Kevin Campbell backs Graeme Sharp's silence

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In the wake of Bill Kenwright's extraordinary response to a Twitter post from the AllTogetherNow group, former Everton striker and now Sky pundit, Kevin Campbell has provided his take on Graeme Sharp's non-response to the Open Letter the NSNOW group challenged him with last month

“Whether I’d like to hear more from him or not the fact is, one – he’s a legend, and two – he’s an actual board member.

“This is sometimes what the fanbase don’t understand. When you’re actually on the inside of the club your relationship is totally different.

“People can ask, they want Graeme Sharp to say this or say that. He’s a board member now and he has to act accordingly. Because you kind of act as a group.

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“Many ex-players have been called out to say stuff, but the relationship because they have been in the club, and because they have a great relationship with the fans, they have a great relationship with the people upstairs as well. 

“So what don’t you do? Sometimes it’s best for people to just be quiet and I think Graeme Sharp is doing that. 

“Obviously he’s said bits that the fans don’t like, but fans have to realise he’s a board member, he’s been put on the board for a reason – his football knowledge, and to help.

“But Graeme Sharp saying whatever isn’t going to cure the problem.”


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Peter Carpenter
1 Posted 23/04/2023 at 19:21:35
Predictable rubbish from Campbell.
Ralph Basnett
2 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:19:39
Campbell looking to get on the board!!!
Anthony A Hughes
3 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:26:07
Campbell always comes across as abit vacant. Thanks for the insight Kev
Tony Abrahams
4 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:32:29
Taking away any cynicism, then this is exactly how things work at a lot of football clubs.

Keep your mouth shut, and don’t upset your bosses, especially if they are paying you a fortune and are also giving you a very lofty position that you don’t really warrant.

Joe McMahon
5 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:34:22
I'm disappointed with Kevin here. Sharp has always been a Kenwright puppet, and I was hoping Kevin could se that.
Dave Abrahams
6 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:40:01
“He’s been put on the board for his football knowledge and to help”
I think a lot of Everton fans would like to know how his football knowledge has helped Everton FC since he became part of the Everton board.
Most Everton fans acknowledge what Graeme Sharp did as a player none of us are criticising that part of his time with the club, it’s the last twenty years as part of Kenwright’s clique that fan’s are questioning, how is he helping the club by saying nothing and doing nothing as far as we can see, a willing puppet to his master.
Tony Everan
7 Posted 23/04/2023 at 20:43:05
He’s lying low as wants to get retained in his ambassador role ‘ the players’ life president’ when the other cowboys are run out of town. We’ve entered the phase where they are all looking after no1, because they it’s way past the point of no return.
Jack Convery
8 Posted 23/04/2023 at 21:56:14
Sorry Kevin but you are wrong. If I had been a non-executive director in that boardroom, I would have resigned long ago. In my resignation letter I would have pointed out the failings of the board, of which there are many. I would also point out the ineffective role of the Chairman and how he has resided over the decline of one of the games great clubs, both on and off the field.

Sharp was a great CF for Everton but his inaction on this matter leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.

When it comes to Camps I would rather be in the Southall one than the delusional Kenwright.

David McMullen
9 Posted 23/04/2023 at 22:21:39
Think Campbell and others forget that Sharp already spoke after the West Ham game, which pretty much nailed his position. His otherwise silence is deafening.
Dave Lynch
10 Posted 23/04/2023 at 23:08:18
What Campbell is alluding to is, imo, that he has been told to keep his mouth shut.

Sharp doesn't have any balls...that is obvious by his tacit backing of the board, Kev is basically saying, he's one of "them" now, he won't be allowed to speak out unless he's otherwise ordered to by the Everton Gestapo.

Mike Gaynes
11 Posted 23/04/2023 at 23:44:00
Dave #10, find a different metaphor. That one isn't appropriate.
Dave Lynch
12 Posted 24/04/2023 at 00:18:08
Mike...the word Gestapo is an abreviation of... Geheime Staatpolizei.

Meaning... Secret State Police.
Nothing sinister regards WW2 meant.

Mike Gaynes
13 Posted 24/04/2023 at 00:53:36
The derivation of the word notwithstanding, Dave, that organization historically existed at only one time and place, and for one purpose. I hope you'll find a more appropriate word to describe the Everton board.
Jay Harris
14 Posted 24/04/2023 at 01:35:46
The only board director with any experience and acumen was Keith Harris who resigned and said Everton was the most dysfunctional board he had ever come across.

The other directors wont resign. They are getting a fat wad and being directed by Kenwright.

They represent all that is wrong with football. Egotistic, greedy narcissists with no principles. Werent we told over 12 months ago that DBB was looking for another job. She obviously cant find one as lucrative or was that another lie.

Dave Lynch
15 Posted 24/04/2023 at 10:39:59
Mike...I really dint get why you are upset about my metaphor.

Posters on here have called Kenwright Kim Jong Bill, Stalin and other names of a derogatory nature.

Both the above are despotic murderers.

Dennis Stevens
16 Posted 24/04/2023 at 14:23:01
Campbell is right, in so far as: "Graeme Sharp saying whatever isn’t going to cure the problem"

We don't need words, we need deeds - & we need them from Kenwright & Moshiri.

John Keating
17 Posted 24/04/2023 at 15:29:46
Campbell is entitled to his opinion but it’s absolute bullshit!
Sharp by his support of Kenwright and Baxendale has shown his true colours and it isn’t Royal Blue

So he did well for us 30 odd years ago. Great and he will be well remembered for that
However, what the arsehole has done recently has put him in the same level of contempt, if not more, than Kenwright and Baxendale

When this is all over he, like Kenwright and Baxendale, will be forever ridiculed, held in contempt, and never be welcomed back at Everton

Jerome Shields
18 Posted 24/04/2023 at 15:47:39
Sharpe is a Director of Everton Football Club. Campbell is trying to defend someone who would not be able to talk, because he knows nothing.
Will Mabon
19 Posted 24/04/2023 at 16:12:25
In times good, bad or indifferent, there is company and board protocol. There are certain people and channels tasked with communication. It kind of has to be that way.

A board member could go rogue and say their own thing but the outcome is pretty nailed on. It's about whether Sharp values the rest of his career in football or business such as it might be, over his standing as a Blue.

That said, being seen at Aintree as I read earlier on another thread, while avoiding the "danger" of Goodison on a match day was a very poor, amateur and disrespectful step. Clown World stuff.

Danny O’Neill
20 Posted 24/04/2023 at 16:46:06
He was no Kevin Sheedy.

He was no Peter Reid.

But he was someone I adored as a teenager.

How he cannot come out in support of the supporters is beyond me. Maybe I'm getting too emotional.

Speak out and stand with us Graeme. Or your well deserved reputation as a player will be tainted.

James Marshall
21 Posted 24/04/2023 at 16:56:25
Of course he's not going to speak out against the board - he is the board!

They're all hunkering down in the vain hope that we somehow escape relegation again - I just hope it happens away from Goodison so we don't have to suffer another embarrassing 'celebration' of staying up.

What Graeme Sharp says is of absolutely zero consequence to me - I couldn't care less what ex-players think about the current shit show at the club.

Mark Murphy
22 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:23:12
Hahaha Danny! Kevin Sheedy bingo!!
Christopher Timmins
23 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:24:33
We are the worst run club in the country. What more needs to be said at this stage.

Can we move on to Newcastle, Danny would you take a point if offered it now?

Will Mabon
24 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:30:52
Godwin's Law has a parallel on TW as "Sheedy's Law".
James Marshall
25 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:34:31
Reductio ad Sheedyum!
Martin Mason
26 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:42:44
Everton gave Sharp a livelihood for many years, including in his later life, and we didn't complain about the club giving him a job.

Having been so well treated by the club, is it really so bad on him to show loyalty to the club? A genuine question, btw.

Will Mabon
27 Posted 24/04/2023 at 17:59:33

there's no way of knowing his motivations. That's business and that's life.

One could though equally ask whether he's showing loyalty to a certain definition of "The club". His choice.

Trevor Peers
28 Posted 24/04/2023 at 18:00:06
Old pals act here by Campbell!

Sharp will be gone soon anyway, I imagine, if reinvestment is as close as reported. If he had any feelings for the fans, he would've resigned by now and spilled the beans on Kenwright's inept handling of the club.

By staying on, Sharp is only proving he's a mercenary with money being his sole motivation and should rightly be condemned.

I'd like to know the exact nature of his 'job' because he can't be any good at it. I doubt if he will be welcomed by the fans in the future once the dust settles after this season, especially if we go down. His previous reputation as an avid Evertonian is being totally destroyed because of his greed. Sharp must think it's a price worth paying.

Mark Murphy
29 Posted 24/04/2023 at 18:03:27
I introduced Danny to my mate on Saturday as the guy who can shovel a Kevin Sheedy reference into any thread on media platforms…
Ben King
30 Posted 24/04/2023 at 18:05:42
Trevor #28,

What do you mean ‘old pals act'??

They played in completely different eras so I doubt they particularly know each other

Sharp played with Lineker, Heath, Gray

Campbell played with Ferguson, Jeffers etc

If you know your history…..

Ian Edwards
31 Posted 24/04/2023 at 18:05:42
Graeme Sharp is a Club legend and always will be a club legend regardless of what scapegoating is thrown at him.

Kevin Campbell saved us from relegation and in my view is also a club legend and entitled to his opinion. We aren't in Putin's Russia yet although Altogether Now seem to think they speak for every fan. They don't – and they certainly don't throw Kenwright's health at him in most reasonable supporters' name.

Moshiri is the sole power. Everyone else are just employees or figureheads with no authority.

Concentrate on the pitch for the next 6 games and then complain about the Board.

John Keating
32 Posted 24/04/2023 at 18:07:26

Sharp is not showing loyalty to the Club in any way shape or form. Sharp is showing loyalty to the organ grinder, Kenwright. Remember, the Club is not Kenwright — it's the supporters of the Club.

Sharp can't be that stupid. He must see and hear everything we do. He's been around through all the Kenwright lies. He's seen the waste and decline under Kenwright. Any genuine person would have long ago resigned his position on the Board.

In my opinion, Sharp is no different to either Kenwright or Barrett-Baxendale. People in positions for which they are totally unfit for and overseeing the decline of a once great football club.

33 Posted 28/04/2023 at 11:09:46
David Peate
34 Posted 30/04/2023 at 11:38:43
Campbell has power without responsibility while Sharp has responsibility without power.

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