brands, similar to the agreement Klopp wanted when he was on the verge of going to Liverpool, namely a more significant say in which players are retained, let go, and signed.

This is just a scenario, but a plausible one in my view. It would appear consistent with the 'more professional' approach that many of us have wanted from the upper echelons of EFC, and not as random and ill-considered as the term 'throw of the dice' would suggest.

Shaun Laycock
3 Posted 20/12/2019 at 17:27:33
Can't help but feel an Arteta/Ferguson combo would have been awesome. Hope we don't regret it, I really do!
Derek Taylor
4 Posted 20/12/2019 at 17:47:11
Brands is an employee of the club and is an EXECUTIVE director. He can be sacked at any time without all the bureaucracy that surrounds the removal of non execs. My guess is that under Ancelotti his role will be reduced to that of Chief Scout and he will cease to be a director anytime soon.
Steve Ferns
5 Posted 20/12/2019 at 17:55:52
Derek, why? Ancelotti always works with a director of football.
Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:04:03
Shaun #3, we have nothing to regret. We reached out to Arteta. He preferred Arsenal, understandably. They're the last club he played for and the one with the better potential at the moment. We can only do what we can do.

Jim, good article. Personally, I find it reassuring, not disturbing, that Brands is making no public statements. Likewise Usmanov's involvement in the club is not necessarily "underhanded" just because it has not been publicly disclosed. Successful executives understand that the best business is not done in the media, and that public statements are to be made at the proper time, not when the fans are clamoring for information. I think the appropriate quiet and general lack of "leaks" may be a sign that Everton is finally learning how to operate as a proper business.

David Pearl
7 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:07:21
I’m a lot more optimistic this time around than l was with the last 4 managers. We can’t have a continuity of style as we don’t have any. So we go with an experienced manager, a proven winner. What’s not to like?

Of course any appointment is a gamble, especially given that he will no doubt want some guarantee on a transfer budget. So we can probably look forward to 2 or 3 new signings in January. We need them. Still paying for some monumental mistakes in recruitment of players and managers. Time to wake up this sleeping giant. Enough of the shite. Brands has to be given the reigns to bring in some proper quality for a change and not have to gamble on prospects.

Anyway, exciting times again!

Tony McNulty
8 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:16:58
I cannot recall his precise words (someone on here will have the actual quotation), but I believe John Moores said something like:

"In business, if you have the best processes, the best products, and the best people you end up being the most successful. It doesn't work that way in football."

I am happy that, despite that fact it hasn't worked so far, we are still, 'rolling the dice.' I do think it's about time we got a double six though.

Jay Harris
9 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:24:44
For me this is what we all wanted when Moshiri took over.

A quality manager with a pedigree and an undertaking to bring in quality players and not sell our best players.

Surely none of us wanted Kenwright to continue to rule the roost and bring his love child back as manager.

The sooner we see the back of Kenwright, his culture and deviousness the sooner the club can move forward united in our aim to make Everton great again.

Dave Abrahams
10 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:25:34
Tony (8), Tony when I played dice, a double six was the same as two ones or a one and a two, craps, losing dice, we’ve had quite enough of those thank you.
Tony McNulty
11 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:39:41
Dave (10),

My father taught me a game he called "Uckers", which he learned whilst at sea. (I would love to know if this rings bells with anyone else).

It was like Ludo except for double or even triple barriers which you could erect which stopped opponents getting by. It was played in teams, and "mixed barriers", which were worthless, could cause opposing team members to come to blows.

Sixes were vital. You need to throw a six to "get out". They also enabled you to have a double barrier running around the board. Finally, you needed to throw sixes to challenge opponents' barriers.

Dave - look what you started.

Dave Abrahams
12 Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:48:44
Tony (11), sorry I’ve never heard of that game, but when I played dice in the tenements and streets of Liverpool a double six lost you money, same as deuces in banker, another popular card game on the streets, of long ago.Toss schools were a quicker way of losing or winning you money, particularly when it was played in The Bullring.
Tony Burke
13 Posted 20/12/2019 at 19:02:17
Tony is this it, Uckers - Royal Marine Edition
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Tony McNulty
14 Posted 20/12/2019 at 19:18:12
That’s fantastic Tony. I’ll check that out. Knowing my dad he probably bent the rules he taught us. Who needs internet searches when you have TW?
Derek Knox
15 Posted 20/12/2019 at 19:23:19
Tony @ 11, "Uckers" yes, it does ring a bell with me, having been in the Royal Navy, it was a game that was often played, whilst at sea for long periods.

Like you say it was basically Ludo, generally played on a Board that had been 'locally manufactured' using whatever materials were available. Normally, it would be left in the mess for the next crew who were to 'come on board'. The counters were Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

I'm getting nostalgic at the very mention, nearly fifty years ago, where has it gone? Thanks for reminding me. 😥😋

Barry Rathbone
16 Posted 20/12/2019 at 19:33:54
It really is a game of chance.

Outside the mega money duo of Chelsea and City I don't think anyone has made the quantum leap from mid table obscurity to serious challengers. Leicester the exception proving the rule.

Our nearest comparator, Spurs, have spent a fortune on umpteen high profile managers and shed loads of "star" players winning next to zip all.

Cold analysis hints at more years and managers before we start making a dent. Grim when you think about it

Vinny Garstrokes
17 Posted 20/12/2019 at 19:55:25
I remember a lad in our Mess onboard one of her majesty's finest submarines used to always shout: Who wants a game of Uckers ya Fuckers!!
Mike Oates
18 Posted 20/12/2019 at 21:25:48
For all his title's worth Brands will effectively come responsible for all teams below 1st team level. Ancelotti will have sole responsibility for 1st team only, playing style, player recruitment, coaches recruitment and advisors recruitment.

Whilst Moshiri and Kenwright are around the 1st team is their plaything.

So Brands will stay on his high salary and hopefully will be around to pick up any issues, will still try and pursue his wish of buying young for U23's or academy, developing them hopefully, but the record to date is poor, and giving them to who's ever the 1st team manager or selling them at a profit, if the manager doesn't want them.

Or he'll walk away sometime this season. Maybe to Man Utd, who are developing their youngsters for the 1st team and want a DoF, and who will suit Brands method of working.

Dave Abrahams
19 Posted 20/12/2019 at 21:44:07
Regarding Mr. Brands, my friend a Liverpudlian but Everton shareholder, received notice that a General Meeting of the Company will be held at Liverpool Philarmonic Hall on 14 January 2020 at 6,00 pm for the purpose of the following business.


That Martinus Wilhelmus Brands, having consented to act, be and is hereby re- appointed as a director of the company.


That’s exactly how the letter is worded. What does it mean, is it in code. Steve Ferns, you’re a solicitor, can you tell me in simple terms what it means if I go on the night. Is it just to see Mr. Brands re- appointed as a director or will there be something worthwhile going to see, like Kenwright finally throwing the towel in on a fabulous time as the chairman.

Lev Vellene
20 Posted 20/12/2019 at 21:48:27
Strange, this! No one has said anything officially (or unofficially, by how I can read it...).

Are we all weak-minded tools of the sad "journalists" who are randomly separating news from whatever shows on their toilet paper when they take a dump?

Is anything official yet, about anything?

If not, I'll see how this weekend's game goes. And then I'll also speculate (along with the journous) about how this will all end up...

But I have learned this across a few decades, if there are no official news by Friday afternoon, I may as well snooze until Monday afternoon where statements are concerned...

Brent Stephens
21 Posted 20/12/2019 at 21:51:33
A single-item agenda, Dave? Strange if it's just to re-appoint Brands as a director. Unless it indicates some in-fighting? Or perhaps, to consolidate Marcel's position before Carlo joins? Pure guesses.
Brent Stephens
22 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:04:53
There again, Brands was appointed to the board in January 2019 so a routine reappointment ?
Derek Knox
23 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:04:58
Dave and Brent, I have asked this question before but can anyone attend the AGM's, in the Gallery or is it restricted to shareholder groups or what is the criteria?
Robert Tressell
24 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:05:25
It is entirely possible that Brands might quite fancy the opportunity to work with Ancelotti. Quite a few notches above the previous coaches he's worked with. In fact, the whole club has a lot to learn from someone who is used to winning. Massive opportunity to shift the mentality of the club.
Brent Stephens
25 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:07:00
Derek, I don't know the answer to that I'm afraid. But I'm sure they wouldn't let just anybody in - so that rules you out, mate!

Really don't know.

Derek Knox
26 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:10:36
Brent, thanks for that, which pretty much confirmed my suspicions, but I was even going to take an 'Uckers Board', if I could find one/make one, as a special dispensation! 😋💙
Brent Stephens
27 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:14:01
That’s the naval background I assume?
Jay Wood

28 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:28:15
Dave @ 19.


I'd have been more impressed and convinced the Russians, I mean the Iranians (or whoever is truly in charge) were getting REALLY serious and had said:


Steve Ferns
29 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:44:49
Jim, good article. I share your concern about what happens if Ancelotti fails. And I believe if Moshiri walks away Everton are akin to Randy Lerner's Aston Villa. Remember this guy came in threw loads of money at it. He had great intentions and he indulged Martin O'Neil and bought him players like Ashley Young for lavish sums to keep him out of the clutches of other clubs like us and in the end, Villa couldn't really get above us. He lost faith, he pulled the plug and Villa almost went bankrupt. This is a story that I fear happening to Everton.

There is then so much misunderstood of what Marcel Brands is. There's a fella called Thomas H. McIntosh, hopefully you have heard of him. Under him, Everton won 2 League titles and an FA Cup. This puts him on a par with Harry Catterick and Howard Kendall. Kendall's Cup Winner's Cup sets him ahead, and McIntosh won the 2nd Division so might argue he goes ahead of Catterick. He is Everton's forgotten manager. Probably because he was not a manager.

McIntosh was a player for Darlington, before becoming club secretary there. He then moved to Middlesbrough and then Everton poached him. He was appointed in 1919 and was the man who spotted and signed Dixie Dean.

I mention him because it's important to think back to how football worked back then. 11 players, a trainer, a physio, and a secretary. McIntosh was an administrator. He did not pick the side. He did not coach the players. He simply carried out the administrative functions. He was in essence a Director of Football.

They had these secretaries in Europe too. But football took a turn in England and you had the likes of Herbert Chapman operating at the same time as the secretaries and performing the duties of coach, and picking the side and in Chapman's case devising innovative tactics.

Everton were one of the last clubs to appoint a manager, and when McIntosh died of cancer in 1935, the club was run by committee. Then in 1939 we caught up with the rest of football and appointed Theo Kelly. Kelly combined McIntosh's role and that of a coach and followed the Herbert Chapman example.

After the second word war British clubs all had this model of manager. One guy in charge of football and so it carried on until the end of the century. We make a big mistake in this country in thinking that the rest of Europe did this. It did not.

Only Britain had a football manager. The rest of Europe evolved along a different route. They kept their secretary / football administrators and they developed head-coaches. As it's easier to travel around Europe, ideas travel and are copied and Europe, particularly western Europe, mainly had the same system. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but Europe has always had a head coach / administrator system.

Football in this country had to change. Football is a billion pound industry. It's ridiculous to think that you have one guy, one single guy in charge of:
- match preparation
- training
- analysis
- recruitment
- administration
- contracts
- budgets
- team selection

In the 1990s there was not the number of agents there are now. The Director of Football's phone now rings off the hook 24/7. He is speaking endlessly to agents. His player's agents and prospective player's agents. You travel all round the world to scout players, you don't pop over to Birkenhead or down the east lancs anymore. The job was too much for one man.

People keep saying the system does not work. The system does work, you just do not know who the administrator is, because most are good at their job and keep out of sight. Here is a list of the Premier League Directors of Football to prove my point:

Arsenal - Raul Sanllehi
Aston Villa - Jesus Garcia Pitarch
Bournemouth - Richard Hughes
Brighton - Dan Ashworth
Burnley - Mike Rigg
Crystal Palace - Dougie Feedman
Everton - Marcel Brands
Fulham - Tony Khan
Leicester - Jon Rudin
Liverpool - Michael Edwards
Manchester City - Txiki Begiristain
Norwich City - Stuart Webber
Southampton - Ross Wilson
Tottenham - Rebecca Caplehorn
Watford - Andy Scott
West Ham - Mario Husillos
Wolves - Kevin Thelwell

That's nearly every club bar Man Utd. And they are trying to find one. Chelsea aren't on the list but they had one for a very long time in Michael Emenalo and most of his duties have passed to Marina Granovskaia whilst they find a new one. Newcastle also lack one but had one in the past and Steve Bruce does not have free rein to do as he chooses like an old fashioned manager.

Ancelotti is Italian and so comes from the Italian school of thought where every club has a Director of Football, in the vein of a Thomas McIntosh. The most famous he has worked for was Luciano Moggi. Moggi became famous across the football world when he took bribing referees and match fixing into his remit. Moggi signed the players for Marcelo Lippi and Carlo Ancelotti with those players including the likes of Zinedine Zidane. For example, in Darren Hinds recent article he talks about the time Ancelotti almost signed Roberto Baggio. This was not the case of Dithering Davie (Moyes) going and looking at him and deciding not to sign him, it was the case of the Director of Football telling Ancelotti he had a player and then Ancelotti declining to sign him. Because this is how it works. Brands will get the players and Ancelotti will say yes or no. Ancelotti may go watch the players before making the final say. Ancelotti may see a player he likes, but Brands is still the man to go and sign him. Brands will handle all the negotiations. Ancelotti will also tell Brands a profile of a player he likes, so he may say go find me a player and give a list of attributes that such a player must have. Brands will bring him a list, some DVDs to watch and then Everton will close in on said player with Brands in charge of it.

Ancelotti is not the end of Brands. Far from it. What there will undoubtedly be though is a shift in power. With Silva, Brands had got a place on the board and Brands was looking more and more like his boss. He wasn't. Evidenced by reports that Brands did not want Silva sacked. With Ancelotti, there will be a real sense of Ancelotti being in charge and Brands working for him.

Steve Ferns
30 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:49:31
Dave, Brands will be a fixed term Director. He needs to be re-appointed. That indeed is his correct name, I just googled it Link

Not my field, but it is pretty standard stuff from what I recall on my degree 19 years ago!

Kieran Kinsella
31 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:57:11
Is Brands a gerontophobiac? Everyone seems to assume he isn't in favor as Carlo because he's old. Surely the idea is to get a good coach and not someone necessarily younger than Marcel.
Don Wright
32 Posted 20/12/2019 at 22:57:18
Derek I have an uckers board got it a few years ago from I only play Guzz rules mind no blow backs or suck backs
Paul Smith
33 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:03:13
Uckers was a game played by salty old sea dogs. I remember 4 counters on top of each other was greeted with joy. Never actually learnt to play during my time in the Mob.
Jay Wood

34 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:08:31
The stuff that TW teaches yer!

I'm learning a whole new lexicon with all this stuff about Uckers!

Steve's (non-Uckers) post @ 29 was a gud un too.

Tom Bowers
35 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:08:41
Nobody can predict what a new manager can achieve.
They gambled and failed badly with Silva who really had no resume worth a farthing and one or two others before had little or no worthwhile records.
Going back to the sixties only Kendall has done anything since Catterick with useless articles such as Bingham, Lee, Walker and Smith getting us nothing but promising a lot.
Ancellotti may not get us anything either but we need someone right now and he does have great pedigree and he managed the only team to beat RS this season in a meaningful game.
Getting out of the bottom half is the main priority for the rest of this season and maybe a win over RS (twice) as a bonus.
Let's put all the negativity behind us and support the guy if he comes in.
Kieran Kinsella
36 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:15:59
Tom 35

"Nobody can predict what a new manager can achieve. They gambled and failed badly with Silva who really had no resume worth a farthing and one or two others before had little or no worthwhile records."

Wouldn't you say your second sentence kind of undermines your first?

Jerome Shields
37 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:16:17
Moshiri does not have the experience or know how regarding the appointment of a Manager and obviously isn't the brightest at negotiating a contract.

We all thought that the appointment of Brands and his subsequent appointment to the Board would at last bring the right type of football expertise to the table. But it now looks that this football expert will have no say in the appointment of the next Manager. Brands may be asked to meet the new manager, when appointed, similar to the Silva situation.

It appeared that Everton did have a three year plan going forward with Silva, but this appears to have been dropped, if the direction of the Club is as it appears at present.

The plan now appears to be to appoint a very expensive Manager and try to convince him that transfers funds are going to be available, which is materially and UEFA rule wise, questionable.

To continue with Duncan would keep the three plan on track and the decision regarding how to take Everton to the next level could be pondered next season or at the end of this season, which would be the more professional way to move forward.

This is what I thought the plan was, after three years of Silva. Unfortunately Silva wasn't able to fulfil the minimum requirements of the plan.

There is nothing professional about the current reported events as far as planning and selection of a Manager is concerned.

Bob Parrington
38 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:24:37
This is the extract for attendance at AGM's in Australia. As we follow the UK substantially, I would expect this would be the same for UK

Who can attend the AGM?
Apart from shareholders/members and proxy holders, meeting attendees can include:
• Directors including the chairs of key committees such as audit, who may be required to answer questions in relation the financial statements;
• Senior executives, especially the CEO and CFO;
• Company secretary;
• External auditor, as per the Corporations Act 2001, which requires the attendance of the external auditor for listed companies and entitles them to attend for other companies;
• Director candidates;
• Legal representatives;
• External experts, for example remuneration advisors.
Other attendees at the AGM who may be invited, but will generally not be allowed ask questions, include:
• Media representatives;
• Analysts; and
• Family members of shareholders.

Jerome Shields
39 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:38:40
Steve #30

Interesting that Brands is a fixed term Director, I hadn't realised that. It makes his appointment to the Board even more unusual. It's seems that because he was named a 'Director' of Football, Moshiri thought he should be on the Board.

So Brands is just a normal Director of Football, with no actual power at Board level. His opinion may be taken into account, but without actual power he will not be party to the decision to appoint a Manager in my opinion , which explains alot.

Steve Ferns
40 Posted 20/12/2019 at 23:51:15
Jerome, it's really not that interesting at all mate. There's a company rule book called the Articles of Association. Each company writes one. They are the rules that set out all the various things that govern the company, including roles, responsibilities and powers of Directors. They will include how often each Director is to be appointed for and every so often, usually on rotation the Director goes before shareholders for a vote to be re-elected to the board. This vote is actually pointless. Unlike the boardroom, which is show of hands, it's done on share percentage. So whatever Mr 77% (Moshiri) wants, he gets.

All this is, is a pretty standard re-election of a director. Brands being an employee of the club, and not a shareholder, is an executive Director and so is likely to face re-election at every AGM or maybe every other AGM. Whereas the likes of Kenwright may face re-election over a much longer term, like say five years.

Note also that Denise Barrett-Baxendale is CEO and Director. She is also an executive director as an employee of Everton and not a shareholder. She was appointed in 2016 and does not appear to be up for election this year, and so is clearly on a much longer fixed term.

Jerome, the Articles of Association (the Everton FC Ltd rule book) can be found here on the shareholders website: Link

Derek Knox
41 Posted 21/12/2019 at 01:23:05
Jay @ 34, I must admit until Tony McNulty mentioned it (uckers) about his father @11, I had almost forgotten about it. Mind you the Navy in those days, virtually had a language of it's own within our own English language.

TW is a fantastic website and I love the fact we can, although we all support the same team ( I think ) we have different views and opinions, which is reasonably healthy, but also the vehicle to exchange those views and opinions across the World.

We are truly represented in so many parts, and as you say Jay, TW is often a source of knowledge too, and dare I say a bit of comedy too to lighten the sombre tone adopted on occasions.

Long may it continue, 'Long live the King'!

Oh and Merry Xmas to all.

Jay Wood

42 Posted 21/12/2019 at 02:54:27
It's barking, Derek.

It's nearly midnight here in Brazil and I'm reading a Wikipedia page on Uckers!

It's even got it's own World Championship commonly held at Royal Navy Museums, suitably sponsored given its Naval traditions, by Pusser's Rum!

The current holders, I'm proud to announce, are the delightfully named Wally Blagden and Dave Clark who play as the 'Timbershifters'.

TW may be viewed as a negative bunch of Uckers by some, but I daily extend my education on a wide spectrum of the most bizarre subject matter.

In fact, I propose from hereinafter the collective noun for any gathering of TWers be known as a Cluck of Uckers.

Bob Parrington
43 Posted 21/12/2019 at 03:59:06
Steve Ferns, I bow to your education as a lawyer but, in my experience, most companies are floated using a standard articles of association. However, now, at least here in Oz, the wonderful wizards thereof use the Company Constitution scenario.

Agreed ref the Moshiri position but, properly run IMO, the board (which might include the main shareholder or his proxy) votes according to 1 vote per director, perhaps with the Chairman having a deciding vote in the event of a split decision (not always). If the board makes a decision with which the main shareholder or the majority of sharehold(ings) disagree, they have the right to call a shareholder meeting, of course at which the majority shareholdings have their way. This should all be recorded in the old style 'minute book" (now called The Register).

Access to this "register"might give us mere mortals an insight as to what goes on within the Company Everton.

I'm writing this from experience as a long term director of SME's (not massive zillion $ companies, though) and being a graduate of the Australian Institute of Directors. But this might not be applicable to UK company law. I just hope it helps the conversation.

Derek Knox
44 Posted 21/12/2019 at 03:59:34
Jay, I suppose we could have a similar classification of Uckers on TW with letters of the alphabet determining, ie argumentative 'F' Uckers and so on, you get the gist I'm sure. 😂😤
Tony Everan
45 Posted 21/12/2019 at 08:18:13
It is a roll of the dice, Ancelotti will be ruthless when he comes.

Mediocrity and amateurism from any player will be stamped upon. In January I can see him signing at least 1 player probably one or two more. A Centre Midfielder will be first, and they will go straight into the team. Anyone underperforming or not focussed will find it difficult to win their place back, I don't think that Ancelotti does sentiment.

One of his most difficult roles will be to keep the squad, club and fans on board with his plans. But I think that we have to trust a man who has been there, done it and knows what it takes.

The road out of mediocrity to success is not going to be the ' Freelove Freeway' it's going to more like the Khyber Pass.

Have the club, players and fans got the mental strength to get to the other side?

Ian Bennett
46 Posted 21/12/2019 at 08:34:28
I'll be pleased if we get him. A world class manager who wont take any shit from players or interference from Kenwright, Moshiri or anyone else is exactly what we need.

The worries of him being a controller of great teams rather than builder of great teams totally misses the point. Top managers inspire teams to perform and get performances that weak managers don't.

This is either going to be a big change or a short lived disaster. Let's hope it's the former as we can't continually press the reset button.

Tony McNulty
47 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:16:52
Derek - we certainly get some miserable Uckers on here at times
Jerome Shields
48 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:21:40

Thank you for clarification, but I am still wondering what Brands role as regards selection of the new manager is. To me he appears to have either no say or is a yes man. Which seems more in line with Bobs #43 interpretation and the way Kenwright exercises control as a minority shareholders.

As well as Articles of association , you can have a Shareholder agreement which is not available to the public , which can set out conditions of operation , terms of sale and representation entitlement.

This is the long grass at Everton that Moshiri and maybe Brands are lost in and even have difficulty finding each other in.

Steve Ferns
49 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:30:48
We can only guess Jerome. Some reports imply our manager was selected by someone who has no interest or involvement in the club.
Ray Roche
50 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:33:53
Just a quick post before I leave to go the match, let’s be thankful that we HAVE a Billionaire prepared to put money into the club. Stoke City owner Denise Coates has just paid herself £323m for her annual salary yet is happy to watch Stoke in a Championship relegation battle and still not invest. Stoke are in free fall, as we might have been with Bungling Bill at the helm.
Steve Ferns
51 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:38:27
Ray, that’s just her salary. Her family own bet365 and stoke and their combined wealth is inconceivable. They supposedly love stoke city too.
Jerome Shields
52 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:39:59
Steve #49

I understand where you are coming from, because as well as the above there maybe further financial interests involved and a maze of offshore companies with difference articles of associations.

My Accountant attended a seminar on Moneylaundering and he told me that the Inland Revenue have huge files on offshore companies owning property in Central London and they can't find out who actually owns them so as to take legal acion.

It's also makes we wonder about the ultimate purpose of owning Everton , which will be a asset of greater value as long as they stay in the Premiership. Everton was bought into a bargain price because of Kenwrights stipulations , which are in the Share Holders agreement.

Paul Tran
53 Posted 21/12/2019 at 10:57:58
Good piece, Jim.

It's another roll of the dice whatever Moshiri does.

Because the club has, quite rightly, kept quiet about the manager search, some people have chosen to overreact and claim the board is 'doing nothing', or worse still, get angry because lazy journalists are guessing/making up stories for click bait.

We don't know how involved each individual has been in this search. My guess is that Kenwright & DBB would love to go back to the non-challenging, non-threatening days of Moyes and talk about 'The Everton Way'. My other guess is that Moshiri wants a big name, successful manager who externally, makes a statement and internally, kicks the club up the arse.

This is only going to work if Moshiri uses Ancelotti to make his stamp on the club and turn away from safe, plucky, pat on the head Everton to new, ruthless, competitive, winning Everton.

I love backing a big price winner in a handicap. I really like seeing a horse that's 3/1 when it should be 7/4, lamping on it and counting my money afterwards. I think this is how Moshiri sees Ancelotti.

I hope he's a catalyst for change, on and off the pitch.

Jay Wood

54 Posted 21/12/2019 at 11:24:22
Derek @ 44.

Inspired idea to have you an alphabetical classification of TW Uckers, Derek.


They all work and can be interpreted to describe pretty much every character, personality and opinion that contributes to TW.

I think you're on to something here, Derek, me
ole MUcker!

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