Everton to make decision on Dele Alli injury

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Everton's medical staff will reportedly make a decision on whether Dele Alli should undergo surgery to correct the hip flexor problem that prematurely ended his loan spell with Besiktas in Turkey.

Sean Dyche will then assess the former MK Dons and Tottenham Hotspur star to see whether he can make an impact at Everton after failing to refind his form following his move from North London.

Dele had already had an underwhelming time in Istanbul and had come in for heavy criticism from Besiktas's head coach Senol Gunes before the injury forced him to fly back to Finch Farm before the Super Lig season had finished.

Dele's return to Everton puts him back at a crossroads with a year left on his contract but with his future at Goodison Park complicated by the structure of the deal that brought him to Merseyside from Tottenham in January last year.

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The Blues acquired the 27-year-old initially for free but a £10m payment to Spurs will be triggered if and when the player makes his 20th appearance for the club. To date Dele has played 13 times for Everton, albeit just once from the start, but despite his ongoing troubles off the pitch — within days of his return to England pictures of him at a party surrounded by alcohol and canisters of laughing gas were splashed across the tabloids — Dyche appears willing to give him the opportunity to get his career back on track once and for all.

Dyche, who has yet to work with Dele in training but has spoken with the player, suggests that it is his belief that the former England international "wants to get back playing and playing well".

"[H]e’s 27 and, like other players, knows certain things and what they should or shouldn’t be doing," Dyche continued. "Forget about Everton for a minute, as a manager you can’t control everything they do in their lives. You can only guide people with what you think is good for them and eventually they have choices. We recommend they make good choices.”

"A decision will be made over the next few days over which way to go [with his injury]. There’s two ways of dealing with it: naturally or you can do the operation and there’s a debate on which suits which person.

“[At the moment] there isn’t anything other than getting him fit. I’ve heard all the noise, I’ve heard all the opinions and I’m pretty sure that you’re aware that I like to make my own.

“But he needs to get fit. I’ve met him but I haven’t seen him train, I haven’t seen him play for Everton, I haven’t seen him train with us every day.

“It’s important that he gets himself properly fit and ... then make sure his fitness is good and make sure he’s well and ready to go.”

Quotes sourced from The Times

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Joseph Terrence
1 Posted 13/06/2023 at 22:59:02
There is 0% chance of it happening, but how ironic would it be if Sean Dyche was the guy to bring Dele back to the footballer that he once was?
Barry Rathbone
3 Posted 13/06/2023 at 23:22:39
Look at his eyes – they're dead.

Something beyond football is afflicting Dele Alli.

Alan Corken
5 Posted 13/06/2023 at 23:27:57
Pity he isn't a racehorse!
Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 13/06/2023 at 23:35:21
Besiktas sporting director Ceyhun Kazanci:

"The fans had high expectations. Knowing that Dele Alli was once valued at 100 million euros, fans expect a lot of goals and assists, which is not easy in the Turkish league.

"We thought he would be more proactive, work harder and fight for the team, but that was not the case. Eventually the coach started using other players and then Alli stopped struggling. He can't handle adversity."

Michael Lynch
7 Posted 13/06/2023 at 23:36:23
Fair play to Dyche for not just washing his hands of him, but there must be a very high probability of Dele training on his own by September as we run the contract down.

The last thing Dyche needs is a flash, lazy bastard who seems to have no interest in football on the training pitch when he's trying to build a team that can compete in the Premier League

Bill Gienapp
8 Posted 14/06/2023 at 01:49:05
I’m skeptical, to say the least.

Iwobi basically admitted Dele's a terrible trainer, Dyche won't tolerate laziness, and the club won't want to trigger the appearance fee unless his impact on the pitch is undeniable.

That being said, if Dyche thinks he can get a tune out of him, I'm happy to let him try. Too often a new manager comes in and completely dismisses certain players, which is how we get into this never-ending cycle of dead wood.

Don Alexander
10 Posted 14/06/2023 at 02:34:40
Maybe Nice will sign him to replace a similar stiff in their squad.
Neil Carter
11 Posted 14/06/2023 at 05:36:52
It's up to Dele Alli – time and chances are running out on his career.

Everton's interests have to come first. Dyche is being fair – get fit prove yourself again in training and maybe there are 6 games to see if you can still do it.

If not, go do something else – football career over.

Tony Everan
12 Posted 14/06/2023 at 06:34:36
First and foremost Levy needs to release him and Everton from the shackles of the 10m after 20 games deal.

Nobody is going to pay it, least of all Everton. With the deal in place Everton have no motivation to invest time and effort get him fit mentally and physically, we just have too much else to deal with.

The same goes for the player, he will fully know he isn’t going to play because the fee will never be paid. His mindset from the start is, why should I bother?

If Levy has any decency and compassion he will do the right thing by a player who is really struggling. He needs to give him some sort of a chance to rehabilitate.

I fear it may already be too late and the path back is too arduous. I sincerely hope not though, as shining talent wasted is one of the saddest things in life.

Eric Myles
13 Posted 14/06/2023 at 06:42:24
Don #10,

I read an article yesterday where Martinez says the problem with that stiff from Nice is that he's too good to be an English footballer. There's no position for him in the English game where he can show his natural ability.

That's a shame

Make of it what you will.

Sam Hoare
14 Posted 14/06/2023 at 06:57:23
I think the quote Mike@6 provides says it all. Especially the last line.

“He can't handle adversity.”

Alli is the quintessential opposite of a Dyche player. I'd be staggered if he became a regular fixture for us.

Best case scenario is he gets fit and some club in Saudi, China, MLS can be persuaded to take him based on his previous reputation; most likely on loan covering a portion of his £100k per week deal.

Derek Thomas
15 Posted 14/06/2023 at 07:08:32
I'm sure The Club will do their utmost to fix his physical problems but the rest probably lies more with(in) himself which maybe a harder task...it could happen, but most likely won't.
Eddie Dunn
16 Posted 14/06/2023 at 07:25:03
What's Dyche supposed to say? He has to appear to be fair, with an open mind.
Sean knows the score.
Colin Glassar
17 Posted 14/06/2023 at 07:34:37
Is this a joke or something? The fella doesn’t want to play football anymore. He’s into his fashion, music, clubbing, social media lifestyle. Just get rid of him so we can all move on.
Bob Parrington
18 Posted 14/06/2023 at 07:50:47
So sad to witness a talent like Dele Alli fall in to the wilderness. He's not the first and, certainly, will not be the last.

IMO, much of it comes from hanging around with the wrong crowd, in the first instance. What follows tests mental strength and this can be difficult to repair – aka Bazza!

I'd trust Sean Dyche to handle this well and make the right decisions for Everton and, per chance, Dele himself.

Mark Ryan
19 Posted 14/06/2023 at 07:53:21
When he came to us, I thought "there could still be a player in there?"

I've seen enough to know that the dark arts have control of him. His head is no longer in the game. His body is certainly not at Premier League standard.

A small millstone for the club at the moment. Move on…

Ray Roche
20 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:02:33
Colin, sadly, we just can’t get rid of him. He’s under contract and will continue to trouser £100k a week or whatever his ludicrous salary is, for the remainder of his contract whether he plays or not.
Paul Hughes
21 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:03:18
It is to be hoped that the decision of the "medical staff" is not based solely on physical fitness.

It seems to be clear that Dele Alli has a host of mental issues. It seems unlikely that he will ever be able to overcome them. Sad.

Danny O’Neill
22 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:10:12
A fall from footballing grace.

Too much expectation too young? Like a lot of young players thrust into the glare of the Premier League with the expectation they are the finished article at a very young age?

Reading Dyche's words, he has been offered an olive branch.

This now seems down to whether the player wants it or walks away and doesn't want to play football anymore.

Jimmy Salt
23 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:18:05
Agree with Barry @3 his eyes look like a Vietnam vets thousand yard stare.
David Bromwell
24 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:28:59
Like so many of the players we have brought in in recent years, Dele Alli was a gamble and the odds were against him succeeding from the start. Goodness knows who thought it was a good idea.

I would just like to see the back of him; he is yet another embarrassment and we need to cut our losses and move on.

Craig Walker
25 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:46:05
A player who symoblises everything that is wrong about how our club has been run over the past 10 years or so. If we've learned anything, we will cut our losses. I'd like us to look for young, hungry players who will play for the shirt and give everything.

I know we can't afford world-beaters but a Brentford style team of unknowns who can give any team a game and help us make Goodison a fortress, would do me as a starting point. Journeymen has-beens is not the way we should go.

To not repeat the past two seasons we need to win a lot more matches at Goodison. There are enough teams in the league against whom we should be looking to win our home matches: Luton, Sheff United, Burnley, Forest, Bournemouth, Palace, Fulham etc.

Dele Alli is one of those players who might be up for it maybe 1 in 5 games. No thanks.

Kim Vivian
26 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:47:22
The bizarre details of his contract arrangements epitomise the incompetence of those entrusted with the negotiations at our club. The guy is costing over £5 million a year in wages and an additional £10m or £20m or whatever it is if he actually plays - albeit a certain number of appearances. I assume the deal was pivotal as regards the Richarlison transfer but all the same it seems to have been the decision of a swivel eyed loon.

We know that Alli can put in a performance as he showed us vs C Palace last year so in my mind that remains a slight, although possibly forlorn, optimism.

There are a few managers who may or might have been able to rehabilitate and get a tune out of the guy - eg SAF, Bielsa, De Canio, Simeone and possibly - very possibly Sean Dyche. These are guys who will call it like it is, jettison wasters and shown to be able to motivate players with the potential.

As someone above said - this is an olive branch for Alli and it will be up to him if he accepts it. It would mighty refreshing to see something actually work at Everton, but I am not holding my breath on this one.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
27 Posted 14/06/2023 at 08:48:07
Daniel Levy, Decency and Compassion all in the same sentence!

Never thought I would ever see that.

Papers reporting we have reached an agreement with Rice. Was not Declan but the backeoom guy from Southampton. We need to flood the papers with news that Everton and Messi have reached an agreement, we have agreed he is not coming to GP. Roll on August.

Michael Kenrick
28 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:03:36
I was sure I read somewhere yesterday that Dele Alli had an operation on his hip back in April – which I'd not seen mentioned before.

Yea, here it is, from the Express, where they reference The Times article:

The England international was forced to undergo surgery on a hip injury in April but now he is looking to wipe the slate clean once he has returned to fitness.

More fake news, I suppose?

Ray Smith
29 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:10:26
Are the clowns still running the circus?

Thelwell told where to strengthen the squad. What does that tell you?
I don't know enough about him to criticise him, but the silence from him is deafening!, does he have a voice or a say in recruitment and sales! Gagged by Kenwright, no doubt!

Dele Alli is a typical example of the mismanagement by those entrusted with negotiating deals for our club.

Coady was allowed to leave and the explanations given seem sound enough. However, is/was that based on inside knowledge that Branthwaite will be staying? Is so, ok. If Branthwaite leaves, Coady at £4.5m will come back to bite us. I hope I'm wrong and that SD was 100% involved in the decision to let Coady go.

If there is a bigger plan fine, but I don't feel comfortable with the silence until Kenwright is no more.

Michael Lynch
30 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:12:13
It would be interesting to know who was behind the deal on our side. It was, at best, a massive risk and, at worst, reckless stupidity.

Was it Lampard, Moshiri, Kenwright? Little Miss Dynamite? Thelwell? I seem to remember, at the time, Lampard was credited with pursuading Dele to come to us. If so, perhaps he'd like to chip in to cover the wages for another season?

Anyway, once again proof that only Bill actually thinks our dearly departed board was competent.

Rob Halligan
31 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:29:29
Ray # 29…………I have credible information that Branthwaite and his agent are due to meet Dyche in the next few days to discuss his position at Everton. It seems that Dyche let Coady leave with every intention of Branthwaite being a major part of the team next season, and hopefully, many seasons to come.

I see that the Daily Fail are now reporting that Jose Mourinho and Roma are preparing a £20M deal to buy Branthwaite, due to his availability. Since when has Branthwaite been available for transfer? Yet more bullshit from one of the daily scumbag rags.

Christine Foster
32 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:35:46
Michael, you are right, this feels like old news rehashed, the daily Fail had a picture in April of Alli in his hospital bed post surgery.. and the rest of the story focused on a party he attended where there were various inhaled highs and he was pictured with a ballon in his mouth.. the comments from Dyche were also from April so I suspect its rehashed..
Brian Harrison
33 Posted 14/06/2023 at 09:44:06
To those who questioned about who signed Dele, well on listening to Harry Redknap he suggested to his nephew Frank that he should sign him, and Frank duly obliged. Regarding Kenwrights part in the signing, at every club its usually the chairman who conducts the sale. So with Lampard telling Kenwright he wanted Dele he then has to negotiate a deal with Daniel Levy. Now we can all argue about the deal that was struck, but the buck stops with Lampard on this.
Iwobi has commented that Dele didnt put any effort into training from day 1, and if Lampard had talked to people at Spurs before signing him he would have known to stay well clear. Sean Dyche now inherits that problem, so we are a club in a financial straight jacket and we are paying Dele in excess of £100,000 per week, and after what happened at Besiktas I cant see to many clubs wanting to take him on loan. Also even while at Besiktas we were still paying the majority of his salary. He has got another 12 months left on his contract so whatever happens he will get £100,000 per week till his contract runs out.
I know reports are suggesting that Dyche has spoken to Dele, but we don't have many options given he still has 12 months left other than to pay up his contract and release him. No doubt as he has shown in the past he is a very talented footballer but he has lost that desire to recapture that form, so good luck with trying to rehabilitate him, even Mourhino in an interview with Dele said if you don't apply yourself in years to come you will regret it, and so far he shows no desire to do that.
Andy Crooks
34 Posted 14/06/2023 at 10:02:41
Some good points, Bob Parrington. However, in previous jobs I met many people who had " fallen in with the wrong crowd"/ Never once did I meet one of " the wrong crowd". Generally, they are people we are drawn to because they endorse our behaviour.
It seems to me that Dele needs help but needing it and wanting it are very different. If he should ever decide he wants it I reckon Sean Dyche would be just the man to give it.
Simon Jones
35 Posted 14/06/2023 at 10:28:17
I'd write something mean-spirited, but knowing how a number of footballers have struggled with poor mental health and that often only gets spoken about once when they retire, I'll keep my mouth shut on this one.

This lad could really play and if he could find that again we'd have a world beater.

Mark Ryan
36 Posted 14/06/2023 at 10:39:12
Ha ha. I keep opening my phone to see the haunted face of a man that has walked our corridors far too long with the strap title
"Kenwright steps down"

It's not going to happen is it ?
I sense somethings afoot. Staying on as Honorary Bell-End or some such nonsensical title. I hope not. C'mon, put me out of my misery God

Mal van Schaick
37 Posted 14/06/2023 at 10:43:59
Like buying a duff second hand car.
Nicholas Ryan
38 Posted 14/06/2023 at 10:54:50
As was famously said of another promising sportsman: "A young man, afflicted with talent".
Brian Williams
39 Posted 14/06/2023 at 11:04:39
Andy. True words mate, for sure. It all hinges on Dele himself. There'll be numerous people around the club, and further, more than willing to help but if he won't accept or see the need for that help then he's done as a top player.
Martin Farrington
40 Posted 14/06/2023 at 11:23:24
Some excellent posts here.
I concur with most.

Dele has the wrong people around him. Clearly. All gold diggers. Once he is finished he wont see them for dust.
If he really does want to scratch the recent past and start again he needs a mentor. Psychological support and a bodyguard to hoof those leaches.
A complete change of personal life and refocus on the now and his natural talent.

Maybe we made a mistake signing him.
as we are not a top six club machine with infinite reserves in europe every season, and potless, we can look at this as an opportunity (as with the changes underway at the top)
Dont forget he is here. He is a person. Albeit troubled.
Its a huge task to help this kid.
But aren't we the peoples club ?

As for his contract. Moshiri outlined the process in his horrendous interview a few months back..
The manager goes to Thelwall with a list of needs.
Thelwall then "finds" suitable players and converses with the manager.
They then submit "an application form" to The Chairman who then processes the request.
Once all the details are completed on the contract and fees (by The Chairman) he (Moshiri) rubber stamps the deal.
Nowhere was DBB mentioned by Moshiri in this process.
It was The Chairman. End of.
So this ludicrous contract was Kenwrights doing.
Which is no surprise as he has the worst reputation in contracts and player fees in the history of this club.

IMO things are not going to change dramatically (player wise ie purchases) for us over the next few seasons.
We are in this cluster fxxk situation and there is no windfall coming our way.
The events yet to happen regarding the announcement of personnel at board level to steer Everton out of this financial, commercial and footballing catastrophe can only be positive.
No one can do worse.

Sean Dyche has rejuvenated a playing ethic which is actually exciting at times.
I no longer dread match days.
The best players MUST STAY.
Selling them is madness.
Who for ? Who would come ?
Worse players on greater wages.
Get real.

What is obvious is that HOME DEVELOPING is OUR only choice for the foreseeable future.
Our entire youth / reserve system is pants. No one is good enough to improve a relegation side - Everton.
Everyone should be shown the door including those responsible for recruiting and running teams. They have all failed.
Close it down and rebuild from scratch if necessary.
Set a basic standard. Players MUST have first time control. One touch passing ability, speed and stamina.
If they don't then don't accept them.

Anyone still awake ???

Jerome Shields
44 Posted 14/06/2023 at 11:24:12
This transfer stinks from the beginning and continues to do so. Those involved in this transfer need to be investigated. There was no proper assessment carried out and the player's contract and deal with Spurs was ludicrous.

The protagonists do not want to know now and definitely would not want an investigation. Dyche has been left with the mess, with a player who will sit like a stone on his contract. Alli's recovery is a small town outside wishful thinking.

Lester Yip
45 Posted 14/06/2023 at 11:58:00
Dyche shows he trusts no hearsay he had to assess anyone based on his own observation alone. As shown he's given chance to Doucoure, Keane, Davies, Simms, Maupay to play in games. Some make it and some don't. But he seems fair and transperant. As such, you'll expect him to allow Gomes, Dele, Gbamin (if he comes back) a fair crack before final decision to be made.

I don't hold any hope of Dele's revival. I just hope a Saudi club wouldn't mind him as a mascot.

Justin Doone
46 Posted 14/06/2023 at 12:23:32
Martin 40, spot on.

Dyche will make his own mind up on Dele, but I can't see a person who learns from their mistakes or wants to change their lifestyle. As a relatively young multi-millionaire I can't blame him wanting to enjoy life whilst healthy and young.

He wants to keep his cake and eat it. If this was 20 or 30 years ago he'd get away with it. Until he admits to himself that he needs a lot of help to rediscover the athletic footballer or that he's no longer an athletic footballer.

Levy will do nothing to help Everton and why should he. It's Everton's mistake (added to a huge long list of them) and like Dele the board have proven they are unable to learn from their mistakes. Mr Kenwright, please remove yourself asap!

Dave Abrahams
47 Posted 14/06/2023 at 12:44:45
Michael (30), At the time Dele was signed it was suggested on ToffeeWeb in article by Lyndon Lloyd that Kenwright had negotiated the deal,with his fellow chairman at Spurs Daniel Levy, furthermore that Kenwright had possibly made a very good purchase.
John Graham
48 Posted 14/06/2023 at 12:53:34
As expected we have now been fed a NO NEWS topic by the club to get away from the fact that it now looks like Kenwright is staying as Chairman.
The cannon fodder, who had very little influence on the decisions being taken by the board have now been sacrificed leaving the problem of BK still firmly entrenched and ready for next seasons relegation battle.
Roger Helm
49 Posted 14/06/2023 at 13:22:49
It was like buying an old Rolls Royce, excellent back in the day and lovely if it ever works, but horrendously expensive to maintain.

At his age, I can't see his character changing. He was given a last chance when he joined us but he pissed it away. We are stuck with him and his ridiculous wages for the next year, thanks to Lampard and Kenwright. He sums up everything that has been wrong with Everton these last 10 years.

Mark Taylor
50 Posted 14/06/2023 at 13:35:27
Dyche performed a minor miracle to keep our squad of misfits and malingerers up. It would take a major miracle, akin to turning water into wine, to succeed with Dele. I say there is no chance.

As others have said, he is the epitome of how we are always stitched up like a kipper on transfer deals. A no- to low-risk punt might have been acceptable but £5M a year on a full contract? You must be joking – that is money we could have put to much better use had we employed anyone who knew about football.

Worse still, we agreed a fee that meant, unless Dele hit the ground running – unlikely – we were going to be heavily disincentivised for trying to get him anywhere near match-ready.

Genius stuff from Frank and our hapless Chairman. I imagine Levy would be dining out for years on how he stitched us up.

Ed Prytherch
51 Posted 14/06/2023 at 13:39:30
I like Tony's suggestion that Levy is asked to drop the £10M clause.

Maybe we cannot expect Levy to help Everton but we would be asking him the help a player who was a star at Spurs a few years ago.

Ray Smith
52 Posted 14/06/2023 at 13:49:12
Rob 31,

I sincerely hope you're right on the Branthwaite situation; otherwise, we've let Coady go, which would have been a short- to medium-term fix, to keep us out of the mire (again) for £4.5M.

I'm sure Dyche has alternatives in hand, but it's worrying that teams are dangling enticing fees (£20M media hype) for his signature.

Can Dyche get a tune out of Dele Alli? One hell of a gamble, and can he prove his value in 7 starts, before triggering the £10M clause with Spurs!

I trust Sean Dyche… but who or what is he dealing with?

Andrew Keatley
53 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:15:42
Rob (31),

In terms of whether or not Branthwaite is available for transfer or not, I suspect that our entire squad is available for transfer for the right price – or even the wrong price in about 50% of cases.

We are still very much fighting financial fires and I worry that, in the absence of wholesale change to our ownership in the next fortnight, we'll need to offload around £50 million worth of player(s) before 30 June just to have the books sufficiently balanced to ward off any additional claims of financial mismanagement.

Mike Gaynes
54 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:30:39
I'm a minority of one here, I'm sure, but I thought Dele was a gamble worth taking. He wasn't a drunk or a drug user or a sex offender or otherwise a bad human being -- he was simply a confused young man who had lost his way professionally. If he'd been able to pull his shit back together, we'd have had a world-class player at a bargain price.

You put your money down and roll the dice. Sadly, we crapped out. In the rear-view mirror it looks like a foolish bet, particularly in light of what has happened to the club financially since then. But at the time I thought it was a worthwhile wager.

James Fletcher
55 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:42:51
Mike you're not alone, I also thought it was worth a gamble - really strange that he's fallen so far without it being linked to something external.
Dale Self
56 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:49:33
What Roger, Mark and Mike said
Eric Myles
57 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:49:38
Mark #50, Levy was apparently dining out, with Chairman Bill when the deal was made.

No doubt Chairman Bill paid and claimed it on expenses as well.

Sean Roe
58 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:49:43
I don't think Lampards training regime was what you could call good old fashioned hard work, and Alli struggled with that so there is little chance he will impress in a Dyche pre season.

Shame really, such a waste of talent.

James Hughes
59 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:50:57
Mike, I agree he was worth a gamble but I slightly disagree with the drug use part. the Nitrous Oxide episode may be a one off,but we will never know if he used before, or since.

It is not a 'hard' drug but the Govt are looking to criminalise

One thing is, he seems to have lost his love for football and no matter what club he is at. I wish him well

Andrew Keatley
60 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:53:30
Mike (54) - I completely agree with you. The club has a history of taking risks on young players who have shone brightly then lost some of their lustre - maybe most notably Andy Van Der Mende and Royston Drenthe - and it's hugely disappointing when it doesn't work out. But Dele Alli was a risk worth taking; still young, no major physical injury history, and in need of a change. If we'd been a more balanced club on and off the field, with a steady manager who could have motivated and inspired Dele Alli towards something like his previous form and fitness, then it might well have worked. And his introduction against Crystal Palace turned the game in our favour, so I will always think that his contribution to the club is at least something positive on that game alone.

Sadly, this club is anything but balanced, and the deal that was done meant that playing Dele Alli was like lighting the fuse on a financial explosion that the club was terrified of having to deal with. I expect the impact of that reality was incredibly demotivating for Alli; get fit, play well, but then if you do really well you'll have to be benched because we don't want to pay Spurs any extra money. On reflection, it was doomed to fail from the start because of those clauses. I feel sorry for Dele Alli. I hope he manages to get his playing career back on some sort of track, wherever that might be, and completely free from the shackles that Daniel Levy has put on his career.

Eric Myles
61 Posted 14/06/2023 at 14:56:21
Martin #40, "Players MUST have first time control. One touch passing ability, speed and stamina.
If they don't then don't accept them

So you weren't a fan of Lukaku then!

Ajay Gopal
62 Posted 14/06/2023 at 15:00:15
I 100% endorse what Tony said in Post # 12. Levy needs to show some empathy- for Dele Alli the individual, not to Everton Football Club. Otherwise, the contract is a millstone around his neck, and EFC don’t have the resources nor the time to help him turn around his career. Maybe renegotiated terms to incentivise Dyche to get him fit and playing a bit part role, and if he shows the desire and skill, then bring him on as a mainstream player, however remote that possibility is.
Secondly, those saying that we would be paying Dele 100K-week for the remainder of his contract, aren’t clubs supposed to have insurance to cover medical costs and wages in the event of an injury? So, not really a disaster in case of physical / mental conditions that prevent a player from playing?
Tom Bowers
63 Posted 14/06/2023 at 15:07:47
Who give's a hoot. Like many signings in recent history he was a flop getting good money for nothing.
James Fletcher
64 Posted 14/06/2023 at 15:26:09
depressingly he's actually one of the better signings XD
Dale Self
65 Posted 14/06/2023 at 15:32:52
Ok if no one else is going to say it I will, Allibatross!
Jay Harris
66 Posted 14/06/2023 at 15:40:45
My view is simply that players who do not play in the top flight for a couple of years struggle to get back that level of fitness especially when they have the luxury of still drawing top money to support the lifestyle.

Delle isn't and has never been a humble person and instead of taking Mourhino's advice to train harder totally ignored him and played the victim.

The only mental health issue he has is that he believes all the hype and wants the lifestyle without putting the hard yards in.

I could never understand why we went for him in the first place but guess it was because there was no initial payment a classic Kenwright tactic which then comes back to bite you in the arse.

Christy Ring
67 Posted 14/06/2023 at 17:17:02
He has let himself and the club down badly, never put in a proper effort at training with us or Beskitas. If he plays 7 more games we have to pay Spurs £10m, and either way we're still paying him near £100k per week, he doesn't give a shit either way. He still has one year left, in other words, no one's going to take him on that salary. Another huge mistake by us, Levy a lot more astute than our great negotiator Kenwright.
Martin Farrington
68 Posted 14/06/2023 at 17:25:22
Thanks Justin #46

Eric #61.
I see you lifted my quote from :-
HOME DEVELOPING is OUR only choice for the foreseeable future.
Our entire youth / reserve system is pants

My aging memory and failing eyesight may let me down occasionally, but I don't recall us having Mr L as a youngster

Peter Moore
69 Posted 14/06/2023 at 17:43:12
Deli can handle adversity on a football pitch. Just not often enough! That is a massive problem of course.

Without his impact in the second half in the critical Palace game that kept us up, we may very well have been relegated. For that alone, we can be thankful for Deli Alli.

It seems clear he has some demons. I read he had a very troubled childhood, through circumstances beyond his control. I have not trodden his path, so I am hesitant to judge too harshly on his apparent lack of application.

I wish him well in his quest to return to fitness. I trust Dyche to make the right call from there.

Only the player himself can prove if he has the focus and application needed to make the most of his last few years in what should be his prime physically as a footballer.

He likely has a mountain of money, good luck to him. I hope he does not also finish his career with a mountain of regret.

Ability is unquestioned. I wish him well in finding a way to maximise his footballing ability on the pitch in this critical crossroads point of his career as a top level player.

The likes of Andy Van De Meyde, Royston Drenthe, Lee Sharpe and countless others finished their careers with far too little success and far too much regret. I fear Deli Alli will be in the same boat, surrounded by a sea of regret one day. I hope he proves me wrong though. Good luck Deli.

Will Mabon
70 Posted 14/06/2023 at 18:21:41
To me, the guy has always had a strange, ghostly fragility about him. If you can find the footage of a driving lesson from when he was in his teens, and also one of those car share type things that was on YouTube, you'll see it.

I know people can perform both because or in spite of their apparent character, and perform he certainly did for a time; ironically he was anything but fragile on the pitch. Maybe the golden period was the anomaly?

I wonder what would be the effect on his motivation if he suddenly had no money.

Of course we don't know how he's being operated in the background by agent and advisers. Perhaps he'd already be gone or would rather be, without their influence. He's still generating money for others which skews things. It's unfair to the clubs involved too.

Garry Martin
71 Posted 14/06/2023 at 18:42:57
Please EFC don't waste any time on this loser. When he came onto the pitch for his introduction to the fans he was dressed like a tramp and has never demonstrated any skill or potential, get rid a total loser !
Pat Kelly
72 Posted 14/06/2023 at 19:16:55
Pay him off and end this farce. No point wasting time and more expense on him.
Bill Hawker
73 Posted 14/06/2023 at 19:36:31
How many players have Everton given a chance to where we were the "last chance saloon" and it worked out?

It seems other clubs are very good (and our club is very poor) at allowing them to dump their has-beens on us. Every year, we're linked to some poor sod at United who can't get a game. Hey, sell him to Everton, they're desperate !!

We've pissed away so much money on these wasted purchases/chances that you'd think we'd have learned our lesson by now.

I think Dele Alli is done. I saw a post earlier saying pawn him off on MLS. MLS has improved to the point where he wouldn't make it there either.

Denis Richardson
74 Posted 14/06/2023 at 19:52:43
We have 6 appearances for 'free' essentially if we can get him fit. Why not let Dyche have a go. Unlikely to succeed but nothing to lose imo.

6 appearances before anything is due to Tottenham so see if we can get him fit this summer and able to give something to the team. Given how threadbare the squad is, if (big if I know) Dyche can get him to be half the player he was before, he'd be worth a lot more than £10m and we've have another player.

Either way we're likely stuck paying his wages for the season so lets see if SD can work some magic. If not. then a loan somewhere or just terminate his contract at xmas and call it quits.

No one knows his real issues, shame as he really was top class when he put his mind to it but there are more important things in life. Whether he makes it as a player or not again, I hope it works out for him wherever he ends up.

Palace game will always be in the memory - if that's his last positive contribution then thanks for that at least.

Christy Ring
75 Posted 14/06/2023 at 20:18:42
There's a few reports we have to sell Onana or Pickford before the end of June, for the FFP. Having sold Gordon for £40m+ in January and the sale of Kean to Juventus for £28m+, does the £70m not balance our books??
Danny O’Neill
76 Posted 14/06/2023 at 20:25:00
Possibly Christy.

School teacher correction. It's not FFP. We are not in European Football.


It's Premier League Profit and Sustainability.

Similar things, just my OCD.

Jason Hewly
77 Posted 14/06/2023 at 20:44:03
He's had years to sort himself out. He's not interested. Pay-as-you play (per minute) or nothing.
Mark Taylor
78 Posted 15/06/2023 at 00:33:49
For those who think Dele Alli was free, can I just point out that we contracted him for £25 million. That is money basically down the drain. The fact Spurs got no fee is immaterial, they got shot of his wages. And how we would love to do likewise with Gomes, Gbamin and I suggest quite a few more.

But that won't happen because no-one is gulled as easily as we are.

Eric Myles
79 Posted 15/06/2023 at 06:03:00
Martin #68,

But if we insist that homegrown players "must have first time control. One-touch passing ability, speed and stamina. If they don't then don't accept them." then why would we want to buy in players that don't have those abilities?

Lester Yip
80 Posted 15/06/2023 at 06:05:20
Perhaps Luton fancied a Marqee signing for free? It makes their documentaries series more interesting.
Martin Reppion
81 Posted 15/06/2023 at 09:36:51
Having read every one of the comments here, I conclude that there are those who are bitter and will use every bad news story as a stick to beat the board with.

Taking this player in isolation, almost everyone I spoke to at the time was excited by the initial deal. How could we lose? If he's good, we stay up and earn his wages. If he is crap, we don't play him and got him for nowt (except his wages).

If staying in the Premier League is worth the money reported, (usually quoted at in excess of £200M), then Alli's one match-winning 45-minute contribution against Palace last seson was more than worth the £25M wages.

He has pre-season to get fit and 6 games to prove he has anything at all in the tank. After that, it is thanks for the glimpse and back to your parties until your 'friends' have spent all your money.

I hope he is getting the medical and psychological help he seems to need. As a club, we can't afford to write him off yet. But please, look at the alternative. We were dead and gone before he came on against Palace. So he was not a waste of money.

Michael Kenrick
82 Posted 15/06/2023 at 10:09:53
Very striking alternative view, Martin @81.

I imagine most of the angst being expressed in this thread is because he didn't come good — the gamble on him regaining his mojo failed — apart from, as you correctly point out, half of a vital game in the season before last.

But presenting that in the way you have makes it very difficult to argue against — unless you really want to upset the applecart by pointing out that we would have stayed up anyway, irrespective of the Crystal Palace result.

Michael Lynch
83 Posted 15/06/2023 at 10:17:43
Sorry, but his contribution was minimal, including in the Palace game. We were saved by Richarlison, DCL, Demari Gray, Michael Keane, Jordan Pickford, not by Dele.

He's a burden on the club, and any Spurs fan will have told you from day one that's what he was going to be. They all mourned the loss of their erstwhile hero, but not one of the many Spurs fans that I know thought he was worth keeping. Every single one of them thought Levy had pulled off a very smart trick, getting us to take him off their hands.

The deal was ridiculous. Sure, take him on loan, but to take a punt on such an obviously damaged player which meant we had to pay his wages for the length of his contract, and we couldn't play him for more than 20 games unless we wanted to stump up £10m was criminal. No other club would have taken that deal.

Even Besiktas weren't stupid enough to take him off our hands, sending him back to us with the most damning report you'll ever hear about a loanee.

However you dress it up, we were mugs. And the last thing we need is that lazy over-paid former footballer poisoning pre-season training with his lack of professionalism.

Robert Tressell
84 Posted 15/06/2023 at 10:40:52
Buying these sorts of players is just vanity. Clinging to the idea we're still at the top table even though we're skint. It's like buying a 20 year old range rover to keep up with the joneses - even though the engine is plainly knackered.

No problem with buying older players but we need to be realistic about wage demands (and why a 'star' is suddenly so unwanted he's being made available to us).

Kevin Prytherch
85 Posted 15/06/2023 at 11:18:04
Martin 81 - agree. It was a low risk transfer. If we’d have only given him an 18 month contract and he did well in the first 6 months - we’d all be on here slating the board because he could walk on a free in 12 months.

We gave him a long enough contract to protect a potentially great asset, but a short enough one so not to keep him around too long if it didn’t work out.

It didn’t work out. We’ve still lost less money than the likes of Schneiderlin, or Walcott, or Tosun, or Gomes, or Gbamin etc.

Michael Lynch
86 Posted 15/06/2023 at 11:38:14
Low risk? We agreed to take him for 20 games at no cost, except of course his wages of £12.5m for a two and a half year contract. However, once he'd played those 20 games it was effectively going to cost us half a million quid every time he stepped onto a football pitch, even if it was for just three minutes at the end of a game, for the remainder of his contract. Unless he'd turned out to be absolutely brilliant, we were never going to play him more than 20 times, but were stuck with him for 2.5 years. That's a crazy risk.

This was for a player who couldn't get anywhere near the pitch at Spurs because he was so lacking in commitment and fitness.

Denis Richardson
87 Posted 15/06/2023 at 12:13:19
We can all moan about the deal but the fact is it's done and the only question now is how to make the best of the current situation. We have to pay his wages of c£6m for the last year of his contract, unless we manage to loan him out.

Dyche may as well assess him over the summer, if he thinks he can do a job, great. If not then we're in no worse situation.

Was a crap deal to being with, not the first we've made and unlikely to be the last. Probably not as bad as offering a 5 year contract to a player with a 4 year work permit...

Mark Andersson
88 Posted 15/06/2023 at 19:05:10
I'm now officially embarrassed to admit I'm a Everton fan.. Everything about how this once proud football club has drained me...

Each season slowly killing my anaite love that I was born a blue...

Phil Lewis
89 Posted 15/06/2023 at 22:39:40
I recall reading somewhere that Frank Lampard was influenced by his uncle Harry Redknapp's recommendation, that Frank should take a chance on signing Alli.

Or come to think of it, was it Harry's wife Sandra's recommendation?

Dave Abrahams
90 Posted 20/06/2023 at 13:27:55
Phil (89) I think it was Harry’s dog who was the chief defendant’s witness at his trial !
Mal van Schaick
91 Posted 20/06/2023 at 14:20:00
Dele Alli has clearly broken his contract by participating in off-field activities and other non-trying football matters.

There must be a case for constructive dismissal in order to force him to end his contract.

Give him any help that he may need, but a fresh start for him is in everybody's interests, we cannot sustain any more freeloaders.

James Flynn
92 Posted 20/06/2023 at 16:02:39
If we're stuck paying him his wages this season, Dele will have cost us about £12.5 million, not £25 million. Given his skill and athletic gifts, Lampard thought him worth a shot. It didn't work.

Since Gbamin said he won't play for us next season, his agent must have something lined up. The Club will either let him go on a free or some minor fee.

Reading some Gomes's interviews at Lille, he's certainly happy to be playing regularly again. He's due around £6 million.

Since he won't be playing for us, it shouldn't be too difficult to work a deal with some club in France or maybe he heads back to Portugal.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
93 Posted 20/06/2023 at 16:14:03
I seem to remember about 13 months ago, Dele stepped off the bench at half time when we were 2-0 and galvanised the team to such an extent that we won 3-2 and guaranteed safety.

How much do they reckon a Premier League place is worth over a championship season?

So is his impact in that game overblown or has he covered his cost with those 45 minutes?

Ian Bennett
94 Posted 20/06/2023 at 16:14:48
Phone up those Saudi Clubs - job lot

Alli, Gbamin, Gomes, Maupay, Keane, Holgate.

Julian Wait
95 Posted 20/06/2023 at 16:22:09
@Phil #93 - to me those 45 minutes against Palace were worth every penny. He replaced Gomes who had been awful, and the game turned around immediately.
Michael Lynch
96 Posted 20/06/2023 at 16:49:52
For me, his influence on that game is definitely overblown. It was a team effort that dragged us back into it, with special acknowledgement to Keane for the first goal, Richarlison for his non-stop commitment, Calvert-Lewin for his stunning winning goal, and Gray for providing the pinpoint cross for that winner.

So, yes Dele played his part, but there's no way his contribution "guaranteed us safety", or was the most important element in our victory. Far from it.

Was that 45 minutes worth £12.5M? If it was, then how much was Calvert-Lewin's header worth, or Richarlison's contribution over the season, or Pickford's saves, or Coleman's leadership?

Based on the value some on here are saying Dele provided, we must be talking billions.

Laurie Hartley
97 Posted 20/06/2023 at 23:17:12
Michael #82 - but every Evertonian in that stadium and around the world and every player knew that, if we won that game, it would guarantee our Premier League survival – hence the outpouring of emotion at the final whistle.

Dele Alli knew it also and it seems to me that Everton and its fans meant enough to him to dig deep and produce from somewhere inside himself a performance that had a significant impact on the result.

Lives can be turned around – I have seen it happen many times. Perhaps Sean Dyche is the sort of character and mentor who can provide Dele Alli the influence he needs to get him playing again. I most definitely hope so.

Larry O'Hara
98 Posted 20/06/2023 at 23:26:46
Laurie (97),

I agree with you: while unlikely, Dyche may be the man.

Christine Foster
99 Posted 20/06/2023 at 23:47:54
Ian @94,

One has to wonder which of them won't be at Everton at the start of the season!

I hardly see people at the door with contracts in hand. There are others you can add to that list as well. Or the ones we really don't want to go but probably could or will if the price is right: Pickford, Onana, Davies, Simms, Gray…

At this rate, we won't have a full team, much less a squad.

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