2022-23 home strip revealed

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Everton and hummel have revealed the new home strip for 2022-23 that features the logo of new sponsor, Stake.com, for the first time.

The betting and cryptocurrency firm's shirt sponsorship deal with the club officially begins today after their predecessors, Cazoo, reportedly opted to activate a break clause in their contract and end their arrangement with the Blues after two seasons.

The new home jersey features a subtle mosaic, behind an enormous Stake.com logo, that incorporates the outline of the Prince Rupert's Tower that has been used as a design element in places like the shirt numbers for cup games over the past couple of seasons.

Apart from a white flash under the arms, the shirt is simple this time with just a round white collar trimmed with blue, hummel's trademark white chevrons on the shoulders and no cuffs on the sleeves.

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This year Everton have teamed up with KitAid to offer fans the opportunity to donate an old shirt from the last 10 years and receive a 10% discount off their purchase of a 22/23 home shirt.

This offer is only available at club stores and will end on Thursday 7 July. Terms and conditions apply.


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Karl Masters
1 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Like it except for the weird white bit under the arms. White socks maintained, always a good start!
John Raftery
2 Posted 01/07/2022 at
More concerned about who will be wearing it but it is better than last season’s.
Keith Meakin
3 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Great shirt for ladies called Betty or even Diane but I certainly don’t like it.
Jim Bennings
4 Posted 01/07/2022 at
As good as can be when clubs feel the need now to bring out three new kits every year, there's only so many designs you can have with a blue shirt.

Joe McMahon
5 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Ha John, I'm with you. Let's face it Everton commercial department are not gonna outsell the 100s of thousands of red shirts with Standard Chatered on the front, seen allover the world.
Anthony Murphy
6 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I think we should buck the trend and release a new home kit every two years – releasing a new one every year is unnecessary and rips fans off.

Let's put out a statement saying we are doing this to save our fans a few quid and make some noise about sustainability and the environment whilst we are at it. With cost of living and hikes in season tickets, it's the right thing to do.

Rob Baker
7 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Interesting that Calvert-Lewin is on that shirt when he will be sold soon for FFP reasons.
Craig Walker
8 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It looks good. I’ll buy it as they reel me in every year. Would prefer a different sponsor than a gambling firm again.
Danny O’Neill
9 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Improvement on last year. I didn't like the yellow bits.

Not a lot ypu can do with a kit for a fan base that loves tradition.

The club are damned if they stick, more so damned if they try something different.

The Linekar white bib top. The One-to-One lighter shade of blue with the yellow stripe across the middle.

We are a peculiar bunch. Give us a plain blue top and we'll complain ts no different and too simplistic. But deviate from that and you have more chance of stirring the natives to reach for their pitch forks out and take to Goodison Road than you have of raising an active protest against the board.

I hope the away kit is amber. And go retro. No badge. Just EFC 70s style or even a simple version of St Ruperts Tower that the club is using on the official website and the mobile App

Tony Shelby
10 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Tommy Gravesen era Keijan shite.
Danny O’Neill
11 Posted 01/07/2022 at
White or blue socks?

It would be interesting to have a poll on that!!

And there's me talking about how united we've been as a fan base.

A sock debate could blow that out of the water. Sock-gate!!!

Kim Vivian
12 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It's a football kit...!
Kim Vivian
14 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'd buy it if I was younger and richer.
James Hughes
15 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Kim, This is not just any old kit ! this is Hummel's special Stake kit
Derek Knox
16 Posted 01/07/2022 at
James @ 16, the Fillet Stake Kit ? :-)
Kim Vivian
17 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Well done, Derek - I'll get grilled for saying this but it leaves me a bit under.
Dave Lynch
18 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Buy it and you'll have been "well done"
Dennis Stevens
19 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I hope that the white shorts have the traditional blue stripes at the sides.
Duncan McDine
20 Posted 01/07/2022 at
£75 for a shirt. I think they missed the letters “PIS” before “STAKE”.
Richard Nelson
21 Posted 01/07/2022 at
.. blue socks with white tops..'66 Cup Final style...Mike Trebilcock looked great..!
Gerry Morrison
22 Posted 01/07/2022 at
If you got rid of that Stake thing and the Hummel sign, it would look great.
Jim Bennings
23 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Blue and white hooped socks I'd love to see for one season only, add a bit of oomph.

I don't know why, I know it went totally against all the traditionalists but those blue & black hooped socks on the 1995-97 Danka kit, just absolutely my all-time favorite ever!

Danny O’Neill
24 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I thought about them Jim and have to admit liking them.

I'm personally a white sock person. There's something about playing football in white socks!

Stephen Vincent
25 Posted 01/07/2022 at
£65 — People's Club, my arse!!
Pete Hughes
26 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Blue socks please!!

Sick of bloody white all over our kit!

Folk need to remember our primary colour is Blue!

Frank Sheppard
27 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It's oky, slight improvement on last season.
Jeff Armstrong
28 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Who in their right mind gives a fuck about the kit?

It's Royal blue,... great. It's about who's wearing it!

Nice collar though.

Could do with a white and blue stripe on the underneath side of the left-hand sock turnover, just like the '60s!

Hugh Jenkins
29 Posted 01/07/2022 at
In this day and age, clubs can't afford to not have a shirt sponsor.

However, I have, for a long time, hankered after an owner who would say "No sponsor on the shirt, no badge on the shirt – this is Everton, plain Royal Blue and White." What a statement that would make.

As Jeff says – just like the 60s

Iakovos Iasonidis
30 Posted 01/07/2022 at
The kit a team wears is what people see worldwide for a whole year. It is the face of the club. News, internet, pc and console games etc etc...It is kind of important and people should give a fuck whether it is good or shit.

This one is mediocre though...

Jeff Armstrong
31 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Iavkovas, it's royal blue, that all that matters. It's really not important who sees it on any platform – last year's kit did not keep us up, it's just a kit.

It's not important at all.

Important is the team, not the kit.

Christopher Nicholls
32 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Is there a shirt under that logo?
Justin Doone
33 Posted 02/07/2022 at
It's certainly less important than the player's performances but it's good to have some fun.

I like the classic, simple, blue design for our home kits. Play with the away kit and be bold for the 3rd kit design.

I like a green colour, never red!

Steve Brown
34 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Christopher, our commercial team will have driven a tough bargain for that logo deal. £10.50 and a bottle of Margaux for Bill.
Christopher Nicholls
35 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Too right, Steve! They have a fearsome reputation of tough negotiators.
Iakovos Iasonidis
36 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Jeff it is a marketing thing and it is quite important but I won't argue more about it, I will agree with you though that football kits don't win you games.
Danny O’Neill
37 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Interesting point, Peter @26.

I believe our cousins originally.wore white shorts until going all red in the 70s.

I don't think I'd like us to go all blue though.

Ron Sear
38 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I always smile when I see fans who wear older shirts and haven't bothered to waste even more of the earth's material on an 'I can afford it' fashion statement. I have one friend who still wears one with 'Saha' on the back.

It would be nice if there was a decent ethical sponsor; but then most advertising is about the stuff that you don't want anyway... if you did, they wouldn't have to advertise it.

Pete Hughes
39 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Danny @37,

I myself would be happy to see us go all blue.

By the way our, cousins across the park went all red back in the 60s! [Giving my age away there!]

Matthew Williams
40 Posted 02/07/2022 at
As a shirt collector, it looks okay to me. I still think we should strike a deal with Toffs as a shirt sponsor and wear their 1970s shirt...

As for the socks debate, we should only wear amber ones. Now that would be a classic look – after all, why wear a home kit that looks like the ones Leicester, Oldham and Ipswich wear!?

Get that classy Bally look and wear amber socks... it just might prove lucky for us as well!

John McFarlane Snr
41 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Hi Pete [39],

As a qualified 'old fart', I cling to the traditional blue shirts, white shorts with blue stripes down the leg, and blue stockings, with white tops. I too am giving my age away, plus my fondness of nostalgia.

Soren Moyer
42 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I'd rather have Bwin as shirt sponsor than Stake on it if we are going for gambling firms!
Danny O’Neill
43 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Although I declared my player preference for white socks, I do think it more traditional to have blue for Everton.

I don't really buy the tops. I've got a smart black Everton training top and some Schalke stuff. A Johann Cruyff tee-shirt and a "The Originals Since 1878" top as well. "Those who understand" and all that.

I like to remain discrete. Apart from when I put my "I'd rather walk alone" tee-shirt on, the family cringe and I attract attention from London reds!!!

Amber socks. I like that and second the proposal!!

Janet Ubido
44 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Yes, I don't like us having a gambling sponsor again either. Was glad when we got rid of SportPesa. I signed a petition here about it:

Don't use our shirt to advertise harmful gambling products!

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Royal Blue from top to toe would be my choice. When I asked my little boy if he wanted that yesterday, he chose the white shorts and white socks, which did actually look better on the dummy in the shop!

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