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Fan Articles

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers

Everton 2019-20 Season Review: ‘Evolution’ not Revolution for Ancelotti

Gary McCarty
Everton’s dismal 3-1 defeat at home Bournemouth on the final day summed up a Premier League campaign that fans will be glad to see the back of.

The Final Journey of an Everton Blue

Tony Onslow
The story of Robert Stevenson who returned to live in his native Scotland after giving up football but spent the last days of his life back in Liverpool where he had represented Everton between 1886 and 1889

End of Year School Report

Martin O'Connor
As this depressing season ended with a 3-1 defeat to Bournemouth, it is time to give out grades, so here is my school report on the underperforming bunch. Marks out of 10.

The Showman and the Dynamo

Paul McParlan
The Unique similarities between George Best and Howard Kendall's careers

William Orr – The Boy from Gwladys Street

Tony Onslow
Born on Aughton Street but raised on the famous thoroughfare behind Goodison Park's most famous stand, "Willie" became the first Liverpool-born player to score on his Football League debut

Empty cabinets, the hamster wheel, and bulging saddle bags

Darren Hind
When Carlo Ancelotti was appointed as our manager, my heart sank. Getting the call from Everton must be like winning the lottery for a manager. Every ex-player working for this club is accused of being on easy street, looked after by Uncle Bill. Being an Evertonian at the club is a crime... yet any success this club has enjoyed in the past has always achieved with an Evertonian at the helm. Somebody who actually cares about and loves the club.

The Weakest Link: Not that bad, not that good

Conor McCourt
Comparing Carlo to what some view as our 'weakest' manager in the Premier League era during his darkest hour is no real barometer to be setting – and may only serve to produce an intentional heavily biased outcome.

1966 (and all that) – Part 2

John McFarlane [Senior]
Goodison Park was chosen as one of the stadiums to host matches in the 1966 World Cup; this second part covers recollections of the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final games.

Will we ever get an Everton identity back?

James Pirie
More than any world class manager or spectacular new stadium, I long for players who care.

The Last Rites

Steve Hogan
People often talk about watershed moments in a team's history; well, last night proved once and for all the faceless wonders who masqueraded as Everton players have no short- or long-term future at the club

1966 (and all that) – Part 1

John McFarlane [Senior]
The summer of 1966 was a magical time for Merseyside followers of football: Liverpool were League Champions, Everton were FA Cup winners, and Goodison Park was chosen to host Group 3 matches, plus a quarter-final and a semi-final of the World Cup.

Singing in the Rain with 10,000 Evertonians

Paul McParlan
The personal story of an FA Cup away day at Notts County in 1984

The Scot from the Vale of Leven

Tony Onslow
Trying to compile an inventory of Scotsmen who have played football for Everton is like compressing springs in an old iron bedstead. Just when you think your task is complete, another one” jumps up”. The latest addition to this list is John Walker.

Dennis Stevens: The Players’ Player

Rob Sawyer
Two members of the same family left Dudley for Lancashire to pursue careers in the top echelon of English football. One sadly died in the Munich air disaster; the other would play an integral part in bringing silverware to Bolton Wanderers and Everton

Comings and Goings

Alasdair Jones
The theme of this article is the transfer dealings of the two managers that succeeded Harry Catterick, and whose objective would be to rebuild the team and ultimately create a Championship-winning side. How did Billy Bingham and then Gordon Lee fare in comparison to the “shrewd operator”?

The Greatest?

Rick Tarleton
Who'd be my greatest player? Without doubt — Alex Young. He's not the best Everton player I've ever seen but, to me, he was everything I want in my cult hero.

Tommy Eglington – The Flying Winger of the Fifties

Rob Sawyer
The Irish international left-winger, gave unstinting service to the Blues’ cause during some of the club’s darkest days. He is forever associated with his teammate and great friend, Peter Farrell, who crossed the Irish Sea with him in 1946.

Tommy E Jones: A Gentleman on and off the Pitch

Rob Sawyer
T E Jones would have the burden of succeeding his supremely gifted namesake ‘T G’ but he went on to carve out his own place in the Gwladys Street Hall of Fame.

The First Premier League Merseyside Derby

Dick  Brady
A look back to December 1992 and the players who made up Howard Kendall's team that day

Memories of the New Millennium – May 2013

Patrick McFarlane
For more than several months towards the end of the 2012-13 season, media speculation had surrounded the future of David Moyes at Everton and whether he would sign an extension to his contract or seek pastures new.

Decline and Fall

Alasdair Jones
Everton's fall from grace after winning the Football League Championship in 1970 is something that rankled with me as it unfolded in the early '70s. Writing a few weeks back about the 1970 Championship win (Our Golden Anniversary) reignited my need to try and get a handle on why it all came about.

Six Degrees of Separation

Pete Jones
The author tries to link Everton to himself via a bit of land in South Merseyside, the first unequivocal victory for British and Dominion force in WW1, one of the greatest songwriters of the past 60 years and what appears to be the archetypal reality TV show in six steps.

The Hillsborough Disaster Documentary

Rob Sawyer
Rob Sawyer in conversation with Director Daniel Gordon, who has produced what is held to be the definitive documentary about the 1989 disaster

‘Easy’ – The Mick Heaton Story

Rob Sawyer
On the 25th anniversary of his untimely passing, celebrating the life and achievements of a man who was a vital part of the managerial team which led Everton to an unprecedented period of glory in the 1980s

Ruhleben Football Association

Rob Halligan
I recently purchased a book called The Ruhleben Football Association, a true story about British prisoners of war, taken prisoner during The Great War

Our Golden Anniversary

Alasdair Jones
1 April 2020 marked the Golden Anniversary of Everton securing the First Division Championship trophy in that most memorable 1969-70 season.

A 70s-80s Everton Childhood, FC Schalke 04, and Jonjoe Kenny

Danny O'Neill
I present some personal memories, a non-Everton footballing link with the Bundesliga club, and Jonjoe Kenny, who is currently on loan there.

Memories of the New Millennium – April 2005

Patrick McFarlane
By the beginning of April 2005, Evertonians were dreaming about their team qualifying for the Champions League in the 2005-06 season.

A Classic Everton Who-Dunn-it

Jamie Yates
Going down the Royal Blue rabbit hole on and stumbling in the direction of the tale of late-1920s/early-1930s Toffees’ inside-right and Scottish international ‘Wembley Wizard’ Jimmy Dunn

The English Game

Jamie Yates
The English Game, a beautifully crafted dramatisation of one of the most interesting subtexts in the early days of Association Football, pre-League, when friendly matches took place up and down the country, the game was almost completely amateur and the FA Cup really was 'the big one'

Goodison Memories - A Golden Anniversary

Phil Williams
Today, the 28 March, is the 50th anniversary of my first game at Goodison Park.
Aged just 6 I went along with my Dad to watch us beat Chelsea 5-2.

A Day of Celebration and Commemoration at The Winslow

EFC Heritage Society
Earlier this month, the Everton FC Heritage Society teamed up with the current licensee, Dave Bond, to celebrate with the Borthwick, Robinson and Greenhalgh families’ connections to the football club and pub

Assessing Carlo Ancelotti in this hiatus time

Martin O'Connor
As we sit out an unplanned break to football, it is the perfect time to review Carlo Ancelotti’s start at the Blues. Has he really lived up to the 'Carlo Fantastico' song in his early tenure?

Looking Forward to the Past

Lyndon Lloyd
As the 50th anniversary of Everton's 1969-70 League championship triumph approaches, Lyndon Lloyd chats with Dr David France about that wonderful side

Full-Back Abyss

Martin O'Connor
With Carlo Ancelotti wanting to give Leighton Baines another 1-year extension to his contract at the Blues, this brings into focus the lack of quality we have in the full-back position.

The Age of Illumination – The Story of Goodison Park under Floodlights

Rob Sawyer
There is something truly magical about a football stadium under lights. It’s hard to imagine that, as recently as the 1950s, winter kick-off times had to be set so that matches would conclude before dusk, whilst midweek fixtures were a rarity. However, as far back as the Victorian era, innovators were seeking a solution to the issue of playing after sunset

Everything You Wanted To Know About Portugal (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Pete Jones
I’d been thinking about writing something about Portugal and Brazil since the appointment of Marco Silva and the arrival of Portuguese speaking players like Bernard, Gomes and Richarlison

Memories of the New Millennium – February 2009

John P McFarlane
A nostalgic look back at a pivotal period in the Moyes Era, when Everton appeared to be emerging as a side that could compete with the best of the Premier League

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Phil  Roberts
There are 20 Everton players who are out on loan or perhaps coming to the end of their top-level career over the next 2 summers.

Blocked Pathways for Under-23s

Martin O'Connor
The objective of any football academy is to produce good footballers, some of whom, it is hoped, will become first-team players for the football club.

Who's driving the Bus?

Gerard McKean
Is it a peculiarly Evertonian thing, that we prefer to criticise players rather than the people who sanction the signings and salaries of those players?

Flowers Die...

Martin O'Connor
Should Everton dip into the transfer market before the January window shuts? I would emphatically argue No.

”We Were Surrounded By Wonderful People”

Becky Tallentire
The latest chapter from Becky Tallentire's 2004 book featuring the stories of the women behind some of Everton's greatest ever players features Maureen Harvey, wife of the "White Pele" and one arm of the famed Holy Trinity, Colin Harvey.

The Big Yin... and Yang

Matt Woods
One of Ancelotti’s first comments was that the club needs togetherness, the patience and support of the fans. Duncan Ferguson has already shown us the way. Through love. We are so desperate to beat our neighbours in the FA cup but I believe we never help ourselves due to the hate we have for them. Is there a better mental approach?

Winter Reinforcements: A new spine needed?

Sam Hoare
A very quick version of my annual summer transfer speculation about the sort of players that we could use and who some of the options might be.

In Memory of The Greatest

Dave Williams
Today, Alan Ball would have been 75 years old. This is very hard to imagine as my memories of him would always be of a bundle of energy, a young man of supreme fitness and stamina, allied to an unquenchable desire to win, and much-underrated skills.

Memories of the New Millennium – January 2000.

John P McFarlane
At the end of the last Millennium, Everton Football Club had amassed more top-flight points than any other club, and Bill Kenwright had won his battle for control of the Goodison Park club.

Fireworks? … I sincerely hope so

Darren Hind
Carlo hasn't even got his coat off yet, but I'm already hoping and worrying (in equal measure) at what he can achieve, how he may fail. My head's wrecked with ifs, buts and maybes.

Everton Goes to Hollywood

Jay Wood
Any Evertonian who "knows their ‘istory" will get the title of this piece: a nod to the 1980s band, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the publicly expressed desire by the club’s de facto owner, Farhad Moshiri, to appoint a ‘Hollywood Manager’.

Stars in his Eyes

Martin O'Connor
With Ancelotti, Moshiri again has stars in his eyes and we are ending up with a past-his-best, upgraded Ronald Koeman.

Moshiri throws the dice (again).

Jim Potter
I’m not anti-Moshiri. Just a confused and worried fan that sees no real plan or clear direction in place. I wish Mr Ancelotti all the good fortune in the world.

Any dream will do...

Darren Hind
I dread getting up to the news that Ancelotti has been confirmed as the new Everton boss. Him failing at Goodison is not simply a possibility; I believe it to be a certainty... a forgone conclusion.

Union Jack

Rob Sawyer
The Story of John ‘Jack’ Bell: Victorian Sporting Superstar and Union Pioneer

Seriously: What just happened?

Jay Wood
Who would have thought, just 4 days after the Anfield debacle...
Seriously: What just happened?

The Sweet Smell of Simplicity - for starters

Paul Tran
There was one valuable lesson from yesterday's victory over Chelsea: the importance of simplicity.

Moshiri Making Us Rotten to the Core

Dylan Joseph
We have a majority owner making all big decisions, a DOF buying some players, Bill on the side pushing his agenda and a head coach who is trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. It is a totally dysfunctional and chaotic operation.

The Way We Were

Dave McDowell
A familiar tale...

Moyes from the Blackstuff

James Daniels
There's not a day that goes by when I'm not fed up of some Tory beaut's ego being massaged on 5 Live to turn to TalkShite and hear Alan Brazil say, out of his prolapsed anus of a mouth, "What about Davie Moyes for the Everton job, hey?"

Jesus the Saviour?

Jay Wood
IF - a very big IF - there is anything in this and it comes to pass, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Jorge Jesus.

What is Moshiri thinking?

Steve Ferns 
It seems so many cannot understand why we might be keeping hold of Marco Silva. Maybe, as someone who still backs Silva, I can give you an insight into what Moshiri might be thinking.

Harry Catterick’s Centenary

Rob Sawyer
Last Friday, the Everton FC Heritage Society organised and hosted the ‘Catterick 100’ event to celebrate the life and achievements of Harry Catterick who would have turned 100 on 26th November.

Cracked Screen

Martin O'Connor
It seems as though Marco Silva's tenure is like a cracked window or mobile phone screen – eventually you get fed up and have to get a new one

An Open Letter to Farhad Moshiri

Trevor Powell
I am writing to you not to criticise your devotion to Everton Football Club but to offer some constructive thoughts for you to consider.

My viewing of Howard's Way

Gerard McKean
It was with an uncommon mixture of whimsy nostalgia and visceral anger that I set off one afternoon last week to catch a showing of “Howard’s Way” at FACT in the city centre.

Jimmy Dunn and Sons

Rob Sawyer
Stein, Dean and Dunn – that trio of names is immortalised in Goodison folklore as the Everton scorers in the 1933 FA Cup Final victory over Manchester City. William Ralph Dean needs no introduction but today’s Blues supporters may be less familiar with the two scoring Scots: Jimmy Stein and his compatriot, Jimmy Dunn, whose son chats with Rob Sawyer about his dad and two footballing brothers.


Alasdair Jones
With the high expectations that attach to expensive incoming players, and the frustration amongst many about the reluctance to use young players, I am prompted recall how the club performed in relation to these matters during my earlier years as a Blues supporter. This led me to consider the way in which previous teams were assembled. How successful or otherwise was Harry Catterick in the 1960s in his quest to rejuvenate and remodel his Championship team of 1963?

Lukaku – The wound we can’t close

Dylan Joseph
What if we had told Lukaku he had to stay and honour his contract?

A Wander Down Howard's Way

Jamie Yates
The film is a wonderful tribute to a man who did wonderful things for Everton Football Club, for us as Evertonians. Beautifully pitched, it captures the men who Howard Kendall assembled, their feelings and reminisces, perfectly.

(Everton in the) Community Singing

Pete Jones
If you were watching BBC Look North West on September 26th 2019 you may have caught a report about BBC Music Day which included a snippet about a mass singsong at the National Football Museum. The singers were drawn from football clubs across the North West and the newly formed Everton in the Community Friday lunchtime singing group represented the Blues.

Eddie Thomas – An Unsung Goodison Hero

Rob Sawyer
Slight – almost frail looking – he appeared ill-equipped for the hurly-burly of professional football. But appearances can so often be deceptive and Eddie Thomas enjoyed a fruitful career over eleven years.

Bus and Boat Return

Alasdair Jones
As a bit of light relief, given our present travails, and with an eye to nostalgia, I thought I would pen and submit this short article.

Stale Bread

Martin O'Connor
The Blues are looking like a team that has become like a lump of stale bread. I think Silva can turn this around with the options outlined below... but he has to start now by making these changes and baking some fresh bread.

The Rot Starts at the Top

Steve Hogan
The 'soft centre' we have runs right through the club like a bad apple. Kenwright's benevolent nature means we fail to recruit even the best coaching staff. Why do we have to employ ex-blues onto the coaching staff?

Architect of His Own Success: Samuel Bolton Ashworth

Jamie Yates
The story of a man who made 11 league appearances for Everton during the 1904-05 season.

Home and Away

Dylan Joseph
At home, we are seasoned professionals, knowing our job and more often than not executing it. Since 2004, we are expected to win just 5 times on the road out of 19 opportunities. So what’s the difference?

Names of the Nineties: Duncan Ferguson

Paul McParlan
Genuine cult heroes are hard to find these days but, needless to say, barring a miracle, we will never see the likes of "Big Dunc" again. He’s the player who made watching Everton in the 90s worthwhile.

Everton – The Baseball Years

Richie Gillham & Rob Sawyer
Baseball may be a minority sport in the UK but 80 years ago Merseyside was a hotbed of this popular American pastime. Had it not been for the outbreak of War in 1939 perhaps it would have gained a proper foothold in our sporting life.

Names of the Nineties: Daniel Amokachi

Paul McParlan
A World Cup star for Nigeria in 1994, Daniel Amokachi was Mike Walker's marquee acquisition that summer. The striker's spell at Goodison Park would outstrip that of the manager who signed him and while his record was fairly unremarkable, he is one of the more noteworthy players of the mid-1990s due to the extraordinary circumstances around his brace in an FA Cup semi-final.

Goodison Park – The New Home of Everton (1892)

Rob Sawyer
127 years ago Everton unveiled its new stadium at Mere Green – it would become known as Goodison Park on account of its proximity to Goodison Road. The first football match would take place on 2 September - a friendly against Bolton Wanderers. Athletic News was on hand to report on developments.

Graham Souness…

Adam McCulloch
Graham Souness must have been conceived, raised and whelped into existence in the most spiteful of circumstances. A series of outrageously outrageous events that etched a litany of grievances onto his forehead, each line another stroke of outrage. Permanently angry at everything the sun touches.

Spellow Lane, Stone Roses and Redemption

Rob Sawyer
Nigel Ipinson-Fleming was born in 1970 and raised on Spellow Lane, just round the corner from Goodison Park. In spite of his proximity to the famous old ground, he would eventually follow the rival team from across Stanley Park – but he is also quick to acknowledge the greatness of the Everton team of his teenage years.

Patience is required. We must hold our nerve.

Dylan Joseph
Momentous changes are happening at our club with the stadium, the first team transformation and the evolution of our style and our philosophy. We must support the team and allow Marcel and Marco to create a brighter future.

Clarence Berry, the rugby-playing goalkeeper of Everton

Tony Onslow
Clarence Herbert Berry, who joined in 1908 and played for the club until 1912, was the first Rugby League player to switch codes and sign for Everton

Horses for Courses – and a defence of Calvert-Lewin

Kevin Prytherch
What is our best team at the moment? Or rather, based on the back end of last season, what would be our first-choice starting XI at the moment?

The Nursery

Pete Jones
In a region of France known as the Forgotten Front lies an area dubbed “the Nursery Sector”, where new formations arriving on the Western front in WWI were often given their first front line experience. One was the 2/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King’s Liverpool which included Corporal Wilfred Toman, formerly of Everton FC who was killed there on 2nd May 1917

Season Aims

Martin O'Connor
As we embark on a new season what should blues expect from the 2019-20 campaign. With the positivity around the designs for Bramley-Moore Dock, will the season on the pitch match this positivity?

The Case for More Firepower

Paul Derby
The signing of Moise Kean is a step in the right direction as Everton seek more potency up front, but Marcel Brands must redouble his efforts to recruit goalscoring talent if Everton are to challenge the Top 6 long term

What Should We Expect?

Sam Hoare
Do high expectations drive you to be your very best? Or do they just grind you into the ground when you continually fail to achieve them?

Worst Everton squad of the Premier League era

Elliott Bretland
I took to social media to ask thousands of Blues to pick the players who have stunk the place out at Goodison Park since 1992, the names who just never cut it and the footballers who simply failed to live up to their potential or price tag.

Marks on a Window...

Martin O'Connor
How do we assess the Blues' business in the transfer market? Below is an assessment of how the Toffees' fared. All marks are out of 10.

The trip to Bremen that never was

Rob Halligan
So here I am writing a story about my trip to Bremen, sitting in my lounge at home, having done a 12-hour excursion to Amsterdam airport and back.

Fan event at Finch Farm

Rob Halligan
A fan event was held at Finch Farm today for all those fans who attended every game, home and away, last season.

Paying For Past Mistakes

Adam McCulloch
In total, we are paying out around £700k a week on players that are mostly nowhere near the matchday squad. Marcel Brands has an almighty job on his hands. He may have to take a similar strategy to last year.

Touchside at Bramley-Moore Dock

Mike Owen
Since it emerged that we were looking at building a stadium there, I have generally taken a wait-and-see approach, even been a bit of a sceptic. Having been on a site visit on Wednesday, I have warmed to the idea

Farewell Old Friend

Jamie Yates
Here we were to bid a fond goodbye to our friend, the Reverend Harry Ross.

The Big Interview: Gordon Lee

Brian Wilkinson
In the definitive history of Everton Football Club, 'The School of Science', Gordon Lee is fondly remembered at Goodison Park.

Blue Dragon – The Biography of Roy Vernon

Rob Sawyer and David France
David France and I have teamed up to bring Roy’s colourful story to a wider audience and give him the credit he so richly merits. With deCoubertin Books, we have recently launched a Kickstarter initiative in anticipation of publication this autumn.

The Great Pretenders

Kieran Kinsella
Evertonians have been hearing a powerful message about our team’s greatness for several years now. Perversely, the boasts of "greatness" usually follow a dismal defeat.

Einstein said...

Mike Kehoe
The famed physicist's quote regarding his definition of madness has been posted so many times by frustrated fans, it can perhaps, accurately summarise a regrettable period of the club’s recent history.

Why are Everton so bad at picking managers?

Jonathan  Tasker
A look at recent Everton managers, why they were chosen and why nearly all have failed. It also attempts to examine who is involved in choosing the Everton manager and, finally, who would ideally be the next Everton manager.

I Was a Teenage Woolyback

Mick Gill
A non-Scouse Evertonian reminisces about following the Toffees in the 1970s

Here We Go Again

Mike Oates
Just when we seem to be close to that elusive Top 6 place, along comes the transfer window. Whilst we buy some quality, we inevitably seem to lose our key players and we just have to start all over again, rather than building on. It’s been like this for years.

From My Spec - in the distant past

Paul  Tran
I miss Ken Buckley’s ‘From My Seat’ reports. As a rare matchgoer these days, I can only do these retrospective reports. I have plenty more and I hope others chip in, too.

New Window

Martin O'Connor
The next transfer window is going to be a trial for the blues, how will we fair is anyone’s guess.


Paul Columb
I’m hoping that Silva demonstrates sufficient flexibility and intelligence to select his strategy, formation and players on merit and build on the glimmer of hope that was our best performance to date under his stewardship

60 Years a Blue

Don Wright
"When we were all sat around in the back room, my eldest pulls out a season ticket. My very own! For my 60 years, I have waited to get one and what happens? Covid-bloody-19!"

A Big Summer Ahead

Graham Holliday
The challenge for Ancelotti and Brands this summer will be threefold: improve the overall quality of the squad, address its balance and engender a shift in mentality

Watford Win – What Does It Mean?

Matthew Parry
Everton have a very solid base very early in the season which we’ve not had for years, some of our summer recruits appear to be the real deal and this season could be one to remember. But we must take each game step by step and not get carried away

Transfer Jeopardy

Darren Hind
Over the last three seasons, Everton Football Club have made desperate attempts to climb back up the football ladder. We must have spent about £600M on players in the last three seasons. Unfortunately, we still don't have one player that would get a regular game for a top club…

Cometh the hour, Cometh the man, Cometh Carlo Ancelotti

Scott Robinson
Everton now have a manager who has won titles AND trophies and that will command the respect of the players in a way that his predecessors could not

Jordan Pickford: A defence of our keeper

Kris Boner
Do those Everton fans critical of the keeper suffer from some form confirmation bias because they watch him every week and other keepers not as much?

Seriously Concerned

Jim Wilson
Even if Marco Silva gets us out of this mess, he clearly will never steer Everton to greatness. We have needed a big manager with a big personality for years

The Good Son

Martin O'Connor
The fallout from the game against Tottenham and the Son - Gomes incident has been staggering in how the club lost the narrative and allowed Spurs to set the agenda.

VAR Did It All Go Wrong?

Jay Wood
There is a growing tide of discontent with the implementation of VAR amongst them and just how intrusive it is to the natural flow of the game. Let's consider its evolution thus far

Memories of the New Millennium – March 2002.

John P McFarlane
Walter Smith's halting reign came to an ignominious end and David Moyes was plucked from relative obscurity to lead Everton away from the threat of relegation

Do we deserve anything better?

Robert Burnham
So here we are with a week to contemplate one of the worst days in our history. How shall we get across our anger and disillusionment when we next take our seats at Goodison on Saturday? The answer is simple. We won’t.

Time to Experiment?

Martin O'Connor
As we prepare for the final nine games of the season, what should be the objective for the Toffees? Beating the Spawn of Satan is a given but, apart from that, what else is there to play for?

Where are we going? The hungry or the wise?

Conor McCourt
Can Everton, with its confused transfer strategy and their elder statesman manager at the helm. compete with the current trends in the Premier League?

The Skeleton Crew

Martin O'Connor
We don’t just have dead wood at the club, they have been here for so long the dead wood has rotted away and become nothing but dead bones. As we now enter the January window it is that time again to look at the squad and hope we can at least ship out some of the rubbish.

My Everton experience and next manager if we get one

Steuart Hayes
How I started to support Everton and my wants for the next manager.

The Light From an Oncoming Train

Roy Johnstone
This weekend promises to be an interesting time for one Blue's son's first visit to the Grand Old Lady. How will the players respond to their embarrassment last Sunday?

Where do we go from here?

Darren Hind
With the exception of Howard Kendall, and possibly big Joe Royle, we have brought in a steady stream of duds. But boy — have we rewarded them! Walker, Smith, Moyes, Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce.

Summer Football

Rob Halligan
According to the long-term weather forecast, we are in for a scorching few weeks from the beginning of July, which should give us a real indication of just how good we can cope with summer football in this country.

Projected League Results

Steve Ferns
An update to an article on the same theme from earlier this season.

Everton and Liverpool Fans

Rob Halligan
As many of you will have seen, there have been many comments posted on Toffeeweb concerning the Liverpool fans' celebrations of their long-awaited Premier League trophy win the past two nights, following their title victory. Michael Kenrick asked me to do a fan piece on all things Red Shite fans. (I don't know if he was joking or not??)

Long-Term Hope Versus Short-Term Panic

Michael Denson
As fans we have the right to be ambitious for our club but is this starting to run the risk of being counter-productive? Is the very argument that we should not be putting a ceiling on our ambitions actually unwittingly restricting us?

Short-Term or Long-Term?

Russell Smith
This is not the time to "start again" we need to keep faith with the longer-term objectives and planning that both Silva and Brands have introduced

Same old same old

Graeme Beresford
Nothing has changed since October when it had become clear that Everton under Marco Silva were wasting one of the easiest starts on paper to a Premier League season.

It's Not THAT Bad

Jay Wood
Maybe Carol Ancelotti is not a busted flush as some wish to portray him as. And maybe, just maybe, players some posters like to praise or flay are not quite as good – or as bad – as they believe.

There is only one proven leader in our club

Jacques Sandtonian
If Farhad Moshiri wants to protect his sizeable investment from disappearing into the Championship, he needs to take one decision of true leadership and hand the reins to Marcel Brands

The Young Ones

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
Do we remember the days of Walter Smith and Gascoigne, Ginola, Blomqvist? How times have changed!

NSNO, Kaizen & Quo Vadis

Kevin O'Regan
In an ever-changing world with high demands we have no room for complacency and mediocrity. Get busy living or get busy dying. What is it to be Everton? A choice to remain miserable and in the shadows of darkness (you know who) or do we make a decision to move in a winning direction?

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