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The band gets back together for the first time since the end of the 2021-22 season to talk about the events of the summer so far. Lyndon, Paul and Adam chat about the departure of Richarlison, Everton's transfer strategy in general, the confusion around the proposed takeover and, finally, discuss Duncan Ferguson's departure from the club.


Linked article from the discussion: Duncan the Legend?


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Bob Parrington
1 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Somebody has to start and so, "Hi Lyndon. Just been looking at the commotion around your prime minister. Pales Everton's problems in to insignificance, eh! Thought we had it bad enough in Australia.

Firstly, though, Tarkowsky! Hope I got the spelling right. I think this is a shrewd signing. He's the kind of guy we've been missing in the side - Guts and all. A bit like a Mark Noble character.

I feel good about Richie going. Good for him and good for us. We've never truly matched him with a companion goal scorer. Think of Spurs with Son and Kane as an example. We've had a few successful striking partnerships at Everton during my 68 years as an Evertonian. We need to create a new one now. Maybe a Dobbin plus DCL (if we keep him).
Dobbin's height doesn't have to be a problem - recall Alex Young??

Hopefully, Dele Ali will come good. There's a superb player in there somewhere. I hope rank's belief in him will bear fruit!

Stand our ground on keeping Anthony Gordon. Don't let the current cash situation push us in to selling a prized asset. As I wrote on another thread of TW, don't make long term decisions based on short term circumstances.

Enough from me from now. But glad the Toffees are coming over to Australia in November. I live in Adelaide and will do the 1400km trip from Adelaide to watch. I have a son in Sydney and another in Melbourne and so perhaps we can even have a reunion of our own.

Thanks Lyndon for all your efforts with ToffeeWeb.

Ben King
2 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Simultaneously LOVE this podcast….but also hate it.

Love it because so much of it echoes my thoughts: 3 die hard fans have sensible objective chats about something I love (Everton obvs).

But hate it because of the subject matter: we are so shite in everything we do - our recruitment, the marketing, the style of football, our governance - when you out it together it’s a miracle we’ve been an ever present in the EPL era.

I reckon of the £55M we banked (down payment) for Ritchie, Frank/Kevin have about £20-£25M to spend (rest goes towards the losses).

Hence the delays in trying to get frees and cheapo deals.

It was such a good point made on the Pod: we paid TOP whack for players that had no other suitors!!! Even if the players were deemed good enough quality then surely Boliase should have been £15-20M, Siggy, £25M, Walcott £12M, Schneiderlin £12m, Ritchie £20M, Williams £6M, Tosun £10M etc

We wouldn’t be in half the state we are in now with some prudence. And if those figures weren’t enough to persuade the club to sell then find different targets!!! They were never going to be world beaters!

Klassen was never £20M, more like £8m. If they don’t sell then fine, move on.

Now Kevin & Frank have the summer of their lives to unpick this FFP mess and somehow make a silk purse from a sow’s ear

Danny O’Neill
3 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Good listen guys. I would volunteer to guest but I would probably get angry, then emotional and eventually just bore everyone. Besides, I'm nowhere near as articulate as you!!

I hate summers. I don't like hot weather even though in the UK we don't have to worry about that too much. But if we dare to venture over 10 celsius and cloudy, it's a heat wave bordering on drought. Political situation aside, we're in meltdown right now in the south east as we are north of 25 degrees.

Not just that. Summers are rubbish because there is no Everton. To the title; dogs days of summer. Talk to my poor dogs who are very understanding but often confused and concerned with me. That poor boy and girl have very long summers.

Anyway, great discussion, so I'll pull out a few observations and comment.

Richarlison will be difficult to replace. Regardless of what we think of the player, it's the character. I think it was telling that after Coleman, the second player Lampard went to in the changing room after the Palace match was Richarlison. And the way the players reacted to his reaction was equally telling. Popular and clearly influential. You can't always buy that.

I know that I'm overly optimistic at best but I have optimism going into next season. The Leicester example was a good one of how you can swing things around even in the modern era. Despite my then childish hope, if anyone had told you in December 1983 that 5 months later Everton would have won one trophy, been runners up in another and one year later be league champions as well as adding a European trophy, they'd have been laughed out of town.

Nothing is impossible. Everything is achievable.

The recruitment strategy has been shocking and incoherent. At best. Our scouting seems non-existent. Stop paying over the odds for Premier League or even Championship players. Cast the net.

If you want a good example, look at RB Leipzig. Rarely (if ever) do they pay over 20M Euros for a player, yet are competing at the top of German football as well as in Europe on a regular basis.

Beware of suggesting that centre back is not a priority for us. I hope that Tarkowski is the leader we need, but it has been a hamstring for us for a number of seasons now. As is the defensive midfield / sweeper position.

I've said enough about Duncan on the Duncan thread. But some good points. Maybe he does just want to be a coach. I can appreciate that and also that some people only reach a certain level. Just like players. It seemed to me that Duncan as the assistant was always a bit passive in comparison to the fiery player we watched. And he seemed to go more reclusive when Lampard's team came in.

There's no such thing as a normal Everton summer. Here we go.


Des Mclaughlin
4 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Find the podcast a tough listen due to "you know" being said every 5 seconds by Paul. Seriously count the number of times he says it, Well over a 100 times an episode.
David White
5 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Danny @4 makes a great point about scouting. Seems like our network is non-existent. Do they just watch Sky Sports News or are they actually looking at up-and-coming prospects?

Hopefully Patterson and Mykolenko come good.

I think Calvert-Lewin is the last good example of us cherry-picking from lower leagues and actually coming good – let's do more of that!! It's what the "bigger" sides do in the Premier League. I mean, you don't need a big scouting network to be looking at Lingard, Rabiot etc.

I hope our strategy is more along the lines of Godfrey, Patterson, Mykolenko. As, if they don't come good, there's more chance to move them on as they will be on lower wages and still eager to make a name for themselves even lower down the leauges.

Ben King
6 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Des #4

I too find that very very off-putting. It was a great start to the pod but then old habits die hard.

It's like an Everton player, gotta support our Adam: he'll come good like the mercurial Iwobi!!

Lyndon #5, could we get a one-week special to focus on our up-coming youth? I don't know much about them… not sure if you do – or a guest does but a highlight of our top 4-5 players perhaps?

Albeit I understand it's a tricky judgement: Gordon hardly pulled up trees at Preston and now he's an outside shout to go to the World Cup (imho).

Just how far away is Dobbin? Is Simms too immobile to be a top Premier League player? Does Warrington need to put on a stone? Is Price ready? Etc, etc.

Danny O’Neill
7 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I have high hopes for Lewis Warrington.

I know it's all opinions and you can never really tell, but I just see a player there every time I watch him.

By no means do I think he's ready to be a regular in that position, but I personally would love him to be involved and closer to our first-team squad.

Jerome Shields
8 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Aston Villa transfers in (7 July):

Diego Carlos – Sevilla, £26M
Boubacar Kamara – Marseille, free
Robin Olsen – Roma, undisclosed
Philippe Coutinho – Barcelona, £17M
Rory Wilson – Rangers

Tony Abrahams
9 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I've just noticed that the season beings in 28 days, Jerome. This is when you begin to realize that the silence coming from Finch Farm is becoming absolutely deafening.

We have lost one key player, and although we lost a lot more than that at different times for a chunk of last season, the fans need a lift, especially because it was these people who helped carry Everton over the line to safely not so long ago.

The absolute minimum we need is three good players but we need more really, especially if we can get rid of Gomes and another central defender. The clock is really ticking now.

Robert Tressell
10 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony several reports saying we need Premier League permission to sign new players due to financial situation.

The takeover might be having an impact too.

It is possible Tarkowski will be our only signing unless we can find a few waifs and strays like Gray and Townsend again.

Tony Everan
11 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony, Broja has been left out of Chelsea's pre-season tour so there will be some movement on him. But he has Newcastle, Southampton and West Ham offers too by all accounts. Hopefully Frank's influence can swing it.

Also, the Gibbs-White rumour seemed a genuine one so we are after an attacking midfielder too. It seems to be very quiet rumours wise on a DCM signing, but there surely must be some work going on.

These four new signings including Tarkowski will need a few weeks together to perform as a team. We need them next week to make sure we start as strong as possible and set the right tone for the season.

Eddie Dunn
12 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony, we have all been here before. Don't managers always bleat on about having the squad together for a good pre-season?

This lot just escaped the drop, now we have lost one of the elements that kept us up. I wonder if the players are readying themselves for another struggle?

Tarkowski is not going to save us alone. Where are the new recruits that are going to turn our midfield into a working unit?

Where is the second striker that can fill-in for Dominic?
At this rate, just imagine the wonderful opportunity the 5 subs rule will give Lampard!

Fran Mitchell
13 Posted 09/07/2022 at
We're not the only club to have done little business: Brentford look rather static and have lost out on Eriksen, so they will likely struggle. Bournemouth and Fulham also look decidedly weak without much in the way of investment. Wolves, Man Utd and Leicester have also done little to nothing to improve their first teams.

But there is some business going on that makes you wish we did business in a similar manner.

See West Ham signing Downes for £12M. Seems a capable midfielder from the Championship the type of player Moyes would get for us in years gone by.

Brighton signing Enciso looks another from their rather effective scouting network.

Villa have got themselves a steal with Kamara on a free.

Those are 3 midfielders with a combined outlay of about £20M.

It is possible to improve without spending £20-30 million per player. (In fact, given our experience, it's easier to do so on a budget than otherwise.)

Sam Hoare
14 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Some Twitter rumours that Broja has chosen West Ham over us despite Lampard's efforts. Not really surprising and a sad indictment on our fall over the last few years. Bit overpriced but could be a really good player I think.

I imagine Dennis may be our second choice. Then Winks or Gilmour. And a versatile full-back like Walker-Peters.

Tony Abrahams
15 Posted 09/07/2022 at
“We have been here before” makes me think of a line in family snapshot when Peter Gabriel sings about the assassination of JFK, for some reason, Eddie. After reading on NewsNow what Robert posted, before I responded to Jerome, this summer does definitely have the feel of those years when Kenwright was hoping to find Moyes £5M.

Lampard said he wanted some players who are more robust, so I just hope he wasn't misquoted, and was really saying that our squad is full of rust.

I know there is still time. A usually very reliable source told me the other day that Everton had requested five new houses to rent for new employees. But time is beginning to fly a lot faster, especially because I genuinely don't feel we have got the worst squad in the world. If we can just find the right players to “complement it” – otherwise, it's gonna be another real struggle, imo.

Robert Tressell
16 Posted 09/07/2022 at
For perspective, the current line up would be (in a 4-2-3-1):

Coleman / Patterson
Gordon / Gray



That is obviously far from ideal but if we play very negatively away and exploit home advantage then we should be OK. That looks like an 8th to 14th standard side.

The difficulty is an injury to Calvert-Lewin. We just don't have the cover.

Barry Hesketh
17 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Am I the only fan who is annoyed and slightly mystified as to how the club has gotten itself into a situation in which a) it broke the FFP rules, it would seem deliberately? And b) It appears to be the only club in the country, if not Europe, that has its business restricted by some suits at the Premier League.

Remember that, even with Richarlison in the team, we only just survived and we are expected to begin this coming season minus a few older heads who reached the end of their contracts and have to be replaced.

I don't suppose we'll know until the window closes how poor our squad will look but, given the financial restraints surrounding the club, we are going to find it very difficult to attract any true talent or and keep hold of the talent that we already have.

I read that the board and Bill advised Moshiri not to sell the club, unsure if that was to anyone or only to Kenyon's group, but surely a board that has presided over the financial mess created by that very same board should not be in position come the start of the coming season.

As fans we have to get behind whatever the team looks like in a months time; at the same time, we can't keep being the only ones that seem to be doing the right thing when it comes to all things Everton.

The owner and board have to be brave, inform the fans what is actually happening in relation to FFP and Premier League oversight and perhaps then the supporters might be able to show some understanding of the current situation. At the moment, we seem to have to rely on random sports journalists' innuendo and that isn't good enough, is it?

Sam Hoare
18 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Robert, the starting XI is maybe mid-table but the squad depth is non-existent. If we go into the season with that squad, I'd be predicting 12th-18th, especially with the likes of Calvert-Lewin and Mina seeming very injury-prone lately.
Allan Board
19 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Hi all, and I hope you are enjoying your summers!

Not many weeks left to introduce new players, and less time for them to integrate. This squad is not good enough and will repeat last season without at least 4 new signings, and Richarlison has gone.

Stop talking about the stadium and buy some young players, for heaven's sake. I can't deny I am concerned.

Clive Rogers
20 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Bill advised Moshiri not to sell the club. What a surprise!!! Putting his own interests first again.
Tony Everan
21 Posted 09/07/2022 at
We've got five league matches before the transfer window shuts on 1 September. I don't think we can afford to wait until the bitter end for the midfield strengthening, especially a defensive midfielder.

I'm still nervously patient, my concern is that clubs like Leeds seem to be one step ahead recruitment-wise, and very organised when compensating for their loss of Phillips. The next couple of weeks and things could look very different though.

Robert Tressell
22 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Sam, completely agree about squad depth. We do at least have cover for Mina though.

I don't believe it's a relegation squad if handled well – which means being unashamed of disgustingly negative football when times are tough.

Hopefully we can get the DCM we need to hold it all together – and a versatile player who can play wide and forward like Richarlison did.

I'm interested to see what Lampard can get out of Dobbin, Davies and hopefully Gbamin is holidaying in Lourdes this summer.

Gary Jones
23 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Robert @ 17 - good post.

That side is certainly a “mid-table looking up” team. However, unless Simms or Dobbin are going to burst through, you rightly point out that an injury to Calvert-Lewin would be a disaster.

An injury to Allan (guaranteed) or Doucoure would be even worse. Single point of failure at left-back too.

Gary Jones
24 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Nice ball by Gbamin, nice play by price, classy finish by Calvert-Lewin. Keep that up, lads.

Jerome Shields
25 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony #10,

I was just highlighting a comparison which most would consider that we would be on a par with. Brighton and Brentford have signed nobody yet.

But Everton are following the same pattern of Summer transfers that they have been following for seasons now. One initial early signing, selling what they could (reducing the wages bill and then the last 2 weeks rush. But, as Robert said there is the involvement of the Premier League Profit and Sustainability Committee and the promised takeover funds mirage, which means that Moshiri will have to provide finance.

I don't know what the situation is with the Richarlison money. . . Though I don't think he will provide much from Moshiri. It looks like the DoF profile players are not biting, so Frank will have to call in a few favours, like Ancelotti and Benitez did. But the stark reality is that Premier League survival will be the objective this season.

They will not want a Top 6 place and Uefa FFP scrutiny. It really was a close shave last season.

Tony Abrahams
26 Posted 09/07/2022 at
UEFA FFP scrutiny must be amongst the biggest contradictions in the game, Jerome?

Barcelona can operate in spite of their humongous debt, but they were trying to punish Man City because of their incredible bank balance.

Everton might have lost a lot of money, but the club does seem to be in a much better financial position now than it ever was under Bill Kenwright, which does make it seem like these rules are more about protecting the status quo rather than anything else.

Raymond Fox
27 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I agree with Sam#19 that our squad at the moment look more like a 12th and thats generous, to 18th finish.
We did have most things such as injuries and sending offs, loss of the Icelander go against us last season though, I hope for better this season.
We will undoubtably strengthen the squad but need to after selling Richarlison.
Barry Rathbone
28 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Frank needs a remarkable Martinez window with a Lukaku and Delboy sprinkling of magic then a collective prayer and Ave Maria for funds to replace the remaining dross.

Without funds no matter what he does the next term will see Martinez revisited with cack loanees and cheap signings attempting to continue progress - simply impossible.

May the lord be with you . Amen

David White
29 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Watching the dcl goal from training and who thinks gabamin might be like a new signing if he can stay fit ? Great ball from him ! I notice he only missed one match while on loan at cska so fingers crossed he can get going in a blue shirt because I think he is much better fit to the system what we hope Frank might adopt than a gomes, who if we could get 8- 10m for I'd bite your hand and arm off for !
Robert Tressell
30 Posted 09/07/2022 at
It all As it happens Brentford have just bought Aaron Hickey the extremely classy Scottish full back from Bologna. Brighton have also bought but, typically for them, it's speculative signings for the future especially Paraguayan striker Encisco and Ivorian winger Adingra.

I think our main issue is that we are completely unsuited to playing decent football. It's going to have to be very gritty

Ian Bennett
31 Posted 09/07/2022 at
We are in the shit.

No goals in this team, and we have to ask the Premier League if they will let us sign players. Even if we can find a decent player or two, get them over the line is going to be problematic.

We need to use the loan system well to paper over the cracks.

Tony Abrahams
32 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I know someone was on ToffeeWeb recently, saying that the reserve Liverpool right back Neco Williams, was better than Jonjoe Kenny. I never got into any argument, even though I personally think Jonjoe, is possibly a better player than the young Welsh fullback, and now I’m reading Forest are going to be paying around £16 million, to sign Williams, which is an incredible amount of money, imo.
Clive Rogers
33 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony, 27, FFP rules do not take debt into consideration, rather it is profit/loss and player wages basically.
I doubt we are in a better position financially. The club has lost nearly £400M in the last three years and Moshiri seems to have run out of cash since cutting all ties with USM /Usmanov.
Jay Harris
34 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Absolutely spot on Tony even if Jonjoe wasnt quite as good we should still have got a decent fee out of it instead of allowing yet another player to run down his contract.

We need to get tougher with players who clearly just want to run down their contracts such as Tosun, Delph etc.

Hopefully Thelwell will introduce contracts that favour the club rather than the player.

Tony Abrahams
35 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Thanks for explaining that Clive. So clubs can be in debt, but if they keep getting in the champions league, they should be okay, with regards making enough profit, to keep them inside FFP rules, every season.

I’d agree that our financial position isn’t great Clive, but at least we’ve got Bramley Moore rising out of the River Mersey, even if nothing else has really changed.

Paul Hewitt
36 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony@27. I doubt we are in a financially better shape. I read an article last week saying we are in a terrible financial mess. You can't loss the money we have over the last 3 years and not be in trouble.
David White
37 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Jay 35, I agree, mate.

Mina, Gomes, and maybe Gbamin (if Frank doesn't think he's gonna cut it) should be sold. Sick of these types sitting on the big wages and the club getting no value out of them. Even if minimal fees, surely better than seeing them leave for free after paying them even more wages.

The same should be said of a few of the young lads. Some are in demand this year after decent loan spells so let's get some money for them or play them.

Tony Abrahams
38 Posted 09/07/2022 at
The club is in a massive financial mess Paul, and I think this is what also galvanized our supporters so much, to help the team avoid relegation.

I’ve often said that I’d take relegation to get rid of Bill Kenwright, but I knew that if we had gone down last season, it would have took us a long time to recover, (so I changed my mind!) and this looks even more obvious now.

The ridiculous way we have been run financially has obviously got us in trouble with the league, but our club hasn’t been right, since before we became plucky little Everton, and I genuinely don’t see any difference between then and now.

We couldn’t spend money because the owner never had any, often robbing Peter & Paul, to stay in charge, and now we can’t spend money, because a man who made his money in accountancy, never spent enough time on his investment, and left it to others instead.

But still things are moving in the right direction, because the stadium is getting built, and the owner is going to sell… Or is he just going to continue lumbering us with the same incompetents?

Mike Gaynes
39 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Jay #35, footy isn't the NFL or baseball. In this sport there is no such thing as a contract that allows a team to sell a player who doesn't want to be sold, no matter how "tough" you get with him.

And if the move doesn't offer something the player wants -- a better team, more money, more minutes on the pitch -- then he's not going to accept it just to do the club a financial favor.

The player, not the club, determines whether he is "allowed" to run down his contract.

Mike Gaynes
40 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Robert #17, your projected list doesn't include Gbamin, but that video makes it look very much like he may be in the picture.
Tony Abrahams
41 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I think Isaac Price might push through Mike, but not because of that video, but because I see him as a very energetic footballer, who gets into good positions and then moves the ball on quick.

This type of player, usually improves, every time they step up to a better level, but either way, Everton need better players/midfield players.

Tony Everan
42 Posted 09/07/2022 at

RedEcho reporting we are free to spend and don’t need authorisation. But we remain in dialogue with them. So make of that what you will.

Gbamin deserves a chance as much as anyone to prove himself pre-season. I’m pleased he is showing up well, very early days though and can’t read too much into a kick about.

It may be delusional but could the lack of DCM rumours reflect growing confidence in Gbamin?

Danny O’Neill
43 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Well, tickets for Chelsea are on sale on Monday. I'm in fully Danny pre-season optimism mode. Waiting to see if that Kiev friendly is confirmed? I know we offered, but not sure if it's going ahead.

Out with my younger brother and son last night. Combined age, they only have 10 years on me.

I'm talking of Wembley and Europe. They shook their heads and gave me some constructive feedback about my state of mind. The apprentices preaching to the master. Some would say they are realists as opposed to my optimism bordering on romanticism. Some would call it insanity. But if I don't believe then it isn't worth it. I don't put myself through everything Everton to not believe it's going to be worth it.

Even the life long Manchester City supporting landlord gave me a sympathetic pat on the back.

Wembley and Europe.

Jay Harris
44 Posted 09/07/2022 at

I fully understand contract law and I wasn't suggesting we could just get rid of a player but there has to be a better way to have better contract conditions built-in – maybe by incorporating playing bonuses as part of the salary package so, if a player isn't playing, he gets less.

Options clauses for the club to exercise, eg, a 3-year contract with option to renew for further years rather than a straight 5-year contract.

Clauses that protect the club in the event of a serious injury keeping a player out for a substantial time on a reduced wage.

Jerome Shields
45 Posted 09/07/2022 at

It is just that Everton have enough on their plate with the Premier League Rules and Moshiri's changed deep pocket situation due to sanctions.

Ancelotti did everything he could to get into Europe, but the lack of enthusiasm from the Club from top to bottom may have had a reason. I doubt if they will be enthusiastic this season. Everton up for takeover is for a reason.

I expect Lampard to keep the same style of play from the relegation dogfight this season. It will be more system than players and any player brought in will be to suit. A five-man defence evolving in to offensive open attacking play going forward. Hopefully less errors and broader attacking options.

We do need a tough engine in midfield. I think that Lampard thinks more in terms of a midfield trio, with players in support, rather that one player with an engine. It is how he manages the attacking options that will decide a lot, again it is team play rather than individual, so an out-and-out striker may not be brought in.

This will be all against the saga of takeover rumours and financial decisions by Moshiri to suit. The only thing is that, with the money from the Richarlison sale, according to Paul the Esk, they look more compliant, but it is what they do going forward from now on that is going to be decisive progress-wise.

Robert, the Premier League hadn't updated their transfer site regarding Brentford when I looked at it. But even they are moving forward today. It just shows the expectation when we are checking out the lower table transfers and are not interested in any other transfers.

Gbamin, I had forgotten about him.

Clive Rogers
46 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Jay, 46, agree with what you say, but that would only mean players going to other clubs who offer a higher guaranteed wage.
Kevin Molloy
47 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I'm afraid I think as usual that the club aren't telling us the whole story here. This strait-jacket that has come out of the blue to kybosh our season, I'm calling bullshit.

if we were in such dire straits, why did we less than 6 months ago lash out €16M on an untried kid from Scotland, and £40M on Dele Alli? If the sky really was going to fall in if we didn't generate the Richarlison sale proceeds, we wouldn't have bought these two, would we?

So what's changed between January and now? Ukraine… simple as that. Moshiri no longer wants to put one penny piece into the club now that Usmanov is out. And he is just spinning this 'Oh no! I can't spend any money cos of Profit and Loss stuff'… Bollocks.

It's just another example of his lamentable leadership. And this development will not have gone unnoticed by Lampard. Suddenly he's going to be asked to do a Benitez, and get by on £1.7M again. So it will be just like last season, only this time we won't have Richarlison.

Tony Abrahams
48 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I don't think we have had any style of play under Lampard, Jerome. The players did eventually start playing a bit better, but I never saw any real semblance of any identity, and possibly because the squad was said to be broken.

I read a lot of criticism all season on ToffeeWeb, that the players never had any heart, but they showed a lot of guts against Palace, and hopefully this will stand us in good stead going into next season.

We live in hope, life is so much easier when you have a good football team, but we do need a complete reset. I'm sure even Bill Kenwright's biggest fan would even acknowledge that the club needs to move past his era.

Something tells me that Bill is going nowhere until the ground is built – probably because he believes that his time will be viewed differently once we move into our new stadium?

David White
49 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Let's get real – the starting line-up won't be too dissimilar to what Carlo had, minus Richarlison, plus Tarkowski; he managed to get 10th. It was clear Red Rafa is to blame for our free fall.

Some good coaching of this squad could make big improvements. If Frank can get Dele improved, Gordon improving his end product, maybe Gbamin staying fit if Frank fancies him... Look what he's done with Iwobi!!

My wish list would be a good out-and-out striker and midfield player who dictates the play (an Ericksen type… but no chance of him). I'd be optimistic but let's see if we get any ££££…

Nick Page
50 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Yes, David, it was all Red Rafa's fault we've spewed £500M up the wall on Kenwright's trainset, sacked 5 managers, and are on our third DoF… Try a bit harder, lad.

This is the problem with some Evertonians – until they take their collective heads out of the collective arsehole, we'll be languishing at the arse end of the table, if we're lucky.

Nick Page
51 Posted 09/07/2022 at
This is how it will play out. We might get a couple of free agents in and possibly a loan or two. We'll get snorted all over the place in a few hastily arranged friendlies against so-called lesser teams that look much fitter.

We'll start the season and scrape a draw or two but look awful and might be driven to make a panic buy as the window closes. And then we'll struggle in the bottom 3 all season and probably get relegated because this is not a mid-table Premier League squad and will only get so far on effort alone.

Or we move heaven and earth and demand change.

Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I thought it was injuries to key players that was our biggest problem, David, and then things just went from bad to worse.

It's gone now but, if we can find a couple of good solid midfielders and Tarkowski can build up a good partnership with one of the other central defenders, then we should definitely improve. But an injury to Calvert-Lewin would completely destroy us as an attacking force, and it's not as if we are that potent in this area as things stand.

I'm all for demanding change, Nick. And although I go on ToffeeWeb most days, Everton are already beginning to bore me – and the players only returned to pre-season training 6 days ago!

Tony Abrahams
53 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I'm genuine about being bored, and it's because of years of stagnation. Once a club of Everton's stature struggles to stand still, then it's already gone backwards, imo.

We got a chance with Moshiri's money, but we never really had a chance because of the way we continued to be run. The only real strategy appears to have only existed on paper, and this is why Moshiri has lost loads of paper… Once again, as Eddie said, “We have all been here before”.

Too many times actually, and it's why we need a complete reset. It does get boring blaming people, it sucks the life out of me eventually. Everton have never quite been professional enough to win (under a certain man), hence the banner on the kop, laughing at the longest barren spell by miles in our club's long history.

Nick Page
54 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Bores me shitless too, Tony.

From standing on my seat in the Top Balcony in 1985 vs QPR, singing “Hand it over, Liverpool” to this fucking mess… .and years of Kenwright mistruths and wrong-doings all because “nobody is a bigger Evertonian” than him. How disgustingly arrogant can you get?

So, to relieve the boredom of his tiresome and utterly appalling reign – undisputedly the worst in the club's history – we have to get rid of the parasitic bastard and all his appalling acolytes and sycophants. That's the game.

Footnote: So I ordered my 7-year-old the new kit yesterday. Paid for expedited delivery (next day) from shitbag. And now doesn't turn up until mid-next week. Everton that. Absolutely all over. Disappointing everyone all the time.

David White
55 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Steady there, Nick, la.

We all know we were not in best shape when Rafa came but we were optimistic when we had Carlo. We were looking brighter had an excellent away record and personally I thought we had something to build on.

Then enter Rafa... it's all opinions, mate but the speed at which the same squad of players (albeit without James) suddenly are battling relegation can only be down to him. It was Moshiri to blame though for making the appointment and only him to blame for pissing the £500M up the wall too.

I hope Frank & Kev can pull a few rabbits out of the hat and galvanise the squad for a decent top-half finish as I think that's the limit this year. Then hopefully we will be a more attractive option for some real investment by some people with the right knowledge of sports management and development.

A full buyout is our ultimate goal now with a new professional board who know what they are doing.

David White
56 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Yes, Tony. We don't need cover for Calvert-Lewin – we need competition for him. Rondon… nah! Calvert-Lewin knows if he's fit, he's playing. He needs someone breathing down his neck now pushing for his place.

Hope they have something lined up because, now Richarlison has gone, we are on the bones of our arse up front!

We all knew he was leaving for Tottenham so they have had time to line people up. There is value out there, look at Gray!

I've said before I'd rather take a chance on some young hungry talent than any more journeymen or last contract leeches like Lingard.

Tony Abrahams
57 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I heard Lingard has been left in a really bad financial position, because of leeches David, but I do take your point, mate.

It's boring now, playing the blame game, but do you think Moshiri could have bought Everton, if he wasn't prepared to keep Kenwright involved David?

Don't answer that David, because it's just another one of those “so what's – or it doesn't really matter either way” but until we get that new professional board, then the lyrics to Comfortably Numb will continue to reverberate around Everton because we were simply never meant “to just exist”.

David White
58 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Tony, I don't think Moshiri can just keep losing money. Now his Russian tap has been turned off, I think he's spinning plates because we are not his only business – where else is he losing dough? He's not going to throw the last of his dough at Everton to get the ground finished and improve the team.

Can Kenwright have any power now if Moshiri sells? I'm no expert but thought his shareholding was minimal now and it's just Moshiri using him like a human shield!!

If any buyer has to keep Bill, then we are fucked because who buys a failing business and keeps same people running it? It's like buying a car, finding out the head gasket needs fixing, but just leaving it knowing you're going to blow the fucker up!!!

Jerome Shields
59 Posted 09/07/2022 at

I was hoping that there was a system of play, but you know your football and go to a lot more matches than me, so my hoping was in vain. I thought that Everton could have been training to a system of play which through practice would have got them more organised and aware. But they decided to pull together to avoid relegation.

Come to think of it, I can't see what Lampard is trying to achieve in midfield or the type of player he would want. His assistant flicking through flip charts with subs, just before they came on, no way that works.

Everton are really poor quality-wise and I can't see that improving next season. I am now going to call for less errors, in the hope there is improvement.

Danny O’Neill
60 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Some interesting discussion on identity and system.

I've been complaining for years that we don't have a system of play and one that is replicated throughout the club. How players are coached, how they are trained, how they play.

For the first time in years, we need to allow this manager and his staff to build this and change the culture. I'm not Unsworth-bashing and, in his defence, he had to endure the managerial merry-go-around as much as we did. But I always saw a disconnect in what he and his staff were doing compared to the first team.

Now we have the drama of last season out of the way, I'll be interested to see how Lampard and his DoF approach things. I think he wanted to impose a certain style and system but quickly realised what tools he had and that it was about getting results.

It became needs must. Now we can reset.

Jerome Shields
61 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Danny #61

I did think that Frank and his staff had some type of system which they stuck with through thick and thin during the relegation dogfight, but Tony on the touch line just thought that the players where working hard.

Frank did give Iowbi a free role, but they do need a basic adaptable tactical plan, going into next season. Lower-table clubs have them worked out, compacting midfield. Everton are better against open-playing sides who don't set up shop against them.

Jerome Shields
62 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Everton seem preoccupied. A kind of crisis management. System seems a secondary consideration. The benefits that Danny highlighted not under consideration.
Jerome Shields
63 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Just interested in filling positions.
Danny O’Neill
64 Posted 10/07/2022 at
It will take a number of years and require assembling the type of players needed. Not necessarily the ones I want, but those who fit the style the coaching staff want.

I know I'll get told off, but it's what Klopp installed over the course of 3 seasons. I know it's painful but their kids didn't beat us in that FA Cup match because they were better.

They were drilled and organised on the basis of having the style of play and system installed into them. The transition is easier because they know what is expected when they step up.

Okay, counter that with our disorganised structure and coaching combined with a fragile mentality, and you have the perfect storm.

I don't dispute that Frank wants to and tried to implement a style, but he needs to be given time to do it, which requires change throughout the club, not just the first team.

I saw midfield diamonds, back 3s, back 5s. I saw a manager who realised he eventually had to play with what he had.

Don't get me wrong, it should never be rigid, not in the modern game. But there has to be a plan and playing culture throughout the club. In my opinion.

But let's finish on a positive. We got the best out of Iwobi, someone that some of us have always suggested there is a player in there somewhere. Anthony Gordon came good. Mykolenko grew in confidence. Pickford demonstrated how good he can be. I think Gray still has room to develop and improve. And Calvert-Lewin started and finished the season with diving headers for those who like a traditional centre forward.

Barry Hesketh
65 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Danny @65 and various other posts.

I believe I'm right in saying we are about the same age and therefore have witnessed all of the good and bad of Everton Football Club on and off the pitch. I wish that I could have your 'youthful' optimism about the Toffees but I just can't, because the fact remains that there has been no ambition shown by the club since the start of the Premier League and a few years prior to its inception.

In the summers following a 'good' season, we always convince ourselves that we are a player or two away from having a team that can challenge at the very top. We might even have signed that player from time to time only to have him injured for great swathes of the season and instead of making progress the team has gone into reverse and the club is 'forced' into selling another prized asset to keep the whole thing afloat.

It was preferable when we had little cash to spend as we could justify those necessary sales but, following huge investment, we are back to robbing Peter to pay Paul – or should that be robbing "Ivan" to pay "Vlad"?

As always, the current manager has to somehow find a way of making the team perform to the standards befitting of the fanbase but, whilst the current owners and board members are in place, his job is far more difficult than it ought to be. If he can't do a Moyes, he will be out of work, and the whole rotten carousel will begin again.

I'm beginning to feel that Don's idea that seeing a full stadium is the height of the board's ambitions and they would only react pro-actively if Goodison was half-full. That's not going to happen so close to the leaving of the Old Lady, and I wouldn't want it to, but I'm truly sick and tired of going over all of the same old ground, summer-in and summer out, only to find that the natural 'optimism' of a new season is well and truly over before British Summer Time has been replaced by Greenwich Mean Time.

Jerome Shields
66 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Maybe the explanation is in Theatreland. Show twice a week, the player sperform, and the play is plucky little Everton, the People's Club running for 30 years. A drama where nothing is won, you just get a slightly different ending each week. Players come and go, especially if money can be got for them.

Sounds familiar. Is that actually the system? Perfecting a system to win something is far from most minds involved inside Everton.

Sorry to be so negative but guess who I think the Impresario is? It's about running a successful show, not a successful winning football club.

Jay Harris
67 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I've been feeling quite depressed about Everton since Richarlison left and the suggestion that we either have no money or the league profitability and sustainability rules prevent us spending on new recruits.

Having listened to the podcast and Robbie Fowler of all people reporting that people inside the club have told him we are in the proverbial over FFP and can't do much has acerbated my depression.

Added to that, players seem to prefer the likes of Leeds to us – sums up how far we have fallen under Kenwright and latterly Moshiri.

My only hope for respite is that Frank and his team can improve the remnants of a rag, tag and bobtail squad and rapidly develop some of the youth players.

Allan is a season older, Delph has gone, so our midfield is still like a sieve. Richarlison's contribution will be sorely missed but Tarkowski should reduce our goals against column.

SOB (Save Our Blues!)/p>

Tony Abrahams
68 Posted 10/07/2022 at
If it's true about our financial position, then I don't know how Moshiri is even going to sell us, Jay?

You can buy the club, but you can't buy players, even though the team survived relegation by the thinnest of margins, and we have had to sell one of our best players, even though he was also one of the few who could get the crowd excited.

This is just me speculating, I know, but I bet you I'm not the only one, especially with there being just over 26 days until the new season begins.

Jerome Shields
69 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Given the supporters help in avoiding relegation, communication from the Club on plans, if any, on necessary improvement for next season has been non existent. I know that I thought the takeover had Kenwrights fingers all over it, but a announcement of the takeover at Minnesota, whether suitable or not, which have been timely in getting something sorted in preparation for next season.

Everton appear in Limbo limbo. Is a Takeover necessary?Is it having a effect on conducting Club business? Is other takeover offers being considered?

To have the Times report the deal is dead and then the Club to report it isn't giving details of the process and then nothing clarification wise is a bit strange?

Does anyone at Everton know what's going on. The Supporters want to be told. Things are so up in the air at the moment.

Danny O’Neill
70 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I'm a self confessed Everton fool Barry. That's why I get lectured by my 27 year old son and 33 year old brother about my predictions. But I can't help myself and won't stop until it happens again. And it will.

I do actually think that change is happening. I have confidence in the management team the is being put in place.

But the uncertainty surrounding the ownership needs addressing. And following that regardless of whether the current owner stays or sells, change the Chairman and board.

Get professional Everton. With the new stadium we have an opportunity.

Everton expects success. Not survival.

Tony Abrahams
71 Posted 11/07/2022 at
I don't know the Latin for “punching above our weight” but it's something a lot of Evertonians accepted, Danny.

Like me, you grew up watching Liverpool being the best team in the land, also often in Europe, but I bet you would never accept that they were better than us?

David Moyes got clapped out of Goodison, after delivering one cup final in 11 years? Think about that for just 2 seconds, and then it's easy to realize that Everton, and Evertonians, were lost.

I've never just expected success, but I've always expected Everton to be competitive, and at least try to give us success. Kenwright changed that narrative and “his saviour” actually got clapped out of Goodison Park – after 11 years of mediocrity.

Danny O’Neill
72 Posted 11/07/2022 at
I think you frame that better than me, Tony. We should expect to challenge and try to achieve success. Compete and believe.

I'll never give up that mantle.

I feel so much for my son’s and brother's generation because they have literally had the expectation beaten out of them.

I'll keep banging the drum and one day, this lost generation will understand what it's like to win something. They can keep shaking their heads at me.

I watched with envy as Liverpool conquered England and Europe and seemingly didn't know how to lose. Like Ferguson's Manchester United after them.

But I always believed we could be better than them. And for an all too brief period, we were. We surpassed them and they feared us. They celebrated when they beat us in the 87 Anfield Derby as if they'd won a trophy even though they knew we were Champions in waiting.

So I'll keep on believing until I have a breath in my body.

But change needs to happen. And we know where that needs to happen.

Tony Everan
73 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Tony @72,

“Ferrum supra pondus” – that would definitely be a motto we have to live up to next few seasons. Moyes did it in his own pragmatic way, now Frank has to do the same with his own managerial skills.

I think with two or three shrewd signings, stability and initially 8th is achievable. Moyes signing Soucek, Coufal then Bowen seemed to galvanise a weak West Ham and make them a tougher team to beat.

With Frank's desire for ‘robustness' he will be looking for similar players who can bring that mid-table + security as the first stepping stone on the road to a brighter future in the new stadium with improved financial firepower. Tarkowski comes into this category; another two for midfield must follow.

Then if we live up to the new motto, we can make a serious challenge for a cup and Europa League football.

Tony Everan
74 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Players we have been linked with recently are Broja, Zinchenko and Onana. If we could get them three in, we are back in the game. That's a minimum of £70-80M, so the £60M Richarlison and £27M Kean money can cover it. Plus one of our centre-backs could yet be sold.

Do we have the wriggle room to make three such signings?

Eddie Dunn
75 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Tony Abrahams, surely the clapping of Moyes(on departure) was symptomatic of the gap between the Sky 5 and anyone else, had made the "best of the rest" mantle something of an achievement in itself.

The media only took account of Moyes's better seasons at Goodison and the way he is mentioned, you'd think he had us in the Top 7 every season. We all know it was far less consistent than that.

However, as time has passed, the gap in spending power has increased and our one chance to close it was ruined by incompetence and stupidity.

The FFP rules have entrenched the likes of us to mid-table obscurity for as long as that cartel operates. Even Leicester, who bucked the trend that fine season, eventually had the heart ripped out of them.

It doesn't bode well. As of now, "best of the rest" looks a long way off!

Tony Abrahams
76 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Back in the game, Tony! I love that phrase, especially when it's sang by Dylan, and that's not too much to ask for when you consider who we are!
Brian Murray
77 Posted 11/07/2022 at
We look like having to put up with the damage this board is doing for now anyway. On the pitch, we just need 3 or 4 clever unknowns to really transform us although that seems to be a struggle in itself. Still time yet but the usual suspects like Broja and Gallagher etc are not coming. Big world out there.
Ray Jacques
78 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Any takers that we sell Calvert-Lewin to either Arsenal or Newcastle a few days before the window closes.

We escaped last season, but nothing has changed, still the same chaotic owner, teary-eyed chairman, uninspiring CEO and the same shit players like Gomes, Kenny, Holgate, Keane etc. Oh yes we sold our best player, but that will improve the team, surely.

Why should this season be any different?

Robert Tressell
79 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Tony #75, it's extremely unlikely now that we have the money to buy Onana, Broja and Zinchenko.

I expect the Richarlison money has steadied the ship financially but none of it is available for reinvestment.

I'd be surprised if we spend more than £30M in aggregate this summer. It could be much lower.

James Hughes
80 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Tony #72 I have to agree with that mate. I still remember the mid to late '70s and being a teenager at school. I would never admit the RS were better than us even though the table doesn't lie.
Raymond Fox
81 Posted 11/07/2022 at
We are only making up the numbers in the league, have been for years –there's too many barriers to get over.
Brian Murray
82 Posted 11/07/2022 at
The blue tide maybe rising and we don't realise it yet. I see kopites nervously looking to the left when on the Merseyrail. I'm telling yer I can see the fear in their eyes as we pass Bramley-Moore Doc, the stadium only getting bigger and bigger.
Derek Taylor
83 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Calvert-Lewin will leave and we shall be told it was at his own insistence. The £35M we get for him will allow the signing of another three 'no-marks' who, hopefully, will be good enough to keep us away from the trapdoor!
Jay Harris
84 Posted 11/07/2022 at
I believe Cornett has a release clause of £17M. I think that represents good value if we're desperate.
Joe McMahon
85 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Jay, my brother-in-law is a Burnley ST holder, and he says, when he's up for it, he's pure class, but he often goes missing in games and picks up niggle injuries a lot. His volley v Leicester last season was class.
Nick White
86 Posted 11/07/2022 at
James #81, I remember in the early nineties at school and even saying our scoreboard was better than theirs... 😂

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