Gueye completes long-awaited move back to Everton

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Updated Idrissa Gueye is finally an Everton player again after the Blues re-signed him from Paris Saint-Germain, the club for which he left Goodison Park three years ago for £29m, following almost six weeks of negotiations.

Protracted talks over a two-year contract and a fee to the French club that is now being reported in the English press as being between around £2m meant that the deal took a fortnight before it looked likely to get over the line and then another four weeks as the player attempted to negotiate a severance package with PSG.

According to reports in France on Monday, only the final few details needed to be ironed out which allowed Gueye to fly to Merseyside to undergo the second part of his medical this morning.

An official announcement is still forthcoming from Everton but social media tweets by the player and his wife Pauline have already confirmed the news that Gueye is a Blues player once more. He will wear the Number 27 shirt.

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The Senegal international was deemed surplus to requirements by new PSG boss, Christophe Gaultier, and he jumped at the chance to return to the club where he really established himself as a top-class midfielder following a £7.1m transfer from Aston Villa.

Nottingham Forest reportedly made an attempt to hijack the move at one stage but Gueye was set on re-joining Everton and underwent the first part of his medical in Paris two weeks ago before finally coming to an arrangement with the Parisiens.

"I told PSG if I am going to leave it will be for one team — and that was Everton," Gueye said. "It was not a difficult decision for me because I love this club. That’s why I had to come home.

“There is no better feeling than coming back home. I am very happy to be here at Everton again, to help and to work hard. I’ll give my soul to this team.

"Coming back here was important to me. I’ve followed the team every week and watched how they play.”

Gueye looks to return to Goodison with top-level experience with PSG which included regular Champions League football playing alongside the likes of Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Though almost 33, he is regarded by Frank Lampard and the Toffees’ Director of Football, Kevin Thelwell, as a valuable stop-gap in an area of the pitch that was glaringly short on quality.

He will also get the opportunity to mentor another Senegal-born player in the form of Amadou Onana. The 20-year-old arrived earlier this month in a £33m deal from Gueye’s former club, LOSC Lille, as a hugely promising but still raw midfield prospect for whom Lampard has high hopes.

Either in tandem or in rotation, the pair promise to solidify the spine of an Everton side that struggled last season but which has been augmented by James Tarkowski, Conor Coady and Neal Maupay this summer.

“Idrissa has played at the highest level of football," Lampard said. "Evertonians know all about his tireless work rate and the value he brings to a team, and we are looking forward to him bringing all of that now he’s back at the club.”


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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:25:16
Walks straight into the team even at 32.

If he can be our present day Gareth Barry for 12/18 months then I see no wrong in that.

Pat Kelly
2 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:29:17
At least money wasn't an issue
Ciarán McGlone
3 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:29:40
Gueye, Iwobi and Onana.. surely this is the end of the failed back 5 experiment.
Christy Ring
4 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:30:21
Hope there's no more hiccups, a strong defensive midfielder, available for the weekend game, and can now change to 3 in midfield.
Duncan McDine
5 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:32:14
Thought this was dead in the water, but someone somewhere was obviously playing silly buggers. With the management hellbent on playing just 2 in midfield, and Iwobi settling nicely into one of those spots, I don’t see how Onana and Gueye will be playing at the same time. Hopefully Lampard has a cunning plan!
Nick Page
6 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:32:32
Agreed Jim @1. Selling him and bringing in utter dross was main reason Silva lost his job. Not his mistake. Another player never replaced. FF has to go 433 but I think Thelwell sees this 3-5-2/5-3-2 thing (he wrote a book on it, and Wolves set up that way).
Neil Copeland
7 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:34:23
Get him in as soon as so he can get some time on the training ground and a start against Liverpool on Saturday. Even better if it means we go to a back 4 although may have to wait longer for that.

Just need a playmaker and another striker.

Jerome Shields
8 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:38:42
The one big advantage Gueye has is experience, with proven stopper ability, and he maybe able to organise those around him to stop the opposition walking through Everton's midfield. Frank definitely needs such a player.
Nicolas Piñon
9 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:46:58
Hope I'm wrong but I don't see Lampard shifting to a 4 back line soon.

Great deal if it goes by and hoping Allan stays cause it's a heavy calendar and they won't be able to play all minutes all games as seen. But anyway it's another step forward I believe.

My ideal team when all fit would be:

Patterson, Tarkowski, Coady or Mykolenko, Godfrey;
Doucoure, Gueye, Onana;
Gordon and Calvert Lewin.

That's a team with experience talent and lots of energy and ambition as well. Crossed fingers someday it'll happen.

Subs from: Begovic, Coleman, Keane, Mina, Holgate, Vinagre, Davies, Allan, Gomes; Townsend, Gray, Maupay, Rondon.

Dale Self
10 Posted 29/08/2022 at 16:48:34
Alright then, Gueye, Tarkowski and Coady can get things under control at the back. After playing at PSG, he has a few new moves and can probably help significantly in getting out of our third and most likely can still cause problem for opposing offensive setups. UTFT!!!!!
Tony Hill
11 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:09:04
This fella's attitude towards us has always been exemplary. He will bring desperately needed balance, if indeed he arrives. Above all, he will significantly improve our chances of survival.

How are the FFP numbers stacking up though?

Sean Roe
12 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:11:02
He was 32 when we were first linked with him, he must be nearing 40 now surely!
Niall McIlhone
13 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:14:33
If true, this is a massive relief. Of all of the top players we have sold on in recent years, it is Gana and Lukaku we have missed the most. Almost as soon as Gana left, we were much easier to play against.

I am looking forward to seeing him rat around in that deep midfield area. It does not matter that he is nearly 33. He is hard as nails and fit as a flea.

I think our results will soon improve with him in the team, and give Onana and Iwobi greater freedom.

Tony Hill
14 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:17:37
He has another 5 or 6 years in him, Niall.
Brian Wilkinson
15 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:21:08
Not so Sean, he has the same birth certificate as Yakubu, got another 15 years in him yet :-)
Colin Metcalfe
16 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:22:14
Great news! Welcome back, Idrissa.
Brent Stephens
17 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:25:23
Now I am getting excited.

Gueye, Onana plus another one in midfield, please.

Brian Hennessy
19 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:30:41
For me, Everton without Gueye are in real danger of another relegation fight. Him coming back will I think see us finish mid-table.

From what I have seen of him since he left, he has become a better player. Please get this over the line.

David West
20 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:40:45
This is a good signing. We all know how old he is but his bit of experience in the centre will be priceless.

We have a really young team now, that I'm excited to watch develop.

Calvert-Lewin 25
Gordon 21
Onana 20
Mykolenko 23
Godfrey 24
Patterson 20
Gray 26
McNeil 22
Iwobi 26
Maupay 26

Then the young lads, Warrington, Mills, Simms to develop.

Compared to where we were 12 months ago, we are getting a young decent team together. Yes, they will take time to get. Yes, they will make mistakes and have off days, that's where the patience is needed, but I think Gana would be a vital cog.

Hope Thelwell has a couple of aces up his sleeve before deadline day.

Robert Tressell
21 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:43:25
Probably bought to help develop Onana. Although Onana plays for Belgium he was born in Senegal so you can imagine Gueye being a good mentor.

Presumably low cost which lessens the issue of age. Age is an issue though, as a player whose game is built almost solely on dynamism is unlikely to have the same longevity as Barry - who was hardly mobile even in his 20s.

As a double act though, Onana and Gueye should be a fair bit better than Allan and Doucoure (worse still Gomes + AN Other) so we should see an improved midfield as a result.

Matthew Williams
22 Posted 29/08/2022 at 17:58:11
A sadly negative move... I never rated him, oh well.

We still need strikers, mind!

Jay Harris
23 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:01:11
Really pleased that we got this over the line and I have no doubt it will reinforce an area of the pitch where we have been weak.

However, we need the addition of a goalscorer in midfield and Iwobi, for all his good play, is not the answer.

I am hoping Gueye will be able to release Doucoure and Onanan to get forward and score but I don't want us to rely on Maupay and Calvert-Lewin for 35 goals which is what it's looking like unless we can manage more clean sheets but that is just not Everton.

Tony Hill
24 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:10:47

Gueye and Barry are not comparable physically. The former has a much superior body type and stamina. Moreover, I think Gueye has the capacity to adapt his game so as to rely more on spatial awareness and anticipation.

Despite the generally high opinion of this player among Evertonians, I think we underrate his talents.

My main concern is that this is still just empty media stuff.

Sam Hoare
25 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:10:48
It will be very interesting if we got Gueye and Garner (which sounds very plausible at the moment). If that happens that must surely indicate a desire to play 3 across the middle?

Defensive solidity will help of course but the big move will be who we bring in to add some more goals (especially if Calvert-Lewin's injury issues continue).

I expect a surprising name or two to come out of the woodwork tomorrow and Wednesday. Unless Chelsea finally relent on Broja or we take the plunge on Brereton Diaz.

Joe McMahon
26 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:17:19

We are in the minority but I agree with you. Bored of (mainly decades of) low scoring, we need goals.

Tony Everan
27 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:18:21
Gana is a natural athlete, there's definitely 2 years top level left in the tank. For a few million, this was a no-brainer. Our squad and midfield instantly improved and that will help the rest of the team.

Onana will enjoy playing with Gana, and the unrecognisable Iwobi can make this a dynamic industrious and complimentary midfield three.

I'm feeling a lot more positive now we have Gana, Maupay and also Calvert-Lewin coming back. I still think there will be another forward coming in, and a decent loan signing.

Jamie Crowley
28 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:23:28

I think you're going to get your wish. We'll go 4-3-3 very soon I'd bet.

I'm personally thrilled about this move. I loved Gana. He covered more turf than just about anyone I've seen. He's a beast and a ball winner. I think he still has a few more very good years left in him.

Very excited for this return. Second time around usually isn't too sweet, but I think this will be an exception to the rule.

Jack Convery
29 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:31:40
Quality midfielder. Good news. Welcome back you have been sorely missed.

Just over 76 hours to go until judgement is passed on Moshiri!!

Matthew Williams
30 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:32:13
Should've gone for the lad Ampadu, younger, fitter and faster, the most improved player that I've seen in the last five years (mainly at international level) and he can play at centre-back too.

This has Kenwright's dabs all over this... we simply never fucking learn.

Neil Copeland
31 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:34:54
One of the things I admired most about Gueye is that, even when he was praying for a move to PSG that was delayed by 6 months, he just got better and better for us. A very professional player who always gives everything to the cause.
Geoff Lambert
32 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:35:19
Great move for Gana and for us midfield will be so much stronger.
Denis Richardson
33 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:35:27
Will be interesting to see how he plays. He was great for us before but he's now 3 years older and had a semi sabbatical in the French league for 3 seasons.

He's obviously played in the Premier League before but it will likely still take him time to adjust back. Will then see if a 32-year-old Gueye after a 3-year break can cut it like the 29-year-old version did.

Positive on the whole but hope people give him a little time to settle back in. We certainly need some ‘grey' hairs in the first team.

Allan Board
34 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:37:00
Hope this happens. Everton midfield has never been the same since he left-age irrelevant, a machine of a footballer.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, don't go expecting many goals from this lad, but expect us to concede less.


Ray Said
35 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:45:54
Good signing – at last, someone the manager can point at and say:

"See him? He has won cups, championships, international tournaments, played in Champions League matches. Go and ask him what it takes to play at that level and learn."

Brent Stephens
36 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:55:28

Good signing – at last someone the manager can point at and say:

"See him? He has won cups, championships, international tournaments, played in Champions League matches. Go and ask him what it takes to play at that level and learn."

Yes, and a leader on the pitch.

Danny O’Neill
37 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:57:53
Well, this one has been on the bus / off the bus to say the least.

I only heard this morning that the move was in danger of collapse. That was after reading over the weekend he would be back on Merseyside to complete the signing having already had the first part of his medical.

Get it done, Everton.

Robert Tressell
38 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:59:09
As it stands this leaves us with 5 experienced players competing for 2 central midfield position in a 5-2-2-1 or 5-3-2. Iwobi or even Warrington might play there too.

Presumably we won't now pursue Garner therefore – even if Allan and Gomes leave. Still, we'll see.

If we do any more business, then it would more logically be additional goal threat.

Dale Self
39 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:59:21
Hey man, I don't think we took a vote but some of us were willing to let that go, Ian. Believe me I'm not happy about losing my purity but football is fucking important.

As long as he does not use Everton as a platform for his intolerance, if that's what it was, I think we should give him his space.

Fran Mitchell
40 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:59:32
Huge relief.

We have some decent talent, but seriously lack in 'nous' and all too often appear naïve. Gana should help remedy that.

He should be able to play alongside Onana, and crucially, should be able to take away some of the pressure and expectation from him also. As well as acting as his mentor, both on and off the pitch.

Gana's fitness and discipline is something all our young players should be able to take notice of.

I wonder if we are still in for Garner, or if he was a contingency plan should Gana not come.

If we sell Gomes and Allan, would like to see another come in too. Having the options of Iwobi, Onana, Gana, Garner, Doucoure, David's and Warrington would certainly be a huge improve on last season's choice of Gomes, Doucoure, Delph, Allan (then ocasionally Iwobi when he got out in the middle).

One more striker and one more inside forward and we might actually have a squad capable of competing for mid table, with enough youth and potential to maybe improve further in coming seasons.

Soren Moyer
41 Posted 29/08/2022 at 18:59:45
Paying £8.3M to PSG for a-soon-to-be 33-year-old Gana on a £92k a week contract is not the way forward IMO!

According to some news outlets, he's been offered for "free" to 2 other clubs in Europe but they were not interested!!

Ian Edwards
42 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:03:38
Gueye brought nothing to the team offensively and failed to protect the team defensively. He charged around the pitch like a headless chicken in the style of Robbie Savage.

Look at any video of goals conceded with Gueye in the team and you will see him chasing back having got ahead of the ball and leaving the defence totally exposed.

The Rainbow Toffees have previously posted their disappointment at his inminent arrival. It will be a stain on the club if they sign this 33-year-old has-been (never was).

Matthew Williams
43 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:03:59
Agree 100% with Ian, we need goals from central midfield as well. Gana will provide none as well as being lob sided defensively for the foreseeable.
Jack Convery
44 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:05:46
4-3-3 after he arrives, surely.

1st XI
Patterson, Tarkowski, Coady, Mykolenko,
Gueye, Onana, Iwobi,
Gordon, Calvert-Lewin, Maupay.

2nd XI
Coleman, Holgate, Keane, Vinagre
Davies, Allan, Doucouré
McNeil, Rondon, Gray


Still to be Transferred out or loaned.
maybe Rondon too (if we get Diaz).

Tony Hill
45 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:07:52
Dale, "if that's what it was", beautifully put. Many seminars await.

I agree: let's stick to the footy – as in the game pure and simple – excluding piety of any sort. Otherwise, we will get confused.

Brian Wilkinson
46 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:11:48
I think I must have been watching a different Gueye to you, Ian.

If we get him back, it will take the burden off Doucouré and allow Doucouré to be more effective higher up the pitch, once he returns from injury.

I would be happy with a midfield of Gueye, Onana and Doucouré.

Jamie Crowley
47 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:14:44
Dale @52 -

Don't forget the "prism effect".

Imagine a Catholic owner requiring players to wear numbers that have the image of a crucified Jesus on the cross embedded in them? A Muslim decides he doesn't want to wear the jersey? Fair enough.

Employers who basically force their employees to be "on board" with their beliefs are totalitarian by definition.

This trend needs to go away. Champion your cause all you want independently. Companies requiring the championing of ANY cause by their employees are???

I can't come up with the right word, so I'll settle for: ... dicks.

Fran Mitchell
48 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:15:25
I disagree, Ian, when he was here, we were able to press. His job was never to be a sitter, that was the role of Schneiderlin who failed miserably.

But with Gana, we were much much more solid and his work and effectiveness actually covered over the cracks in Silva's poor tactical acumen.

When Gana left, we were much much poorer for it and the failure to replace him basically ended Silva's tenure.

Having Gana's energy in midfield and his ability to press, should in turn allow Iwobi to do more of his work further up the field.

Goals from midfield could well end up coming from Iwobi and Onana, and Doucoure from the bench, as they will be able to play further up the field.

I do hope we return to a midfield 3, but for the foreseeable I see it being a 2 with a 3-4-3 formation. which also means we will require the goals to come from the inside forwards and strikers, which is a worry.

David West
49 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:19:13
Oh Ian, get off your high horse, mate. It's football – not politics. No-one had any issues with Gana first time out for us. He never pushed any hate or intolerance.

In what walk of life do employers analyse evey social and political view of their employees?? He has a right to his religious views, even if I or you don't agree.

Judge him on his football.

Kieran Kinsella
50 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:25:04

Lol, speaking as a Catholic, I think I'd find that pretty weird myself.

Dale Self
51 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:25:15
Easy Jamie, my purity is being tested here. ;)

As long as he respects that there are other opinions on that. There is a difficult discussion for anyone wanting to assert where the line is for an individual contracted to a firm wherein the values are not a match with shall we say societal trends influencing clubs' public positions.

Maybe it's not right, maybe it's part of their societal responsibilities in return for a monopoly of sorts... who knows?

Grab a drink and argue to your desired extent.

Ian Edwards
52 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:28:26
David. My post does judge him on his football. He isn't good.
Tony Hill
53 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:39:07
As I say, confusion follows if we mix philosophy and football. Or philosophy with anything, come to think of it: whatever "anything" and "thought" may be, of course. And "philosophy" for that matter. If anything, after all.

See Monty Python and Tom Stoppard who have addressed these matters.

David West
54 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:44:24
This lad had one of the top tackling stats in the league last time.

142 tackles (Gana)
143 top (Ndidi)

To put that in perspective, last season, the top tackler was:

Norgaard 109 tackles

Gana was 6th in Ligue 1 for interceptions.

No player we have had since comes near that level in the middle of the park. Even if he's a little off that level, he's still head and shoulders above any defensive midfield player we have.

We have youth in the midfield; his experience will be vital, imo.

Dale Self
55 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:47:53
Tony 67, if true, I think we all raise a glass to Thelwell when the ink dries.
Jim Wilson
57 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:53:19
I will be absolutely delighted if this goes through.

Gueye will be a vital cog for the midfield and to help Onana settle in.

Very late in the day but better late than not at all.

Tony Hill
58 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:53:24
Ha ha, Dale.
Barry Rathbone
59 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:54:17
I think this is another "forum fan signing" with the club baiting another romantic notion appealing to the myth about his previous spell.

I imagine the delay was down to someone on the board waiting for the analysis and the conclusion "Yep, they've fell for it!"

Another hook, line and sinker job from Everton... but I'm nearly past caring about lack of innovation at this moribund club.

Paul Hewitt
61 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:57:19
Get Gana, Barkley and Diaz in and that should give us a Top 10 squad.
Tony Hill
62 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:58:35
Sorry, Dale, thought you were answering me, not Tony Graham, and that you were making (an admittedly obscure) reference to Stoppard's play Indian Ink.


Andrew Bentley
63 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:58:36
Jesus, there is a lot of negativity on this chat for someone who is better than the rest of our central midfield options. We've never replaced him.

Delighted if we get him back as a stop-gap for the next 18 months.

Cheer up, you miserable lot. Think about our financial situation and who else would we realistically sign that's a better option right now. And please be realistic……eg. Who would come and join a relegation-battle bottom-half team?

David West
64 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:58:59
Steady, Paul,

What you smoking, mate? And where can I get some??

Ian Edwards
65 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:59:32

Given you seemingly have no problem with Gueye's morals, then you're not someone I would care to debate with.

Christy Ring
66 Posted 29/08/2022 at 19:59:44
I believe he's the stability we need in midfield but, if he refused to play for Everton over a rainbow crest, I think it's a step too far.

There's no way we're paying PSG €8M+, there trying to get rid of him, and his final year's contract is less than that.

Dale Self
67 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:06:15
Don't get me wrong, Tony Hill, I like Stoppard but alas I am not that clever.
David West
68 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:09:30

What debates will you have if everyone has the same opinion??

Good luck with that!!

Bill Watson
69 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:09:46
I thought Gueye had retired since we first expressed an interest!
Dale Self
70 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:13:18
I know the pride stripe is the focus but what the hell is with that basketball image on the PSG uniform? Talk about missing the target.
Ed Prytherch
71 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:16:53
Idrissa was our joint Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

He became the first player in Europe's top five leagues to win 100 tackles in the 2016–17 season - Wikipedia.

Not bad for a "headless chicken"!

Tony Hill
72 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:19:32
Good man, Dale, there's always room for tryers.
Ray Jacques
73 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:21:40
Ian, why are you so against Gueye. Is he not allowed to have his religious beliefs?

If you don't believe he is entitled to his belief, that makes you the bigot. I think that because he doesn't want to promote something he doesn't agree with, then fair play to him. Don't recall him saying or doing anything hateful.

The real issue is footballers are paid to play football and shouldn't be used to promote issues outside the sport.

I guess when we tune into the World Cup this summer, we are all being hypocritical, so just enjoy the footie, eh?

Kieran Kinsella
74 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:23:27

I think the idea (hope) is that he's a stop-gap until Onana, Warrington, Mills and others (if we can afford any) get up to speed. I don't think it's comparable with other returnees.

Beagrie was about 59 years old when he came back and I don't think it was romance, it was just that he was the only previously trained body we could find for a few months.

Rooney and Jeffers were all Bill trying to paste over the fact he'd sold them during their best years.

Gueye is a fellow who was here for a few years, not a born-and-bred, he went off to play pretty well for a successful team and he still has plenty of gas in the tank.

Ian Edwards
75 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:25:12

Most of them were from chasing back because he was out of position and trying to recover after he lost possession.


I'm happy to debate those that don't show complete contempt for the gay community, like you did when you replied to my initial post.

Kieran Kinsella
76 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:26:19
Also, Ian, this is neither a compliment nor an criticism but, for whatever reason, when I read ToffeeWeb, I always imagine the voice of the writer.

Meeting Neil and talking to John, I found my imagined voice for them was pretty accurate.

For some reason I always read your posts with a voice like Simon Jordan. Is that accurate?

David West
77 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:26:27
Yes, Ed

He also went on that year to finish top for tackles in the league. More than Kante.

The year before, he was = second in the league for interceptions & tackles.

There's a reason PSG, the richest club on earth, wanted him. He's a tackling machine and only Kante I can think of that does the job better

Ian Edwards
78 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:26:50

It is 2022. Homophobia is no longer acceptable regardless of medieval beliefs.

Bill Gall
79 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:28:44
This is the type of player we need in midfield to simply break up the attacks that come through our porous midfield, this should make our midfield stronger, with back up from some of the younger squad players.

Barkley is a enigma —"anything that puzzles or baffles" but on a free transfer with very little success with his last club to back him in negotiating a contract, could still offer more than Dele Alli.

We still need another goalscorer, either on the wing or up front.

John McFarlane Snr
80 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:31:50
Hi all,

As usual the 'for and against' argument raises its head.

I would suggest that, if the club, knowing of Gueye's beliefs, complete the signing, and the manager selects him, then the supporters who oppose his stance should boycott any games he plays in or change channels, whichever applies.

I personally use football as a means of avoiding the strife of the world for the best part of two hours, and my attention is focused entirely on the game.

David West
81 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:38:31

I don't see the contempt for the gay community in my post. I'm not homophobic, I support everyone to live their lives the way they see fit.

Should we force Muslims to eat during Ramadan? Jews to eat pork?

He's not actively engaged in supporting homophobia, he can hold a religious view that doesn't support gay relationships.

He's here to play football mate, not change any laws.

Ian Edwards
82 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:41:41

Your response to my comment about Gueye refusing to wear Rainbow laces and that the Rainbow Toffees had expressed disappointment, was to tell me to get off my high horse.

You clearly showed contempt in my opinion.

Jamie Crowley
83 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:46:29

I've always envisioned your voice to sound like james Earl Jones.

For the record I sound like Boy George.

Now hopefully every time you read a Crowley post, the recitation in your head will jump 3-4 octaves. You're welcome!

Kieran says, "Jamie, people will come Jamie. They come to Liverpool, for reasons they can't even fathom. They turn up the stadium, not even sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at the doors, as innocent as children, longing for the past."

If you could possibly record that and email it to me, I'd be very appreciative and keep it literally forever.

Barry Rathbone
84 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:47:56

I hope you're right but, contrary to many here, I don't think he was all that great first time round and, at 33, I don't see him getting better. Plus "never go back" is a well-founded homily.

Every excuse under the sun will be made for in his first few games... then reality will dawn and the dread recognition that this is Sneiderlin revisited will hit home.

It's all very grim.

David West
85 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:51:43

Telling you to get off your high horse was me expressing my view that we shouldn't be examining Gana's social or political views, any more than any other players.

I respect your opinion as much as I disagree. Gana is entitled to his opinion as much as you or I.

Kieran Kinsella
86 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:54:42

You got the wrong Field of Dreams voice. Kevin Costner played Ray Kinsella. But yes, since being half burnt by the volcano after those light saber blows at work this new helmet they fixed me up with does make me sound a lot like James Earl Jones.

Neil Copeland
87 Posted 29/08/2022 at 20:54:48

I wish you hadn't posted that. Can't get the words of Karma Chameleon out of my head now and know they will return every time I read one of your posts ha!

Kieran, you may have started something with your post….

Jamie Crowley
88 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:01:07
Neil -

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma-Chameleon. Gueye comes and goes. Gueye comes and gooooeeessss!

English saying cue: I'll get me coat!

John Keating
89 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:05:04
Have to agree with John Snr,

If people find it so intolerable that we would sign Gueye then best for them to go elsewhere and let us get on with the footy.

Neil Copeland
90 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:06:20
Jamie, actually that’s not bad in a warped sort of way.
Mark Ryan
91 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:11:57
Gueye, in a word "yes please, get him in"
Bill Gall
92 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:17:35

Do you consider that a player who crosses himself coming on the pitch is homophobic or a player who raises his arms or goes on his knees when he scores a goal, and praises whoever.

There are that many different religions and variants of them in the world and all claim to be better than another, to single out the Muslim religion as being Homophobic and ignoring others with the same beliefs is unfair..

As far as religious beliefs being medieval, Richard The Lionheart fought Saladin for 3 years over Jerusalem that ended with an easy truce, Over 2000 years later they are still fighting over it.

Eddie Dunn
93 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:22:44
Good news at last.
Colin Glassar
94 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:27:11
Is anyone else reporting this as a fact? I hope it happens but until I see him with a scarf above his head...
Robert Tressell
95 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:31:35
Ian Edwards, good on you by the way for your comments about homophobia. There's obviously an underlying problem in football so fair play for saying it as you see it.

In this case, my view, which you may not agree with, is that Gueye himself (so far as I'm aware) just quietly asked not to participate in something he felt uncomfortable about. Different to, say, Anelka using his fame to spread anti-semitism. But I do respect your point of view.

Kieran Kinsella
96 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:32:16

Just a "few final details". Just wondering – beyond the fee and the wages which we've been haggling over for weeks – what the remaining details are?

Blue pen or black pen? Ballpoint or quill? Will the player and the club accept a post-dated check?

Brent Stephens
97 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:35:03
Colin, I won't believe it until I see him in an Everton shirt and holding a big "Where's Ian?" sign over his head. In tolerance of course.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
98 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:35:07
I have just been to the Old Trafford test match with rainbow stuff everywhere and I thought it was nice to see we are still honouring the NHS after their dedication in the pandemic.
Dale Self
99 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:35:13
I heard he won't accept the Joseph Technicolor coat replica.
Ciarán McGlone
100 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:43:17
Freedom of expression and religion init!
Colin Glassar
101 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:52:41
Kieran, it’s never easy is it with Everton? I wonder if they are looking for the Fernandes pen?
Brian Wilkinson
102 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:53:09
Okay, Ian, let's try a different method.

Gueye has his religious beliefs, that is the way it is in regards to his religion. In today's society, changes are trying to be made, but what he chooses to do on the football pitch is what matters.

So answer me this question, Ian, Sikhs are protected for their beliefs that they do not have to wear head protection, in any work place, they are exempt because of their beliefs of wearing a turban, so would you have a problem if they chose to follow their beliefs, or would you expect them to wear protective headwear, and remove their turban?

That is what you are assuming that Gueye should have to wear something that his religion tells him different.

A lot will feel uncomfortable but, at the end of the day, rightly or wrongly, we have to respect their beliefs and not force them to do something that goes against their beliefs.

Christine Foster
103 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:53:49
As a footballer, he was a destroyer, a hunter who could do an excellent job defensively until his effectiveness is curtailed by a booking. Once that happens, his value in the team drops.

The current and increasingly contactless environment doesn't work in his favour, perhaps even less so than it did a few years ago. It's a major part of his game.
Lampard is putting in place a hard spine in the team, defensively, midfield and upfront. When in place, creativity will be key, so interesting times!

Morality oft goes out the window when justifying a need. Everton FC champion the human rights of the LGBT community in proactively creating an environment of inclusiveness fairness, non-discrimination and respect. They mirror human rights in our society.

Religious views are different, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, all are allowed (some even allowed exemptions too) different perspectives that are essentially at odds with generally accepted human rights in our society.

The results are often seen conflicts and wars, hate and discrimination between religions and people. This is why any human rights charters are meant to be inclusive of all, irrespective of race, religion, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

Human rights trump religious beliefs in most countries but not in others.

What is a human right in one country is not the same in another, so, movement by citizens between countries requires tolerance and understanding of where you work and travel. Views held in one country may be lauded; in another you can be tortured or killed for them.

There is no global human rights charter, the power of the state is not always independent of religion, indeed may even be founded on it.

When anyone moves to another country, they have to live within the laws of that state. You have to understand that also, what human rights that exist in any country may be different than your own. Tolerance and respect are a necessity for both sides.

But there are basic human rights that are held dear, that are in many places just paid lip service too, discrimination is rife, but it doesn't make it okay.

People bang on about freedom of speech, but nothing is free, there are, will and forever be, repercussions from things said. The fostering of hate and discrimination under the guise of freedom of speech has led to some of the most evil uses of power ever known to man.

So we have our little Gana refusing to wear rainbow numbers on his shirt... farcical. But he is not plying his trade in Africa, this was France. Different rights, views and expectations and I guess that's the point. When in Rome... etc.

Back to Everton FC, morality and reality reign, we take stands against addiction, discrimination, support LGBT in the community, but seek to employ a footballer who does not align with those views. Bit of a problem that...

Might be an interesting discussion about squaring the circle!

From my perspective, I said right at the beginning, Gana should not come back. It rarely works. At 33, his effectiveness is debatable; same as Barkley, who I liked as a player but would not want back — that day is done, move on.

Tony Everan
104 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:59:16
Jamie, Nooooo! the song's a curse, it's an infestation. My teenagers are looking at me involuntarily singing it. Please make it stop.

Here's the next verse:

“Last season, was survival“ (Toffettes echo ‘survival')
“Now you're here, we'll be mid-table“

Kieran Kinsella
105 Posted 29/08/2022 at 21:59:55

"We take stands against addiction" — or we did until waived some money at the club.

Denis Richardson
106 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:01:41
To ask a simple question. Has he actually signed or not?

Half the posts seem to suggest yes and the other half are hoping he does….

On a different note, about 50 hours left in the window… is Maupay the only forward we're going to sign? Can we really contemplate the next 4 months with just Calvert-Lewin, Maupay and Rondon as our striking options?

Bill Gall
107 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:07:23
I am with other supporters on here, that I will believe who they have signed when they are shown with either the scarf over their head or with a team shirt on.
Bernie Quinn
108 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:07:34
Boy, I'm smiling! In Frank (and Kevin, and Gana) I trust.
David West
109 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:08:48

Exactly. He's not spouting hate, he's not encouraging homophobic views, he's not trying to impose his views on anyone. He's been hung out to dry, imo.

I'm tired of people (not you, Ian) spouting free speech and tolerance while not tolerating others' opinions and beliefs.

That's why in this country you are allowed to be gay, Christian, straight, Muslim, Jew, trans, bi, Hindu, Rasta or Kopite. We tolerate.

Colin Glassar
110 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:09:44
My word, he's a footballer, for fuck's sake – not Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King. He follows his religious beliefs, like it or not. I don't agree with them but I respect his right to make his own choices as long as he is not causing physical harm to others.

Who the hell are we to judge him? Are we all to be forced to think the same way? Whatever happened to tolerance for all? I could go on but it will just be another pointless debate which will end in bitterness and disappointment. Get the guy signed up and let his football do the talking.

Christy Ring
111 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:09:56
I hope Gueye signs but, in my opinion, Barkley on a free – is there any midfielder we have who can ping a pass, or have the vision and link up with our attack like Ross?

A better option than Alli, just my view.

Keith Harrison
112 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:14:16
To stop all the fratching on this article, can we change the title to: "Gueye move finally gets the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet light"

His name is even pronounced 'Gay, for fuck's sake. And he was one of the best midfielders in Europe last year, excelled in attack, and threw in a few goals too.

Tony Mace
115 Posted 29/08/2022 at 22:28:05

Good shout

We may see however

Gallagher instead of Doucoure
Broja instead of Gordon

Diaz and Maupay on the bench as backup for when Calvert-Lewin gets his next inevitable injury

Hopefully some interesting developments over the next few days

Whatever happens we need goals

Rob Jones
116 Posted 29/08/2022 at 23:12:05
Idrissa Gueye has never said or done anything that warrants the level of invective aimed his way.

As for his prospective signing, we've never replaced what he brought to the team, he's still a top athlete in peak shape, and if we wanted to buy a young equivalent, we would either be priced out of the market, or he would quite rightly see us as beneath him.

If we can get two years out of him, it would be a coup. Like it or not, we are not a top-tier team, and we can't offer European football. So can people please abandon the delusions of grandeur?

Dupont Koo
117 Posted 29/08/2022 at 23:34:13
Even if some of his legs are gone:

1) He is another experienced & professional Francophone to mentor Onana: Onana's English is surprisingly fluent that as if he needs another French-speaking babysitter at Finch Farm! But having a compatriot (both with Senagalnese descent) with a strong work ethic never hurts.

2) He provides a physical element and defensive awareness that none of our Midfield Veterans would provide consistency in a quick-pace league (Gomes, Davies, Doucouré, Allan... their Return-On-Investments are just flat-out depressing).

3) If he can fulfill the above 2, he will be the perfect stop-gap solution for us to buy time upgrading other leaks in the lineup while waiting for in-house solutions to materialise (Onana, Iwobi, Warrington and even Onyango).

Jack Convery
118 Posted 30/08/2022 at 00:08:13
If we get James Garner and play him in a 3-man midfield ie Onana, Garner, Gueye does that count as two or three? Have we signed him yet?

71 hours to go. Ye will be judged Mr Moshiri.

Mike Gaynes
119 Posted 30/08/2022 at 01:18:05
Dupont and Rob, you sum it up for me. I will be unreservedly happy to see him in our shirt again. Consummate professional and class act.

Keith, just the sight of your name makes me smile, mate. And your posts always make me chuckle.

Alan J Thompson
120 Posted 30/08/2022 at 06:50:48
I know we had him here a few years back but I think I might reserve judgement until I see how he plays now and how he fits into the team and with whom. From some of the posts above we could be going from five at the back to six in the middle.

Iwobi, Onana, Gueye, Doucoure, Allan, Davies, Mills, Warrington, Gomes, Townsend, how many wingers and why not Barkley on a free? Although MLS might be his best bet.

All together now; "Oh the Deadwood stage is a coming on over the hill...."

Andrew McLawrence
122 Posted 30/08/2022 at 11:41:01
Other than Gueye, I don't think there will be anymore deals done. No one out or in. Cue the fume come deadline day.
Dave Abrahams
123 Posted 30/08/2022 at 11:47:01
Andrew (122),

I think if another striker, at least, is not brought in, then you are right the fume is likely to set ToffeeWeb on fire and we could still do with another midfielder being brought in with two or three players saying their goodbyes.

Brian Murray
124 Posted 30/08/2022 at 12:02:20
Dave @109. You was doing well there... up until your last denomination.
Brian Harrison
125 Posted 30/08/2022 at 12:14:56
I just hope that, if we do finally get Gueye, Lampard will ditch his 5 at the back and play 4-3-3. Otherwise, I don't see why we would sign Gueye.

I could see a midfield 3 of Onana, Gueye and Iwobi working well and it would certainly help Onana as he would get a bit more freedom playing in a 3 rather than a 2.

Also, it would let both Onana and Iwobi play much further forward and could give them the opportunity of getting in the box. The amount of times we do attack yet only have 1 or at best 2 in the box is limiting our goal-scoring opportunities.

Although why Lampard hasn't used Allan in the holding role, I don't know. His contract is up next summer so he isn't going to leave unless another club offers him similar money and a 2- or 3-year contract, so why not use him.?

Also, if we get Gueye and at some point he gets injured, does that mean we go from a 4-3-3 to a 5-2-3?

David West
126 Posted 30/08/2022 at 12:38:04
Brian 125,

Well, they are the least tolerable.

John Pendleton
127 Posted 30/08/2022 at 13:02:18
If we are selecting teams based on whether what goes on in players' heads meets with our approval, I dare say we'd struggle to field a single player.
Clive Rogers
128 Posted 30/08/2022 at 13:49:45
DuPont, 117... “some of his legs are gone”.

Has he left some in Paris. How many did he have? No wonder he covered the ground so well.

Drew O’Neall
129 Posted 30/08/2022 at 15:11:05
Agree with some that we should play three in the middle which means we need at least one, possibly two more in there to cover for injury.

We shouldn't get outrun at least with Gana, Iwobi, Onana and Doucouré to choose from. If Allan stays, hopefully he can up his levels because he's better than he showed at the end of the season.

It was glaringly obvious how exposed we were when we didn't have Doucouré available last year.

Bill Gall
130 Posted 30/08/2022 at 15:22:50
Has the green light turned to red, or is he hitch-hiking from France?
Alan McGuffog
131 Posted 30/08/2022 at 17:01:30
A little rant born out of frustration. Does this sort of shit happen with other clubs?

I realise that football finance and commerce is beyond my ken but, for God's sake, are we buying him or not?

Is it impossible to have a scenario where we say to PSG:

"Yes, we'd like him please. How much? Yeah that sounds okay. What sort of wedge does he want? Yeah we can run to that. Can you get him over to Liverpool with his boots and a change of undies by Monday? Brilliant... the cash is on its way."

Or... just feck off the lot of youse!

Forgive my frustration, please.

Ian Bennett
132 Posted 30/08/2022 at 17:07:45
I read somewhere that PSG brought in someone to get rid of the surplus players. He has apparently failed at the job, and has moved the goalposts on what has been offered to clubs and players.

If Gana has been told he will get paid up the last year of his contract, then he's going to sit tight and wait for £5.2m+.

Everton are clearly not keen on offering or brokering the difference, which leaves a Mexican standoff till 31 August 2022.

My money is on he ends up in Turkey, as the Premier League transfer deadline will have passed.

Kim Vivian
133 Posted 30/08/2022 at 17:29:39
Well folks - just one day to go and we can "judge" Moshiri...

How's it going?

Tony Everan
134 Posted 30/08/2022 at 17:29:42
Bill, Romano just tweeted, he's coming by pedalo, the long way round. Last sighted just skirting past the Great Orme.

Due at the Pier Head Thursday lunchtime, will take advantage of the £5.99 all day breakfast at the Port of Liverpool building caff, buy a saveaway then three busses to Finch Farm.

All meticulously planned and bang on time, weather permitting.

Jeff Armstrong
135 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:08:31
I wonder why this article was posted, there's not been a hint of any activity on Twitter, Sky Sports transfers, nothing, no further on than 2 weeks ago with this transfer.
James Marshall
136 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:09:27
Carlos Soler pretty much a done deal for PSG hence why Gana is now pretty much a done deal for us.

Everyone complaining about leaving things to the last minute don't appear to understand the 'house of cards' effect of transfers nowadays. It isn't all in Everton's hands how/when they conduct business.

Dale Self
137 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:19:14
Nice James, I would have been off by citing their interest in Kante.
Colin Glassar
138 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:36:19
Is he “still on the verge of signing”?
Nick Page
139 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:42:15
They're waiting to sign him not in time for the derby.
Joe McMahon
140 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:46:39
Tony, that may not far from the truth.
Jeff Armstrong
141 Posted 30/08/2022 at 18:54:51
Ah Sky must have read my earlier post, he’s flying in tonight apparently.
Dave Abrahams
142 Posted 30/08/2022 at 19:00:03
Lyndon O/P Have I read your report correctly, are we paying £10M for Gueye? If so this deal doesn’t look very inviting to me with his wages, which won’t be cheap, on top as well.
Barry Rathbone
143 Posted 30/08/2022 at 19:02:46
Apparently missed the plane because he was in "arrivals" rather than "departures" when called, leaving PSG to email Everton under the title "caught out of position again"
Danny O’Neill
144 Posted 30/08/2022 at 19:40:57
Just been shown video footage of him on a plane flying to the UK.
Paul Birmingham
145 Posted 30/08/2022 at 23:00:04
Hopefully at last, and to add a few gears to the midfield transition, which is getting better.

Get Brereton Diaz, from Blackburn, and I have a genuine hope of making a fist of this season.

Kieran Kinsella
146 Posted 31/08/2022 at 00:59:02
This is still on the verge? Is it being negotiated by the verger from Dads Army?
Mark Ryan
147 Posted 31/08/2022 at 09:14:04
Having Medical today ffs who's doing it Florence fucking Nightingale !!! why such a delay
Mark Ryan
148 Posted 31/08/2022 at 09:27:51
Can someone get to John Lennon with a wheelchair and personally push him to Finch Farm so he doesn't fall over. We need him fit !!
Andrew Ellams
149 Posted 31/08/2022 at 09:57:10
Brian @ 102, probably the worst analogy I've ever seen.
Brian Murray
150 Posted 31/08/2022 at 10:13:34
Dare say Gana has had to define his game and he’s not just a fire fighter who i’m sure his psg teammates demand a lot more from him especially his passing. Not really studied him or anyone when they leave so here’s hoping
Brian Murray
151 Posted 31/08/2022 at 10:17:12
Apparent man in the know Romano says we have won a 3 way fight for Garner. The right age but what else does he bring. Surely means a new home for gomes.
Kevin Molloy
152 Posted 31/08/2022 at 10:21:47
I refuse to believe even Everton would adopt a strategy of foregoing the opportunity to play Gueye for the first five games cos they knew PSG would be forced to sell cheap come deadline day, only to collapse on the deadline day and pay full price.
Michael Lynch
153 Posted 31/08/2022 at 10:22:23
Brian, Garner was highly rated on loan at Forest, and ManUre fans seem baffled at him being let go at this stage.

Everton, under Lampard and the new DoF, seems to have a fairly clear agenda - bring in plenty of young players who can be improved and have value added to them, and bring in some strong, more mature leaders alongside them. It suggests a long-term plan - let's hope Moshiri/BoysPenBill don't panic if we're stuck in the bottom three before the World Cup and sack the lot of them.

James Marshall
154 Posted 31/08/2022 at 10:34:15
His legs have gone? Did any of you actually see him play last season? He was one of the best players in Europe and has learnt a lot/improved playing for PSG (they have a couple of decent players you might know the names of). Still fit as a fiddle and can run all day. There's nothing wrong with his legs, and he's 32, not 42. This is 2022, the days of players being over the hill around 30 are a distant memory - Zlatan is 40 and still playing at a little club called AC Milan!

A few examples to prove the point:

Modric 36

Vardy 35

Thiago Silva 37

Ronaldo 37

Dries Mertens 35

Immobile 32

Aubameyang 33

Benzema 34

Lewandowski 34

There are tons of others, these are just the ones who spring to mind (I left out keepers) so his age is meaningless in my view.

As for his beliefs - as I understand it, he didn't actually say anything about it at the time or since. It was only picked up by the press as a big deal. I don't agree with his views on religion or sexuality, but to castigate him and stand on our high-horse seems a bit rich when you're talking about a football club run by a billionaire who made his money with a Russian arch-Oligarch who has now been barred from the UK, and sponsored by a betting company. Everton's hand are pretty grubby, make no mistake.

Football and morality definitely do not go hand in hand, so using that as a stick to beat a man with who happens to hold different beliefs to those our society (hopefully largely) deem to be 'wrong' doesn't really make much sense. Let him play football - it's not like he's running around wearing a t-shirt with an offensive slogan on it. As far as I'm concerned there is no God (although I do believe there were dinosaurs), but does that mean I get upset by Muslim players choosing to fast during Ramadan for example? No, of course not. they can do whatever pleases them and as their religion dictates. To be honest I find it pretty impressive because I've tried fasting and I managed 23 hours before caving. Imagine trying to be a professional sportsman - that's dedication to your beliefs.

Also, if you're that upset with his stance, you probably shouldn't watch the World Cup in Qatar.

David West
155 Posted 31/08/2022 at 11:49:32
James 154.
Excellent post. Imagine we would of had him to bring on last night.

Get him & Diaz plus a Thelwell wild card forward player and I'd be quite happy with this window

Andrew Ellams
156 Posted 31/08/2022 at 11:56:04
Could we possibly end up with a midfield of Gana, Garner and Onana?

On a serious note, where would that leave Iwobi?

David West
157 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:01:45
Andrew 156 I think gana is they key to letting iwobi get forward a bit more with onona & gana behind him.
I've not seen much of garner,but it's a squad game. we need more that 3 midfield options as we seen last night.

With injuries coming back we will have options, dacoure, Allan, Davis hopefully garner.

Andrew Ellams
158 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:11:16
David I though the same thing until last night but now maybe Iwobi is a better player driving from deep.
James Marshall
159 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:11:40
El Bobble just posted the Gana deal is done pending official announcement
Fran Mitchell
160 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:13:51
Gana's stance on not wearing rainbow laces has all of a sudden made people claim he is homophobic.

I don't know the guy, but at no point has he explicitly shared any homophobia beliefs.

However, is is from Senagal and in Senegal, disgracefully, homosexuality is outlawed. LGBTQ are greatly oppressed by the state there. Gana, one of the countries biggest football names, if he had worn the rainbow, would then have caught himself into a massive political row.

Maybe he simply chose to avoid a scandal. Not because he's actively anti-lgbtq, but simply because he didn't want the hassle.

I don't know, but without knowing the facts, no-one actually knows.

Nick Page
161 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:15:10
James @154
“ His legs have gone? Did any of you actually see him play last season? He was one of the best players in Europe and has learnt a lot/improved playing for PSG”

Exactly this

Andrew Ellams
162 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:21:17
Fran @160 or made a massive statement.
Ray Roche
163 Posted 31/08/2022 at 12:52:30

Maybe he remembers the flak Tosun and Ozil took when they were pictured with Erdogan.
Anybody who subscribes to any religion is in no position to pontificate on another’s beliefs. People follow religions that are the embodiment of evil, religions that promote terrorism or turn a blind eye to paedophiles within their ranks. So, maybe in the interest of self preservation, Gana chooses, without comment to my knowledge, not to wear a rainbow ribbon. His choice. Get off his case.

Andy Duff
164 Posted 31/08/2022 at 14:16:09
According to El Bobble, it is now complete pending official announcement.

Not sure who he is in the club but he's never wrong.

Kevin Molloy
165 Posted 31/08/2022 at 14:58:52
Is this still just speculation or has it been confirmed yet that Gana Gueye (who most definitely is not gay!) really is set to join Garner and Onana in Everton's midfield?
Bill Gall
166 Posted 31/08/2022 at 15:12:54
It has been going on for a while and hopefully it is completed today.

My question: Is there going to be any outgoings from expensive fringe players?

167 Posted 31/08/2022 at 16:03:54
Fran #160, I think he raised over €2m last year for children in Africa suffering from HIV / Aids. People forget that homosexuality wasn't finally legalised in all parts of the UK until 2013.

There are plenty of fundamentalist Christian churches in the UK who condemn LGBTQ freedoms and who believe that homosexuality can be 'cured' by prayer.

I think he represents his chosen religion very well, without ramming it down other people's throats.

James Marshall
168 Posted 31/08/2022 at 16:14:24
Gana's Missus has posted the whole thing on Instagram (I'm stuck indoors with Covid, hence the time on my hands to look this shit up) by way of videos.

The bright lights of Paris to a private jet, to making a cake in Breck Road Asda. Wild times.

Bill Griffiths
169 Posted 31/08/2022 at 16:29:22
Who or what is El Bobble?
Dale Self
170 Posted 31/08/2022 at 16:38:08
Some dude on Twitter who had a decent rep for Everton transfer news until this window. I think, I don't do twatter.
David West
171 Posted 31/08/2022 at 18:23:45
Now it's 8m for gana what happened to nominal fee ??
Think we only paying 8m upfront for garner.
Seems PSG have got their way and we have ended up paying quite a bit more than first quoted.
If he makes 100 tackles again worth every penny In my eyes
Ernie Baywood
172 Posted 01/09/2022 at 05:32:54
I think 8M is a nominal fee nowadays?

He improves our midfield so I hope he signs.

I have my ethics too, but the guy has never crossed them as far as I can tell. He just didn't want to wear a rainbow.

There are plenty of things I disagree with (religion, for one) but I don't bother anyone and they don't bother me. I think that's tolerance.

Justin Doone
173 Posted 01/09/2022 at 12:40:20
As long as players play well and do nothing too stupid or illegal off the pitch I think it's fair to say I would probably agree to disagree with many.

Gana has always had great athleticism, looks after himself and I think he's good for another 2 to 4 years at the top level.

He no longer has to cover for Schneiderlin's inability to run or defend as Onana has a good engine too. They could be a seriously great pairing.

Dan Kemp
174 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:10:44
I'm very happy with this signing. But does anyone know what's happened to Allan? This no. 6 role was his, and I thought he was great, especially in his first season. Is he injured or just doesn't want to play for us anymore?
Iakovos Iasonidis
175 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:16:34
Huge upgrade on our midfield. He was never replaced and now he himself!
Robert Tressell
176 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:18:52
Genuinely looking forward to Gueye, Onana and Iwobi line up in our midfield as a trio.

Ever since that horrible 5 - 2 defeat to the RS that saw Silva sacked, I've thought our midfield is awful. Last season I felt it was as bad as I can remember - going back pre-Moyes.

It might take a little time to gel but huge relief not to be reliant on Gomes, a complete passenger these days (and sometimes a liability).

Fran Mitchell
177 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:37:52
a midfield of Iwobi, Onana and Gueye at the very least, will be tough for the opposition.

For too long our midfield has opened up like the River Nile at the summons of Moses upon the slightest bit of pressure.

Energy, pressing, tackling, running. with Davies, Doucoure and Garner in reserve, it's better than we've seen in a good while.

another inside forward and the squad is in good knick for a solid enough season.

Danny O’Neill
178 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:38:32
Pleased the saga is finally over. Welcome back.

All of sudden we have options. Gueye, Obana, Iwobi, Doucoure, Allan, Davies, Warrington.

Maybe Allan is going to be shifted alongside Gomes, although the latter has openly stated he's happy to stay even though not part of the plans. I wonder why?

Colin Glassar
179 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:41:35
Gomes has left, Danny.
George Cumiskey
180 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:46:50
I'd personally be looking to move Davies on he's never going to get any better
Anthony Hawkins
181 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:49:30
Gueye will provide the solidity we’ve sorry missed since he left.
Ian Edwards
182 Posted 01/09/2022 at 17:49:49
If we have a midfield three of Onana, Garner and Gueye then we are going down. No creativity, goals or assists there.
Robert Tressell
183 Posted 01/09/2022 at 18:09:23
Ian #182, that's just plain daft.

Calvert-Lewin, Maupay, Gray and Gordon are tasked with scoring the goals. Iwobi will score few too.

The RS for example don't have a goalscoring midfielder in their central 3. Their job is to protect the defence so the attacking 3 (and full-backs) can do their stuff high up the pitch.

Danny O’Neill
184 Posted 01/09/2022 at 18:20:58
I see how I've written that, Colin, which makes me look like my finger is off the pulse! I could claim I knew that, but hands up my finger was off the pulse. I didn't even notice!!

Going to lose against Forest. No chance against Leeds. Going down. Jeez.

Justin Doone
185 Posted 01/09/2022 at 18:36:58
Welcome back home Gana. Hopefully now more confident and improved in his passing.
He's the shield, Onana box to box energy and creativity.
Then it depends on formation.

Doucoure or Iwobi for athleticism against City, Spurs etc,
Allan to help protect against Liverpool, Chelsea etc.
Garner, Davies to rotate, learn, improve.

John Raftery
186 Posted 01/09/2022 at 18:49:41
I always thought Gana was underrated by many of our supporters during his previous spell with us. Every team needs players who can run the hard yards to disrupt the opposition. His departure left a vacancy which was never adequately filled.

Allan has struggled to cope with the physical intensity of the Premier League. He always looked better in possession than he did chasing back. Gana, Onana and Iwobi may well be the first choice midfield in the coming weeks with Davies, Doucouré, Garner and if he stays, Allan to step in when injuries and suspensions dictate.

A positive aspect is that Lampard now has options available to change formation and personnel within and between matches. Also he now has players with the ability to control possession midfield, ease pressure on the back line and supply improved service to the front men.

I am optimistic that before the World Cup break we will climb away from the bottom places into a safe mid-table position. That will be significant progress.

Clive Rogers
187 Posted 01/09/2022 at 18:53:37
James, 154,

That's a minuscule list compared with the number of players who are under 32. There's always a few exceptions to the rule. It remains to be seen if Gueye will be one of them. My worry is the lack of goals from midfield.

David West
188 Posted 01/09/2022 at 19:16:55
Ian 182,

Such certainty. With Onana, Gana and Garner: "We are going down"

Don't agree at all. Love to hear who you would have in your midfield. Realistic people we could have got, in our budget, in this window, while still having money to strengthen attack and defence.

It's not Football Manager, Fifa or Fantasy Football. It might not be the answer to all our problems but at least Frank & Kev are having a go at turning this squad around. Some people are never happy.

Tony Everan
189 Posted 01/09/2022 at 19:37:05

James Garner was 20 years old last year and played 44 games for Forest. Incredible for a kid. He helped them to promotion with a combined 12 goals and assists.

He has come to the best club to continue his upward progress, he'll get opportunities to stake his claim. If he brings us that and improve too he will bring energy, tenacity and more than a few goals and assists from our midfield. He has a good shot on him and relentlessly practices his dead ball delivery. You've got to get behind this kid, he's going to become a crowd favourite.

Nobody expects Gana to be scoring loads, he is a facilitator.

Onana, something very exciting about this young player, already could have had two. Unlucky on Tuesday when got great contact the ball hit the defender's face. He will undoubtedly get a few goals on this evidence. Also a player who will improve, no danger.

Iwobi will be I from Gana's arrival and bag a few too, I expect him to be encouraged to get in the box more.

Doucoure too as an alternative, he will be encouraged to drive into the box. He's already stated this is his natural game, good back-up and for rotation.

It's time to be optimistic about our midfield.

Ian Bennett
190 Posted 01/09/2022 at 19:37:16
Garner in, Davies out seems a fair call.

Gomes, Alli, Delph, Tosun, Kenny, Sigurdsson, Kean, Gbamin out is a good bit of work on players that added nothing.

Keane, Mina, Allan, Rondon to go in January.

Andy Meighan
191 Posted 01/09/2022 at 20:46:38
When his dream move to PSG fell through in the January window a couple of seasons ago, he knew he was going in the summer. He produced performance after performance in every game.

He could have downed tools and not care; no chance – he didn't sulk, just got on with it and gave it his all. Delighted to see this little cracker back (no pun intended) and still got a few years left in him. The nearest thing to Kante in the game.

Ian Linn
192 Posted 01/09/2022 at 20:47:03
How many players are we gonna lose for the World Cup??
Robert Williams
193 Posted 01/09/2022 at 21:06:35
Welcome home Idrissa.
David West
194 Posted 01/09/2022 at 21:18:36
Watched ganas interview on YouTube. A Senegalese 32 is like a Nigerian 21 as Moyes might say.
The guy still looks about 15.
Clips from time at psg will show he's a natural athlete, with plenty in the tank.
May not have the same tackling stats at psg but he probably not needed to make so many in that team and league.
Welcome home IGG
Andy Meighan
195 Posted 01/09/2022 at 21:29:08
Ian 192. Its nor the AFCON. its the world Cup. Every Club side who have qualified will lose players. There won't be no prem games getting played when the WC is going ahead. Honestly I wonder what planet some people inhabit at times.
Ian Linn
196 Posted 01/09/2022 at 21:40:27
Andy, I hope that comment wasn't aimed at me "Honestly I wonder what planet some people inhabit at times." If it was, I see no need for it.

I was enquiring how many players of ours will be at the world cup playing as opposed to being rested. Apologies if my question was poorly worded.

Ernie Baywood
197 Posted 02/09/2022 at 01:00:43
Trying to figure out if this improves Iwobi or not. He's the Everton player I've been most wrong about in over 40 years watching the game. To be fair, his turnaround in form has probably only been matched by Jelavic (in the other direction).

His energy has been incredible. But if you put him in with Onana (energy) and Gueye (energy) will we still need him? Or will his level of quality now be tested?

Si Cooper
198 Posted 02/09/2022 at 01:02:12
Do we have the work permit in place? Is he available for Saturday?

Ian (196), why phrase the question that way? It makes it sound as if you want our transfer policy to avoid signing internationals (or perhaps just to avoid internationals from the better nations).

Lester Yip
199 Posted 02/09/2022 at 01:36:36
Welcome home Gana! I really can't wait to see you playing for us again.

I know people saying he's 33 already and would be slow. Don't be fooled by his age. A Traore's speed will drop so quickly when he is close to 30 because of his power coming from bulked up muscles. Not for Gana. He's moving around with ease. He's naturally quick with his skinny frame.

Iwobi is more than his energy. He's got an eye for a pass. He's made fantastic crosses in the past, teasing for a tap in but our strikers failed to get to it. With Gana at the back, he can press higher and force a quick counter in opposition's half?

Gerry Killen
200 Posted 02/09/2022 at 04:53:02
Undoubtedly , the best Window we have had in a long time, in a way I am glad the FFP is in place, it has made clubs like ours scratch around for Bargain Basement players that we can afford , players that Want to come to Everton, young fit men that can only improve themselves and improve the quality of play from our team.

Thanks to Mr Moshiri – he said to judge him at the close of the Window / he put his money where his mouth is. Thanks to Kevin Thelwell and the backroom staff for tracking the right kind of players for our Club , thanks to Bill – never thought I’d say that, but he’s the one who signed the cheques and managed to do good buisness in keeping Anthony Gordon at the Club - must have been a great temptation, the mouth-watering offer from CHELSEA, but we held firm, . Finaly, it must be a huge relief for Frank to see the quality the new players we have brought into the Squad, how he managed to get through the last six months will stand him in good stead for the future. Looking forward to Saturdays game, come on you TOFFEES, COYB, Gerry.

Derek Knox
201 Posted 02/09/2022 at 05:32:20
Pretty happy in general, but as many have expressed already, I did expect a striker in addition to Neal Maupay, at the risk of repeating myself, why oh why is everything left to the very last minute, of a Window that has been gaping wide open seemingly for ages? Also why is Kenwright still involved in negotiations?

History should have told us he is a narcissistic bungler who has more chance of turning a much needed move into a Shaftesbury Avenue Farce. I sincerely hope the lack of goals doesn't come back to haunt us, none of the players we have signed are renowned for their scoring. I dare say we will be harder to beat and hopefully more attractive to watch, but unless goals are coming from all departments we may still struggle a tad till the next window.

Glad Gomes has gone too, a player I could never understand what people saw in him, apart from a couple of games, Spurs away and one Anfield derby match he did nothing, apart from ball watching. I know he sustained a pretty awful injury, but that can't be the only excuse for a poverty of involvement in games after that.

Mike Gaynes
202 Posted 02/09/2022 at 05:42:46
Ian #196, you don't owe anyone any apologies. On the contrary, you are owed one.

But in answer to your question, Pickford for England and Gueye for Senegal are the only Blues currently expected to play in the World Cup. However, Onana did make his national team debut for Belgium in June, and who knows but what Anthony Gordon might yet earn a look this fall.

Tony #189, the thing I like best about Garner is that in the biggest games of his life, he played the best games of his life -- he was brilliant for Forest in the promotion playoffs. That says something for the young man's character.

Gerry #200, good post, agreed.

Derek Knox
203 Posted 02/09/2022 at 05:52:20
Meant to add before, I am a firm believer in either players or managers for that matter returning for a second spell, historically never works out. However sticking my neck out a bit here, I believe Gana will prove to be the exception rather than the rule.

As many have said, before joining PSG, he was a diamond in midfield, and sadly missed without any replacement even coming close, so hopefully he can pick up from where he left off.

I appreciate it is under a different manager with a different style but I do believe he will adapt quickly.

Steve Brown
204 Posted 02/09/2022 at 06:59:48
Ian @ 182, how much creativity, goals or assists do the midfield for Liverpool provide?

It is not their job – they are there to implement the high press, gain possession, and start the transition quickly. The creativity comes from the full-backs and front three.

Jerome Shields
205 Posted 02/09/2022 at 07:28:38
Gueye will definitely be a good addition and certainly will provide much-needed cover for the defence. He also is very experienced and will know his job.

I would have preferred another forward, but getting more than one appeared an afterthought in the transfer process. Even getting one forward did not seem a priority until August and Calvert-Lewin's injury.

As for Richarlison, it is increasingly looking that Gordon is to fulfil that role. The transfer speculation regarding Gordon seems to have increased his confidence and he now looks more than capable of fulfilling that role.

It may have been that the Gordon transfer saga with it's many permutations may have delayed looking for forwards. Transfer sagas and permutations at Everton are not a good thing given the potential parties at Everton involved.

Benjamin Dyke
206 Posted 02/09/2022 at 09:27:11
What a great window.

Gone are the days of splattergun buying hopefully. Now we have an approach we can believe in and get behind.

And enough of this "Lampard Out" stuff that comes up – our results have not fully turned the corner yet, agreed, but it's not hard to see the progress from where we've been left after various managers have come and gone. Stick with Frank and the coaching team – there is enough evidence that they have seen what we've been lacking and are doing something about it.

This re-signing underlines that – perhaps we should do this with all our best players – sell them for decent money then get them back for peanuts afterwards! Lukaku next please!

Danny O’Neill
207 Posted 02/09/2022 at 13:03:09
Totally agree with that James Marshall @154. Some have an obsession with the apparently dreaded three-zero.

It may have been the case back in the day and for examples like Rooney, who I believe – through a combination of lifestyle and playing at the top level from 16 – was gone at the highest level not long after 30.

But in general, most players are looked after and physically look after themselves better these days, going on to play and perform way beyond that falsely imposed age benchmark.

Most good teams have that crucial blend of experience alongside youth and potential. Our transfer dealings this window show that is exactly what we've brought into the team to go alongside Gordon, Gray, Calvert-Lewin, Mykolenko and Patterson.

Matthew Williams
208 Posted 02/09/2022 at 13:43:23
Seems I was right all along, it was Kenwright's involvement that brought back Gana to our club... So, when it all goes wrong, we know who to blame... again!

Cheers, Bill... sigh.

Ian Linn
209 Posted 02/09/2022 at 17:27:35
Mike Gaynes, thanks for the succinct response.

@ Si Cooper - my question was merely enquiring who out of our squad will be playing in the World Cup as opposed to resting. I had no thought of Everton tailering their transfer policy to as to minimize player participation in such events as the upcoming tournament.

Clive Rogers
210 Posted 02/09/2022 at 17:43:15
It's not an obsession with three-zero – it's a fact of life for some players.

We only have to look at Allan who was 29 when we signed him. His first six or seven games were good, but then he picked up an injury and hasn't been the same since.

He's 31 now, can't get in the team and can't even get fit it seems.

Dennis Stevens
211 Posted 02/09/2022 at 18:20:28
Ian #209,

It was a very reasonable question, imo. A mid-season break for the World Cup is a new scenario for English football and could produce some interesting after effects, impacting the remainder of the season. I'm quite pleased that we look like we'll not have too many players there, tbh.

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