Kenyon-led takeover deal is 'dead'

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The US-backed consortium looking to buy Farhad Moshiri out as Everton owner will not have its period of exclusivity extended and its bid to take the club over will reportedly not proceed any further.

According to The Times and the Liverpool Echo it is understood that Moshiri will be "moving on" from discussions with Peter Kenyon's group which included Minnesota-based real estate magnate Maciek Kaminski, his son Mikhail and gold mining baron John Thornton.

Paul Joyce indicates that Moshiri retains his commitment to delivering the club's new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and will still entertain advances from investors will to help fund the stadium, which is how the Kenyon discussions initially began.

Meanwhile, The Athletic report that the Blues' current owner has walked away from the talks with the American investors having "lost faith" in their ability to fund the buyout and cover the cost of Bramley-Moore Dock.

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He now intends to focus on strengthening Frank Lampard's playing squad this summer following the sale of Richarlison to Tottenham Hotspur.

According to The Athletic, the Kaminski camp, however, remain keen on extending their period of exclusivity to undertake full due diligence of Everton's accounts.

That bolstered the claims of Liverpool Echo Journalist, Dave Powell, who passed on the Kaminski family's stance via Twitter, saying:

"I'm told by [the] Kaminski group that their position hasn't changed and that 'paperwork was exchanged overnight' with regards to exclusivity extension. [The] group say the situation hasn't changed despite reports to the contrary and that they remain 'the only show in town'."

If the deal is dead as suggested, the news comes just days after reports suggesting that both Kaminski had visited Merseyside and that and his son planned to be installed as directors on Everton's board while Kenyon was eyeing the role of Executive Chairman in place of Bill Kenwright.

While Kenyon's consortium was in talks with Moshiri, there have been reports, including today from The Athletic, of other interested parties, perhaps from the Middle East and the Far East, although there have been no concrete details.


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Brian Williams
1 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Cue the fume on here!!
Jay Harris
4 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Pardon the french but the first words out of my mouth when I saw this is "Oh Fuck!"

Either the finances are worse than we think, or Bill has more influence than we would like to admit, but the wheel has truly fallen off somewhere.

Jeff Armstrong
5 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Was it them not wanting to take on a mess? Or was it Moshiri not accepting a ridiculous offer on his outlay?

Either way, the season starts in 5 weeks with Laurel and Hardy still at the helm.

Barry Rathbone
6 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Delighted really. These guys seemed stereotypical carpet baggers. Hopefully "proper" wealth is in the offing via some unsavoury nation with a plethora of human rights issues.

We live in hope.

Will Mabon
7 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Okay, I'm well aware this club is a roller-coaster, but could someone tell me – is this a loop, a swoop, a dip or a climb?
Neil Tyrrell
8 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Maybe other potential buyers have emerged?
Jason Hewly
9 Posted 01/07/2022 at

One of them was close to that conspiracy-theory Breitbart nut job and the whole takeover looked more like a Burnley-style debt loading exercise than a sporting empire one.

Brian Murray
10 Posted 01/07/2022 at
We need to pray there is someone else about to bid. Sad day all round.
George Cumiskey
11 Posted 01/07/2022 at
We could've dodged a bullet, for me, they didn't seem to have the finances.
Dave Williams
12 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I would guess that Moshiri was unwilling to sell at a price they wanted to pay. Once the stadium is built and the complex itself is ready for business Moshiri will be hoping to recoup a chunk of his losses.

There was always a question mark about the guys in this consortium and their wealth and it will be interesting to see if anyone else shows interest now it is out there that Moshiri will sell for the right price.

Jim Potter
13 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Frankly I'm relieved. This lot didn't feel right.
Peter Carpenter
14 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Me too, Jim.
Gavin Johnson
15 Posted 01/07/2022 at
They said that the deal wouldn't have been with leverage so they wouldn't have burdened us with a debt in their takeover, so let's hope that it's Moshiri who has decided not to continue talks because the Qataris are coming…
Tony Everan
16 Posted 01/07/2022 at

Good grief, never a dull moment at EFC is there?

Anyone asked why?

After reading The Times article yesterday, I too think we have dodged a bullet. Perhaps the consortium are thinking the same though! I hope they haven't found a dirty stinking rat in our accounts.

Brian Murray
17 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Jim, Peter, Yeah let's continue with these good times. Remember Trevor Birch sorted the Leeds mess out. Didn't last too long here. Too much even for a fire-fighter like him.
Danny O’Neill
19 Posted 01/07/2022 at
And I thought last summer was traumatic when the manager talk surfaced.

My poor suffering dogs. I just wanted them to have a nice summer. Not one where I wake up at 3am and put the news on before we head out at 6am and they have to listen to the ramblings of a mad man.

If you are staying, Mr Moshiri, I can live with it as you have shown commitment despite your misjudgement. Put right what is wrong and get rid of the obvious. Change those who have failed you or sell.

Brian Hennessy
20 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Worry not, guys, Bill will find us the best new owners we can imagine. We are in safe hands!
Dale Self
21 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Never liked those guys but ooooh the mystery. Will 'M' be kissing ring next? This is almost as good as this new mini-series in the States I've been watching, it's called 'Insurrection'.
Will Mabon
22 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Not read the articles yet and don't know the composition of Lyndon's work above - but is the mention (again) of Moshiri's commitment to the stadium of significance?

Absent big money, I still think there may be varying events around the future ownership of the stadium. I'm wrong, hopefully.

Michael Lynch
23 Posted 01/07/2022 at
What a pity. I was looking forward to our current idiot selling to another idiot. Who wouldn't have wanted some dodgy Yank's thick son in charge of the club?

Bring on the next idiot.

Ian Pilkington
24 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Can only pray Moshiri is considering a better offer.

The bullet that needs dodging is the continuation of Moshiri and Kenwright in charge.

John Raftery
26 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Bunch of shysters chancing their luck in search of a quick buck.
Tony Everan
27 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Now we are guessing, has a far better proposition come out of the shadows immediately after the FFP situation is sorted out and the threat of any legal actions are dropped. We’re other interested parties waiting for the all clear?

More than a coincidence??

John Skelly
28 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I think this could be good someone else must be interested
May not be squeeky clean but hey hoe
Jay Harris
30 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It was already confirmed that they had agreed the price with Moshiri and it would not be a leveraged buyout.

Maybe Bill gave them earache with tales of yesteryear with Elvis and boys pen stories from the museum or should it be mausoleum.

Christopher Nicholls
33 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Jack Plant
38 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Got to assume a new investor is interested with the immediate FFP danger gone…
Mark Ryan
39 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I knew less than the square root of fuck all about Kenyon's mob but my feelings from what I've read on here is that nobody was raving about them so I'm glad their period of exclusivity ends.

Bring on some wealthy Qatari family please and let's really have a takeover

Pat Kelly
40 Posted 01/07/2022 at
The cat is out of the bag. We're for sale at the right price. There will be more suitors.

If Moshiri doesn't sell he may find it difficult to raise the funds to finish the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. But the more immediate hurdle is staving off relegation with a weakened squad and depending on freebies and loans.

Barry Hesketh
42 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I've stayed away from TW in the last month or so, because it was becoming too much for my mental state to endure.

I knew Richarlison would leave but not to bloody Spurs and not for so little cash in relative terms.

I saw the possibility of a buy-out, but never really took it seriously and when Burnley? and Leeds stopped belly-aching about Everton's FFP meltdown, and Richarlison actually signed for Spurs, how predictable was it that the rumoured sale would fall too?

Is the stadium going ahead now that Moshiri has shown he's ready to relinquish his shares? Will Kenwright ever leave the board? Will fans continue to be passive to the way the club is and has been run for over 20 years?

See that Brands also said we were difficult to manage from his perspective although we are a beautful club with beautiful fans...

I've had enough of 'beauty' – I want hard-nosed business leaders with well-thought-out plans from people who know how to motivate and set objectives.

I now await the departure of Lampard and the arrival of a certain ginger-haired Scotsman to make it feel even more like 2002.

Despite my rantings above, this tweet from Dave Powell (Echo Business)

Latest on #EFC: I'm told by Kaminski group that their position hasn't changed and that 'paperwork was exchanged overnight' with regards to exclusivity extension. Group say the situation hasn't changed despite reports to the contrary and that they remain 'the only show in town'.

Although it is fair to say, he's out of the loop today because it's his day off and is probably not up to speed with Chris Beesley.

I sometimes intensely dislike being an Evertonian!

Brian Murray
43 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I can hear champagne corks popping in the boardroom from here. As you were, boys (and girls), as you were. Trainset still intact.

I'm starting to hate this club.

Kim Vivian
44 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Toot...toooot..., Brian
Mal van Schaick
45 Posted 01/07/2022 at
1st of July. Tarkowski announcement?

Moshiri says deal is dead. Consortium says it’s not.

Mike Gaynes
46 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'm popping champagne corks for sure. This never felt right to me either -- a Trumpie with deep Chinese involvement and an investment guy with a profile so low he made Sauron The Evil Necromancer look like a publicity hound. And zero indication where the actual funding was coming from.

Next buyer, please.

Tony Hill
47 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Good to see us going about our business with customary coherence and incisiveness. No chaotic self-interest where we're concerned.

Moshiri, Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale: the real Holy Trinity.

Graeme Beresford
48 Posted 01/07/2022 at
No doubt had access to all our accounts and probably had their lawyers look at them to go ‘Do not go near this club at all!'
Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Barry #44, okay, never mind. I'll just sit here and be quiet until we know for sure.
Barry Hesketh
50 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Talks have not progressed sufficiently for a deal to be agreed before the expiration of a period of exclusivity, but The Athletic understands that does not mean a takeover is dead in the water. Source: The Athletic (Patrick Boyland)


Jim Lloyd
52 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It's very odd I haven't seen a statement yet from Mr Moshiri, or was it in The Times? As the Kaminski group appear to be saying they are still in negotiations!

I hope the story is wrong, as the thought of Mr Showbiz running our club any longer is frightening! There's nothing in any other paper than the Red Jessie Echo and that appears to be quoting Paul Joyce. I suppose we'll find out sooner or later when and if a statement comes out from Mr Moshirin if my party's over.

It's like Hotel California with Mr Showbiz and his cronies.

Ed Prytherch
53 Posted 01/07/2022 at
They wanted to continue with due diligence. I wonder what they smelled?
Bill Gall
54 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I can't see any problem over this, everything that has been discussed was with an exclusivity agreement to prevent other people offering to look at a possible takeover. No one knows anything about what Moshiri and his advisors talked about apart from the completion of the new stadium.

I doubt that even with an exclusivity agreement that Moshiri is unaware of other interested groups, and would like to hear of what they will offer. There may be the possibility that this consortium were aware of who the other groups are and this is why they wanted exclusive rights.

Everything is just speculation.

Joe McMahon
55 Posted 01/07/2022 at
It's got to the stage where I don't care who buys us. My heart can't keep taking season after season of so many Good Times.
Jack Convery
56 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Seems to me Moshiri has somebody else in mind. Maybe Kenwright has borrowed a Billion based on ticket sales for next 100 years, so he can keep the Fat Controller's job and direct Thomas and Co around the Network.

I didn't like the smell of them anyway — Next?

Bill Gienapp
57 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'll add my voice to the chorus of skepticism surrounding this lot. I know people are eager for change, but that doesn't mean we should leap at the first person who shows up outside Finch Farm rubbing two nickels together.
Barry Hesketh
58 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I suppose Moshiri has the right to explore all avenues to raise funds, and it would seem that he only wanted to ensure that the stadium could / would be completed. The Kenyon-led consortium chanced their arm and suggested a full takeover, Moshiri thought about it, let them do their thing, and has decided not to sell to that particular group, for whatever reason.

It doesn't matter in reality what Kenyon's group say if Everton decided to pull the plug on any potential deal. I don't think we'll see a sale this year but perhaps, in a year or two, we can go through the whole charade again.

Kunal Desai
60 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'm fine with this, but I think now is the time to kick start the fan protests, however many are needed to remove Kenwright, Baxendale and co.

Moshiri can still be the owner and appoint the correct people on the board to take us forward. Just like our fans played a huge part in bringing Lampard to the club and keeping the club up, now is the time for further protests to to get this message 'loud and clear' to the owner.

We need change and it has to be now.

Gary Jones
61 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Mike, I believe therapy is popular over there bud… there an orange man derangement syndrome course yet?
Colin Glassar
62 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Bring on Mike Ashley — as long as Chairman Bill stays for life!
Jim Lloyd
63 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I hope Moshiri has looked at all prospective buyers but, as yet, there is no statement that I've found that says, the deal is off. In fact, I hope it's still being discussed.

Some hard-nosed American businessmen with access (I would think) to further investment. The bonus being Kenwright would at last leave this club in peace, instead of pieces.

George Cumiskey
64 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Moshiri saying the deal is dead. Trump's mate saying it's still on?

Sounds a lot like the American election where big dog Donald still reckons he won!

Brian Harrison
65 Posted 01/07/2022 at
The last DoF, Marcel Brands, has said it was a great club but the owner listened to too many people, ie, agents and became too involved in the running of the team, and we know he knows very little about football.

Then we hear the deck chairs have been moved on the coaching set-up with the same people just being given different job titles.

We now hear that the group led by Peter Kenyon in the takeover is off. Despite them saying they supplied paperwork for there to be an extension in talks. So we are left with an owner who wants to sell the club, and while hoping for some other person or group to come along and make an offer.

After a disastrous season, the last thing we needed was more uncertainty as to who will be our new owners and it's looking increasingly it will be after this transfer window closes.

How much this will impinge on Lampard's plans, I have no idea, as he would have preferred for a decision to be made so he knows who his new boss will be going into a new season. You wonder if this indecision is making other players consider if it's worth staying at this club.

Jim Lloyd
66 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Moshiri's said nothing that I can see, George.
Tony Hill
67 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Given this shambles with a flaky owner and an alarming Board, we need to reinforce our support for Lampard and Thelwell. I have high hopes for both and it is imperative that they are sustained by us, against the narcissists.

Brian Harrison
68 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Jim @68,

The Liverpool Echo is saying a spokesman for Moshiri has said the deal is dead.

George Cumiskey
69 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Sorry, Jim, I meant Moshiri's people allegedly.
Len Hawkins
71 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Any insurance brokers on here? As someone has mentioned Qataris,the workers' arseholes on the new stadium will be going half-crown sixpence knowing the cost of lives the World Cup has cost.
Brendan McLaughlin
72 Posted 01/07/2022 at
BBC reporting that Everton have ended discussions.
Mark Taylor
73 Posted 01/07/2022 at
For sale

One used football club.

Several not very careful owners.


Barry Hesketh
74 Posted 01/07/2022 at
EXC: Representatives of Kaminski.

“We don’t recognise these stories or where they are coming from.

Paperwork was exchanged last night around an extension of the exclusivity period (which otherwise due to run out end of last night), and to the Consortium nothing has changed.” Source EFC Daily Twitter Account

James O'Connell
76 Posted 01/07/2022 at
T K Maxx have a website now. A football club is next on the list. Dare to dream.
Colin Glassar
77 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Can it get any worse? Can it be more shambolic? Will ‘Operation Goodison’ be renamed ‘Operation Chaos’? Will Bill turn this Greek tragedy into a West End operetta? How long must the humiliation continue? Is our suffering to be eternal? Is there really no hope left? Is it worthwhile tolerating these idiots?

Words fail me. This is a suicide in slow motion.

Gary Jones
78 Posted 01/07/2022 at
When a Boris-run government do a better job of selling a football club……
Mike Gaynes
79 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Gary #63, yes, it's called Fox News.
Jim Lloyd
80 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Not that I've seen, Brian. It may well have come out on a late edition but I've seen no comments from either Mr Moshiri, nor any spokesman for him.

But I have seen a quote for The American group spokesman say they don't recognise where this (Moshiri reported ending of exclusivity) has come from, He states that further extension was agreed last night.

I suppose both parties will clarify the position in the very near future.

Raymond Fox
81 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Who do you believe?

I would sooner keep Moshiri as owner than the American lot. Better still, mega money from the UAE.

It's gone crazy, though, when you need billionaire owners to compete.

Jim Lloyd
82 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I haven't seen any statement from Moshiri, nor have any of his spokesmen been quoted as saying that the period of exclusivity is over and the talks have been discontinued.

Personally, I hope they're still ongoing. I think America is a vast market for the Premier League and I hope we become part of it.

Still, let's wait and see. I'm sure the situation will be clarified soon… mind you, this is Everton FC we're talking about!!

Dale Self
83 Posted 01/07/2022 at
So something seems to be obviously developing and we are expecting some communication from the aristocrat albino? This is what he does, maaaaaaaaaan. His tendency to shrink at the moment when communication is most needed is appalling.
Colin Glassar
84 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Raymond @83,

Gates, Bezos, Musk and OPEC could all make a joint, multi-trillion offer for the club but, if it means Kenwright loses control, forget it. Not going to happen.

Christy Ring
85 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Isn't there other parties interested in a takeover bid? Personally I don't believe the US backers have the funds to bring us to the next level.
Jeff Armstrong
86 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Typical Moshiri, no bottle. Rather speak to Chris Beesley or Jim White than say to the Yanks, "No deal!"

We have heard the deal is off before the bidders have! Moshiri is an A1 shithouse.

Soren Moyer
87 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Roll on Qatari wealth lol.
Dave Williams
88 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Blimey - calm down everyone.

If it's off then it is no reflection on anyone other than it's up to Moshiri whether he accepts any bid which has been made and it's up to the others whether or not the terms are sufficiently acceptable.

It would be entirely improper for this to be conducted in the press and, if Heads of Terms have been signed, then I would expect a confidentiality agreement to also be in place.

There is clearly some confusion as to whether it is still a possibility and it sounds to me as if it may just be that the extension period has been requested and someone who is speaking to a journalist or agent is unaware and thinks it has expired.

All will no doubt be revealed over the weekend.

Terry Farrell
89 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Better the devil you know.

I love Farhad's commitment to Everton and believe he will learn from previous mistakes.

Peter Mills
90 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'm not very well up on Company takeovers, but I suspect the Richarlison sale, together with the Burnley & Leeds backdown, will have given confidence to other potential purchasers of Everton FC. There is less risk of sanctions against us now.

That confidence will have been conveyed subtly to those in charge of our club, who will have decided “Let's have a chat with other people”.

That's not to say that any outcome will be better for Everton FC and its supporters. But it may be for its shareholders.

Ernie Baywood
91 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I'm not sure I'm in a position to favour one set of owners more than another.

What I do know is that the last thing a nearly relegated club needs is to have to sell their best player due to being in a financial straight jacket and to be in a state of flux with regards to ownership a few weeks before the season starts.

This isn't a good position. I'm getting worried already.

Tony Abrahams
93 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Only one man going to lose, only one man gonna lose. Who’s Moshiri’s spokesman? Because there is only one man that’s going to lose.
Jeff Armstrong
94 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Kenwright will be a happy walrus tonight, another 6 months at least of high living off EFC.

What an absolute twat this parasite is.

Ian McAvoy
95 Posted 01/07/2022 at
This smelled like a debt-loading management fee extracting deal similar to the Glazers leveraged buyout of Man Utd. These American deals are focused on leveraged debt management that has tax-free benefits, while still taking out annual dividends and management fees.

It works at Man Utd because of the club's revenues. Maybe not with us? We need a rich Sugardaddy who sees it as a long-term investment and a short-term plaything to show his friends.

Brian Murray
96 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Hard to believe he got to be a billionaire. So gullible it’s unreal the people he listens to.
Robert Tressell
97 Posted 01/07/2022 at
This, to me, is significantly more worrying than the Richarlison sale. Not sure what to make of it…
Derek Knox
98 Posted 01/07/2022 at
James @ 76, T K Maxx have a website now. A football club is next on the list. Dare to dream.

At least Calvert-Lewin will be made up if that happens. :-)

Jerome Shields
99 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I thought the lack of bidders' pronouncements before anything was agreed and a lack of transparency regarding the takeover parties was odd. Looking for an extension of exclusivity isn't good either. Moshiri probably thinks there is more bluff than substance.

I think this was a consortium that had Kenwright as its contact, even its pronouncements had a Kenwright & Co PR speak about them. It was reported that Kenwright was meeting them in London, before Moshiri in Monaco.

I wonder if the 'dead' deal news was released by Moshiri's PR firm in London? It has all the hallmarks of a Kenwright & Co versus Moshiri & Co spat.

Brendan McLaughlin
100 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Derek #98

And T K Maxx's slogan "Big Names for Less" probably fits our current selling strategy perfectly!

Marc Hints
101 Posted 01/07/2022 at
All I keep seeing is Moshiri or the takeover gang going on about the stadium.

I don't give two hoots about the stadium, just want us to get some players – otherwise, it's going to be another relegation battle.

A team worth going to watch.

Jerome Shields
102 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Any Consortium PR seems to be coming through Everton PR channels. The Times seem to have got the 'dead' deal response in following up on their Consortium Finance investigation. I take it they would have contacted Moshiri's PR representatives directly, rather than Everton.
Alan Corken
103 Posted 01/07/2022 at
The Kenyon bid offered no guarantee of a brighter future, it promised nothing more than our current diet of stale bread and cheap wine. Good riddance, I say.

We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the Premier League is a valuable brand and Everton, despite being somewhat downcast, are still a very attractive asset. There will be other suitors with much better prospects.

Gary Jones
104 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I think the Richie money has bought Moshiri time. No coincidence this happened today. The sale was his contingency plan.

Can he hang on another 2 years to see the stadium built and a return to the top half of the Premier League?

If he can, a £1bn+ sale will be easy game. If he can't, the wilderness awaits.

I want him and Bill out, but for now, I say “Go Moshiri”. No other choice.

Jim Lloyd
105 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Agree with you, Robert (98).

This is potentially worse than selling Richarlison. I hope it's not true or, if it is, Moshiri has another prospective investor lined up.

Tony Abrahams
106 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Interesting Jerome, and hopefully Brands saying how easily influenced Moshiri is, could not have come at a better time?

I'm absolutely certain we will get sold, so let's see what tomorrow brings.

Bill Gall
107 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Amazes me that this consortium only started to become interested in taking over Everton just over 6 weeks ago, and suddenly, as Moshiri and his advisors feel that when getting down to details they may be able to improve with another consortium, some supporters believe they don't know what they are doing.

Who has ever agreed on a price for a car the first time, and walked away and said "I can get a better deal somewhere else"?

It is not easy, selling a football club; look how long it took Chelsea, Newcastle, and even Derby.

Most of the supporters seem to want who has the most money but, in selling a football club the size of Everton, there are a lot of outside businesses and people involved that you are responsible for, so you would want to protect them.

It's a bad time to put the club up for sale, but surely taking the first offer is not a sensible idea if you believe you can improve it with another group of interested people.

We need to look at the future of Everton FC and not get a group in that are looking for a quick fix to improve their bottom line.

Denis Richardson
108 Posted 01/07/2022 at
To be honest, they did feel a bit dodgy, didn't they?

I was blinded by the thought of finally getting rid of Kenwright.

Oh well, Richarlison's sale has kept the bailiffs at bay for now at least. Back to who are we going to sign….

Tony Hill
109 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Funny how we are startled by the majestic stupidity and incompetence of the super rich. We still curtsey to these fuckers and give them the benefit of the doubt – after the millenia of deceit and contempt, we are still inclined to think that they and we deserve it.

We only have to say the word.

Derek Taylor
110 Posted 01/07/2022 at
The Richarlison transfer was enough to cover the immediate cracks and removed the need for an early sale. No doubt Kenwright was against it and advised Moshiri accordingly.

All this sort of uncertainty happened at the Villa and was the precursor to relegation. The stage is set for a repeat, it seems!

Bernie Quinn
111 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Christine, I'm worried - Danny is worried - What is your take on this news?
Dale Self
112 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I think we are skipping a stage of the process. It seems we've gone from confused to despondent. I think we need to reel it back to the part where we are defiantly skeptical of anything these clowns do. They do not represent us – they just own something in which we participate.

This could go on a while so let's not give Frank and those actually trying to turn this around a vibe of defeatism. We're going to get rid of Moshiri and we should make that common perception whether he remains for now or not.

Eddie Dunn
113 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Derek – my take on it too.

Richarlison has been sold just in time for FFP and Premier League demands, so no need to have a fire sale. Moshiri must be unwilling to waste any more money but we can now hope that a bigger entity intervenes.

Poor Frank must be wondering just what kind of recruits he will be shopping for as the pre-season looms.

You couldn't make this up!

Christine Foster
114 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Bernie, if I am honest, the consortium never filled me with hope, but it did confirm to me that Moshiri was either disillusioned with the whole situation or wanted to limit his exposure. I still believe this is the case.

Only one man will lose... yes, I think that's true. If the club is sold, it's almost certain that will be the end of the Chairman's involvement, so if Moshiri stays in control, his trainset is intact and he will continue his running of the club.

Personally, I think Moshiri has listened to Kenwright and is following the model Kenwright originally wanted: investment – not control. Keeps the status quo but takes the pressure off. That's the worst possible outcome for the club. Absolute worst.

Absolute best for Kenwright, who couldn't give a monkey's about Moshiri's investment and, if new money is found, then he will use the next "investors" money.

As it stands, no reason has been given for the dead deal – is it because others are waiting in the wings? Is it because he has been talked out of selling by Kenwright? Or is it because the consortium wanted more control than Farhad and Bill wanted to give? (The latter especially!)

I think it's probably the latter but, in the end, it's all about the money with Moshiri, and control for Bill. No one has yet to say that Moshiri wants out completely, the true test will be if and when another consortium wants to chat. What will be the measures or his considerations?

Stu Darlington
115 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Ian @95,

I pick up the same smell as you. Too many disreputable people with no apparent sporting or football club background. Why on earth would they be interested in buying Everton if it wasn't to line their pockets somehow?

The show doesn't seem to be over yet, however. Are talks continuing or not?

Mike Gaynes's description of the main men is pretty damming and he should know more than us. And what is Kenyon's role in all this? A well paid Judas goat leading us all to disaster?

I can't work it out, too Machiavellian for me. I just hope the supporters don't get screwed again.

Paul Kossoff
116 Posted 01/07/2022 at
George @64, Trump did win. Biden is an evil money laundering conman who is dragging the USA into the ground. Most popular president ever? yeah, okay. You are reading the wrong press.

Now Donald buying our club would be brilliant!

Ste Traverse
117 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Our best player sold on the same day that our despised 'Chairman' now looks set to stay.

Such is the life of the average Evertonian.

Don Alexander
118 Posted 01/07/2022 at
In terms of next season, and the one after that, minimum, Moshiri and his boardroom have already destroyed any chance of joy as a direct consequence of their consistently gross incompetence and recklessness.

I'd be amazed if Lampard and his own crew had the slightest notion of the full financial predicament they'd inherit and have to work within.

Right now, I'd expect them to be considering their own positions – no doubt most of them staying on pending a big pay-off when sacked, with zero belief in progress though, given what's now visibly unfolding in the real hard world of football finance.

It's what we're known for, after all – world-wide.

And if anyone still assumes that Moshiri has any experience of running businesses, I'd point out that he's the accountant of a Russian slime-ball. His chief task was to therefore launder his money where it was hardest for any pro-rata authorities to recover it. Until Putin fucked it up, he was doing ever so fabulously well as a mere lackey.

Some might say he's still someone's West End lackey. I am now no longer permitted to comment on that though.

Will Mabon
119 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Paul K... Mike Gaynes inbound.

ps: The real evil is levels above. Biden is just part of the distraction show. Many of their operatives are acting more openly though, for those that wish to see it.

Will Mabon
120 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Tony @ 109:

Deceit and contempt, I'll agree with. Stupidity and incompetence, no.

Colin Glassar
121 Posted 02/07/2022 at
According to Elton Welsby, Moshiri wants an auction to begin. Makes sense in a way if there are other interested parties but, knowing Everton, Kenwright will buy out Moshiri for a million quid and a donkey ride on Blackpool beach.
Bernie Quinn
122 Posted 01/07/2022 at
I went to bed last night all optimistic and thinking it is daylight at the end of the tunnel. Then I wake up this morning – looked at ToffeeWeb and realised that it js a bloody great train heading right for us!

There must be an easier way to die than this. I am now scared that Luvvie Bill will get rid of Frank Lampard and replace him with Wayne Rooney!

Jerome Shields
123 Posted 01/07/2022 at
Christine I think it is straight forward Kenwright&Co v Moshiri&Co. Kenwright&Co where up to their necks with the Consortium and Moshiri &Co found himself under pressure to sell.

They where way ahead of themselves, announcing Director roles, a Executive Chairman and discussion with Kenwright going forward. Even giving a date for the Takeover All putting pressure on Moshiri to accept the takeover.

Then the Times story broke regarding Kamineki Finances and naturally they would have been investigating further and asking for comment from Moshiri via his PR firm. They got their answer the 'deal is dead'.

The Everton PR / Kenyon lead consortium are out of step with releasing contrary PR information on Extended Exclusivity agreement and positive moves going forward. I would say Bill is on the phone to Moshiri to try and salvage his plan.

I once was in the situation where it was announced on the Front page of a newspaper that the organisation I was involved in had bought a property , with a picture of the property.

I had attended a meeting the evening before and no such agreement was reached. The next meeting I said this and was presented with forged minutes that I had seconded a proposal to buy the property. Luckily they had put down subject to financial assessment, which had been the true outcome of the meeting. I pointed out this assessemet had not been carried out and therefore no agreement had been reached At the next meeting I was presented with a solicitors letter suing me , the Treasurer, for breach of agreement , by the seller , with a copy of the newspaper front page. I told those at the meeting to paper the wall with the letter. I managed to prevent the purchase of the £1. 5 million property, which was valved at £200, 000 three months later, after the property crash. If the organisation had have bought the property they would have went bust

The undue haste and public pronouncement of this takeover, brought me back to that time.

Laurie Hartley
124 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Something big going on in the background here, I reckon.
Ray Smith
125 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Not sure if Kenwright has any connections to Barnum?

However, whether he has or hasn't, send in the clowns!!!

This alleged takeover / buyout is heading full tilt into another embarrassing fiasco. Led by Kenwright again!

You couldn't make it up!

We are going nowhere all the time Kenwright has any influence in our once-revered elite top-flight club!!!

God help us if (and he will) Kenwright has any influence in our once-illustrious club!!!

Tony Hill
126 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Will @120, consider the Windsors.

You're right, though, that the lethal ones are different. I've always thought this instructive from Monsieur Belloc:

"We sit by and watch the barbarian. We tolerate him in the long stretches of peace, we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond, and on these faces there are no smiles.”

It's always the bad faith lying behind.

Howard Don
127 Posted 02/07/2022 at
If true, I’m quite happy. This crowd just never felt right to me. Move on.
Bill Watson
128 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I'm quite pleased as I think they sounded a bit dodgy. They didn't actually appear to have that much money, in football terms.
Will Mabon
129 Posted 02/07/2022 at

I've never read that before - thanks.

It's always been so; always. The problem now, and it is a problem, is the sheer pervasive range, reach, control and exponential acceleration of things... and we won't be feeling tickled for long this time. Buckle up.

Ray Smith
130 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Tony @126 & Will @129

Here we go again, I'm getting dizzy on the proverbial merry-go-round!!

Mike Gaynes
131 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Love that Kossoff.

His idea of a "brilliant" owner for Everton is a bleached-blond bimbo who has declared bankruptcy six times...

...shuttered three Atlantic City casinos (I mean, how does anybody lose money on a casino???) while skimming his loans...

...and paid out $27 million in settlements for two fraud cases (Trump University and Trump Foundation), both of which he admitted in court papers.

And, oh yeah, he arranged for his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House... where they banked half a billion dollars in four years.

Put that orange turd in charge and his warped kiddies will be running the club... and in a couple of years we'll be playing local derbies with Marine AFC. And losing them. (Marine is really good!)

Jamie Crowley
132 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I'm uninformed on this in the main, but always had a weird, "this is absolutely not good" vibe about it.

These American owners, and believe me the right American owners I'd be fully behind, just seem dodgy as fuck.

This is actually good news, I think. If Moshiri wants a buyer, find another.

Pete Clarke
133 Posted 02/07/2022 at
We are the equivalent of somebody trying to sell an old bashed-up barely-functioning Rolls-Royce and the only reason people are interested (especially Kaminski) is because the car will soon be parked in a spanking new garage in a top location which is kitted out with spanking new tools, car lifts and all the glitter and the garage is part of the deal.

The problem is that the old mechanic who has worked on the car for years is demanding that he is the only person capable of fixing that car and must remain. Well, something like this anyway!

I guess we can always go looking for that guy who lived in a flat somewhere that was interested in buying us a few years ago.

Derek Thomas
134 Posted 02/07/2022 at
We were happy* enough post escaping relegation – *for a very low value of happy.

We're still just where we were – no worse* off - *for a rather high value of worse.

Yeah Richarlison has gone, but the banks and FPP are okay with us – for now.

Let's see if all this flushes out any more bidders.

Paul Birmingham
135 Posted 02/07/2022 at
If true I'm pleased. EFC can't run from Shit Creek to a worse place?

Let's hope more lessons learnt but, for me, this was akin to a Michael Knighton bid for Man Utd in 1989.

Bullshit Bingo in finance and P&L is always close to EFC for many years but, if true, hopefully the EFC Board will discover EFC and what it means.

Grin and bear it.


Neil Tyrrell
136 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Paul Kossoff, RIP, was a talented guitar player who left us way too young. History fails to note if he was also a malignant narcissist with delusions of insurrection and a dictator complex, somehow I doubt it.

"Trump did win" just like Gomes is a better midfielder than Lampard ever was. Unfuckingbelievable.

Ron Marr
137 Posted 02/07/2022 at
To paraphrase Howard Stern: You supporters of the Orange haired one feel free to get together and toast him with a glass of disinfectant. He hates you all.
Tony Abrahams
138 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bernie @122, but what's the weather like?!!! It's a good job I don't live near London, because I'd have been knocking for Danny to take the dogs for a walk at 5 am, and after reading the diversity of these posts now, I think it's best to just sit back and wait to see what the next couple of weeks brings.

The biggest concern is that the team needs strengthening and we still have to lose some expensive deadwood if possible; otherwise, we are going to start the season with the very same negative effect that was evident at the beginning of last season's disastrous campaign.

Bernie Quinn
139 Posted 02/07/2022 at
It's hard to understand the situation Everton is in. We are a famous club, a founder of the English Football League. One of about a dozen with the most League and FA Cup trophies. We own The Grand Old Lady – now past her best but visitors are still impressed with her.

We have a young and vibrant manager, who is well-liked and respected by the majority of supporters. Without doubt, we have the most loyal supporters in the country.

Despite some moans from posters, Frank has a decent team – being able to field a nearly full team of international players, with a cluster of young, skilful wannabes waiting in the wings. I could go on…

So why is the Club in such a shambolic state? The finger has to be pointed at top management. For over 30 years, at least 3 owners and their pals have dragged our proud reputation down whilst lining their own pockets.

And the answer? Clearly Moshiri has to get rid of Kenwright and the Board, replacing them with people who know the game and want Everton to succeed – or – sell! There must be people, or groups, with money and are football-wise, who can see the potential in our great Club.

Brian Murray
140 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bernie. It's not hard to understand the situation Everton are in. It's been coming 27 years – long before this gullible owner. We could have Pep in charge and nothing would really change… although a top manager wouldn't put up with it.

Perfect storm because Frank is still trying to establish himself so I doubt he will ask too many questions or maybe he doesn't know what's under his nose. As you pointed out. So sad another generation of Blues getting laughed at.

Bernie Quinn
141 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Tony at 138 - Oooo You are naughty -- But I like you!
Danny O’Neill
142 Posted 02/07/2022 at
The boy has been out, Tony. We sat down for a short while. I think he wanted to enjoy the sun we have here this morning. Within about a minute of my ramblings, he was off. I'll put it down to squirrels. I do think he cares about Everton.

That's it, Bernie. If the owner wants to stay, then show intent and get rid of the people who have taken him for a ride and wasted his money. Put people in place who can actually run a business and football club on his behalf.

Or sell.

Brian Murray
143 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Danny. Do you believe in hypnotics or somehow being under a spell? I've heard of being obsessed and mesmerised by some beautiful bird but not by a self-serving ageing idiot. Wake up, Moshiri lad.
Danny O’Neill
144 Posted 02/07/2022 at
He needs to Brian.

**needed to. Past tense. He let the Chairman convince him that he had his back, when really he had his own as long as he kept hold of his train set.

Colin Glassar
145 Posted 02/07/2022 at
So where’s Tarkowski then? Anyone seen him in an Everton shirt putting pen to paper? Have we been Riquelmed again?

I’m not really bothered if he’s signed or not but it’s just another sign of the chaos at Goodison. Is anyone currently in control?

Bernie 139, one word - Kenwright.

Brendan McLaughlin
146 Posted 02/07/2022 at
When Moshiri initially arrived he didn't want Everton to take up too much of his time and so left Blue Bill as Chair. However, Moshiri continued to make the big decisions on managers and DoFs himself.

It will be the same with respect to any prospective takeover... when, for how much and to whom... will all be decided by Moshiri.

The idea that the 2% tail will wag the dog is ludicrous. Blue Bill will play no significant part.

Steve Shave
147 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Colin -145, he's coming mate, leaked images of him wearing the No 2 shirt. I expect it to be announced today.

I agree though, there does not seem to be anyone "in charge" of our great club. We are an utter embarrassment. For this reason, I do believe we need new ownership. It would see off Bill.

I am grateful for Moshiri's investment but the guy is beyond incompetent. I hope he's done some serious reflecting lately, if he can command £500M for this club and walk away, he is a lucky boy because he nearly screwed it all up so badly we may never have recovered.

Paul Hewitt
148 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Something tells me Usmanov is still in control. Won't sell till the stadium Is built.
Tony Abrahams
149 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I pray that you're correct, Brendan, and also that this is hopefully going to “give” the man so much pain. He could never deliver us silverware, (although he's made himself more than enough money out of Everton) and so I think his own personal holy grail has always been to deliver us a new ground. To think he's made enough to still have had plenty left if he'd provided that fabled ring-fenced money, along with also keeping a certain degree of control?

His lackeys inside Goodison won't be able to do a thing to prevent Moshiri selling (whilst anxiously awaiting the domino effect of a failed regime) and when this happens, all Bill Kenwright's great thought-out plans about presenting a grand new stadium to Evertonians with him being portrayed as the messiah will hopefully go up in smoke.

That's my second wish, with my first wish obviously being, that Moshiri finally gets something right before he departs.

Jonathan Tasker
150 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bullshit Billy refused to go.

Deal ends.

Not complicated.

Stu Darlington
151 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Mike @131,

Stop sitting on the fence. If you don't like the orange man, just come out and say so, instead of confusing us with the facts!!

Brendan McLaughlin
152 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Tony #149,

Of course I'm correct... have you ever known me to be wrong? 🤣

Seriously, Blue Bill only survived last time because he held a significant shareholding, Moshiri felt Bill would enable him to be an "absentee landlord" and to be fair a friendship had developed between the two.

It's significantly different now and there's no way Blue Bill will escape the tsunami of a further takeover.

Keep the faith –and don't be deflected by the histrionics of other false prophets on these threads!

Paul Birmingham
153 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Re Tarkowski, my lad showed me some pictures on social media yesterday. It looks genuine, the deal is done.

But the loss of several squad players and Richarlison leaves the squad very lightweight in terms of numbers.

Mentality wise, let's hope the belief of the last 3 months of last season was stored for this season.

Let's hope Frank is supported by his board in the right way, as Everton do need some recruits ASAP, to have a chance to gel with the rest of the squad.

Brian Murray
154 Posted 02/07/2022 at
In a parallel universe somewhere, we would be reigning champions if Sheikh Mansour hadn't been ushered away for having the cheek to ask for his own people. (Sound familiar, Mr Kenyon?)
Laurie Hartley
155 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Paul # 148 - I have the same feeling.
Derek Taylor
156 Posted 02/07/2022 at
So Moshiri wants investors in his Everton – rather than a sale at a knock-down price? Sounds like Chairman Bill's script for 20 years before he found the rich idiot who would keep him at the helm.

Just who would want to invest in a loss-making club like Everton and have to be subservient to Moshiri and Uncle Bill? God only knows... so they will just muddle along until the debt becomes unserviceable or the new stadium project at Bramley-Moore Dock is abandoned!

Of course, relegation would see the sale price collapse and a change of owner their only way out.

Jerome Shields
157 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Kenwright, as Chairman and a shareholder, is the gatekeeper to any takeover deal. If the prospective takeover parties come through him, he will decide whether they go forward. If it is through Moshiri, they will be dealing with Kenwright during the due diligence phase.

As for the Premier League suitability test, prospective owners will be presented by Kenwright & Co. It is not what you own, it is what you control is important. Kenwright is not without influence and will use it. Any prospective takeover parties will be talking to him.

John Keating
158 Posted 02/07/2022 at

Now let's see some real players come out to play.

Brian Harrison
159 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Surely the biggest worry is not whether this consortium take over but who is going to fund the stadium? It's widely reported Moshiri is looking for investment to build the stadium, so at what stage will the construction of the stadium halt if no money is forthcoming?

Maybe the plan was for one of Usmanov's companies to stump up the money if other avenues closed but that can't happen now, so where do we go from here, Moshiri? Don't you think it's time you told the fans the truth over what's going on, or at least tell Jim White so he can tell us.

Brian Murray
160 Posted 02/07/2022 at
If it meant Kenwright was backed into a corner and had to go, I would've taken relegation last season. I don't expect anyone to agree with that and I'm not looking for any approval.

Having said that, the scenes of our fans near the end of the season made me realise what the club means to me and the thousands. Fuckin' disgraceful I should even have that mindset but there you go.

Couldn't we alter our "We hate Bill Shankly" song for a different surname? Oh and if it's true he still has a vice-like grip and everything goes through him, I'd say the same next season until we get our club back.,

Jim Bennings
161 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Could the last person at Everton Football Club please remember to switch off the lights?

Seriously, this club is running itself into the ground, it wouldn't even shock me if in five more years we don't exist.

How can you have so many moronic fools working at the club all at once?

Jim Lloyd
162 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brendan (152) and Brian (154),

Both of your posts are both good posts and both have the grubby hands of Sir Bill all over them.

Still no official statement from Mr Moshiri's camp as far as I can see. If I've read the reports right (or rememebered them right, more like!) hasn't Kaminski been over to meet Moshiri and look at the site of our new ground?

There's lots of speculation and no wonder, with one party saying papers have been agreed and signed; and then the "sources close to Moshiri" saying it's off; but I have seen no written or recorded statement to say so.

I'd love the Yanks to take over and we get a board of people who know how to run a business running our club. And, above all, get rid of the leech who has led our club to this.

Mr Moshiri has come in for a lot of criticism, but I think if he has done anything worthy of criticism, it's falling for Bullshit Bill's patter. I think he realised, late into the game what a situation he found himself in, and tried to do something about it too late.

Anyway, where we are today is unsettling to us but what is it doing to the Manager, DoF and all the staff? Furthermore, what is it doing to our recruitment action and the players that the manager wants rid of?

Until a statement comes out, one way or another, I see the situation as one of instability for all the staff and us trying to make sense of what's going on. One thing is certain... uncertainty drives away players, potential parties interested in investment, partnerships takeovers... and is driving most of us up the wall!

Brian Murray
163 Posted 02/07/2022 at
It's obvious Moshiri has to find an alternative way of funding the stadium. Wasn't Usmanov big in steel and no doubt that was part of the finance for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock?
Brendan McLaughlin
164 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Disagree completely, Brian #160.

That's tantamount to wanting Everton to lose games... well beyond the pale for me.

Brian Harrison
165 Posted 02/07/2022 at
You really have to ask the question what idiot starts a building project without having all the financing in place?

I mean, let's remember how long this has been in the planning. And he is supposed to be an accountant, laughable.

John Kavanagh
166 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I'm glad that this deal with a very shady consortium has collapsed. If we are to have American owners, I hope it's someone with a far cleaner background, like say the Disney Corporation. This would be a perfect match as we've already been a Mickey Mouse outfit for the last 20 years.

I just hope that the sale of Everton doesn't prevent Lampard from making a few essential signings immediately so they can be slotted in before the new season starts.

Paul K @116 - your new tin foil MAGA hat seems to be working perfectly in tuning you into the alternative reality of Trumpworld. I'm sure the return of wanabee dictator Donald would be hugely welcomed by his chums, 'genius' Putin and Kim Jong Un, as well as your good self.

Jim Lloyd
167 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Things changed dramatically a few short months ago, thanks to mad lad Putin, regarding the stadium's financing, and of course, naming rights for the stadium.

Whether that has any bearing on partnership or takover moves, that Mr Moshiri is reputedly after, we are now in a situation of uncertainty.

In my view, unless our manager and DoF are able to go ahead with their plans, we are going to have a "very interesting season ahead!"

Gary Jones
168 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Wondering how much impact the Joe Anderson removal had on things too. Like him, or loath him, he was all for opening up investment in the northern docks area with strong links to Everton and Peel Holdings.

Be interesting to do a FOI into LCC and understand what's the plans moving forward beyond phase one of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Forward-thinking PR right now from LCC could really open investment ideas and opportunities. Not just for the city but for us too. That's win-win, full stop.

Raymond Fox
169 Posted 02/07/2022 at
If Moshiri didn't like what they were offering, he should walk away. I would prefer him to stay rather than sell to what appeared to me a bunch of chancers.

Let's be honest, none of us knows what goes on at board meetings. Moshiri is the owner so he ultimately gives the okay, but then you have 'the elephant in the room' — Usmanov. Does he make the decisions for Moshiri?

Steve Griffiths
170 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I have it on good authority that a guarantor for the stadium has been signed with Laing O'Rourke, so the funding is already in place.

The stadium will be built and is the reason why we have interested parties looking to purchase the club. Hopefully the sale will be completed sooner than later.

Len Hawkins
171 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Likening Kenwright to Barnum is a bit nasty... millions of people got lots of entertainment from Barnum's ring.
Brendan McLaughlin
172 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Len #171

I'm not biting...

Danny Baily
173 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Steve, my understanding is that Laing O'Rourke have agreed a fixed price for the construction. We don't necessarily have the funds in place.
Dave Williams
174 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I can't quite understand the belief that the deal broke down because Bill refused to go, or that the approach and negotiation would have been with Bill.

We are looking at the purchase of a large majority shareholding owned by Moshiri. Bill has less than 2%. The approach has to be to the majority shareholder as it is he who owns the controlliñg shareholding.

I know he has made some very odd decisions, but bearing in mind his enormous losses to date, there is no way Moshiri will entrust anyone but himself and his top advisors, ie. Deloitte, to negotiate a price for his shares. He is trying to recoup the best part of £500M and is not likely to ask Bill to take responsibility.

It is quite possible that the Russian is heavily involved and, if Bill was really told to be quiet in the meeting to appoint Rafa, then he is hardly likely to get a sniff of the action in this deal.

Tony Abrahams
175 Posted 02/07/2022 at
The biggest victory would see Kenwright not being involved, whilst we are waiting to see the stadium being completed, thinking he really is the messiah, Brian M.
Jim Lloyd
176 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I'm not sure Mr Usmanov has any influence in the stadium development, or the naming rights. He had paid £30M to have first option, I think, but the money for the potential naming rights? Aren't Mr Usmanov's finances sanctioned?
Brian Murray
177 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brendan @164. Okay, over-reacting on my part but I just want us going forward, not standing still every year, which he revels in.

Anyway, I'll let Tony and Danny etc take the baton on that as I don't want a second yellow on here. Keep the faith, God bless Pep.

Jim Lloyd
178 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Steve (170), I just hope the sale is completed!

As for further development, I understand that Peel Holdings want to develop the waterfront at Birkenhead, as well as the North end of our docks. I think it's imperative that the stadium is built, for that development to be completed.

So there's massive funding at the North end of Liverpool docks just waiting for the stadium to be built. Whether Mr Usmanov can invest, in any way, would not seem likely. But Mr Moshiri could do so and seek partners to invest with him.

Tony Abrahams
179 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I think you should have got a straight red for wishing relegation on us, Brian, although I perfectly understand your reasoning, mate!

I've been weighed down by the same man, over many, many years, but hopefully none of his preservatives can do anything to help him now, especially because they must all be getting quite worried about the domino effect that might just be around the corner…

George Cumiskey
180 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Paul @116 – don't answer the door if there's a knock. It's the men in the white coats coming for you!
P Ron Wells
181 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bad news day. With Laurel and Hardy remaining in charge, relegation is surely on the cards for next season. This is a Dickensian story that just gets worse all the time, with no Charles to write in a happy ending.
Danny O’Neill
182 Posted 02/07/2022 at
These are typically uncertain times for Everton.

It comes with the territory. We are tortured as much as we are privileged.

Brian, not over the top, just an outpour of frustration and emotion. Keep it coming. You are one of the most passionate Evertonians I've met. I can still see you in your Toffegirl t-shirt wrapping your silk scarf around your neck and almost hyperventilating before you left the Winslow to take your seat for the Palace match.

That young lad and his dad from Gloucester probably thought we were mad. Maybe we are, but now he is too the poor kid!!

It's going to be a long Everton summer. We all get a pass to vent and stress in my opinion.

None of us ever want Everton to lose.

But there are 30 years of frustration built up in those who have seen and expect better. Never let that go. Ever.

See you on 6th August.


Anthony Hawkins
183 Posted 02/07/2022 at
I suspect Bill doesn't want to let go and may have convinced Morishi that he too can keep a strong role in the club and reap financial benefit whilst gaining yet another sugar daddy.

If true, Bill continues to remain deluded.

Ian Hollingworth
184 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Makes me laugh that people expect a multi-billionaire lifelong Blue to come along and spend all their money on Everton just to make us a winning team. Like all the Saudis were avid barcode fans.

Face reality, folks, where there is real money, then crime and corruption is not very far away. Football is money for these potential owners. We have no say in what happens either, so we can't pick and choose, we can only hope that it works out.

Everton's only attraction to wannabe buyers is probably the stadium and subsequent development of the surrounding area and sadly not putting trophies in our cabinet.

Look how well we have done with the world's best Evertonian in charge for so long.

Jerome Shields
185 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brian #160,

The Premier League, the Football League and Uefa have separate Profit and Sustainability rules. In the case of Uefa, they are known as Financial Fair Play (FFP) Rules.

Everton are currently only dealing with the Premier League Profit and Sustainability Rules, which they have come to an agreement with, having found the Premier League accepting of their situation.

If Everton had have got relegated, they would have lost substantial income, which would have further worsened their financial situation and been subject to the Football League's Profit and Sustainability Rules, which appear to be rigorously enforced, eg, Derby County. Financially, it would have been a disaster for Everton.

I know where you are coming from, I actually thought that it would have been better that Everton had been relegated rather than beating Wimbledon all those years ago and posted it 5 years ago on this site, only to have John MacFarlane Senior explain the folly of such a opinion. He was right and that is even more the case now.

As Evertonians, it is easy to get frustrated and shout off with your heads.

Phill Thompson
186 Posted 02/07/2022 at
My take is that at last Moshiri is doing something astute. Walking away from the first offer you get, vaguely keeping them on the hook with “continuing talks”, while clearly still being open to offers from other parties so that he can get the best deal.

All the while assuring that he is still committed to the club. It seems a level of nous that he's never shown before in his football dealings with our club.

Alex Carew
187 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bill's just gleefully popped into his office with a shiny new unopened 1992 Intercity 125 model and enough track to add to his model railway from Ormskirk to Burscough junction.

Personally, I'm pretty happy this has fallen through, something seemed dodgy to me. Let's hope there is someone else with more money waiting in the wings now that FFP sanctions appear to have been avoided.

Kim Vivian
188 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Has it actually blown out? Does anyone know for certain?

We really are a can of worms right now and I just hope that Moshiri's financial success reflects the requisite steel to make all this work out all right for us.

James Flynn
189 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Regarding the potential sale of the club, Mr 94% of the shares isn't taking orders from Mr 1.3% of the shares.

Kenwright has officially reached "Boogeyman" status on ToffeeWeb.

I'm all for Kenwright out of the club and have said so for a lot of years. But this is getting ridiculous.

Moshiri – and Moshiri alone – will decide on if he's selling up and who to.

Ed Prytherch
190 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Moshiri trying to flush out other potential buyers to drive up the sale price?

He will be fucked if Kenyon walks away and no-one else steps forward. Then Kenyon returns and low balls him. "The Chairman's Gambit".

Barry Hesketh
191 Posted 02/07/2022 at
James @189,

I agree that Chairman Bill has become the 'bogeyman' of Everton FC but his actions over the course of 20-plus years have led to that status – he's above every single LFC player who has put us to the sword in the last 50 years.

It wasn't on TW that I read that part of the potential deal included Chairman Bill retaining his position at Goodison Park – it was reported elsewhere. I suspect whichever of Kenyon's party spouted off against the current board members, scuppered any chance of making a deal.

I do agree that Moshiri has done more financial damage than Bill has ever done, but only because he had more cash to splurge than Bill ever did.

Marcel Brands opens up on how Farhad Moshiri made things 'difficult' at Everton

Tony Everan
192 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Jim Ratcliffe, chairman and CEO of INEOS, likes investing in sport and football clubs, is worth £22bn and lives in ‘borrow a cup of sugar' distance from Farhad Moshiri in Monaco. He has assessed buying Newcastle, then tried for Chelsea too late, has stated in the past that a first-class stadium is a necessity for investing. He doesn't support Nice but he invested in them so it wouldn't necessarily put him off Everton.

Reading about him, he is as hard as nails about valuations so that's where it would likely fall down. Business acumen-wise and financial power-wise, he would be a different league to the previous consortium. He'd have us organised, well run and money spent wisely.

Unlikely I know, but there are some tenuous lines of logic that say he could explore the opportunity.

Bill Gall
193 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Tony #192

It would be nice. The players would not be happy he may have them cycling across Yorkshire Moors with a follow-up of a few steep hill climbs. One of the richest men in the UK. We should be so lucky.

Joe Corgan
194 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Anthony @183,

Do you have a shred of evidence that Kenwright has any bearing in any of this?

If not, you're just throwing shit at the wall.

Will Mabon
195 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bill – one of the richest UK men in Monaco.
Brian Wilkinson
196 Posted 02/07/2022 at
"Do not worry, Moshiri, I will get our FFP sorted. Once I get Spurs to take one of our top players, we will be sorted, then the next day, you can tell Kenyon's crew to do one.

"Just think how much more you will get, once the stadium is built! Me and you, Moshiri, me and you. Let the good times roll again, oh I do love my train set, toot toot!!"

Said it before and will say it again, the guy will still be here, until he gets to cut the ribbon for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Bernie Quinn
197 Posted 02/07/2022 at
All this uncertainty is wearing me out. I have to go into hospital again in a few days, hopefully for something minor. I'm praying that, by 7 August, I will be sitting at home in my comfy chair, sipping my Irish Whiskey, knowing that my club is at last in safe hands.

I am at Goodison in spirit with Danny watching us beat Chelsea, and hearing Christine screaming as Calvert-Lewin bangs the goals in. But what are the chances of that, I wonder?

Brendan McLaughlin
198 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brian #196,

Not quite how Brands – who actually worked for the club – portrays it.

Brendan McLaughlin
199 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Bernie #197,

Well unless you're going in for the full "Manchester City" brain transplant... you're just going to have to suffer along with the rest of us.

Hope all goes well. Let us know!

Brian Wilkinson
200 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brendan, we can all blame Moshiri for the past few years, but certainly not well over 25 years.

He might not have knowledge about football, but he has certainly dipped his hands into his pocket in the tune of over £400 Million on players, even buying shares to offset our FFP limits.

While the blood-sucking leech has not spent one penny of his own money, in over 20 years of sitting in the Chairman's seat, and has the barefaced cheek to say we have had some good times.

He might have had some good times, but I certainly have not.

Yet he still continues to be our Chairman – is that Moshiri's fault? Yes – for being hoodwinked by the guy.

I will finish with two words:

Kenwright Out!

Brendan McLaughlin
201 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Sorry, I tried but life's too short...

Jerome #123,

So when they forged the minutes about selling/buying the property "Luckily they had put down subject to financial assessment, which had been the true outcome of the meeting."

So they basically reflected what actually had been agreed?

Brendan McLaughlin
202 Posted 02/07/2022 at
Brian #25,

No need to go back 25 years. If you took over a club 7/8 years ago and made no improvement... would you not look in the mirror?

Bernie Quinn
203 Posted 03/07/2022 at
I took my medication and closed my eyes --- I had a drm.ea

Nev Southall and Tim Cahill led a consortium of Blue-Bloods and bought the Club. Nev and Tim become joint Chairman and Danny O'Neill is DoF, whilst Christine Foster becomes Advisory Director, working from home.

Luvvie Bill is shown the exit door, but in recognition of his Everton connection, a small section of the new stadium is set aside to be named 'Kenwright's Childrens Pen' (no sexism here).

The Club's Trophy Cupboard will display one silver cup – The Liverpool Senior Cup - (Sorry, Danny, but we will never win the other one!)

Then the medication wore off and I woke up to reality -- I had a dream...

Steavey Buckley
205 Posted 03/07/2022 at
In today's modern business world, owning a Premier League club raises the profile of any investor. But usually a Premier League club does not return any financial investment. The previous owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, lost £1 billion supporting Chelsea financially.
Howard Sykes
206 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Anyone remember Hicks and Gillette on the other side of the park? Came in with big plans to build them a new stadium. But they were asset rich and cash poor and didn't have a pot to piss in.

One of these guys is in real estate so all his assets are tied up in bricks and mortar with no cash.

Mark Boullé
207 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Not read all the comments so apologies if somebody already said this, but the cynic in me can't help wondering if the takeover rumours were floated as a convenient distraction from the grim news of being forced to sell one of our best players by 30 June just to keep onside of the profit and loss rules...

Funny how the deal became dead in the water as soon as Richarlison was sold, isn't it...?!

Tony Abrahams
208 Posted 03/07/2022 at
I've been reading that it's not dead in the water, Mark, and now there are two more interested parties involved…
Billy Roberts
209 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Steavey @20,

Abramovich would have actually made a profit selling Chelsea if the cost of the club recently sold is believed to be accurate – £3 billion isn't it? He lost his money supporting Putin not Chelsea.

Mark @207

Sorry mate, but that has to be one of the silliest ideas I've read on here for a while. So Kenyon and his team were just pretending to be interested to help Everton bury bad news????

Steavey Buckley
210 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Billy, 209.

If it is about owners making money out of Premier League clubs, why aren't there more sales?

Saudi investing in Newcastle is to raise their profile. Glaziers could sell Manchester United for a lot of money, doubling the price Chelsea was sold for.

Abramvoich did not want Chelsea sold but was forced to, and the proceeds given to charity. I believe the UK government set the valuation, which was met.

Billy Roberts
211 Posted 03/07/2022 at
Steavey @210,

I am aware of all of the above... But you said Abramovich lost £1 billion to prove a point without mentioning the small elephant in the room of his Russian friends.

Come on, if Abramovich woke up a year ago and thought "I will sell up", would he have lost £1 billion?

Keep the 2 conversations separate and answer the question honestly. Remember, Abramovich bought Chelsea for something like £150 million – please correct me.

Michael Kenrick
212 Posted 05/07/2022 at
A statement today from the Kenyon Klan:

“As a general principle, we prefer to conduct our business in private to create the fairest environment for those involved – and in this particular situation, to minimize uncertainty for fans of Everton.

“It is regrettable that this has not been possible.

“We respectfully remain interested in acquiring the club as we believe its fans deserve nothing less than the best, and our offer to achieve this stands.

“However, in consideration of all Everton fans, we will not be making further public comments at this time.”

Sounds like a painful statement to have to make under the circumstances. Trying to fit in with an appeal to the fans and "nothing less than the best" but that final line is so Everton FC of old, it stinks!

Danny O’Neill
214 Posted 05/07/2022 at
So how do I interpret that?

I'm going for the angle that they are still interested and want to make the move but are firing a warning shot across the bows for our amateurs to act more professional in their negotiations and dealings.

Seems like this could still be on.

Paul Smith
215 Posted 05/07/2022 at
Think Moshiri wants a minority investor to help build the stadium unless a too good to turn down offer comes in. Not going to happen. Hang on to your hats…
Mike Gaynes
216 Posted 05/07/2022 at
Michael #212, that sentiment doesn't surprise me.

Kaminski might be the lowest-profile billionaire on the planet -- even his hometown business community knows little about him personally -- and Thornton would certainly want to keep his Trump/China/human rights parlay on the down-low as much as possible.

I'd certainly like to know who those other two groups are.

James Flynn
217 Posted 05/07/2022 at
Barry (191) - As I said, "Kenwright Out" every day until he's gone.

But that he's any influence on Moshiri selling or not is laughable.

Now the subject of Kenwright remaining as Chairman as part of any Moshiri sell-up or even Moshiri's purchase of the Club, is equally laughable, even if it was actually written into or be to be written into the sale agreement.

In ToffeeWeb terms, this is almost taken as fact, plain truth, even though none of us have any idea why Bill is still Chairman.

My take is and has been simply that Moshiri is press-shy and Bill loves a camera pointed at him. It suits Moshiri to have it that way, so it is. Nothing more.

But back to this "in the contract requirement" that Kenwright be retained as Chairman, let's say (which I don't believe, mind) that his retention in place is written into the contract or no deal. OK.

The Flynn/Hesketh Group buys 70% of Moshiri's shares and accept as part of the deal not only financing to complete the new stadium, but also that William Kenwright will be retained as Club Chairman.

I's dotted, T's crossed, deal approved by the league. Everything settled.

A month later, we tell Kenwright he's out.

"Bill, James and I have gone thru everything we feel we need to get Everton back up the league challenging again and we don't really see a job for you in it. We'd like to announce your retirement with all appropriate ceremonies and flourishes. But for what we're about to do with the Club,we won't need you."

What exactly could Kenwright do about it? Get a lawyer? Well, his retention as Chairman IS written into the purchase contract (Which again, I don't believe is the current case or would be a deal-breaker in a future one). I guess he might sue in that case.

Go to the Press? Sling mud? I'd offer that he hasn't gotten this far in a successful life by being an idiot. Lots of mud could be slung back at him. After all, Hesketh and Flynn didn't get this far being idiots either. They've SEEN the books, remember.

But practically speaking, no matter what course Kenwright took, he'd still be out.

He wants to keep his hand in? Fair enough and no problem. When James and Barry reopen the AGMs, old Bill can attend and sit with all the other Evertonians hold a few shares. No hard feelings from our end.

Maybe boogeyman isn't the right description. Perhaps totem is more appropriate. Kenwright's come, with some justification, to symbolize everything wrong with Everton.

But Moshiri wants to sell all or the bulk of his shares, Kenwright staying or going won't mean a thing to him.

Mark Boullé
218 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Billy @209,

The last 2 years have made me deeply cynical about absolutely everything, I'm afraid! I believe nothing I read anymore and question the real meaning or hidden motivation behind everything...

Plus, you know, Everton do have a bit of a history with conveniently timed stories leaked to the media just when things are looking grim on the football, transfer, investment, stadium etc front...

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