Another manager gone as Everton sack Lampard

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Everton have dismissed Frank Lampard from his position as head coach less than a year into the role following a string of defeats and the club sitting in the relegation zone.

The 44-year-old has overseen just three Premier League wins all season, the worst 20-game sequence of results to start a season in the club’s history, and failed to progress past the third round of either domestic cup competition.

The decision, made unanimously by Farhad Moshiri and the club’s Board of Directors, came in the wake of Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to West Ham, Everton’s seventh in eight games in all competitions and the first match that the owner had attended since October 2021.

Moshiri and Chairman Bill Kenwright were non-committal when “door-stepped” by a Sky Sports reporter as they left the stadium after the game at the London Stadium but it was clear that they had to make the seventh sacking of a non-caretaker manager in the British-Iranian’s time at Everton.

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The decision comes a year and a week after Rafael Benitez was given his marching orders after just seven months in the post. Leighton Baines and Paul Tait are expected to take the immediate training sessions beginning tomorrow afternoon.

Lampard’s departure marks a sad end to a managerial tenure that held so much promise in its early days and which reached its peak on an emotional night at Goodison last May when the Toffees secured their Premier League survival with a stunning come-from-behind win over Crystal Palace.

The former Derby County and Chelsea manager had been commended for the way he had tapped into the passion of the Everton faithful and there were high hopes that he could continue to develop both his management skills but also the Blues’ squad this season.

However, having lost his best player last summer when Richarlison was sold to Tottenham Hotspur, Lampard was dealt a cruel blow just three days before the start of the 2022-23 campaign when Dominic Calvert-Lewin, a big miss for much of the previous season, suffered another serious injury and wasn’t really able to recover full fitness until this month.

The failure on the club’s part not to sign a reliable goalscorer of Calvert-Lewin’s ilk, acquiring instead Neal Maupay from Brighton, further hampered the manager’s attempts to build a winning side, even as it appeared he was making progress when Palace came to Goodison Park again last October and were swept aside with an impressive display that yielded a 3-0 win for Everton.

That was the last time Everton won under his stewardship and they have since dropped from 12th place to 19th, with games running out to arrest their alarming form and mount another bid to avoid what would be a catastrophic drop into the Championship.

Assuming no one has been lined up already, Everton will now embark on the search for their eighth managerial appointment in 10 years, with the likes of Sean Dyche, Nuno Espirito Santo, Wayne Rooney, Marcelo Bielsa and Duncan Ferguson among the names favoured by bookmakers in the latest odds.

While it was suggested by the Daily Mail's Dominic King that Dyche was not being considered and Espirito Santo is currently locked into a role at Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia with a £7m release clause, The Guardian's Andy reports that Dyche could be an option along with ex-Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl. 


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Mal van Schaick
1 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:26:17
Sad but inevitable. The players and board should be ashamed of themselves, by bringing our great club into disrepute.
Kunal Desai
2 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:27:39
Should have gone after Bournemouth.

We might have got a new manager bounce and got a few results in. Can't see a new manager bounce certainly not in the next two games.

Paul Newton
3 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:28:05
Saun Dyche for me. He stands as good a chance as anyone of keeping us up, and if we go down he would be the best to get us back up again.
Michael Kenrick
4 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:28:23
Had to happen.

Who's next for the meat grinder?

Andrew Grey
5 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:28:27
LB until the end of the season. If they stay up then get Simeone in, expensive but if need be give him shares in the club!
Bill Fairfield
6 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:28:39
Another managerial nightmare over with. Problem is it keeps recurring.
Paul Reed
7 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:30:05
Please give the job to Dunc.
John Cook
8 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:30:37
It's very important that this shite board get someone in NOW we may then just avoid the drop not holding my breath though with these bunch of characters in charge.
Will Mabon
9 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:31:18
New manager bonce.
Soren Moyer
10 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:31:22
Right decision, but 2 months too late as suspected from this board of clowns!

A few available coaches at the moment:

Marcelo Gallardo

Mauricio Pochettino

Marcelo Bielsa (if we decide to go down with a bang!)

Sam Allerdyce (to get us out of trouble on a 6 months contract)

Thomas Tuchel

Problem is, it will be the same incompetent, clueless people who have got it all wrong in the past few years, are still in charge of finding a successor to FL, so I won't hold my breath!

Darren Hind
12 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:32:15
Reidy coming up on Talk Sport.

This'll be interesting

Tony McNulty
13 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:33:54
We would be a great business school case study, other than for the fact that it lacks verisimilitude.
Ken Kneale
14 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:34:34
For all the wrong reasons, the appointment will be one of the most important decisions ever for the club - we can only hope that like a broken clock telling the correct time, even this incompetent board and owner get it right occasionally
Lenny Fisher
15 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:34:58
As an aside…does anyone know what the f*** Sharp is doing on the board..
Jay Harris
16 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:35:43
I really don't know the answer. We need a strong pair of hands with experience who is able to inspire the players and restore confidence with simple tactics that the players understand.

There is enough qualiy to see us out of the relegation bunch but it needs to be the right appointment and I would trust this bunch of cowardly and indecisive clowns to get it right.

I assume they havent had anyone lined up so its gonna have to be someone who is available and willing to pick up the poisoned chalice.

Kevin Molloy
17 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:35:49
it's amazing the way Moshiri literally pops back once a year to sack the latest dolt, and then flies off again. Like none of this has got anything to do with him. Remember his ridiculous 'I thought Everton would take up 5% of my time' as if we are keeping him from much more important things. He's probably only now starting to think who he can get in.
Kevin Prytherch
18 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:35:52
If only we had someone like Arteta waiting around…

Someone with a genuine affiliation for the club.
Someone whose passion will translate to players and fans alike.
Someone who’s served as a coach under a top manager(s), learning their trade from them.

If only…

Robert Leigh
19 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:36:04
Bielsa please, but likely Dyche (who I would also be happy with)
John Raftery
20 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:36:21
I think we need a hard nosed, experienced, tactically adept, politically savvy manager who will be able to deliver results with a limited squad and no new funding. Or a magician.
Paul Newton
21 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:36:27
Don't dither. Get Dyche in. Now. Give the new man as long as possible before the fixtures start again after the two weeks break.
Barry Hesketh
22 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:36:35
What we really need now is the announcement that Moshiri and company have sold the club to people who know what they are doing – unfortunately very unlikely.
Pat Kelly
23 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:36:39
This time next year you could be an unemployed millionaire. Contact EFC — The People's Club.
Frank Sheppard
24 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:38:22
The players and board should be ashamed of themselves – Groundhog Day.
Christy Ring
25 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:38:25
Sadly didn't work out, nice fellow but had to go, hopefully Kenwright, Sharp and the incompetent board will shortly follow.

Dyche, Duncan, Carsley?

Andy Burke
26 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:39:11
Should never have been appointed in the first instance.

I have no bloody idea who we should go for but I'm not the one selecting. I never wanted Howe a while ago and how I wish we had given him a go.

I really don't think Big Dunc is the answer. We need somebody with experience. At least with Dyche he managed well at Burnely for a few years.

Gary Wiffen
27 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:39:37
I feel sorry for Frank.

Let's face it, he had his hands tied with our board!

Not Sure Where we go now. I think Dyche is probably the best option as I think he wouldn't suffer fools gladly and probably won't be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Maybe not pretty football but his Burnley were always hard to beat.

No doubt Moshri will want a foreign manager and Kenwright will want Moyes… heaven help us.

John Keating
28 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:40:02
Going to be interesting reading our own managerial experts giving their favourites.

Mind you, I would imagine they'll take the usual line of “He's shite” etc, etc, etc.

Alex Gray
29 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:40:57
Christ almighty are people still believing that Dunc or Leighton Baines are the answer? Literally no managerial experience in a relegation battle is utter lunacy!

Obviously we have slim pickings but let's have a bit of common sense!

John Graham
30 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:41:15
A club which is in total disarray.

Feel Lampard was only a small part of the problem, but some of his tactics and team selections didn't help. Also in the last few games the defence have looked totally disorganised, maybe with some transfer funds he might have done a little bit better.

A bigger part of the problem is the board who just haven't got a clue how to run a football club and thew away too much money in the first instance trying to buy success too quickly. The sooner we can get rid of them the better and if it means going down then so be it.

Time for our DOF to show us he actually knows what he's doing and bring in some young cheap prospects ready for next year when we are in the championship.

Going to be a long long season.

Ian Bennett
31 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:42:24
I hope Frank tells the truth, but no doubt a gagging order will be in place.
Michael Lynch
32 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:42:42
Odds shortening on Big Dunc. Can see them offering him a contract til the end of the season, see how he gets on.
Christy Ring
33 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:43:16
The board selling Richarlison in the summer definitely the turning point. Is the Villareal striker deal now off?
Andrew McLawrence
34 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:44:53
I do feel a bit sorry for him though as I don't think anyone could get a tune from the current squad. I hope I'm proved wrong, I really am. Might see Danjuma jumping ship now too. Sad sad times
Pat Kelly
35 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:45:00
Many on here said Dunc should start at the bottom and work his way up. Now's his chance.
John Otway
36 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:45:17
Alex.#29. Thank you. This situation is going to require someone with expertise over and above setting out cones.
Soren Moyer
37 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:45:38
Alex @ 29,

But they get Everton lol.

Also please stop blaming the squad for his sacking! 8 of those are HIS signings!!!

Glenn Williams
38 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:47:54
Into the abyss we continue. The biggest problem now is that the same set of incompetents who've picked the last eight managers, will pick the next one. Well it's the hope that kills you and I for one now have no further hope. I think now I can watch the remainder of our games in the premier league in relative comfort. Not that football hospice is any fun but at least I now know the outcome. I'm dreading life in the Championship but really, can it be much worse than this. ;-(
Ian Edwards
39 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:48:33
No way should it be Ferguson. He had his screen test in a home game v Chelsea ( not the one when he hugged the ball boys) and it was one of the worst performances of the season.

We need an experienced Manager. Who that is I'll leave to the Oracle Christy Ring.

Dale Self
40 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:48:35
Frank suited the suits’ needs rather than the squad’s needs. An affable well meaning guy who would be difficult to critcize when it got ugly and flirted with relegation. It got a bit uglier than what they expected as we can all see with the present scramble that should not be happening.
Gary Wiffen
41 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:48:36
Just Watching Sky Sports Kevin Campbell was just Asked Do you think the Everton Board has a Plan? His Answer No! That says it all really.
Andrew McLawrence
42 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:48:48
Maybe Nuno and his more organised defensive approach might a better option. Though wasn't there alleged to be issues with his big entourage last time round? Might get in some Portuguese talent as well.
Kieran Kinsella
43 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:48:59
The bed sheet brigade, Kia and Danjuma are locked in talks deciding the new boss.
Rob Halligan
44 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:49:19
Danjuma has confirmed he will be signing.
Barry Cowling
45 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:51:25
another one goes, kinda leaves a bitter taste, but lets face it he wasnt going to turn this around, it's Dysche for me, he is best bet to keep us up and if not then he is best bet to get us back up again
David Vaughan
46 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:51:51
Sad but right. Was never his gig. The more dysfunctional the employer or job, the more experienced the man or woman required to hold it. Frank was a lamb to the slaughter. Now more than ever till there's big changes higher up, we need a general...with brains, ears and brawn.
Bill Rodgers
48 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:52:29
Brilliant. And there are people on here calling for Ferguson, Baines, Rooney or maybe all three. Meanwhile Silva is riding high in the league. What could explain it? It's often said that the fans are thc club - and I fear that is the case
Justin Doone
49 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:52:34
To slow and reactive. That's Everton from the board to the players.
Stu Darlington
50 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:52:44
Had to happen.Should have happened after Bournemouth,but for this inept Board.
But please,please don’t let it be Ferguson,Rooney,Unsworth or Nuno.
Get us an experienced manager with just 2 priorities.salvation this year and consolidation next year.
Neither do I want to see a caretaker manager from inside the club.That’s the sure route to the championship as are all the ex-Evertonians whose names are being bandied about.
Peter Carpenter
51 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:52:45
And soon we'll be bringing you coverage of the exciting Everton v Prime Ministers match which currently stands at 3-3 (or will soon). It's into the 13th month there now so plenty of time for more scores.
Mick O'Malley
52 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:53:03
Jim White having a little pop at Everton fans for the banners aimed at Kenwright, he said those famous words “after all he has done for Everton FC” Gobshite
Dale Self
53 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:54:09
Jroobaksrdashian will probably send his personal assistant to see if they’re seriously talking or still deciding on the snack tray
Steve Mink
54 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:54:33
If the answer is Duncan Ferguson you are asking the wrong question.
Raymond Fox
55 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:55:38
Lyndon, you hit the nail on the head when you say Richarlison has not been adequately replaced.
That and DCL missing a lot of games is the main reason we are where we are.
We only just stayed up with them in the side most games so it was obvious that it was going to be a struggle.

Get a no nonsense guy in like Dyche, I don't see the point of getting the same type of manager as we have had for the last 10 or so years.

I suspect that it might take the second coming of Jesus to save us this season though.

Eddie Smith
56 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:57:17
Was it "we the FANS" who sacked him or the board?
Garry Martin
57 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:57:18
Big Dunc for me, this shower of players need a hard man who's ready to start throwing punches at any player that dos'nt give 110%. Also, we have no money so we have to get the effort from our existing DROSS of a squad.
Alec Gaston
58 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:57:25
Media briefed and comms issued before official announcement on club site for fans - nothing will change folks
Paul Tran
59 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:57:41
Dyche. Now

I want someone who gets Everton points, rather than 'gets Everton'.

Of course it won't be Dyche, it'll be one of Kia's never-beens

Unless they surprise us

John Charles
60 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:58:10
Had to go
Please god not Dyche
Brian Williams
61 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:58:42
And Jim White comes on Talksport bigging up Kenwright saying" after what that man's done for the club."


Anthony A Hughes
62 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:59:14
For all you out of work managers- run for the hills while you can, the Everton shitshow juggernaut is heading your way !
Dan Nulty
63 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:59:19
If we put Big Dunc in then that is the board showing they are resigned to going down.

When you look at managers available, players available for transfers on a budget you can see how truly knackered we are.

Only we could squander so much money on bog average players. We have been so poorly run and managed it hurts.

Ed Prytherch
64 Posted 23/01/2023 at 15:59:22
It may come down to a very short list of those who are prepared to work with this dysfunctional board.
Colin Glassar
65 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:01:24
I feel for the man. He’s a decent guy but poor coach. Who’s next for the sausage maker?
Justin Doone
66 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:01:41
We fans could see it coming and would have had candidates ready. This lot, probably take their time to do the worst thing possible, Raf or Sam I'm guessing.
Mark Ryan
67 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:01:49
Dyche all day long.
No money for top players and so Poch, Tuchel etc are out of the equation
Dunc should not be getting a mention because he has less credentials for this massive job than Frank had.
Dyche has vast experience of gripping a team and playing 2 up top. He can also deal with scraping the barrel for talent which is again where we find ourselves. Millions wasted. Dyche is what we need right now.
Peter Carpenter
68 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:01:56
Jim White - why listen to him? It's just incredible what a few free tickets for West End shows will do.
Danny Nicholson
69 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:02:05
Ridiculous appointment, never looked a good fit, in the meantime Eddie Howe continues to fly when apparently the consensus was saying he wasnt any good (yeh 4th division to prem with bournemouth must mean he's rubbish, I mean what exactly was it that didnt make him qualified, the fact the he's a blue?). Agents have ruined our club.

Good riddance to Frank, never liked him at any point, horrible horrible type of person with nothing Everton about him in my opinion, full of shit and in my opinion insincere, lets have some grit back please, we arent ready for flash harrys

John Wignall
70 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:02:35
Dale Self
71 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:02:38
Will someone flip the Benny Hill theme LP and hit play?
Pat Kelly
72 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:03:09
Nuno and entourage spotted disembarking Jumbo jet at John Lennon airport.
George Cumiskey
73 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:04:16
I've just heard Moshiri has been in touch with Ricky Tomlinson to see if Mike Bassett will take the job !
Bobby Mallon
74 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:05:11
Rob 44 is this Danjuma any good
Tim Marchant
75 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:05:56
Pochettino or Tuchel would be great, Dyche would also be good as he older and experienced enough to know what's what and sort out the rabble on the pitch. Blame the players for not being able to hit a cow in the arse with a banjo in front of goal, failing to pass to feet, failing to mark a man (By players I mean established, experienced footballers, with international caps and decent records elsewhere who seemingly got a footballing lobotomy on their way into Finch Farm one day!) Blame the board for overspending and over paying for dross which has now handcuffed us to the bargain basement transfer market.

Lampard had to go, for poor management. Seems a great guy, gets the club and the fans, but he wasn't good enough. Not experienced enough

Jerome Shields
76 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:06:20
Frank is the victim of a incompetence internal Management and a underperforming squad who are dictating what is happening at Everton.In hindsight he was naive in thinking he was going to get the players and be able to get the existing players to play as he wanted.

In some ways it is like the Top flight Professional of old nearing the end of his career, playing in the Lower Divisions below the championship or old second divison and realising the dressing room was full of cheats.I have read a few autobiographies which such a experience is discribed.

The Modern footballer can retire today or go to Everton who have replaced the Lower Divisions for such players, with the bonus of having cheats at nearly every level in the Club.They might even be able to get a job after their playing days are done.

The performance which I watched after the West Ham game, was cheats in action.It was a diabolical disgrace the way those players performanced.I have friends come up to me and say it was absolutely unbelievable the dross they where producing.

Frank Fearns
77 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:06:21
Whoever takes the Goodison poison chalice must be desperate, skint or bonkers. Probably all three!!!
James Stewart
78 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:07:03
About time.

Bielsa please. I want to see us attack once in my lifetime!

Christy Ring
79 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:07:10
Ian#39 You constantly criticise every manager we have had, Lampard, Ancelotti and interim manager Ferguson, nothing new there, but to not even put forward a candidate of your choice, is a complete cop out. You won’t even criticise Kenwright and the board, who are abysmal, selling Richarlison was the final nail in the coffin Ian it’s time to grow a pair?
Ciarán McGlone
80 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:07:29
This club is a basket case with a board full of shifty cretins.

But, that aside - good managers use what they've got and improve their lot. Frank was a bloody awful manager. We seem to have a knack for recruiting awful managers and paying over the odds for mediocre players.

Will Mabon
81 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:08:03
Pardew... Curbishley?
John Wignall
82 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:08:28
Combating of poor manager players and board some of these players have seen 6 managers off club in a right mess right through the club
Tony Waring
83 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:08:51
Wonder if Putin is available ? I don't know what his footballing attributes are but he sure likes to get onto his opponent's turf with a view to attacking !
Pat Kelly
84 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:09:20
Make your mind up Will
Rob Halligan
85 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:09:56
Bobby # 74……… don’t know mate. Never seen him play, or at least I don’t recall him playing for Bournemouth when he was last in the premier league.
Gerry Quinn
86 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:10:09
Ha, ha - love it from Goodison News website...Arnaut Danjuma wants assurances that David Moyes will not replace Frank Lampard as manager of Everton if he’s sacked before he signs
Barry Hesketh
87 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:10:31
John @82

I read somewhere today that if Holgate is still here when the new guy arrives - that will be the eleventh manager/caretaker manager that he will have served under.

The lack of official news from Everton FC's site is appalling, but I suppose they haven't yet realised that Rafa had been sacked.

Will Mabon
88 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:11:10
Pat, at this point, maybe we should simply ask the players who they want.
Kieran Kinsella
89 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:12:36

Holgate is the gift that keeps on giving isn't here. Tom Davies has been in the squad just as long.

George Cumiskey
90 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:12:47
Tony Waring, spot on and he takes no prisoners !
Bill Fairfield
91 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:13:01
Just who in their right minds wants to work for this owner and board of directors? Crazy people.
John Chambers
92 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:13:11
Can’t see any option but Dyche at this point. Tuchel and Pochettino might be good choices if we were mid table looking up but we need somebody with a “muck and bullets” approach for the next 18 games.
Dale Self
93 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:13:29
Dale Self
94 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:13:29
Tony 83 Vlad is coup tied. Thank you thank yo Ill be at the Las Vedas Sands in April.
Matt Hayhurst
95 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:14:02
Lampard knew that the 2nd half against West Ham was his last 45 minutes in charge of Everton in a must win game and didn't make any changes - which to me meant that he wanted to be sacked. So I think he will be relieved. Lovely man. Terrible manager.

Luckily we have not been cut adrift as there are other terrible teams. If we get the next appointment right - there is still time and still hope.

Kieran Kinsella
96 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:14:38
Tuchel or Poch would want huge contracts which we can't afford now much less if we get relegated. That apart do you honestly think either would jump on this chance with us in 19th place, broke, dysfunctional board etc?
David Bromwell
97 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:14:49
Sad but inevitable, really nice Guy who did his best but failed and has to pay the price. Hope its Dyche as he seems the best available. Whoever it is they are in an extremely difficult position and will need to show some immediate improvement. Interestingly Dyche has worked with at least three of our players before and just maybe this would prove helpful.
Pat Kelly
98 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:16:38
I hope when the new manager is appointed he can get something out of the remaining 10 games.
John Gall
99 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:16:42
I was always amazed how eagerly Evertonians seemed to take to him. He didn't seem to fit in any way other than the fact he had played for an elite club at the top level. Maybe we were a bit starstruck and flattered he wanted to come here. Yes, our collective self-esteem is that low. Whoever comes in now is risky. I don't swallow the line that Dyche guarantees survival, but the likes of Bielsa and Rooney seem so risky. Moshiri did it before when he pulled Ancelotti out of the bag, can he do it again with a genuine top level manager? No, I agree, no chance!
Rick Tarleton
100 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:16:45
Who makes this decision? I take it after Saturday's quote that it isn't Moshiri.
George McKane
101 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:17:36
I just did a Media Interview they asked “who next” - I said Randle.P Mc Murphy.
Rob Halligan
102 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:18:05
Gerry # 86…it’s just under two weeks before West Ham’s next league game, so unless we are still without a manager by then, I can’t see Moyes getting the sack and coming here before their next league game. The FA Cup next weekend is basically a free hit for Moyes.
Christy Ring
103 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:18:26
Ted Lasso would be a good choice.
Michael Lynch
104 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:19:11
Pat @98, funny but true
Anthony Flack
105 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:19:11
Dream team of Sam and Rooney ?
Michael Kayll
106 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:20:21
Results speak for themselves and on that alone he had to go. Our problem is that there isn't anyone out there who could get that group of players over the line this season, I hope I'm wrong but very much doubt it. If anything, Lampard only prolonged the inevitable last season last season the warning sign that those shower of clueless, incompetent and downright arrogant owners of our club didn't acknowledge or react to.

IF, by some miracle, we do stay up then we'll only be in the same position again next year, and so on. It's sad to think that my gut feeling is that the only way we may improve is by being relegated so that those up top have to either take note or get out the club otherwise these clowns aren't going anywhere.

Colin Glassar
107 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:20:37
Too angry, upset, pissed off to continue with this.
Barry Hesketh
108 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:21:00
How about a wildcard appointment, the guy in charge of Morocco - Walid Regragui ?
John Charles
109 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:21:28
Dyche last 2 seasons in PL 68 games - won 14 (last season 30 games won 4!). Running at 0.9 points per game - that would give us 16 more points to the end of the season.
A saviour my arse
The only reason to get him is if we are resigned to going down then at least our new manager in the summer won’t have taken us down
Charles Brewer
110 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:23:14
This has the feeling of "Downfall" with Kenwright as Hitler.:


"Herr General Lampard, ve haf sold Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin is permanently out of service and gifs zero shits, Townsend, Mina, Doucoure, Patterson are permanently crocked, Davies, Gray, Gordon, Keane, Mykolenko are totally shell shocked but all iz vell because I haf been inspiring ze troops mit mein Meisterplan! I haf bought a dvarf centre forward und Feldmarschall Moshiri is now going today on an Unterseeboat to Argentina for reinforcements - he says. Unfortunately, unser trips to Vest Ham (Leningrad), Brighton (North Africa), Bournemouth (Stalingrad), und zer home games with Wolves (Kursk), Normandy (Old Trafford), und ze Ardennes (Southampton) have not brought the victories we needed.

"I sink we are gefucked.

"Zis cannot be because of mein glorious leadership, it must be you. Just as it woz Silva, Ferguson, Benitez, Koeman, Ancelotti, Allardyce, Martinez..."

Ian Edwards
111 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:23:51
I'll always be grateful to Lampard for saving us last season but with hindsight I think it should have been secured well before Palace and his one trick tactics this season and failure to address faults with subs and/or changes of formation justified his sacking.
Stephen Vincent
112 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:24:16
I was thinking the same Barry, a guy who got the absolute best out of a bunch of bang average players.
Derek Knox
113 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:24:36
Now correct me if I am wrong, but with nearly 7 days left in the Window, they have to Officially Advertise the Vacancy for First Team Coach/Manager, they can't just get on the blower and say " fancy a Job mate " ? Even working round the Clock it doesn't leave much time at all to allow 'whoever' (?) to set his plan out for survival and who he wants to get on board, and who he would like to see the back of.

Tuchel/Sarri/Poch and Bielsa would all be available, but would they fancy grabbing a Rattlesnake by the Tail ?

I mean shaking hands with Kenwright, but assuming they wouldn't, I think Dyche would be the best fit. He knows the Premiership, got Burnley promoted and kept them up for 5 or 6 years, beating some of the top sides in that period.

I remember people on here also, poo pooing the idea of getting Eddie Howe a few Vacancies ago, but he is doing alright at the barcodes, as is Marco Silva with Fulham. Give who ever it is a chance to fail before writing them off in The Last Chance Saloon, because that is what this is !

Barry/Stephen, - Walid Regragui ? I'm sure I saw that on the menu in a Mongolian Restaurant once. :-)

Ed Prytherch
114 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:24:47
John, Agree. If Dyche had not been fired by Burnley he would have taken them down while Lampard was keeping us up.
No Thanks.
Dave Lynch
115 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:26:25
Before anyone mentions Rooney...again.

Have you seen his record in the MLS, what makes anyone think he could turn us around?

Bill Fairfield
116 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:27:00
When will we get a statement from the club?
Colin Malone
117 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:27:52
Minik Hansen
118 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:03
Please let it not be Sean Dyche… Let it be someone with fresh, energetic, working ideas with this current setting, he can modify to the better. It’s not just about survival like another Sean, Allardyce that is, it’s about great football that wind you games.
Dale Rose
119 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:03
Sid James, just the man for this Carry On.

Fuck me you couldn't make it up.

Bryan Houghton
120 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:06
I cant decide whether we are a laughing stock of a club, a disgrace of a club, or a cautionary tale, a lesson on how to destroy a club from the inside out. All 3, I suspect.

THe last time a club looked this broken, this chaotic and this bankrupt - financially, organisationally, and in its performance was Leeds 2003 - they disappeared for something like 14 yrs. An absolute nightmare for them. We really are looking at something not dissimilar if our board continually fail to address the insidious cancer in this club (tho, for everyone who cares but a jot for this club knows that the cancer is them )

I think we are going down. I would have preferred to have gone down with dignity, fighting for every point. But the lights have gone out for me. I fear it will be with ignomy and, from some, a sneering 'serves you right' and maybe, to be fair, they would be right.

Alan McGuffog
121 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:28
Please God someone who doesn't " get" Everton.
Someone who will plan for the Championship and sign honest fit, mobile young players as opposed to thecrocks of shite we have been employing. With the emphasis on crocks of course

122 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:28
I'm half expecting Lampard to announce a new business venture selling barge poles - could be quite a market at the moment!
Danny Baily
123 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:32
I'll say it again, Danny Cowley is free. Worth a go!
Kieran Kinsella
124 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:28:55

Rooney finished bottom of the MLS, and bottom of the Championship. Surely finishing bottom of the EPL would be a more prestigious failure for his resume.

Gary Johnson
125 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:29:13
Ed -

1) can I borrow your parallel universe machine please?

2) so you wouldn’t take Howe, Klopp, Conte, Wenger and Sarri either (since they all REALLY got relegated)?

Minik Hansen
126 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:29:52
Oh and thanks Frank, you did your best, maybe in ten years time, you’ll find the formula in the Premier League.
Charles Brewer
127 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:31:00
OK OK. I don't see any reputable manager taking up this position.

So I'm willing to put myself forward and take one for the team. For just £5 million, I will follow Bill's instructions to the letter, I'll blame the supporters, the previous management, Liz Truss, Donald Trump, JK Rowling, the tea lady.

I'll get the wage bill down by selling anyone who's any good (OK, that's Jordan Pickford AAANNNNNDDD... no one else), and get Big Nev (well, Enormous Nev judging by recent photos) to act as a kind of bollard in the goal.

Terry McLavey
128 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:31:03
#74 Bobby if he is any good working at the 'Finch Farm Neutralising Station' it won't be long before he isn't ;)
Roger Helm
129 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:32:39
It is said to be a poisoned chalice, but really it is a shot to nothing, in snooker parlance. No-one expects any manager to succeed with this soap opera of a club, so whoever it is can come in, serve his twelve months and depart with a massive pay-off. Everyone will say it was to be expected.

If he should somehow make a silk purse out of our pig’s ear, the football world will hail him as a genius.

130 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:35:43
Dale, I think Jim Dale's the only one left now - but could he be tempted?
Ed Prytherch
131 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:36:25
Gary, so you are comparing Dyche with Wenger, Klopp, Conte and Sari. And you talk about me living in an alternative universe.
Steve Dawson
132 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:37:01
Ted Lasso for me, great suggestion Christy!

We'd get relegated for sure, but at least we'd have some decent shortbread to nosh on.

Ian Edwards
133 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:37:35
I think we should try and go for Thomas Franck.
Mike Price
134 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:37:35
Please god not Ferguson or Nuno…remember Ferguson’s last cameo, it was a disaster, the players seemed to have stopped listening and I don’t think they respected him as a manager.

Bielsa or Dyche for me. I think Dyche would have more chance of hitting the ground running and would give us a small chance of survival this season. Bielsa would be an interesting longer term proposition.

Geoff Williams
135 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:37:42
This has been coming for ages and the hierarchy should have been making contingency plans from October onwards. Recruitment has been poor years but Thelwell hasn't shown he can spot talent in his short tenure, almost a complete new team has been signed in the last 12 months, a goalie, two full backs, two centre halves, four midfield players, a winger and a striker. Only the fullbacks were signed before Lampard's appointment. Personally I would get rid of Thelwell and of course Kenwright as he has been the one constant factor in the club's decline.
Lynn Maher
136 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:37:45
I have just contacted Everton FC. to query the status of the manager. As there is nothing on the OFFICIAL website surely it cannot be true'!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gary Carter
137 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:38:06
The thought of Dyche or Hassenhutl is totally depressing … Tuchel or Pochetino would be my first targets but both unlikely to want to join
Nuno Santos would be my in my second target group
Bielsa would be third
Not sure after that really just not Dyche or hassenhutl
Tony McNulty
138 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:39:49

Can I be your undermanager, on condition it only takes up 5% of my time?

Paul Kossoff
139 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:40:12
Utter disgrace! That man I'm sure, had no say in the transfers, if he did. I would ask him to take all the useless b,s with him. Who ever comes in I think would have to be mental or skint to take this job. Seems we are in a perfect storm
and we have no life boatt to save us. I really fear for my club that my whole family has supported since it's beginning. Kenwright, I fear will not get to cut the blue ribbon on the new stadium opening because we may be finished by then.
Very bad times our club finds itself in.
Rob Halligan
140 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:40:15
Lynn, I’ve just said something similar on WhatsApp. It’s all a myth, Lampard hasn’t been sacked and is still the gaffer, until the club tell us otherwise.
Mark Ryan
141 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:40:27
Ed at 114, how many seasons did he keep them up and on a shoestring budget ?
He performed a miracle at Burnley. I'm not saying he is the best manager but surely he is what we need right now. Him or Bielsa. I know Bieksa was sacked too but right now, aren't they what we need. We are brassic
Paul Hewitt
142 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:40:33
Ian@133. Why would he leave Brentford?
Kristian Boyce
143 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:42:02
Just shows the utter incompetence of this club. It’s been over an hour since the announcement and they can’t even put together a news release to make it ‘official’.
Lee Courtliff
144 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:43:03
I'm sad about this as I really liked Frank and hoped it would turn out well for him. I actually thought it was going to when we'd beaten Palace with a good footballing performance then ground out a point at Fulham the week after.

I really did believe we could be onto something with him as he, seemingly, had the full support of the fans and he'd toughened us up with the likes of Tarks and Coady.

He seems like a nice guy with real affection for our club. I wish him well in the future.

Andrew Clare
145 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:44:03
Please do not hire some journeyman below average English manager who hasn't won a thing.
Spanish, Italian or South Americans for me. They know the game better than anyone.
David Graves
146 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:47:00
Dinosaur Dyche's best ever finish in the Premier League was 7th and that was achieved playing plug-ugly football. He was sacked with Burnley in the bottom 3.

Burnley get relegated and sell their best players but Vincent Kompany comes in and revitalizes the Club in one close season; changing the whole coaching and fitness regime and gets them playing fast aggressive football.

But some people say that it has to be Dyche for us as our next manager due to hope that he can keep us up.

Instead of employing another dinosaur who will be gone in 6 months when we can't stand the miserable football we're playing why not make a progressive decision and go and get Kompany.

There are £5 million reasons why he'd take the job.

Bill Fairfield
147 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:47:10
Jim White is preparing the club statement and will inform all Evertonians asap.
Kieran Kinsella
148 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:47:25

It's a joke. Firstly, they made it apparent he was done with their post match comments so why the two delay? And even now no official statement just the usual leaking to the press or perhaps it was even Frank's people doing the leaking. Who knows? Joke of a board.

Michael Lynch
149 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:48:24
It is truly incredible that the OS has six stories headlined - three about the women's team, two about the U21s and one about the new ground, but not a mention of sacking the fucking manager.

What a fucking shambles of a club.

Kieran Kinsella
150 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:48:37
Paul Kossof

" Who ever comes in I think would have to be mental or skint."

So you're thinking maybe Gazza or Kenny Sansom?

Ed Prytherch
151 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:49:45
How about Tony Pulis. He kept Stoke up for many seasons. Dyche is Pulis 2.0
Anthony Flack
152 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:50:20
About the website, maybe Franck changed the password and he is preparing a 'tell all' - Bill is quickly trying to find the off switch or someone to get him in a headlock to deflect attention - any volunteers ?
Lynn Maher
153 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:50:26
Rob/Kieran. I can’t wait for their reply!
Rob Halligan
154 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:50:55
Kieran, there could be any number of reasons why there’s no club statement? Maybe their mainframe has crashed, I don’t know. Agree about the board being a joke, though I doubt it’s them who update the club official website.
Kieran Kinsella
155 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:51:31
FFS, the Mail talking about Bielsa coming on board but among the issues being discussed by the board "A transfer strategy is being considered." Considered? So they admit until now that there has been no strategy? That's been bloody obvious for years but I am surprised they've finally admitted it.
Raymond Fox
156 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:51:49
Minik 118, you mean just like the ones we have had for the last 10 years.
Only an idiot keeps doing the same thing that keeps failing.
Mike Price
157 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:52:07
People on Talksport saying they feel sorry for FL! Meanwhile he’s doing cartwheels around his house in London looking at his severance cheque.

He was useless and completely out of his depth, I can’t believe he’s getting off so lightly.

Jay Harris
158 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:52:42
Quique Setien, Jorge Sampaoli, Zidane, Tuchel, Pochettino, Bielsa are all available but watch this space for Kenwright to get big Dunc back.
Christy Ring
159 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:52:55
We’re the worst run club in the Premiership, our board a total embarrassment, telling lies about the most loyal fans anywhere, because they were too afraid to show their faces in the director’s box, and still no statement about Lampards sacking, pathetic.
Julian Exshaw
160 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:53:49
Could Tim Cahill be our Arteta? He's a young, clever ambitious guy and a winner with a great attitude and he definitely 'gets us'. Bring him in with an experienced number two alongside! Worth considering, isn't it?
John Raftery
161 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:54:32
Minik (118) You have neatly summed up the dilemma for the Board. Some fans like me would prioritise survival and appoint Dyche. Others like you would prefer someone with bright, energetic ideas…someone like Lampard. There is no likely candidate who would win unanimous approval among fans.
Mike Gaynes
162 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:55:58
Definitely not Rooney, folks. He took over the worst team in MLS, got an inspired debut victory over a good opponent -- and then watched his team go scoreless for five and a half games.

All told DC United won 2 of 14 under Wayne, and I saw no sign of improvement in any aspect.

Jim Hourigan
163 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:56:27
Left field option - someone young, got his team playing great attacking football, surpassing expectations and ahead of the more famous established clubs in their division - Schumacher at Plymouth, or we could go for an established manager with one dimensional football like Dyche or someone who doesn’t believe in defending in Bielsa - just a thought !!
John Raftery
164 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:58:21
We cannot afford the money or time to extract a manager from another club. It will not happen.
Barry Hesketh
165 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:58:59
We'll be sure to find out who it is, following the closure of the transfer window, so what's that, about nine days left?
Stephen Davies
166 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:59:21
Potential replacements

Posted by ajeUser Info on January 23, 2023, 4:11 pm
Oliver Glasner - Eintracht Frankfurt
Tactical wizard who has masterminded Eintracht Frankfurt's recent success

Rúben Amorim - Sporting
Works on a budget and develops players but probably unattainable.

Lucien Favre - no one
Highly regarded for producing quick and attacking football in different leagues. Seems a bit nice for our squad full of charlatans.

Domenico Tedesco - no one
Sacked by RB Leipzig in September but took them into Champions League and won a domestic cup before that. Highly rated from time at Shalke. Fairly pragmatic playing style. Favours 3 at the back

Davide Ancelotti - Real Madrid (assistant)
Knows the squad and club from time under Carlo and was said to have had a fairly large role in coaching and team set up. Not known if he's go ambitions of making it as a manager but the chance at a Premier League club with little to lose must be tempting.

Paul Kossoff
167 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:59:50
Kieran 155, Lol, I'm thinking Elnmer Fudd, when he's sacked we at least get the old, "Th th th that's all folks!" Looney fkg tunes we definitely are!😀
Raymond Fox
168 Posted 23/01/2023 at 16:59:50
So thats going to pacify the protesters! I rather doubt it.
Dale Self
169 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:00:31
Mike 157 it’s ok. As long as Frank stays clear and doesnt violate the NDA all know it is 100% the responsibility of the dyspeptic duo. Doesnt matter how they shell game it even the journos cant find a cover for them.
Peter Neilson
170 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:00:53
No official statement, probably had to leak it to the media before Moshiri called Jim White. Inevitable but classless and still clueless. No doubt the board will be stunned to learn Mick McCarthy has joined Blackpool.
Rob Dolby
171 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:02:00
In situations like this you have to ask yourself, what would Everton do because they always get it right.

Lampard had to go for no other reason than to get the new manager bounce.

This is last chance saloon stuff. Even if we survive this season ffp is still hanging over us next year.

Other than saying he is a nice guy and appeared to be open and honest I can't defend his appalling managerial record.

The prem is full of clubs awash with money. Money dictates usually where a club finishes in the league. Since Benitez it's pretty obvious the club is walking a tightrope with ffp.

Lampard should have spent whatever money we had on strikers in the summer and we probably wouldn't be in this mess.

I don't want bielsa as this team don't have any legs. I want someone who knows the league and can motivate. Dyche is the obvious choice.

Would Poch sign on for the rest of the season?

Tough choices but we are again at the mercy of the cowboys running the club.

Coyb fuck the board.

Steve Brown
172 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:02:44
Pat @ 98, there’s 18 games left not 10!
Barry Hesketh
173 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:03:55
Steve @172
I think Pat was being sarcastic or truthful as by the time we appoint the new guy, there might only be ten games to go.
Gerry Quinn
174 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:04:21
Steve, 172 - I would believe that Pat is being sarcastic, Sir!
Jim Bennings
175 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:04:24
Still the same tossers of failure players remain.
Rob Halligan
176 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:04:44
Steve, I think Pat was trying to be funny!
Charles Brewer
177 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:05:10
Julian, if Tim Cahill has any ambition to be a successful manager, he will stay well clear of this fiasco. Arsenal is a tight-fisted and demanding outfit which appears to have a board and management which is designed to support the main aim of a football club: to win games and be successful.

Everton gives the impression of being an oligarch directed money-laundering operation "run" by a senile ex-Coronation Street actor where successful football is about number 37 on the list of objectives and well below "employing average ex-players in a non-executive role with the hope of deflecting any criticism"

Steve Brown
178 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:05:57
Plenty of time for Bielsa to confuse the hell of this squad. They can’t even follow simple instuctions as it is. Imagine them trying to absorb instructions in Spanish on how the 10 outfield players will be doing man to man marking jobs.
Alec Gaston
179 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:07:10
Charles 177 on a shit day your description made me laugh - probably because description is so accurate
Michael Lynch
180 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:07:12
Sky saying Dyche, Bielsa in the frame. But they're also saying Thomas Franck, so we're clearly in the realms of picking names out at random. Sky idiots.
Soren Moyer
181 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:07:27
No to Ferguson, Nuno, Rooney, Bains, Unsworth, Dyche, Carsley and Moyes II. All would be wrong appointments, AGAIN!


Richard Nelson
182 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:07:39
..Tuchel..if he'd come..!
Richard Nelson
183 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:07:39
..Tuchel..if he'd come..!
Steve Brown
184 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:08:53
Haha Pat, sorry for being so slow-witted on that one.

Gerry, thanks for explaining it!

Rob Birks
185 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:09:07
Just seen Villa have bought a striker within a few days of selling one.
We have not been this organised for the last 30 years!
Those decisions are not down to the managers but the board!
What does that tell you all?
Alasdair Jones
186 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:09:17
I will raise a glass to Frank tonight. Not because I am glad he has been shown the door but simply because he seemed to be an honest and sincere guy trying his best in the shark infested waters that are modern day football. He got what the club was about and so naturally the fans had an affection for him.
As Phil McNulty says on the BBC Football web site. How can you expect a manager to inherit a team of players who were variously assembled by five different managers without at least giving him a racing chance to buy in others that would more satisfactorily settle into his way of playing.
Having said that, there was some culpability on his part (as far as we can figure) for not lining up a striker early on in this summer window just passed, to compensate for the loss of Richarlason.
I wish him well in his next post if looks to rejoin the tortured world of management. But who in their right mind would take on this job.
Kieran Kinsella
187 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:10:13
Danjuma has apparently confirmed his signing to Sky but nothing from the club. Players apparently learnt about the sacking on Talksport
Paul Kossoff
188 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:12:21
Charles 127, brilliant!😀⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mike Gaynes
189 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:12:44
Julian #160, no way. He's a businessman, and he'd make a great Board member, but he has zero managerial experience.
Kieran Kinsella
190 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:12:48
Imagine club statement from Moshiri will be along the lines of “ You hung the bed sheets wanting Frank but I noticed protests last week so presumably you want him sacked. I’ve followed your wishes. All is well in the world again.”
Dermot O'Brien
191 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:13:11
There is still nothing on the official site or official twitter about this. What is going on at the club? For Fuck Sake.
Fucking clowns. It will be same shitshow looking for a replacement, which will probably start after the next board meeting.
Kristian Boyce
192 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:13:18
Other than incompetence the other other thing I could think about having no official release yet is that they have someone already lined up and it will be a double announcement. But coming back to the real world with Everton, it’s just incompetence isn’t it.
Barry Hesketh
193 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:13:38
I wonder if it's true that Frank was sacked via a phone call, bet they couldn't even do a zoom call. If it was a phone call, that's pretty poor, surely, they could do it face to face?
Steve Brown
194 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:14:25
Kieran, I wonder what our Director of Miscommunications is doing today that he can’t get his team to update the company website?

Too busy leaking as usual.

Kieran Kinsella
195 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:14:50

If it was a phone call how much do you want to bet it was reverse charges?

Colin Malone
196 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:15:09
Who sacked Frank?
Barry Hesketh
197 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:15:23
Kieran @195
I bet it was :)
Tony Everan
198 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:16:49
Colin, Uncle Usmo
Brian Wilkinson
199 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:17:30
Probs give it Dyche my choice would be Duncan Ferguson.
Barry Hesketh
200 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:18:38
Dermot @191
Perhaps, Mosh has gone absolutely crazy and sacked everybody at the club? Mind you that's not as crazy as I first thought.
Jason Hewly
201 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:18:45
Maybe we could phone up Burnley and ask if they know a shit version of David Moyes.
Steve Brown
202 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:18:49
Yep the charges for international calls to Russia must be pricey these days.
Paul Tran
203 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:18:59
If it's Dyche, I hope the welcome video has him opening a Watneys Party Four, drinking it in one, burping at the camera and throwing the huge can into the distance, bouncing off a player out of shot.
Rob Halligan
204 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:19:09
Can I just get some clarity on something. Many on this forum have been shouting for Lampard to be sacked. Fair enough, no complaints on that. Now many are saying why would X Y or Z want the job, they would be mad to take it? So what’s it to be, Lampard gone, which he has, or so we’re led to believe anyway, and a new manager? If many are saying X Y or Z must be mad to take it, then we might as well just re-instate Lampard.
Dale Self
205 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:19:58
Steve, Kieran and Dermot, I think Rob kind of has it right. They can’t get chatGPT to work.
Tony Abrahams
206 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:20:23
I think we should just go after the most dysfunctional board, in the history of Everton Football Club, right now.

Seven managers have made us progressively worse, what good is any another manager going to do, when they come into a disgraceful from top to bottom run football club.

Peter Carpenter
207 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:20:28
Bollocks, Rangers just signed Cantwell.
Richard Nelson
208 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:21:22
..Kompany will take Burnley up, and will take the Prem by storm next season..he knows what he's doing..get in early ? ?
Mark Ryan
209 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:23:44
Ed @ 151 ha ha, really Pulis = Dyche.Not sure about that but I take your point. Just not sure we can attract anyone other than the out of work Dyche. He's only my choice because to me he's the better option of those who are out of work. Just call me Dan, I'm desperate
Joe McMahon
210 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:25:36
Unfortunately it's the right decision. Frank is very likeable but it's just not worked. The squad is weak and spineless but he couldn't manage games. Next manager now, can't see who ever it is will save us.

I can see Duncan fist pumping when we are in the lower half of the championship.

Matthew Williams
211 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:28:10
I would still go for Pereira but Dyche could do a decent job at Moshiri's Circus!

Whoever they hire needs to be a ruthless bastard and start by sorting out the "Players' who couldn't wait to get off the pitch at West Ham at the final whistle... shameful!!

Dermot O'Brien
212 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:29:54
Rob, firing Lampard and hiring some mad man are not mutually exclusive.
Peter Carpenter
213 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:31:30
Do the board honestly think they are doing a good job? Probably.
Soren Moyer
214 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:33:16
I bet they'll give it to Paul Clement!

But seriously, what about Marcelino? He is available after leaving A. Bilbao back in July.

Fran Mitchell
215 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:34:53
Either have an interim manager until end of season and prey, or go for someone on a 6 month contract - a Rangnock, Hassenhutl, Bielsa, Favre type and prey.

Or go for someone who will stay on even if we're relegated, with an eye for building next season - so working with young players being a priority. And prey.

Jay Harris
216 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:35:00
Colin that would be a great question for Cluedo.

I reckon it was 5% Moshiri, 30% Kia Jorachim, 25% Jim White and 40% the supporters.

Alec Gaston
217 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:37:18
Paul 203 😂😂😂
Pat Kelly
218 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:37:34
Unfortunate timing. We've just signed a lucrative shirt sponsorship deal with Carlsberg for the remainder of the season. No logo. Just "Probably".
John Keating
219 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:37:53
Might as well get Sorensen from the ladies team
He’s well used to managing women
At least his lot of girls score goals
Peter Carpenter
220 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:38:15
Great news on the website; DOMINANT EVERTON BEAT WEST HAM (oh, shit, it was the women). Under 21s beat Brighton, have a tour with Reid, Stuart and Higgins and the stadium moves on at pace.
Sacking? What sacking?
Jack Convery
221 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:38:54
As we need a Unity Candidate my vote goes to Jim Hacker. Inoffensive, can'r make a decision to save his life ! As the owner, chair or manager, take your pick.

Lampard going in my opinion makes no difference as the same problems will continue to haunt us. Dysfunctional decision making at board level will continue apace unless of course, Kenwright and Co resign or Moshiri finally does what he should have done years ago, sacks them. One swallow doesn't make a summer and one scapegoat doesn't make everything alright at Goodison Park.

As for Frank Lampard, we will always have our miracle. The night of the Palace victory.

Barry Hesketh
222 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:39:24
Jay @216
There's a new board game coming out soon "Haven't A Cluedo" based on our beloved club.
Brent Stephens
223 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:40:19
No announcement yet. Probably preparing the draft dismissal letter for the next incoming, alongside the appointment letter.
Raymond Fox
224 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:40:36
Never a dull moment supporting Everton is there, the Mail saying Bielsa is fav, please god no not a similar manager to the ones gone before.
If its him its bad enough getting no info from the club nevermind a manager that cant speak English.

For gods sake get Dyche he'll shake them up, its our only chance to stay up.

Jay Harris
225 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:42:34
LOL Barry
Brent Stephens
226 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:43:43
Interviewing panel have asked applicants to prepare (a) an acceptance speech and (b) a resignation speech.
Charles Brewer
227 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:44:05
If Frank wants to get a bit of revenge (and elevate his status to "Scouse legend"), he should go into work tomorrow (with a camera crew and live streaming, preferably via Sky and YouTube) and blag the hell out of this situation saying he hasn't heard anything about being sacked, as it isn't on the club website.

If anyone points to the BBC, he should say that they also announced that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction on the strength of Alastair Campbell's report, and that turned out not to be true so you can't believe anything from that source.

He should then announce that Moshiri has given him total executive control and that Bill Kenwright, Little Miss Dynamite and Sharpe have announced their resignation from the board.

James Newcombe
228 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:44:47
It’s such a shame, he really comes across well, but obviously can’t set much of a team up. Punditry awaits. I was excited about the supporting staff as well.

It would be really interesting to know how much of a say he actually had in transfers. Someone decided to sign McNeill, presumably for his crossing ability. Crosses meant for the not-exactly-towering Maupay and our often injured target man DCL. And further on Maupay - I don’t think he is terrible, but he was infamous for missing chances at Brighton… so why bring him to a side that barely creates anything?

Nothing seems to be very joined-up does it? Which is partly why we’re here I suppose.

Rich Howlin
229 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:44:48
I would just wish that managers, in general, would show more dignity and step down.
Lampard, unless he is delusional, must have realized that he had lost the reigns two months ago.

I understand that there is money involved, but still. Talking away after the West Ham game as if in total denial is really pathetic.
Personally, I do not think he had much impact on our situation at the end of last season. It was the fans and the players.

Speaking of delusional, I hope Billy the Kid and Mon Cherie move for a very quick replacement.

Bill Gall
230 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:47:11
It was inevitable that this was going to happen and he brought it on him self for consistently playing the same system and tactics that never worked for the players he had, and plus whoever was involved in the transfer,s should be held responsible unless they were what the manager asked for.
Still if they have someone lined up he will get a little more time in a transfer window than Lampard had when he was first hired,
I hope the players have along hard look at their own performances as supposed professionals as there has been a lack of effort and skill with some of them.
What a mess and yet the major culprits that caused these problems since the club was bought still remain, including my major complaint over the last couple of months,who I believe was responsible for the mess but refuses to admit to causing the problems F.Moshiri.
Best of luck to Lampard in his future and hope if another club sign him he is not burdened with a millstone around his neck.
Barry Hesketh
231 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:47:18
New Boss?

Not really, just the barcode fans making merry at our current situation

Brent Stephens
232 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:47:31
The EFC Shareholders Petition has just reached 13,001. A certain Frank Lampard's name just added.
John Zapa
233 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:48:41
They seemed to have removed all mention of Frank from the official website, including photos etc...
Ken Kneale
234 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:49:54
Kieran, I have just woken up in a time warp and believe the 'transfer strategy' you refer to is Graeme Sharp using (to quote BK), "his extensive football knowledge, and ability to challenge"

Well - you never know.

Sorry - come to my sense now - scrap that - I think sadly we do know all too well after the last three decades

Rob Halligan
235 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:51:38
Barry, # 231…..talking of the skunk fans, I see Eddie Howe has said that there’s a generation of Newcastle fans who have never seen their team play at Wembley. I bet there are also plenty of Newcastle fans never seen their team win a cup, in fact there can’t be many alive today who remember the last time they won a domestic trophy.
James Head
236 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:52:20
Anyone saying they feel sorry for Lampard or making some lame excuse that he had no backing blah blah give it a rest, he's a multi-millionaire who's been getting a kings ransom while being incompetent at his job.
Should never be allowed near another managers role, the players look unfit, unmotivated, disorganised and generally didn't have clue what they were doing. SuperFrank stood there like a rabbit in the headlights as his team failed to do most of the basics required such as pass and move and he did not have a Scooby about in-game management. Used to make me laugh when his number two was whispering in his ear as though what he was telling him was something to be hidden from the opposition, he couldn't even put another forward on when we're 2-0 down.
Should've gone before the World Cup, goodbye and good riddance Frank and all your useless coaches, I would've liked Rogers before we gave the job to FF but he would be on a hiding to nothing, we can still avoid relegation with the right man in place though I don't know who the f*** that is.
Barry Rathbone
237 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:53:43
Thanks for trying Frank everyone could see you grasped the magnitude of Everton but I guess the magnitude of the task surprised even a seasoned pro like yourself.

Evertonians aspire to the highest level but the club lacks the means creating a toxic mix and the greatest poisoned chalice in English football.

Good luck, Fella. If it's any solace in 12 months time we'll be sacking the next guy unless bought out by an oil state.

Fran Mitchell
238 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:57:28
Bielsa would be an no interesting one. He'd get the players running, that's for sure. I imagine players like Onana, Gordon, Iwobi, Patterson, Godfrey and Grey could well suit a Bielsa-ball.

Obviously defensively not great, and potential for him to fall out and resign after 5 games.

at least if we got relegated with Bielsaz there'd be the feeling that we went down fighting

Not saying I think he should be hired, there are equal chances of him being either a success or being an absolute disaster.

However, he can speak English Ray. He just chooses not to speak English to the media.

Mark Murphy
239 Posted 23/01/2023 at 17:58:48
Charles Brauer @110
Ray Roche
240 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:00:27
Rúben Filipe Marques Amorim of Sporting Lisbon.
Christine Foster
241 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:00:34
If the board thinks the fans will now let up on them they better think again. That sound of banging they here is not the boardroom door, it's the nails in their coffin.

Lampard joins the procession of managers deemed not good enough, yet again a scapegoat for the appalling decisions of the last decade made by Moshiri and Kenwright.

That's why we are where we are. We have players who should not be in the Premier League never mind our first team. We have zero quality outside perhaps 5 or 6 players. Even in the last few seasons we have seen the back of Richarlison, James, Digne, Sigurdsson, Allan, every single one light years better than their replacements. You can't replace quality with dross and expect to survive. What did the board do? Appoint an inexperienced manager and ask him to put the jigsaw together without ever allowing him to see the picture on the box.

It was doomed to fail however good a man he is, however passionate he was in the fans, however much most of us wanted so much for it to work.

This club is teetering on the brink of total collapse due solely to the quality of leadership and culture of ownership. There is no point in having money if you aren't allowed to spend it or spend what you have badly. The disgraceful perfect storm of a club with financial backing, ruinous leadership, in a league that allows absurd transfer spends by some clubs but not others.. no matter who or how it's funded.

I have no idea who has the balls big enough for this job, but whoever it is must know they are not playing with a full deck, that what they are told will be mostly bullshit, that they better have their own plan to fix it because they can expect this board to have another bus ready to throw him under should the fans turn against them. (the board)

The last 20 years have finally, inevitably, come home to roost. Our fears and warnings went not only went unheeded but were ridiculed by incompetent leadership. We have been the mushrooms under the main stand in all that time.

Personally I feel I have been shouting in the wind half my life with this club I love and can't let go. I am angry, saddened, upset but not at all surprised. There is an oft used expression used here that best sums up my feelings, it's the hope that gets you.

I am ashamed of the ownership and leadership of this club, the self interest culture of what's best for me. The utter lack of a plan, a vision we can all support and believe in. The leadership who have done everything in their power to eradicate responsibility and communication with shareholders and fans, their silence is only matched by their arrogance. They live in a world where they believe everything they say and condemn perspectives outside of their circle.

Fans aren't perfect, just a reflection of society, good and bad. All WE want is a team we love to inspire us once more and a team on and off the pitch with a plan, communicated and believed in by all, understood by all. Self interest and incompetence of leadership sees another manager gone. Until change happens in the boardroom, until communication of a plan is shared, the carnage will continue.

Somehow, we have to survive. Somehow we have to inspire players and manager to get out of this hole we are in. It's a sticking plaster where surgery is required, but right now we have to stop the bleed, save the patient, save the club.

Frank Crewe
242 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:01:49
Assuming we can get past the "We're a big club so we must have a big name manager" snobbery we should be able to get real. We just need a manager who can get us into a comfy mid-table position for two or three seasons until we can get these constant crisis out of our system and get the new ground finished. We don't want another Ancelotti who'll just bin us off the moment a better offer comes along. We have to cut our cloth accordingly. We need a guy who is used to working within a small budget and can find decent players at realistic prices. I would think Dyche ticks our boxes. Plus having worked with Tarkowski and McNeill maybe he can get them to play better, especially McNeill. But whever we end up with will have to hit the ground running from game one.
Frank McGregor
243 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:05:02
Sorry to see this happen to Frank always thought there could be a glimmer of hope he could turn things around.
Must say Frank is a decent person who tried his best.

One thing should be realized that who ever takes over the managers job at Everton he is going to have a massive rebuilding job which will take as I mentioned before at least 3 years and probably involve the relegation to the

Ray Roche
244 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:06:16
Rob Halligan

Rob, Skunk fans would need to be 80 to have any real recollection of an FA Cup victory and there's no one alive who will remember the last time this so called 'Big Club' won the League. Fantasists, all of them.

Dave Downey
245 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:09:52
10th time lucky since Moyes left 10 years ago? What a fucking farce. May as well start booing the new man now, get him ready for his payoff this time next year.
If Dyche is appointed you may as well throw your season ticket in the river. He can't even talk a good game.
Sean Kelly
246 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:10:04
At last the deluded one is gone. At least 3 months too late. He should have been gone at start of World Cup break.
Barry Hesketh
249 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:13:27
Ray @244
I think I'm correct in saying that if Newcastle don't win the league in the next four seasons it will be a century since they last did so in 1926/27.

Both Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday have lifted the league title since Newcastle last did, and the Mackems have won it six times compared to Newcastle's four.

Nicholas Ryan
250 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:14:10
Crosby, Stills & Nash have been in the news this week. They wrote a song called "Helplessly Hoping" ... Quite!
Bill Gall
251 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:14:27
For those who want Dyche what not go for Fat Sam, we want a manager who is a fighter not a survivalist we need someone who can organize and be tactically aware of how to make different changes prior to a game and during a game, we need a manager who knows when to put their arm around a player and when it is needed give them a boot up the arse, we need a manager that has been there done that and does not care about reputations.

If we go down we will loose a number of players who will not want to play in a lower league, so we are back to another rebuild, so never mind getting in a manager who excels in defending his own goal let us get a manager who wants to defend His goal after we have put 3 goals in the other end.

If we are going to go down I would rather see my club go down fighting to stay up, not defending.

There are to many good teams and players who are manged by good managers that will rip apart a one trick pony like Dyche.

Battles are not won by being safe, battles are won by taking manageable risks.


Peter Carpenter
252 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:16:12
He wasn't deluded, Sean, but we are for ever thinking that this shitshow will turn out ok with these morons in charge.
Motivator needed for players to have any chance, board must be changed.
Dennis Stevens
253 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:17:51
To add to your jigsaw analogy, Christine. There is no box, there is no picture, the few pieces we have are from about half a dozen different jigsaw puzzles - but most of the important pieces are completely missing. Oh yeah, the puzzle has to be solved in double quick time now, whilst wearing a blind-fold & with one hand tied behind your back!
Christine Foster
254 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:19:39
Bill 251# your last sentence for me perfectly describes the mentality of David Moyes. Total aversion to risk.
Pete Jeffries
255 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:19:57
Good luck to Frank in future
Perhaps next time, without his hands tied with a club selling its best player and having to put up with mainly a bunch of rejects.
Even Ancelotti one of the best managers in the world couldn't do it.

Danny Baily
256 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:19:58
Frank 242, we need someone to lead a promotion push before we start thinking about mid table mediocrity.

It seems like some are still ignorant of our current predicament, including our board. We've made this move far, far too late. There aren't enough winnable games left.

Christine Foster
258 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:21:36
Dennis 253# yes, you got that right. You get the picture?
Daniel A Johnson
259 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:22:13
Tom Bowers
260 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:25:56
Hard to say who could do well at Goodison under the present board and the lack of decent funding to buy decent players.

Lampard has been trying hard but after 3 managerial jobs is still learning the coaching side of things.

Obviously with solid financial backing one could speculate that he could have been in a better position than he is now but that's maybe being a little complimentary.

He seems a nice guy and I am sure he will emerge as a successful manager down the line.

He just seemed a little naive at times with strategies which were costing Everton precious points at times when they looked in a good position for a win or draw.

Any new man will need a lot of luck to turn this around although there is half a season to go.

It's going to be a real dogfight with some of the dross around us and we will need some big efforts like the Man.City game.

Daniel A Johnson
261 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:26:08
People slagging Dyche off clearly don't have a clue. Have you looked at Burnleys net spend their stadium and the Burnley area as a whole. The fact that Dyche had them punching for years in the premiership is a hell of an achievement.

Just like the so called experts on here who once upon a time proclaimed that Eddie Howe was a light weight and didn't know how to organise a defence . tell that to Newcastle fans now.

Colin Malone
262 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:27:40
Tony # 198.
I agree.
Usmo. Too scared to come out and admit it.
Why? Getting thrown out of a high rise window. Just saying.
Dennis Stevens
263 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:29:12
If I find it, I'll send it to the next victim, er - manager, Christine.
Mark Ryan
264 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:29:26
Fran @ 238 you are right of course about Bielsa but the one thing we lack for his style to work are enough attacking players. We don't have a striker. Bielsa likes to have a few and likes to attack. This is where Bielsa would come unstuck at Everton.
Tony McNulty
265 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:29:44
A crisis brings focus.

The focus here is to survive in the Premier League. Forget any planning for next season. The plan has to deal with a club on a knife edge now.

Since there is no money (apparently), there is no point in bringing in a coach who can only perform when bringing in his type of player. We need a coach who can work with what is there and bring the best out of them.

This sort of thinking leads inevitably to Dyche: he knows the strengths of the ex-Burnley players at least, and he built his reputation on getting the best out of the fairly average (which is our squad).

Pat Kelly
266 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:34:39
Seamus Coleman must be in line for the Guinness Book of World Records for playing for the most Everton managers ? And he's not finished yet (OK that's debatable).
Christine Foster
267 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:34:43
Colin 252# no, no.. it's a rare infectious form of Russian vertigo that infects billionaires who don't toe the line! They fall out of open or closed windows!
Phil Wood
268 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:35:13
Well stated Daniel 261.
Nail on the head.
Christine Foster
269 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:39:22
Jesus, so now we are aspiring to be Burnley. Sorry guys, need to go and make a cup of tea.. and take a few heart tablets...
John Keating
270 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:39:35
To be honest I don’t think whoever comes in can keep this squad up
Unfit, no guile, no backbone, the negatives are numerous

If we bring in someone like Dyche we may get more defensive and solid at the back but unfortunately that is not what we need right now

The only way of getting away from the bottom 3 is to win games. 3 points or nothing at this stage

If we are going down at least lets try and put the effort in.

Rooney, Ferguson, Dyche will not get us winning
Maybe that mad arse Bielsa might.
He seems to know only one way of playing
Might he be interested in a short term deal after being out the game for a fair while

Nick White
271 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:40:07
At the time of writing this I can only think the webmaster of the Everton website and app has been appointed caretaker boss and not yet been replaced.
Paul Kossoff
272 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:40:55
Next Everton manager odds (talkSPORT BET):

Sean Dyche – 6/4
Marcelo Bielsa – 3/1
David Moyes – 6/1
Nuno Espirito Santo – 10/1
Wayne Rooney – 10/1
Sam Allardyce – 12/1
Duncan Ferguson – 12/1
Ange Postecoglou – 12/1
Domenico Tedesco – 12/1
Rafa Benitez – 14/1

Bill Fairfield
273 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:40:59
The silence is deafening. They clearly are going to carry on this non communication,as if nothing has happened. All I want to hear now is the boards resignations
Anthony Jones
274 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:41:10
Didn't the DoF sign Maupay and McNeil?

Even Arteta would struggle with our squad.

John Pickles
275 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:41:45
Cue Bill once again reaching for his trusty Ladybird book of football managers.
John Charles
276 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:42:00
Get Dyche in and if by some miracle we stay up it will be same next year and so on forever. His big selling point is he stayed in the division - until he was sacked when taking burnley down. What a great aspiration. I know the situation is dire but surely we need to hope for more than the same again for years.
Daniel A Johnson
277 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:43:56
I'm sure Newcastle fans were saying Jesus now we are aspiring to be Bournemouth a few months back Christine when his underwhelming appointment was made. Lets not forget Howe left after being relegated.
Shane Corcoran
278 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:44:02
John, why would next year be the same with Dyche as opposed to anyone else?

You’re implying that things would be different with someone else?

Clive Rogers
279 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:44:47
Who will be next for Kenwright’s hand on his shoulder, “my mate”, then the sack in summer.
Joe McMahon
280 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:45:44
Anthony @274 Merlin would struggle with this Everton squad!
Paul Kossoff
281 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:46:50
Barry that should be, haven't a clue, doh😀
Paul Curwen
282 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:47:29
Guten Abend Mark mein Freund ;)
Frank Sheppard
283 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:50:26
Still no official announcement. Why are we an embarrassing basket case of a club?
Allan Board
284 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:50:51
I think Everton ought to ditch its A Grand Old Team and replace it with Another One Bites The Dust! Just for the new man when he makes his entrance!
Tony Abrahams
285 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:52:08
I’m not advocating Dyche, but what he achieved in terms of getting Burnley punching above their weight, is a lot closer to the truth, than the myth Moyes & Kenwright, perpetrated, Daniel A.

I’m absolutely gutted, but not for Lampard, but for every single Evertonian, who deserves better. Christine’s sad but very good post, is very similar to the words used by Alan Stubbs, on sky television before.

We all know where the ‘problem lies’, but the club is full of “nepotistic liars”. People who have always been more concerned about themselves than Everton, still reign, but surely they can’t have long left now

Mark Ryan
286 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:52:10
Latest betting from Bet Fred is that the board will fuck up the next appointment
Odds - Odds on
Sean Kelly
287 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:53:17
Peter 252 beg to differ lad. Frank thought he was a premier league manager or coach. Unfortunately he’s neither and his in game tactics where shite. I’ve nothing against him personally but the buffoons in the board should have looked at his demise at Chelsea
Terry Downes
288 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:53:37
Stubby son sky just said to spend the money Moshiri as and be 19th is unbelievable and just should never happen, He also said if he was Mosh he would move aside sack the board and replace it with a new one with new ideas those who are there now have been there too long ? excellent interview and very politely put lol
Brian Hennessy
289 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:53:45
My first thought was that Dyche would be the right appointment but the more I think about it, Bielsa's attacking approach might be the way to go.

Lampard's biggest failing was playing with only one lone striker. The players we have need lots of chances to score, they are just not clinical. We might concede lots of goals with Bielsa and lose many games, but maybe, just maybe he can get us to win enough games to stay up.

Barry Hesketh
290 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:53:46
Mosh: "Ebening Jim, nice for you to call"

Jim : " I'm hearing that you have made a decision on who the next manager will be"

Mosh: "It's nothing to do with me Jim, I only sign the cheques, although that's taking up less and less of my time, i've got stubs here to prove it"

Jim "Stubbs, you're going for Stubbs but isn't he person non Grata at Goodison?"

Mosh: "Ha ha he he, Bill will be having kittens, no not Alan Stubbs,

Cheque Stubs"

Jim: "Thanks for the clarification Farhad, so who is the manager going to be?"

Mosh:" Frank, Jim, Its always been Frank my number one target"

Jim: "The guy from Brentford Farhad?"

Mosh: "No Jim, have you been on the whisky again?, Frank from Chelsea, he's excited to be the Everton manager"

Jim: "OK Farhad, I'll speak to you again next year!"

Peter Carpenter
291 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:54:31
I have it on very good authority that this is what happened at Bill's flat this morning.

The scene: Bill Kenwright’s luxury apartment in West London. There are sleeping bags and cushions on the floor along with the remains of last night’s takeaways and a couple of empty bottles of brown ale.

Baxi, Sharp and Ingles are round the kitchen table. Baxi is updating her Linkdin profile, Sharp is wearing a gold lame dressing gown and doing a jigsaw, Ingles is pressing numbers on a calculator, then sighing, pressing clear and starting again.

Bill walks in wearing just his vest and underpants.

Baxi: Oh Bill, can we go back to Liverpool today?

Bill: No, Baxi darling, still too dangerous. We’ll hunker down here for a few more days. It’s great isn’t it? Like Churchill in his wartime bunker.

(no enthusiasm from anyone else)

Sharp: It all went wrong on Saturday, didn’t it boss? We lose, West Ham win, Moyesie keeps his job and we’ve got to sack Frank.

(Bill’s face darkens)

Bill: First, my little Scottish friend, get my bloody dressing gown off. It was a present from Billy J Kramer.
Second, it didn’t go quite according to plan but trust in your uncle Billy, he always gets it right.

(Baxi sniggers)

Bill: Mosh turning up unannounced wasn’t a help. Looking like Dracula and with those 6 Chechen thugs in tow, no wonder our poor little lambs were so petrified and couldn’t make two passes.

Baxi: They can’t anyway.

(Sharp sniggers – Bill scowls at him and flips a couple of jigsaw pieces into place)

Bill: Finish this today, Sharpie, and I’ll let you move up to 100 pieces. Now, I’ll take you all out for lunch at one of my clubs and then we’ll take in a show. I know where I can get some cheap tickets for a Monday afternoon.

Sharp: Haven’t we got to sack Frank and find someone else?

Bill: Oh, plenty of time for that. There’s 18 games left, you know, and there's always a Carlos-Victor-Marcelo Ancello-Bielzeebub-iera hanging around looking for a job if we can't get Moyesie.

Come on, disguises on everyone.

Kieran Kinsella
292 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:54:56
According to the Mail Frank met with Mosh and Thewell Sunday to discuss transfer targets then today was sacked via the phone. Nothing has changed since that transfer target meeting so why have it? Why waste everyone's time knowing the manager is about to be sacked?
Conor McCourt
293 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:57:22
Paul@272- really interesting that Tedesco is on that list and is as short as 12-1. Everywhere he has been he has hit the ground running bringing Schalke to second, the same with Spartak and then excellent with Leipzig in his first season.

That would be a great choice from left field and he's quite a character so he might ruffle a few feathers here.

Derek Knox
294 Posted 23/01/2023 at 18:57:57
I think it will be a minor miracle to Advertise, Interview, Appoint and get someone in, Identify targets before the Window shuts (a week tomorrow 11pm). Then he has to assemble his own backroom staff, presumably move house or seek alternative accommodation plus move into, and familiarise himself with Finch Farm, and the players, then get them ready to thump Arsenal on Saturday ! Wow.
David Vaughan
295 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:01:36
Brian Sorensen is doing a good job with Everton Women...Just saying...
Will Mabon
296 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:02:55
What number is this on the 120 point plan?
John Keating
297 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:03:29
it's not just about being incompetent.
They also have to look and act it too
Jason Li
298 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:05:40
If Baines is the manager, would be awesome if the legend of Baines the player became the legend of Baines the Everton manager :)

No Dyche - his style of football doesn't work against the modern player that play between the lines at lightening pace like Rashford and Saka.

No Beisla - needs to sign 3 more strikers for the bench as the team would be knackered by half time and if he doesn't have 3 world class sprinters on the bench then the open football will give other teams a free pass to score goals

Urgent - sign 2 finishers with pace, control of the ball, make good runs and not afraid to make the runs. The right manager will be tempted with 2 excellent finishers added to the squad.

Barry Hesketh
299 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:06:12


the esk @theesk

I understand that the formal club announcement re Lampard & his colleagues departure will only be made after the completion of legal formalities (which is the correct procedure). The earlier release of news of his departure was not authorised by the club.

Kieran Kinsella
300 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:09:25
Will Mabon

Hopefully his manager short list is shorter than that plan. As for the Odds on list. What a ridiculous assortment of clowns. Rafa at 14/1? We literally just sacked him for doing what Frank has done this season plus being a wanker in general. Why in God's name does anyone think he is in the running? Allardyce we sacked years ago since when he's been relegated and retired I believe? Moyes? He he has a better squad, better board and better points than us even though he is yesterday's man with a failed relegation battle to his name. Rooney? Worst in the league at Derby. Worst in the MLS.
I assume these fools are on here as the media realize even bigger fools are the ones making the decision.

Tony Abrahams
301 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:09:56
You are reading my mind Brian H@289. Dyche, does seem like the most pragmatic and sensible choice, but there's something about Bielsa, that gets the mind racing.

When I think of our basket case of a club, I'm not sure the current players could cope with a man as intense as Bielsa, and it would probably end in tears by March, but and as always, it's a big fucking but….But Imagine watching Everton playing with real intensity?

Give us a new owner, who could take the financial hit, but then give us some fresh ideas and a proper achievable plan, and I'm already prepared for relegation, but I'd love to see some gung-ho football, and believe this might just keep Everton up. Especially if we can get in another couple of attack minded players before the transfer window closes, in 8 days time.

Clive Rogers
302 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:10:10
Peter, 291, good one, very funny.
Tony Everan
303 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:10:57
BBC coining it as “ The impossible job” . I cant get excited by any of the names at the top of the betting. But I don’t think this is the time for someone inexperienced and wet behind the ears, they will be overwhelmed by it.

It needs to be a fully experienced organiser with balls of steel. Forget the so called elite managers it’s not happening and may not work even if it was.

Dyche doesn’t inspire the purists , dour, methodical, potatoes, mud sprouts, turnips, steak and kidney pie and soggy chippy chips … but you have to give him some credit for what he did at Burnley.

They boxed above their weight for many years under him in the toughest league. He has football in his blood as a lower leagues player starting out under Clough, and then a long, over performing managerial career. No silver spoons on the way . The hard earned, fully time served managerial experience is all there.

They all look big gambles to me, but to try to keep us in the league possibly Dyche is the best choice of those available and who would be motivated to come not just financially but with professional vigour.

Whether he is the one to take the club forward after he keeps us up is another debate altogether , but Dyche himself will provide evidence for that one way or another through his results.

Whoever gets it will have a very tough time, the financial situation, the board dysfunction, half the fans will be skeptical of any appointment from the current list of suspects.

In light of it all, if that man can keep us up it will be a heroic effort.

Kieran Kinsella
304 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:11:44
Barry 299

Imagine the awkwardness when they review Frank's contract and realize he is due compensation. Then a press release from the club saying that he never was sacked and in fact a fan placed the head of PR in a headlock and forced him to leak this fake news.

Nigel Munford
305 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:11:58
There’s no mention of anything 1st team on the Official site, U21’s and the Women’s team. I reckon they should move their manager into the 1st team managers position.
Dale Self
306 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:12:24 is over, Billy Blob and Monaco Man! The owners/mgt are getting slaughtered on a rather corporate-friendly NBC right now in the States.

Less than 3 minutes in and Danny Higginbotham got to the conclusion. Then immediately it was noted that there is no club statement. Devastating as it gets.

Dave Williams
307 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:12:36
No fancy Dan foreign guy. We need a big hairy arsed tough and scary Brit who will get the players scared of failing to give their best. I don't care about the football for now.

We are no longer a big club and must stop playing it out from the back. Tight defence, midfield that works its bollocks off and strikers who give their all.

Got to be Dyche!!

Oliver Molloy
308 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:14:56
It looks like we will need a minimum seven wins from 18 games to get us to 36 points, that's a fucking huge ask no matter who we end up with.
Whoever it is, will need need balls of steel.
I think it will an out of work manager - absolutely no chance of attracting the likes Thomas Frank.
Pochettino, Tuchel will politely tell Moshiri NO THANKS.
Dyce it is then !

Nigel Munford
309 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:15:28
Kieran 292, because Management love pointless meetings, simple as.
Tommy Coleman
310 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:18:39
No confirmation that Frank has been sacked yet. Shambles.
Colin Glassar
311 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:18:45
Screams heard coming out of FF as no one wants to put their name on the official announcement regarding Lampard’s sacking.
Stu Gore
312 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:19:00
Incompetence across the board. Who will succeed or even stabilise this bunch? Struggle to see a functioning side even with a dead cat bounce. Hope Baines doesnt take it.
James Flynn
313 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:19:10
Thank goodness.

A long-time, playing star who couldn't let go of the limelight. And "Big-Name" his way into 3 manager jobs and failed at all of them.

And despite his indisputably clue-free handling of the Team, Mr. "What a great guy." hung in there until the Club had to settle with him financially.


So, good-bye Frank, you me-first, selfish piece of shit.

Your playing days are long-gone and you sure can't manage a club. So, go climb mountains for 3 years or so and get "I'm Big-Time" out of your system. Those days are over.

Will Mabon
314 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:25:29
Benitez on the list - bookies, punters and everyone else are taking the piss now, we're a laughing stock. I fear there is still much ugly to come.
Bobby Mallon
315 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:26:52
Don’t get any manager. Give it to Bainesy and whoever else wants a go from within. ( maybe Stubbs can help out ) We don’t need the hassle of having to pay a new manager who may take us down. Get a new manager next season or keep Baines if he does a good job.
Derek Knox
316 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:27:14
Colin @ 311, only the Tea Lady has the balls to do it.

Not Chocolate Snowballs either !

Karl Meighan
317 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:28:35
Has anybody noticed the squad is simply not good enough, you sell your best player bring in targets from relegated teams and unwanted by other Clubs this is the result.

Don't matter who they bring in very unlikely they can get these players to win enough games. Six managers later these gobshites running the Club still haven't noticed it's the players who are shite.

Dale Self
318 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:29:11
The legal concerns…it would be funny to find out that Frank has a book deal and doesnt want a big blank spot for the Everton appt per the NDA being negotiated. Hmmmm.
Dylan Carter
319 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:31:17
Nice fella but out of his depth.
Need a progressive manager who's innovative brave and tactically astute. Sounds easy. No has-beens or football dinosaurs for me, a Potter, Nagelsmaan, or De Zerbi type. Maybe Domenico Tedesco
Paul Tran
320 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:32:51
Based on comments attributed to Paul The Esk, they're sorting out the legals (compo and NDAs) before an official announcement.

That's perfectly normal, but the unofficial leaking is interesting, isn't it?

Mark Taylor
321 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:40:15
Honestly this gets ever more farcical. We have bookies giving odds on the next manager, commentators talking about the sacking on TV, and the club says nothing due to 'legal niceties'. What legal niceties?

A properly written contract would or should spell out the terms for severance, financial and non-financial. Any deviation from that can be meet with legal action if breached. Let's face it, we do this at least annually so we should be good at it by now.

As for the new manager, personally I'd accept our fate and find someone who can re-build from the Championship. But I think Moshiri will be desperate for one last throw of the dice to avoid his investment going up in smoke. That says to me Dyche, he is probably the only one with experience and desperate enough to do the job.

322 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:44:26
Same shite players, you can put glitter on a turd but ultimately it's still a turd
Nigel Munford
323 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:48:05
According to the official site he’s still manager:

James Head
324 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:48:06
Can you just imagine the queue outside the physios' door at Finch Farm as soon as a hard nosed manager gets announced, at the front Yeri Mina who has a back problem after bending awkwardly to clip his toe-nails, DCL out for a month after applying too much Veet to a sensitive area, oh the poor lambs!
Geoff Lambert
325 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:50:17
Luis Enrique?? 4 3 3 out of work but would he come for the money?
Eddie Dunn
326 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:51:22
Listening to the Monday night club on 5Live. Pat Nevin, Sutton, Chapman and some guy from the Mail (northern). They droned on about how much they have covered us over the last year but they are all fairly lacking in knowledge.

The main conclusion they draw is that Frank's record was so poor that he had to go, but then they mentioned that our transfers have been very poor and we have wasted money(oh I never heard that before!) but they also thought that Carlo had been the best manager of recent history(overlooking Alardyce's and Koeman's finishing around (8th?)

So the narrative is, Moshiri is trigger-happy and we spent too much money on poor players and sacked people unfairly.

It's such lazy journalism.

No mention of Bill Kenwright and his "guidance" to Moshiri, or the tentacles that Bill has stretching all over the place, nor did I hear mentioned the name of our CEO.

They scratched their heads wondering about just how it could have been so disfunctional but our Chairman and CEO were left out of the conversation.

Makes you wonder!

So it's all Moshiri's fault and he's an idiot for wasting all that money no mention of the new stadium and how much money that might be taking away from tthe club, no mention of the Uzbeki money man who has left the country.

What a programme!

Kunal Desai
327 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:51:25
Still no official announcement yet it was leaked out earlier. These people inpersonating clowns do clowns an injustice. Uncharacterised levels of incompetence.
Peter Carpenter
328 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:51:27
These players wouldn't survive week of Bielsa. He would give the kids a chance though.
Anthony Dove
329 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:52:47
Much as I am disappointed that Frank didn't make, it his sacking was probably the good news; I am dreading the bad news.
Paul Tran
330 Posted 23/01/2023 at 19:54:27
The bookies aren't predicting the next manager, they're looking to take your money. Big difference. And it wouldn't take much money to shift this kind of market.
Mark Ryan
331 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:01:18
Bobby Brown shoes " in a good moment" " phenomenal
Don't miss that
Frank L " I've played in big matches, I know what it's like to be a Premier League player, I've been in tough games, I've been there, done it"
Kinell Frank, I won't miss all that !!!!
Derek Knox
332 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:01:54
Paul Tran, how you doing, buddy?

They are even going for Felicity Kendall believing that she must have been related to Howard, so has the blueprint for success! :-)

Christine Foster
333 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:07:13
Eddie, listening to Sutton on 5 live got me so angry and upset.

A comments was made by Dominic King saying that Goodison was a home of real football, that Everton are a big club, Sutton just laughed, asking when real football was last played there, another pundit (Nevin?) Said Brighton were there a few ago more laughter...

I am fucking livid (sorry, really I am for that) but I am so angry with the people ruining my club.

Brian Williams
334 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:08:36
So the next manager, whoever that may be, is going to make things different? Different from the half a dozen before him?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

You'd think that someone with a few brain cells could put two and two together and realize "Errr, I don't think the manager is the problem here."

Nothing will change until the club is sold and a new professional board is hired. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen in time to save us from relegation.

Gary Johnson
335 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:11:48

Eeryone know the board is gash. Never even told the players. So, I hope everyone doesn't forget and really tries to get them out.

However, thinking the solution was staying with grey Frank just cos others before got sacked is as daft a suggestion as anything Moshiri or Kenwright have come up with, for fuck's sake.

Peter Thistle
336 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:11:51
We might as well appoint Adrian Heath!

At least we'd have a clue on how to attack balls in the box.

Paul Jones
337 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:14:33
Jesus Christ - if you look at home page you would swear they don't have a men's first team.
Perhaps they've just dissolved the first team to concentrate on the women's team and all the usual charity things?
Just wish they would have told us...🤔
Shane Corcoran
338 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:14:41
Bobble says the announcement is imminent.
Phil Wood
339 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:16:22
Don't think we are in a position to be too choosy.
Everyone can dream that a white knight is riding in on his stallion.
Back on planet Earth we will get what there is.
Dyche knows the Prem and knows what a dogfight is.
Who is to say that if by some miracle we can stay up that he may just be able to grow something if we have some money to spend. He has always had a tight budget and with money he may prove he can take a team forward and away from a negative brand of football.
Everything on this topic is conjecture. I just want us to stay up for now and think Dyche would give us as good a chance as any.
Anyway who is to say Anyone would want the job?
Barry Hesketh
340 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:19:26
The reports in the media of Frank Lampard’s sacking as Everton Manager, which was Farhad Moshiri’s decision, took people within the club by surprise, as it had not been communicated internally. (Source: @David_Ornstein

As well as Marcelo Bielsa, Duncan Ferguson is also under consideration to be appointed as Everton’s new manager. (Source: @David_Ornstein

Farhad will you please find a buyer please, please. If Moshiri doesn't sell the club, the whole board should resign in protest against the owner.

Paul Jones
341 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:19:28
Announcement finally made.

As expected, absolutely nothing useful in there.

Paul Tran
342 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:21:36
I'm grand, Derek, how about you?

They're only mentioning Felicity Kendall because we all want the Good Life.

Paul Swan
343 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:24:42
Finally on the website. All coaching staff have gone as well. Baines and Tait in temporary coaching positions
Ed Prytherch
344 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:24:59
The reason that we have not sold Michael Keane yet is because Dyche will want him as his starting center back with Tarkowski.
Ray Griffin
345 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:27:08
Let's be honest, we have a few good players who would probably thrive in a decent setup but the rest of the squad comprises of bang average Championship level merchants.

Our goal now has to be a 17th-place finish, full stop. We're not going to attract some of the names mentioned on here to be our next manager.

We need someone to come in and conduct a blunt assessment of our current squad, get the best out of our talented boys like Onana and Calvert-Lewin, give Seamus a run until the end of the season and dump the spoofers, eg, Gray, Maupay, Iwobi etc.

Give it to Dyche, we're not going to interest the likes of Tuchel or Pochettino and they wouldn't be the right fit anyway.

And please… no more mention of Tom Davis – he has to be one of the most limited players I've ever seen at our club.

Bill Fairfield
346 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:28:37
Don't take Sutton too seriously, he makes a living out of being controversial.

When all's said and done, he's like our team… not much up top.

Mal van Schaick
347 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:28:45
Who next?

Neil Warnock.

Martin Faulkner
348 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:33:07
Paul Tait and Bainsey it is.
Pat Kelly
349 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:35:12
Roy Keane is available.
Tony Abrahams
350 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:35:23
We have now got the most timid and placid team in our history about to be managed by the quiet man.
Kevin Molloy
351 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:35:43
Tthat news about Ings has cheered me up no end.
John Daley
352 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:37:35
“Good-bye Frank, you me-first, selfish piece of shit.”

Don't get the vitriol aimed toward a guy who, whatever his obvious shortcomings, tried his damnedest under dire circumstances that even the most experienced, trophy-laden coach would labour to turn around.

His record demonstrates he wasn't good enough but, despite the shit hand he was dealt, he displayed obvious pride in representing the club and fans and remained hard working, honest, professional and approachable even as his neck edged nearer to the chopping block… unlike those who swung the axe and will probably now point the finger of blame at the supporters for sharpening it, shoving it in their sweaty mitt, attaching strings to their arms and manoeuvring them like a marionette:

It was not me, Jim. The fans…they were holding Sharpie's panda hostage and said ‘pull the trigger, Farhad, or this panda will never get to learn Kung Fu' and… I ask you Jim… what could I do?”

The same pack of shifty half-arsed custodians who don't even have enough common decency to release an official statement confirming the departure of the man they hired, despite it already being common knowledge hours before.

For me, it will make very little difference who the new ‘manager' is until they ditch the flawed director of football model that has done nothing for this club but gather a group of gutless goldbrickers who look about as at home on grass as Harrison Ford did high-fiving a fucking Ewok, while exhibiting all the fiduciary responsibility of Richard Pryor in a fictional mayoral race.

Ernie Baywood
353 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:39:46
Just another sad day at the once great Everton Football Club.

Lampard will be paid well and is already loaded... but I'm sure his decision to go into management wasn't to make a few quid and get out with compensation.

We've pretty much ended his managerial career in just 12 months. He serves as a lesson to any manager with career ambitions – don't go to Everton.

So who next? Pretty much anyone that will take us.

We can only hope that the delay in sacking and announcing was strategic... ie, because we've got an incoming manager sorted. I wouldn't count on it.

Lee Paige
354 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:43:03
No to Rooney his record with DC United was awful. Why would we hire somebody who it seems would be pretty much like Frank?
Kieran Kinsella
355 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:44:08
The club statement was a little nicer than the vindictive one about Rafa's results being "unacceptably poor." But as Ernie said, not much consolation for Frank as he will aged 44 have to try and join his contemporaries Scholes, Gerrard and Neville as a failed "Golden Generation" manager and get some TV gigs. It won't be long before Rooney joins the group.
Pat Kelly
356 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:44:25
Roy Hodgson now a leading contender with the bookies.
Tony Abrahams
357 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:44:36
I said the same thing earlier John@352, and even think Marco Silva, would have possibly still been the Everton manager, if Marcel Brands, hadn’t recruited his players for him.
Richard Nelson
358 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:45:32
This could be the catalyst, so not to worry Frank..
MOST former Everton managers go on to better things ;

David Moyes.. reasonable, till this season at West Ham.
Roberto the Belgium job, and now Portugal.
Dave Unsworth, performing miracles at Oldham.
Ronald Koeman, now got the Holland job.
Marco Silva, doin ok at Fulham.
Carlo Ancelotti, upwards & onwards with Real Madrid.

so chin up..its not all doom & gloom..!

Eddie Dunn
359 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:47:43
Christine, as Bill says above, Sutton is desperate to be controversial. He regularly has a dig at us. We must have turned him down at some point.
Pat Nevin annoys me more. He love Chelsea, where the horrid oligarch pumped money in for 15 years sacking managers for fun but he has a go at us.
I saw him play for us and half the time he was as ineffectual as any poncey winger. He wouldn't last five minutes in the current era because he was so unfit.
Remember when the twit thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate how the combination of Baines and Pienaar worked and how to stop it? It was all over the BBC website. And it was definitely taken-up by the other coaches.
He might very well be a good pundit but he has no affection for our great club.
so the narrative is...we are a basket case, it's Moshiri's fault and we deserve no sympathy.
Oh and it's nothing to do with Bill K.
Rob Halligan
360 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:48:55
Here you go, everyone happy now………

See anything you didn’t know?

Larry O'Hara
361 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:48:59
James (313)—totally unjustified snide attack. Frank wasnt good enough but he tried. And he is a nice guy: might not matter in football terms but does in life. If I ever met him now would be proud to shake his hand.

Christine: Sutton is a nasty bellend who has always hated us, and Nevin a whining piece of nothing. Ignore

Christy Ring
362 Posted 23/01/2023 at 20:50:51
I thought Frank would be a success, hasn't worked and had to go. Disappointed that with all the losses, Frank still more or less stuck with the same 7/8 players in every game, instead of trying to freshen things up. Regarding the players he brought in along with the DOF, I still think his hands were tied. Losing Richarlison was massive, and even then when he tried to buy Cornet for £17.5m, wasn't able to sign him because Burnley wanted all the fee upfront? Something definitely wrong. He brought Tarkowski for free, (Gerrard tried to sign him), got Cody on loan, Gueye for £2m, Onana will come good. McNeill and Maupay haven't worked out, but like Onana, they were bought on 3/4 year instalments, to say he threw away huge money is over the top in my opinion. I wish him well, he had the fans backing last season and the fans didn't turn on him even in our present situation, which shows his heart was in the right place. Plenty of names mentioned, but I'd be very worried if Moshiri appoints Biesla.
Kieran Kinsella
364 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:00:01

No idea if it is true but I had a friend from Lincolnshire up near where Sutton was living when at Norwich and he said Sutton was a devil worshipper. I am not joking here, as I say I have no idea if it is true but we later found out the guy who told us this (it was a dorm mate at Uni) was in fact himself a devil worshipper.

Pat Kelly
365 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:02:06
Kieran, Red devils ?
Paul Birmingham
366 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:06:15
Well, at least now time to reset, for its just past half time in this season, and the fight to stay up, but hopefully the board will be replaced by a new set of professionals with no ties and who will fight for success and manage the club in every department.

But after years of decay, it will be a mammoth task.

For the new manager, I hope he’s cut his teeth in football management and can command total respect, of his players and his management team.

Who ever takes the job, must be brave and be his own person and do, what he needs, to do, but with what could be with limited finds, unless there’s some sales of significant value in the next week.

The board should resign.

If they had any honour, they would, the club has been brought to its knees, and they, brought the scorn of the media onto Everton FC and it’s supporters.
How not to run a football club...

The ongoing concern, is this could be another chapter in the decades of mediocrity and in 12 months time, It’s Groundhog Day again. Pray to God, this has been the Final Conflict...

Bitterly difficult times for EFC, but let’s hope this time around there’s genuine hope on the horizon.

As has been said, very rarely do great footballers make good, let alone great managers.

Franks legacy, being honest he kept us up last season, and that’s about it, as in reality, the most partisan Everton support, rallied the squad, and miracle of the Palace game happened.

But the Board, should be accountable and Thelwall.

Selling our best player to Spurs, and not replacing him, and buying Championship players to bolster the squad, contributed to Evertons malaise, before the season started.

The ex player who can’t be named chipped in with good goals, dead balls, and assists, as did Hamez.
That creativity, Richarlisons fight and desire, and never replacing Lukaku, has also contributed to an organic decline of the EFC 1st teams, effectiveness, over the last 6 years.

So the very best of luck to the new manager, and my hunch is I’ve no idea who it will be, but they will get the full support of Evertonians.

Staying up is possible, and it’s a funny old game.

New manager bounce, let’s see.


Eddie Dunn
367 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:06:17
Kieran -an RS ?
Christy Ring
368 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:06:23
Imagine a Ferguson/ Keane combination, at worst it'd frighten the shite out of the opposition.
Peter Carpenter
369 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:06:34
There are many bizarre posts on here but that one, Kieran, has got me laughing fit to wet myself and I needed it. Thanks.
Max Fine
370 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:09:13
I’d have Kompany from Burnley, if I thought he’d be interested. However, there’s not a chance he’d want to leave the league leaders, with their young team playing exciting expansive football and being 19 points clear of automatic promotion in the championship.
Royston Flaherty
371 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:12:35
A distressing situation.

Whilst Lampard seems to have been a nice bloke, so’s the Dalai Lama, but I’ll be damned if he should be our manager.
Lampard has plainly not been good enough. Strategically naive, predictable and no where near a manager that could have been thought of as classy.
The clear worry now is who will follow him, and should we trust our board to appoint someone who is at least reasonable?
I’m horrified by some of the suggestions and likely candidates.
1. Rooney. Untested, a poor thinker and no doubt, poorer readerer and writerer. Might be good at colouring in though.
2. Dour Davey. He’d bring his knife back to the gunfight. Close to being proven equally dreadful with West Ham. Why on earth would we contemplate him again? How on earth could we Evertonians be so naive.
3. Mr Dyche. He’s a maybe for me, but not too certain about his calibre. He got close to taking Burnley down, and we could easily see Keane being central to his plans. Good for a foot up the arse of the players perhaps, but not sure.
4. Maurizio Sarri. Maybe too, but didn’t last at Chelsea (who does!) and very uncertain of what he would have to offer.
5. Big Dunc. A admired and passionate man and Evertonian, but too little experience for our present position. This shouldn’t be an option we consider.
6. Bielsa? Of the names mentioned, perhaps my most preferred, as I believe he’d clear out plenty of very dead wood - most of our squad - and instil some passion and desire. He would also likely not take crap from Bill.
7. Pochetino? He might be a decent bet, but our financial position might hinder what he needs.

Fundamentally I’d like to see the removal of Kenwright. Had enough.

Let’s hope we get a manager who can save us. We bloody well need saving right now.

Bill Fairfield
372 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:13:13
It’s been a challenging 12 months for Frank,the club statement read.
Not as challenging as the last 7 years under Moshiri……Endless misery.
Colin Malone
373 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:14:47
Please. Nooooooooooooo.
Derek Knox
374 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:17:42
Tony A @ 350 " We have now got the most timid and placid team in our history about to be managed by the quiet man."

I thought John Wayne was ' Hovis ' let alone into Football Management, but we do need someone with True Grit !

James Flynn
375 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:19:10
Larry (361) - Nope.

A dead-accurate description of that mirage of a manager.

"If I ever met him now would be proud to shake his hand."

I'm not stopping you.

The only part of his body interested me was the back-of-him. For the last time, thank God.

Anthony Hawkins
376 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:19:42
Please not Hodgson, Allardyce or similar. Do we really need to go there?
Andy Crooks
377 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:23:54
Good post, John Daley.
Soren Moyer
378 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:24:18
Lee@ 354,
Luvvie nostalgia!
Peter Jansson
379 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:24:20
Well we need a manager with a trackrecord. We defenitely do not need Rooney, that has not succeed anywhere as a manager. He has a winrate of 14% this year at DC United says Wikipedia. DC United finished last in 2022, and by far last. 7 points up to next team.

He has a serious bad record as a manager. Do not sign Rooney please. That is maybe worse than Lampard...

Does the board have a deathwish?

Peter Jansson
380 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:24:20
Well we need a manager with a trackrecord. We defenitely do not need Rooney, that has not succeed anywhere as a manager. He has a winrate of 14% this year at DC United says Wikipedia. DC United finished last in 2022, and by far last. 7 points up to next team.

He has a serious bad record as a manager. Do not sign Rooney please. That is maybe worse than Lampard...

Does the board have a deathwish?

Denis Richardson
381 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:24:41

Never wanted him in the first place. Obviously signed a ‘name’ as opposed to a manager and I couldnt understand why so many fans wanted him.

He seems a nice bloke but is a clueless manager. Poor team set up, poor tactics and almost non existent in-game management. A half decent manager would get this squad up the table.

Add to all above utterly shocking signings. McNeil, Maupay, Ali - amazing waste of money.

Please please bring someone in that has more than 5 minutes of management experience and isn’t signed because he was a former player.

NOT Moyes.

NOT Martinez

Alec Gaston
382 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:25:04
The board has no concept that the challenging 12 months are of their making
Alan Johnson
383 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:27:49
Was it Lampard who put DBB in a headlock?
Kieran Kinsella
384 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:30:10
If Rooney is a legitimate target then it's because the club have accepted relegation. His only qualifications are that he is used to being at club that sells it's players, gets relegated then goes into administration. Presumably if he has been approached it's because they are looking to next year and realizing that with a loss of TV money, and the need to sell anyone worth a dime we will be in the position Derby were. The squad will consist of about 15 people, 12 of them youth teamers, probably Lonegan, and then Dele Alli and Gomes because no one will take on their wages.
Bill Gall
385 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:31:05
With S.Dyche being mentioned as a manager for Everton what was his record at Burnley. in the Premiership. Games 258, Wins 72, Draws 68, Losses 118, Ga.364.

S.Dyche joined Burnley 2012. Promoted from Championship to Premier in 2013/14 season. Relegated back down to the Championship in 2014/15 season. Promoted back to the Premiership in 2015/16 season. Finished 16th in the 2016/17. season 7th in the 2017/18th season the following seasons they finished 15th, 10th, and 17th and they were in 18th place when he left in the 2021/22 season.
Remember this was a manager who over the years brought in the type of players he wanted to play his style of play, before wanting him at Everton, 2 of his ex players are in the defense and the goals against speak for them.

James Flynn
386 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:36:50
Sorry JD (352) - "Don't get the vitriol aimed toward. . . . "

Not a hint of vitriol in it. Spoke my words calm, clear-thinking, AND accurate.

I said not one word against him in here while he was our manager. Had plenty of words to myself about him, but spoke none because he was managing my Club and one has to hope for the best. He was the worst, but hung on until the Club had to force him out, and pay him out.

"despite the shit hand he was dealt. . . . "

You're among a number who've voiced that over his tenure. When he signed, Frank KNEW it was shit hand being dealt him by a years-long dysfunctional Club operation. Yet, he gets a pass on that?

Colin Glassar
387 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:38:24
Heard a rumour that the board is split into three bickering parties. In the red corner, kenshite and DBB. In the blue corner, Moshiri, and hiding under the ring, Thewell.

This simmering civil war is about to explode and it looks like the thespian and his sidekick could be the losers. Praying for a miracle.

Kieran Kinsella
388 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:41:06

Surely Moshiri would be in the grey corner since it's not his decision.

Peter Carpenter
389 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:41:55
With Sharp pretending to be in everyone's corner at the same time.
Peter Mills
390 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:44:28
I’d like to echo the sentiments of John Daley#352. I would also add that when my brother fell ill last year, Frank took the time to prepare a video message sending him best wishes for his recovery. A small gesture, but a very classy one that meant a great deal.
Bill Gall
391 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:47:09
B.K will not sign Rooney he has got more money than him
David Hallwood
392 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:47:42
The fact the bookies are putting Dyche & Bielsa as first and second favs shows how this club is all over the place and lacking in what George Dubya Bush termed 'the vision thing'.

You have two managers that are polar opposites in footballing philosophy, and Bielsa? do me a favour, Speaking of polar opposites, I could not think of a manager less suited to this squad of players, In addition, when he got found out, Leeds got bounced around every ground, including ours and only narrowly avoided relegation.

As for who will replace Lampard? No idea and even more worrying, don't really care. Give it to Deli Alli, he's hung up his boots, or the lollipop man from St Saviours, he'll give the kids a pathway. One thing's for sure, this board will fuck up the appointment.

Dennis Stevens
393 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:50:03
Wasn't Dyche a boyhood rs?
Billy Fisher
394 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:59:46
IMO Dyche is the only Premiership experienced manager who will come here ( I hope)...who else with experience can we get? Allardyce been slagging off Everton since he was sacked, is he even an option. Go down fighting with ex Everton heroes? Bielsa needs time to build a team of athletes, we don't have athletes. All the other names mentioned wouldn't come. We will be lucky to have a last ditch option like Dyche. Everton are on the straight road to relegation and staying up this season is the only immediate goal. He is our best chance of achieving that in my opinion
Billy Fisher
395 Posted 23/01/2023 at 21:59:46
IMO Dyche is the only Premiership experienced manager who will come here ( I hope)...who else with experience can we get? Allardyce been slagging off Everton since he was sacked, is he even an option. Go down fighting with ex Everton heroes? Bielsa needs time to build a team of athletes, we don't have athletes. All the other names mentioned wouldn't come. We will be lucky to have a last ditch option like Dyche. Everton are on the straight road to relegation and staying up this season is the only immediate goal. He is our best chance of achieving that in my opinion
David West
396 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:01:17
Frank's gone, , writing on the wall for while, should of been in the world cup break to give the new guy a chance to buy & SELL
Boards going nowhere until stadium is built and forehead moshiri sells up !

Give dyche a go he's not my favourite. If it was end of season I'd say bielsa, but think dyche would get a quicker reaction from the bunch of dossers we have.

Simon Dalzell
397 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:11:42
Please not Dyche.
Ed Prytherch
398 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:29:11
The two leading contenders were both fired last season when their teams looked like they were going down. Upwards and onwards.

Simon Grayson, the Van Gogh impersonator is available.

Glenn Williams
399 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:34:50
Lots of Sean Dyche talk and other old dinosaurs. But why not see if we can get Vincent Kompany. I doubt he or anyone else can save us this year as I said in my earlier comment. But I'd like to see him work with us in the Championship rather than any of the others being mentioned.
Derek Knox
400 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:39:07
Simon @ 397, please explain why not ? We have had World Class Managers that haven't panned out, but yet have gone on mostly to prove otherwise !

Let's be realistic here, the Managers are NOT the main problem, they will come and go, and get blamed like the Fans and players to a degree, for failure. Most of us long standing Evertonians know where the real problem lies, and will most likely remain until we absolutely jettison the Chairman. It doesn't take a 'Sherlock Holmes' to fathom out that all of Everton's problems have happened, or declined even further, on his watch !

Glenn Williams
401 Posted 23/01/2023 at 22:39:16
Lots of Sean Dyche talk and other old dinosaurs. But why not see if we can get Vincent Kompany. I doubt he or anyone else can save us this year as I said in my earlier comment. But I'd like to see him work with us in the Championship rather than any of the others being mentioned.
Jerome Shields
402 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:02:09
You would wonder why Everton have no contingency plan.Sack the Manager and then start looking for a new one.
Derek Knox
403 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:08:20
Glenn, admittedly he is doing well at Burnley, but he is another inexperienced Manager at Premiership level, why would he suddenly become a Super Manager ? How many sides have done well in the Championship, won promotion then either struggled or gone back down ?

Plus, the old adage, being a great player does not guarantee (very rarely) being a Great Manager !

Svein-Roger Jensen
404 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:09:08
My vote goes to Nuno Santo’s and his trademark adaptable 3-4-3, with the three ball-playing centre-backs that also would help to provide the wide players with opportunities via long, diagonal through balls. With all three defenders being capable of providing pin-point 50-yarders, expect to see more goals with a blistering fast new midfielder. Up the toffees!
Phil Wood
405 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:10:45
This is mental.
The vitriol being poured onto potential managers is unbelievable.
Anyone reading this site wouldn't touch us with a bargepole.
Pete Clarke
406 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:16:16
We will get whatever manager is willing to risk his reputation for a few million. Dyche is not the type to worry about his reputation so he’s favorite and thick skinned enough to put up with all of the shit that will get thrown at him.
Meanwhile the likes of Pochetino will laugh at the thought of coming into a circus like ours. Our squad alone would put off any manager with brains.
We are a basket case of a club. Imagine allowing the real culprits of our downfall to be still picking the next manager. We deserve what we get.
Sack the board Moshiri and then sell up.
Seb Niemand
407 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:21:31
Can we have that lovely Mr Ancellotti back, pease?
Colin Malone
408 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:47:55
According to Sky Sports. Moshiri wants Bielsa. FFS. there he goes again. Fuck off Moshiri. Leave that decision to the people, who know about football.
John Raftery
409 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:51:13
No manager of the hard bitten type we need will be good enough for many of our fans. It will only take two defeats, quite likely in our next two matches, for people to be calling for his head. We need to be realistic but there seems little chance of that.

Some of the top names being mentioned are pure fantasy. Also there is little chance of a promising manager like Kompany risking his reputation at this stage of the season when he will probably take his club back to the Premier League. In any event we don’t have the money to prise anybody away from their current job.

Ben King
410 Posted 23/01/2023 at 23:57:53
I’d take Bielsa. Would love to see fast, progressive, energetic football at Everton. I would love to take a match to the opposition and really attack them.

I’d also love to see a manager push hard to maximise the talents of the current squad. There’s a lot of players playing poorly due to the system employed by Lamps. Bielsa would set them free

Plus watching Everton could be fun again!

Bob Hannigan
411 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:04:47
Sorry, I posted a link to a clip from the movie “Groundhog Day” and apparently it isn’t allowed

Hopefully you get the message 🙄😡

Chris Keher
412 Posted 23/01/2023 at 00:06:05
I'm gutted it didn't work out with Lampard. I think he did better last season than he gets credit for and I think in different circumstances and given a bit of time he could have developed into a decent manager.

That said we have been dire for most of this season and as far as I can tell there have been almost no changes to tactics or the starting eleven even when changes were possible.

Whoever is responsible for letting us start the season without a new striker (Maupay doesn't count) is to blame for our current malaise.

Not having a forward has sapped confidence game on game and it's been painful to see it happening.

I'll get behind any new manager but really can't understand these calls for ex-players with little or no experience.

Peter Moore
413 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:11:03
What a total shambles Everton is. We moan about Kenwright, but serious dysfunctionality around the first team performane has reigned supreme since Moshiri took ownership.
Barry Jones
414 Posted 23/01/2023 at 00:14:33
All you Dyche fans, how on earth do you think we will stay up by playing defensively? We have 15 points and fifteen goals after 20 games, and we are basically bottom of the table. We need to attack, NOW, and until the season ends. Get Bielsa.
Peter Jansson
415 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:20:06
We lack a basic plan. That is why managers come and go. New plan with every manager, because we don't have one.

Bodø, a club with virtually no money has made it good the last 5 years or so. They do it very simple. They say they are going to play 433. So the manager coming in has to adjust.

It is then also much easier to buy players. You see what is lacking and in what positions. Then we do not have to end up with 3 number 10s, and a place in no mans land as it is right now.

Eric Myles
416 Posted 24/01/2023 at 00:46:33
I suppose all our players will now be updating their YouTube videos to show the incoming manager what great players they are.
Simon Harrison
417 Posted 24/01/2023 at 01:22:05
OK, there has been many excellent posts on this thread, and I've read from #1 to #415; blame nothing better to do, and insomnia.

I've previously voiced an opinion in that I'd like Dyche to come in (I'll expand now) with an 18 month contract, in three parts.

Firstly, a 6 month break clause if we get relegated.

Secondly, the contract would state that they have to achieve 15th (EPL) or better by 15.12.23, or again there would be a contract break.

Thirdly, if they keep us up by the end of the 23/24 season, we could i) Extend their contract depending on various set targets, or ii) Pay a 20% bonus (for example) and let them walk.

Additionally, pay them on a tiered structure, I.e. 1-6 months on X, 7-12 months on X+30%, 13-18 months X+60% and bonus for EPL survival.

As for the new appointment; I'd forget any manager in situ currently, or any high profile manager, and take off those blue tinted glasses. The only manager we will attract is one that is unemployed. If an employed manager does come, it's for the money and not the possible status. Plus whoever comes, cannot be a managerial neophyte, they will need experience and nous.

In fact regards the above, if you'd like to replace Dyche with your preferred manager of choice, just apply the same rules/contract.

The one manager being mentioned, and is a bookies favourite, that I do not want is Bielsa. Not that I have anything against him, his system, his discipline or his methods. It is purely the fact, that we don't have 15, durable outfield players that are athletic enough currently.

Hence his system and methods would appear 'foolish'(?) applied to this squad, if he were appointed; even if they all were to become 'sport-induced' asthmatics like the RS were/are?

There is no way in hell, imho, that with 4.5 months and 18 games to go, that Bielsa could or would work. QED just look at FF and the current fitness of the players.

If, and it is a HUGE IF the board or owner (and his owners, Kia and Uncle Alisher) actually 'luck out' and get the choice right, there are enough games to survive.

My last point is, I'm fed up with people saying we play boring football, the football is poor, we're clueless, we have a poor squad etc etc etc. Forget all that, we are where we are, I couldn't careless if we played 8-0-2 hoof-ball IF WE GET POINTS.

Do we/you really want exciting, attacking football, even if we go down!


If we go down, this club will implode financially, and collapse quicker than a house of cards.

I demand from this club, our club, EPL survival, at all costs!

Going forward, this club is going to need a new executive board, a new scouting system, A STRATEGY, A VISION, and a new 'Winning' culture, before we even think about such niceties as tiki-taki or such like. (Or even just playing pass and go triangles!)

'nuff said?

Park BMD for a year or two, relieve the financials, and get the club sorted out! What is the point of a new shiny garage, if you haven't got a car to put in it?

Dupont Koo
418 Posted 24/01/2023 at 01:27:37
Here are my 5 cents on 3 candidates (including a highly unlikely one!)


Marcelo Bielsa


- Every game would finish with Ice Hockey scores (4-3, 5-2...fancy that!)

- Defenders from opposing teams would have BOTH Nightmares AND Insomnia after being pressed by us...

- A lot of buckets are needed at Finch Farm because Senor Bielsa's famed "MurderBall" training regimen would have the team puking up so much that they won't fancy getting drunk

- A Coaching Legend with unrivalled Tactical Acumen: who else is listed as someone whom Pep Guardiola looks up to as a coach?

- A Top Class person: Leeds have a street named after him and my Leeds mates are still mad with the Club Owners one year after his dismissal


- Stubborn to a degree: he will only play his style and would not adapt to anything else that might be pragmatic enough to salvage a game (look at his last 10 games with Leeds when his injured squad could not played his demanding style on the field)

- Drill Sergeant: as above, "MurderBall" everyday at Finch Farm might send our entire First Team to Alder Hey Children's Hospital because they would be so banged up that they wouldn't be able to do anything but to spend time helping with the rehab of the children there

- Senor Bielsa would need full Personnel Power and getting him in would be a Deja Vu to the Benitez-Brands Power Struggle (how did we come out of it?) and another Director of Football in Thelwell would be heavily compromised: at best, Thelwell would be demoted into a de-facto "Head of Youth Development" that encompasses only anything from U21 down (IMHO, the changes & structures that Thelwell has laid down to date have begun showing promises) and Bielsa is a "Control Freak" that Thelwell would have no autonomy to do his job properly; at worst, Thelwell would leave as soon as a better opportunity elsewhere is available and all he has done with our Youth Setup would then be gone in a blink of an eye


Wayne Rooney


- He got his Derby Team of mostly U21 players going through the wall for him, despite daily turmoil (he actually paid his players' wages for 2 weeks out of his own pocket)

- He kept Derby in the Relegation Fight a lot longer than the entire country would reckon (they were relegated only after the 40th game of a 46 games season)

- He showed a willingness to put aside the ideal playing style he strives and play a pragmatic style for survival

- Scouser Heritage


- He hasn't shown being tactical astute enough for Premier League level

- He might not have the appetite for another relegation fight, having gone through a doomed campaign with Derby that has lost him more hair than he ever had


Leighton Baines

In American Football terms, it's time to throw a "Hail Mary": name Leighton as Interim Manager till the end of the season.

For what we know of Leighton's down-to-earth personality, he might not even accept the post should he be offerred the role. But should he choose to accept, he will bring the following benefits:

1) Other than Seamus, he is the last link to the Moyes regime that brought us the stability, structure, discipline and relatively consistent success. He knows what it takes to forge a closely knitted team spirit and how to demand the best out of players in a quiet, measured yet assertive way.

2) He is technically astute, which has been highlighted a number of times by Don Carlo & his coaching team.

3) Nobody at the club played for more managers (8 in total, FFS!) than he did (Moyes, Bobby Brown Shoes, Koeman, Rhino, Fat Sam, Marco Silva, Big Dunc & Don Carlo), which would give him a unique Alchemist perspective on how to mold the team into a Frankenstein. Nobody knows better than him, in terms of the individual SWOT for the majority of the squad.

4) Some of my fellow Evertonians mentioned the need to bring in a tough disciplinarian who can bring constant earful to the players. Like Leonardo DiCaprio said in the movie Inception: "Positive emotions trump negative emotions every time. We all yearn for reconciliations. Catharsis." We rarely see Leighton losing his cool and erupting like a Volcano (even during his voice-out that turned Bobby Brown Shoes against him wrongfully) and his cool composure is needed for a team of misfits to gain back the confidence.

5) Some of the youngsters who are on the fringes of First Team have already played for him, which would make their eventual transition into the First Team even easier. He might be even daring enough to play some of those youngsters for a change.

6) Going with Leighton, what else do we have to lose?

Michael Williams
419 Posted 23/01/2023 at 02:25:09
Frank was never up for the job and it was obvious by his record at his previous clubs. He should never have been hired. The fans clamored for him and Moshiri listened. We are now where where we deserve to be.

A good manager could have made the sum of this team greater than it's parts because we have some pretty good parts but Moshiri listened to the supporters,

I hope I never hear another word from anyone who wanted Lampard as manager. All those who clamored for his hiring should just shut the hell up. I hope you go away forever because anyone who studies hard knew from the beginning Lampard was not any good. Anyone who post any comment on ToffeeWeb should state if they supported Lampard's hiring.

I am an American who years ago picked Everton to support for reasons I will not disclose now.

Yes the owner and the board are terrible. I have argued against this organization for years (many posts). Rot starts from the head down and I figured out very quickly ( several years ago) that this organization did not have what it takes.

From an outsider perspective so to speak I think this club has enough talent to avoid relegation. Do I think this organization has enough ability to do what it need to take to avoid it. No.

Michael Williams
420 Posted 23/01/2023 at 02:25:09
Frank was never up for the job and it was obvious by his record at his previous clubs. He should never have been hired. The fans clamored for him and Moshiri listened. We are now where where we deserve to be.

A good manager could have made the sum of this team greater than it's parts because we have some pretty good parts but Moshiri listened to the supporters,

I hope I never hear another word from anyone who wanted Lampard as manager. All those who clamored for his hiring should just shut the hell up. I hope you go away forever because anyone who studies hard knew from the beginning Lampard was not any good. Anyone who post any comment on ToffeeWeb should state if they supported Lampard's hiring.

I am an American who years ago picked Everton to support for reasons I will not disclose now.

Yes the owner and the board are terrible. I have argued against this organization for years (many posts). Rot starts from the head down and I figured out very quickly ( several years ago) that this organization did not have what it takes.

From an outsider perspective so to speak I think this club has enough talent to avoid relegation. Do I think this organization has enough ability to do what it need to take to avoid it. No.

Geoff Lambert
421 Posted 24/01/2023 at 02:39:51
Marcelino Garcia Toral? has just came in the the betting from knowhere.
Bilbao coach who likes to play high press game.
Michael Williams
422 Posted 23/01/2023 at 02:43:29
Frank was never up for the job and it was obvious by his record at his previous clubs. He should never have been hired. The fans clamored for him and Moshiri listened. We are now where we deserve to be.

A good manager could have made the sum of this team greater than its parts because we have some pretty good parts but Moshiri listened to the supporters.

I hope I never hear another word from anyone who wanted Lampard as manager. All those who clamored for his hiring should just shut the hell up. I hope you go away forever because anyone who studies hard knew from the beginning Lampard was not any good.

I am an American who years ago picked Everton to support for reasons I will not disclose now.

Yes, the owner and the board are terrible. I have argued against this organization for years (many posts). Rot starts from the head down and I figured out very quickly (several years ago) that this organization did not have what it takes.

From an outsider perspective, so to speak, I think this club has enough talent to avoid relegation. Do I think this organization has enough ability to do what it needs to take to avoid it? No. Can we get lucky enough to find the right manager to avoid he drop? Yes.

Kieran Kinsella
423 Posted 24/01/2023 at 02:57:48
Michael 422

The clamour (English spelling cause it’s an English club — no offense to intelligent posters like Mike Gaynes or Jamie Crowley) for Frank as you put it was when the alternative was a nut job client of Kia. As for your superior knowledge from your “studying” what does that entail exactly? As to your wish never to hear from anyone again who supported Frank and that they should “shut the hell up.” Tough luck on that score sunshine as most fans supported him either directly or due to lack of alternatives. While as an American “you chose Everton years ago,” the club and the fans have been around a lot longer than your fleeting interest and May I suggest you take your own advice shut the hell up and arbitrarily select some other random sports team from some other random country to “study.” By the way how many times have you been to Goodison Park?

Jonathan Oppenheimer
424 Posted 24/01/2023 at 03:30:13
I’ve been gone for a good while now out of despair and having been left speechless by this shitshow of a season, but I’m back to support my man Kieran of your takedown of this Michael fellow who poorly represents us Americans (for reasons he can’t disclose). Enough of this nonsense taking down Frank. It’s not his fault we somehow had nothing else better on offer, a clear indictment of the Board. He did his best, he cared deeply, he couldn’t pull it off this season, we thank him and move on. He managed us alongside the fan support and Pickford and Richarlison last season to save us from the edge of a cliff. That’s good enough for us to show him some real appreciation as we move on.

I have no idea where we turn now from a manager standpoint, but assuming we show some sort of bounce in the coming 4-6 weeks, my greatest hope is that Everton Football Club’s fans — us! — somehow again shows just how classy and passionate and determined we are that we again lift this squad of underachieving bang average players onto our shoulders and do the unthinkable: save us from relegation two years in a row. I cannot fathom we’ll wallow in despair, no matter how bleak things look, not until we’re mathematically eliminated from staying in the premier league.

Kieran Kinsella
425 Posted 24/01/2023 at 03:33:19

Good to see you back mate another proper American Evertonian. Hope the family are doing well.

Steve Brown
426 Posted 24/01/2023 at 03:45:12
The task is clear.

The bottom 7 teams who have won 4 out of the last 35 league games they have played. We need to hire a manager who can drag this squad of players above 3 of those teams and avoid relegation.

Who should take over as manager? I have no clue.

There are actually some good managers out there who are immediately available - Pocchettino, Tuchel, Marcelino, Tedesco, Luis Enrique, Villa-Boas,

Dyche might be the man to save us, but less likely to take us forward. His last season with Burnley was a disaster (4 wins from 35 league games), but he would simplify our gameplan in a way this squad might be able to handle. He did have run-ins with the new Burnley owners though, and dealing with this board might test his patience.

Steve Brown
427 Posted 24/01/2023 at 03:48:29
Michael @ 419, 420 and 422.

That post wasn’t even worth reading once, never mind three times.

Laurie Hartley
428 Posted 24/01/2023 at 03:58:23
Dupont # 418 - I think you are correct in suggesting - "Senor Bielsa would need full Personnel Power ". Might prove unbearable for more than just Mr Thelwell.
Jonathan Oppenheimer
429 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:00:54
Kieran I hope you and the family are doing well too. It’s these moments of crisis that it’s good to feel connected to proper Evertonians the world over.

I will add that I’m sticking by my prediction that we’ll survive by being less shit than Southampton, Bournemouth and Forest. Somehow, some way.

Kieran Kinsella
430 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:04:01

Let’s hope so and we can have another pre season mini ToffeeWeb get together with Inchy and co In Minneapolis

Alan J Thompson
431 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:04:40
My first choice is and always has been Simeone but I doubt there's a snowball's chance in hell of him coming to Everton never mind in it's present position.

After him, somebody who can organize and is tactically aware such as Pocchetino but again we wouldn't appear attractive to him in our present position.

Can't see any reason why Postecoglou would leave Celtic until they are officially crowned Champions or with them being in the Champions League because of it but he did leave the Australian national team when they had just qualified for the World Cup and his first job at Brisbane showed he is not a man to be messed with as some former Premier League players didn't see why they had to train and his response was that in that case he didn't see why they should play or be payed. And he has been a winner in Oz, Japan and Scotland as well as with the Socceroos.

But I'm sorry, I'd be very disappointed if the best we can do is Sean Dyche and all of which just sums up to where this Board has led our great club. I have no confidence in them getting it right the 7th(?) time around despite, as always, hoping that whoever is appointed does succeed.

Bill Gienapp
432 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:10:35
Michael (419... or 420, or 422)

"I am an American who years ago picked Everton to support for reasons I will not disclose now."

I'm sorry, are we now supposed to beg and plead for you to share this incredibly crucial information? Give me a break.

Also, I'm glad you deduced the board has issues (several whole years ago!). We're lucky to have Nostradamus posting on here.

Add me to the list of fellow Americans embarrassed by this post.

Kieran Kinsella
433 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:11:52
Steve @422,

I'll admit when I saw Michaels's first post before the two repetitions, I found myself thinking of Begby from Trainspotting and “Who the fuck are you?”

Just bizarre to get some pompous nobody coming on here nullifying fans' voices. Even Rafa, who I didn't want, I supported because he was the Everton manager and I'm an Everton fan – ergo, if he does well, Everton do well.

But I guess the bedsit brigade with their tin foil hats would rather see the whole club go up in flames so they can say, “I told you so!”

Kieran Kinsella
434 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:18:48
Bill 432,

I know, mate – the suspense is killing me as to why Michael supported Everton.

Was he put in witness protection after Heysel and felt bad about the Euro ban?

Did Inchy give him an overly generous tip as a waiter at Waffle House?

Is he color blind and can only see blue?

The drama is killing me I'm so fascinated to learn his story that I'm willing to tell everyone else to shut the hell up just so I can learn from his studies.

Rob Rothwell
435 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:22:57
Kieran #423… a bit harsh.

While I disagree with most of what Michael has written, he does have a point about all those wanting Frank 12 months ago, recently calling for the guy to be fired, and blaming the board for hiring him.

I would also question how many times your fore mentioned “intelligent” USA blues posters have been to Goodison, or even to watched them play in the USA.

This is a time to unite, not divide.

Pete Clarke
436 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:41:03
We have to keep in mind that this horrible owner and board we have at Everton are not only wanting a manager to keep us up but also save their jobs and a whole lot of money to go with it.

Only on this basis do I think that they will be looking properly and ignoring calls for Ferguson, Rooney, Dyche etc.

This is their last chance saloon so they know they have to get it right and by that I mean a manager of good standing and substance which ticks all of the boxes.

Is there a good manager out there willing to put his name on the line in our cause? I can only think of one and that may upset a few of our Celtic mates.
Kieran Kinsella
437 Posted 24/01/2023 at 04:45:30

I wasn’t trying to have a go at US fans for not going to Goodison as I know Jonathan personally and he’s a legit fan and I watched Everton in America with him while Jamie went to Baltimore, while Mike has been to Goodison. What I object to is this bloke telling us that anyone who supported Frank should shut the hell up and never be heard of again whilst trying to create some mystery as to his undisclosed reasons for supporting the club. This is a forum for fans so whilst we might disagree his statement that anyone who supported Frank should never speak again is absurd and offensive. Since he doesn’t even state his reason for supporting the club and seeks attention by shrouding it in mystery, whilst telling the majority of the fan base they’re not entitled to talk, I think it’s reasonable to question his credentials to tell fans what they can and can’t do.

Ernie Baywood
438 Posted 24/01/2023 at 05:03:51
Anyone we want, won't come. I'd be surprised if anyone who will come, will be palatable to us. I'm trying to think what the next manager even vaguely looks like.

They won't be a young manager with ambitions for a top level career. They'd have to be mad to come here. That's the 'Frank' category. I think he fell in love with the idea of restoring this great club and giving this set of fans something to unite behind. No-one will be so naive again now he's shown the pitfalls.

They won't be a manager with a proven record of any kind of success. Again, why Everton? At best it will take many years to turn this club around. The very best they can hope for is long term pain and suffering. I think they'll say no thankyou to any offer.

The only type I can see are the 'merry go round' types. I assume they have a big mortgage, many privately educated kids from a string of ex wives, and a current young girlfriend who likes shiny objects. They'll come because we'll pay well.

It's not exactly stirring stuff but I don't see anything but an uninspiring old school manager. And maybe that's enough. Football clubs shouldn't be this dependent on a good first team coach to bail out the entire organisation. Just get someone who can get the basics right at coaching level.

It can only be a 6 month hire. Then the next hire can be tailored for the job at hand from June 2023 onwards. By then we might be a different club... maybe even under different stewardship.

Colin Glassar
439 Posted 24/01/2023 at 05:43:39
Kieran, perhaps Michael has an NDA with someone in the Everton hierarchy and can't tell us when he had his epiphany.

Ernie, frightening but true. This next appointment will made by the same person(s) who have completely screwed this club from top to bottom.

Dan Prain
440 Posted 24/01/2023 at 06:29:12
Kiwi fan here from Dunedin in New Zealand, been following the club since the late '80s.

I found ToffeeWeb sometime in the late '90s and have been reading it ever since. Not sure I've ever posted but love reading all the comments – it's kept me going throughout the years including 15 years working in China.

Not sure what inspired me to post today, perhaps the imminent sense of doom this season seems to have about it. Anyways, Frank had to go – it was obvious to most of us. Absolutely no idea who would be a good fit to replace him given the state of things behind the scenes.

I tend to think a short-term 6 month appointment to some hard bastard to keep us in the Premier League regardless of the style of footy is probably the way. No way should Rooney be considered, especially after what's just happened with Lampard.

I don't have much faith in Moshiri and co making the right choice but we gotta hope for the best!

Danny O’Neill
441 Posted 24/01/2023 at 06:32:13
Well, here we go again.

Let's line up the next poor soul aiming for the managerial waste bag whilst the real cause of the problem sits smiling, crying sometimes, and brimming with self content in the Main Stand.

Meanwhile, we sit and stand in despair.

I was cautious about the appointment of Lampard and was never convinced. I watch enough of Everton to have seen his tactical limitations. The players looked confused a lot of the time.

I'll be honest, towards the end of the season and through most of this one, I didn't care or haven't cared who was in the dugout. My energy was on the team and almost on the pitch if I could have been.

Right now I just want those players to take control and turn this around. In a rudderless ship, they need to take personal responsibility and stop feeling sorry for themselves. Leaders to step up to the mark in the absence of leadership around them.

We've sacked another manager. We'll hire another one. Repeat cycle.

Like many, even me, the big dreamer and optimist; I'm so angry with my club right now.

But like us all, I'll there next time out.

Tony Everan
442 Posted 24/01/2023 at 06:40:57
Time to change the Z-Cars theme to Another One Bites The Dust ?

A very succinct article in the Guardian today that acknowledges Franks failings but clearly identifies where the real problems lie, that still need fixing for anything to change.'t-end-there

Danny O’Neill
443 Posted 24/01/2023 at 06:59:40
Manager after manager Tony Everan.

Easy and obvious targets for supporters and the press.

But it doesn't hide the real cause. Those who are failing hide behind a manager in an act of self preservation because they can.

Maybe they won't be able to for much longer now that the nationals are onto them.

Brian Dagnall
444 Posted 24/01/2023 at 07:13:40
I read that our players, our board and our owner must all take responsibility for the position we are in. Yes they should. Mr Lampard did openly take responsibility and has paid the price so in a sense he is now off the hook.

So, who should Mr Moshiri have hired after getting rid of that fat Spanish guy? I do recall there was pretty strong backing from our fanbase for Mr Lampard to get the job, not 100% by any means, but a sizeable proportion of the fans. Mr Moshiri listened to the fans. So does that mean the fans have to accept some responsibility as well? Hardly, fans aren’t in a position to take any responsibility. So wise words from the fanbase about managerial issues then and now are apparently just for entertainment value.

We are now hunting for another manager and ToffeeWeb has many wise suggestions. Personally I haven’t a clue who would be a wise choice. Mr Moshiri has a history with Everton of apparently choosing the wrong one …… is it seven times now? But he is the majority shareholder and like in any company, the majority shareholder will decide the big issues and who sits on his board of Directors. If he decides to sell up, let’s hope, will a new owner and new board make these players pass the ball any better, shoot any straighter. I wish I wish.

Personally I feel a bit sorry for Mr Lampard who is an honest, open man, unlike many of the foreign manager crowd who now dominate what is laughably called the ENGLISH Premier League. We will have to wait and see whether firing Mr Lampard and getting someone else in, works out for us. Obviously we hope so, but doubt is eating at my insides.

Tony Everan
445 Posted 24/01/2023 at 07:35:51
What to expect now? More dysfunctional behaviour?

Moshiri will want someone glamorous.

Kenwright will want someone on his speedial.

Thelwell will want neither, and will want someone who will dovetail with him as DoF.

Usmanov vetoing all of he above and forcing Moshiri’s decisions.

There will be disagreement, falling out, dither and inaction. Followed by a frustrated Moshiri making another mistake.

This has to stop. There has to be clarity of direction and confidence in decision making.

Moshiri and Kenwright need to get out of the way and give Kevin Thelwell the final say. If there’s any chance of a coherent strategy it has to be built from the footballing side has to be built on a teamwork basis.

We have to stop the club fighting itself from within. We need to move forward on a clearer path.

Moshiri has limited football acumen , Kenwright has failed to deliver over many years, is the past and now needs to step away.

Let go. Give the DoF the reigns, the responsibility to appoint who he sees fit and see how he gets on.

Danny O’Neill
446 Posted 24/01/2023 at 07:38:04
Yes Brian, I think the next one will be the 8th in 7 years, but I'd have to look it up to confirm, so don't quote me. The opposite of stability.

Right now, I don't care who the next lamb to the slaughter is as long as they're not talking to Allardyce. Someone please tell me they are not.

I just want the team to pick themselves up, play with confidence and get points on the board. I'll be there with them regardless of Billy Smarts' circus going on behind them. I always will be.

As I have repeatedly said, I never thought Frank was cut out for management and I was concerned when we appointed him. But I don't have any ill feeling towards him. I actually feel for him as he really seemed to buy into the club.

Unlike idiots like me who have never known any different since I can remember, the poor man was tricked by those above him and, if I can be slightly critical, failed by the limits of his coaching abilities.

I don't know where Frank goes now. Punditry? Just go and enjoy time with the family? Great player, but I don't see a great coach in him. I wish him well. He tried and done his best. It just wasn't good enough.

But not as bad as those above him.

Christy Ring
447 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:03:44
Kieran #423 Brilliant answer, Michael not disclosing why he supported Everton the suspense, change sports and follow Synchronised swimming Michael
Christine Foster
448 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:06:19
You know, amidst the 7 managers, they weren't all idiots or bad managers (ok Benitez should never have been appointed, Koeman was a disgrace) but the others ust weren't up to the job.

I think the problems stemmed from those recruiting players, including a DOF, a Chairman and owner. But exactly what say in the matter did the manager actually have? Did Lampard really give the nod to Deli Ali, Maupay or McNeil?

The questions obviously go back much further, Brands and his famous outburst was obviously made because he was carrying the can for the purchases made, not with his blessing.

Walsh and Koeman started the current downward spiral, but the board were kids in a sweet shop burning someone else's money with abandon, like a no limit credit card that was someone else's. The lack of financial management was appalling. For that alone the chairman and board should have been sacked..

The double hit finally came after the multitude of managers who failed to manage the previous set of purchases got the sack. With each new manager the issue snowballed both on and off the pitch, funds dried up, and like dejavu, we started selling the assets, the better players, compounding the problems for each subsequent manager. Until Frank.

A good man, he actually loved being here, but he was saddled with players who aren't good enough and no adequate replacements for those sold. ( Noone has asked the question on just how the club ignored the requirements of profit and sustainability that has resulted in the club being unable to replace ill-fitting players that has created the perfect storm that has truly stuffed up this club. Who is accountable for that?)

Lampard wasn't up to the task, given our situation, it's going to be difficult to find a manager who can get the current squad into some sort of effective unit.

Because we are propping up the division, he rightly lost his job. But the primary reasons for his failure are not just the managers ability, but the decisions to buy and sell made over the last seven years.

Responsibility for failure and where we are today is therefore the combination of incompetence of a board, the role of DoF and the ability of a manager to have a say in who is bought and sold..

Traditionally it was the domain of the manager because he carries the can, but in Evertons case of continual managerial merry go round, one has to surmised the manager has little say in the matter.

The exception was Ancelotti who brought in players because of his reputation, players we would never have got otherwise. Even he, in the end, wanted out. For good reason.

Today the manager has gone, scapegoat yes, to some degree it is, but he, like others before him, could not get a team together to do enough.

But around this, the utter shameful manipulation of the media by the board has, at long last, been laid bare. There is no future for such a board. It's irreparable.

Moshiri has 3 options.

1. Replace the board with competent people.

2. Sell the club.

3. Do nothing and risk everything.

The end game is coming, and it's not on the pitch.

Mike Price
449 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:09:51
Poor old Frank! What a price he’s paid. Stuck at home in his London mansion with the missus and 5-7 million to add to his struggling bank balance.

He also seems to have the sympathy of many Evertonians and is walking away with a relatively unscathed reputation despite being shockingly bad at his job.

Let’s hire someone who is an actual manager not a famous name.

Darren Hind
450 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:14:28
Rob Rothwell

Bang on the money. The main criticism I hear of this site is that the overwhelming majority of posts are from the same group of people. Yes I'm guilty too. But when you see a regular poster trying to flexing muscles he simply doesnt have in order to shout down a lesser known voice. You get a clear understanding as to why that is.

The guys is told to go and find some "other random sports team, from some other random country"

Micheal kinda oversteps the mark as many of us do on here. He says he doesnt want to hear from Lampard supporters. A bit like saying "I don't want to hear from Kenwright, Moshiri, Sharp, DBB supporters" - Althought those posts usually carry far more anger. I've even heard there is a grumpy arl bastard on here who doesnt want to hear from Carlo fans.

"An attention seeking, pompous nobody, living in a bedsit, who's years of support amount to no more than a "fleeting "interest"...Thats some profile to build from a single post.

I cant help imagining the Brian Ferry song - "I'm in with the in crowd" was blasting through the head phones as that was being typed out.

I would imagine that any infrequent or new poster thinking of diving into the TW pool would read that, turn around and put his kit back on

"BTW how many times have you been to Goodison ?"...Dear me

Phil Wood
451 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:15:54
Christine, a very succinct summation of our woes but is Moshiri capable of making those decisions?
Tony Abrahams
452 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:28:34
Kompany is flying straight in clear blue skies, put him into Everton, and the turbulence would destroy him.

Dyche would come in, try and get things going, but would be met by a group of players, who haven’t got much heart or will, right now.

Bielsa, would just fucking kill them.

The club is full of nepotistic poison, and whilst this continues, most players will do what most footballers do. They will pretend to be working hard, and blame somebody else, and if you wan to blame somebody else, just get yourself to Everton, because it’s rotten to the absolute core, and full of self-preservationists.

Darren Hind
453 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:30:13

I'm not sure what you mean.

These managers were all being paid in excess of 5m. Are you saying they all meekly accepted that they would have to play players they didnt want ? Have their own plans hindered ? That they agreed to thIs?

We've been managed by some very outspoken people, why do you think none of them has spoken out about this practice ? Even after they left

Were they 100% compliant ? Did they not speak out because the hand that was feeding them was feeding them better than any other hand before and after their stint at this club ?

I feel there was a touch of the Graeme Sharps in all of them. They took the money and shut up

Christy Ring
454 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:38:39
Darren #450 for Michael to write comments that fans who supported Lampard should shut the hell up and not comment anymore, which is obnoxious to say the least, and you criticise someone for replying Hypocritical to say the least. As you say to Danny, he makes comments for the sake of it, like what you’re doing now. He says he won’t disclose why he originally supported Everton, are we all in suspense, No.
Christine Foster
455 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:40:18
Darren 450# I think I'm right in saying I've been posting on TW since about 2006, so I guess I am part of the problem of "the same posters frequenting the site" with their intransigence or inability to accept criticism.
Over the years I have had some ding done battles with posters, some still here, some deserted or gone. But I have always tried to argue or accept points without getting personal ( really difficult over the years when our leader was seen as a saviour) so abuse has never been my thing.
I have been accused of arrogance but I tried often to speak from personal experience, knowledge and a perspective analysis of how I saw things. In short, an opinion.
Social media oversteps the mark because of perceived anonimity of the poster who oft says things they would never dare on a face to face meet. So it's respect, even when you disagree, it doesn't need to get personal. Together we learn more, together we can at least be heard.
John Cook
456 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:46:53
Chelsea,Newcastle,Spurs all chasing what's left of Everton's "finest" Onana,Gordon,Pickford.
Vultures circling over the carcass that is Everton. I have been supporting this club for 60 years,never have I felt this bad about the future.If the phoenix is to rise the club needs a thorough clear out from top to bottom.How do we start this process ? Answers please, I'm at a loss. R.I.P. EFC., NSNO yeah ok.
Kim Vivian
457 Posted 24/01/2023 at 08:49:06
I have slept (and I did manage to sleep) on this latest predictable chapter and have woken up simply saddened by the state of our club - Saddened that Frank failed, saddened at the events last night, saddened at the squad quality, saddened by the inept leadership and saddened by some of the names we are being linked with.

I'm sure there are some really good people behind the scenes at the club but unfortunately that's where they are - behind the scenes. The public face of the club from top to bottom is just a mockery.

I personally have no idea who will actually end up as our manager and can only speculate as to who could and would want to do the job, but in times like this - and we have had 12 or13 such instances in the last 10 years - I do wonder who the players, when discussing the situation among themselves, think they might see doing a genuinely decent job.

Are they allowed an opinion?

Christine Foster
458 Posted 24/01/2023 at 09:00:09
Darren 453# absolutely, I think Everton Football club have bought players without the knowledge or agreement of the manager. If the role of the manager is to coach, the role of the DoF is to recruit, their needs to be a hand in hand approach undertaken. Remember our 3 No10s? How much influence have the owner and his relationship with his fried the agent had? Or the chairman's wheeling and dealing for Deli Ali as an example. In short, like most things Everton, responsibilities were fudged but blame apportioned. Managers not speaking out? No doubt NDAs are securely tied to leaving payments. Brands was the closest to lifting the lid but he was got rid of sharpish.
Darren Hind
459 Posted 24/01/2023 at 09:04:55

Nothing hypocritical in my post. I even refer to may self as a guilty party and if you hadnt guessed. I am also the grumpy arl bastard.

Danny is a regular poster and as with most of the regular posters we kind of know each others views on most things. He as accustomed himself to the lay of the TW land. He gives as good as he gets. He is clearly not as offended as you as he is keen to meet up for a bevy..There is no way on this earth anybody would stop Danny airing his views.

There is a very real difference to putting down a point with somebody you regularly debate with and hammering not just the views, but the personality of somebody you dont know..That post may as well have said "We dont hold with your sort around here"

As I said. Micheal overstepped the mark and like I also said.I`ve doen it myself. I have all but lost the will to argue with Carlo supporters...Almost. I think you have overstepped the mark too. The difference being. I recognise it

If you think that response will entice fresh ideas from people who may have a lot to offer debate on here. I dont have anything to say that`ll change your mind

Stuart Sharp
460 Posted 24/01/2023 at 09:23:39
I must be in the minority then. As pundits go, I quite like Sutton. He amuses me. Yes he's a wind up merchant - of most clubs, not just ours - but he's hardly in the Morgan or Clarkson school of being controversial for the sake of it. I regularly agree with him. But then I also quite like Nevin, so maybe I better just get my coat.
Kim Vivian
461 Posted 24/01/2023 at 09:31:59
Further to my own post at 457, I meant to say - they're probably shitting themselves that it might be Bielsa...
Brian Harrison
462 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:17:37
So here we go again on the search for another manager, seems like Moshiri is according to most journalists is personally looking to again choose our next manager. Also its reported that he made the decision to sack Frank without telling the board first, but he owns the club and he can do what he wants. No doubt when he has appointed his next manager he will go back to Monaco and see how this manager goes.

I think for the first time ever I don't have an opinion on who we should or could get, and because of where we are I would imagine the list of possible candidates will be very small. Listening to all the different outlets it could be Bielsa, Dyche, Rooney with Ferguson, and also a couple of left field choices. Again we have sacked a manager without having the next manager lined up. I read the other week that the Brighton owner Tony Bloom said that they were aware last year that a couple of the big clubs wanted Potter, so they started their search for a new manager last season.
They wanted someone who had the same philosophy as Potter so there would be a seamless change. So when they gave Chelsea permission to speak to Potter they had already had talks with De Zerbi, so he was installed very quickly after Potter left. Brighton are still playing the same way still very comfortably placed in the Premier League.
Their scouting system is second to non both for players and managers, so maybe the mantra for all Premier league clubs should be.
What would Brighton do in this position.

Danny O’Neill
463 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:24:12
Well, I had to take notes on this one.

I firstly meant to respond to Christine's fine post. But I have little else to add as your 3 point ending summary captures it Christine. Moshiri has to decide where he wants to take this ship.

We all come on here to voice opinion. Sometimes we go over the top, especially in emotive moments. We are all guilty, me included. It would be the same in a pub where you fallout with and call your best mate and fellow Evertonian a dickhead but then head home together.

Darren, we'll have that drink at some point. You can nark at me and I'll give you a man hug.

Me, my brother and son once had a heated debate over Everton in a Gelsenkirchen hotel bar after a Schalke match a couple of seasons back. As I've said before and my more sensible brother said at the time, only Evertonians can argue amongst each other about the one thing they love.

I'm keeping a keen eye on Kompany but Everton right now would be the absolute wrong choice for him.

We are an Everton community. Those of us that discuss, argue, fall out on here and meet at the match know and understand that. We're all big boys and girls who want the same thing.

In response to why Everton? I have no explanation as I have never known different since I can remember. Honestly, my first memory in life was stood outside my Grandfather's house on Arkles Lane in my very first Everton kit next to my cousin in his Liverpool one. He's now a Chelsea supporter of many years. I still have the photo, which I like to remind him of.

I got asked last night by Mrs Danny who I loved the most. It's been a reoccurring question over the years. Always a tricky one. I used to say it's just different. These days I just stay quiet.

I can't answer that one. It's just different.

Mark Daley
464 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:29:36
I wonder, perhaps Everton needs to get relegated, to allow it to be reborn out of the ashes. Like Man U in the 70’s. One season in the championship, the stables swept clean, new stadium, and back with a bang…

As T.S. Eliot wrote, “to be cured, your sickness must grow worse”.

Michael Fox
467 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:44:00
I don't normally come on here and try pick the team or manager but I am compelled to say this. Belsay is chaos, and the last thing we need is chaos. Duchess simply won't work long term and we'll want to change him. For me, I'd have carsley or like, we need a strong calm person as manager.
Eddie Dunn
468 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:47:53
The myth that Michael mentioned above that Lampard was the choice of the fanbse is also being rolled out on the radio.
The fans were worried that the Portuguese nut job was going to be appointed by good old Moshiri and his agent friend and Frank was the only other name, apart from Dunc on the very short list.
Naturally many of us thought that Frank was the best out of that lot.
If we had a poll on here we would be split in many directions.
Bielsa is an interesting one. His attacking intent might be the way to get the seven wins, many think we need, but perhaps it will just not work and we end up getting smashed.
Dyche might instill some organisation and fight but not grind out enough points.
Perhaps the appointment should be for a guy who can take us back up if the unthinkable happens. In which case either one of them has proven history of doing that.
Rooney is a romantic left field choice that could work.
However listening to media talk, it seems that Moshiri has spoken to Bielsa.
I wonder if the Director of football proposed that?
Or are we seeing history repeating itself with the owner interfering once again in football matters.
I notice that Stubbs has been criticising Moshiri and the media like this narrative. It seems that Bill is escaping any serious blame for anything...
Karl Meighan
469 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:51:19
One thing for sure tika taka passing are way out wont get us results. Being nice playing in pretty patterns has never dragged anyone out of a relegation scrap.

First lets become hard to play against especially at Goodison. Clean sheets have to take priority, be organised and stop making errors that cost us goals.

Lets get the ball into the opponents box from wide areas be more direct and get DCL on the pitch more alongside a strike partner.

Lets just get basic things across and working well. Basics should not be beyond the squad we have as I don't see them having much more than that.

Who we should bring in to drag this out of the players I have no idea but we pray its the right choice for once.

Karen Mason
470 Posted 24/01/2023 at 10:57:56
All of your suggestions about which Manager is right for us now, are all in vain. People who have been at our club and failed, yet gone elsewhere, only to do well. Or have been successful & respected elsewhere, come to our club and fail, are now numerous. Marcel Brands, respected throughout Europe as a top Director of football, came to Everton and failed. Carlo Ancelloti, enough said. Kevin Thelwell did an amazing job at Wolves, uncovering hidden jems like Neves, Jota etc. Now at Everton and it seems, failing. Marco Silva, young manager, bright ideas, came to our club, failed and now havin' a right good go with Fulham. Are you getting my drift? Until things change with those at the top, whose decisions are causing our club to fail relentlessly, no Manager or Director of football will suceed, no matter how good they are. I have been labelled on here as one of the ' happy clappers.' I was described by my Latin teacher as a perpetual optimist. However, even I know, that if you keep making the same mistakes, expecting a different outcome, you are insane. Until Moshiri & Co depart, those expecting ANYONE to come in and be successful are insane. I've lost my happy clappy. I wish I didn't care about Everton football club, but I do, passionately.
Michael Fox
471 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:06:34
I hate predictive text, I meant Bielsa and Dyche.
Cristobal Aguirre
472 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:30:45
At least now we have a chance to avoid relegation. Finally the illiterate is out.

Now we must choose the right person. As far as I am concerned, Bielsa is the man. With Rooney we will be relegated.

Bielsa will require the mercenaries to run and he will have no problem removing them from the team. He is also risky and works the offensive system unlike Lampard who does not understand that to win you have to score goals.

Darren Hind
473 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:40:15

I think there was a poll at the time on here. What I do remember is that there was a real groundswell of opinion favouring Frank. I also remember people being delighted he was appointed.

Michael has a point. A lot of the people who were celebrating his appointment are now pointing the finger at the board.
Many of the people celebrated the appointment of our Italian manager are now complaining about bad managerial appointments.
Even if we confine the debate to TW alone. I can remember huge numbers praising "Tell it like it is" Koeman.

Moshiri made two deeply unpopular appointments when he hired Sam ad Rafa and there was a genuine backlash But there are a lot of people pointing fingers at him for appointments they applauded at the time...They cant have it both ways.

The current school of thought which suggest's all managers are doomed and nobody can do anything at this club, or with this team, is going to be severely tested if the next manager comes in and steers us to safety

Paul Cherrington
474 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:43:45
Am genuinely sorry it didn't work out for Lampard and wish him all the best for the future. He seems a decent bloke and someone who always tried his best. It is the right decision though I think and one we had to take with how things are looking.

Now we are reading more about the Doucoure bust up and a toxic dressing room, it seems maybe Lampard was too nice to get a tune out of this bunch of players?! As well as someone more tactically adept, we need someone in who will not stand for any nonsense from the squad and be a real hardcase when needs be.

Would love to see what would happen if Doucoure mouthed off at someone like Big Dunc, as he is said to have done at Lampard. He wouldn't know what hit him! Maybe he should focus on improving his game and actually playing well if that's his gripe- then managers would pick him.

Can't see Bielsa working out if we get him - he is a good manager granted but our lot are too unfit to play the way he will want too. Will only end in disaster at this point in the season.

Christy Ring
475 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:58:42
Darren #459 I agree with your comments, I'm as guilty as anyone regarding posts, but it's hard to take in a comment, telling everyone who backed Lampard, to shut the hell up and not to comment again on ToffeeWeb, considering the only other candidate was Pereira, who was Moshiri's choice, after he picked Benitez previous.
What job is Pochetinho waiting for, should he not be no.1 choice
Danny O’Neill
476 Posted 24/01/2023 at 11:59:52
Eddie, I like to consider myself a balanced although passionate follower of Everton. That probably contradicts itself.

I am well documented as being:

1. On the fence with Frank. Never convinced or bought in.
2. Disappointed with the appointment of Benitez.
3. Excited at Ancellotti - hindsight tells us wrong person for the wrong club.
4. Concerned at Marco Silva although I though we should have given him more time. Doing well at Fulham.
5. Allardyce. I'll leave it there.
6. Koeman. Hoodwinked into thinking the player I watched as a kid would become a great manager.
7. Martinez. Initial thoughts were just say no.

We are going through managers like a butcher at Christmas with Turkeys.

As I keep saying, I really don't care who the next one is right now, because, let's face it, with our track record, it will only be a short term appointment.

I just want the team to get results.

Eddie Dunn
477 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:08:55
Darren- good points. It's easy now to slag off any of the former incumbents but I can recall being quite excited at Koeman's appointment. He had done well with Southampton, was a big name in football and had that swagger that suggested he was the real deal.
He did seem like a breath of fresh air in his early press conferences, dry and to the point. After Martinez and his bullshit nonesense, Koeman seemed a good fit.
Allardyce was undermined by people at the club, putting out a survey to fans marking him out of ten!
The club has interfered with all of the recruitment and we can look back at the utter dross we bought and crazy contracts we signed. Ashley Williams, Sigurdsson, Tosun, Bollassie, Schneiderlin to name a few.
I have no idea who will be in charge od recruiting or the shortlist. I have no faith in our club to get it right.
In the fallout that is now rebounding around various media outlets Frank is being given an easy ride and so are Bill and Denise.
Moshiri is copping the flak.
I saw Don Hutchinson chipping in on Frank's side complaining that he had nothing to spend in his first summer. He conveniently forgot about McNeil, Maupay and Onana, plus Gana, Tarkowski and the loans.
Frank was dreadful and the narrative that he was dealt a poor hand is not quite true.
There are other clubs who are doing better than us who had less to spend than Frank in the summer.
I also thought Frank was a good appointment but I got sick of him last season with his "there are 23 games and 79 points still to play for" bollocks. This season it was the broken record "having played in important games".
I am surprised so many on here kept faith in him for so long.
What a mess we are in.
Neil Lawson
478 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:15:04
I cannot face reading all the posts and sharing in the collective misery and dejection. My thoughts. Give the job to anyone who is brave enough to put himself forward and prepared to come on a short term 6 month contract for sensible money and who truly believes he has the skills to make a difference. If he succeeds he gets the job long term. If he fails, well, at least he tried. Not sure if there are any available managers known as Mirricelwerker but you don't know until you look.
Ray Jacques
479 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:29:26
Get Bielsa.
If the players cant handle the running then so what, at least it proves they are a shower of mercenaries and outs them for what we all suspect.
Go down with a fight and not a whimper.
Ray Robinson
480 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:31:31
I’ve always considered management, football or otherwise, to be an inexact science. A “good” manager might be the wrong choice at a particular moment, or wrong for a particular club. Allardyce, I’m my opinion, was what we needed at the time (did what it says on the tin) but never a good long term choice. I feel we’re at a similar juncture now. Given a wider selection pool, I’d rather not appoint Dyche who, let’s face it isn’t renowned for attractive football but if anyone can keep us up or as, I suspect, get us back up, then he can. Does this mean he would be immune from criticism? Of course not, he would be denounced at the earliest opportunity for pug ugly football and some would say he had always been the wrong decision. Judgements in hindsight are usually worthless.

Bielsa on the other hand would be an interesting proposition but given the lack of “up and down” players at the club and the fact that he’d need a full pre-season to get the players up to his level of fitness, I think he’d be a disastrous appointment.

Conclusion, you can only choose from the limited options available and though we might not have chosen a particular manager, we’ve just got to get on with it and support him while in post. So Dyche for me because the now takes precedence over the future as things stand.

By the way, anyone thinking that relegation could be a good opportunity for the club to re-set is misguided in my opinion. Pre PL days, as in Man. Ute’s case, it was possible to bounce back with only a few bruises but the loss of Sky money and sponsorship could be a one way road to oblivion.

Eddie Dunn
481 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:39:14
Ray- you can get back first time as you still have the parachute money but if you fail, then the wheels come off.
Ray Robinson
482 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:43:45
Yes, Eddie - the big if. Another reason for Dyche? Seen it, done it. Big stadium to fill and pay for!
Joe McMahon
483 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:44:56
Jaqs and Stubbs voting for Rooney. The obsession with the incestuous Everton Way is cringeworthy. Surely we needs a manager that has proven in the premier league. Of realistic contenders that sadly only leave Sean Dyche. Tuchel ain't gonna touch this club in its current set up.
Daniel A Johnson
484 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:49:16
We are a basket case of a club, broken, bitter and completely mismanaged from top to bottom. The squad is leaderless and quick to down tools.

We need an experienced hand in charge now Lampard was too green for the job and inexperienced. It was too big an ask.

Conor McCourt
485 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:55:51
What I can't comprehend is that many posters who continually praised Ancelotti and still pine for him comparing to the last two managers as evidence of the job he done are some of the most vehemently opposed to Bielsa.

Bielsa with a championship squad finished above Ancelotti's Everton. Ancelotti was given 63 million net to spend which was the third highest in our history. Koeman spent 75 million net when he took us to seventh. Silva got 66 million net the season he finished eighth. Ancelotti's 63 million net produced a tenth place finish.

Conversely Bielsa had a bunch of journeymen, many of whom like Bamford had failed in the Premier League before, and players like Dallas and Cooper who were never deemed good enough until the twilight of their careers.

Ancelotti had a world class keeper, two top international full backs, decent Premier League quality centre halves and top frontmen like Richarlison and Calvert Lewin. Ancelotti was lucky to have Dominic fit as in the five games without him he picked up five points which was similarly dismal as the last two wallies. He was tasked with sorting out the midfield and brought three players, two of which were allegedly world class according to the Maestro.

All three have had to be smuggled out the back door and Allan's ejection from the team last season was a major factor in our survival. Did the 'best defensive midfielder in the world' leave us for Barcelona or City, no he went to Al Wahda. The other James had his contract terminated by Al Rayann. Doucoure will be gone this window also.

Surely those who believe Ancelotti was some sort of success should be advocating for Moyes who finished four places and six points above him with a slightly weaker squad. Or Bielsa who finished above him with a much inferior squad. Or Dean Smith who finished a place below with a one man team.

Roger Helm
486 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:57:33
For me recruitment of players is more important than who is the coach. Good players with the right characters and mentality shouldn’t need motivating. Players only remember what the coach said for about 15 minutes anyway,

That is where we have failed in the last ten years, selling the few quality players we have had and buying replacements of poor physical and/or mental quality.

Karen Mason
487 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:58:14
Darren #473
It's not whether or not those directly involved with the team have been good bad or indifferent. It's whether they are being 'allowed' to do their job. Marcel Brands partially let the cat out of the bag, implying he hadn't been allowed to do his job as he would have liked?? Your post implies that everyone who posts anything about a Manager or board are incorrect? I would be interested to know why you think our club is in such a mess, and where the responsibility lies.
Will Mabon
488 Posted 24/01/2023 at 12:59:37
Daniel - yep. You couldn't pay for a ride like this in any amusement park.

Joe - BBC and others suggesting Bielsa, Dyche or Rooney in the frame. I feel another / a continuing screw-up.

Christopher Timmins
489 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:04:31
Ralf Rangnick should be hired as CEO in order to put some shape on the organisation.

The current DOF should have to report to him. They should then decide on who the new manager should be. All current Board members along with the Owner should be side lined from the process.

Colin Glassar
490 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:17:56
I admire and respect those of yous who can follow these extremely long threads with coherent arguments. I tend to read the last half dozen and walk away confused. Kudos to all of you.

Now, where were we?

Geoff Lambert
491 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:21:08
Colin! should have gone for him before the world cup.
Stuart Sharp
492 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:25:46
Several places are reporting that Bielsa thinks our players are too slow for the way he wants to play. I wonder how many videos he had to watch before reaching that conclusion?
Danny O’Neill
494 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:27:29
Conor, I think (personal view) is that it is Everton that haven't been a success.

For 36 years.

We can keep blaming managers all we want but the cause is deeper than Ancelotti, Moyes or Lampard.

Christy Ring
495 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:33:39
Conor #485 Stats don't tell the true story, when you look at Koeman, a net spend of £73m. He sold Lukaku and Stones for about £140m, bought Siggy, Bolasie, Keane, Pickford, Klassen, Williams, Schneiderlin, Rooney, Ramirez, Gueye for over £220m, the reason we're in the shit today.
Colin Glassar
496 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:39:47
Did he though, Christy? How much input did koeman, or the others, have in these signings? Surely these misfits were identified by the sitting DoF and sanctioned by the board? That’s what directors of football are employed to do. The coach (aka manager) is there to coach, nothing more.
Eddie Dunn
497 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:42:35
I don't see what the fuss is about in terms of us changing manager so often.
Gone are the days of a Moyes staying in place for 11 years. Chelsea showed that chopping and changing works.
Obviously, before FFP rules, they could afford to give each new manager lots of money.
However, it is clear from seeing how many teams fare, that players become stale, coaches reach a point where they too run out of gas.
Look at West Ham. A decent squad, well -drilled and finishing seventh and last season sixth under Moyes.
This season, they have spent money with the intent to play more football but find themselves down with us.
Bielsa has Leeds flying for a while. Klopp has suddenly found his charges no longer responding to his bullying(sorry man-management).
Spanish and Italian sides seem ready to change coaches regularly.
I think we might be surprised at what a new coach can do with the likes of Gordon, Godfrey, Patterson and Onana.
Daniel A Johnson
498 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:52:36
Always amazes me how Marcel Brands escapes any form of criticism. Its him who threw Marco Silva under the bus.
Colin Malone
499 Posted 24/01/2023 at 13:58:22
Like all blues. Getting texts, WhatsApp, FaceTime. Asking each other, who would you have? Dyche, Ferguson etc.
I know we need a quick fix. I honestly believe, there is nothing much wrong with the first team, it was bad, bad coaching.
With saying that and looking, who is out there. I see a young foreign coach, who took over bottom club West Brom from Steve Bruce and turned them into promotion candidates. He did well at Huddersfield.
Carlos Corberán. 32. done a great job.
Colin Glassar
500 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:05:56
Colin, Corberan likes to play possession football. Not sure if that will go down well with the Dyche fan club on here. I’m not sure either tbh.

Do we want cold, calculated, passing football with this bunch? Or, do we want blood and thunder, passionate football with our dimwitted, slow moving players?

Steve Brown
501 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:09:17
It would be great if we could entice Ancelotti back to the club - he is undoubtedly one of the greatest managers of the modern era and has unfinished business at the club.

His win ratio at Everton was second only to HK1 and the team was within 3 points of a European spot going into the last game of the season - we’d all dream of that now. He was written off by some as over the hill and only here for the money, but then made a mockery of these claims by winning La Liga (his 5th league title in 5 countries) and the Champions League (his 4th overall) the very next season.

Bielsa might be right for Everton given our lowly position. He will make the team fast, high energy and intense. But, frankly there is no comparison between him and Ancelotti - 21 top trophies for Ancelotti compared to the Copa Del Rey runner-up and English Championship winner for Bielsa. Let’s be serious for a moment.

Bielsa was sacked into his second season in the Premiership with Leeds when they were 16th February. Like Dyche, he got sacked for a reason and it was results - the same reason as Lampard’s sacking.

Brian Harrison
502 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:13:12
Nobody seems to want the job and who can blame them, there is very little attraction in taking over a club who are joint bottom and to have no money to spend. Also you would be joining a club were there is so much toxicity between the supporters and the owner and the board, and no doubt if results don't turn around fast that toxic atmosphere will just grow and grow.

Also you would probably only get till the end of the season if relegated which looks very likely. Yes you would get a few bob in compensation but is it worth all the hassle. While Moshiri makes the decisions things wont improve, you would think by now he would have learned a little about running a football club. But the truth is he has never been interested in the job but had to do what his boss told him to do, and now having to do it without the financial backing of his boss makes life a lot harder.

I am sure Usmanov is working very hard behind the scenes to extricate him and Moshiri from the financial mess they have got into. I suspect that they will be looking for a buyer for the club, and if thats not possible then sell the ground to a 3rd party who can do what the owners of the Ricoh Arena did to Coventry. And given how much we are in debt we may end up like Derby and drop more than 1 division before we can get things back on a more stable financial footing.

Darren Hind
503 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:13:56

I know where the responsibility lies and I new where it lay before He got here 6 years or so ago and I have banged the drum against Kenwright as long as anyone on here.

That doesnt mean to say I don't expect anything from our managers who earn more than 99 % of the other managers around the world.

If my post implied that I believe anyone who posts criticism or blame at the managers OR the board, are wrong. Then I pitched it right. I definitely think they are wrong.

I don't think this is an either/or situation, Karen. The board have been a shambles for years and every single manager has took the money and gone along with it. So have the players...Accountability left this club decades ago

Maybe it is partially our fault after all. Maybe we should have refused to be emotionally blackmailed and withdrawn our support for this shite years ago. and the only way we can find our way back, is to re-introduce it

It would have been painful for all of us, but we wouldnt be where we are now

Christy Ring
504 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:14:49
Colin#496 Regarding Siggy Koeman wanted him at all cost, it ran for the whole window and got him for £45m, and bought no striker, he wanted Klassen, I’d say Kenwright insisted on Rooney, but Schneiderlin and Bolasie down to Koeman in my opinion.
Dale Self
505 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:17:53
Paging Dr Kildare-Carlonoscopy needed on the Lampard fired thread.
George Cumiskey
506 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:27:31
Koeman started the rot for me and it's been downhill ever since
Darren Hind
507 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:29:08
So Karen

I think you know I meant Knew with a K, but the edit time had lapsed before I noticed it

Kieran Kinsella
508 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:29:48
Allardyce in the frame according to various papers
Will Mabon
509 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:32:22
Christy, call me suspicious and I am, but I felt there were unsavoury background aspects to the Klaassen deal at that fee.
Neil Lawson
510 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:39:56
As time slowly drags on, the inevitable conclusion is Ferguson until season end. We may be shit but we would be hard working, fighting, committed shit and that's a whole pile of shit better than the stink we have been viewing lately.
Colin Glassar
511 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:46:43
Christy, you are probably right about the Icelandic player but the ridiculous fee was approved by the board and Walsh. Remember, Koeman went into hiding. He didn't want the job. He was happy at Southampton and was waiting for one of the Champions League teams (Barcelona or Liverpool) to come in for him.

Our pursuit of him was pathetic and embarrassing and was the beginning of the end. It's all water under the bridge now but the red lights were already flashing and I for one chose to ignore them.

Conor McCourt
512 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:47:43
Steve @501-
a well deflected post typical of the Ancelotti fan club. Unfortunately at Everton he couldn't just rely on his tactical nous where he could at Real. He had to improve players and build the club, something he failed badly at.

The reason we are in the mess currently is because the last manager who had huge investment and no outgoings failed miserably, and the club have had to spend most of the Richarlison kitty on the area Ancelotti was tasked to fix.

Previously you put up that ridiculous stat and I tore it apart then. But just to repeat Ancelotti was one of the few managers who wasn't sacked so his job had not yet become untenable skewing those figures. Compare Martinez first eighteen months to Ancelotti's and Martinez blows him out of the water.

Again you argue how close he was to Europe. That only tells you how the big clubs all failed to deal with their intense Covid schedule. Moyes West Ham finished in Europe, Bielsa's Leeds finished above him and Smiths Villa not far behind. These teams had a similar schedule to Everton. We finished so close due to the unique conditions of that season.

The rest of your argument as usual talks about what a great career Ancelotti had which nobody disputes but unfortunately we are talking about Everton.But in fairness to you as someone who was against Ancelotti's appointment and advocated Pochettino or Arteta and believes it was a failed experiment which has set the club back, I must agree with you in the position we are currently in I would definitely take Carlo right now as eeking enough points to stay up is everything and his nous and bit of Savvy may get us over the line.

Incidentally last season with Barcelona having to sell all their players and were in a total mess Real had a penalty kick. I put my money where my mouth is and I had my biggest bet for five years that Barca will win the league at 6-4. I have no doubts I will be collecting.

Eddie Dunn
513 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:52:57
Let's not forget the embarrassing and very costly pursuit of Silva.
Bill Gall
514 Posted 24/01/2023 at 14:55:51
This Owner and Board have now created a situation at Everton F.C that I honestly believed would never happen, and that is players don't want to come here and now managers are reluctant to come and ruin their reputations. Makes you want to build an ice statue of B.K on Daytona Beach in August to show you how quick you want him gone.

For a new manager. When you look around at all the top premier league managers the likes of the Potters, Klopps, Conte's and other top managers they all started at the bottom and built strong organized teams, and were most probably allowed mistakes. We need one of these types of managers who are ready for the next step from having started at the bottom and built strong organized teams.

Any manager we bring in will not have any time to bring in the type of player he wants, he will have to go with what he has got. What we need is a manager that can turn what we have into a structured team with a game plan that works, not necessary the one he wants, but one that will suit the players we have.

I understand we are critical of them at times, but we do have some decent players they just need to be organized.

Rebuilding is out of the Question we are in the need for survival, and that means we need a manager who is willing to survive to be given the chance to rebuild. We don't need a proven manager who is just coming for a pay off.

I live in North America, and the clue to why I support Everton, The street I was born in " Broadway one end Littlewoods the other end "

Hopefully the clueless, and we all know who they are, manage to get it right for once and pick the correct manager.

Daniel A Johnson
515 Posted 24/01/2023 at 15:16:08
When Villa sacked Gerrard didn't they announce the new manager the next day?
Raymond Fox
516 Posted 24/01/2023 at 15:24:37
Steve 501, are you serious?
Colin Malone
517 Posted 24/01/2023 at 15:41:40
Steve Brown
518 Posted 24/01/2023 at 16:19:06
Actually Raymond, I was not being serious.

But, Conor took the bait as expected.

James Flynn
519 Posted 24/01/2023 at 16:25:27
Some insight from Davy Klaassen about the state of Everton Club management from his signing to departure; particularly around the signing of 3 #10s.

He was a Koeman signing. At least infers Sigurdsson was a Walsh. Doesn't go into who had Wayne signed, other than he was excited to be playing with him.

It's all done and dusted now, but still an interesting perspective from someone immediately affected by managerial changes.

He is frank about going from a life in the Ajax system as opposed to England's Premier League.

Also interesting to me is how the Club put it about that Vlasic forced his move out as opposed to Klaassen stating that he, Sandro, and Vlasic were brought in by Allardyce and told they weren't going to play, so go find a club and they could leave.

And he spoke well of Silva.

A good read:

Davy Klaassen exclusive: ‘Everton signed me, Rooney and Sigurdsson. I thought, “What is this?”'

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
520 Posted 24/01/2023 at 16:54:51
Hi Dan @440 – sorry about the slight delay in getting your post to show.

Thanks for being a long-time reader – we know there are an awful lot of you out there who read the site without posting, and that's just fine... unless perhaps you really want to post but are put off by the nasty bullies in the playground who are going to jump on your every word and beat you to a pulp.

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Just so you know who they are, we're going to introduce an Everton Means Test which will allow us to assign a unique ToffeeWeb Blue Star rating and allocate a number of allowed posts per day, based on individual Everton credentials. Questions will include:

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Do you have a tab behind the counter at the Goodison Super Bar?
From how many Everton away games have you been physically ejected?
Have you ever been caught "bunking-in"?
Do you have a programme from the 2016 4th Round League Cup tie vs Norwich City?
Do you remember seeing Bill Kenwright as a scally in the Boys Pen?
Have you ever said anything nasty about Tom Davies?
Have you ever said anything nice about Frank Lampard?
What is the chessiest item with an EFC logo in your possession?

And many many more. questions to test your Everton mettle. Woe betide any posters who fall short.

Darren Hind
521 Posted 24/01/2023 at 17:15:48

Micheal is simply laying down TW law, Best adhere to them or he will show you the yellow card. but please understand that saying anything nasty about Tom Davies (or any of our academy boys) is a criminal offence.

Doesnt matter whether you live in Dunedin or China, Break this law and you will be hunted down. You will be extradited and You will be brought to justice.

Post some more

Danny O’Neill
522 Posted 24/01/2023 at 17:46:26
A lot of talk and blame pointed at managers.

Playing into the hands of the real culprits.

It started in 1987 in my lifetime and it wasn't Colin Harvey's fault. Some of an older generation will go back to selling Alan Ball and the break up of the 1970 title winning team.

Blame Ancelotti all you want. This situation has been decades in the making because of the way the club has been run.

John Cook
523 Posted 24/01/2023 at 17:51:43
Just heard the manager of Darvel FC give his teamtalk before their game with Aberdeen.Cant we sign him ?

Barry Hesketh
524 Posted 24/01/2023 at 17:54:57
it's as simple as ABC a dream team of Allardyce, Baines and Coleman! it's the Everton way!
Gary Johnson
525 Posted 24/01/2023 at 18:01:49
Danny O - I’ve been one of the loudest calling for Lampard to go, but to do it at the end of the transfer window with a week to go is one of only two things:

1) Criminal ineptitude.
2) Deliberately planned

I’m actually contemplating number two. This is Bills “fuck you” to the fans. A sinister stab in the back as he saw the tide turning. Gordon and Onana being pushed out (just like Rooney was before him) and I’d hazard a bet it was us that sat on Danjuma forms for 10 days too.

His risk is negligible financially, and Moshiri is too far away and too trusting to see the snake for what it is. He’ll be kiboshing any manager at all for the next week, and I’d be surprised if we appoint or sign anyone before the deadline. We’ll then get Rooney and/or Duncan in with the panto of saviours.

The balance sheet will look £100m better with Gordon, Onana, Keane, Holgate and Doucoure gone. Wouldn’t be surprised to see DCL gone too if a bid comes in. We go down, Moshiri can’t finish the stadium, a new investor comes in (but Bill keeps his shares) and Moshiri sells both the club and stadium for peanuts.

If the Phoenix rises he’ll still have his shares. If it doesn’t, welllllll it was all that mad Iranian geezers fault….hey “did you know it was really laundered for putin?”

Sounds like a fooking novel…..but anyone who reads this and dismisses it has not been paying attention at all.

Brian Wilkinson
526 Posted 24/01/2023 at 18:12:44
Just been in the Lobster pot in town and big Sam was front of the queue double chips pie and geavy.

I hope it is Blood brothers he is going watching at the Royal court and not heading to Finch farm.

Tony Everan
527 Posted 24/01/2023 at 18:14:39
Michael 520, I’ve got ‘Dunc 9’ tattooed my pecker ( the ‘an’ wouldn’t fit on. Am I overqualified?

For the record and being hilariously pedantic, it is super, but it’s the Goodison Supper Bar. Oh, it feels good to jump all over a spelling mistake, I’ll be walking tall for the rest of the day.

And yes, I think we are all going mental. If a crouton is floating in tomato soup, it’s going to taste a bit like tomato soup.

Will Mabon
528 Posted 24/01/2023 at 18:20:02
Ferguson on mine, Tony - and a full stop.
Danny O’Neill
529 Posted 24/01/2023 at 18:25:20
I can't argue against any of that Gary as depressing a picture it paints.

If all of the rumours are to be believed it seems the club are trying to balance the books and plan on the unthinkable.

Well fuck them. I can't think the unthinkable and won't do so.

Si Cooper
530 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:01:06
This season went ‘dead’ for me when we lost those games to Bournemouth. Was desperate for Lampard to succeed and thought he might have some insights from his own hugely successful playing career, but he just didn’t deliver anywhere near enough overall, even if he was constrained by many years of waste / fruitless spending.
The club really does seem to be teetering on the brink. Is there anyone who can get better performances from our seemingly traumatised players.
Danny O’Neill
531 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:16:44
I was at both of those Bournemouth matches Si and it was a very low point. Looking back that's when the manager had lost the team.

I was at West Ham on Saturday and again, you could see manager and players were not connected and team lacked confidence.

I don't like the "told you so" narrative, but I think if you look at Frank's track record, you would struggle to see him as a top coach or manager. Okay, maybe he got unlucky at Chelsea, but to counter that view, look at the players he had at his disposal. The same squad that went on to win the Champions League under Tuchel.

Now there's a name, but no chance he would consider us right now.

Colin Glassar
532 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:25:55
Bielsa back in the frame. One million a month.
Stephen Davies
533 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:28:38
Out of that £1m...he pays his coaching staff etc
Christy Ring
534 Posted 24/01/2023 at 19:45:20
Conor#512 If you honestly think Ancelotti, out of all the
manager's under Moshiri, is at fault for the current predicament, and you mention his 'huge investment', are you having a laugh? He signed Doucoure, Godfrey, Allan and Rodriguez on a free, the first two I'd say he didn't know who they were. Compare that to the mess Koeman left us with?
Conor McCourt
535 Posted 24/01/2023 at 20:47:29
Christy my views on Koeman are similar to yours. The reason we are where we are is because the money has run out and the last manager who had the third best net budget in our history and about 300k in excess wages per week spent it on four duds meaning Lampard spent the majority of his kitty on the area Ancelotti was tasked with fixing. We aren't shit because of Carlo but we are shitter for his failed stint. As we are with the last two basket cases who should never have been appointed.

I tell you what is funny though Christy is when the likes of yourself and Danny blew smoke up Carlo's arse and hailed players like as Allan as world class. When the shit hits the fan on his disastrous spell then suddenly it goes back to 1987 for the mess we are in.

When Arteta came into Arsenal the common perception on Tofffeeweb was that we had a superior squad to them. Look at every player the Spaniard has signed. He had to fight Edu to get Ramsdale and he was laughed at by every pundit for forking out 30 million on him. He along with Edu has built them piece by piece with a clear coherent vision. When I mentioned what was happening previously to Danny he told me that it was only because I loved Arteta and couldn't see what I was talking about. The proof is now in the pudding.

Where I differ from most of our fans is that they see managers like Moyes and Martinez as failures. We have no divine right to win anything. In the Premier League Era only Leicester and Wigan upset the apple cart in minor miracles where the Gods smiled on them as in most other years their Herculean efforts may have been left unrewarded. If the Gods had smiled on us Martinez would have brought an FA Cup to our cabinet room.

Our owner who allegedly has put his money where his mouth is had spent a total of 310 million net, a fifth of which backed Ancelotti. Chelsea have spent more than that this window. Put in the best chairman, best board, best manager possible and we in all likelihood won't be winning trophies pretty soon. Look at Tottenham as a template.

We of course are a badly run club from top to bottom, especially since that clown Moshiri set foot in the building but those expecting a change in leadership to bring back the glory days are living in cloud cuckoo land. Man City got some of the richest people in the world on board, ran the club like a dream from top to bottom and still took them the guts of a decade before the fruits of their labour was borne.

We can all dream but our only priority now should be staying in the division by any means necessary.

Christy Ring
536 Posted 24/01/2023 at 21:34:28
Conor#536 I don’t know if I said Allan was world class, but we badly needed a defensive midfielder at the time. What I did say at the time, I personally wanted Arteta ahead of Ancelotti, was always a favourite of mine, I’m still trying to convince myself, he probably would have still picked Arsenal ahead of us at the time. I never had a problem with Moyes, just bitter over the sneaky way he played us. I was a Martinez fan, loved a fit Macca, and still don’t know why Moshiri didn’t give him a penny to spend, especially when his defense was crippled with injuries and then threw money at Koeman
Danny O’Neill
537 Posted 25/01/2023 at 06:30:26
I don't recall calling Allan world class either Conor. I did coin the phrase the Brazilian Peter Reid. More on his style rather than direct comparison. Allan was a good player, it just became apparent quite soon that we got him too late and the legs were gone. Similar to Rooney when he came back. And no I'm not comparing Allan to Rooney - different players. Just both players who's legs went relatively young.

Regarding your 1987 jibe, I watch Everton a lot (some say too much) and when I analyse it, the lack of investment in the club over decades has led us to where we are now in my opinion. Not a series of managers who's average life span over the past several years has been 12 months.

The dark days of the 90s when the not too distant champions very nearly got relegated twice on the last day of the season. 36 years? By the second time in 1998, it had only been 11.

Being hypnotised into accepting mediocracy as success under the Kenwright-Moyes coalition.

Irresponsibly throwing money at a problem but spending it like someone who has just won on the roulette wheel in a Las Vegas hotel and walking down the strip throwing dollar bills into the air.

There are many factors. Some, will target managers, even individual ones. I'm now more looking at how the club has been run. It comes from the top.

1987? Some would go back further. Apart from Howard's ray of sunshine that put us back and gave us a potential platform to build on, the 70s and early 80s were not an easy ride.

Laurie Hartley
538 Posted 26/01/2023 at 01:30:51
Michael # 520 - Here are my answers to your survey:-

Can you even see Goodison Park from where you live?

No – Australia is a bit too far away.

What did you say to Graeme Sharp last time you spoke to him?

I have never met him – so nothing

Do you have a tab behind the counter at the Goodison Super Bar?


From how many Everton away games have you been physically ejected?

None – even though I was drunk and disorderly at quite few of them

Have you ever been caught "bunking-in"?

Never caught but I remember my dad lifting me over the Goodison Rd turnstiles

Do you have a programme from the 2016 4th Round League Cup tie vs Norwich City?


Do you remember seeing Bill Kenwright as a scally in the Boys Pen?

No – if he was in there he wasn’t one of the lads climbing up the cyclone wire

Have you ever said anything nasty about Tom Davies?

Maybe ??

Have you ever said anything nice about Frank Lampard?

Yes but does it count because I never wanted him in the first place and called for his sacking after Bournemouth week.

What is the chessiest item with an EFC logo in your possession?

See attached picture


Up the Blues!!!

Tony Abrahams
539 Posted 26/01/2023 at 13:06:31
I’ve got LUDO, on mine, but it obviously turns into Landudano, on the odd occasion!
Christopher Timmins
540 Posted 26/01/2023 at 13:18:20

If you strike out Howard's managerial period post Oxford to winning his second Championship, the past 50 years have been very poor with very few good times, it's been downhill since Alan Ball was allowed to leave.

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