A few short weeks ago, it appeared, based on the most dire prognostications, as though Everton’s future boiled down to 777 Partners and whether or not they could find around £220m to satisfy the Premier League’s requirements for approval of their long-running takeover bid. The alternative to the Florida-based private equity firm? The Club limping along through the summer, keeping the wolves from the door with the agonising sale of some important and valued players, or a slow grind towards potential Administration and all the pain and catastrophe that would entail.

Of course, the potential for other investors to come to the table once Farhad Moshiri belatedly allowed the Share Purchase Agreement with 777 to expire was always there but the more the debt piled up the interim — seemingly using A-Cap as the source of their funds, Josh Wander and Co fronted the Blues around £200m to keep the Club operational and construction at Bramley-Moore Dock on schedule — less attractive a proposition Everton became.

This is the Premier League, though, and Everton is a club with massive potential. All it needs, at the bare minimum, is someone — or some group — to come in with enough resources to send Moshiri on his way with something by way of consolation for the staggering sums he has ploughed into his ultimately failed endeavour, restructure the debt, and provide funds to keep the lights on while things get back on an even keel.

In the last couple of weeks, six different entities have emerged by way of media reports as being potential suitors for the Club. One of them, John Textor, is believed to have dropped out due to the complexities of his situation at Crystal Palace — he has been trying to offload his 45% stake in the Eagles for the past year — while others are less credible as potential owners.

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While some have considerably deeper pockets than others, the amount of capital they are prepared to sink into Everton in the short to medium term is roughly in the same “ballpark”, to use an American term in line with the amount of interest from the other side of the Atlantic.

In any case, the size of each investor’s personal wealth is largely irrelevant once you get past a certain Sterling or Dollar amount because, as we, Newcastle and now Aston Villa know all too well, there is only so much you can spend if you’re not already sitting in the hayloft of the domestic game like the so-called “Big 6” having pulled the ladder up behind you.

So who, then, are the various figures and groups reported to have registered serious interest in purchasing Moshiri’s 94.1% stake and what is the likelihood that they will succeed in completing a takeover in the coming months?

MSP Sports Capital

The “OGs” in terms of serious investors once Moshiri began the search for funds in late 2022 to either complete the stadium or enable him to parachute out of the stalling plane he had been piloting, MSP are helmed by Jahm Najafi and Jeff Moorad.

Iran-born Najafi is part-owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, a stake now worth an estimated $400m and, according to Forbes, his personal wealth currently stands at $1.3bn.

Moorad, who made his name as a renowned sports agent, served as CEO of both the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres baseball teams, before eventually forming MSP with Najafi, Arne Rees, and Steve Wasserman five years ago.

Since then, the group has acquired, either wholly or in partnership, Estoril in Portugal and Alcorcon in Spain, and taken minority positions in Augsburg in Germany and Beveren in Belgium as their first foray into multi-club ownership in football. MSP also have a stake in McLaren Racing and are the majority shareholder of the X Games.

They put together a 13-person consortium of investors to offer between £100m and £125m for a 25% stake in the Blues a year ago, a bid that was eventually blocked by Rights & Media Funding, Everton’s most senior and largest creditor at £225m, who blocked it on the basis that the valuation the offer placed on the Club was too low and because MSP were not keen on putting further funds in for the foreseeable future.

Two of those investors were Merseyside businessman, Andy Bell and George Downing, one was Moshiri himself and together with the other 10 businessmen, they opted to follow through with a £158m loan last August, a debt that would come due for whoever ultimately bought the club.

As already established, that would have been 777 Partners, who were also required by the Premier League to put £60m into escrow before their purchase of the Club could be sanctioned. A deadline of 15 April was set for the initial MSP loan to be repaid by 777 which, had they missed it, would have handed the New York-based investment firm a 50% plus 1 share controlling stake in Everton.

Instead, with MSP apparently reluctant to take on Everton’s debt at that time, Moshiri extended the deadline for a month and then gave 777 until 31 May as a final date on which to come up with the money or bow out. By that stage, Wander and his 777 co-founder Steve Pasko had resigned their positions and, embroiled in a $600m fraud case in a New York district court, the firm was forced to call in restructuring and insolvency experts as things began to unravel in Miami.

It appears, based on reporting by Sky Sports and others, that MSP Sports Capital, this time without Bell and Downing, are still interested in owning the Club, perhaps now that the stadium is that much closer to completion and Everton’s status as a top-flight club has been assured.

The American group are known to be sharp and savvy operators and continue to be linked with a move to take a significant stake in Tottenham Hotspur so appear to be keen on getting involved in elite English football. But, having been reluctant to push the boat out last year when it came to Everton, doubts remain over how much funding they would be willing to provide this time.


Full name Advantage Capital LLC, A-Cap appear to have assumed the assets and liabilities of 777 Partners. If, as increasingly looks to be the case, it was their money that funded 777’s “trolley dash” over the past few years acquiring football clubs on three continents and helped the construction of Everton Stadium to the tune of £200m, a takeover of the Blues would appear to be the surest way they can recoup that outlay.

The insurance company, once said to have $12bn in assets, say that they, unlike 777, are secured creditors of the Club but Evertonian finance expert Paul Quinn argues that at present A-Cap’s hands are currently tied by the fact that they are in “supervisory administration” in the US.

That would preclude them from making any further investment in Everton or any of 777’s other clubs which makes them unlikely suitors. In any case, their reported offer was dependent on Moshiri continuing as majority shareholder and simply involved the recapitalisation of the Club’s debt rather than providing any long-term plan.

Dan Friedkin

One of the names that came out of the blue this week was that of American billionaire, Dan Friedkin. Born in San Diego, Friedkin assumed control of Gulf States Toyota, which distributes the Japanese automobile manufacturer's cars in the United States, from his father and he has since branched out into luxury resorts, film production and conservation.

He is estimated to be worth around $6bn and bought AS Roma from James Pallotta for $700m five years ago while also acquiring fourth-tier French club AS Cannes.

However, while talks are said to be ongoing and well-placed reports in England suggest he has submitted a bid to buy Everton, the indications from Italy are that Friedkin is only interested in taking a 45% stake.

That would place him in the category of a joint-investor with some other group or require Moshiri remaining in place as majority shareholder for the time being.

Andy Bell and George Downing

While 777 Partners’ bid to own Everton has been collapsing, two lifelong Blues have been working diligently on alternative solutions that would steer the Club away from financial calamity.

Having initially helped put together the group of investors who loaned the Blues £158m last year under the MSP Sports Capital umbrella, Andy Bell and George Downing have now put together a rival bid to buy Moshiri out.

Bell, 58, made his fortune in investing and stock brokerage before stepping down from AJ Bell two years ago, while Downing, 61, is a construction and property management magnate.

Worth a reported £100m between them, they would not have the wherewithal to offer Moshiri what he is looking for and then be able to take on Everton’s enormous debts but their bid for the Club is backed by the family office of the world’s 10th-richest man, Michael Dell, who is worth in the region of £100bn.

While neither Dell nor his "family office" appear interested in owning the Toffees outright, preferring instead to continue to make small-scale investments in a number of English clubs, his merchant bank, BDT & MSD Partners, are reportedly supporting Bell's and Downing’s bid of fresh equity and a £350m loan secured against the new Everton Stadium that would enable them to restructure the Club’s debt.

Their offer was said to be the most attractive to Moshiri and was reputedly very close to gaining an exclusivity agreement until late on Friday evening when one more entity entered the race.

Vatche Manoukian consortium

Rumbling in the background of the various reports on 777 Partners’ doomed takeover bid, and then the efforts by Bell and Downing to put together a viable alternative, have been rumours of serious interest from one more entity that had remained in the shadows until a late-breaking story by Matt Slater of The Athletic on Friday evening.

A group of international investors led by London-based businessman and lawyer Vatche Manoukian, 45, are now in negotiations with Moshiri having submitted an all-equity bid in the region of £400m that meets the Anglo-Iranian’s valuation.

The consortium includes Middle Eastern royalty and high-net-worth families in the United States while tech investment firm IMS Digital Ventures, where Manoukian is a partner, is backed by the $1.5bn in assets of the Australian Myer family.

Manoukian’s group of Millennial-age investors and entrepreneurs are new to football investment but maintain that they are committed to reducing Everton’s debt burden and instituting a sustainable long-term strategy along the lines originally envisaged by Moshiri but which he was unable to make successful.

They have made mention of the enormous “sleeping giant” potential they see in Everton FC, its supporting community on Merseyside, vibrant fanbase and, of course, the new stadium that is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

Importantly, the formal bid from Manoukian’s consortium that was submitted to Moshiri on Saturday was well received by the Toffees' owner and stands as an attractive and viable alternative to the one put forward by Bell and Downing.

According to Richard Jolly in The Independent, Manoukian is an Everton fan and is “ready to move quickly” if his bid is accepted.

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Martin Reppion
1 Posted 10/06/2024 at 08:43:54
The sums of money involved make the whole idea incredible to most people, myself included.

Hearing yesterday that Phil Foden's new deal would be worth £19.5M per year reminded me that Peter Johnson bought the club for less than that.

Whoever, finally, looks under their mattress and stumps up the funds to satisfy Moshiri, my only wish is that they can put the club on an even keel.

If they can restructure debt so that we are not selling players to pay off interest, it will be a start. If they have a business that they can channel money legally into Everton as income, stadium naming, shirt sponsorship etc, then that is better.

I've never bought in to all the Kenwright bashing on here. I loved that he was an Evertonian, and after Johnson had asset-stripped us, that was important. Unfortunately, the game moved from needing millionaire owners, to needing billionaires. Blaming a man for not having enough money to compete with Arab sheiks and Russian oligarchs is not reasonable.

I still want Everton people, or people who get what we are about, in charge of the club. So we need the right billionaire. I just know that there are very few of us here who breathe that rarefied air and would know until after the event if we are getting the right one.

Ian Wilkins
2 Posted 10/06/2024 at 08:50:20
The issue for new owners is to restructure the business, relieve or reset debt, alongside stabilisation of the club with a longer term plan for growth financially, translating to success on the pitch. Who is best placed to do this?

Bell and Downing have been the favourites because of their Everton association combined with their financial nous. Do they have the financial clout for the debt relief or are we left burdened for years to come?

Manoukian and partners appear to have better immediate financial means, but less football knowledge.

I guess the devil is in the detail but it may be irrelevant what we fans want if Moshiri's sole objective is to recoup as much of his investment at whatever cost to the longer term future of the club.

At least the skies are somewhat bluer than when our only conversation revolved around 777 Partners.

Eric Myles
3 Posted 10/06/2024 at 09:22:50
"after Johnson had asset stripped us"

Is this the same Johnson that put his hand in his pocket and pulled out £10 millions, not once but twice, and left the Club in a good financial position?

Remind me what Chairman Bill did again?

Eric Myles
4 Posted 10/06/2024 at 09:25:00
"continue to be linked with a move to take a significant stake in Tottenham Hotspur so appear to be keen on getting involved in elite English football"

To paraphrase another TW member "Spurs, elite my arse"

Eric Myles
5 Posted 10/06/2024 at 09:41:33
Which of the five (+ one) potential suitors has the readies to buy the Club without having to borrow the money? It's the continual borrowing of money that has gotten us into this situation.

We were all excited when Moshiri took over and went about funding the Club and stadium from his own pocket, which he had maintained until the Ukraine situation. It is only now that Moshiri has stopped the funding that we find ourselves in massive debt.

I don't see being purchased by someone who is just going to take on debt themselves is really going to help the situation. They would have to find the income to not only service the Club debt, but also additional income to service their own debt.

Mike Hayes
6 Posted 10/06/2024 at 10:06:59
Eric Myles - he gave us good times 🥳🤣
Dave Abrahams
7 Posted 10/06/2024 at 10:17:49
Martin (1),

When the late chairman bought Everton from Peter Johnson Everton owned Goodison Park, Bellefield training ground and were £20M in the black at the bank — so compare that to the dire straight the club was in when Moshiri bought the club off Kenwright who had decimated the club to the point Goodison Park was nearly fully owned by the banks, Bellefield had been sold, Finch Farm had been bought sold and then leased out on a long term highly rented rate.

The man you loved for being an Evertonian (?) bought the club without, seemingly, putting any money up and got £40M for his shares and kept hold of the club.

Peter Johnson had a new stand erected, won us the FA Cup while chairman and I doubt he made any profit in selling the club.

Kenwright still owned £M's in shares when he passed away.

James Hughes
8 Posted 10/06/2024 at 10:31:16
After Johnson had asset-stripped us,

Boys Pen Bill was as good as Trump as proving the old saying was always true

You can fool some of the people all of the time…

Brian Williams
9 Posted 10/06/2024 at 11:49:00
Vatche Manoukian consortium for me.

No further loans involved and lots and lots of money behind them.

Oh, and I just cannot believe, with all the evidence that's out there that some are still being taken in by our ex-chairman.

Barry Rathbone
10 Posted 10/06/2024 at 11:59:20
The common feature among umpteen platitudes seems to be: let's get clever with the debt.

The notion of producing a good team just doesn't figure.

Colour me "non-plussed".

John Pendleton
11 Posted 10/06/2024 at 12:12:36
From an embarrassment to an embarrassment of riches.

Is it too much to hope that our next owners are a step up from a KGB-backed state-looting patsy steered by Billy the Kidder from the Wild West End?

Robert Tressell
12 Posted 10/06/2024 at 12:35:09
Barry, assembling a good team is impossible without sorting out the financials first.

Whoever buys us will not pump money into a spending spree. That is out of the question and would be largely pointless anyway seeing as though we are about £750M away from competing – but unable currently to attract players worthy of a big fee and wages.

As I mentioned on another thread, the owners of Roma have engaged in harsh cost-cutting on the playing staff in the last 2 years. They and others will do the same for us.

Pat Kelly
13 Posted 10/06/2024 at 12:48:48
The Vachete Manoukian consortium bid gives Moshiri what he wants, cash in hand and a quick exit.

Also, they appear to have the wherewithal to meet with Premier League approval. We could do worse.

Ian Horan
14 Posted 10/06/2024 at 12:54:39
Whoever said “Johnson asset-stripped us!”

I have no desire to go through the mismanagement of Everton FC by Kenwright; however, for clarity and to educate you, Peter Johnson left Everton with a newly built Parkend Stand, as others have already said and I have contributed many times on threads.

About our financial position, Kenwright begged stole and borrowed to get his hands on Everton. He ran us into the ground, finding Moshiri was to his benefit – not Everton's.

Moshiri has been a fool with his or Usmanov's money; however, Moshiri has delivered the one thing that may be our saving grace. The new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is the catalyst for our rebirth.

Kenwright was the continued drain on our resources. Kenwright should be written out of our history – the ego of the man, his photo on Goodison Road timeline says everything about him.

The timeline was and should have been about Everton's success and the firsts Everton have recorded. Not an egotistical deluded liar and dictator.

Championing Kenwright gets my piss boiling. The new stadium is in spite of Kenwright.

Tony Abrahams
15 Posted 10/06/2024 at 12:57:05
Wow Martin, look what you have gone and done, just as people are starting to get excited about leaving the near first quarter of this century, behind.

I don't want Evertonians after the last debacle but I would love a couple on the board, or even chairman of the board, just as long as they were answerable to serious owners.

This thread about what is at stake has made me start thinking about that Leonard Cohen classic, Lyndon. So, whoever purchases Everton, just make sure you dance me to the end of love!

Nick Page
16 Posted 10/06/2024 at 13:02:16
“I've never bought in to all the Kenwright bashing on here. I loved that he was an Evertonian, and after Johnson had asset-stripped us, that was important.”

Do us all a favour, Martin, and go and do some research on Kenwright. The sooner that man's name and face is removed from every facet of this football club, the better.

Joe McMahon
19 Posted 10/06/2024 at 13:53:38
Bloody Hell, Martin, not only no success whatsoever since your Bill arrived at the helm, who brought Moshiri in after a century-long search.

I assume also you know that Everton should have been playing at Kings Dock for several years now?

Being an Evertonian does not excuse the damage this man has been responsible for. Oh, I forgot: "He was one of us…"

Jack Convery
20 Posted 10/06/2024 at 14:13:05
Middle East and Australian involvement?

Does this mean Sir Tim is lurking in the background and ready to become our new Chairman? It would be bonza would it not?

David Vaughan
21 Posted 10/06/2024 at 14:13:17
Beeb's Shamoon H declaring something, if true, has Man City 2 written all over it. Imvho.

Consortium with Saudi royal makes £400M Everton bid

Jamie Crowley
22 Posted 10/06/2024 at 14:43:18

If your link is truthful and not speculation, and there's a lot of chatter out there about this bid, I don't see how Moshri turns it down?

An all-equity offer I'd think is near impossible to reject if you're in Moshri's shoes?

Alan J Thompson
23 Posted 10/06/2024 at 15:11:38
Jack (#20); Bonza's a non-flyer.

Perhaps we need somebody who can pay off the debt and then turn the loan into equity or hope that Man City win their action against the Premier League and then owners should be allowed to pour in as much as they like.

Mike Gaynes
25 Posted 10/06/2024 at 15:51:44
One update on all this, which may or may not be significant, is that a week ago MSP put Augsburg up for sale. Funds for an Everton bid? Maybe.

David #21, it would appear that there is one big difference between the Manoukian/Saudi consortium and the owners of City and Newcastle, which is that the bidders are private, not state-sponsored.

Jack #20, I couldn't think of anyone better. What a Chairman he would be.

Lyndon, one correction... the model for Jerry Maguire wasn't Moorad but his longtime partner Leigh Steinberg, always the more expansive and public of the two.

Eric Myles
26 Posted 10/06/2024 at 15:52:54
Alan J #23,

It was to prevent owners pouring in as much as they want that lead to the PSR / FFP farce in the first place

Now if owners were required to lodge a bond at the time they purchase a club?

Jimmy Hogan
27 Posted 10/06/2024 at 16:36:33
We're like the hot new girl at work. Besieged by suitors.

It's amazing what a shiny new stadium on the Mersey can do for your sex appeal.

David Cooper
28 Posted 10/06/2024 at 16:49:15
Spoiled for choice or the devil is in the detail?

With the death of 777 Partners, we suddenly have 5 or 6 consortiums. Normally you might think that for once this is good news for EFC but then you realize that Moshiri has shown himself to care little for the Toffees and more about his dirty money.

What chance do we have that he will pick the best offer for EFC or himself? I think we all know the answer to that! I might think he would think he would pick the one that gave him the best choice to get some of his money back.

How do we feel about the choices he has thanks to Lyndon's excellent breakdown? Would we rather have the Bell, Downing and Dell consortium or the latest one by the Armenian London-based Toffee fan over any of the others because they are Toffees?

In the long run, does it make any difference as money is money? But despite what we feel about Kenwright, doesn't it make some sense to have owners who have shown themselves to be true fans?

I don't think Moshiri will give a shit! I can't see anyone else at EFC who will get a say. I guess all we can hope is the deal is done sooner than later and it does not turn out to be another 777 debacle. But then, of course, this Everton!

Mike Gaynes
29 Posted 10/06/2024 at 16:56:01
"I might think he would think he would pick the one that gave him the best choice to get some of his money back."

Of course he will, David. Why wouldn't he? Anyone in the same position would do exactly the same thing. When has any selling owner in football ever done otherwise?

Brian Williams
31 Posted 10/06/2024 at 17:27:16
After the Manoukian bid subsequently emerged The Esk also dismissed the offer as “not serious” via Twitter on 9 June,

I hope he's wrong.

John Keating
32 Posted 10/06/2024 at 17:30:05
Had Dell been involved in the consortium with the two Everton lads, putting his money into the Club rather than just backing them, it would, for me, have been ideal.

However, when you look at the Manoukian offer, it has to be tempting to Moshiri and good for us at not increasing the debt.

Welcome Mr Manoukian. As for our Saudi friend, shukhran habib!

John Wilson
33 Posted 10/06/2024 at 18:09:23
The Esk (Paul) says the latter consortium "are not serious bidders." What does that even mean?

They have submitted a bid to Moshiri, and if so, how can that not be serious, but the Dell boy outfit are?

I listened to The Esk podcast and he stated that Dell is backing Bell and Co but what he omitted, probably through his bias supporting Dell boys, that Dell offers merely loans and not backing per se. That for me is Mr The Esk lacking credibility.

Mark Ryan
34 Posted 10/06/2024 at 18:46:26
It would be rewarding to see Moshiri make the best decision for us but we all know him; he won't because he's a fucking liability. Expect the worst decision for and potentially the worst for him.

He's a clueless Teutonic twat... okay, he's not Teutonic but I watched BS last night and the line came into my fwigging head.

Brian Harrison
35 Posted 10/06/2024 at 19:03:12
Despite there now being numerous bids for the club, the one man who will make the decision has said very little.

The Mirror reported that, after the deadline for 777 Partners had passed, Moshiri had said that he was minded to give 777 Partners more time, seeing how much money they have put into the club.

While, from a football perspective, new owners would at least give some certainty about player transfers, it seems until the club is sold, Moshiri will make those decisions.

So the new owners may come into a club with some of their best assets already sold, because we know that to avoid further points deductions we need a player or players sold before the 30 June deadline, which is only 20 days away.

Bill Hawker
36 Posted 10/06/2024 at 19:16:28
Martin #1

To my knowledge, I don't know of one Evertonian who blamed Kenwright for not having the money to complete with sheiks and oligarchs. It was common knowledge that he couldn't compete on that level.

Where he does rightfully receive blame is, after recognizing the fact, waiting to "find the right owner" for Everton Football Club. Had he shopped the club years before he actually got around to it, it's possible we wouldn't be in this mess.

But his waiting (and desire to maintain his hold on the club) put us in the spot we're in today.

Kevin Molloy
38 Posted 10/06/2024 at 19:49:12
I think, in all the excitement about billionaire investors, our real problems have shifted out of focus. We've still got various owners and creditors who have sunk hundreds of millions into Everton, and who want to get as much of it back as possible. The more they clawback, the less attractive we become.

And so, up to now, we've had stalemate. The delay hasn't been a lack of buyers, it's been over the price. Anyone would be interested in buying Everton if the price was right. But an attractive price means Farhad and Co write off literally hundreds of millions.

I've got a feeling there are really only two parties involved in this, MSP and Farhad. The rest is just smoke and mirrors. MSP have been playing a patient long game, waiting to pick up Everton for a song. Equally, Farhad is reluctant to accept these term.

I do wonder now whether all these miraculous wealthy suitors are just his mates doing him a favour by looking interested so that MSP think they won't be able to play hardball. It's very suspicious that they suddenly emerge at this point.

Lewis Barclay
39 Posted 10/06/2024 at 19:50:57
Anyone else just want this done now?

Any of the potential suitors seem a huge step up from the current owner and 777 Partners.

Paul Ferry
40 Posted 10/06/2024 at 20:07:42
Propine is an anagram of Reppion (1): usually meaning a gift in return for a favour. Kenwright took many favours from the club but he never once gave them a penny.

Martin Reppion's selective Kenwright memory and portrait is nothing short of jaw-dropping. It's unfortunate that we have to go back to the me-me-me-me impresario, but posts like the first on here make that necessary.

Martin Reppion boils down Kenwright's numberless faults, deceptions, lies, greed, and sleaze to – feck me – he did not have enough money. He has to have had the bad luck to either work with him or be one of his luvvies.

I have more respect for professional sham unscrupulous “scouser” John Bishop than for professional sham unscrupulous “scouser” Bill double-dealing shithouse Kenwright.

Barry Rathbone
41 Posted 10/06/2024 at 20:17:39
These potential deals seem a 2024 version of Johnson or Kenwright potentially revisiting delusions of the past.

There are several reasons organic growth to the level I believe Evertonians want won't happen but, in reality, it hasn't happened anywhere since 1959.

Billy Shears
42 Posted 10/06/2024 at 20:39:39
It's getting very complex now, obviously the best owners would be actually Blues themselves who care about the club and want to achieve something and compete again ,not just making up the numbers in the Premier League!

Let's just hope Moshiri sells to the right group as quickly as possible so we properly prepare for the coming season (our last at the "Old Lady").

So let's make it a very special one, eh, folks!

Mike Gaynes
45 Posted 10/06/2024 at 20:58:00

I couldn't care less if they're Blues or not. I sort of understand why that sentiment is widely held, but I can't see why being Everton fans would make them better owners. I haven't noticed the UAE adding sky blue to its flag, but they've been pretty effective owners for Man City.

The two actors who bought Wrexham had never heard of the city, but they've brought the club up two divisions in two years. On the flip side, ask Spurs fans if having a fan in charge has filled their empty trophy case?

The key is your second sentiment -- we need owners who want to achieve something when we get into the new stadium. That's what matters, not whether they've bled Toffee Blue all their lives.

Brent Stephens
48 Posted 10/06/2024 at 21:41:21

" I can't see why being Everton fans would make them better owners".

Mike, if their intentions are honourable, then certainly they might be no worse owners than Everton fans.

However, their intention might just be to make a quick killing – something Everton fans would not contemplate but which non-Everton fans might not hesitate about.

Other things being equal, I'd take the Everton fans.

Christine Foster
49 Posted 10/06/2024 at 22:30:55
Mike, having the right mix of financial clout is not, and should not be, the sole determining factor in finding the most suitable owner when it comes to fans.

It's practicality and emotion blended to get the best result, an owner who is passionate, funded and very good at what they do.

Reality is somewhat of a compromise, a means to make money, an investment, an addition to the portfolio.

With every candidate comes the requirement to be a champion, not just to win but to be successful. Investors wanting a piece of pie aren't going to give you that. It's all about cost and risk aversion and 777 epitomizes that.

The questions for any potential purchaser is Why? What's in it for you? What's your end game?

At least we would all know what they think success is... a "Good times" for one is dejection for others..all a matter of perspective and expectation.

Jay Harris
50 Posted 10/06/2024 at 22:54:35
Martin @1,

You are either Doddy in disguise or Kenwright PR agent but ,whatever it is, please do us all a favor and give up on the "Kenwright is a saint" mission.

There is sufficient evidence for you to read up on without going over old ground but most intelligent Evertonisns see him for the fraud he is and was.

He was only ever interested in himself proven by the fact that when he knew he was dying he still did not put a penny back into the club that he professed to love having made over £40M out of with zero investment and having asset stripped the club to its bare bones.

To call him a conman is an offense to conmen.

I swore you wouldn't get me going on black bill but you have.

Ed Fitzgerald
51 Posted 10/06/2024 at 22:55:35
I would support the case of two lifelong local Evertonians who are also hard-nosed businessman, and have proven financial acumen over other potential bidders.

They have already loaned money to the club and I’m sure have a well-developed vision for both the club and the surrounding areas adjacent to Bram;ley-Moore Dock.

Ian Pilkington
53 Posted 10/06/2024 at 22:58:08

You are absolutely correct. We require the best possible owners to stabilise the club and ensure a successful future.

Kenwright proved that being an Evertonian didn't prevent him being the worst owner in Premier League history.

Tom Bowers
54 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:08:29
I hope that, whoever takes over, it's done expeditiously so that a better backroom scenario can be in place for the start of the new season.

The resilience shown by the squad towards the end of the last season was commendable but the cracks are still there.

Dyche is worthy of another chance but it would be nice if he has some more ammunition made available.

Brent Stephens
55 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:08:38

I don't think anybody would suggest that just being an Everton fan is sufficient to be an Everton owner. Business acumen is important as well.

Don Alexander
57 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:25:54
Well done, Martin @1.

After all, we've for decades had to exist in an asylum where a self-serving lying lunatic took over so it's hardly a surprise there's still one or two who still give the shit some support.

It takes all sorts...... and that's what TW stands for!

Jay Harris
58 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:30:55
To see the best owner you have to decide who brings most to the table in terms of vision, planning, ambition, leadership, direction and management.

It is not just the money although that helps but as we have seen from fumbling Farhad and bungling Bill there needs to be a sense of purpose and the ability to execute it.

I have no doubt our new owners will be fiscally smart but let's hope they are smart enough to seek out and appoint the best football people and stay in their lane.

Brian Wilkinson
60 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:47:38
Here's a thought, let's say the guy who owns Roma gets exclusivity right in the next week or so and our accounts have to be accounted for by the end of June.

Is there anything the Premier League could do, if we sold Branthwaite to Roma before the end of June, then in July bought him back, so it goes on next year's accounts.

I know it sounds right out of the Man City text book, but by next season, the new owners should be in place and our accounts and debt should be much better.

Be worth it if it was possible, just to watch Masters fume and not being able to do anything about it.

Colin Glassar
61 Posted 10/06/2024 at 23:48:43
This is going to take weeks if not months to get sorted, so I might as well hibernate until it's all over.

Moshiri will choose whoever's best for him and we'll be the last to know.

Alan J Thompson
64 Posted 11/06/2024 at 05:54:00
Eric (#26);

It appears that the APT rules came in after PSR and it is that, APT, which City is taking legal action. (See item on Toffee Web.)

Tony Abrahams
65 Posted 11/06/2024 at 08:00:11
Very Interesting point Kevin M@37.

I'm led to believe there's a very interested party who are still to show their face so who knows what is going on behind the scenes right now?

Derek Thomas
66 Posted 11/06/2024 at 08:01:19
Jay and Brent;

"Let's hope they are smart enough to seek out and appoint the best football people and stay in their lane." — Too right.

Firstly, we assume that the basics of business have stayed more or less the same

Over the years, I've seen enough cut-throat businessmen ,who, once they're chairman or owners get seduced by football manager-itis and start making 'heart' or daft decisions for the club that, if an underling did it in a normal business situation, said underling would be booted out the door.

Never underestimate the glamour, being blinded by the light.

Mark Taylor
67 Posted 11/06/2024 at 09:45:24

As I understand it, the numbers are; Moshiri has put £750M in of which £300M is equity, all the other lenders amount to a around £600M, the main 3 owed a little under or a little over £200M each.

Obviously you can cut things multiple ways, but even an £800M bid would, could assume Moshiri getting his equity back but losing his loan pretty much entirely (and I think I've read reports that suggest he is resigned to this?) and requiring the other lenders to accept in total a fairly modest £100M cut in their £600M investment. I'm assuming here that interest is paid, not accruing.

A £400M equity bid would see Moshiri make a modest capital gain on shares but would also see his loan go to zero and need £200M cut from other investors. Conveniently, around what 777 Partners have provided. But despite their apparently junior debt position, they might not accept it being as simple as that!

Either way, an accepted £800M bid would still see value destruction in the order of over half a billion. Quite impressive! But then maybe what our long poster and people like Mike G are suggesting that, on the basis that it's worth what someone will pay for it, someone may pay well over a billion for the 'promise'.

There remains a lot of talk about the value of revenue streams from the new stadium, but I've yet to see anything on paper that would support such optimism, especially as we are highly unlikely to enjoy financing costs as low as Tottenham, even under new owners.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the less the purchase price, the better for the club and us as fans.

Ryan Holroyd
68 Posted 11/06/2024 at 11:11:31

No one is paying £800M for Everton…
What on earth are you talking about?

RMF and MSP will get their loans paid back.

Moshiri will get nothing for his shares and his shareholder loans will be written off too.

I also doubt 777 Partners will get their £200M back any time soon and it doesn't need to be paid back til 2026 anyway.

Brian Williams
69 Posted 11/06/2024 at 12:20:18
Listening to Stefan Borson this morning on TalkShite, he reckons that the most likely buyer/s will be Andy Bell and George Downing.

He likened the £400M equity-only bid from Manoukian to somebody offering $400k in cash to someone advertising their house for sale at £1M.

He more or less dismissed the others.

Raymond Fox
70 Posted 11/06/2024 at 13:03:31
Moshiri might be forced to keep a minority share in the club.

Making a clear break is obviously his first choice but if he cant find people who can raise enough money for a total puchase its a option.

The straw that broke the camels back is the cost of the new stadium.

Dave Cashen
71 Posted 11/06/2024 at 13:14:37

Are you still not in a position to tell us a little more on that?

Tony Abrahams
72 Posted 11/06/2024 at 14:33:19
No Dave. I heard they were very confident and to expect an announcement by last weekend, but somewhere along the line, other parties have jumped the gun.

Other than that, I've heard nothing, although I'm sure that, like The Esk is reporting, not all these different groups will be genuine.

Wait and see, with the patience of a saint, we all continue to wait and see!

Kevin Molloy
73 Posted 11/06/2024 at 15:22:19
Tony yes, it's such an important summer. Get the right owners and the sky is the limit. The wrong owners and the plughole beckons...
Jamie Crowley
74 Posted 11/06/2024 at 15:46:09
Brian -

If it's an equity only bid, that doesn't necessarily equate to Manoukian not assuming some of the debt Everton carries.

There's counter offers to interested parties...

TalkShite probably knows more than I, but I would not poo-poo that kind of offer and would certainly counter. I mean, surely this is the initial offer and Mankouian wouldn't table his best offer up front??

I dunno. Colin Glassar probably has the right of this. He posted somewhere recently something akin to not being able to do a damn thing about any of this, it'll take months, probably best to tune out. Problem is I can't!

Eric Myles
75 Posted 11/06/2024 at 16:02:07
Paul Hewitt
76 Posted 11/06/2024 at 16:12:46
I'd be surprised if anyone has taken over by the end of the year.
Dave Cashen
77 Posted 11/06/2024 at 16:14:00
Thanks, Tony.
David Thomas
78 Posted 11/06/2024 at 16:17:54
Tony 58,

It seems strange that if there was someone out there who was genuinely interested that they wouldn't have put their head above the parapet by now.

I can't see why they wouldn't be coming forward now if they wanted to invest in the club.

Eric Myles
79 Posted 11/06/2024 at 16:24:55
Brian #54,

Do you really think Moshiri seriously expects to get £1 Billion (extrapolating your comparison)???

I don't think so, and I'd bet his agreement with 777 Partners was nowhere near that amount.

Mike Gaynes
81 Posted 11/06/2024 at 17:04:32
David #62, I sure as hell wouldn't.

If I'm Tony's mystery Yank buyer in the hotel, I'm sitting back with a warm brandy and watching the chaos. I would be revealing neither my presence nor my plans.

There's no time pressure or urgency for a buyer -- administration is not looming -- and trying to figure a price for the club is crazy difficult right now.

Brian Williams
82 Posted 11/06/2024 at 17:41:05
Eric #79.

I presume you're referring to my post, though it's not at 54.

My post, if you reread it, isn't my comparion at all, merely me posting what Stefan Borson had said on TalkShite.

David Thomas
83 Posted 11/06/2024 at 19:36:47
Mike @81,

So what happens if Moshiri enters into an exclusivity agreement with another investor in the meantime?

In my opinion, there is an urgency to get a deal done and a new era started rather than dragging it on longer seeing as though it's been approx 10 months already.

Derek Taylor
84 Posted 11/06/2024 at 19:55:17
The odds are against things not dragging on as before. Moshiri is in hock to his lords and masters and must get them all the money that is possible – rather than what is in the best interests of Everton and Evertonians.

What's the betting that we go into the new season still waiting for new ownership!

Brian Williams
85 Posted 11/06/2024 at 19:59:56
Derek, we'll go into the new season without new owners, without a doubt.

If Moshiri agreed a deal tomorrow, there's no way it would go through before next season.

John Wilson
86 Posted 11/06/2024 at 20:01:00
We're not that great a prospect. It's MSP or Bell and Co, to come in and restructure the debt.

Matt Slater says, even with an opened stadium, we're only worth £8 billion at the most. The latter Armenian-led consortium, Slater thinks it's just Moshiri leaking any conversation to cause an auction for Everton.

But the Armenian deal leaves more questions than anything else, and the royal prince, of nothing significant. I think we need to be realistic as per that amazing analysis by the Barca fan per Stephen's post @79. Okay, the main relevant article to this attachment.

The Esk is right again. He said the Armenian is not a serious offer.

Derek Taylor
87 Posted 11/06/2024 at 20:18:48
£8 billion? You must be kidding, John @86.

Did you mean £800k?

You are still kidding!

John Wilson
88 Posted 11/06/2024 at 20:22:07
£0.8 billion.
Tony Abrahams
89 Posted 11/06/2024 at 21:05:01
David @83,

Surely the time has come for Moshiri to sell the club but it still doesn't seem that he his happy with the price, even though a lot of the financial mess we are currently in must be down to the way he has gone about acquiring loan after loan and putting them on the club.

He's got Deloitte trying to drum up interest and he's got interested buyers but I doubt any of them are prepared to pay over the odds for a football club that has acquired massive debt.

I have found it very intriguing why this group have yet to come forward and how they have managed to stay in the dark. I could be getting spun a great big lie but what Mike says about being patient makes me believe that they might just be what Everton Football Club needs.

My own view about football is that having a cool head is absolutely crucial, although I'm aware that things are at a very critical stage right now.

I don't know if it was anyone inside our club who actually came out and talked about how many people are interested in buying Everton but, if there are interested buyers out there then, if things don't happen quickly, it must only be because nobody is prepared to pay what Moshiri wants.

The biggest worry is that Moshiri, who is set to lose millions, only wants to sell the club (I think) but, for the club to be competitive next season and not be in another relegation battle, then it needs to be sold to people with a plan before it becomes too late to avoid this.

Tom Bowers
90 Posted 11/06/2024 at 21:56:15
Has Oprah or Trump made a bid yet??

It's all big business and everyone wants to make a little money buying or selling.

Moshiri may take a hit in the end but all the loose ends need to be agreed upon.

No point in us fans speculating. The Media takes care of all that.

Mal van Schaick
91 Posted 11/06/2024 at 22:02:50
The final act of a desperate man, who has taken our great club to the brink.

Now it looks like Moshiri, wants to walk away with a profit, and that may ultimately scare new owners away. I wouldn't put it past him, if he kept a financial interest, as a new owner reaps profits in the long term.

Just get out of our club Moshiri!

Eric Myles
92 Posted 12/06/2024 at 06:32:24
Brian #82, it was your post at #69 I was referring to.

Apologies, no wonder they call it TalkShite!

Eric Myles
93 Posted 12/06/2024 at 06:41:58
Mal #91, considering Moshiri has £750 million in the Club (not including the MSP and other loans) he will know he's not going to make a profit.

I read that he expected to get between £60 million and £130 million back from the 777 deal, and if they were the best deal in the room, he'll be expecting less from the others.

Michael Kenrick
94 Posted 12/06/2024 at 09:09:17
Another follow-up article in The Athletic but little new that I could see.

FAB open letter from Monday asking questions of all bidders. Guess I’d better look for that…

John Wilson
95 Posted 12/06/2024 at 11:59:35
Lyndon, at my above post I stated ".8 billion". But it had been changed twice now, from ". 8 billion." Then to "£8 billion" with that period [.], now to £8 billion.

Our club is not worth a billion so I would never say £8 billion. I never said that, even though I'll concede I am dyslexic. Are you using AI or other software to edit text?

Michael Kenrick
96 Posted 12/06/2024 at 15:01:21

Here's the exact text you submitted:

"Matt Slater says even with an opened stadium we're only worth. 8 billion at the most."

Our AI Editor Bot took that to mean a full stop at the end of a sentence, and a missing currency symbol, but then saw it ran on and so it then eliminated the full-stop.

Please don't say you were trying for that awful Yankee meme of dropping the zero when writing .8? That may have been your intention but it may have been modified by a parsing routine in the original submission.

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