FAB calls a vote of no confidence in Kenwright

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The Everton Fan Advisory Board has issued a statement calling a vote of no confidence in Club Chairman, Bill Kenwright following his controversial open letter to the #AllTogetherNow fan group last week.

In the ill-timed letter, released on evertonfc.com on the eve of an important fixture at Crystal Palace, Kenwright addressed concerns raised about his health and defended the performance of CEO Denise Barrett-Baxendale and the rest of the Board of Directors but he has been heavily criticised for the tone of his missive and his failure to acknowledge the problems dogging the Club.

Years of financial largesse and poor recruitment have left Everton on the brink of losing their top-flight status after a 69-year unbroken stretch and at the mercy of an independent commission to which the Club has been referred based on charges by the Premier League that they broke profitability and sustainability rules in the 2021-22 financial year.

The FAB, comprised of four elected representatives, including Chair and shareholder Jazz Bal, and six more fans drawn from suppporters' groups, including the Everton Fans' Forum, Everton Supporters Club Committee and the Everton Heritage Society, was assembled to act as a liaison between Everton's ownership and Board on the one hand and the fans on the other.

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In recent weeks, the Advisory Board has presented the Board with a number of concerns raised by supporters at the running of the Club and the FAB itself have voiced their own reservations about a lack of timely or adequate communication from the hierarchy, particularly around player recruitment, the ongoing search for investment, the funding models for the new Everton Stadium, and owner Farhad Moshiri's own medium- to long-term plans as they pertain to his position as majority shareholder.

None of the Board have attended a match at Goodison Park since early January due to what the Club say are security concerns, although Kenwright, Moshiri and Barrett-Baxendale were in attendance at Frank Lampard's last match in charge against West Ham at the London Stadium later that month and both the Chairman and Chief Executive were at the Anfield derby the following month. 

In their statement, the FAB remarked on what is "a second successive relegation battle threatening our Premier League status", the alleged breach of financial rules, and their own calls for "proactive leadership, communication and engagement" from the Club hierarchy at a time when the relationship between large parts of the fanbase and the Board has become fractured, and for some, irreparable.

"The Chair of any organisation has a core responsibility for leading the board, ensuring its focus on strategic matters and direction, overseeing the company's business, and setting high governance standards.

"We were therefore hugely disappointed at the Chairman's statement last Friday," the statement continues. "At a critical time for our Club, when we most needed leadership, understanding, accountability and a recognition of the strength of feeling and concern across large parts of the fanbase, we got the absolute opposite.

"The situation as it stands is not sustainable, not befitting of our great Club and as Evertonians we do not deserve it.

"After careful consideration, we are therefore making a call of no confidence in the current Chair of Everton Football Club.

"The FAB is also calling on the majority shareholder to urgently take charge of securing stronger expertise, experience and more appropriate leadership for our Club and ask that he be ready to explain to fans the action and timetable for making this happen.

"Finally, we want to acknowledge the work of those doing the day to day work within the Club in what must be extremely difficult circumstances, as well as Evertonians who have shown time and time again that they will stop at nothing to support our Club."


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Barry Hesketh
1 Posted 28/04/2023 at 17:18:32
Fans Advisory Board, the body which Moshiri, said he would listen to have issued the following statement:

Over the past number of weeks and months, the FAB has expressed its own concerns about the predicament our club finds itself in, and the challenges it faces. The FAB has held open meetings with supporters to listen to their views, attended meetings held by fan groups and taken soundings from Evertonians through the representative organisations and individuals that make up the FAB. These have been shared directly and unfiltered with senior officials at the club. In sharing this feedback, the FAB and its members have also consistently called for proactive leadership, communication and engagement from the club hierarchy at a time when the relationship between large parts of the fanbase and the board has become fractured, and for some, irreparable.

"The chair of any organisation has a core responsibility for leading the board, ensuring its focus on strategic matters and direction, overseeing the company’s business, and setting high governance standards. We were therefore hugely disappointed at the chairman’s statement last Friday.

"At a critical time for our club, when we most needed leadership, understanding, accountability and a recognition of the strength of feeling and concern across large parts of the fanbase, we got the absolute opposite. The situation as it stands is not sustainable, not befitting of our great club and as Evertonians we do not deserve it. After careful consideration, we are therefore making a call of no confidence in the current chair of Everton Football Club.” Source:Liverpool Echo

In another article elsewhere Marcel Brands claimed that the 'owner' dictated to a manager which players should be in the team. He didn't name names. According to Brands... that he was in ‘meetings on expensive yachts and phone calls where the coach was told who to line up’.

He also didn’t ‘name names’ and could not go into too much detail ‘out of respect‘ for his previous employer.

“You can’t imagine that world if you haven’t seen it yourself,” he [Brands]said.

John Keating
2 Posted 28/04/2023 at 18:42:23
FAB finally make the right call...
Paul Jones
3 Posted 28/04/2023 at 18:46:52
I see the BBC have finally picked up fans' discontent about Kenwright. 4 months too late.

Unfortunately, they can't be bothered debunking the whole security threat bullshit that was spouted by Chairman Bill, but at least McNulty had the sense to call the board out. To my mind, the timing is driven by hubris rather than a real determination to highlight the club's issues, but that's the BBC for you these days.

John Keating
4 Posted 28/04/2023 at 18:55:06
I appreciate they're in a bit of between a rock and a hard place but I think they've been far too diplomatic for a long time.

Hopefully they will enlarge the statement to include the rest of the so-called Board.

Mark Ryan
5 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:02:14
If you read Brands's interview, then Moshiri has proven to the club that he is not able to bring in professional people and allow them to do their job. He found Brands and fucked him over, tied his hands and fucked him over again.

Anyone who utters the words "Consider me buying Salomon Rondon as a gift to Raphael," is a sandwich short of a picnic!

Colin Glassar
6 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:02:31
They can't even name the sod!!!

I don't know what's worse, getting trolled by a bunch of inbred Geordies or knowing that Kenshite is still our chairman?

Paul Jones
7 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:10:16
Watch the board insist that the 'flagship' FAB is no longer fit for purpose while dissolving it and telling us a newer, better, Board Of Advisory Fans will be formed in 15 months time.
Christy Ring
8 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:20:40
For a chairman to make a statement criticising the fans the day before a huge game against Palace was a disgrace and shows he thinks he's bigger than the club.

Do the honourable thing and resign – and take Sharp the puppet with you.

Reading where Brands didn't want Silva sacked, and wanted Arteta to replace him, overruled by the owner who knows nothing about football.

Kieran Kinsella
9 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:36:20

I think Jaz and FAB have handled this very well. They've done everything that was asked of them, they've been diplomatic and polite and raised legitimate concerns.

The board failed to hold up their end of the bargain by not even honoring their commitment to meet with them as scheduled. Therefore, while there are no "winners", no-one can cast them as the villains.

Had they gone the more aggressive route, the board would have cut off communication a long time ago and represented them as a baying mob.

Geoff Lambert
10 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:38:04
We need to start protesting at his West End shows.
Brian Wilkinson
11 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:57:25
When you see the FAB send out this message, you know it's time up for the board.

The FAB have in my opinion been selected to be seen as something as a go-between, but on occasions have not really attacked the board, but defended them, gave them the benifit of the doubt.

For them to come out with this gives me real hope that we may be finally getting rid of these clueless idiots, running our football club.

Mr Kenwright's supporters are narrowing down by the day.

I just hope one day they will look back in time and see the damage he has done to our football club, with his big ego, and realise that it is not a personal vendetta on the guy himself from the supporters.

Chris Leyland
12 Posted 28/04/2023 at 19:59:18
I thought when first reading the headline that he's declared no confidence in himself:


Tony Everan
13 Posted 28/04/2023 at 20:03:30
There's no way back for Bill Kenwright, he is universally unwanted at the club. There is no option for him now, he must resign for the good of the club, and probably for his own failing health.

Whatever happens this season, the club needs a new start, the incompetence and division can't go on any longer.

Peter Carpenter
14 Posted 28/04/2023 at 20:16:48
Hey, Bill. It's all falling apart now isn't it? You delivered a billionaire and look what he's done. You idiot.

Stop fighting. It's over for you. Stick to the theatre and all that stuff. Apart from yourself, it's your one true love.

Enjoy yourself but don't bother us again. We'll be busy sorting out the mess you've made in nearly destroying our football club.

Dave Lynch
16 Posted 28/04/2023 at 20:26:38
I can't wait for that grovelling sycophant Sharp's reaction.

What's the bet he tries to stab the board in the back to save his own skin?

Alan Johnson
17 Posted 28/04/2023 at 20:48:35
I'm not expecting a response from Chairman Bill. He'll batten down the hatches in the belief it will soon blow over.

There's so much momentum going now, it will be difficult for the national media to ignore the damage this man's done.

John Keating
18 Posted 28/04/2023 at 20:53:02

Sharp can do whatever he wants. He's made his bed and now he has to lie in it. As long as the shithouse that he is never comes anywhere near our Club again.

Sharp and our CEO are getting away with murder. Kenwright without doubt is enemy number one; however, the rest are a very close second.

Jerome Shields
22 Posted 28/04/2023 at 21:12:40
Actually, the FAB has proved to be very representative of the Fans.Jaz skillfully exposed Moshiri at the pullover interview, although the club thought they had a PR coup.

This current statement says it all and is putting Chairman Bill under a lot of pressure, as well Moshiri.

Anthony Dove
23 Posted 28/04/2023 at 21:14:22
John@15. Joining the board, probably with the best possible intentions, may not
have been the best career move in the current toxic environment around the
Club. However I find the vitriolic comments aimed against a legend on
the playing field obscene. Is that the Everton we’ve become? If so I’m out.
Andy Peers
24 Posted 28/04/2023 at 21:21:51
Anthony, although I understand your feelings about Sharp, he is not showing any signs of remorse for the position that the board has got us into.

I know if I was on this current regime, I would give my notice and resign to stop taking a wage for doing a crappy job.

John Keating
25 Posted 28/04/2023 at 21:28:58

What Sharp did as a player is in no doubt. Nobody is questioning his playing achievements – well paid though it was – for us at a time when we were almost unbeatable.
However, that does not give him a free pass for his present allegiance to a bunch who have made a complete joke of our Club.

Sharp has probably been privy to a lot more than us plebs have been and still decided to stick with Kenwright. He has had opportunities to distance himself from the Board but decided against it. If you cannot separate Sharp the player from Sharp the director, then that's your business.

We are all entitled to our opinions and my opinion is that Sharp the director has negated the achievements of Sharp the player and he is no better than the other arseholes who have decided to support the lies aimed at the real supporters of our club.

David McMullen
27 Posted 28/04/2023 at 21:59:49
I've no confidence in the club, full-stop.
Christine Foster
28 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:01:20
Have to say I may have been wrong in my assessment of FAB, they may have begun life as a front for the board but the worm turned and became an embarrassment to them. Fair do's to them.. seriously..
Anthony Dove
29 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:04:17
John@22 that’s a sad view. Sharpy has absolutely no responsibility for the misdeeds
of Kenwright and others. He finds himself between a rock and a hard place and
because of his history we should cut him some slack. To say that the (non)actions of
Sharp as a director negates his playing achievements really is something else.
Tony Abrahams
30 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:21:21
If Sharp was skint, you might have a genuine argument about him being between a rock and a hard place Anthony, because surely the simplest thing the man had to do, was just resign?

Nothing can take away Graeme Sharp’s achievements on the football pitch, but I think he’s lost a lot of respect as a man?

Andy Crooks
31 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:24:21
Anthony, Sharp is stuck between a rock and a monumentally lucrative place. He sold his legacy.
Tony Abrahams
32 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:28:08
And because Bill Kenwright’s tenure has ultimately been built on lies, imo Andy, then it was obvious to me, that he was always going to destroy his own legacy. He got a lot further than he should have though, but it’s definitely caving in all around him now.
Mark Ryan
33 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:28:12
Anthony, one of our regular posters here on TW reported that Sharp was seen at Aintree on the day we played Fulham. Grand National day. He did not attend Goodison that day. As a Director of EFC he made a decision to be at the races rather than at Goodison Park. What does that say about him as a director, as a man, as an ex player. If true, deplorable in my view, Legend or not
Kunal Desai
34 Posted 28/04/2023 at 22:31:48
Kenshite and his band of merry friends add no value to this club and never will other than thieving an exceptionally good wage. Opportunitists.
John Keating
35 Posted 28/04/2023 at 23:08:01
You win as a team and you lose as a team
Some team members are worse than others but at the end of the day they’re all complicit.
If a player is not happy then put in a transfer request
The board, in my opinion, are no different.
They are all complicit in the “we’ve had some good times” and the shit we have today.
If anyone on the Board wasn’t/isn’t happy then they could have walked. By not walking it implies they support each other
We see people from all walks of life from politicians, sports people, celebrities and general public who after doing great things early doors blot their copy books later on.
Most people are only remembered for their latest efforts.
Sharps seat is empty right now. Why doesn’t he use it?
One guess
Derek Knox
36 Posted 29/04/2023 at 06:16:26
John K, putting in a Transfer request seems logical to our way of thinking, but these cosseted, long contract, under-performers (not all btw) know that they are getting a King's Ransom each week and probably deep down, they know their limitations. Add to that, no-one has been mithering Everton to snatch any players away, even if any interest was shown, they wouldn't/couldn't match the over-generous contracts.
Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 29/04/2023 at 07:08:55
That’s the worrying thing about the expected fire sale Derek. I hope I’m wrong once again.
Eric Myles
38 Posted 29/04/2023 at 07:18:21
Has this been picked up by the meeja or are they once more looking the other way?
Kim Vivian
39 Posted 29/04/2023 at 07:38:10
John Keating
40 Posted 29/04/2023 at 08:15:24
Fully agree regarding the players
My post was really aimed at Sharpe and trying to compare, possibly in a wrong way, that if he had any issues against the Board then he had a chance to express them
By saying and doing nothing, by staying away from home games due to the “threats” in my opinion he is no different from the rest of the Board
Forget the player, it’s Sharpe the director who is a tosser.
Jerome Shields
41 Posted 29/04/2023 at 09:10:37
A small Board in any organisation is the sign of a Dominant Manager or Director who wants to control everything for their own ends , inevitability costing the organisation financially and putting a huge drag on any progress.The Dominant individual builds up support around themselves , that are totally dependent on their patronage and must toe the line in what they want.These individuals often across as arrogance , despicable and unprincipled.
James Hughes
42 Posted 29/04/2023 at 09:23:23
Eric, The mail are having a go at the board


Jerome Shields
43 Posted 29/04/2023 at 09:27:29
Actually it was Kieran Kinsella who actually engaged in FAB meetings and was advised by numerous ToffeeWebber (I being one of them)that it was an attempt by the Board to hoodwink the Real Fans.

I can safely say that I had to eat every word I posted on that thread and give Kieran credit for being so right.

Dave Carruthers
44 Posted 29/04/2023 at 09:53:08
The Mail article is the most honest, direct statement yet from the national media (the excellent and loyal Phil Mcnulty not withstanding). Never has the perfect storm been more accurately summarised.

I can't add anymore to the excellent comments and reflections already been posted. I agree that probably more is to come out.

I sit in the Danny and Rob school of optimism. That a win (a draw is not enough) on Monday is still a distinct possibility with captain Seamus back, Mina/Coady for Keane (so the return of proper leaders who will stand up) and the same focus and intensity they gave for the first hour on Thursday. Certainly I think it is likely Leeds and Forest will lose prior to that game.

Of course, that will recreate all the hope that is killing us. But let's not give up. 17th, new owners, the board gone and a reset (notwithstanding penalties) by next August is not beyond. Relegation is a nightmare on so many fronts I still can't reconcile myself to it and the dreadful short and medium-term repercussions.

Unrealistic? Maybe, but we are only 2 points – not 6 points – from safety.

John Keating
45 Posted 29/04/2023 at 10:20:33
James 42, Jim 45
Yes guys the media and journos are picking up the story now but it’s all too late.
The question and answers required from these journos, and I include Phil McNulty is where were they years ago?
Where were they during Kings Dock, Fortress Fund, Destination K, Blue Union?

Well they were all at Goodison getting regally entertained by Bill. Writing pieces fully supportive of Bill and slagging off supporters who were questioning Bill and his shenanigans

It was an absolute disgrace. The same journalists and papers now questioning Bill were his biggest supporters
And the, by far, biggest culprit in the media was our very own Echo.
Our local paper only concerned about the interests if local people were the biggest Bill arselickers of all!

Winston Williamson
46 Posted 29/04/2023 at 10:49:10
The Chairman of any company, club or organisation is the driving force and is ultimately responsible for the direction, culture, policy and stability of the collective.

Before Moshiri, Kenwright managed a steady decline over a sustained period of time. A decline slowed by the transfer policy and stability of David Moyes. By luck or design, Moyes countered Kenwright’s lack of football-business acumen and managed the majority of fans expectations with a The People’s Club and Plucky Everton identity.

We were always a couple of players short of success, due in large part, to the fact we inevitably needed to sell our best players just to continue to operate, whilst also selling off other tangible assets.

Kenwright, to keep himself in a position that, over the years has proven to be driven by ego and not love, told countless lies and displayed a serious lack of football-business knowledge.

Kenwright’s ego provided the drive to find someone with money who would keep Kenwright at the top of the tree, whilst making him rich. Kenwright’s interests first, Everton second. One can only conclude, Kenwright has started to believe his own lies about being the best man to run EFC. Ego and narcissistic thought process evident.

The only positives during the pre-Moshiri ownership, stability and transfer policy, were quickly forgotten once Moshiri bought in.

This to me, is evidence Kenwright could not even identify the few elements that had brought him relative success during the Moyes days. Those elements were evidently not by design, but by circumstance. I.E an inability to develop, innovative and produce growth. Something all of the other clubs of relative size in the Premier League have succeeded in.

Recruitment. Recruitment. Recruitment.
Once Moshiri came aboard, all aspects of recruitment have been shambolic.
The Board.
Football Staff.
And most importantly, players.

Over the last 6-7 years, can we name a player signing that improved upon the previous incumbent in the same position? I’m struggling! Maybe Gana (first time). Maybe Pickford (eventually).

The standard of player has been getting progressively worse. Progressively more expensive.

With wages to income ratio’s in the 90% area, who is responsible? Every board member. That is who. Who provides the oversight and framework, sets the policy and culture? The fucking Chairman.

Personally, I'm emotionally drained. It’s like living with a narcissistic gaslighter, who shits in your bed and tells you it’s roses.

Im tired. I'm drained. It’s just not fun anymore and hasn’t been for nearly a decade. I sometimes ponder relegation as an exercise which could relieve the poison, but the realist in me knows once we go down, it’ll likely be a decade before we return.

I’ll still go the game. I’ll still support and love my club. But it does not change the fact I'm heartbroken, furious and extremely fucking tired of seeing that fat, lying, narcissistic red nose bastard of a chairman associated with US!

John Keating
47 Posted 29/04/2023 at 10:59:28
Look up the definition of Sociopath. Could be the definition of Kenwright
Denis Richardson
48 Posted 29/04/2023 at 11:02:55
At least the heat is being turned up. Not sure Moshiri nor Kenwright are listening though. Usmanov is presumably on his yacht in Turkey or Dubai somewhere and couldn't care less.

As much as I’d like to avoid going down, I think for the long term sake of the club one big upside would presumably be the accelerated departure of the current ownership and board. We’ve been taking money out of the club since the Richarlison sale so can’t see Usmanov, still under sanctions, putting any more in so would need to sell sharpish if we go down.

The club is already a mess financially, god knows what the books would look like without the life support of the premier league TV money.

Would also be nice to win more regularly in the championship and not average one win every six games.

Denis Richardson
49 Posted 29/04/2023 at 11:21:18
Winston 47,

Richarlison, Sigurdsson, Mina, Digne were decent players imo. However I did just scan our incoming transfers from 2016 and the number of crap journeymen or over the hill players signed is truly staggering. So much dross, many on large contracts that were then run down as we couldn’t shift them. Literally hundreds of millions pissed away.

I remember reading a book called Broken Dreams a long time ago that basically said where clubs make loads of strange transfers it tends to be linked to corruption - ie backhanders to various people. Main example given at the time was Harry Redknapp, who made loads of transfers wherever he went. Given our managements wish to be involved closely in transfers and managers complaining about getting players they don’t want, can only put two and two together.

Either way, Everton is a case study on how not to do things. Just amazed BMD is actually happening.

Winston Williamson
50 Posted 29/04/2023 at 11:27:38
Denis, I agree with your list of players.

The only issue I have with the Sigurdsson transfer was we spent 40m on an attacking midfielder, when really we should of spent it on a striker.

The corruption side is something I could only speculate, but most likely has some smoke and fire to some extent, especially the Iwobi deal.

Mark Taylor
51 Posted 29/04/2023 at 11:37:55
People talk about Sharp or indeed any of the board resigning, but these people are not going to walk away from big paydays on a point of principle.

Consider our CEO. Who else but Everton would pay her close to a million a year? I'm sure she knows full well she would get a fraction of that anywhere else, so will hang on for dear life until a big pay off.

Denis Richardson
52 Posted 29/04/2023 at 11:48:49
Only a change of ownership will lead to a change of management/board.

Usmanov needs to sell up - got to be a link to Moshiri somewhere surely to do a Chelsea.

Matthew Williams
53 Posted 29/04/2023 at 12:05:00
This fucking leech needs to be removed from our club...pronto.

The man is simply poison!–

Matthew Williams
54 Posted 29/04/2023 at 12:05:07
This fucking leech needs to be removed from our club...pronto.

The man is simply poison!–

Matthew Williams
55 Posted 29/04/2023 at 12:05:14
This fucking leech needs to be removed from our club...pronto.

The man is simply poison!–

Jim Lloyd
56 Posted 29/04/2023 at 12:38:22
John, (45) I put a post in so people would be aware of the story, but it's gawn orff. Anyway, I can't speak for the journo's, I Can only speak for myself. Where they were, is working for papers to tell what line to take.

I agree, it's only lately that were becoming into focus nationally but some writers have been mentioning our plight. Except that prick in the Guardian who seems to look more on the hope of finding corruption than the plight of the club and the people who support it.

Where were they for the "King's Dock, "I've found a Rich Man! Sheik Mansour's interest in Everton, "Samuelson and the money's in the bank" The Ground won't get a safety certificate" Destination Kirkby. I can't say.

There's probably more but it's the "Now" that's the bit that matters. The focus is turning on the Board, The owner and most of all "We've had some good times." Kenwright.

Whatever the owner's done, whatever the Board have, or more correctly, haven't done, it's the long dreary descent into the mire that we find ourselves in now, that the focus is on. It is that one time Board Member, one time major shareholder, Long Time Chairman of the best run club in the Premiership, should centre on.

In my view, where we are now and where we could well be in a few weeks time; is mainly due to Kenwright.

William's post(46) makes a lot of sense to me.

Kenwright as Chairman of Everton Football Club is the man where the full responsibility lies, for the good perfomance of all Board members who oversea the perfomance of all aspects of the club on and off the pitch, and to ensure the financial viability of the club is in good order.

Has he done that? Has he heck!

Dan Brierley
57 Posted 29/04/2023 at 12:46:12
No doubt he needs to move on, but the timing of all this is not helping matters at all. Would have been far better to wait until we were safe, instead all of this negative press is no doubt affecting the players and staff. Hardly surprising that the players look like they don't want to be there.
Ernie Baywood
58 Posted 29/04/2023 at 13:02:51
The club's leadership has attacked its supporters.

I can support an Everton that falls down a league. I'm not sure how long I can associate with an Everton that turns on its own fans.

Some things are more important.

John Keating
59 Posted 29/04/2023 at 13:17:31

You're spot on. My argument is that the lies Kenwright told years ago are the same lies being brought up now.

They know they are lies now and for sure they knew they were lies then. Thing was they were quite happy filling their faces with free grub and treble G&Ts.

If these two-faced bastards had told the truth years ago, we may not have been in this position now.

Mark Ryan
60 Posted 29/04/2023 at 13:38:25
Oh what a tangled Web they have woven. We have all known this for years. For over a decade, Kenwright has been wheeling and dealing. Oiling the palms of all his sycophants.

He found us a billionaire more corrupt than himself who oddly enough has less football acumen than him. This billionaire has then, like Kenwright before him, simply played with Everton like a train set.

He has, without proper due diligence, hired and fired who he wanted, when he wanted, and seemingly without Bill's consent if you listen to and believe what Brands is now saying.

After Benitez, Kenwright brought Sharp on board as his "Footballing" board member. He realises that none of them have a clue about football, so in comes Sharpy, for fuck's sake. Right there, he knows the game is up. Everyone can see that Moshiri and Kenwright are not on the same track, just parallel lines.

Now to the present day, they are all simply turning on each other. Moshiri blaming the board and Kenwright now getting Brands to leak his story to sully Moshiri in an indirect fashion. The coward's way. They are alienating each other and still the CEO, not in a headlock, she keeps schtum.

Sharp heads off to the races and he remains schtum. None of them are now attending the home matches. An absolute fucking shambles.

I hope they all fuck off including Moshiri and he can turn the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock into his own Taj Mahal, a footballing temple built not out of his love for Everton but out of the tears of its fans.

Peter Carpenter
61 Posted 29/04/2023 at 13:41:30
Winston @46, sums it up perfectly.
Andy Crooks
64 Posted 29/04/2023 at 17:33:00
I really hope that Kenwright's health remains good enough for him to be around to face the public shaming he deserves. He is an utterly odious specimen, a snake.
Jerome Shields
65 Posted 29/04/2023 at 17:54:30
Denis #49,

You could wonder about the Dele Alli deal which Harry Redknap admitted he encouraged his nephew Frank in. There was a lot of bypassing of due diligence.

Actually, the deal was structured to reward those involved all round, even more so if there was any chance of it working out.

To agree to such a negotiation, where were the pluses for Everton? Kenwright having his high-profile meal with Levy.

Barry Hesketh
66 Posted 29/04/2023 at 18:36:03
Disgruntled Everton fans have expressed their frustration at the club's inability to make quality acquisitions – only Denis Stracqualursi and Royston Drenthe arrived on transfer deadline day on loan deals – by forming the Blue Union. The Toffees' supporters were also not happy to see star player Mikel Arteta move to Arsenal for £10 million, although Kenwright insists the club, who are about £45 million in debt, had little option but to sell the Spaniard.

"Part of the problem is the history that Everton brings with it," he said. "These fans, the ones who are making the loudest noise, are young and they see where we have come from. Our history is second to none and maybe they don't accept what's going on in the world financially.

"Always as a chairman you have to take on board that Evertonians eat, sleep and breathe their football club but what I would say to these guys is that until I find the right man – and I will find him – then you are better off with me."

Everton missed out on Mansour's Riches – ESPN

Bill, you found 'the right man", but we are now worse off with him and your good self at the club, some 12 years and millions of pounds spent later.

Jim Lloyd
67 Posted 29/04/2023 at 19:12:04
Winston (46) an excellent post! John 45 & 59, Ernie 58, Matthew 53, 54 and 55 :), Mark, 60, Peter, Andy, Jerome and Barry. you're all the beating heart of EvertonFC. And many many, thousands more as well, right throughout the history of our club, right from the days when the lads of St Domingo's formed a football team and went out to play football in Stanley Park the supporters and the players, the managers and the Boards have built up EFC tio be a great football institution.

There's hurt, anger bitterness, and disillusion coming out aplenty here and rightly so. There's plenty of knowledge, great posts and heartfelt ones too. The supporters of our club have shown themselves to be Top Class in every way.

The one thing we could not be blamed for, all what Our Club has stood for since those lads formed the club's first team and played in Stanley Park, all the great history that has made Everton one of the Great Clubs in England, What was out of our hands of us supporters of our club and all it stands for,

Is The Great Betrayal that's gone on in the last 3 decades,

Jim Lloyd
68 Posted 29/04/2023 at 19:37:16
Barry, we didn't miss out on the Mansour millions as Kenwright has told everyone. He wanted investment, not a takeover.
David West
69 Posted 29/04/2023 at 22:08:10
I applaud every Evertonian using their right to protest, everyone trying to apply the pressure to the board and owner, it's falling on deaf ears.

It's utter contempt for the people who have spent their lives, years following & years building the club to what he bought and then destroyed in what is the blink of an eye in the lifetime of this club.

Since 1878, 145 years… but 7 years in his hands and it's ruined.

Moshiri is hoping investment will come and he can parade a new investor as some sort of saviour. Like Bill did when proclaiming Moshiri as the saviour.

Do we really want Moshiri having a say in any future of our club?

If you have a couple of hundred million, would you look at Moshiri and his record at Everton and think that's my best option??

Our best option is a new owner with a new board. I know there are financial implications as Moshiri is basically bankrolling the club with loans and guarantees, but the man has ruined this club.

With him or without him, we are going to be cleaning up his mess for years to come.

Graham Rathbone
70 Posted 30/04/2023 at 00:31:01
Moshiri, I don't want investment in this club. I want this board out altogether. I want a clean sweep, a total clear out from the top down. Okay, I would keep the catering staff and programme sellers.

If we survive and don't have this clear out, we will most certainly be in exactly the same position next year. Soul destroying, the lot of it.

Nick Page
71 Posted 30/04/2023 at 01:31:16
Paul Jones

I see the BBC have finally picked up fans' discontent about Kenwright. 4 months too late.

“4 months too late”


Mark Ryan
72 Posted 30/04/2023 at 09:52:55
Message to either of the losers in the Man Utd bidding war:

"Dust yourself down and buy Everton, lock, stock and barrel!"

Thank you.
Eddie Smith
73 Posted 30/04/2023 at 22:10:40
I'm just letting you all know of the sad passing of a true Blue. Big Dave Wolstenholme, many of you would know him as Tiny. R.I.P. my friend see you in my dreams.
Christine Foster
74 Posted 05/05/2023 at 12:35:28
It's not been said, but it should be as a footnote to the above, but FAB was a board driven flagship of meaningful dialogue with the fans, an initiative that many of us saw, self included, was merely a bit of show designed to gloss over the removal of AGMs, claiming it was a means of meaningful interaction with the club and the board in particular. It was pure PR for the club, swinging its praises... until it all went wrong, FAB are no longer willing to buy the lack of, well anything, especially not blame and abuse of the fanbase.

So just how embarrassing must it be for the same board who heaped praise on each other for setting in place a fan initiative the was intended to show the board in a positive light and little else, to be turned on and ridiculed by the very people they had intended to exploit for their own benefit. It's being publicly shamed. The clubs silence is expected, the demise of FAB will surely, quietly, follow.

John Keating
75 Posted 05/05/2023 at 13:16:49
agree that the FAB was set up to deflect from, and be manipulated by, the Board.
However, apart from Dave Kelly, I don't know anyone on the FAB.
One thing I can say about Dave, knowing him from Blue Union and DK days, Dave under no circumstances whatsoever could ever be manipulated by any of the incompetents on the Board
Christine Foster
76 Posted 05/05/2023 at 18:08:25
John, that was the impression most of us, being cynical of the clubs intentions, had at the time of its establishment. I confess to being surprised and grateful that despite misgivings many would have had, self included, FAB did not sit quietly by and say nothing. The PR exercise the club released with such a fanfare has turned around and publically embarrassed and condemned the board, surprisingly but thankfully so. In doing so they will be seen as undermining the very board who formed them. It's a huge embarrassment for the club who are now put in the unenviable position of either suspending ongoing cooperation with FAB, or having to publicly address the call for a no confidence motion. For FAB to continue the board would have to acquiesce and it shows no intention of doing so. I think in making this call, FAB have fallen on its sword and stopped the club using them as a pretense of communication whe there is none.

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