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We found a way

Paul Traill

Sean Dyche has faced a lot of adversity with injuries but he has continued to find a way to get points, and he did it again yesterday.

Bad Ideas

Paul Traill

How important that point will be remains to be seen but we're certainly doing it the hard way.

Left sweating on Dominic

Paul Traill

Manchester City from Minute 1 just oozed calmness. They play with such an arrogance regardless of how things are going. They seem to think that the goal will come… probably because it nearly always does...

Taking it to the wire

Paul Traill

Everton were resilient and dug in well with defending set-pieces and showed all the character they didn't show last weekend against Fulham, not least once Mason Holgate was given his marching orders with a second yellow card.

Good from Fulham, poor from Everton

Paul Traill

I haven’t had that feeling of numbness after a game for some time with the threat of relegation feeling so real

Keep up that mentality

Paul Traill

I’d probably have taken the point before the game…and certainly would have done on 89 minutes. Keep doing what we’re doing and you have to expect that we’ll be fine.

Do the media pick on Everton?

Paul Traill

Are we given a fair crack or are we an easy target; the team to reference when there’s a wider issue? The man to kick when they're down?

That, my friend, is what you call a bogey team

Paul Traill

Shamefully, that’s four defeats in a row to Aston Villa, and no wins in eight against them (six losses, two draws) since they returned to the Premier League.

Players who can run?

Paul Traill

That club is head and shoulders above us. Brighton that is. Brighton! Fair play to them on the night, they were exquisite. This wouldn't be the ending for Frank I want, it might be the one that we need to squirm our way out of this mess.

Well, that was a bit of a hiding

Paul Traill

This was a hiding from Leicester City, make no mistake. Criticism is justified and we should be expecting better,

The Human View Obstruction

Paul Traill

3-0, and what an excellent performance capped off with a couple of great team goals

Something of a David Moyes throwback

Paul Traill

The bottom line is, if you make yourself difficult to beat, then you've always got a chance of nicking a win, and by shoring up our defence and improving our midfield options, we have certainly done that. It was a bit like a David Moyes win for Everton back in the day.

Getting our Everton back

Paul Traill

Liverpool piled on the pressure more or less throughout, but our team stood firm and held out for the draw. We applauded the team off before heading back to the car and away.

A draw was a fair result

Paul Traill

On balance, I’d say a draw was fair as Nottingham Forest contributed a lot to the game. And to be fair I was quite grateful for the draw at the end as it could have been a lot worse.

An Encouraging Defeat... Somewhat

Paul Traill

It's apparent to all what is required. Let's make sure we get that striker in because, as far as I can tell, especially with the other incoming additions, the rest of the squad will more than do.

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