Stake confirmed as Everton's new shirt sponsor

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Everton have agreed a club record shirt sponsorship deal with betting entity Stake, effective 1 July this year. This is to replace the arrangement with Cazoo that concluded at the end of the season.

The multi-year partnership with the casino and sports betting platform is, according to the club, the highest value front-of-shirt deal in Everton's history.

As Everton's main sponsor, "the brand will feature on front of the men's and women's playing shirts, as well as appearing on screens and media backdrops at Goodison Park and Finch Farm and across the club's digital platforms," a statement at reads.

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"Established in 2017, has quickly grown to become one of the industry's largest online casinos with millions of users worldwide and offers a huge range of sports betting and casino gaming products. is fully licensed by the Gambling Commission.

"The partnership with Everton represents further expansion of Stake's sports partnership portfolio, building on the brand's recent unveiling as the UFC's Official Betting Partner in Latin America, Asia and Brazil, which is reaching a global TV audience of nearly one billion households. The organisation also has a huge portfolio of recognisable global ambassadors, with rapper and actor Drake and UFC champions Israel Adesanya and Jose Aldo, alongside Argentina striker Sergio Aguero, collectively forming a diverse portfolio of partners."

Everton's partnership with Stake, who were Watford's shirt sponsor this past season, had been rumoured for a while now and it represents a shift in policy from the club back towards a gambling entity.

CEO, Denise Barrett-Baxendale, has previously said that Everton had made a conscious decision to pivot away from that sector following the termination of the SportPesa deal two years ago but the reality of the club's commercial challenges in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the sanctioning of Alisher Usmanov and the club's decision to terminate its partnership with USM Holdings have forced a change in approach.


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Rob Halligan
1 Posted 09/06/2022 at 10:22:50
The club website are reporting a new deal has been struck with a new shirt sponsor……………

Eugene Ruane
2 Posted 09/06/2022 at 10:30:45
"Moshiri acknowledges mistakes in post-season letter to supporters."

- comedy pause -


Brian Harrison
3 Posted 09/06/2022 at 10:43:28

I wasn't aware of our new shirt sponsor but just looked and found our new shirt sponsor is Stake a betting company who also are Watford's shirt sponsors, but no doubt with them being relegated they were looking for a club that would be in the Premier League next season.

But isn't anybody a little curious that Moshiri must have known this before sending out his email, so why did he not mention it in his email. Maybe he was thinking back to the comments from the board when reviewing having the betting firm SportPesa as our shirt sponsor, it was stated that in hindsight having a betting firm as our main sponsor wasn't the best idea. So believe all this I am sorry for my mistakes all you like but this demonstrates that he has learned nothing from his past mistakes.

Brian Williams
4 Posted 09/06/2022 at 11:05:21
Stake. A casino and sports based betting company.

Cue the stake and chips puns!

Brian Murray
5 Posted 09/06/2022 at 11:12:42
Watfords old sponsorship. Yet again nothing innovative and another lazy easy contract. We really need a proper ceo who job it is to make us money not send emails thanking fans for getting us out of another mess. This club is still terrified of success and successful people.
John Raftery
6 Posted 09/06/2022 at 11:20:16

Who else is in the queue to sponsor us? And more importantly pay as much as a casino company?

I must admit I am surprised the club has gone back to a betting firm. I thought they were going to be banned?

Mike Owen
7 Posted 09/06/2022 at 11:48:16
So, through this deal with Stake, is EFC going to be introducing supporters to online gambling?

If so, I trust the club will stop telling supporters how much it values them and that Everton is a family club.

Where does the club find these firms? I'd never heard of them. Wikipedia says: is an online casino. It is operated by Medium Rare NV, a company incorporated in Curaçao.

I look up Curaçao. It is an island in the Caribbean.

If it is "the biggest main partnership deal in the Club’s history", perhaps the CEO will tell us how much the sponsorship brings in.

And why would Stake pay us more than one of the many well known UK firms out there?

How much more? is that sum of money worth it, given the adverse publicity this could receive now that attitudes appear to be changing to online gambling?
Reputational damage to Everton?

For me, it is another wrong decision.

Brian Murray
8 Posted 09/06/2022 at 11:56:41

That's why we have a professional CEO with worldwide links who's the envy of other Premier League clubs. Oh, wait a minute…

Stephen Vincent
9 Posted 09/06/2022 at 12:35:43
Confirmation of the deal with comes amid scrutiny over shirt sponsorships with gambling companies and just over two years after chief executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale accepted at a club AGM that “in an ideal world” Everton would have a different type of sponsor than a gambling firm.

I know times are hard and I know we have to be commercial, but this is not the image or direction that the club should be adopting. I suppose though it demonstrates the level we are at in terms our attractiveness as a commercial partner.

Brian Harrison
11 Posted 09/06/2022 at 12:55:03
Seems the moral compass is not what it used to be, either in political life or in the sporting world.

We have a Prime Minister who is a proven liar and even breaks his own rules but refuses to step down. The Premier League have adjudged that state-owned clubs is fine and, in Newcastle's case, they have allowed a murdering regime like the Saudi royal family to buy into the club.

Now my club have decided that having a betting company be their shirt sponsor is fine, although admitting the last time we had a betting company sponsor the shirts, it was a bad idea.

Seems money now overrides any moral questions so another kit sponsor were kids under a certain age will not be allowed to have the shirt sponsor's name on their replica kit. Mind, we should be quite used to it after Chang and SportPesa and now Stake… this owner and board should hang their heads in shame.

Keith Gleave
12 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:05:27
I have been shouting against online gambling for years, it is highly addictive and causes the ruin of many people.

Prohibition in life though doesn't work and is proven many times over the years.

Hence, the question here is not only the amount of the sponsorship but were there any other companies in the offing or approached and if so what amounts were they willing to pay.

It hurts me to say this for a number of reasons but I doubt there were many out there wanting to invest in us. With the mess we are in monetarily, we require investment, so sometimes beggars can't be choosers.

Brian Wilkinson
13 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:08:24
Disgusting having a gambling firm as our sponsors, after all that was said after SportPesa.

Our sponsors might be limited, but this smacks of 30 pieces of silver.

What they make in the deal, I can see the sale of new shirts falling. I for one will be wearing my Cazoo shirt again next season.

Are we really that desperate to have these as sponsorship, with the hardship and tough times at the moment, I would have even gone for a non-money-making advert across our shirts, Everton in the City, or even food banks, shirt sales would've helped offset some of the losses.

I just find it absolutely diabolical, that we get an open letter from whoever Moshiri's personal ssistanta is, I read it and thought "Yes, mistakes have certainly been made, but at last we hear from our owner, they have at least spoke to the fans." Then, within a day or so, they throw in, "Oh by the way, we are having a gambling firm as our new sponsors."

I know we said, after SportPesa, we will not be looking at gambling firms in the future; however, they offered us a record deal so screw our principles, we are taking the money.

Dennis Stevens
14 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:09:06
John Chambers
15 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:36:33
Difficult one this. There are lots of negatives to this deal for me, the issues around online gambling, kids can’t wear the sponsored shirts etc. Also what happens if the government do decide to restrict gambling advertising? On the other hand at £10 m per year it is supposedly the biggest deal outside the top 6 and brings in much needed revenue, especially as we have lost our Russian sponsorship, I know Cazoo wasn’t effected by that but given their current business position I’m not sure what they could offer going forward.
On balance I think this is something of a bitter pill that the club has to swallow but, hopefully, when we move to BMD we will be more attractive and can look for an alternative then
Gary Jones
16 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:41:00
Here we go. Instead of looking at commercial value we’ll have the Anti-Saloon League hijack the conversation with moral outrage and a demand for prohibition…..But…..

walkers crisps, other fast food, dodgy investment companies (standard chartered fossil fuels anyone?), co2 chomping airlines, Saudi and Qatari state owned companies, child Labour facilitated sports ware brands, cobalt mining mobile phones and electric cars, etc, etc.

…..they’re all still continue to be OK like?

If someone can send me the “selective wokism” list I’m supposed to get angry about, it might help me to “think good” in future?

Michael Kenrick
17 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:42:51
Wow, they're all jumping on this one:

Everton slammed for 'short-sighted', record shirt sponsorship deal with gambling firm

Government source criticises club's £10m-a-year contract with as 'a real strategic error' before imminent ban.

Michael Lynch
18 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:45:55
On the one hand, it's only a shirt sponsor and it's not that important. It's not like I'm going to shell out fifty notes or whatever it is for an ugly polyester top advertising a company I hadn't even heard of ten minutes ago.

On the other hand, everything we do these days seems just a bit shit, attracts negative media coverage, and makes us look ridiculous.

Are we turning into the Boris Johnson of the premier league?

Barry Rathbone
19 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:50:22
A stake across the heart improves the usual stake through the heart caper at this club. think about it!!

Oh!! please yourself

Kevin Molloy
20 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:50:55
Good to see Everton leading the way and having an inclusive approach to the online gaming community, who have suffered much unfair prejudice in recent years. Will they be sponsoring Everton in the Community too? Marvellous.
Welcome, Stake, to the Everton family.
Christy Ring
21 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:50:55
A lot of negatives, definitely controversial, but look at FIFA playing World Cup in Qatar, Newcastle have Saudi Arabia owners, so getting £10m a year, and it's not banned by the Premiership?
Nick Page
22 Posted 09/06/2022 at 13:52:33
The most Everton sponsorship deal ever. The actor and the professor (of what exactly) at it again. Ironic given how virtuous they always want to appear with all the EiTC stuff yet have gone back on a promise and jumped into bed with some diabolical bunch of money grabbing gambling bastards for a few quid. Will be even funnier when the other bunch of complete hypocrites on drugs, the PL - probably the most corrupt sports organisation on Earth - ban it despite all the other disgusting goings on like the ownership of the barcodes. Who will, I guarantee be pushed up the league as much as possible by all sorts of dodgy refereeing now they’re in the money. They’ve already had the fucking meeting. What a mess. When will we ever get rid of these God foresaken parasites ruining football. Absolutely sick of it all.
Jack Convery
23 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:03:43
Ney, ney, thrice ney. Is this really the best we can do ?

Surely EITC must be helping people with gambling addictions and dealing with how it ruins individuals and families lives. Total hypocrisy after what was said after cancelling the deal with Sport Pesa.

Once again those in charge drag our name through the mud. Will someone please come along and take charge of EFC and start making well reasoned and correct decisions, instead of the ongoing sh*t show we have to suffer.

I would rather we agreed to sponsor a charity on our shirts at no cost, than take the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. Big MISSTAKE EFC !

Ed Fitzgerald
24 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:19:24
It’s not great but I guess we aren’t a attractive proposition for sponsors and we are desperate for money now USM have had to withdraw.

If you look closely at the sponsors and owners of premier league clubs you will find something to question about their business model, politics and or ethics. Never mind Sportpesa, Let’s not forget, ahem, back in the glory days of the 60’s we were effectively being bankrolled by the Moores family who owned Littlewoods one of whose principal business activities were the football pools.

I agree it’s depressing and reflects the modern games obsession with money. There was a time when football was fairer with your opponents taking 25 per cent of your gate money, I wonder which club(s) were in favour of ditching that ?

Paul Jones
25 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:24:44
Seems a stupid move on the basis that betting sponsorship is under intense scrutiny and may well be banned shortly.

The professionalism and vision of our board resembles that of the tory government these days.

Soren Moyer
26 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:25:27
Disappointing to see our once great club been sunk to the same level as teams like Watford and such!
Ed Prytherch
27 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:28:55
Gary Jones #16 is right. No matter who we partner with we will piss off people who think that they know what is best for us.
Raymond Fox
28 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:29:34
Theres nothing wrong with gambling unless you have no self control, that applies to anything in life, drinking, smoking etc.
99.7% of people gambling in some form don't have a problem.
We all gamble, take out insurance on anything and your having a bet, insurance companies are laying you a price something doesnt happen, their bookmakers in other words.
You cant bet now on credit cards, only debit cards and cash in the pocket.

Brett Jonathan
29 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:31:24
"Last season, nine top-flight clubs had betting firms as a main shirt sponsor. Norwich City were the only Premier League club who did not have a betting partner among the competition's 20 teams in 2021-22."

Whilst not ideal, we are certainly not on our own here. Perhaps more a comment on society and business these days than Everton in particular.

Sad that kids won't be able to wear shirts with the logo on the front like their idols, the players - not sure that is ever a good idea, but Everton don't have people lined up around the block right now.

Breaking a sponsorship record in the state we are in should probably be a talking point. Not an ideal sponsor, but congrats for getting one that pays more than ever before during the period where Everton have a worse team than ever before!

James MacGlashan
30 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:39:44
Re: Jack 23. Spot on. So worrying that we get a gambling firm anyway but just ahead of a likely ban of them? Is anyone with any sense at the club?
Frank Crewe
31 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:41:57
Amazing how companies that pander to human vices try to attach themselves to sports. Ciggy firms banned, booze firms banned and I'm sure it won't be much longer before betting firms are banned. It's a shame we have the likes of them on our shirts but the fact is the top sponsors only want the top clubs. If we can improve our standing we can get more of the high end sponsors instead of these highway robber betting companies.
James Marshall
32 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:46:06
It was only yesterday that Moshiri said something about not repeating mistakes - one day later...

I mean, really.

Derek Knox
33 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:57:04
I know the squad and team needed beefing up, but is this a Mis-Stake ? So when we sign a new player do they give him a Contract and say Fillet in Lad !
Pete Clarke
34 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:58:28
Makes you fucking sick.
The prick is a billionaire and he allows this to happen ! He of all people should know that gambling is a pretty bad habit given his attempt so far at getting some extra bucks out of Everton.
In all seriousness though this really makes us look like some proper desperados, puts the club in a real terrible light and once again shows how utterly out of touch and useless this owner and board really are.
I’ve just been reading the conditions of the Fan Advisory Board and it wouldn’t surprise me if questions on matters such as this were banned. Another load of shite that is too.
I fucking hate Everton sometimes and my only hope is that at 57 and being a bit younger than both Kenwright and Moshiri I have a half decent chance of seeing my club without these pricks in charge.

Paul Hewitt
35 Posted 09/06/2022 at 14:58:37
Raymond@28. Spot on. In my younger days I was always betting, but only what I could afford. Once I started to bet more than I could afford I stopped, haven't had a bet since. No intention on ever doing again.
John Crook
36 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:00:11
It is quite disappointing to get another gambling firm on the shirt (especially after DBB said we should look to move away from such firms). It is another very loud reminder of where Everton are as a club and as a commercial entity. I hope and pray Everton can gain some momentum over the next 2-3 years under the new management and hopefully gain some more lucrative and respectable kind of commercial sponsorship going into the new stadium. I know the only thing that matters is the blue shirt and the club badge but ideally Everton fans want a Nike or Adidas kit with a decent sponsorship. Not a Hummel kit with some 2 bit gambling or alcohol firm. But Everton has fell way behind where it one was and this is a cold stark reminder of where we are currently and how we are viewed by others.
Jamie Crowley
37 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:11:23
Who cares if it's online betting / gambling?

Are persons not free to spend their money in any way they deem fit, if legal?

Are travel companies, known for ridiculous fleecing allowed?

How about alcohol, I hear that's pretty addictive? We did Chang for years.

How about American car companies who tried to fleece folks with a taxpayer bailout?

Or the most hilarious example of an absolutely morally bereft company, AIG, sponsoring Man U.

It's up to the individual to be responsible with his or her betting budget. It's not the responsibility of the betting companies to ensure individuals who can't control themselves ensure the demise of said company. The moral judgment falls on the person. It's called personal responsibility, a concept in dire need these days.

Also, most of these gambling companies offer outreach programs for people with addiction.

I play online poker quite a bit. I play ridiculous tiny stakes because if I do lose, I worked too hard to earn the damn money. The idea that the companies I deposit to are immoral because they offer a recreational pastime is folly. It's my money, I'm responsible with it, why in the world should I not be able to bet or play cards? And if the company makes money from the rake / take, why can't they market their company through sport? Are they not allowed to advertise in whatever way they deem fit?

Go take up the fight against child trafficking. Save a sea turtle. This anti-gambling thing is beyond laughable in my opinion.

Welcome aboard Stake. If you ever open up a poker room I'll deposit. And if I ever actually get to a game, I'll put a tiny bet down on Everton.

Denis Richardson
38 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:14:02
Not great to have a gambling firm admittedly but needs must sometimes and other sponsors in other industries are not exactly 'clean' either.

Think we have bigger fish to fry...

Mike Owen
39 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:14:43
Gary, 16, I take on board what you say. But gambling can ruin lives in a way that fast food doesn't.

How many Evertonians over the years have, through a link on the Everton website, given their details to a gambling firm that has then peppered them with promotional offers?

And how many of those supporters have, as a result of this Everton pathway, got into serious financial trouble?

The gambling industry has taken over football. As a result, I rarely bet now. And I can't stand watching football on TV channels where there is a barrage of irritating adverts from gambling firms.

Surely Everton getting into bed with gambling firms conflicts with the way the club has marketed itself over the last decade as a community club that cares about its supporters. A club with contradictory thinking running through it?

We get a billionaire owner and yet the board still feels a need to get income streams from gambling firms?

I wonder what those in charge of St Domingo's would be thinking.

Ed Fitzgerald
40 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:17:13
John Crook

Who cares who makes the kit? We won the league in 85 wearing Le Coq Sportif and had a Danish Meat company sponsoring us, didn’t we? Nike and Adidas aren’t the most ethical companies in the world and have sweatshops in Asia exploiting dodgy labour laws

Jamie Crowley
41 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:18:01
Gary Jones @ 16 -

Exactly! Well said.

We have clubs actually owned by filthy oil oligarchs and state-sponsored entities that have rights violations that are unimaginable.

We just had our World Cup moved to November for oil money for FIFA.

And a gambling company is the end of everything that is good???

Show of hands, how many TWers put down a bet before the game? Are you morally void and hollow?

Ed Fitzgerald
42 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:20:23
Forgot to add John Crook we have had a
Nike Kit and it was awful!
Ed Prytherch
43 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:22:31
Way to go Jamie!

I live in a place where gambling is illegal unless it is run by the government (lottery) or the church (Bingo).

Are we morally superior to the ones that allow gambling on sport?

Mark Ryan
44 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:28:38
I thought they were a Private Investigation firm
P I Stake...I'll get my coat
Mike Gaynes
45 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:35:01
DK #33, you have a Rare sense of humor, but your puns are Well Done. I'm glad you have no beef with this deal.

OK, enough of that.

I'm with Jamie (which is pretty Rare itself)... this doesn't bother me.

Newcastle is now owned by the most anti-Semitic government on the face of the earth, a government that through its policies, statements and educational system eagerly promotes hatred of Jews. A government that murdered and dissected a journalist right here in the US. Yet I, as an American, Jew and journalist, will be putting money indirectly into their pockets with every game I watch through my Premier League TV subscription with the Peacock.

And when I watch the World Cup I'll be indirectly supporting a corrupt government that regularly violates human rights, savagely exploits migrant labor and oppresses women.

I'd be quite the hypocrite to criticize our club for a gambling sponsorship. So I won't.

Face it, we all financially support odious entities when we watch a game.

Ron Sear
46 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:38:18
There's one born every minute and they just desperate to lose money to a bunch of greedy computer nerds based in a tax haven. Everton have now decided to participate in the ripping off with a morally bankrupt organisation. - utterly pathetic. For those of you who think it's a good idea I suggest you try to help the families of the fools who have blown the monthly wage away.
Kunal Desai
47 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:40:48
Stake and chips would have sounded better.
James Marshall
48 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:46:44
Jamie - there's already a backlash all over the media here in the UK. You/me/we may not have a problem with gambling, but the wider world has a dim view of it within the sporting sphere.

It also is a big problem by way of addiction, so I can see why people are upset by it. Yes it doesn't cause you issues but when Everton came out yesterday saying, "we've learnt from our mistakes" and then the very next day they announce this, well we're back in the shitpot again aren't we.

It is a mistake. It makes us look like chumps. Again. And again.

Neil Lawson
49 Posted 09/06/2022 at 15:52:44
Consistency of opinion herein speaks volumes.
It's a done deal so we will have to put up with it and take the dosh which is not the Everton way.
However, perhaps we can attempt to alter the narrative and insist it is a company set up to provide equipment for fencing and with which to exterminate vampires. Especially useful for games at Mordor.
Eddie Dunn
50 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:10:51
My opinion is that this is the wrong choice. On the one hand, the club have EIitC helping people with various problems including gambling addiction… and then we get shirts sponsors of this ilk.

I hear those above arguing that folk are responsible for their own actions, but this just reflects very badly on the club.

Mike Gaynes, you make a good point about Newcastle and the World Cup in Qatar, but I have criticised all of these things.

Football has just got even uglier.

Bill Gall
51 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:11:36
I can't understand the negativity from some people, there are over 350 betting shops and 6 casinos on Merseyside alone.

We nearly all gamble one way or another, it may be on the lotto or the number of different packet games you can buy from a local store.

One of our most successful owners, Sir John Moores, made his millions on the Pools, and the amount of gambling that can be done with using a cell phone, that everyone has to have, is unreal.

How many supporters bought a car from Cazoo because Everton had their name on an Everton shirt? Yes, there may be someone that may become addicted to gambling, and that is not good, and I hope, because a gambling company advertise on an Everton shirt, it does not increases any more addictions.

If Putin had not started a war, we would still be receiving sponsorship, and more, from a not-so-perfect sponsor. So what is the difference?

Everton through mismanagement over the years are in no position to obtain sponsorship from legally recognized companies that sponsor successful teams, so getting money from a gambling company that millions are already using, is the best they can do.

Get fighting at the top of the league, win a trophy or 2 compete in Europe and then you can be more selective who you choose as a sponsor.

Brian Murray
52 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:12:11
We need to drive a stake in firmly – but not too a vampire across the park. I was thinking of one closer to home. We have our own draining bloodsucker.
Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:15:10
I thought twice about commenting on this but it is an interesting debate.

I don't gamble aside from the odd £1 on a horse on my Paddy Power App on a Saturday. I rarely gamble on football as it's too unpredictable. I've enjoyed stays in Las Vegas on several occasions. My biggest outlay was talking USD $100 on the Pontoon Table. I got down to $10 before climbing back up to $110 and walking away feeling victorious.

I used to sit with my Grandfather as a child going through the horses in the paper before heading to the bookies with him to put the bets on. That's gambling right?

I like and enjoy a drink.

I'm addicted to Everton.

I understand some people struggle to control addictions be that drugs, alcohol or gambling so I also understand how some would not want it advertised or promoted. A bit like how the tobacco firms have been targeted in recent years. I've never smoked by the way.

But I'm not sure I understand the outrage. But then I guess we live in a very outraged society these days?

Never heard of the new sponsor by the way.

Mark Ryan
54 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:25:54
I'm okay with this too. I'm a 59-year-old drinker, non-smoker (used to dabble with 555 State Express as a youth and the odd Sovereign fag), rarely gamble except for some games, the National etc.

These companies don't exist for addicts. They offer the vast majority of people some fun. Paul Merson wouldn't agree but I have the option of doing things in life or not.

I choose not to be a drug addict, I chose the Smiths over Duran Duran, I drink Guinness over Lager. If we were sponsored by 555 State Express, Guiness or Durex, I'm going to choose not to become an alcoholic, I'm not taking up smoking any time soon and, I'm not going to have sex until it falls off.

I don't see the massive issue with being sponsored by a legitimate, tax-paying company. It's not like we are being sponsored by Heroin "R" Us.

Brian Wilkinson
55 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:33:47
When the dust settles, we can all agree on the timing.

This came out the very next day after we were told we have learned from our past mistakes, after we pulled out of SportPesa early because of morals. It just makes us look a laughing stock, especially when next month they are putting a motion into play to remove any advertising from gambling firms, which will come into place starting from the 23-24 season.

It's not who the sponsorship is, but the fact we stood firm and pulled out of the SportPesa deal a few years ago, and made a massive moral speech about it, then to send an open letter out about past mistakes, then the very next day, go back on something the board spoke out strongly about, a few years back, makes us look well ridiculous.

Just when I thought our amateur board was taking stock of our past mistakes, they come up with yet another huge own goal, no wonder the media are all over this, absolute embarrassment yet again kids kit will not have a sponsor on the shirt.

Rob Halligan
56 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:36:55
There are roughly 400k in Britain addicted to gambling. Seems like most of them live in or around the Liverpool area.

Like you Danny, I cannot understand the outrage over this new sponsorship deal. There are over 50% more people in Britain addicted to drinking (over 602k), yet there seems to be nowhere near the outrage when any brewing company have their name spread across the front of a club's shirt.

James Hughes
57 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:38:12
Ron #46,

If people are desperate to lose their money, they will do so regardless of who our sponsors are. Have these same people bought a car from Cazoo?

Placed a bet with SportPesa?

Drank Chang lager? — I did once… not to be repeated.

Andy Meighan
58 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:41:04
Pete 34. Being a bit younger than Kenwright and Moshiri won't guarantee you anything pal. Mark my word Uncle Bill will be like that Colonel Tom fella, 105 getting out of a roller on BMD with his zimmer frame, waxing lyrical about the good times. Take it from me Billy Boy will outlive everyone on here. The man is a cockaroach.
Rob Halligan
59 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:46:25
Ron # 46, as James says # 57, I bet there are a hell of a lot more people who blow their monthly wage in a pub every night than they do gambling. Any sort of addiction will see you going short, gambling, drinking and smoking. Quite simply, if anybody can’t control whatever addiction they crave, then they seriously do need help.
Anthony Hawkins
60 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:48:44
Does anyone know the value of the new deal? I can only see that ‘it’s the biggest in the clubs history’
Alan J Thompson
61 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:49:25
If Everton were now to relinquish this sponsorship can we claim the amount off the P&S liability in the same way as the Covid exemptions?

I suppose the Premier League could show some leadership in the matter of sponsorship by gambling companies, or would this then lead to other unacceptables that people might speak out about, eh Frank.

Chris Corn
62 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:52:21
You could take any company and find them distasteful.Ron Sear @46 talks about helping families who's fools blow the monthly wage cheque referring to gambling. Yet we live in a society where through consumerism, people live way beyond there means searching for a perfect live. No one comments on the morality of that.

Big holidays, big cars, big houses they don't need and cant afford. Debt is a major reason for suicide. Yet financial institutions are major sponsors of football.

Alcohol, soft drinks, food all contribute to ills in life such as alcoholism and obesity. All bring misery to the masses and people claim addiction to them. Yet all the big names in these fields are all major sponsors for elite football across the globe. And these are the companies fans covet when they criticise the club regarding a small time mentality with regards to income revenue.

IMO double standards.

Anthony Hawkins
63 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:54:34
Just seen it's in The Telegraph:

Everton slammed for 'short-sighted', record shirt sponsorship deal with gambling firm

I suspect the club are fighting in limbo without the USM funding and need to fill a void. They probably took the opportunity knowing they'd have income until the ban, physically buying them time to find a new sponsor once we've improved our league position.

It's easier to find sponsors willing to pay more when finishing in the Top 10.

Rob Halligan
64 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:58:12
Chris # 62. How many clubs are sponsored by mobile phone companies? The amount of people, particularly children, who own a mobile phone and can easily run up huge debts just by talking, texting etc, without realising it. Maybe mobile phone companies should be excluded from sponsoring clubs?
John McFarlane Snr
65 Posted 09/06/2022 at 16:59:21
Hi all, I know that I stand to be ridiculed when I say that when I started watching Everton [in the late 40s], the clubs could rely on the gate receipts of one season, to carry them into the next. That was at a time when footballers although on limited wages, were better off than most of what were called, the 'working man,'

With the maximum wage of "£20-00p per week lifted, the 'bigger clubs' could still rely on attendance figures, naturally those with the largest crowds could 'afford and attract' the better players.

It's my opinion that since the inception of the Premier League and the involvement of SKY and other TV companies, players earnings and transfer fees have assumed ridiculous levels, and the lions share of the TV money, is distributed to the already richest clubs. These clubs can then negotiate deals with sponsors, which then makes them even richer. I know that we can't turn the clock back but I for one can say, "I enjoyed my football much better than I do today, where 'money is more important than scruples".

Tony Everan
66 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:05:53
Stake, Out!
Dale Self
67 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:07:30
As your Retarded American English Football Friend I wish to point out some rather troubling decisions by our friend Moshiri and one of them could offend some here but I assure you that is not the intent. The intent is to characterize Moshiri [can I just call him 'M' like the Peter Lorre character who killed children?] as either an aloof retrograde idiot who is left stranded by the brains of the operation or some kind of provocateur running a destabilization campaign resembling some evil twin of the sportswashing trend.

item 1: Appoints Benitez the Red in a contentious way without ever really backing him and creating behind the scenes drama in the first few months of the appointment.

Item 2: Appoints a Tory (sorry mates, but stay with me on this). While Frank is okay it was out of nowhere and again we had a process that was chaotic and undefined without 'M' coming to the mic or issuing any meaningful statement.

Item 3: Signs up for betting industry sponsor when it is surely known to all clubs that betting sponsorship is facing a ban. The paper has not been issued but it is unlikely that there is not sufficient chatter about this move which looks provocative.

Bonus item: It puts EFC right there next to UFC. Fucking greeeeeeeeeet that. Group Flex Everybody!!

Again not sticking one in on the Tory EFC supporters just laying out that 'M' either has a titanic tin ear or is a bit of a shit when considering the risks of a club decision. UTFT under 'M' could end up meaning "Up The Fucking Tits" under this clown. Past the sell by date in my opinion.

Ed Prytherch
68 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:09:58
While there is a worldwide shortage of food and energy the flow of righteous indignation flows unchecked.

Are insurance companies immoral? Instead of spending a little in the hope of winning more, they take in small premiums in the hope of not losing more. They are the two sides of the same coin.

Justin Doone
69 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:23:22
Each to their own but it's another own-goal from Everton.

Personally I have no issue with tobacco, alcohol, gambling companies etc but I completely understand why gambling companies are being restricted and rejected in the same way.

From unhealthy fast-food restaurants, tax-dodging global giants, politicians, cheating and diving players... Morals and Ethics went out of fashion with Jesus.

We are financially pooped. This is a quick, short-term fix that may only last a season as I'm sure gambling firms will soon be banned. Make the most out of them whilst we can.

More importantly for Everton, spend it wisely.

More Stake n Ale, less Stake and Nail.

Danny Baily
70 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:27:32
Another misstep from the club. Been nothing but them since Moshiri took control.
Dale Rose
71 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:28:04
Why not a deal with Durex or Trojans (for our American contingent). We do seem to get fucked on a regular basis...
Mark Ryan
72 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:28:29
Hi my name is Mark, I'm 59 and I'm here to admit that last year I bought 14 cars from Cazoo!!!

And if we get sponsored by Holland's Pies, I'm going up to 30 stone overnight.

Why the outrage at Stake? I have Paddy Power on my mobile and they are on Sky Sports which I watch religiously. I've never had a bet with them.

We make our choices in life and that is how life should be. I chose to support Everton. I choose not to gamble. I chose not to get a car from Cazoo.

Stake on our shirt will not make me gamble. If they want to give us millions, fair enough.

Danny O’Neill
73 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:30:57
Insurance companies. A necessary evil yet one that frustrates. House insurance, car insurance, life insurance, pet insurance. Insurance insurance. The list is endless.

Something we all throw our hard earned cash at, some of it a legal requirement dictated to us. I know it's there to protect us from ill fate, but I dread to calculate how much it's cost me over the years. And then when you do need it and attempt to claim a small amount of what you've paid into over the decades, they damn sure make it difficult. It often feels like you are the accused facing a jury. Guilty until proven innocent.

Anyway. I was triggered and ranted. Apologies.

I liked that Dale @67! I'm less than an hour from Dallas on my way to San Antonio and stateside for a few days, so expect random timings from me as I post.

Phil Smith
74 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:36:28
Poor choice. Should be moving away from betting companies.
Ray Roche
75 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:37:35
I agree with much of what Justin says, and James @57 and Chris @ 62 also make good points. Addiction to gambling must be a horrible thing but I wonder how many put their addiction down to the name on a football shirt?

There must have been something else in their history or makeup that brought their addiction on. I doubt if it would be

My only addiction is Everton and golf, and I can't give either up.

(When I was 14, I had, like most 14-year-olds, another addiction but that was cured with a small pair of those hood things that dogs wear around their neck to prevent them licking where their balls were, you know, they fit around your wrists...)

Mike Gaynes
76 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:37:58
The Fiver (Guardian) says the Stake deal is worth £10 million.
Adam Carey
77 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:39:05
While I understand the moral high ground argument here, we have to look at this from a financial perspective.

We've lost the Russian sponsorship. We already run at a loss. We've worked accounting magic to write off debts against Covid (which is a one-time thing). On top of that, we barely avoided relegation last season so need to improve the squad with very little money.

Getting shirt sponsorship from the highest offering company is the only option. We aren't Barcelona who can give away the shirt front for free (and it looks like that wasn't great business sense considering they are currently €1Bn in debt).

Back to morals, I had to replace our kettle last weekend. I would have loved to shop at the local independent outlet, but he sells the one I bought for £10 more than Amazon. Not huge in the great scheme of things but I now spend £100 filling the car and £200+ on gas and electric. Food has gone up, as has my mortgage payments due to interest rates. My salary hasn't changed so I get the best value I can. I'll just have to suck up the moral pain of buying from the tax-dodging company as I can't afford not to.

Cold hard fact of financial perspective.

Ajay Gopal
78 Posted 09/06/2022 at 17:40:45
This is wrong on so many levels – online betting companies are immoral, they ruin lives, it makes Everton look like a small club. This just reduced my felling of pride in supporting Everton FC.

Looking at the numbers being quoted – £10M per year – seems like a very small fee for the global exposure that the brand gets from one of the most popular sports leagues in the world.

I am sure that there would be a number of legitimate businesses in the developing markets willing to make that investment. For example, Rupees 100 crores (£10M) would seem like a very cost-effective outlay for some of the so-called online Indian 'unicorns' like Zomato, Swiggy, Nykaa, etc.

This is just my opinion, but I am not sure that EFC have explored those kind of options.

Peter Carpenter
79 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:06:20
Gambling campaigners describe it as 'tone deaf' and it certainly looks that way. Could they really not find anything better? Especially as this kind of sponsorship might get banned in the next year or so.

Oh well, another apology email from Moshiri is no doubt in the pipeline. How did he become successful and rich?

Dermot O'Brien
80 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:10:55
Disgusted that we are connected to these parasites.
Mal van Schaick
81 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:12:52
The FA will look at it, but if it were Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs or Man Utd they would turn a blind eye, just like the referees and the FA with and off pitch affairs.
Will Mabon
82 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:22:12
Adam @ 77,

As you are also on gas, don't use that electric kettle – use a camping kettle or boil in a pan. Saves a considerable amount of money, even though the theft game has been ramped up on gas.

Buying from certain global outfits just adds to the huge damage already done. The same overall team is essentially behind those other costs you mention. Avoid where possible. There'll be a lot more than moral pain down the road.

Paul Smith
83 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:22:40
Gambling along with alcohol ruins lives but the biggest puzzle is what Denise Barrett-Baxendale said about SportPesa and yet we do it again. Strange but predictable.
Will Mabon
84 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:24:15
"When I was fourteen I had, like most 14-year-olds, another addiction but that was cured with a small pair of those hood things that dogs wear around their neck to prevent them licking where their balls were, you know, they fit around your wrist."

Ray, where there's a will, there's a way. Sounds like you gave up too easily.

Dale Self
85 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:28:42
Thanks Danny 73, glad you did not take offence at that low rent rant.

Dale 71 has one of the better lines on here, well done. Don't forget the adult diaper industry, they collect a pile.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
86 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:31:19
As they say... needs must when the Devil drives.
Jack Convery
87 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:46:42
Dear Evertonians,

My sincere apologies (yet again), I have phoned Billy and Denise (how attractive is she?) and told them I am not very happy that yet again we (really it's them) have cocked up again. Denise – ooh she's lovely – has told me EitC will look after any Evertonians affected by this decision and treat them with care and understanding. Billy will give them free tickets for his next production of Blood Brothers. Stake and Everton – what a combination!!

Anyway, the reason I was not around was I am currently flying to Australia to tie up a deal with a legendary English player, whose agent is a good friend of mine. He's on a free and though I am not at large to divulge the player's name, due to contractual reasons, I know you will all be thrilled when you hear who it is. I will obviously tell Frank and Kevin when I bring him back as a big surprise for them.

Anyway I must get on, we are about to land and I can't wait to meet Daniel Sturridge and tell him all about our plans, our great team, great new stadium and g the great city we live in – apart from me, of course.

Yours, Mr Moshiri.

Joe McMahon
88 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:50:48
First thing that came to my mind was Dracula/Vampires. It looks awful though doesn't it.
Derek Knox
89 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:51:06
Dale @ 85, last season's shirt sponsor should have been Tampon! We went through enough bad periods! :-)
Dale Self
90 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:54:12
Derek @89, good to see the forum doesn't take long to get into mid-season form. Keep it going!

Moshiri really gets on my nerves but I love being able to come here to rant about his shit.

John Zapa
91 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:54:16
Gambling and sport are a terrible combination, the betting industry as a whole encourages corruption in the sport, match fixing, bribery, blackmail etc... that's besides all the lives that get ruined due to addiction and its effects.

Is any amount of money worth being associated with this hideous industry?

Barry Rathbone
92 Posted 09/06/2022 at 18:55:52
I imagine I'm the only one concerned at the passing similarity to the word "Snake" on the thread photo of the shirt…
Len Hawkins
93 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:02:42
Ed #43
Where do you live BETlehem.

There is a betting shop around the corner from me I never go in it unless my Mrs wants 10p each way on the National. So I don't see what the hell is written on the shirt brainwashes everyone to do something they have no interest in.

In the state the club's finances are in, if Putin wanted to invest a few bob, I'd rip his arm off.

Yes, there are some weak-willed people who will spend every ha'penny they have on two flies climbing up the window but, for every one of them, there are hundreds of thousands who don't bet.

If it comes to deaths from gambling, I would argue that more people have been killed with cars bought from Cazoo.

Rugby League is getting a lot of money from Betfred without much complaint. They Sponsor the Challenge Cup and The Grand Final.

Stu Darlington
94 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:12:23
Some great posts on here, arguing both sides of the case. I've enjoyed reading them all. I didn't realise we had so many students of ethics and philosophy supporting Everton!!

I'm with Gary @16, sums it up perfectly for me. If you get your “selective wokism” list, Gary, send me a copy!

The problem is the timing of this and the fact it makes the club look like prats for making such a U-turn. But big money always wins, and that's what modern football is all about!

Paul Hewitt
95 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:19:39
So who exactly should we be getting sponsorship from?
Raymond Fox
96 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:20:07
John 91,

You've been watching too much tv fiction written by people that actually know nothing about the subject.

Craig Harrison
97 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:25:10
Didn't Mina have some issues with a betting company a while back?

Who owns Stake, wouldn't be a bunch of Russians would it?

If gambling sponsors were to be banned from next year, would they have to pay up in full? Even if we got new sponsors?

Jamie Crowley
98 Posted 09/06/2022 at 19:31:56
Mike Gaynes:

I'm with Jamie (which is pretty Rare itself)... this doesn't bother me.

Holy. Shit. 😜👍🏻

James Marshall:

Jamie - there's already a backlash all over the media here in the UK. You/me/we may not have a problem with gambling, but the wider world has a dim view of it within the sporting sphere.

Then if I were Everton, I'd take control of the narrative. Bravely go public and state that wagers have a long, long history in English football, and that anyone should be free to spend their money whoever they choose, recognizing they should take responsibility for their actions and NEVER bet more than they can afford.

This backlash is the kind of sanctimonious shite we're seeing all over society these days. This sponsorship doesn't make us look like chumps at all.

Ajay @ 78 -

This is wrong on so many levels - online betting companies are immoral, they ruin lives

Hogwash! I LOVE playing online. Love it. It's my chance to relax and do something I enjoy thoroughly. How is that ruining my life? It's actually increasing my entertainment value and my overall happiness.

There's MILLIONS of online betters and poker players who LOVE playing online.

I can also tell you that on one site I use a HUD while playing, and have the P&L statistics of every player I'm up against in a tournament. Totally legal by the way! Another site I play in doesn't allow this, so I can't use it. BUT! The one that does allow me to see the P&L of opponents I can tell you VERY VERY few players lose copious amounts of money. Interestingly, very few players actually MAKE money! If you're a winning poker player and have any positive ROI, you're a good poker player and in the minority. But the losers, while more of them, are not SERIAL losers or gamblers from everything I've seen. The losses are less than a dude who goes to the movies once a week for the vast amount of players.

It's tragic when you see what you know to be an addict. I once saw a guy who's P&L was -$16,000. That's insane. But that fella's inability to exercise discipline shouldn't ruin the pastime of millions of players world wide.

There's nothing wrong with online betting, poker, or gaming.

Ian Bennett
99 Posted 09/06/2022 at 20:26:12
We've had professional CEOs for the last 25 years, paying them millions.

Can someone tell me one positive thing they've done to improve Everton? I'll wait…

Paul Jones
100 Posted 09/06/2022 at 20:27:34
Let's cut the bullshit about betting online as being 'controllable'; yes - I'm sure people posting these messages have got their own habits under control but unfortunately, most of the people throwing all their money into these firms don't have the same luxury.

It's addictive. It preys on the vulnerable. If that wasn't the case then these firms wouldn't be making millions in profit and wouldn't have the clout to make these big sponsorship deals. And why would they target football teams if it wasn't for the obvious reason that their supporters weren't cash cows?

I have an online account with William Hill. I bet with it 4 or 5 times a month. I probably lose 3 or 4 quid a month. I can cope with that. It doesn't make me a superhero. It doesn't mean I'm superior to those who lose significant amounts to it. But let's not pretend that these firms are merely entertaining sideshows who exist to make our everyday experiences more interesting. Allowing them to extend their influence via sponsorship works only in their favour.

Pat Kelly
101 Posted 09/06/2022 at 20:39:12
Now we've a chance to win some silverware. The Stake Cup awaits.
Mike Owen
102 Posted 09/06/2022 at 20:40:52
Some people appear to hugely under-estimate the damage that gambling can do to lives in the UK.

It has been suggested there are around 400 gambling-related suicides in the UK each year.

Perhaps those backing, or unsure of, this tawdry sponsorship deal might look at three websites:
This was set up by bereaved families

There is an article from The Guardian:

And there is this official government report:

It says:
The overall estimated excess cost of health harms is estimated to be £961.3 million. This is based on the direct costs to government of treating depression, alcohol dependence and illicit drug use, as well as the wider societal costs of suicide.

The estimated excess cost of suicide is £619.2 million (with 95% confidence that the precise estimate is between £366.6 million and £1.1 billion), based on the wider social costs of an estimated 409 suicides associated with problem gambling.

The estimated excess cost of depression is £335.5 million (with 95% confidence that the precise estimate is between £221.7 million and £529.6 million), based on an estimated 212,511 people with depression and problem or at-risk gambling.

Danny O’Neill
103 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:01:08
But playing Devil's Advocate, Paul, online or offline, it's ways been there on the High Street. Drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. The same.

Gambling has always been there. How many enjoy a day out at the races or a trip to the bookies? I'm not a regular but know people who are.

Whatever the vice, it's when people do things to excess there is a problem. Now there can be many reasons for that, but we live in a society that offers people choices. The alternative is we live in a dictatorship and are censored.

I choose to follow Everton, often at risk to my marriage. But I still do it!!

But should we shut pubs down? Ban the sale of tobacco because some people can't control what they do whereas most enjoy it?

People have choices.

I'm no ruthless bastard. I get people who fall down that path need help. I've had many friends suffer demons for different reasons.

But at the same time why deny the majority the fun of having the odd punt? The odd pint and if they choose, to smoke? Their choice.

I'm trying to be light-hearted heer so no offence to anyone intended and it may be a poor attempt. Let's not all turn into Kopites and always be outraged. Don't start me on them.

Personal choices. You live and die by them – as my mother always told me.

Mark Ryan
104 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:07:38
Mike @ 102,

Who do you want then? Andrex Toilet Paper, they might give us ten bob. Fairy Liquid? £400, Nescafe, £1000. It's an advert.

How many cars did you buy from Cazoo last year? How many Chang Beers have you drunk? Did having Chang on the shirt make you an alcoholic? Those who are, are; those who are not, are not and won't be.

The shirt doesn't say "Have a gamble, you'll be rich, go on, go on, go on, do it!"

It's a name of a company. Betting is legal. If it were Carlsberg, would you say "No"? –genuine question…

Robert Williams
105 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:09:06
Good or bad – does anyone know how much of a 'stake' this betting firm has put into the Everton coffers for the privilege of having their name on our shirts?
Dale Self
106 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:11:16
Just a neutral point to make here, by foregoing a betting sponsorship on character, morality, or recent decision-statement by DVB grounds we are not restricting anyone's choice to gamble how they wish, however much they wish. We are only distancing ourselves from a controversial option and, given our club's history and image, it is not outrageous in any way whatsoever.
Bobby Mallon
107 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:15:28
How much is this deal worth anyway. I've heard it's £10 million a year but for how many years?
Christy Ring
109 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:32:06
Everton are getting £10M a year shirt sponsorship deal with a betting company and there's uproar.

Newcastle's Saudi owners are worth billions, and the same owners are sponsoring the new LIV Golf tour. The PGA have banned all players who have joined the tour, because of the human rights issues there, and the death of a journalist, allegedly under the orders of the same Saudi Arabia owners, and we're the ones in the wrong?

Mike Owen
110 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:35:11
Mark, 102, you say: The shirt doesn't say "have a gamble" – It's a name of a company.

Yeah, but this company seems to think it's well worth their while spending this money to get their name on the Everton shirt. I can only assume they think it will send people to their website, who otherwise wouldn't go there.

As for "Who do you want then?" Actually, I'd love an Everton shirt not spoiled by the name of any company. We'd get a lot of positive publicity for that.

But if we feel the need to have a shirt sponsor, let's have a company not in an industry linked to hundreds of suicides in the UK each year, plus deaths in other countries. I used to think Everton was better than that.

Finally, I assume you didn't watch the video on the website

I found it very moving and, in the light of this deal, also very troubling.

Paul Birmingham
111 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:39:37
Expectation settings and the advocacy of major global brands sponsoring EFC, at the moment are slight.

But with the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock on the not-too-distant horizon, and hopefully a steady but sure improvement in consistency on the pitch and challenging for honours, who knows – Everton may become flavour of the day.

But for the time being let's get behind the club.

I was working very close to Bramley-Moore Dock today and the northeast corner section is very prominent.

My next project is trying to work on the site putting the communications fibre in… lol, but that's the plan.

There's hope on the horizon for Everton FC.

Bernie Quinn
112 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:40:10
For the record, I see no harm with this sponsorship, But to all the negative people - don't worry. We are Everton - so no matter what other Clubs have devious owners or sponsors, the Media and Official Bodies are going to enjoy rubbishing us, trying to make us toe the line. Why can't we just talk about the coming Season?
Paul Jones
113 Posted 09/06/2022 at 21:47:51
Danny @103

We're talking about something addictive here. So we would never be sponsored by the people who gave us Oxycontin. We've turned our backs on tobacco sponsorship and the last UK census suggests a drop in consumers for fags.

So wiping out the options for betting companies isn't just going to have a negligible impact on all of us who are 'casual' betters; it will have greater – more positive – implications for people who might start betting innocently before the false euphoria of a minor win pushes them into a spiral of debt.

By the way – I have long admired your posts and your dedication to our club and none of this changes my respect for your commitment to Everton. I note you're playing Devil's Aadvocate but this is my response to that.

Chris Corn
114 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:04:33
Paul Jones, so should the club take the betting kiosks out of the concourses then?
Christine Foster
115 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:06:37
There are rightly various perspectives on this deal, but whatever your personal view, it is a massive PR stuff-up for the club, compounded by the owner's letter of apology for the many mistakes the club has made.

We are generally regarded well off the field for the excellent work EitC does and its reputation will be tarnished as a result. It would be hypocrisy to sponsor gambling whilst running a charity to help with the many effects of it on everyday people.

It's like Oxfam being sponsored by Glock... Over time we have been lauded with the moral high ground for the club's work with EitC, we walked the walk... Alas, now we just damaged ourselves who looked up to the EitC initiative.

Timing was laughable. I assume there are a number of bullet holes in the feet of the CEO from self-inlicted gunshots... it really does border on incompetance.

Betting, drinking, associated moral indignation, have been the staple of much pain and suffering since man first got drunk or made a bet, both thousands of years old, and in another couple of thousand years, they will still be doing it.

The damage caused through addiction is horrendous but there is no hope of making gambling or drinking illegal. How it's managed is important so the message we have sent out will damage the reputation of the club in the eyes of those trying to help fight addiction.

Look at the media responses, those throwing hands up in moral outrage, without any thought other than a perceived indignation on how others should live their lives. They are great at giving advice on matters that don't concern them or of which they have no experience or understanding.

Pragmatism and money are not always aligned to common sense or decency.

Bobby Mallon
116 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:14:34
How many years are we sponsored for, for fuck's sake?
Jamie Sweet
117 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:18:18
We've got a lot of mileage out of being "The People's Club". It comes with a sense of being more caring, and, dare I say, morally superior in comparison to other clubs.

Turns out these values were for sale to the highest bidder all along.

I'm personally not particularly offended by the deal, but I do fear that it is another step towards losing our identity as a club, and further evidence of how desperate and directionless we have become under Mr Moshiri.

Jamie Crowley
118 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:19:22

Chris Corn @ 114 -

Do they actually have betting kiosks in the concourses? Is that for real?? That shocks me to the core if you're being serious?

Christine @115 -

Look at the media responses, those throwing hands up in moral outrage, without any thought other than a perceived indignation on how others should live their lives. They are great at giving advice on matters that don't concern then or on which they have no experience or understanding of.

This would be something I agree with entirely.

I think, if you're someone who believes this is a PR faux pax, that's a completely fair argument and valid.

Peter Wilson
119 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:21:44
I hope all fans forum, websites and twitter groups will come together and try to organize a “don't buy a new kit” as soon as possible.

No way should a “community club” be sponsored by a betting company. Moshiri, Kenwright and the CEO have not understood what the club means to the ordinary supporter.

Rob Halligan
120 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:26:57
Watching the T20 cricket game this evening, and I didn't realise how many gambling adverts there are. Every advert break must have contained an advert for this betting company or that betting company.

I assume there is a watershed time for when such adverts can be broadcast, probably after 9pm. My point being though, advertising gambling has been around for years, be it on TV, radio, newspapers or whatever.

I've never heard anyone complaining about gambling being advertised before, not that I've paid any attention if anyone has, but all of a sudden, we decide to put a gambling company on our shirt and the whole world goes mad!

I know plenty of people who gamble, be it in a bookies or online, but they do it sensibly, and know when to stop, as I suspect the vast majority of people do.

Me, I wouldn't have a clue about gambling, you can probably count on two hands the number times I've been into a bookies.

Chris Corn
121 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:28:18
Jamie 117, our identity as a club used to be one of success. Yet as a winning club under Sir John Moores, all our money was simply loans underwritten by him from profits from a gambling company. The same firm that was a major employer throughout Merseyside for generations.

Yet we still demand the same standards for the team as Sir John did when he sacked Johnny Carey because he said the fans deserve success.

Should we therefore ask that we scrub out those trophies won under the direction of the Moores family as this was bought from gambling money or just pick and choose the bits to suit the current narrative??

Seb Niemand
122 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:34:05
I thought we had sworn off selling our souls to bookies. Very poor form this, very poor form.
Derek Thomas
123 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:34:38
Stake, for fuck's sake – is that the best they could manage?
Jamie Crowley
124 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:36:47

Scrub nothing! Easy answer!

I reject most "current narratives" and have zero issues, clearly, with rejecting this anti-Stake-on-the-jersey stance.

I've been inspired to play some cards online tonight by this thread. Big stakes - a whole $1.50 entry fee. Betonline. My player name is GrandOlTeam. Can't wait.

If anyone I play against makes the connection between Everton and my GrandOlTeam player name, I'll be sure to let you know their opinion of the sponsorship deal we entered into. 😉

Chris Corn
125 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:43:52
Your choice, Jamie and rightly so. And yes we have betting kiosks in the concourses below the stands.
Have done for years.

I used to have a little flutter for £1 on Earl Barrett to score the first goal at 80-1 every home game. I think he may have hit the post once and I was out my seat.

Anyone with a knowledge of The Pearl will know what I mean. The Tony Hibbert of his era. However even I avoided betting on Hibbo to score...

Ed Prytherch
126 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:47:04
Peter #119, you are just the man to organise the boycott. Keep us updated on the progress.
Jamie Crowley
127 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:49:28
Chris -

Funny how you bring up Hibbo. I was going to ask what his odds were? 😂

I would have laid a buck down every single game on Hibbo scoring if I lived there!

I can not believe you have betting kiosks in the stadium! That would NEVER fly in America. It's shocking to a Yank!


Chris Corn
128 Posted 09/06/2022 at 22:58:55
It's clearly shocking to some people who make bold claims like "they don't understand what the club means to the ordinary supporter," when a staple of many of the ordinary supporters, particularly match going ones' routine is fixed odds coupons and betting on the game.
Jamie Sweet
129 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:06:18
Chris 121. Not saying we should scrub anything pal, other than the notion that we give a shit about people. It's all about the money now isn't it.

And as you rightly pointed out, at least Littlewoods contributed to the community. Stake is an entirely different kettle of fish:

Jamie Sweet
130 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:09:35
Christine @115 says it better than I ever could.
Pete Clarke
131 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:09:56
It's just plain wrong for the simple reason that we take our kids along to watch Everton. The shirt is is the single most important thing about our identity and although kids don't have sponsors names on their shirts they actually want to wear what the players wear.

It's another thing that we have to explain to them as to why they can't have it, just like we explain lots of other things they can't have or do.

Thing is, this is a sport and we have just taken another big step backwards in losing our own identity as a community club and lost another chance to promote the club as being decent and forward thinking. Just plain poor leadership again.

My boys won't be getting a shirt that's for sure.

Can't wait for the battle for the naming rights of the Stadium as it goes to the highest bidder regardless of what they stand for!

Michael Lynch
132 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:10:05
Whatever the rights and wrongs of being sponsored by a gambling company, it's a truly horrible logo.

An incredibly cheap-looking and old fashioned piece of design, it demeans the shirt. I'd be embarrassed to wear anything with that on it.

Dale Self
133 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:16:31
Yeah, it does look a bit shit. I overlooked that obvious drawback.
Alex Carew
134 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:22:32
Gary Jones @16

Hit the nail on the head there.

It's a word across the front of a shirt that generates us money to hopefully help us succeed. It doesn't force us all to stick 10 quid on the match winner every week.

For the record, I never ate Hafnia ham, didn't own an NEC computer, never used SportPesa, didn't like Chang beer and didn't buy from Cazoo.

It's just a sticker on a shirt. You can have your morals but if you are hypnotised by your shirt making you want to have a bet then you've got issues. You get more brainwashed by all the ads on Skysports news but I bet you all watch it without a second thought.

Paul Smith
135 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:28:08
As an Addiction Counsellor I feel I need to speak to those calling people ‘weak minded' and telling them to exercise some ‘discipline'.

Gambling addiction is a recognised psychological disorder which affects individuals and their families immeasurably. Gambling companies know all about neuro transmitters and reward systems and in-built human imperfections, in-fact they put their money on it and rarely lose.

Human beings are wired to crave good feelings and some can habitually obsess over that hook. Just because you can control it, the poor fucker opposite you might not be so lucky. It's not a moral failing or lack or conviction, it's a well researched and proven pathological human response to a stimulus. At a basic level, Pavlov's dog but with the game and money rather than a bell and food. It's not as simple as man up or grow some bollocks.

Obviously EFC need the money but it goes contrary to what was said recently, but maybe they're just trying to be business savvy for once. For me, it's not ideal.

Derek Moore
136 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:32:21
Jamie (#127) - Capitol One arena in DC already has betting in the concourse.

The target market of sports betting companies is mainly men with disposable income who are interested in sports. Shirt sponsorships and advertisements during the game are a natural fit.

I have no issue with this. But then I also have no problem with vaping companies advertising on Formula One cars and I know a lot of people vehemently oppose that. To each their own.

As a further aside, maybe it's the warmer climate in the southern hemisphere, but I've always enjoyed an Asian lager or three on a warm day after work. Including and especially Chang. Or maybe I just have zero taste in beer?

I certainly prefer an Asahi or Tiger to the local beers in New Zealand. Lion Red makes Tennents taste like mother’s milk.

Chris Corn
137 Posted 09/06/2022 at 23:43:48
Jamie, Christine makes some good points as she always does but the comparison with a firearms manufacturer was not one of them IMO. Not even in the same ball park.

Kristian Boyce
138 Posted 10/06/2022 at 01:09:24
Let's be realistic here. How many global prestigious brands were lining up to sponsor a team who finished 16th in the league and stayed up by the skin of their teeth?

Also, how many decent companies were going to offer the same financial incentive that Stake was currently? The same answer on both I'd imagine.

Let's be honest, there would be at least one person on here that would complain about any sponsor that we had, as they would find something that they don't agree with surrounding them.

This has happened as the Usmanov money has dried up and the club needs increased financial clout. If it wasn't for Putin's antics, we'd probably entering into another year of Cazoo, and more funds from USM.

While many of you are criticizing the club about this as a massive faux pas, looking a bit deeper it actually is a good thought-out business move (which is surprising for the club).

First off, we've increased our sponsorship revenue to bring in extra millions. The club know that more than likely the government will implement gambling sponsorship restrictions within the next season or two. This means we're only getting into bed with the devil for 1-2 seasons tops.

It also leaves us in a stronger bargaining position when it comes time to look for a new sponsor as we can say we are worth X amount. We will also have the added attraction of playing at probably the best new stadium in the country/world at the time as well.

While this deal will get backlash, with fans saying they won't be buying the shirt, the club don't care. The kit distribution deal which isn't great, guarantees us a set amount, no matter how many shirts are sold, so there won't be a shortfall from kit sales.

Also, kids kits can't display the logo so people saying they won't be buying a kids shirt are getting angry for no reason.

Hopefully with improvement on the field in the next 1-2 years, our stock will rise and will enable us to search out more of a well known brand. Which in turn will partner in promoting our name globally.

Lastly, before the ToffeeWeb temperance society goes into hyperdrive. Remember where the money from our glory years came from. If it wasn't for Littlewoods Pools, out history would probably be very different to what it is now.

Andy McNabb
139 Posted 10/06/2022 at 01:45:59
When society finally comes to its senses and acknowledges the damage to families that betting is doing, we will look back on this and put it in the same category as advertising tobacco.
Nicolas Piñon
140 Posted 10/06/2022 at 01:47:38
Whoever sponsors us, COYB!
David Hamilton
141 Posted 10/06/2022 at 01:52:27
For what it's worth, I think it's appalling.

But then again, plus ca change, as they say.

I give you, Littlewoods Pools, Sir John Moores, Mersey Millionaires etc.

As fans, I guess many of us have moved with the times. Not so the Club.

Pete Clarke
142 Posted 10/06/2022 at 01:56:32
In a nutshell. If these idiots had been getting some things right at the club over the past few years we could forgive them of this insight but the facts are there for all to see that they don’t get much right.
Christine Foster
143 Posted 10/06/2022 at 03:17:05
Chris Corn #137,

Overly dramatic on my part, agreed, but the point I was making was one of hypocrisy.

Of course Oxfam are not sponsored by Glock and hopefully never would be, but more sensibly one would think EitC would never be sponsored directly or indirectly by a gambling company given its work in supporting the community in the area of addiction.

Sort of doesn't sit right, does it? I guess that was my point.

Gavin Johnson
144 Posted 10/06/2022 at 04:03:14
Beggars can't be choosers. Apparently it's a decent sized increase. I'd prefer us not to have a gambling company, but needs must unfortunately.

It does look really cheap and tacky on the shirt though. It looks fine on Watford's strip but looks awful on our blue shirts.

Mike Gaynes
145 Posted 10/06/2022 at 04:48:29
Michael #132, agreed.

I won't be ordering this one from the online club shop.

Looks like another year for my old Chang jersey.

Alex Carew
146 Posted 10/06/2022 at 05:39:33
Let's go for a bank... oh wait, they rape us every day with interest rates.

Let's go with an airline... oh wait, they pollute the atmosphere.

Let's go with Maccies boo, obesity is out of control… erm, how about Mars or Nestle...oh wait, obesity again and Nestle rip us off by controlling the worlds water, erm, alcohol...nah, can't do that, Energy? Nah, they are ripping us off too.

Okay, it's gonna have to be Oxfam, they won't pay us but it's cool. Actually we should donate to them. Yes that's it, Oxfam it is, the new sponsors of Charity FC. Dunc can deliver free shirts to Ethiopia a few times a year when not delivering free half season tickets to ageing cleaners. Whilst we're at it, I'm surprised we haven't published the new Boreham Wood kit on our website before ours, surely we've done the right thing and paid for it?

The truth is, we are in dire straits financially and with FFP and finishing 16th we have no choice but to get as much money in as we can. You can't complain about FFP and our success on the pitch if you don't want to operate as a business bringing in money.

Jamie Crowley
147 Posted 10/06/2022 at 05:52:26
Christine @ 143 -

Would it help to know I'd fully support Glock as an Everton sponsor?

2A baby!

Just having a laugh and a go. Anyone triggered drink decaf.

Of course, if Glock actually sponsored the Everton jersey, I'd order seven of them - one for every member of the Crowley family.

And one of them definitely would burn it. Not me, the oldest boy.


Have a great day / night whatever time it is where y'at.

Won a whole $0.10 playing poker online this evening. Six games in total. This thread got to me.

Jonathan Oppenheimer
148 Posted 10/06/2022 at 06:14:34
It seems to me that a clear answer to all of the outrage plus the love of the club from non-outraged folks is a crowdfunding effort to raise £10 million from supporters to collectively own the front of our club's shirts.

Then we insist on either nothing on the front or have it say “The People's Club” or something we all vote on like Boaty McBoatface. So at 100 quid a pop, that's 100,000 supporters.

Seems not doable at first glance but worldwide you gotta figure there'd be enough bored do-gooders with money lying around who'd love to chip in. Who's going to start the gofundme page? Just saying.

My weird beef with certain sponsors is just how tacky they look or sound when you see them and say them out loud. So for example seems cheesy to me, but just Stake seems kinda cool because it makes me think of a Philly cheese steak.

I'm not going to be morally outraged by the gambling company but I don't want to think about it when I see it. And that goes for whatever other shirt sponsors are out there. Like Chelsea's 3: I have no idea what it is, don't intend to google it to find out, but like it because it's different and I don't have some weird negative association with it.

Jamie 147 I love your passion for the club here in the States and bluntness with your views, but the gun stuff is just too raw with gun violence in America. Leave that nonsense out of your comments.

I can't stand the wokesters as much as the next guy most of the time, but guns are different.

Eddie Dunn
149 Posted 10/06/2022 at 08:17:02
My final words on this thread. This club stayed up by the unity that we saw between fans, players and manager. The whole predicament had been the result of terrible decision making from the owner and Denise Barrett-Baxendale or Mr Kenwright.

Usmonov was ushered out of the back door. Little decisions like this one undermine our unity- as reflected in this thread.

We are still being looked into by the Premier League, Burnley and Leeds launched possible legal action, and we now announce the squeakiest, cleanest sponsorship that will allay all fears that we are a hornet's nest of filth.

John Raftery
150 Posted 10/06/2022 at 08:43:29
Alex (146) Well said. I repeat the question I posed earlier: Where is the queue of sponsors offering anything like comparable deals?

Until the government legislates to ban advertising by gambling firms and thereby level the playing field, it would be financially naive of our club not to follow the example of other clubs and sports bodies across the globe.

I read that such legislation might take effect ‘at the earliest' from the beginning of 2023-24 season.

Martin Reppion
151 Posted 10/06/2022 at 09:13:05
Frankly, as a few have said before, whoever gives money to the club in sponsorship deals has no effect whatever on what I spend my money on.

Despite it coinciding with our most successful period as a club, I don't remember ever buying Danish tinned ham. I have never owned an NEC phone (but I could actually remember wondering why the National Exhibition Centre weren't sponsoring Aston Villa instead).

I don't drink Thai lager.
Need I go on? If people are stupid enough to be influenced into buying a product because it is written on the front of a football shirt, then that is not my worry.

The only time I have seen my Blue friends being influenced by shirt sponsorship was when those who drink lager started to order bitter if the only available lager was Carlsberg!

Brian Harrison
152 Posted 10/06/2022 at 09:15:23
I would just point out that some posters are justifying this sponsorship deal by saying there isn't a queue of companies wanting to sponsor us.

But they are forgetting that we could have stayed with Cazoo for another year as the contract allowed, and I am not sure there is a great deal of difference monetarily between the Cazoo funding and the Stake funding.

Also the club itself said after the SportPesa deal, getting involved with betting companies wasn't the wisest thing to do, so why have they U-turned on those thoughts?

Michael Lynch
153 Posted 10/06/2022 at 09:32:07
We do seem to have landed at the top of the media's "stick the boot in" list in recent months, so anything we do that is even slightly controversial will bring down the wrath of the mainstream media on our heads. But should we even care about that? I mean, we don't care what the Red Shite say, so why should we care what the Daily Telegraph says?

Whatever the rights and wrongs of betting company sponsorship, it props up the football pyramid in this country. If it does get banned, then so be it, but every single club in the Premier League bar Norwich had a betting company partner last season.

If you're bored at work right now, this is a good breakdown of the situation for you to read:

The Evolution of Premier League Betting Sponsorship

Finally, is it just virtue signalling to ban betting ads on shirts? I mean, alcohol ads were banned long ago but most people on here seem to spend more time necking ale before and after a match than they do actually watching it.

Not a criticism – I like a pint myself – just an observation.

Michael Lynch
154 Posted 10/06/2022 at 09:38:10
Just another observation, but isn't the point of sponsorship not to increase the numbers of people engaging in the sponsor's activity, but to encourage those that do partake in that activity to do so with the sponsor rather than their rivals?

In other words, removing Stake.Com's sponsorship from our shirt won't stop people becoming addicted to gambling, it will just mean less of them use for their addiction.

I mean, I might not drink Chang these days, but I still drink beer,

Brian Williams
155 Posted 10/06/2022 at 10:15:23
Some seem to be getting a "little" bit carried away with this IMO.

If you watch TV, there are numerous betting adverts on it. Do you cancel your subscription should you have one? I doubt it.

Do you not watch Celebrity Juice just because Keith Lemon now advertises a betting company?

If you listen to commercial radio, you're inundated with betting adverts. Do you instantly switch off? Probably not.

TW is an easy place to loudly proclaim your upstanding virtues. But If you feel that strongly about the club's new shirt sponsor, write to the club, don't watch the games on TV, don't buy merchandise and turn in your season ticket.

After all, as many said on the Moshiri thread, actions speak louder than words.

Will you just object or will you take action?

Pat Kelly
156 Posted 10/06/2022 at 10:17:36
From The Guardian ;

Everton have long been renowned as a homely, traditional club – and not just because they aren’t Liverpool. Whether it’s rickety, atmospheric Goodison Park with its playing of Z-Cars before every game, a mid-80s run of banging kits, or the cutesy way Everton fans describe themselves, not as “Everton fans” but as “Evertonians”, there’s something special and unique about the residents of Stanley Park North. The Fiver is choking up!

But wherever there’s feeling there’s a suit converting it into coin, and sure enough, Everton have just signed a sponsorship deal with a gambling company. Or, as the Toffees’ Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale put it, “an ambitious organisation with impressive growth plans”. For reasons known best to herself, she left “to take even more money from even more people” in unspoken parentheses, but the next time she or one of her lackeys rolls out the “People’s Club” moniker, that’ll be what they mean.

Nor did the Prof – honorary, visiting, six years ago – finish there. Rather, she fawningly thanked the aforementioned gambling company for their benevolence in “choosing Everton as a long-term partner”, before presumably hopping on one leg and barking like a dog. Who says romance is dead?

The strange thing is, back in 2020 Everton were involved with a different gambling company – one involved in the devastating epidemic of gambling addiction among young people in Kenya. Following but not because of protests from fans, the club brought the deal to an early conclusion, and the Prof – who, before her promotion, ran Everton’s community programme! – acknowledged that deals with betting companies were suboptimal. Yet, here we are again – because, we’re informed, the commercial reality of competing in the Premier League demands it. Which is to say that the deal is worth £10m and Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s owner, is worth around £2.5bn. The Fiver is choking up again.

David Pearl
157 Posted 10/06/2022 at 10:20:30
The worst thing about all this, and speaking as a vegetarian, l just don't want Stake written on my shirt.
Kim Vivian
158 Posted 10/06/2022 at 10:39:01
Read no other posts, but, for fuck's stake... This is shite.
Christy Ring
159 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:03:21
Guinness sponsor the Six Nations, so I shouldn't watch rugby because a beer company sponsors it...

Totally over the top in my opinion.

Rob Hooton
160 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:15:33
We might play zombie football but at least we will keep the vampires at bay.
Sean Kelly
161 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:35:22
It's a shit shirt but we need money. On a scale of outrage from 1 to 10 it's about. 5 or 6. When the self-righteous brigade rid football of murderous regime owners of clubs, then it is time to move to the gambling and drink sponsors.

This may upset some on here but let the debate begin. Murdering regimes, Russian money and corrupt football authorities. There's a few starters. Neither me nor Mother Theresa will be buying this shirt but we will get the money, no matter how many are sold. Pragmatism with a twist.

Andrew Keatley
162 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:36:02
Another indication of the dire financial situation we are in.

When the club are prepared to take the best financial offer, even if it contradicts previous statements on optimal practice, it strongly suggests that a few million pounds are more than enough for us to row back on our principles. Right now we need money more than we need to uphold principles.

Stan Schofield
163 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:44:42
No surprise, because ‘elite’ football is commercial and dominated by money. Our neighbours across Stanley Park have Standard Chartered Bank as sponsor emblazoned on their shirts, and they’ve been done for sanctions busting in relation to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, together with other sanctions busting and other nefarious financial shenanigans. But the media won’t highlight this.

So less of the hand-wringing about EFC having a gambling outfit as sponsor. If you’re concerned about the morality of the money in football, don’t watch it or support it knowingly in any way.

Watching football is a choice, and football is a luxury item. Make your choice.

Andy Meighan
164 Posted 10/06/2022 at 13:46:07
Brilliant post, Stan.
Robert Williams
165 Posted 10/06/2022 at 14:12:15
B Mallon 147 - For £10M per annum they can paint their name all over my house for that.
John Keating
167 Posted 10/06/2022 at 15:44:26
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and point of view but it doesn't matter who sponsors us, someone will moan.

There are clubs and football organisations in bed with companies, countries etc far worse than our latest mob yet there appears less indignation.

Having a rubber fetish, I'm just glad we got out of the Cazoo deal.

John Pendleton
168 Posted 10/06/2022 at 21:31:08
Don't we have knockdown Russian steel propping up the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock? Isn't most of our income from Rupert Murdoch et al? Aren't we hoping Dom plays well in Qatar at the next World Cup?

I don't like the idea of a gambling sponsor at all but I'd like to know is there such a thing as a law-abiding, clean-cut and universally-loved corporation out there who wants to give us £10M cash every year?

Oh, hang on. Anyone got Thomas Gravesen's number?

Ian Riley
169 Posted 11/06/2022 at 20:49:30
What is the difference between having a alcohol sponsor or a gambling one?

This is a business decision, more money. It's the world we live in! Either that or put season ticket prices up.

Mark Ryan
170 Posted 11/06/2022 at 21:33:48
Saturday night watching the boxing. William Hill advert has just come on. I must go and have a bet!!!!
Brendan McLaughlin
171 Posted 11/06/2022 at 21:47:30
For fuck's sake, Mark #170,

Be thankful you don't have that addiction rather than sneering at those that do.

Bill Watson
172 Posted 12/06/2022 at 01:17:17
I avoid Tesco, Asda and Boots because they avoid paying their rightful Corporation Tax. I don't use fast food outlets because they're causing obesity, are destroying the planet and are quite often anti Trade Union.

I don't subscribe to Sky Sports or BT et al because they're ruining football. I use mutual banks, a credit union and insurance companies because the profits (usually) go back into the businesses.

I have the odd social drink but try to avoid Wetherspoons because of the way they treated their staff during the lockdown.

I don't bet (apart from £3 per month on the lottery). Yes, I'm disappointed Everton have got into bed with a gambling firm but, as a few have already pointed out, it's not the first time as that's how the Moores family made their millions.

Liverpool are sponsored by a bank which has been fined over $1Bn for suspected money laundering and sanction-busting in Russia and Iran.

I'm sure Blues didn't all run out and buy cars off Cazoo just as they didn't become addicted to Chang beer or stake their wages on the pools. Life's a game of opinions and choices.

Sorry, Stan #163, I've only just seen your post re Standard Chartered. Now that really is a morally bankrupt company!

Danny O’Neill
173 Posted 12/06/2022 at 05:10:35
I like that Bill. Good post.

The Trade Union thing is a bit alien to me as I was never allowed to be part of one and never have been. Never will be in my line of work.

But there is no getting away from the belief that a few now have a grip on the fame.

They are almost like political parties bordering on dictatorships. I'm a moderate and no radical socialist, but "For the few, not the many" should be their slogan.

I'll get my coat.

Bill Watson
174 Posted 12/06/2022 at 09:00:09
Danny #173

Trade unions brought us the 5-day week, paid holidays and safe working conditions which, unfortunately, has been under attack by successive governments.

Football's been stolen from us by greed and dirty money. In the context of Newcastle, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and many others, a 2-year sponsorship by a betting company is small beer.

Ian Riley
175 Posted 12/06/2022 at 09:37:25
The club had no choice in its current plight financially if reports are to be believed. The Premier League brand must continue with its television rights at the core of it. As a club, we have fallen for the greed to become successful and it has backfired as we need to balance the books somehow.

Money and morals do not come into the equation in our society anymore. Simply society is shameless and greed overrides all and not just in football.

Everton FC have protected the fans with this deal. How? Season tickets prices are reasonable for top-flight football. My local non-league club announced prices of £440 after the early bird for the season. Just a sign of the times. Football ain't cheap at any level.

Finally those with an addiction are tormented with adverts and special deals both gambling and alcohol, via media outlets. Please keep the faith and get the support/help needed.

Brian Harrison
176 Posted 12/06/2022 at 09:58:54
Ian 175

I have already stated my thoughts on Stake becoming our new shirt sponsor, but I have to correct you when you say we had no choice. We still had 12 months left on our Cazoo deal but chose to pull out of that deal. I don't know how much more Stake are paying but we did have a choice.

Benjamin Dyke
177 Posted 12/06/2022 at 10:03:18
Great thread, everyone! Putting aside all the well discussed moral and PR issues, the biggest issue for me is what on earth will Everton do when the government bans betting companies from sport shirts?

The club knows this is on the agenda yet they proceed. I personally think taking money from Stake is poor PR wise but certainly less morally questionable than Man City and Newcastle's owners.

And the club is in a desperate state financially with the poor recruitment, lack of sell-on fees, paying off managers, Covid issues, the stadium, trying to buy a team, poor commercial performance relative to other clubs, loss of Usmanov's sponsorship etc.

They knew this sucked but felt they had no choice. The current Cazoo deal was £3M a year. I've read up to £13M with Stake. It's all shit but we're deep in it financially, I'm afraid.

Ian Riley
178 Posted 12/06/2022 at 10:47:43
Brian #175,

You're right – we had a choice to take it or leave it. The deal must be considerably more than our current deal. Or did we have a choice financially, new stadium, covid, paying managers off, players salaries, debts?

I know little how big business works but money is money. Higher bid wins. Perhaps this deal prevents further player sales or helps recruitment? Who knows? All I know is we had an alcohol sponsorship years ago. That must have been the best deal on the table financially?

Actually, if no-one had mentioned who the company represents, I wouldn't have known. As for the moral side, I agree that – with betting shops on high streets available 15 hours a day; Internet gambling 24/7; adverts on prime time TV – something must be done and hopefully soon.

Mick O'Malley
179 Posted 12/06/2022 at 11:29:02
Once the new season starts, most fans won't even notice what's on the front of the kit.

Personally, I have no problem but that doesn't mean I don't understand some people's concerns. Let's hope the club and fans continue to stick together, just like the end of last season.

It was brilliant seeing all the fans fighting as one so let's hope this new deal doesn't put that in jeopardy... UTFT!

Bill Watson
180 Posted 12/06/2022 at 12:49:16
Brian #176

Cazoo is losing money by the shed-load and it's doubtful if they would have been able to sustain their sponsorship. It'll be interesting to watch how their Villa one goes.

John Otway
181 Posted 12/06/2022 at 14:00:30
Absolutely correct, Bill #180.

Cazoo lays off 750 Employees – 15% Workforce

Imagine the media if Cazoo, having laid off 15% of their workforce, continued as Everton's main sponsor. The Daily Mail, Sky et al would have a field day.

Rob Halligan
182 Posted 12/06/2022 at 14:33:16
If anyone thinking of buying next season's shirt is concerned by having Stake on the front, just ask the club shop to put “Steak” instead of “Stake”.

Same word, just a different spelling, and meaning, but pronounced exactly the same.

You could pretend we're sponsored by Berni Inns!!

Mark Ryan
183 Posted 12/06/2022 at 20:46:25
Brendan @ 171.

That's a leap, sneering at addicts?

My point is, did you buy a car from Cazoo last year? No, you didn't.

Did the shirt make you want to? No.

Did you ever actually think about Cazoo for more than a fucking nanosecond? No, you didn't.

I'm not sneering at people with addictions. I'm pointing out a fact. A logo does not make an addict. The addiction is not born out of a piece of writing.

Stop getting your knickers in a twist about a sponsor.

Ray Carvin
184 Posted 13/06/2022 at 13:12:06
We are living in world that seems to be in a state of constant moral outrage,with the risk of being 'cancelled' if you do not conform to the current correct way of thinking/acting.
Very much as portrayed in 1984 by George Orwell,with it's ministry of information,double-think and thought crime.
But as ever it's not a level playing field.
So promoting gambling is bad?
So lets ban horse racing and demolish Aintree race course.
No! Promoting SOME gambling is bad.
So gambling sponsorship in football is bad?
So what about LFC announcing their new 'betting partner' in a deal brokered by their managers son?
No! Gambling sponsorship in football by SOME clubs is bad.
So the portrayal by the media of football clubs gambling links is bad?
No! Only if applied to SOME clubs.
As in the book the mantra changes depending upon who it is applied to.
There are of course many more examples.
The field of 'Kloppenomics' is a particular case in point.
The whole net spend mechanism employed by the ministry of informations' media dept clearly shows how those downtrodden,heroes of the people stand up against forces of the Oil-igarchs and produce teams merely by gathering up the loose change from down the back the couch!
Power to the people!
(Of course nowadays Wolfie Smith wouldn't be a Fulham fan,cos being from Tooting he would be prime kopite)
Mike Gaynes
185 Posted 13/06/2022 at 13:25:22
Ray, there is no risk of being "cancelled" and I very much doubt if you have ever actually read Orwell.
Ray Carvin
186 Posted 13/06/2022 at 14:21:24
Mike, I was generalising about people being cancelled.

As for not having read Orwell's books, I have in fact read just about all of his work and have visited his one-time home in Southwold, I assume you are being pedantic re Ministry of Information or Truth.

I don't know what I have written to inspire such a condescending response. I am suprised that a man of your immense intellect would engage with a mere prole such as myself.

I will not be engaging further with you as quite simply there appears to be no point.

Pete Clarke
187 Posted 13/06/2022 at 14:24:20
We can argue all day and night about the rights and wrongs of our new sponsor – or anybody else's sponsors or owners for that matter. The point here is about the decision-making of our leaders who seem to go from one disaster to another. Do they not have any forward-thinking at all?

Could they not have chosen a Liverpool-based company of some kind just to help out or are they just hell bent on recovering some of the finances they lost with Martinez, Koeman, Silva, Allardyce, Benitez, Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Tosun, Niasse and a whole shedload of crap players that they allowed into our club whilst earning fortunes?

The whole issue is about these clowns running our club and the decisions they make. The supporters got together to lift the team over the line to safety so why can't they get together to show their disgust at the handling of the club.

I know. Let's just wait to see the results of the internal review by.... err!

Joe Brennan
188 Posted 13/06/2022 at 19:06:33
I just received the following email:-

38 Degrees Logo ​
It’s the worst signing of the summer so far. Everton FC just announced a huge multi-year sponsorship deal with a gambling company. [1] It’s completely tone deaf and just another example of a club putting profits before its own supporters.

The harms related to gambling are well known, impacting more than 1.4 million people in the UK. [2] Public Health England estimates that there are 409 gambling-related suicides every year – and yet gambling companies are still allowed to plaster their logo all over football stadiums and the shirts of players thousands of young fans idolise. [3]

We should expect more from the clubs so many of us support and watch week in, week out. That’s why Ben, an Everton supporter, set up his petition on the 38 Degrees website. [4] If thousands of us add our names to his petition, creating a huge backlash, we’ll make it clear to clubs like Everton that no sponsorship money is worth the harm caused by gambling.

So, Joe, will you add your name today to Ben’s petition calling on Everton to drop its gambling sponsors? It only takes 30 seconds to sign!

I bet(!) Ben's a bloody kopite! Are Everton the only club sponsored by a Gambling company?

Si Miles
189 Posted 13/06/2022 at 19:11:38
This is upsetting, Betting companies are the most predatory unscrupulous corporations who make most of their fortune off the unfortunate.

Shame on EFC.

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