Chelsea 2 - 2 Everton

I can't compete with Lyndon, Michael and Paul on the detail they put into their match reports, so this will be another light-hearted view of the day and night out.

As always, the day starts with getting the dogs out early. I managed a bacon sandwich, which was the last food I had until I got home late last night. There is no Goodison Supper Bar at Chelsea and, to be honest, food was the last thing on my mind. By the end, I don't think the body would have accepted food as I was a gibbering wreck in need of calming pills.

I missed Baker Street, so headed to Westminster for a quick drink before getting the District Line to Parson's Green. I had a good chat with a few Chelsea supporters on the way. One was a bit aggressive, but the majority were fine. They all got off at Fulham Broadway.

I had been told that the White Horse, near Parson's Green was an away pub and I got there early to meet with my brother's friend and a few others I'd arranged to catch up with. I was surrounded by Chelsea supporters but I'm used to that! I moved outside and there were a few Evertonians gathering as well as those I was meeting. Some didn't make it due to coaches struggling in traffic but a few of us were there.

On to the stadium and, although the nerves were building, I felt quietly confident we could get something. In we went and the atmosphere was absolutely bouncing on the concourse, where I met a few more of the regulars. The atmosphere carried into the ground.

I've always found that the Chelsea supporters in particular fall into that category of being more interested in goading the away support. I've never been sure why so-called supporters like that spend a fortune on a ticket and travel to hardly watch the football. But they were unusually very subdued compared to my previous visits to the Fulham Road. To be honest, even if they had been shouting at us, I wouldn't have heard them given the noise around me in the upper Shed End. It was rousing and a joy to see and hear.

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Well, to the match itself, and I haven't looked at any BBC or Sky statistics, so this is just personal observation. As you would expect at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea dominated a lot of the possession. But I didn't really feel threatened for most of it and we broke well ourselves on occasion. The tactics were very much on the money for such a difficult away fixture.

A poor clearance for the first goal and the penalty aside, we showed character in a match that many, some of our own included, didn't give us a chance or hope. Well, I had hope. It may be the same players, but they are a different team. They are our team. Our club. And we are right behind them. I'll come on to the supporters later.

I said last night that, the weak clearance aside, I thought Michael Keane was our best player. Seamus Coleman continues to defy the years, but once again, I noticed yet another team targeting that flank. He needs help and protection.

Iwobi doesn't offer any protection even though he works incredibly hard. He naturally strays forward and wants to be forward. He's not a wide player, in my opinion, he's a Number 10.

Doucouré is starting again to look like the player we thought we'd bought. A goal and a cute flick from Mykolenko's intelligent pass into the path of Simms for the second equaliser to send the away section into absolute ecstasy. Contender for Man of the Match.

McNeil put a shift in again. He's starting to look more settled and continues to grow in confidence under Dyche.

Tarkowski was commanding under pressure, as he mostly is. I thought it was a penalty at the time and do think so now having watched it back. We'd have been screaming for that had it happened at the other end.

I don't think it was Tarkowski though. I thought it was the initial clip from Godfrey. And on Ben, he played well and his pace and power of recovery is an asset. Let's not forget, he broke his leg this season.

Ellis Simms. Now I've not seen much of him, but to see the kid bully Koulibaly and leave him chasing his shadow, which not a lot of players can do with the Chelsea centre-back, was brilliant. Koulibaly being a defender I have great respect for and who I was hopeful we may have signed a couple of years back. Well done, young man, and a great finish.

I mentioned Michael Keane and Doucouré, but I have to give credit to Jordan Pickford. He made some crucial interventions and one particular great save that I recall. Interestingly, he was often acting as a deputy captain in my observations. His stature is growing.

Am I allowed to make a triple Man of the Match nomination?

To come back twice at Stamford Bridge demonstrates the growing resilience of this same group of players that I argue would have capitulated at the first goal just a few months ago. When that second equaliser went in, I thought the roof was going to lift off and people on the front row were going to fall into the lower section.

What a great time to score a goal! Then they go and put 5 minutes added time up, which I have to admit, felt like 50 minutes. A series of free-kicks and corners for Chelsea, at which point I was just looking at the floor. "If I can't see it, it's not happening" was my train of thought.

Then the whistle goes. Players and supporters united. Forget the board for now, we can debate that elsewhere. The bond with the team is unbreakable when they show that type of effort and never-give-in spirit. Mykolenko, as always, was first over to pass his shirt on. Jordan standing there saluting us. Onana doing his fist pumping. 

I have to mention that Travelling Blue Army. I have no words or superlatives to describe them. As I've said many times, it is easy for mine and older generations because we know where we can and should be. Many of those have had nothing.

Standing amongst them, watching them as much as the match, I just swell with pride. No other club compares. Total and utmost respect, as always, Evertonians. You done us proud and took over the Bridge and never gave in, just like the team.

We are not clear or out of the woods yet, but I hope nights like last night give you hope.

Back to the White Horse for a few drinks and to reconvene the meet-up then head home. I'll admit, I was following my brother's mate at this point, who was using Google Maps on his phone. I made my way to catch the Metropolitan Line back to Uxbridge. The benefits of living at the end of the line are that you can sleep without fear of missing your stop.

It wasn't a victory, but it was a point and a valuable one. For those who are pessimistic and predicted we would get nothing out of the next 3 games — anything is possible if you believe. They are showing me enough to believe that we will come through this latest traumatic episode.

We will be there with them because we love them. Spirit. Forever. What a night. Let's keep going and be in the fight with them all the way.

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Ajay Gopal
1 Posted 19/03/2023 at 17:50:44
Terrific report, Danny, straight from the heart.

I agree that it was a number of players who performed superbly yesterday. I must disagree with you, however, in your assessment of Ben Godfrey – I think he is a terrible footballer, and his play is quite brainless most of the time.

Can you imagine us getting the equalising goal if it had been him instead of Mykolenko at left-back? Not in a million years. He almost always gives away the ball to the opposition whenever he has possession or when he takes a throw-in, which he is terrible at, and he treats the ball like a hot potato - something to be gotten rid of...

And the penalty was 100% Godfrey's mistake – he had a chance to hack it away for a corner, but for some reason, if you see the replay, he hesitated and that was enough for James to buy the penalty.

Mykolenko should be restored at left-back and Simms instead of Iwobi – that would be the next natural evolution of this team, in my opinion.

If I am a little puzzled and disappointed with Dyche's selections, it is that James Garner has not been used at all after getting fit. Hopefully, he starts getting some playing time; if he shows what he has in his locker, the player whose place in the starting XI would be under threat is Onana.

Dave Williams
2 Posted 19/03/2023 at 18:43:32
Great stuff, Danny. Michael and Lyndon report well on the game itself but the account of the day's events like you and Paul provide is very entertaining and makes me wish I'd been there.

I agree with you about Ben Godfrey – he is still recovering form and fitness but I think he will do a Kevin Ratcliffe and mature into a top centre-back, hopefully alongside Branthwaite.

Like you, I am a positive guy and, if we can get three points or more from yesterday and our next two games, we will be set fair to dig our way out.

Simms was fantastic but just a mention for Gray who had two giants on his back all game, never gave up, and is starting to look at home down the middle.

Lastly well done to Sean – not a penny spent but the difference is incredible.

Keep the reports coming, Danny, and what about your player ratings?

Andy Crooks
3 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:11:52
Brilliant stuff, Danny. A lot of us can't get to the game, so it's a pleasure to go with you.

I have sat behind you at Goodison Park and have seen how intently you watch the game. (I look everywhere when we are not attacking!!) So, for me, your views carry weight (second only to Dave Abrahams!!)

I love to hear about the matchday experience from you and Rob and Paul Traill, Neil and every other traveling Blue. Hope to catch up with you before the end of the season.

Peter Mills
4 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:18:29
I don't go to many away games now, Danny, preferring to watch much less sophisticated (but usually more enthusiastic) football on Saturday mornings played by the boys.

I manage to watch all our away matches via one stream or another, and so often feel distraught for those who have made such an effort to travel – they have been so poorly rewarded over the years.

It was fantastic yesterday to watch us grab a late goal, hear the celebrations, and know that people like yourself, Rob, John and others were in amongst it.

Good on you.

Mike Gaynes
5 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:23:44
Love your stuff, Danny.
John Burns
6 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:33:46
Brilliant account, Danny, that captures the atmosphere and smell of the day.
Tony Abrahams
7 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:38:36
I see that one of the TalkSport reporters was actually giving Evertonians stick for how they celebrated yesterday's point, Danny. He might have been trying to get people to ring in, I'm not really sure, but it was music to my eyes when I read it before.

Our club was on its fucking knees a few weeks ago. Knowledgeable fans were looking around thinking “How can these spineless players keep us up?” I was getting used to walking along County Road after home games and listening to people all around me saying "There's nothing there, we are doomed."

Now, just over 6 weeks later, the pride is returning, the belief is returning, and a very proud fan base who thought they were on their way down have suddenly got a common sense manager giving both his players and the fans belief. When Evertonians celebrate like they did yesterday, it's because they have suddenly got something to celebrate.

The Traveling Blue Army with so many proud young kids who still believe that Everton are the greatest football club in the land are what makes us different to most. I just hope I'm still around for the explosion that awaits our next trophy!

Barry Hesketh
8 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:41:01
Tony @7,

I remember a local side who managed a two-all draw at home to West Brom a few seasons ago, being praised for the show of 'togetherness' between the team and the fans – funny old game footy isn't it?

Paul Tran
9 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:41:25
Top stuff, Danny, reminds me of the wonderful matchday experiences back in the day. Last time I saw us win at The Bridge was 1987 when Harper scored a screamer.

I'm looking forward to more of these reports from you!

Tony Abrahams
10 Posted 19/03/2023 at 20:46:51
Maybe the only people with friends in the media at Everton are lying bastards, Barry!
Neil Copeland
11 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:03:29
Danny, good to see you at half time. Great report mate, pretty much the way I saw the game too.

When Chelsea went 1-0 up the fans never stop believing and just got louder. The same happened at 2-1. The equaliser from Simms was brilliant and just reward for the support.

I overheard my daughter telling her boyfriend today that it was fantastic and everyone went absolutely mental at 1-1 and then some at 2-2.

It's really strange how you just get a feel about some games, this was one of them for me.

Rob Halligan
12 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:07:12
Good stuff, Danny. A quick meet up just before kick off was all we could manage, again, because, yet again, the official coaches did not arrive until late, about 16.50, and it was after 17.00 before we finally got in the ground.

Me and the gang normally do London games by train, but nowadays we don't know if games are to be changed for TV, or as has been the case for the last few months, if there's going to be a rail strike on the day of the match? So really we have very little choice but to book coaches.

For the club coaches to leave at 10.45 yesterday morning was ridiculous, but it's the club who decide on the departure time, not the coach firm itself. As we passed Brentford’s ground, it was half time as there were loads standing outside, I presume smoking etc, so it took us over a hour to travel about 5 miles?

How can someone within the club not envisage possible delays on motorways, or, as was the case yesterday, having to navigate through London traffic on a Saturday afternoon, beggers belief.

Hopefully Palace will be a 3pm kick-off on a Saturday afternoon, and there is no train strike, and we can definitely meet up somewhere. I know there are others, notably Neil Copeland and Mark Murphy, that you meet, so it would've good to finally see some of these lads.

See you at the Spurs game!

Geoff Cadman
13 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:19:10
Sounds like you really enjoyed the day, Danny.

Beats the hell out of tuning into the radio at 12.45, 17.45 and 22.45 GMT for the result.

Neil Copeland
14 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:27:30
Rob, our coach stopped at Maidenhead to check everyone in to the Premier Inn there before going to the game. We got on at The Rocket at 8.45am, got to Maidenhead at 1.15 and the game at around 4.20pm.

I agree that 10.45 is pushing it a bit given the London traffic.

It would be great to meet up at some point I agree, maybe before the Spurs game or Man Utd?

Paul Birmingham
15 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:37:33
Great report, Danny, and a very important point earned, and a brilliant response by Everton at all stages of the game.

Tremendous support, and brilliant songs, and, joy to behest.

But the next game counts.


Rob Halligan
16 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:37:35
You're on, Neil. Danny has already spoken about meeting at the Spurs game, so hopefully that game before the kick-off.
Geoff Cadman
17 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:37:48
Tony #7,

I am pretty sure the Moose is a Bubble-blower – with a bit of luck, he may live to regret it.

Stuart Sharp
18 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:41:51
Great stuff, Danny.

I have only been there once (the FA Cup game where Heitinga assaulted Cole on his way to the spot). It was the only away game I've ever been to where I couldn't get into a local pub.

Danny, there was a guy near the front of the away section in a blue footy top, but not an Everton top. Looked like a Schalke top... surely there can't be two such fans?

Iwobi should play centrally or not at all, in my view.

Neil Copeland
19 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:44:10
Rob, I often give Derek Knox a lift to the game but should be able to sort something out either way. Be great to meet up.
Rob Halligan
20 Posted 19/03/2023 at 21:54:59
Oh no, Neil, not if Knoxey is going to be there! 😁😁😁

Only joking, Derek!

Danny O’Neill
21 Posted 20/03/2023 at 08:31:21
I felt compelled to come back with a response to the many kind words.

Andy Crooks, get yourself over mate. Hope to see you soon.

Peter Mills, you would have absolutely loved it and would have been dancing in the stands.

Mike Gaynes, thank you. Keep that blue and white Stars and Stripes flying proudly and get yourself over so we can meet. Make those stripes blue and you have a perfect flag!!

Neil, good to catch you for a quick chat and I'm pleased your daughter had a great experience.

Paul Tran, when that net bulged, it actually took me a few seconds to take it in. Only a few, then I was Danny the teenager again hugging people I didn't know.

John Burns, depending on your plans, let's meet up with Rob and the rest who can make it. My match day habits vary. I tend to hit the Northwestern then onto County Road. Sometimes the Saddle, sometimes the Darkhouse to say hello to George McKane, sometimes the Brick, sometimes the Winslow. Sometimes the Royal Oak.

Caveat, I don't go to all of those in one trip!!

Regardless of where I land, it always culminates in a trip to the Goodison Supper Bar before kick off, even though I miss Z-Cars quite a lot.

Let's pick a spot and meet up.

Rob, I feel your pain. I've had some bad experiences with the trains this past year or so, I've had to fly to Manchester on a few occasions and coming back from Bournemouth after the night match, could only get as far as Woking, so had to get a taxi home, which is 20 miles away from where I live and can take up to 45 minutes depending on traffic.

Tony, those supporters absolutely never cease to amaze. I sometimes wonder where they get it from. But then I remind myself. We are Everton. They live it and breath it. We all do.

Mark Murphy
22 Posted 20/03/2023 at 08:57:55
Rob H,

If you were on the Eavesway coach, I crawled past you on the M4 just before Brentford. I parked at my son's place in Ealing and got the Tube in.

I live 30 miles away from Chelsea and it took me 3½ hours to get there thanks to the effing M25 and that queue on the M4.

I was next to a guy in the ground who had travelled down from Chester in 2½ hours!! Anyway, sorry I missed you. I think we met at Southampton a couple of seasons back?

My Man of the Match? Seamus Coleman of course.

Rob Halligan
23 Posted 20/03/2023 at 09:16:21
Mark, yep, that's us. I was on coach 2. It's ridiculous the time we leave for some away games.

On my way down to Goodison, a good hour before we're due to leave, there are already coaches going the opposite way up to The Rocket, and the start of the M62.

There's a member of the FAB who travels on our coach, so I've asked him if he can bring up the departure times at the next FAB meeting. We get to places, and before we know it, we're getting back on the coach to come home.

Christopher Timmins
24 Posted 20/03/2023 at 09:19:01

A great report on your day at the Bridge. We are getting there but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Seamus is playing out of his skin at the moment, young Nathan will find it hard to dislodge him. Doucouré is reborn, he is back to being the player that he was during the early part of Rafa's reign. He is not the real deal but he has qualities that if exploited to the full can be very important to us going forward.

Saturday's effort was his second away day goal for us, both very similar in fashion. Ellis showed in his cameo that he can make a difference at the top end and he has an eye for goal.

A lot done, more to do!

Dave Abrahams
25 Posted 20/03/2023 at 10:10:51
“Don't get around much any more” I love that song but it could never be associated with you, Danny.

You often mention your mixed heritage, Scots, Irish, etc. You must have some Gypsy blood in you, Danny, you are on the move constantly but with Everton travelling in your head.

On Saturday, watching the game, I have the sound turned off but thought of you and all of the Everton fans from ToffeeWeb along with the rest of those marvellous fans who follow the Blues wherever they play.

I admit I was jealous of all of you at the end of the game because I wished I was there celebrating like you all obviously did, proud of the team but more proud of the fabulous support.

Keep your posts coming, Danny, every day of the week and twice on Sunday, they are always welcome. Best wishes, Danny.

Mark Murphy
26 Posted 20/03/2023 at 10:28:30
I commented to my passenger that I thought your coach must've had a problem given the time, Rob.

Anyway, I hope this glorious draw at Chelsea doesn't spark the same disastrous run that followed the last one! Wasn't it a Brighton defeat at home followed by that debacle at Norwich??

Regarding our fans, I remember even following that horrible defeat we were all singing on the train back to dat Lundun!


Dave Abrahams
27 Posted 20/03/2023 at 10:34:51
Peter (4),

Read your reports on your grandson's recent games, tell Charlie to pull his socks up – it's two games since he scored!!

Peter, I doubt you will ever get better enjoyment than watching your kids or grandkids playing football and seeing them enjoying playing at the same time.

Come on, Charlie, get a goal next game!!

Michael Lynch
28 Posted 20/03/2023 at 10:55:27
Great stuff, Danny. Totally agree – the fans on Saturday were deafening. I always try to make it to one London game every season, and I'm glad it was Stamford Bridge this season.

I didn't hear a peep out of the Chelsea fans, but I'm guessing part of that is due to their mediocre season – they simply don't care that much any more. They're going to finish mid-table, so their focus is on the Champions League.

I know it's been debated elsewhere, but I wish we didn't do the Chelsea Rent Boys chant. In my opinion, it's embarrassing, and I think we're better than that.

But other than that, the day was a joy. As for over-celebrating a point, every game is a cup final for us – as it was this time last season – so I think we were quite restrained!

I'm not sure my ticker can take much more of this, but you can't say it's boring at the moment being a Blue.

Richard Lyons
29 Posted 20/03/2023 at 12:20:42
Thanks for the report. You're quite right, nights like last night do indeed give you hope.

Next time out, there are 3 bottom-of-the-table six-pointers before we play Spurs: Palace v Leicester, Forest v Wolves and West Ham v Southampton. Leeds are away to Arsenal.

If results go our way (and I'm assuming we will beat Spurs, who are there for the taking, surely) we can reach the nose-bleed heights of 12th place.


Neil Copeland
30 Posted 20/03/2023 at 12:22:25
I don't agree with the Chelsea Rent Boys chant although I think it is intended as misguided banter in the main and in response to chants of Sign On and You Scouse Bastards.

A lad on our coach was arrested at the ground for chanting it in both the first and second half of the game – not the brightest spark obviously. I don't know all the details but he has a summons to appear in court in Westminster apparently.

There will no doubt be repercussions for the club failing to control its supporters.

Stuart Sharp
31 Posted 20/03/2023 at 13:34:36
Most people that I've heard having a dig at our celebrations have not experienced a proper relegation fight. Certainly not a relegation fight after what we've been through in recent decades.

It was the same after last season's Palace game. But I couldn't really give a monkey's what they think. It's like listening to the Kopites telling us to stick with Benitez despite the run of losses. Like they know how such a run feels.

The Simms goal gave me great joy. That's what I watch football for.

Peter Mills
32 Posted 20/03/2023 at 13:40:14
Dave #27,

Charlie's been a bit out of form for the past couple of weeks but you know strikers – once he scores one, he'll go on a run.

His mood won't have been helped by younger brother Sam netting one yesterday (the lads play Saturday and Sunday).

As for me, I managed to video a couple of goals on my phone last week, posted them on the club's Facebook page, and I've now been appointed official team photographer (I didn't get a say in the matter). So much of the match is now taken up deleting accidental videos of grass and sky.

You're right, it's great to watch them, and the development of all the kids is a joy.

Dave Abrahams
33 Posted 20/03/2023 at 13:57:14
Peter (32),

As long as Charlie and Sam are enjoying playing, that's the main thing. The goals will come for Charlie; form is temporary – class, ability and style are permanent!!

With technical stuff, simple things to most people, I haven't got a clue. A couple of years ago at a party for my mate's great grandson's Christening, his granddaughter gave me her phone and asked me to take a photo of her and my mate, which I did. She just carried on as normal, never checked the photo.

She came back half-an-hour later and said. “Dave, have a look at the photo you took of me and my grandad!” It was a brilliant snapshot of a tray of cakes on the next table!! I thought the cakes looked lovely myself!!

Michael Lynch
34 Posted 20/03/2023 at 17:18:41
Neil @30,

I'm amazed anyone was arrested for singing that – I thought that if they arrested one, they'd have to arrest 75% of the away end.

Yes, I agree, it is only banter and I've heard a lot worse, but it's been deemed homophobic (which is debatable), so we should knock it on the head.

Personally, if I was a rent boy, I wouldn't be all that bothered about some scallies saying hello to me.

Danny O’Neill
35 Posted 20/03/2023 at 17:39:56
That's what it's all about with the kids, Peter.

Development and enjoying the game.

They can leave the stress to us!

Neil Copeland
36 Posted 20/03/2023 at 17:46:27
Michael, yes I agree with all that. I think all this PC stuff has gone a bit overboard personally.
John Raftery
37 Posted 20/03/2023 at 19:05:10
Thanks, Danny, for a wonderful report. Our journeys are different but the destination is the same. Watching Everton not losing away games is a great step forward. The next step will be a win and, under Dyche's management, I don't think that will be too long coming.

Rob, on the away coach departures, as we have discussed previously ,I suspect someone in the club is just looking at the standard Google Maps timelines and instructing the coach company accordingly. They appear to allow no contingency for traffic congestion etc.

Overall, I have few complaints about a service I have used for over 15 years but this season our arrival times for the long trips are a little too close to kick-off time for comfort.

Christine Foster
38 Posted 20/03/2023 at 19:15:56
Danny, a day in the life... it brings out the joy and the passion of what it means to be an Evertonian, the excitement and thrill of match day.

Goodness, even as we get older, the thrill of it never leaves us, the expectation, the hope, the sheer bloody delirium of a win – may it never leave you, Danny. Thank you for reminding me, so far away, of what the match means to so many of us.

The away support of this club is absolutely incredible. Against Chelsea, you could hear them virtually the whole game, they never stopped and easily out-supported the home crowd, as they have done at every away game. Makes you proud, doesn't it?

Thank you for that, Danny, lifted my morning. On a wet, miserable autumn day in Taranaki, a ray of sunshine has broken through the clouds! Ta mate...

Tony Abrahams
39 Posted 20/03/2023 at 20:10:10
Stay away from that Mount Egmont, Christine, because I can still remember how the stupid city kid that I was nearly lost my life on that mountain many years ago.
Christine Foster
40 Posted 20/03/2023 at 22:44:42
Tony, I went up there in summer, but didn't make it to the top, too steep in places for me to manage although there is a good track to take you most of the way, the views are breathtaking.

It was a poor year for snow on the mountain last winter, a bit too wet, I think, but looking forward to walking up to the snowfields when winter comes in a month or two.

Didn't you bust an elbow climbing it? Want to get there and plant an Everton Flag, that would be pretty cool!

Bill Watson
41 Posted 20/03/2023 at 23:22:27
Great report, Danny.

I joined Everton Coach 1 at 11am at The Rocket. We had to pull into Lymm Services to have a wheel changed and then carry on straight to West London. We got off the coach at 16:50, and got back to The Rocket just after 00:30, so a long day.

Maybe FAB should look into the re-introduction of football special trains. Back in the day, the club used to run the Blue Streak to away games; much quicker and, these days, much more ecologically friendly.

We were in the lower front row, slap bang centre of the goal. It was very interesting being so near to, and watching, Jordan Pickford close up. He mentally kicks every ball and shows huge frustration when passes or throw-ins go astray.

We were right next to the Chelsea fans. Two morons, in particular, were mouthing it off good style. They must live such sad, uninteresting lives. Surprisingly, they were removed by Chelsea stewards so well done to them!

Dave Abrahams
42 Posted 22/03/2023 at 11:12:54
Tony (39) you climbed up the mountain!! Why didn't you look for the track that the lady from Scotland Road found dead easy @40?

Look before you bleedin' leap, lad! I'd have been like a mountain goat on that mountain when I was your age – or even when I was 50!!

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