Lampard warns Everton could face another relegation battle

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Frank Lampard has made no bones about his disappointment with the way his players performed in yesterday's somewhat alarming friendly against Minnesota United, admitting that it has given him plenty to think about as he prepares for the new Premier League season which is quickly approaching.

Everton were comprehensively beaten 4-0 by Adrian Heath's more effective outfit who not only had the benefit of being in the middle of their season but seemed to be well-coached and well-drilled by the Toffees great.

Lampard named a fairly strong line-up to start the game and Everton had their chances in the first half and an even better one in the second to get off the mark on their US tour but all were squandered while their hosts were much more ruthless.

It left the Blues' manager clearly frustrated and in his post-match interview with evertontv, he spelled out the danger of another protracted fight against relegation in 2022-23 if the performance at Allianz Field is an indication of what's to come and if the club isn't able to strengthen the squad in key areas before the transfer deadline.

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“The lads have been training hard, particularly since [the Arsenal game] but it doesn't give excuses for a performance like that,” a glum Lampard said.

“We switched the formation to have a look [which was] really interesting to see because the back end of last season we went to a back three, a back five at times and found ways to get results.

“So for me it was a test for the players to go into a back four, a different sort of test defensively and in terms of the organisation of the team [and our ability] to move the ball through the lines.

“So I've got a lot of interest in answers tonight in how we handled the change in formation [and] lots to think about and lots of work to do.

“If there's to be good that comes out of this, the players in the dressing room need to understand they've just put in a very poor performance and got well beaten.

“The players have to work and they need to understand we were in a relegation battle for a big portion of last season. We had an amazing night [against Crystal Palace] and an amazing run which was great, historically, for the club for but as soon as that was over, I put it to bed very quickly and the players need to put it to bed.

“Because we were in that fight for a reason and if we don't want to be in that situation again, they have to be better, I have to be better and, as a club, it probably reinforces the situation that we know what we have to do with the squad because it has to be better than it was tonight.

“Personnel is key [to getting better], there's no doubt about it,” Lampard continued on the topic of trying to get new signings through the door. We lost a big player in Richarlison so we know there is a void there and we're short in numbers — I don't think I'm giving any secrets away to say that — but also through the team there are things that I want to strengthen.

“I can say that out loud because a club like Everton has to be competitive with a competitive squad and players have to up to that fact and to fight to stay in the team. For me, that starts with pre-season and goes right to the end of the season.

“That performance should give [the players] something to think about on the way home because it's certainly given me a lot to think about.”


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Barry Hesketh
1 Posted 21/07/2022 at

The manager knows what's required, the fans know what's required, but does the owner or the board realise this? As for the players, I often get annoyed with them because they fluctuate from often looking disinterested in what they are doing and have little appetite for playing the game for which they are so well rewarded, but they can on occasion step up and produce good results against the better teams.

I know it's a poor squad, we all do, but surely the players shouldn't just switch off as and when they feel like it. The opening to the upcoming campaign could be very scary as we might be sitting bottom, before the transfer window closes, not an exaggeration more like the reality with this group of players containing so many utter timewasters.

Rob Hooton
2 Posted 21/07/2022 at
A relegation fight of a season beckons, we are mind-bogglingly shite.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to share their medication with me.

Kunal Desai
3 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I'm very confident how this will play out, panic signings will be made on deadline day when we will be firmly in the Bottom 3.

As for thereafter, who knows? My guess is that everyone at the club's remit is to finish 17th and it's job done.

Just a sad state of affairs at this club. If I was Frank, I'd be looking to move on to another job.

Kevin Molloy
4 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Hells bells, I wasn't expecting those comments from Lampard.

My Lords Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we are firmly in the shit.

Nick Page
5 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Jack Convery
6 Posted 21/07/2022 at
We are obviously looking to save on wages by bringing in players late in the window. Money is that tight. We are a cock-up of a club.

I notice Steve Cooper had added two Huddersfield lads to his Forest squad for a combined £10M. Both experienced professionals. Excellent fitness records and both captained Huddersfield at times last season. So good character too.

Now I'm not saying this is what we should be doing but it strikes me that, whilst Forest get two Championship players for a combined £10M, our numpty of a Chairman negotiated a deal worth up to £16M for Patterson, who is nowhere near ready for the Premier League. That is an excellent example of why we are screwed financially.

ps: Mr Kenwight, there was a clue about Patterson. The manager at Villa, who managed him at Rangers, wasn't remotely interested in buying him. It's not rocket science, is it?

Brendan McLaughlin
7 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Reading Frank's comments, he certainly doesn't seem to be of the "it's only a friendly" opinion.
Sam Hoare
8 Posted 21/07/2022 at
It just feels quite sad to be gearing up for a season where coming 12th will feel like success. To be in this place after the investment we've had is indicative of such a failure at board level that it's astonishing they are all still sat there.

A good manager can get more than the sum of the parts from a team. I think Moyes achieved this relatively consistently, Martinez did for a season and I think Ancelotti did too.

I'm not sure yet whether Frank can but there seem to be a lot of problems to fix, mainly a midfield that can't win or keep possession, and set-piece frailties at both ends.

Ian Edwards
9 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Yes... it was a friendly... but we are in absolute deepshit. Lampard looked shell-shocked in his post-match interview. There will be no new signings until deadline day and they will be loans.

We have fallen financially below every club in the Premier League. We are going down. Absolutely no doubt at all.

Jim Lloyd
10 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Barry Hesketh,

A good job to reference our manager's comments, and well said.

It seems to me our management team are well aware we've got some really poor players. He's done his best to get the best out of them but knows we need replacements.

As many posters have said, the major worry is whether the Board (and mainly the Chairman) have done, or will do, anything like enough in all aspects of running our club, to meet the management team's requirements to build a decent squad... before we are relegated!

James Marshall
11 Posted 21/07/2022 at
We have no money to spend, and nobody wants to join Everton anyway - and quite frankly, who can blame them? Even if we do sign some players, they're going to be out-of-contract freebies at best. We won't sign anyone with any ambition or drive, and that's one of our biggest issues.

All we ever do is sign players with no motivation to succeed or progress, and if we sign any young players with even a modicum of motivation, we don't play them.

We signed players like Iwobi and Gray who were essentially cast-offs, same as Gomes, Dele etc. The list goes on.

Everton FC was a mess before, but we had money to burn. Now we've been exactly that — burnt, we're screwed.

I can't see us signing Cornet or Gibbs-White and, let's face it, there isn't exactly a queue round the block to sign either of them anyway. We'll at best end up with Adnan Januzaj and Ross 'effin' Barkley, another pair of cast-offs with no motivation to succeed.

You just can't see any reason for optimism, can you? We've forced ourselves into a corner we can't get out of, sold our only really decent player in Richarlison to balance the books, so what now?

Answers on a postcard (from a lovely holiday in the US).

John Raftery
12 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I hope the 12th man's pre-season is going well. He will need to be in peak form by 6 August.

Twelve months ago, with Richarlison unavailable owing to his Brazil commitments, we looked weak in the pre-season matches. Now we look much worse; porous in defence, unable to control midfield, and posing little threat in front of goal.

While these games are no more than training exercises aimed at building fitness, they are doing nothing to build confidence and belief among a playing staff sorely lacking those attributes.

I hope by the time we play Kyiv, Frank has settled on his best 16 and a plan to mask the many weaknesses while exploiting the few strengths.

Ian Riley
13 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Our aim as a club is to keep our Premier League status next season! We may be skint and bring no players in. Our manager plays a style that would struggle in the Championship. Pass it from the back, no pace, no midfield, and strikers who struggle to recognise the ball!

I had a thought: We need Big Sam for 2 years to settle us down. Play a style that gets results to stay up. This is survival time while we get the stadium built and new owners in.

Those shaking their heads, thinking have I gone mad? No, I haven't. Relegation could be the end. A new manager brings enthusiasm and expectations, with new ideas. I wanted Sam to stay when many didn't as he would have built on his survival season.

Remember the days we thought Top 6 would be a great finish? Those were the days!

Jonathan Tasker
14 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Fat Frank will have walked out before Xmas. He’s had a poor start to his managerial career and it will only get worse if he stays on at Everton
Andy Meighan
15 Posted 21/07/2022 at
James. Where does it say that no player wants to join Everton?

If a certain player gets a good offer, he'll join regardless. Let's be honest, if it does go belly-up, well I'm sure he'll look for his next move.

Frank has spoken and, reading between the lines, it looks like a thinly veiled threat to them clowns in the boardroom.

He must look at the squad and think "What have I inherited here??"

He'll get players in, of that I'm sure, and if the money is right, then they'll join, because invariably isn't that what today's modern footballer is all about?

We've had players who have ran down their contracts without getting in the squad or off the bench. All greedy bastards, if you ask me.

Michael Lynch
16 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Most bookies have us at 4/1 to go down, which are surprisingly long odds in my opinion. Wolves are at 5/1, and there is no way they're finishing below us.

I'm sick of seeing interviews with the players and coaching staff referencing how we all stuck together culminating in that fabulous night at Goodison. Yes, it was a fabulous night, but we were incredibly lucky not to go down. We were utter shit, including when Lampard was in charge.

Same players minus Richarlison, same coaching staff. Lampard, like most of the squad, look out of their depth. 4/1? I think I'll take a punt on that to ease the pain in May.

Brian Murray
17 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I keep hearing them idiot limited names, Sam and Moyes. No wonder people's jobs are safe at Goodison with the bar set so low.

I'm not saying Frank is the answer but it's a lot deeper than he realises. Even the so-called knowledgeable press won't say the real reason for our decline.

Kevin Molloy
18 Posted 21/07/2022 at
By far the most alarming thing is Lampard's after-match comments. He's sounding a big alarm bell after Week 2 of the pre-season. The idea that him and Thelwell have any sort of strategy for the next few months has just been junked. He's panicking and we aren't out of July.

I've now lost confidence in him. I know things aren't easy, but he's got to be cooler than this. He's the club's outward face to the world, he's got to project a degree of competence.

If he's been told the budget is there and it's just down to timing, why the hell is he launching these missiles at the club? If he's not been told his budget, he should walk. But what he's doing at the moment is rank amateurism.

Andy Meighan
19 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Knives out for the manager after 8 months in the job. Unbelievable, what do some of our so-called fans watch? It's the board that need sacking – not the manager. Sacking managers willy-nilly has got us in the mess we're in now. He's got to be given 4 seasons at least.

And I'd love to know that those who call him inexperienced, out of his depth etc would like to get in.

Didn't someone mention Allardyce — do me a fucking favour. Haven't seen too many Premier League chairmen banging his door down since he took WBA down... Is he actually still alive.

Nick Page
20 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Correct, Andy. Anyone calling out the manager is an absolute cretin or something else beginning with c (ending in unt) and most likely a Kenwright agent here to sow discord. There is absolutely no logic to it after everything that has happened.

Here's a reminder how far we are falling behind…

Steve Brown
21 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Even if you didn't know the score, you would be able to guess we lost because Jonathan Tasker posted.
Peter Carpenter
22 Posted 21/07/2022 at
At least we know we are in a relegation battle before the season starts this time round. New blood needed urgently, even if it's the kids. Too many of this lot are stained by failure and don't look like they can change it.
Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Yeah let's sack Frank so Mason Holgate can play under an eighth different full-time manager and Keane and Davies a seventh. Or even 10th for Mason and 8th for the others if you include caretakers.

Clearly these players are not to blame and it's entirely the fault of all the managers.

Jerome Shields
24 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Welcome to the usual pre-season at Everton, Frank.

Half-baked effort put into preparation by some players and support staff, not Frank's staff. Do you not know, Frank, they are still on their holidays?

I was under the impression at the end of last season that training consisted of a blueprint of play, which via repetitive practice would hopefully transfer to positive and improved matchplay. The strength in this was, IMO, it would reduce errors.

In Lyndon 's article 'Lampard at the heart of patient evolution at Everton', there is reference to Chris Jones's interview in the Echo which seems to allude to this being the case.

When I expressed this opinion early in the Summer, Tony Abrahams, who regularly attends matches and does know his football, could see no evidence of my suggestion. According to this thread, there would be others in Tony's corner.

There is obviously something getting lost in translation between what the football management want and what the team are delivering. Of course, the usual suspects are adding to the haze.

Keane, always a confidence player, is a bundle of nerves partnering Tarkowski. Tom Davies, deep with little match practice, was always going to be risky. Calvert-Lewin as creator and scorer was never going to happen. Richarlison, with his out-of-the-blue goals, was missed, but he was never going to make up for Everton's poor final third play and a midfield overrun by a high-pressing, mobile midfield Minnesota unit.

But I do think this result is good because it does support what Frank and his backroom have to and are trying to do. It also puts pressure on the players that are not delivering — and the more pressure they get, the better.

I do think that Robert is right: Everton will finish about 12th this season.

Ian Riley
25 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Nick and Andy.

You're missing my point. As a club, we will be putting Frank up to fail if no signings are brought in. Frank is young and with relegation on your CV, you're done for.

Big Sam relegated West Brom, how many managers have? They are a good Championship team. We have sacked managers but perhaps it has kept our Premier League status, who knows?

I am happy to keep Frank, extend his contract for all I care. All I want to see is some improvement on the pitch. Perhaps we have improved in the last 8 months under Frank.

Look, I mentioned Big Sam as the sort of manager we might need if results don't go our way. Expectations and reality can be a problem. A top Champions League manager wants top players to achieve, Carlo came and went. We have to be realistic with our choice of manager with financial resources we can offer.

If Frank keeps us up, job done, have a bonus. As for the board, I'm sure if a reasonable offer comes in they will look at it. We have spent, achieved nothing, and need to balance the books.

Still we have a few weeks to go, few signings, form picks up equals happy days! Mid-table will be glorious come May and Frank will be gaining more experience.

Jay Harris
26 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I see shades of Marco Silva in Frank. He wants to play football how it should be played but doesn't have the quality of player to do it.

I think he wrongly assumed that last season was just about a loss of confidence but I have to tell you, Frank, if a player is shit, he knows he is shit and doesn't put the effort in.

My blind faith tells me Frank is more flexible than Silva and can adapt his tactics to suit but, when you have a defence like a sieve, a midfield that's non-existent, and a forward line of powderpuff proportions, what can you do?

I just hope that we get at least 3 players in of the type we need but even that is looking threadbare.

I can be "glass half-full" or "glass half-empty" but, at the moment, after the last two games, it is almost totally empty.

Pat Kelly
27 Posted 21/07/2022 at
The prospect of signing some decent players for peanuts or on loan are slim. Only someone desperate or at the end of their career looking for a pension might be interested.

Moshiri seems stuck between a rock and a hard place. Wants investment to finish the stadium but wants to remain in control. The only suitors seem to want a takeover.

I think it's time for Moshiri to move on. He may have been well-intentioned and he has invested in the Club but he left the management in the hands of incompetents.

Even if there's a takeover, it may well be too late to avoid relegation this season. We barely survived and have lost Richarlison. His goals won't be replaced. We can't spend.

Lampard says a lot but seems unable to make anything of what he's got. The squad as it is should be capable of at least survival with the right kind of management. We wouldn't like it but an Allardyce style might garner enough points to survive. I don't see Lampard doing that.

I will be surprised and, needless to say delighted, if we're not relegated this season.

Michael Lynch
28 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Last season was the worst Everton squad I've ever seen, and this season's squad is the same as last season's minus our best player.

How can we not be in a relegation battle? Really depressing to be feeling like this in July, we usually start the season with at least a tiny glimmer of hope.

Raymond Fox
29 Posted 21/07/2022 at
12th isn't dismal; without a couple of good signings, it would be bloody marvellous.

But 8 teams worse than us? Give me a break!

Survival is going to be the order of the day; not what we want to hear but tha'ts where we are.

Let's hope the situation changes for the better before the transfer window closes.

Pete Clarke
30 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Without a shadow of a doubt ,we are in a relegation fight right from the first game. Keeping our defeats down to low scoring may be our best chance of survival whilst scraping low-scoring victories and draws against the other bottom teams. This could be the worst season of football in a long long time for us Blues.

We have almost zero ability in one-touch football, passing and intelligence with the ball. The defense is not great and that's our strongest point (if you can work that one out).

Lampard has been left a real shitty squad with players like Rondon, Keane, Davies, Holgate and Gomes who are proven failures at this level yet are somehow still with us and looking likely to be getting plenty of game time this season coming. What The Fuck! I would rather we went down fighting with youngsters than this pile of crap who have let us down for years.

I'm really trying to believe that Lampards winning mentality, experiences and his educated ways will be good for our future but then I'm seeing gaping holes in his tactics.

I'm also starting to believe he has possibly already been forced into accepting the mediocre way things are done at Everton by the scheming fat horrible loser who holds the high position of Chairman at our dying club.

Frank has mentioned the chairman on a few occasions and it shows how close he is to the actual playing and coaching staff when he should be nowhere near them. I'm more than worried about this.

Stu Darlington
31 Posted 21/07/2022 at

We're not that good!

Soren Moyer
32 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I've said it before when we hired Lampard: He is not the right manager for the band of misfits at our disposal! We will be bottom when the Premier League breaks for internationals in September.
Jerome Shields
33 Posted 21/07/2022 at

I think you are being realistic with 12th given the circumstances. Of course we all want better, but like Frank we must caution against another relegation dogfight when we see the effort and application as evidenced by the Minnesota performance.

The Premier League is a Professional League and errors and poor play will be punished.

Kevin Molloy
34 Posted 21/07/2022 at
We could be looking at quite a fluid situation here. That verbal volley from Frank Lampard will not have gone unnoticed back at HQ.

Let's not forget Lampard was begrudgingly appointed. This could all unravel quite quickly. I'm a bit gobsmacked that it's come to this so quickly.

Taking regular pot shots at the players never bears fruit in the end, even when it's as justified as it is here. He could find himself pretty friendless at Finch Farm quite quickly. I felt sure they (Lampard, Thelwell and Owner) would have worked on a strategy over the Summer and would now be implementing it.

Christy Ring
35 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Apart from getting Tarkowski on a free, the only transfer business we have done is selling our best player from last season, Richarlison, and just over 2 weeks to the Chelsea game. Moshiri & Kenwright... absolutely abysmal.

The only positives from last night's game, Mills and Gbamin. Lampard must be pulling his hair out, he knows he needs to improve the squad. If he can't bring in players before the Kiev game, we needn't worry about his job being under pressure, he'll walk.

Can you believe our squad are the biggest earners outside the top six. It's like we're back under Bill's regime, no money.

Trevor Peers
36 Posted 21/07/2022 at
It's no longer about the manager, no manager in the world could save us given the financial state we're in.

Until there's a change in ownership and a dynamic figure in charge of every aspect of the club, we will drift endlessly towards the bottom of the shit heap.

P Ron Wells
37 Posted 21/07/2022 at
If Lampard has any sense at all, he will walk. No-one can do anything with this bunch, who cannot score, cannot defend and cannot put three passes together.

This is surely the worst EFC squad ever. It's very depressing, and we all know that nothing will change until Kenwright is out.

Ralph Basnett
38 Posted 21/07/2022 at
My cup is always half-full, even with this pathetic club, and a positive is that we know from the start of the season we are in a relegation battle, so we should have longer to try to stop the rot.
Pat Kelly
39 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Lampard has given himself an off-ramp by publicly stating we have to have a competitive squad. He's made it clear he doesn't believe the current squad is competitive.

If he doesn't get decent players in, he will be gone once Moshiri panics and looks for another saviour. Lampard will then be able to point out he didn't have the players he needed and made this clear before the season started.

Whether Lampard could manage a competitive squad remains to be seen.

Brian Wilkinson
40 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Have faith, fellow Blues, Blackpool on Sunday, I expect our owner and board will have something sorted on the transfer front.

Just a case of how much we fork out on the donkeys parading the golden sands.

The thought of Bill wearing a "Kiss Me Quick" hat, while patting our latest signing Derek the Donkey (excuse the pun, Mr Knox) and posing for the Echo is making me feel uneasy.

Tony Everan
41 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Frank's telling the truth but he should be more clued up and strategically positive in his press conferences at this time.

Talking about a relegation battle when you are trying to sign and convince players to come to Everton is self-defeating. Although Frank is telling it as it is I thought his comments were amateurish because of this. He needs to think a bit more about what he is saying.

Hopefully he can get a couple of quality players in soon and get the mood of the club switched to positive. Then add a couple more shrewd signings on Deadline Day.

I think the comments are a frustration that he desperately wants players in and so far there is none forthcoming. He's working with one hand tied behind his back and the clock is ticking. It's more aimed at the recruitment team and Moshiri that he needs them to help him out, now.

Ken Kneale
42 Posted 21/07/2022 at

You are correct – whatever little he has done for us, and in my view his balance sheet is in the minus column, he has the media narrative to a tee.

Look at Oliver Holt's article in the Mail on Sunday during the absolute depths of last season if proof needed.

Jamie Crowley
43 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I said this last night on the Live Forum, and have been hesitant to say it on a thread. But I'm going to.

For years I've read comments such as, "We're going down," and, "This is a relegation team." Usually these comments were made in possibly the most hyperbolic ways possible. They weren't even remotely near the truth.

So I'd just ignore them for the emotionally driven load of unrealistic shit they were.


This is, in my opinion, a relegation team we presently have. I've never said it before, and it's with pain I do so now.

This team isn't very good. What's worse is the rhetorical question that this squad can't answer: where are the goals going to come from?

I have no doubt that unless we sign some players very soon, this team will be at the bottom of the table repeating last season's fear-festival.

Something needs to be done very quickly.

Sean Roe
44 Posted 21/07/2022 at
To my mind, to even begin competing with the likely relegation candidates, we need a first-choice right-back, a central defender to play with Tarkowski, a defensive midfielder, a playmaker and a striker.

As it stands, we are the worst team in the league.

Dale Self
45 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I wondered if Frank might throw it in and pout it out but this may be a good sign for the club, long run of course.

That he is sounding out now is indeed a sign of our desperation but at least he doesn't appear to be on board with the stealth decline that 'M' serves up. I'll check out more of his statement later but, on first glance, this is the friction needed for some observable progress.

Brian Wilkinson
46 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Each year you normally get a dead cert for going down, after a couple of months of the season gone, along with a slightly better team, who, still contend second from bottom.

If we do not add to this squad, then we really are banking on minimum two teams being really shit.

This has panic-paying over the odds, Gibbs-White and Winks on loan all over it.

Please let me be wrong.

Danny Baily
47 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Could? I'm fairly certain we will face a relegation battle.
Dale Self
48 Posted 21/07/2022 at
It should be noted that the protest is listed up at top with the headline on several sites.
Allan Board
49 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Once again, this bunch of amateur fuckwits down tools on a coach, show complete disrespect to fans and prove without question they do not deserve to represent this once great club. Morally unfit, professionally incapable and almost fraudulent in their approach to their work.

Play all the kids from this point and dispense with the services of these weak-willed, pathetic excuses of how men should conduct themselves. This shit has Kenwright written in massive letters all over it.

Frank, this club doesn't deserve you, go and join a professional club. Bottom 4 beckons.

Joke club and Everyone is laughing!

Robert Tressell
50 Posted 21/07/2022 at
If you look at the First XI and squad depth of the relegated clubs plus Brentford (minus Eriksen), Leeds (minus Phillips and Raphinha), Saints (minus Broja), Brighton (minus Bissouma and Burn), Wolves (reliant on aging Moutinho) you will see that we are by no means the worst team / squad in the division.

Some of those clubs have bought interesting players but Leeds for example do not know whether Roca, Adams, Aaronson, Kristensen and Sinisterra will deliver.

It will by no means be easy but we do not stand out as poor in this company.

Matthew Williams
51 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Time to change tactics and formation, Frank, and start signing some players, for fuck's sake! ...and bin the away shirts too.
Frank Crewe
52 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Currently Everton are to football what Florence Foster Jenkins was to opera singing.
Garry Martin
53 Posted 21/07/2022 at
My god, please, it gets worse, when is this nightmare EFC side going to show some skill, tactical ability and desire to win.

I am dreading the new season with this mercenary and clueless squad of players. Also, I'm not sure Frank has the skill to evade another dire season.

Jim Bennings
54 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Sean @44,

100 percent wholeheartedly agree

We need a right back, proper defensive midfielder not Allan or Davies ect.

We are crying out for a playmaker, we haven't had a quality playmaker since the Arteta/Pienaar days.

Right now even Ross "effin" Barkley would be an upgrade on what we have, yes.

We absolutely most definitely need a striker, if we are putting all of our eggs in the "let's hope he stays fit all season" Calvert-Lewin basket then that's pure insanity.

Frank is speaking the truth, I know already what to expect from Everton next season, a relegation battle.

But don't worry, we will keep getting updates on seeing the stadium being built.

Mal van Schaick
55 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Moshiri has said judge the transfer policy and targets at the close of the transfer window! All the big clubs are making marquis signings, and we have had one free transfer joining. Whoppee!

What does Moshiri expect the manager and the fans to think when there is naff-all coming in? And if we do get players in, will they improve our squad enough for us to avoid relegation or finish mid-table?

Lampard may walk before the new season starts, and who could blame him!

Jim Bennings
56 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I stopped listening to anything Moshiri says involving the footballing side years ago.

Once he came out with "Our own Fab Four of Bolasie, Tosun, Rooney and Sigurdsson" I knew then we were dealing with a padded cell occupant.

Ian Bennett
57 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Ian Riley - sack Lampard, I think that would just about tin hat the situation on the eve of the season.

We really would be a circus doing that.

Ed Prytherch
58 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Frank's comments were directed mainly at the board. He is obviously frustrated with them and he is trying to get them to turn on their hearing aids and put on their specs.
Paul Birmingham
59 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Well it's numbing, and I'm hoping for a better performance v Blackpool.

There's got to be hope on the horizon and a change of mindset from the players soon, as Chelsea at home is massive.

It wouldn't be the first time Everton get whacked at home in a first game of the season but this squad needs some backbone and guts to get in the face of Chelsea and play for the shirt.

Realistically, will there be any incomings to the squad? That remains to be seen, but accepting defeat for the season before a ball is kicked is not acceptable in any team.

Last night was poor, old bad habits in defence and midfield recurring.

I hope Frank makes a newcaptain for Chelsea, who will play for the shirt and kick arse as is needed, for this squad needs leadership and a game plan on the park.

It's going to be a very tough season, no doubts.

Sam Fitzsimmons
60 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Based on last season's squad, it's a scary thought that the only players who are probably good enough to start against Chelsea are Pickford, Mykolenko, Tarkowski, Gordon and Iwobi. Frank has to fill the rest of the first team with players who really aren't the solutions to the defensive, midfield and attacking problems.
Dale Rose
61 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Just out of curiosity, do the club feedback anything on the articles that are written and researched on TW? Or is it a one-way street, us to the club?

I suppose in many ways it is a marketing issue, therefore something the club don't do well.

Barry Hesketh
62 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Dale @61

I'm sure the club keep a close eye on sites such as TW, they don't provide feedback, and I wouldn't expect them to, however, they might use it as a barometer to gauge the mood of the fans at any given moment.

Unfortunately the underlying mood of the fans hasn't really altered for nigh on 20 years, so how much the club learns from the various thoughts and writings on here and elsewhere doesn't appear to have any direct influence on those at the club who have the power to make things happen.

Dale Self
63 Posted 21/07/2022 at
A Florence Foster Jenkins reference! Fuckin' TW. I got that Frank 52.
Will Mabon
64 Posted 21/07/2022 at
If there ever was a time for it in even Ron Manager days, there certainly isn't now – everything Lampard said and more may well be true but to publicly tag his own team as a relegation risk this way, at this time, is an awful mistake, IMO.

Jerome @24,

One of the few bright spots of the day – Frank Leopard.

Barry Rathbone
65 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Think Frank is the first manager to say it how it is preseason all the others have blustered inane bollocks about us "challenging".

It's a good thing because he has this window to rectify matters unlike others who played golf and fiddled as Rome burned. Getting it out in the open helps smooth the way for cheap or loanee "do a job" players whilst we wait for the riches of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock to roll in and save us. 😂😂😂😂

Sorry, but it was such an open goal.

Dale Rose
66 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Barry 61.

Sadly very true.

Dave Cashen
67 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Half our defenders already have a relegation on their CV.

Holgate's cocky attitude has stunk for years and it took the spectre of relegation to finally focus his mind. it won't last.

Coleman's and Keane's lack of speed will repeatedly be exposed.

Mina's absence continues to make him a better player for those who forget his errors against Leicester on the two games he actually took part in as we fought the drop.

Unless there is a changing of the guard right across our defence, Pickford will again get more opportunities to shine than other keepers.

Frank will know by now that his defenders can't defend. He will have no option but to defend in numbers thus rendering an already toothless attack, even less effective.

As one Watford supporter said to me during that enthralling draw towards the end of last season, "At least your fans know how to entertain themselves". I suspect it may be a while before they can expect the team to do it for them.

Duncan McDine
68 Posted 21/07/2022 at
It’s about time someone made a Florence Foster Jenkins reference on TW. Opera appreciating Evertonians have been misrepresented for years. Hats off to Frank Crewe for your courage.
Christy Ring
69 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I can't blame Frank for stating the obvious, we need players in, and if Lampard wants Cornet, for example, and he has a release clause of £17.5M, and we still haven't signed him, there's something seriously wrong.
Joe McMahon
70 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Will people please stop saying Fat Frank. We are not at school anymore and he's not fat. As a midfielder he's scored more top flight goals than any Everton striker (before the Dixie crew start, post war), so surely is respected.

Many were a lot more accepting of Unsworth and he's borderline bariatric.

Jerome Shields
71 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I don't know how this squad will react to Frank's pressure. Some obviously are not too bothered by the performance against Minnesota United that they apparently have been preparing for.

I would have thought a conscientious professional would have been determined to give a good account of himself in front of the manager. But calling out players on effort and performance has not worked for previous managers.

I agree with Will, this could be a mistake.

Peter Brogan
72 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Judge this lot by the end of the transfer window. We need 4 players in and it will happen.

I think the opening and closing dates of the transfer window need looking at as the business goes to the wire as everyone tries for the best deal whilst the season has already started.

A kick-about in the USA... let's not panic yet. And I agree – can we stop calling him fat Frank, it's immature and embarrassing.

Michael Lynch
73 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Yes Christy @69. We can't know what goes on behind the scenes, but the complete lack of signings, except one on a free, does seem to suggest we are simply not willing or able to stump up any cash.

If that is the case, I'd like the club to be more honest with us and say "We're fucked by FFP, the kids are going to have to step up, and we're looking at getting a couple, eg, Billy Gilmour, in on loan".

But nobody has said that, and Frank is still talking about incoming players, so what is going on? Maybe we're all going to get a pleasant surprise in the next week or so. I doubt it though.

David White
74 Posted 21/07/2022 at
A 4-0 loss is never good – no matter when we play – but, as Barry @65 says, Frank's telling them how it is. I read it as a little message to the board too.

You can't expect miracles from the guy. It's a weaker squad at the moment to this time last year. The board can't expect more performance from less players. They need to get their arse in gear now.

I'm reading it as he's identified with Kevin Thelwell who they can get and he's getting impatient. We are not talking smashing no transfer records – we are talking reinforce the squad that's been depleted.

Okay, Tosun never contributed at all but... Gone!
Kenny played quite a lot... Gone!
Delph had a positive impact at times (not enough) but... Gone!
Sigurdsson – record buy... Gone!!

I'm not saying they should be kept – I'm saying they need replacing. The squad is bare bones, so get some decent young talent because the players I've listed are hardly irreplaceable.

I'm confident Kevin and Frank can or have identified who they want. I hope the delay in signings is because they are not willing to spend top dollar on average players and are willing to bide their time to get the right people, and not the board tying their hands behind their backs and expecting miracles.

If so, I'd like to hear him or Kevin say so, say Everton have a transfer budget but are not willing to waste it. Because the speculation is causing us all to go a bit bonkers!!

Nick White
75 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I agree, Joe, he's our manager and somehow kept us up against the odds last season and deserves respect. I've only ever head RS fans use that term so definitely needs to be avoided.

Without first team additions, we could have Pep in charge and still be awful. Players needed ASAP or I can see a Kendall Mk 3 season ahead sadly.

Andrew Keatley
76 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Seems like the general consensus on here is that we desperately need reinforcements. I can only assume that Lampard is trying to force that issue by making the statements that he has made.

Any of our current squad who might feel affronted by what he has said will be focusing on the wrong issue. They should take his criticism on board and strive to let their performances on the pitch do the talking. He's questioned their abilities and their attitudes – so the best way they can make it look ill-judged is by making the necessary improvements. Anything else just means that his assertions are right on the money.

It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff – and if we haven't got enough wheat in our playing squad right now (which seems to be the case), then we need to go out into the marketplace and acquire some, pronto.

Having said that, Lampard has a lot to do in terms of constructing a style and approach that will make us competitive. He needs to look at himself as much as the players.

Alan Johnson
77 Posted 21/07/2022 at
How can we expect anything better from these players who really don't give a fuck?

Okay, they got stuck in towards the end of the season, it's back to the usual crap now.

We now have less players than we had last season. Of course we'll be in a relegation battle.

Dale Self
78 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Cheers, Duncan and Frank!
Ian Edwards
79 Posted 21/07/2022 at
The fact we tried to sign Cornet on loan rather than pay his buy-out fee clearly suggests we have no money. The Richarlison fee must have gone to pay off debts. I bet Burnley loved telling us to piss off.

Moshiri has tried to sell and is funding a new ground so I expect there is no money for transfers. The new ground is a burden we can't afford if it impacts on transfer funds.

The team is a shambles and if Lampard had any sense, he'd walk with his stock still high after avoiding relegation. We are the poorest club financially in the Premier League and this will tell in the end.

Make no mistake. This is going to be a long, bitter, heart-wrenching season. I can't see the fans dragging the club over the line for sufficient wins this time – especially when the fans aren't united behind the club.

Jack Convery
80 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Here's Frank

Phillip Warrington
81 Posted 21/07/2022 at
This is bullshit – Frank trying to pass the buck before the season starts.

He's the coach – Everton got thumped by a second-rate MLS team.

He's the one that chose to play Rondon in both games instead of giving the youngsters their chance.

He's the one that coaches the team to play from the back in their own 18-yard box.

Let's face it, it was Everton's unbelievable supporters who got Everton over the line... not Lampard. If he can't make this team play better than the last manager, then he should be sacked.

At this stage, he has proven he can't, nor could he improve Chelsea when he was there, and in fact he was Chelsea's worst manager in the Premier League.

Steavey Buckley
82 Posted 21/07/2022 at
After losing 4:0 to Minnesota United, Evertonians will have to contemplate with horror another relegation battle, but this time without Richarlison.
Andy Finigan
83 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Sorry, Phil, every manager has struggled with many of these recent players. Even Pep would find it hard with these give-up merchants.
Peter Neilson
84 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Looking like it'll be a tough season ahead with a heavy reliance of three of Forest, Bournemouth, Fulham, Southampton and Leeds being worse. Maybe add a couple of surprise clubs to that list.

That's where we are and I can't remember going into a season with such low expectations but this coming season looks like it will purely be a battle for survival. I'd be amazed if we got 12th place but very happy to be wrong.

Ian Riley
85 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Does Frank want to stay?

If yes, don't go public with negative comments about the team. It does more harm to your role and brings a negative atmosphere.

Yes, the squad needs players but we have Premier League players. It's your job to set up the team to be difficult to beat.

I'm yet to be convinced Frank has a style he is confident with. This must confuse the players and with negative comments after each match, does not help confidence and work rate.

Frank's words of relegation battle just makes a divide between the fans and the club. If we are skint? It is what it is? We all must come together as one! We are in a hole! Sorry but the board situation is what it is at present. Bring some loan players in... and Frank, start being more positive.

My view is players will come in by the end of the transfer window. Hopefully all will be fine.

Barry Rathbone
86 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Joe McMahon @20,

Hear hear, no more with the "Fat Frank" stuff – he's never been fat, it's a nonsense from upset Hammers fans going back years plus he's our manager, for fuck's sake!! What is wrong with you people!

Christy Ring
87 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Joe #70, Agree, it's called respect, but the same few as on the Live Forum.

Philip #81, The supporters were the 12th man, but they weren't playing, give Frank a bit of credit.

Bill Watson
88 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Ian #85,

Some of our players need a reality check and Lampard is telling them they have to get their fingers out or face the consequences. It's about time someone did.

I'd much rather he did that than waffle on about 'only practice games' etc.

Tony Abrahams
89 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Koeman had no discernible style, Allardyce did. Silva did, but never had the defenders to play the higher pressing game once Zouma left, whilst Ancelotti realized the players couldn't play a pressing game, so he played in a very similar way to Allardyce? Benitez ended up playing three centre-backs, just like Silva, and this is also something Lampard has often done.

We have been getting progressively worse and, even when Ancelotti got results, other than for a few games at the start of the season, it wasn't because the players were comfortable on the ball.

I haven't watched any of our pre-season games, but I think I know enough about football to know that, if you're tired because you've been getting hammered in training, then unless you're comfortable with the football, you're going to struggle in these games.

We have some quality but we also lack quality in key positions and, until this is rectified, then only when the players are really fit will we stand a chance in a lot of our games this season.

Lampard says he his big on principles but, if he doesn't see enough of this in his players, then speaking out loud or keeping it to himself doesn't really matter imo, because until he can get players in who can change this. I personally think he's fucked either way.

Tommy Carter
90 Posted 21/07/2022 at
In the summer of 1999 we had to sell our best assets - Materazzi and Dacourt. We brought in Kevin Campbell permanently and started the season to the European Champions with Richard Gough and Dave Watson centre back, their combined age was about 170 years.

I don’t draw any comparison but would like to emphasise that the season that followed was a very comfortable season during tumultuous times. Smith worked largely with what he had and created a team that saw the likes of Don Hutchison, Jeffers, Nick Barmby and Mark Pembridge play the best football of their careers.

Lampard must do this. He must work with what he has.

Tony Hill
91 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I think there's a great deal of truth in that, Tommy @90.
Barry Hesketh
92 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Frank has criticised the players because they didn't work hard in a competitive game albeit a pre-season friendly. He isn't saying they are bad footballers per se, he's questioning the work ethic within the squad. We all know he's right, I for one, believe he should call it out, when it happens and if the players don't like it, that's tough.

Every player appearing in these pre-season matches should be trying to prove they are worth a place in the starting squad when the real thing starts, what it appears to be from the outside is that too many players don't want to be in the starting eleven and are happy to give less than 100% whenever they feel like it.

I defy any manager of any ilk to be able to improve performances of the team, if he has so many of those types at his disposal.

Duncan Ferguson isn't at the club to step in should Moshiri listen to Lampard's detractors and pull the trigger – yet again! A new manager won't solve the issues with this squad, new players arriving may shift the balance and the removal of any ne'er-do-wells might also help.

“If there's to be good that comes out of this, the players in the dressing room need to understand they've just put in a very poor performance and got well beaten.

“The players have to work and they need to understand we were in a relegation battle for a big portion of last season."

Bill Gall
93 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Does anyone have any idea on what is happening to Moise Kean?

I believe he was out on loan with Juventus with an option to buy. Is he still our player and can we call him back or are Juventus going to buy him?

Kevin Molloy
94 Posted 21/07/2022 at
the shift in gears between the Lampard interview Lyndon put up yesterday, and now the one today, just makes your ears bleed.

The later one just makes the earlier more considered one about marginal gains and holistic approaches look like a load of bollocks.

He's really overreacted and dropped the ball here. I really am starting to doubt if he has the temperament to be a top-line manager.

Andy Finigan
95 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Well, Kevin, I for one liked and respected what our manager Frank said and the players know where they stand with a truthful manager.

You can only bullshit the few but the majority aren't daft.

Bob Hannigan
96 Posted 21/07/2022 at
The truth hurts. 😳🙄

Sadly glad Lampard is being candid.

Tony Twist
97 Posted 21/07/2022 at
No excuses, Frankie, get your finger out and you and your big group of hand-picked coaches do your job and get the very best out of what you have got. Concentrate on getting a compact team system.

Everton for years have looked like individuals; teamwork needs to be worked on until we are difficult to beat. The club always think that new signings make all the difference; no, it's a team game.

Alex Gray
98 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Our squad is literally awful. The manager finally speaks the truth and people say he's dropped the ball.

You can't manage this lot. Keane was dire under Koeman, Allardyce, Silva, Carlo and Benitez; he won't now become a good player.

Bar Calvert-Lewin under Carlo, I have not seen a player actually improve so, rather than throw another manager under the bus, why don't we wake up and realise the managers aren't the problem?

We could have Pep or Klopp and we'd still be awful because we have awful players. It's also why we can't sell any of them!

Andy Finigan
99 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I like that, Tony. If the manager can do that, then he walks the team out for the 2024-25 season.
Oliver Molloy
100 Posted 21/07/2022 at
We don't know the half of it!
John Kavanagh
101 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Friday's Mirror main backpage reads 'Everton are torn in the USA' with the headline 'Can't play for toffee'.

So we've already been penciled in as the this season's crisis club by the media before a ball has been kicked in anger.

Add in an extra special FA 'cos it's Everton' pitch invasion punishment and then add their usual sprinkling of outrageous refereeing/VAR decisions. We could be the new Derby County by November.

Everyone else is having good times now - laughing at us.'What would Everton do?' is their punchline. Makes you proud, eh, Bill?

Dan Parker
102 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Frank was said to be livid but a number of these first team players need telling they have no future at the club and will be sold at the first opportunity. If that doesn't stir a response, nothing will.

A few of these have had chance after chance under numerous managers and I'd rather bring in one of the youngsters who are at least hungry and up for it.

If your head’s not in the right place, most companies will give you support to sort it out but only to a certain limit and will sack you off for poor performance. It's about time the club got a tad ruthless – shape up or ship out!

Mark Andrews
103 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Weakening an already poor squad by selling its best assets to balance the books, without adding decent players, is a one-way ticket to the Championship.

I'm very concerned about the season ahead being our last in the top division for a while.

Dan Parker
104 Posted 21/07/2022 at
At the Baltimore game Pickford fucked up by throwing it straight to an Arsenal player. How did the defense react, completely caved and gave-up for the almost instant second goal. Lack of professionalism at the highest levels of the game.
Pete Clarke
105 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I really wish Frank Lampard had not made these comments as it's showing up his weaknesses and giving us supporters less hope for the coming season than we thought we had.

He spoke last weak about speed of movement and fitness but at the same time owning up that he's not a big tactician; unfortunately, with the utter crap players we have in our squad, it is mainly the tactics that will get us results.

Can't believe I'm saying this but I would rather he would have openly directed these comments to the board in a bold move to get some new players on board but at the same time putting himself in the firing line. It's the owner and his failing board who put us in this dire situation but I'm also starting to see too many weaknesses in Lampard's handling of the squad he has.

Does he really have to play Rondon at all? Does he have to play Keane? These players are total rubbish and so just get rid of them instead of insulting us. The level that Lampard played at was fantastic so he should know some of these players are finished.

Our best chance of staying up this season is that there are indeed 3 of the worst teams to have ever graced the Premier League below us and we beat them all twice.

C’mon Lampard, you signed up for this shit so have a go at the board directly if you can but you and your team of experts need to quickly find a way with this squad of so-called professional footballers.

Rob Dolby
106 Posted 21/07/2022 at
90 Tommy, The players you mention in that team of Walter Smith's would walk into the current team. Pembridge alone would make a massive difference and he was average at best.

If we keep with what we have what are our realistic chances of staying out of a relegation battle?

Lampard has had long enough with this squad to realise it lacks heart, bottle, quality and desire. We have a DoF that should be looking to fill the gaps and cut his cloth according. Cornet or Barkley are not the answers.

We have a team full of 'icing on the cake' types. We have maybe Allan if fit, Coleman, Pickford and a centre-half that dig in for their mates. The rest of them just haven't got it.

Team spirit goes a long way, maybe Lampard can build a spirit up in the camp but going public with how bad the team are now and before he joined isn't great for morale.

Kieran Kinsella
107 Posted 22/07/2022 at
24 hours later I'm still shell-shocked having just got home from Minneapolis.

Yes, I know these players suck; yes, I know Minnesota are fitter. But Minnesota didn't even play well. They didn't have to get out of second gear. If they'd been totally up for it and relentlessly attacking okay… but in truth we let them score primary school level goals.

To those saying Frank shouldn't publicly criticize the players… why? He did it before, saying they lacked bullocks and that sparked some life into a few of them.

Secondly, they do suck and, if they carry on as they are, we will get relegated, so worst case, they get hurt feelings and we still get relegated. Best case (unlikely) they step it up or the owners do some Bernie Madoff financial shenanigans and get better players in.

I for one, no matter how good or bad Frank may or may not be, can't stomach this core group outliving yet another manager.

ps; I'm still glad I went though for the fan experience.

Neil Copeland
108 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kieran, I was about to post similar comments but you have put it very well.

I would add that, although I feel more than a little cheated (not because we lost both games but the manner of the defeats and were actually worse in the game against Minnesota), the whole experience of holidaying here was fantastic.

The people we met and places visited are a real credit to the USA. I feel very fortunate in that respect so thank you to all who contributed and particularly Kieran and Jonathan plus Jonathan's family.

Anyway, enough of the touchy feely stuff (almost typed 'shite' then), back to reality at Bloomfield Road on Sunday.

Have we signed anyone yet?

Kieran Kinsella
109 Posted 22/07/2022 at

Have a safe trip back, mate and hopefully I'll see you again at The Old Lady or Brantley before too long with a better outcome.

Neil Copeland
110 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kieran 👍
Jerome Shields
111 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kieran #107,

Unfortunately, the problem is in the preparation for these games. It seems the players' (or some of the players') attitude has not been right. You could also add to this some of the staff involved in preparation. They have not bought into the fact that they would need to put in a performance. Arsenal and Minnesota have.

Frank and his staff pick who is going to play on their training ground performance. Players may look good in training or in a pre-match kick-about, need a different attitude and focus during an actual match. Everton are obviously missing that. It is the same every pre-season recently. This is a deliberate decision regarding attitude by staff, players or enough of them to affect the team performance in a match.

Frank calling them out will make little difference to their attitude. As a matter of fact, they will see it as a weakness on his part. It is not great for encouraging a potential player who is considering whether to come to Everton or not during this transfer window.

When they start the actual season, the attitude may change, but there will be a lag in preparation. There are weaknesses in the squad, but there are also weaknesses in preparation.

Bobby Mallon
112 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Frank Lampard, you should just stop moaning. This is your squad, you know how shit they were last season. Fucking Iwobi is shite, Tom Davies is shite... the whole team are shite.
Eddie Dunn
113 Posted 22/07/2022 at
So Frank has succumbed to frustration and basically called the players out. He has of course done it before.

I think his target isn't the whole squad but a few guys who are treading water, not taking their little holiday professionally enough, and of course his main target is the owner and the board.

By using so many subs at half-time and not being able to score a single goal in two matches, he has clearly displayed the low quality at his disposal.

Of course he has a point but he is just as guilty as his charges. It is him that is obsessed with the notion of playing out from the back, of a back three or five and only two in midfield. My God, we would need Kante and Idrissa Gueye to make that work.

So Frank has said to the Board, "Come on, get me my targets asap". The inertia must be down to finance. It's a right royal blue mess.

Moshiri was trying to wriggle free and his suitors wouldn't pay him what he needed. He tried to do an Ancelotti. He might still jump ship – it could explain this lack of action.

Otherwise, it seems that we are financially screwed and Frank must be considering whether to jump ship. If he gets out now, the football world wouldn't blame him and his record is unblemished having inherited utter crap and kept us up.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he went.

Dave Lynch
114 Posted 22/07/2022 at
For fuck's sake, there have been moans and groans on here for the past couple of seasons that the managers have been shithouses or are complicit with the board regards the mismanagement of the club.

We now have a manager who is vocal and is calling them out, albeit not directly, but you get his drift, and you're still not happy.

Blaming the manager and telling him to get on with it is "you" being complicit with this inept and fraudulent shower of no marks ruining our football club.

Colin Glassar
115 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Strap yourselves in, lads, this is going to be a rollercoaster of a season.
Ian Hollingworth
116 Posted 22/07/2022 at
As fans, we need to support the manager and the team. We know the team is shit and it's going to be a rough season with many fearing the worst. However, our anger should not be at the manager, it should be pointed directly at the problem which is the Chairman, the Board and the owner.

We are in the shit due to the way we have been run over many years. The manager and players do not run the club. Support the team on matchdays – just like we did at the end of last season – but also show displeasure at the board via banners and maybe end each game with a chorus of "Sack the board1" – regardless of the result. In fact, doing it after a win would have a much bigger impact, imo

Bill Gienapp
117 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I realized I'm still too worn out from the end of last season to climb out on the ledge. I'll check back in at the end of the transfer window and assess things then.
Pete Clarke
118 Posted 22/07/2022 at
It's frustrating the hell out of us all but I really don't want him publicly calling out the players because he's the one playing them.

I want him to publicly tell us all that he's asked the board to back him with new players of high calibre. Put some pressure on them directly.

I love Frank Lampard for everything he's done in football but I want him to be bullish about this... and most of all, I don't want to see Rondon, Davies, Keane or Gomes anywhere near our first team as that's just insulting us supporters who've had to suffer these useless pricks for years already.

Danny Baily
119 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Alex 98,

We had an elite manager, and he got the best win percentage of any permanent Everton manager since Howard Kendall in the eighties. The manager is a massive piece of the puzzle.

Frank was the best choice of the available candidates at the time, and he's a nice bloke, but he's no Carlo.

Jim Lloyd
120 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I hope Robert (50) is right, and we are not as poor as 5 or more teams in the Premier League. Therefore, I take it that Robert believes the squad is capable of steering away from any relegation zone. My fear is that, on this occasion, he's wrong.

Tommy (90) has us with two old centre-halves, brought in to replace two of our better players (Materazzi and Dacourt.) But most players, with their skill and determination, left in that team would be an improvement on too many in our squad. Those two centre-halves were absolute rocks in our defence. The other players he mentions made us into a good side.

I hope that Frank and the DoF are able to bring in players to improve our side to the mighty heights of around 10th-12th!

I don't believe Lampard was moaning. I'm glad he has spoken publicly about a bunch of players who have consistently driven half-a-dozen managers and around 40,000 supporters into despair on too many occasions.

I think he is telling those players, in front of us all, that it is nowhere near good enough to produce perfomances such as the one the other night. Whether it is on cup final day (some bloody hope there!!!) or a friendly with some semi-pro team.

Some people believe he should stop moaning and get on with it. Well, I'm glad he has said publicly what he thinks Everton Football Club might well face this season.

We are the ones who will keep going to the match each week; and potentially face the same tripe as last season.

The supporters, at the last hurdle, saved our club from oblivion. That's how awful a fate I believe we'd be in if we'd gone down. I think Frank is saying that this threat is still there.

I don't believe Ancelotti went because of the burglary, I think he buggered off because he was trying to manage a basket case of a club and a poor squad. If it was us, or Real Madrid to choose from… what do you think???

This coming season is a potential nightmare. Whether Frank Lampard and his team are good enough to drag us out of the mire will depend on this club providing the manager with a centre-forward who can score at least as regularly as the likes of Vardi, rather than waiting for it to be plonked on his head; a midfield who can dominate and create; and a bloody defence who frighten the opposition forwards... not us!

Those who think Frank Lampard can do with this shower of puddn's what at least three top class managers couldn't, are, in my opinion, hoping for another miracle.

I don't think it would overly worry Frank Lampard if he's tried his best and failed. I don't think there is one manager in football, who could make a silk purse (or even a cotton one) out of the current sow's ear that represents Everton FC on the pitch.

I really hope I'm wrong; and that I will sit in the Upper Bullens each match delighted with the skill, teamwork, and total commitment shown by all of the current squad of players – not just half a dozen!

Chris James
121 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Good to see so many loyal fans giving up our Premier League status 2 weeks before a competitive ball is kicked.

Personally, I think we need 3 players – forward reinforcement (Cornet could do a job for me, but I'd also take Dennis); attacking central midfield (I would love someone like Gallagher, but accept that we're more likely to have a Barkley type); and then a defensive midfielder (not Gilmour ideally) and/or a right back.

I have no issue with Frank giving the team a stern warning – that performance was shocking, why pretend it wasn't?

I am however puzzled as to why the young strikers aren't being given a chance. I'd personally be happy to see Rondon never start again (fine as a sub) and likewise Gomes (who's simply not up to the pace of the Premier League) and Davies (sadly not good enough).

I don't quite understand what's happened to Doucouré and Allan (both of whom are genuinely decent and looked incredible to begin with under Ancelotti) and I do think that Alli needs to be given a proper run in the attacking role. There's no doubt he has the talent (and he really showed it vs Palace); I think he just needs a real run of matches.

Indeed, I'm not as dismissive of the squad we already have as others, regardless of these last 2 results.

Pickford is a genuinely top-level keeper, Tarkowski and Mina should be a solid centre-back pairing (with Holgate and Keane supporting) and Mykolenko looks decent on the left.

It's a shame Patterson isn't up to speed yet and Coleman can't go on forever, so I'd play Godfrey on right with his pace and give him a chance to regain some form and see if he can get back to the way he was playing when he started.

Gordon is a quality player without doubt; Gray and Townsend (when fit) both offer something on the flanks; and Iwobi has actually progressed in the last season to be a genuine option.

When he's motivated and serviced, Calvert-Lewin is a top-tier striker – but he needs a decent supply of crosses and someone supporting. In the absence of a Cornet or Dennis, then let's give the new kids a chance.

Godfrey - Mina - Tarkowski - Mykolenko
Gray - Alli - Allan - Gordon
Calvert-Lewin - Dobbin

Subs: Keane, Coleman, Doucoure, Simms, Rondon, Iwobi, Broadhead

Jim Lloyd
122 Posted 22/07/2022 at
ps: Eddie Dunn and Dave Lynch, both posts spot on!
Danny O’Neill
123 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I feel for our loyal US supporters. A rare chance to see the blues in the flesh only to be let down.

I agree Jerome. This pre-season has taken me back to the Moyes era. Now I know some pine those days but generally the pre-seasons were not great and this one definitely fell into the "Oh shit, the season starts in a few weeks" category of planning.

Under Moyes, if I recall, we often got off to an okay start followed by an "Everton October" that sometimes extended into November, to be languishing by Christmas. Then we'd have a strong finish and end up 7th. Some natives happy; job done. I said 'generally' by the way, not always before any stattos crawl all over me as I haven't done my research, it is just a gut feeling recollection of that period!! But on topic, the pre-season preparation was frequently left to be desired.

Eddie, that is a stark, but not unrealistic post. I wouldn't quite say it's back me or sack me, but his frustration clearly came out.

On the subject of criticising players, that's a tricky one. What do you do? Let them continue with their flip-flops and socks (yes, flip flops and socks) on Easy Street or give them a deserved warning shot across the bows?

I guess the answer, if there is one, lies somewhere in the middle and is down to management style and delivery. Using two examples, Martinez was always protective; overly protective. Allardyce (shame on us) was quick to blame the players if a result went wrong but then even more rapid to take the credit if we scraped a win.

Frank is still learning. He's a young manager who achieved success as a player. Unless I'm wrong and missed something, I didn't hear him call out individuals, so I have no issue with his frustration, both with the players and the hierarchy. I think he is echoing most of our sentiments. Not that I can speak for everyone.

Dan Nulty
124 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Doesn't feel like there is any sense of urgency at all at board level.

We need new players — Good ones...!!!

Paul Cherrington
125 Posted 22/07/2022 at
There are two massive issues with Everton currently and nothing will improve until they are fixed. If they are not addressed in the very near future, we will be in a relegation battle again.

1. The current squad is not good enough in general. Simple as that. If we play the same players as last year, we will get the same outcome. People like Keane, Holgate and Doucoure are not suddenly going to become decent players overnight. We need at least 4 or 5 first team players who can pass the ball, tackle, keep it under pressure, shoot, show character and stay fit.

2. Our midfield is non-existent and just very, very poor. This is where we had problems specifically last season and it will be the same again this year if nothing is done about it. Unfortunately, we seem to have people in charge who obsess over players in other positions or who cannot bring in the players we need (certainly at DM). We must get at least 2 decent CM/DM's in or we will struggle again. Lampard must also play 3 in the middle of the park so we do not get overrun.

The sad thing is that every fan you speak to knows all this and knows how you could improve the side. It's not rocket science. Just not sure why those in charge seem to miss the obvious!

Paul Cherrington
126 Posted 22/07/2022 at
How poor the team have been also makes you wonder if Big Dunc called it a day because he knew we were in for another relegation battle and in real danger of going down this coming season. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall and decided to get out rather than have that on his CV.
Brian Harrison
127 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Some are saying we need this or that player. Yes, we know it, and Lampard knows it, and so does the owner, and the board know this. But because we have massively over-spent, we are now in serious problems with keeping inside our FFP limit.

So we can't go and sign players that we need because that will mean we will break the FFP rules and face a 21-point deficit like Derby did for breaking FFP rules.

So now we have to try and set up loan deals or loan-to-buy-later deals. Obviously the selling club want the money now so they can use that money to buy new players.

So we are in a very difficult place where we have limited funds to spend and will probably do all our business in the last week of the window when clubs may be happy to loan out players that they couldn't sell, or have decided another year on loan would benefit both player and club.

That's why we're linked with Billy Gilmour who Chelsea don't think is good enough for them and might never be good enough for them, so would be prepared to loan out for another season.

Also, they still have Barkley on their books who they are happy to sell, but nobody wants to buy, so he will be another Chelsea player they will be looking to move on this window.

So sadly that's the scenario we will be dealing in: loans or loans to buy, and I am sure not the scenario Lampard hoped for but it's what he has got. The question is can he turn this relegation club into a competitive one, I have my doubts, but I hope and pray I am wrong.

Barry Rathbone
128 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Brian 128,

That really is the top and bottom of the Everton tale just hoping Frank can get a few loans akin to Rom and Delboy to get us going.

Tough gig, this Everton thing…

John Pendleton
129 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Frank can't win.

Had he said anything remotely positive after that performance, he'd have been criticised for being deluded.

Had he kept quiet or neutral, he'd have been criticised for being complacent in a crisis.

Unpalatable as it may have been, what has Frank said that isn't blatantly obvious to players, fans and media alike? Mentioning the R word doesn't make it as inevitable as performing so poorly does.

Jonathan Tasker
130 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Picking up a few comments from above.

I think Ferguson leaving says quite a lot. I don't believe it was his choice. He's still looking for work.

Ross Barkley on loan is the type of addition that's most likely.

I'm happy to stop referring to our manager as Fat. He was a great player. I just don't rate him as a manager. But he's not stupid. And for that reason I expect him to walk out soon. It's an impossible job under the current regime.

James Parker
133 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I will assume to take a shot at what we are doing wrong, so please don't take offense.

1. Wingers' defensive contribution is lacking as they don't cover the wing backs adequately. Having Gray, Gordon in a team, it is realistic to expect that Mykolenko, Coleman or Patterson will be caught out, so plan for that. Remember: Pienaar & Baines, Coleman & Richarlison (check the stats). Moyes, Ancelotti, and Martinez made sure the wingers played their part defensively.

2. Davies: Not so good a defensive midfielder (check his stats), better attacking than defending. Even Fifa 20 & 21 knows this. So are we expecting magic to happen?

3. Calvert-Lewin: was as good as Richarlison helped him to be. so we must consider that that aspect of his game without him might be lost. Either get another striker or look for another pairing.

4. Defending: Because we pay them to be defenders doesn't mean that is open season to take free shots at them every time. Players above them seem to think so, that's why clumsy touches and needless giveaways is in vogue with our attackers.

Ray Jacques
134 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I think Kieran (back @23) sums it all up, nice and short and sweet.

It doesnt matter who the manager is. The club is akin to a Mickey Mouse operation run by amateurs and owned by a fantasist.

Lampard won't see Xmas, and the cycle of failure will repeat.

Andy Meighan
135 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Quite frankly, I'm delighted Frank has come out and said what he's said. This has been coming to these players for years.

We've got 6 or 7 in that squad that have been living on Easy Street for seasons now, we all know who they are as they've been called out by enough on here.

I said on another thread that these words from Frank are a thinly veiled threat to the board, and it's about time one of the cretins actually came out and publicly told us the financial situation, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

As for Danny @119 saying he's no Carlo, well Carlo had Rodriguez pulling the strings in midfield and Digne supplying Calvert-Lewin from the flank. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I can't remember Frank getting shot of them two... No, that was a certain Spaniard who done that and actually thought he was hard done by when he got the Cilla Black.

I've said this time and again: Give him 4 seasons minimum because we really have got to persevere.

Strap yourselves in tight.

Joe McMahon
136 Posted 22/07/2022 at
On the subject of the Board. Can someone inform me (us) what Graeme Sharp's role actually is, and what does he do? I'm not being sarcastic just curious.
Ray Jacques
137 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Anyone on here think Lampard wasnt being truthful when he spoke out?

He is saying it as he sees it, and I agree 100% with his opinion.

Michael Kenrick
138 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Joe, I was going to cite what we put up when his appointment was announced... but it says nothing.

On his Everton page, it says hardly much more:

"In his role as a [non-executive] director, Sharp utilises the wealth of knowledge of the game. to provide valuable input into the Club’s football strategy."

Equally nothing. I know he has been committed to attend (I think) around half of the Fan Advisory Board meetings. So perhaps something about Fan Liaison...???

I think in this sense, "non-executive" means "doesn't really do any actual work.. but can't half talk a lot".

Brian Murray
139 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Sharpy, god love him, was another strategically employed who won't question anything.
Jonathan Tasker
140 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Joe 136,

I was in Everton on business and was introduced to Sharpy. Obviously, I was in awe of such a great player and he came across as a genuinely nice guy.

In terms of what he does, without being unkind, I'd describe it as a "minister without portfolio".

Raymond Fox
141 Posted 22/07/2022 at
We will get a few players in shortly, on loan probably. We need a Richarlison replacement urgently, but that's not going to be like for like, is it?

We will muddle through okay, I think. I can see us finishing 14th to 16th. Whether that's overly optimistic remains to be seen, it's going to be all hands to the pump though.

I can foresee plenty of moaning on here, it's not going to be pretty.

Joe McMahon
142 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Thanks for the feedback re Sharp, everyone. 👍
Tony Everan
143 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Raymond 141

Michael and Lyndon should create to act as a sort of sluice gate for when there is a deluge.

Ed Prytherch
144 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I think that we are limited to two loans so it will be a mixture of loans and freebies.
Tony Twist
145 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I think there will be two loans and two buys but I have no faith in the recruitment department to buy the needed type of players and absolutely no faith in the manager and coaches. Sorry but you can't convince me that it was something other than the Goodison Roar that saved us last season.

We need two central midfielders that control a match with a good range of passes and steel and Cornet and a striker. That freshening up will be enough to keep us up but not unless Frankie takes his head out of the sand and gets the players playing properly as a team and to their very best level.

Bobby Mallon
146 Posted 22/07/2022 at
You lot can call it 'ToffeeMoan' or whatever you want, but the frailty of these players is there for all to see.

Last season, we stayed up by the skin of our teeth. This season, we have sold our only reliable goalscorer and best player and added a defender, for fuck's sake, and not a very good one by the looks of it.

This team have, for the past 3 seasons, been useless, turning up when they feel like it because they don't give a flying fuck about the club – not a single one of em. They are more interested in dressing up.

We fans watch week after week and all know we do not, do not have the players to play out from the back. Frank, why can't you see this?

And please stop with the two in midfield formation. This team needs to be hard to beat we need as others have stated two new hard-as-fuck, fit-as-fuck midfield players and a striker who can score goals in the Premier League... Pukki for me scored one more than Richarlison and will work just as hard.

Midfield Is my concern, two fucking hard-working players, Frank, please.

Bobby Mallon
147 Posted 22/07/2022 at
And whilst I'm at it. Can someone tell me why we never played Sigurdsson last season if he was not charged with anything and he has signed for a Turkish club on a free transfer? Boy, we could do with his goals...
Luke Welch
148 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Whatever way you look at it, the Everton project has failed. Instead of trying to crack the Top 5, we are now looking for freebies just to stay up! With a manager who wants to play a more attractive style of football.

The players of course will get him sacked. Whether or not the stadium gets finished for me is irrelevant, what's the point of it in in the Championship? There's way too many similarities with Sunderland there.

The way forward? Keep Pickford and fire sale the rest, so Frank can build a team of the right characters... or get in Big Sam to keep us up.

Let's be real with the mire we are in and adjust expectations to suit.

David White
149 Posted 22/07/2022 at
John @129 this is why you have to take posts on ToffeeWeb with a pinch of salt, mate. He can't win over everyone on here, never no manager has or will. There will always be different opinions.

It's the people who are never happy that get to me. Like you say, they moan about performances and lack of effort in players but, as soon as Frank calls the players out on it, they say he shouldn't be doing that! These are the ones who, if we win 3-0 (rare), they moan about a missed chance!

Professional Everton moaners!! Not constructive, a lot has no basis in fact, a lot is just recycled bullshit that gets repeated so much, their thick minds take it as facts.

Half posting on here have us relegated already with Frank gone before Xmas, 2 weeks before a ball has been kicked this season. Like their hoping for us to fail.

In reality, we all know we are up against the FFP rules with transfers. Teams who have players we want, they want cash. But if they end up with that player still a few days before transfer window closes and want players off their books, we will have the upper hand.

Give the manager a chance... 6 months he's had, kept us up; now let's see what he and the new DoF can bring before we boot them out!!!

Stephen Meighan
150 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Lampard saying what thousands of Evertonians are actually saying and dreading ourselves. All credit to him for putting "good times" Bill and the rest of the board on their toes.

I can honestly see Lampard walking away from the shit show mid-season, leaving the teary one to bring in his prodigal son from Croxteth to run the show.

Danny O’Neill
151 Posted 22/07/2022 at
It kind of makes me a bit sad to hear that Sharp may have fallen into the trap of having a job but not having influence. A supporter in the boardroom who won't make waves.

Off track but it made me think of that team I witnessed and put them in a Top 5 pecking order.

Kevin Sheedy
Paul Bracewell
Trevor Steven
Peter Reid
Graeme Sharp

I thought long and hard about 5th place as I could easily have put Neville Southall there.

How times have changed. We were spoilt for choice. I haven't even mentioned any of the defenders.

Joe McMahon
152 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Hi Danny,

In my list, it would be hard to leave Kevin Ratcliffe and Big Nev out, a 5 is hard. But certainly Nev over Graeme.

But it's all in the past, I was in my mid teens (I'm certainly not now).

Ray Smith
153 Posted 22/07/2022 at
David 149

You have summed up our current predicament succinctly.

It's last day(s) transfers, rather than striking now.

I hope Thelwell is being given his head, and Kenwright keeps his nose out, undermining any potential deals in place, and looking for a further reduced fee.

Will Mabon
154 Posted 22/07/2022 at
David @149,

I think the distinction needs to be made between properly managing the players, including speaking to them as necessary, and making hugely negative public statements. I think this is what some are unhappy with.

On the occasion that players ever criticize their manager in public, it always leads to lines such as "Well I think that's the beginning of the end for the player now...". The player usually is finished too. Recent example – Digne.

There are ways to summarize a poor team performance to the media that isn't dripping in negativity and doesn't sound defeatist, and Lampard is articulate enough to deliver it.

This said, I agree with what he said.

Lee Courtliff
155 Posted 22/07/2022 at
We had all this after the Palace game in the Cup. "...bollocks to play!"

As far as I'm concerned, the manager should come out and give a stern word every so often. BTW, he never actually said we would be in a relegation battle. He said, "If we don't want to be there again, then we have to be better and I have to be better."

We can't accuse Frank of rampant negativity when he has, on countless occasions, praised the club, the fans and the players.

My only concern at the moment, besides lack of incoming transfers, is why he persists with a 2-man midfield when it blatantly doesn't work. Just play 3 in there and make us hard to beat until we bring in the players he actually wants and needs to play his kind of football.

Barry Hesketh
156 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I agree Lee @156, I really don't care what a manager says in public or in private, so long as he's trying his hardest to create a team that's competitive.

Fans complaining about the effect this may have on the team is understandable and usually I would agree; however, when you have a group of players that have consistently and far too constantly embarrassed themselves, the club, the fans and numerous managers over a long period of time, I don't think it matters how the manager goes about things, providing it's done for the good of the club he manages.

Although I do wish that Frank on the football side of things would realise that this squad is incapable of playing it out from the back, in fact, it seems as if it's incapable of playing any sort of competitive formation to a competent level.

We'll see the what things look like when we kick-off in a fortnight.

Barry Jones
157 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Don't panic, Captain Mainwaring!

I am backing thin Frank.

Oliver Molloy
158 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Lampard getting the excuses in early – right... always look after number one.

If Frank doesn't or isn't able to get a rise out of the squad, he has to take responsibility, in my opinion. Forget about how shite we are, I'm fed up hearing about that "great night" against Palace when we achieved survival.

Had he managed our run-in starting against Burnley away – a match we should have won only for his bad game management – we would more than likely been safe even before the Palace game.

And I don't care what anyone says, we were very very lucky on the night.

I think he was the best candidate of the three, but he has not convinced me he has what it takes to make us hard to beat – and that should be his main priority.

Not being able to attract players to the squad, even with the offer of big wages, is very concerning; as a club, we are in turmoil.

If we fail to get a decent start, Lampard will go I think.

Ian Hollingworth
159 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Christ melt – how is any of this shit fuck anything to do with Frank? We were well in the shit long before he got here!!!

The one thing he has in his favour is he gets us and has realised he needs to tap into that.

The squad is shit, they are weak-minded spineless fuckers and it appears we are in no financial position to do anything about it.

As shit as it is, we have to live with it as it's our club – but blaming Frank is futile.

Kenny Smith
160 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Without a ball being kicked in anger, I think the vast majority on here are in agreement. We've sold our best player but this is not like when we sold Rooney then somehow managed to finish 4th the next season. Everyone bar the Top 3 and Liverpool that season were crap and posed no threat.

Looking at the fixtures I can't see us getting anything anywhere if we continue to try and pass our way through teams. The current squad just aren't good enough for that. Everyone else will be a massive threat and they're all doing business bar us.

Selling our best player to a team we were on par with 6 seasons ago when Moshiri arrived shows how poorly we've been managed off the pitch. We have nothing going forward at all, can't defend and a non-existent midfield. How has this been allowed to happen?

This situation is disastrous because so much hinges on us being in this league for the next 2 seasons before we leave for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.
Anyway, I'm off to the ground tomorrow to get my lad his new home kit. Poor thing... what have I done to him. UTFT!

Gary Jones
161 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kenny, my 11-year-old boy crying at half-time against Palace will haunt me forever.

His hug at 3-2 and the end will be a memory I'll try and recall at the end… but it's only going to be that if it were a catalyst to bump us up.

At the moment, I am still unsure that Moshiri gets it. It's a bad investment right now, and feels like he's minimising losses.

The club's worth so much more than a stadium.

David White
162 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Oliver @159.

You are deluded, mate!! What manager would get any better out of this team?

Carlo had a much better team: James, Sigurdsson and Digne playing their part and he scraped Top 10 in the Covid season with no fans at away grounds.

Frank's lost them, lost Richarlison, fringe players like Delph, Tosun & Kenny who actually played a lot of games, even if not to best standard. We should be giving him a pat on the back for not walking away!

Oliver, we don't want the players who want big wages, mate!! We want the players who want to play for our club, want to put a shift in, want to play for Frank – not for £££.

You will be there telling us he needs sacking in Week 2 of the new season, no matter what style we play, no matter what signings he gets.

Because we not going to get the big signings mate, we are looking to build something now, something sustainable, so your point is bollocks!!

Sorry to tell it how it is but, like these players, we need home truths now and then.

David White
163 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Ian @160,

Yes, have a word with some of these absolute fantasy football dreamers!! Bring in Klopp, Guardiola, Pochettino, Mourinho – not one of them would be in any better shape after the 6 months Frank's had!

Let's all get real, people – this is a marathon, not a sprint. Waking up tomorrow, checking ToffeeWeb to see if we signed a player or 2 doesn't mean all will be fixed.

Think of the long term!! Not the next few results!! Or we will just be spinning the managerial wheel over and over till we do go down. It is the impatience that will take us down, more than giving the manager and DoF a real chance to change this squad.

It's boring me now because it's so obvious!!

Brian Murray
164 Posted 22/07/2022 at
The club is inviting Ukraine refugees free of charge for the Kiev game. We get that part of things so right; unfortunately, we are very good at hiding behind it. Up until now. See you all tomorrow.
Kevin Molloy
165 Posted 22/07/2022 at

Yes, the textbook procedure for a dodgy regime, cloak themselves in virtue and hide behind it to avoid awkward questions about their other activities. Remember Fifa, and their 'no to racism' adverts. Like Sepp Blatter gave a flying one.

Speaking again about Lampard, it's obviously way too early to criticise how he's getting the team to play, everyone recognises he's been dealt a tough hand.

The real alarm for me is how he's reacted to the adversity of losing badly a pre-season game. I think it's revealed a lot about where his mind is. It shows a worrying lack of faith in his ability to coach a better return from the squad that, at the first bump in the road, he's sent up a flare saying "Listen everyone, it's shit here, and it's not my fault".

No doubt people like Harry Redknapp have adivsed him of the poisoned chalice he's taken on, and the temptation must be there to shout "Don't blame me" when things go wrong, but from an Everton point of view, I'm very unhappy at how he seems to have both eyes sometimes on what this means for his reputation and none on what is best for Everton.

Tony Abrahams
166 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Why would a genuine winner like Frank Lampard have to get his excuses in early? If he fails, I'm sure he will fail trying, and surely this is the point he's trying to get across to his players?

Doucouré said he appreciated the manager's honesty, and although you don't have to like somebody to respect them, I'm certain you only gain respect, when people can see that you have got good intentions. Maybe this is why not many Everton players are that well respected by the fans?

Oliver Molloy
167 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Okay David,

I didn't say I wanted players in on big wages – I did say the club – and that obviously includes Lampard – were finding it tough to attract players even with the lure of big wages... and speaking of big wages, who wanted to sign Dele Alli? Lampard, I believe.

Yes, he has inherited a mess. I agree with you, we need players that are prepared to run their bollocks off, but we also need a manager who knows how to win and is tactically astute. My opinion is Lampard has a lot to learn in this respect.

I said in an earlier post, Lampard's main priority should be making us hard to beat – if he can not do that, it doesn't bode well, does it?

You have your opinion and I have mine; you think Lampard is the business; I think he is responsible for picking the right team, playing the right way in order to get results.

I certainly won't be calling for his head after 2 games... let's see after 10 games.

You seem to think I would like Lampard to fail – I don't. I hope you are right about him, I'm just not convinced and I have said this from the Burnley defeat which was a match we should have won – nothing I have seen since has made me change my mind.

Tony Abrahams
168 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I've just listened to that Frank Lampard interview, and think that if any player disagrees with what the manager said, then they shouldn't be at our club.

He said “a club like Everton has to be competitive” and it's been a very long time since I heard someone being genuine when speaking these words. So hopefully Frank Lampard improves, and the people who don't believe these words slowly disappear from Everton Football Club. 🤞

Frank Thomas
169 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I have never in my 55 years of supporting Everton been worried about being relegated — even last season, I knew we had the players to escape. This season, however, I have two predictions:

Firstly, Lampard will be sacked by Christmas and we will be in the Bottom 3, and secondly, we will be relegated. Which would be totally ironic, new season, new stadium and new league (The Championship). I really hope I am wrong at least in the second prediction.

Lampard is still thinking he is 'one of the boys' and can find lots of talent at Chelsea for free. He is wrong on both counts he is a manager and a coach – not a 'mate'. He is as clueless in his role as Dele Alli, Rondon, Iwobi and Holgate are in their roles.

What went wrong last season was not primarily the defence – it was the attack. Every time we got near the opposition's goal, we were let down by very poor inaccurate passes, primarily by Iwobi. Then, when we had a large portion of our attack near their baseline, they broke and scored. Granted he did get better near the end of the season with his pressing etc but remember, his contract is winding down.

In defence, who was the major culprit responsible for 4 major losses? It was Holgate. He clipped the ball out of reach from Keane (against Man City), got a red for a follow-through tackle in another game (consequently a free-kick and they scored), and others. I posted last season he single-handedly cost us 10 points and lost us several million pounds. His reward... a new 4-year contract from Lampard???

Back to the attack, when Calvert-Lewin ("Come and buy me, boys, I am a hot-shot player") came back, he missed many sitters in the air and on the ground. His and the other attackers' reward: no extra voluntary or mandatory shooting practice!!! Why not?

Spurs' first pre-season game had several goals scored by them, in the corner of the goal; we would have missed the open goal! How many times did Calvert-Lewin and even Richarlison miss open goals last season?

In the last 4 weeks, we have lost two 'Rooney' type prospects – one from the men's team (to Man City) and one from the ladies' team (to Man Utd) and who could blame them? If you are not 'discovered' by Lampard, then he will not put you in the team – unless you play brilliantly for your National team, then he has no choice and you are in the team, son.

A good example is Branthwaite; if he plays brilliantly, he will not come back to Everton. If he plays poorly, he will not get a game – just a very nice paid holiday abroad.

How could anyone play Rondon instead of Dobbin who is very fast (similar pace to Gordon) and much fitter? Dobbin should have been in every training game instead of Rondon. Could you honestly see Rondon in any other Premier League team other than us???

Lampard is waiting to see what is left at the end of the August, hoping that Armando Broja will be sold to us – he will not be. He has also missed out on Zinchenko (gone to Arsenal).

Any hope?? Dropping players or offloading Rondon (No chance), Dele Alli, Iwobi and possibly Gomes who was responsible for giving away many pressurising free-kicks against us.

Signing 'never say die' players similar to Richarlison – you will find them in the Championship but are we looking?

Remember Sun Tzu 'If you want peace, prepare for war'. In Premier League talk: if you want to win, strengthen the attack.

David White
171 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Oliver, it's fine if you have an opinion that Lampard is not the right man. I had the same opinion about Benitez and Allardyce. I was willing to give them a shout... bit less so with Rafa to be fair. Frank kept us up mate, with a squad that looked doomed.

I don't think he is the business, I think he has earned a decent shot at changing the squad, the mentality, the style.

Your post I quoted had issues with the Burnley game. But one game doesn't make a season, even one as important as that one; we still stayed up. Think Rafa would if kept us up?

It's players that are to blame for performances like Burnley. Beat Chelsea one week, lose to Burnley the next, that's not management – that's players switching off, imo.

I have the view that we are trying to be more shrewd in our transfer business now. Your view that we can't attract players, even with the offer of big wages, is not based on any fact – it's just hearsay. Who have we offered big wages to and been turned down by?

I'm all for more young hungry youthful players who are not after the offer of big wages but the promise of developing their career, playing for a manager that believes he can make them better.

This is where we are at. You can carry on calling for signings for signings' sake – I'd rather they bide their time and get the right people. I'd rather lose to Keiv and Blackpool with no new signings and have a few in and win some Premier League games.

Dele may turn out to be a shit signing. But we won't pay much for him if he's no good, at least he's tried to be creative with a limited budget. If he gets Dele to half the player he was, he'd be our best player!

Give them time is all I ask. If we are fighting relegation by Xmas, then we worry. But I don't see it (fingers crossed).

Dale Self
172 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Get ‘em, Brendan, I'm too high to be bothered by that. Frank isn't great with his timing (Palace, FA Cup) but I'm getting an honest vibe from his public statements. And I've been skeptical of his methods, give him a chance in a fucked situation.
Derek Thomas
173 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Frank Thomas @ 175;

More than a grain of truth in that rant, time will tell if it's just (possibly) alcohol-fuelled over-exaggeration or a true grasp of the situation – cracking rant though.

Jerome Shields
174 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Danny #123,

After watching Everton for years, it is hard not to think in terms of patterns. Though I said recently regarding pre-season, I find it hard to remember a good pre-season.

The October Blues I connect with the International break. I suppose I preempt disappointment with my two results and a loss Everton theory. Though last season I would have given anything for that old middle-table pattern.

It is also hard therefore not to dig beyond the squad and ask what at Everton gives rise to these occurrences. They have survived numerous managers, so there must be something deeper causing it.

Even the media are coming out with that latter statement. Week-in and week-out on ToffeeWeb, there are numerous analytics to try and answer this problem. With the usual suspects getting the blame.

Unfortunately we all can identify these very Everton occurrences. We know them off by heart. Often we can anticipate them. It is all so very Everton and very recognisable.

James O'Connell
175 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Well... not even kicked a ball and we're in a relegation battle. Will there be 3 worse teams than us this season?

Teams coming up are making shrewd signings, and all we have done is sell our best player.

To think we had aspirations of European football not so long back.

Brendan McLaughlin
176 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Moyes used to get stick for playing down expectations by talking about getting to 40 points and seeing where we go from there.

Frank gets praised for talking about a relegation battle after a couple of pre-season results...

Massive advantage... not having red hair!

Brian Murray
177 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome @175.

From a very early age, Goodison has given me nothing but grief and heartache until a time in the '80s... then it was snatched away from us.

Not saying God's Little Acre is cursed but maybe the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock with mostly new players (and a new board) will change our fortunes. As for a new manager that's entirely up to how Frank shapes up.

Kieran Kinsella
178 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Moyes talked relegation on the back of good seasons. Frank is talking relegation on the back of weakening a team that just survived.

Moyes-era negativity was summed up for me when Steve Round joined. We'd just finished 5th and he said he hoped next season to finish 6th.

Brendan McLaughlin
179 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran #179

"Moyes talked relegation on the back of good seasons."

There's certainly some truth in that.😊

Brian Murray
180 Posted 23/07/2022 at
According to journalist Romano, West Ham have pulled out of the race for Broja, paving the way for Everton to swoop. Need to find that Richarlison money down Teary's sofa, pronto.
Jerome Shields
181 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Brian #178,

We are very dependent on how Frank shapes up. I remember the 1970 winning of the League, which quite frankly was understated. 1984 and 1985 were terrific.

Maybe Frank was getting his warnings in early. Benitez was in October last year and Ancelotti was in March the previous year. All resulted in a downing of tools. Surely downing tools from the start of a season they would not try?

We definitely need signings, that's for sure.

David Currie
182 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Danny @151,

1 Big Nev- World Class.
2 Rats - Top Class Def.
3 Reidy- Top Class Mid.
4 Sharpy- Top Class Striker.
5 Sheeds- Sheer Quality and Top Class.

I always want to have 4 Top Players right down the middle. I think if all those players from that squad had to name their best 3 it would be Nev, Sharp and Sheedy.

Jerome Shields
183 Posted 23/07/2022 at
“It always starts with having a team with a great work ethic and energy. The first thing I say when I speak to players at a new club is that we have to be a team that outruns and outfights the opposition. You can't be a successful team without it.

“I'm more about principles than whether it's a back three or back four. It's more about the balance of how we want to play. I want speed in the game, to move things quickly. Hardworking and pressing, whether it's high or in a block. ”

Frank Lampard

I think Frank's comments regarding relegation are born out of frustration. When he is watching a game for what he is trying to achieve but it looks like few have being taking a blind bit of notice. He is not the first Everton Manager to have felt like that. Same old, same old Everton emerges before your eyes.

Andy Walker
184 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Think there's a very real possibility Frank will be gone by November. If Newcastle make an average or poor start, expect Howe to be available……
Brian Murray
185 Posted 23/07/2022 at

I always think it odd Newcastle making do with a manager who can't defend. Bit like our hopeless Martinez. Maybe they are biding their time like Man City did.

We could have Pep in charge but nothing would change until we get change. Get off your yacht, Moshiri.

Allan Board
186 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome @184,

So right, bud! It's not too much to ask players to work hard as a prerequisite. Here is a little ditty I use with footballers of all ages and abilities:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

I got that from an ex-Birmingham, ex-Arsenal player who taught my lad footy at his football schools.

Easy to beat a team that's got no desire. Frank has it right, all this baloney about systems and formation is just that – baloney. Game starts, you work hard and win your personal contest first, physically or mentally, within the laws or not. When you have done this, then you can show everyone how good you are.

These players are work-shy wankers. Everton need 3 years and 20 plus new players – I would play all the kids.

Danny O’Neill
187 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I used to refer to Eddie Howe as the English Martinez, Brian, when rumours tended to circulate every time there was a managerial change due at Everton. Which obviously has been frequent.

I agree; stepping stone approach with Newcastle just like Man City and, to a degree, Chelsea.

Steve Brown
188 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome @ 184, I think Lampard did it deliberately as a marker to the club hierarchy.

He connected with the fans last season and knows he is far more popular than the board. It is a fine line to walk, but I agreed with him doing it to push them harder to reinvest in the squad.

Tony Graham
189 Posted 23/07/2022 at
No wonder you see pics of Frank scratching his head, he must be thinking "What the hell have I done, taking this job...?"

No chance of quality incomings, and the worst squad of so-called footballers ever assembled.

To fashion something like a hardworking competitive team to keep us up would be a miracle; I think he will resign by about Nemer – for his health's sake... and his hair!

Ian Riley
190 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Sorry, Tony (#190) – not having that at all.

Rather Frank resigns now and allows someone else to motivate and attempt to keep us up next season. I'm bored of his "Poor me, look what I have to manage."

We are not that bad! Moyes had squads with less talent but set us up to battle and defend as a unit. Frank does neither. His body language is not good for the players or the fans.

Yes, we need to be realistic but if you can't motivate the players to play for you, bye-bye. You stayed on, Frank, after last season and are aware of the financial constraints. You need to work harder with your management team.

This group of players is what we have, either good or bad. Somehow, Frank must come together and find a way.

Jerome Shields
191 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Allan #187,

It seems to be at Everton there is a fundamental attitude that always prevails, particularly at training. Look good and put in as little application as possible. It could even extend to matches. Get a good result and take it easy for the next match.

"I sensed that something wasn't quite right. " Lampard said reflecting on when he first arrived at Finch Farm almost 6 months ago.

"We've made adjustments in the analysis, sports science and medical departments, " Lampard says. "We have to recruit from outside to make sure it's not just the type of people all the time. We have to bring in some expertise. "

"Kevin and I are big on personality, " the Everton Manager says. "We want to bring in the right players, players with good profiles. Character in the dressing room is huge and the main attribute for me. It's creating a training method which leads to how we want to play on the pitch. "

What is the attitude of the players and Finch Farm to all this? Going by the Minnesota performance, enough are not buying into this. They may even feel their positions are being threatened.

When one adds to this Frank's recognition of the fans and their contribution, he would have been pretty pissed off with such a performance in front of American fans who turned up to support their team, something many don't get a chance to do. Then you have travelling fans there as well.

In these circumstances, given how other managers have been reacted to when they have called the players out, I think that Frank would be better advised to add quiet to his patient revolution. But maybe his attitude is "Fuck it, bring it on, I don't need this shit, I can go elsewhere. " But that will not get the necessary change at Everton.

The seeds of the relegation problem were sown in the previous November and December when players downed tools, something enough of them were prepared to do in the middle of a Premier League campaign.

Just think about that performance in the good old USA, it was an afront to the attitude expressed by Minnesota United and the standards expected in other American sports. It tells you a lot about the prevailing attitude at Everton.

Terry Downes
192 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Said it before and I'll say it again:

Onwards and downwards for us this season.

Jim Lloyd
193 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Each to their own, regarding Frank's comments. I don't think his comments were anything to do with "Poor me."

If he was sacked tomorrow, he'd go away with a compensation package, in the millions probably, and go and find another club who will offer him a job.

It's "poor us" I'm concerned about, and the manager has told those players on more money in a week, than most of us get in years, that "their performance is not good enough!" And in my view, he's absolutely right.

How anyone can say we're not that bad, when we escaped relegation by a hairsbreadth, with our best forward now sold. Just had 6 goals (and could have been well more) plonked past us without a reply and "we're not that bad!"

Last season, our goal difference was poor, yet again. Our defence, with Keane and Holgate included has consistently, over the past five years been, poor (no – it's been awful), Mina is better but injury prone.

Our midfield is poor... average on a good day, and our attack is, on average, abysmal.

I think that Lampard was hired because the players under the last manager gave poor performances. He was blamed by some, for tactics, motivation, and being a red. The previous manager buggered off back to Real Madrid, the one before that was labelled "Not good enough" ... sacked. The one before that: "Get out of our club!" The one before that, labelled not good enough ... and Koeman. My opinion of him – big name, not a good manager.

The common denominator over the last 5 years has been the players we have. Who you want to blame for that is open to debate. We've had five or six managers who haven't been able to get a consistent team performance, since Martinez's first season.... and maybe parts of Ancelotti's tenure.

I think we need quality additions in defence (the lad from Burnley is a good one). My view is that if Keane and Holgate... and maybe Godfrey now, are the major part of our defence and I've no confidence that the mistakes will lessen, never mind stop!

Midfield and attack? I'd just be glad if we get a goalscorer and a creator.

Jerome Shields
194 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Steve #189

That also could be a reason, to make sure he is getting backing.

Tony Twist
195 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If we are struggling for cash, I would honestly get some freebies in, if Barkley is on a free bring him in, only if he gets his shit together and if he does, I would make him deputy captain after Tarkowski.

I would also get Bellotti in to accept the forward passes that at least Barkley is able to do, unlike so many in this side. Bellotti too is old but looks a proper worldly wise footballer who has an eye for a goal.

would get two young buck midfield powerhouses that have a pass in them and Cornet and feed them on a regular diet of red meat! No intricate passing, direct, fast, punishment to any opposition.

There is so much bad karma with the way we played under Moyes but every opposition knew they had been in a game after playing us.

Jack Convery
196 Posted 23/07/2022 at
West Ham Utd bought Scamaca for £30M. Does this mean Broja on his way to us?

Will Calvert-Lewin then go to Newcastle for £50M and Gibbs-White comes to us for £30M with Winks or Pepe on a loan? Will pigs fly? WIll Bill go? Will Liz Truss lead the UK to Armageddon? Will anyone care?

Lee Carsely on Twitter: "DO SOMETHING." At least he cares.

Tony Twist
197 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Oh, forgot to mention in last post but also play, every home match, on full volume before the match, Waterfront by Simple Minds to get the party started!
Frank Thomas
198 Posted 23/07/2022 at
We should not allow Barkley back unless he agrees to £50k max per week. His decision to go to Chelsea later cost us about £15M, I seem to remember.

Now he has failed to ignite the world, he wants to come back. Maybe Calvert-Lewin could try that route... or Gordon or Pickford. Returning to the fold did not work for Rooney and even Pienaar was not as good after 1 year away.

Time to shake things up at Everton, we seem to be full of leaks. From the top to the bottom.

The captain of a ship does not say "We are going to sink" until there is nothing else that can be done to save the ship. He certainly does not say it before the ship sets sail or, in Frank's case, before the season starts.

The names of our 'targeted exciting players' are leaked such as Luis Diaz before deals are done. Out tactics are revealed in press conferences by the players: "We knew they had a weak left back etc and so we attacked mainly down the left wing..." Man City's players etc say "We knew they had a very good side and we had to raise our game. "

Leaks cost players, leaks cost points, leaks cost money.

Joe McMahon
199 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barkley can get fucked. As mentioned, he also cost us millions.

His loan spell at Villa was really memorable, wasn't it?

Tony Twist
200 Posted 23/07/2022 at
This club ain't for changing and have dug their own grave (thanks to the weak management from the majority shareholder).

There are good players out there but unfortunately, and really you have to laugh, Everton's procurement policy means that they discount them even though they are value for money.

This procurement policy that has been the reason for years of failure and why we are where we are. Like I say, Everton are just so predictable with choice of manager, to style of play, to player procurement. The idiots in charge can't see the wood from the trees.

Barry Hesketh
201 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Speaking to CBS Sports ahead of Wednesday's second preseason game, a bruising 4-0 defeat to Minnesota United, Davies was glowing in his praise of Lampard. "He gets the club completely. He's a great manager. He fits the role of Everton down to a tee: he's got the hard-working mentality, he wants us to play football but he wants us to fight, to never give up.

"He has bought into the club philosophy, that's why the players and fans love him. There's no other side to him, just pure Everton. You can feel it amongst the fans, amongst the group. We all trust in him and believe in what he's saying. He's going to take us on to great things and I'm really looking forward to actually being able to play under him and get that full season of work under him. I think I can develop a lot."

It's a great pity that Tom and his colleagues can't show the same enthusiasm out on the pitch isn't it?

Frank is the right man

Mike Gaynes
202 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barry, I saw no lack of enthusiasm. I saw a lack of competence.
Tony Twist
203 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Frank may get the club and is invested in the club but sorry, all he should concentrate on is getting wins. Wins breeds confidence, on the pitch and also that confidence attracts players to the club.

Christ, the fans made a huge impression on the public looking in on our club but it's Frank's job to show that it's attractive to players on the outside who we want to join.

That is done simply by winning matches, starting with a huge win against Blackpool.

Barry Hesketh
204 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mike @203,

I suppose I used the wrong term, after all, the little kids on the field close to my house show loads of enthusiasm but aren't organised or able to do most of the basics. I'd expect a bit more from so-called professionals.

Mike Gaynes
205 Posted 23/07/2022 at
We all do, Barry. But the lack of quality in the squad is evident to all, and it's not likely to be addressed much in this window.

The enthusiasm injected by Lampard and the fans was what kept us up. Hopefully that, and better organization, will be enough to keep us out of danger this season.

Michael Kenrick
206 Posted 24/07/2022 at
This quote from the Chelsea manager caught the eye after his side were walloped 4-0 by Arsenal in the Florida Cup (hey, that's ours, init???)

Tuchel: "I saw a team in Arsenal who are mentally committed to a level of exhaustion that we could not match physically and mentally because we have a lot of players who are thinking about leaving and looking at their options."

Christine Foster
207 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Having spent the last few days decorating my wooden hut down here at the bottom of the world, Alexa has been playing TalkSport overnighter due to the obvious time differences!

What has miffed me is how many so-called pundits have been saying we are doomed for relegation this season, that Lampard will not even be here at the beginning of the season, that the fans will drive him out, that he cuts a very unhappy figure, that he doesn't want to be here... you get the drift.

I think there are very few supporters not behind Lampard; I also think few want him gone. They say actions speak louder than words, so I hope Moshiri is hearing the jungle drums, there hasn't been one positive comment or backing from the pundits and all of them pointing the gun at the owner, which frankly, is only part of the blame.

I think Tony nailed it when he said the clock is ticking... and getting louder. The media love to create crisis, and they don't have to dig much when it comes to our club.

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