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Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

The importance of Everton’s new ownership

Paul The Esk
It's vital that whoever succeeds Farhad Moshiri is right for the future prosperity of our Club and our city of Liverpool

Who are the players in the dance to own Everton?

Lyndon Lloyd
Five different entities appear to be in the running when it comes to the future ownership of the Blues. A look at who they are, how much they're worth, and what their plans might be.

Billy Cook – The Original ‘Secret Footballer’ and his Peruvian Adventure

Rob Sawyer
A member of Everton's 1939 title-winning team that was broken up by WWII, Billy Cook went on an extraordinary coaching journey that took him around the world, including to South America where he took charge of the Peruvian national team

Everton – a five-step recovery plan that has to start now

Paul The Esk
There can be no more delay – no more of the complete unprofessionalism that has driven the club to the edge of a competitive and financial cliff

Moshiri – Kicking the can down the road again

Paul The Esk
The protracted potential sale of the Club (to the most unsuitable partners) exemplifies this most baffling of characteristics of Everton’s owner.

The Road to Recovery

Paul The Esk
What needs to be done so that, when we enter our 150th year in four years' time, we are in a much better place than we are now?

As Moshiri faces reality, what happens next for Everton?

Paul The Esk
There is no simple solution here. Sadly the idea that Everton can escape their current woes without administration is wishful thinking.

The latest re Everton, 777 Partners and Moshiri. What needs to be done immediately following Leadenhall accusations

Paul The Esk
There can be no more advocating for Moshiri, nor any advocating for his choice of 777 Partners. All of us, from match going fans, more distant Blues, through to nationally recognised politicians have to step in and ensure our rescue.

Alf Milward – The Toffees’ First Great Left Winger of the League Era

Rob Sawyer
Everton's original great left-sided partnership was formed by the contrasting but complimentary attributes of Edgar Chadwick and Alf Milward, a huge factor in the Club landing its very first Football League title in 1891

The Right Man at the Right Time

Lyndon Lloyd
It's been a restorative week in terms of the manager’s standing with many fans and Dyche has now proved that he represents a rare and much-needed element of stability at a club still distressed by an uncertain future

“Not the job that was pitched to me”

Paul The Esk
The timing of such cannot wait. Yes, we have assured Premier League survival — how fantastic that is — but bigger battles are still to be fought and won

Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

Lyndon Lloyd
If there was one message that could be delivered to the players, it's that you are a lot better than performances and results have demonstrated in recent weeks. The four key matches against teams around us that remain provide the perfect opportunity to prove it.

In the Cold Light of Day – Everton’s Position, the Absence of Leadership & Aligned Interests

Paul The Esk
Everton's position is desperate but still recoverable. It is a really tough ask but the only survival chance going forwards requires new management, new players (in every sense) on and off the pitch

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part III: Everton Stadium Development Limited

Paul The Esk
To complete the analysis of Everton Football Club Company Limited Report and Accounts for 2022-23, Everton Stadium Development Limited warrants its own analysis

The Inescapable Reality for Everton’s Directors

Paul The Esk
Never has the need for them to act responsibly been greater than it is now.

The Line Between Seeking Justice and Witch-hunt

Lyndon Lloyd
If the Premier League had had their way, Everton would have been deducted SEVENTEEN points this season. And despite two Independent Commissions and one Appeal Board, they're still fighting the club over stadium interest costs while Nottingham Forest got half the penalty and the Manchester City case remains a mirage

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part II

Paul The Esk
It almost doesn’t require saying but the financial condition of Everton Football Club is frankly absurd, and testament to the atrocious management of the club by Farhad Moshiri.

Everton FC Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23 – Part I

Paul The Esk
The club continues to be caught in a perfect storm of underperformance on and off the pitch, combined with the complete indifference of the current owner.

Moshiri is about to lose control of Everton – the question is to whom?

Paul The Esk
We are reaching the critical point in the Club's ownership saga. Within weeks, the current owner may lose overall control to MSP Sports Capital and administration remains a possibility if 777 Partners' takeover isn't approved

The reality of the “conditional minded to approve” requirements

Paul The Esk
Far from being a conditional approval, these are terms  that, in my opinion are impossible to meet.

Bloomberg report of conditional approval for 777 Partners crystallises minds

Paul The Esk
If it’s true the Premier League has issued them the reported letter, they have thrown down the gauntlet to 777 Partners: Meet our conditions; otherwise, there is no approval.

Thierry Small is making a good impression with the Addicks

Michael Kenrick
It's almost 2 years ago since we asked How's Thierry Small getting on with the Saints? Things have moved on considerably since then, with the 19-year-old now into his second month of a short-term contract at Charlton Athletic.

Alf Harland: The Irishman who became a Toffee and a Linnet

Rob Sawyer
Hailing from County Tyrone, he had the unenviable task of taking over from Everton's pre-WWI championship-winning goalkeeper, Tom Fern. He went on to make 70 appearances for the Blues

No Excuses

Lyndon Lloyd
Everton couldn't have asked for better circumstances, relative to their wider predicament off the pitch, to turn their form around heading into the final 10 games of the season

Accountability and the Role of Both Moshiri and We, the Fans – Everton’s Last Defence

Paul The Esk
It’s a big week ahead for Evertonians. Time to consider our role in decisions made "on our behalf”

No Room at the Top Table for Football’s Benevolent Former Binman

John Coughlan
A neutral's review of the legendary Everton goalkeeper's autobiography

1966 and All That

Tom Kelly
When the family of Tom Kelly were going through his things following his passing last December, they came across an essay he had written a decade ago recounting his life as an Evertonian, going back five decades. It’s a lovely, evocative piece of writing, worthy of a wider audience.

Everton, the Senior Club in the City, and the Importance of Ownership

Paul The Esk
We deserve much more than Farhad Moshiri has delivered. We deserve, the club and city requires, much more than Moshiri promises in terms of his potential new owners in 777 Partners.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Lyndon Lloyd
The threat of the charge for a second alleged breach of PSR still looms large but the Club and its fans at least have a modicum of clarity about their situation following the Appeal Board ruling

How Moshiri can end Everton’s paralysis now

Paul The Esk
An assessment of Moshiri’s culpability in Everton’s position and a suggestion as to how he can partially redeem himself

John Lindsay’s Unlucky Break

Rob Sawyer
John Lindsay was a classy full-back who suffered injury misfortune that meant he never did get back to the level of fitness and sharpness required for a Blues first team comeback

VAR is killing football. Making it palatable is likely beyond the powers that be

Lyndon Lloyd
The evidence of the past four years shows that the great promise of Video Assistant Referees as a panacea to controversy was a false prophecy. VAR, as implemented by these officials and under the current guidelines, is deeply flawed and the soul of the game suffering for it

Everton’s Debt Position and Ownership Alternatives

Paul The Esk
Whatever the solution is going forwards, Moshiri has caused huge pain to himself, the club, the fans (most importantly), creditors, sponsors and their backers. The longer we wait for a solution or resolution, the worse our situation becomes.

The Unofficial Everton Timeline – 2014-2023, The Moshiri Years

Lyndon Lloyd
Out now, a new book that documents unbridled ambition crashing into chaotic reality, starting in 2014 when Farhad Moshiri first began talks about taking a stake in Everton and going right up to the present day.

Reinventing Hospitality

Paul Traill
ToffeeWeb were given exclusive access to Everton's immersive showroom last November to get more than a flavour of our beautiful new ground and the stadium bars and pubs that form the final ALL seasonal membership packages that the club unveiled today

John Hurst (1947-2024) – A Tribute

Rob Sawyer
Brian Labone wasn't the only Everton stalwart of his era to embody the Corinthian spirit. "Gentleman Jack" leaves a legacy of being one of the School of Science’s most polished centre-backs and one of its finest men.

So… if you are Mr Laurence Rabinowitz

Michael Kenrick
Put yourself in the position of Mr Laurence Rabinowitz KC appearing before the Premier League's independent panel to hear the appeal

Big Nev and a Big-Hearted Conversation

Simon Hart
Nev and I recently spoke to Palestine national team player, Mohammed Bassim Rashid, for the Everton legend's podcast ahead of Palestine's opening match at the Asian Cup v Saudi Arabia. It was powerful and poignant as he told us about the impact on the Palestinian football community of Israel's assault on Gaza.

Everton’s Double Jeopardy and the Farce of the Premier League’s PSR

Lyndon Lloyd
It's absurd that Everton could be punished for the same crime twice in the same season

Albert Denaro – From Carter’s Boy to Everton’s Boardroom

David Kennedy
The Liverpool-born trade union leader was the founder of the Everton Shareholders Association which, in circumstances that will be feel very familiar in light of the recent protests against the Goodison Park hierarchy, grew out of vocal dissatisfaction with the running of the club in the 1920s and 1930s

In the Bleak Mid-Winter...

Paul The Esk
What are the options ahead of us? Who should take the pain of our past management?

Profitability and Sustainability Rules — Standard Directions

Michael Kenrick
Let's take a closer look at this thorny business of trying to abide by the Premier League's rules… I mean, we can all safely assume that at least the Premier League themselves will do that, surely? 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Everton (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Jim Keoghan
Some excerpts of a new book that has a go at covering a club that has amassed more stats and stories than you could probably contain within one tome.

Selective Punishment of Everton Betrays the Rot in the English Game

Lyndon Lloyd
The 10-point penalty meted out to the Blues was what so many have said – a disproportionately harsh sporting punishment for a financial crime that makes a mockery of the very concept at the heart of the Premier League's unevenly applied rules: sustainability

Summary of the Commission decision

Paul The Esk
A summary of the justification the Independent Commission used to recommend a 10-point points deduction for Everton

Independent Commission into Everton breach feels more Show Trial than fair trial

Lyndon Lloyd
It’s hard to shrug off the feeling that there was nowhere near enough distance between the prosecution and the adjudicating entity for this to have been a truly fair process.

The Goodison Bugler’s Last Post – The Life of Francis Hamill

Rob Sawyer
Rob Sawyer recalls the man who provided the Toffees with their own musical soundtrack in the late 1920s and 1930s

“I Felt Like I Belonged There” – Nancy Young

Becky Tallentire
Taken from ‘Real Footballers’ Wives – the First Ladies of Everton’ 
by Becky Tallentire in 2004, Nancy Young, the wife of Everton legend Alex, recounts her story.

Does 777’s performance match Josh Wander’s claims?

Paul The Esk
Assertions made by both Moshiri and Josh Wander as to the suitability and performance of 777 partners as Everton's new owners deserve scrutiny

Nick Walsh and the First Biography of Dixie Dean

Rob Sawyer
It would be nearly 40 years before the supreme Everton marksman’s amazing life story was properly told. The person to thank for capturing Dean’s memories in book form was fellow Birkenhead man, Nick Walsh.

777 Partners – Moshiri’s final misjudgement?

Paul The Esk
An analysis of the Florida-based investment firm's suitability as future owners of Everton Football Club

Everton, BK Hacken Glory and Zlatan: Johan Hammar Interview

Ell Bretland
Johan Hammar recently caught up with Ell Bretland on the SQaF Untold YouTube channel to look back on his time with the Toffees.

Significant Barriers to Conclusion of Moshiri and 777 Partners 'agreement'

Paul The Esk
The Esk stands by his initial assessment that 777 Partners do not have the resources to successfully acquire Everton, nor will they get the support of all parties required

Everton Village and the Birth of Everton Football Club

Everton Heritage Society
Hot on the heels of recent features about Everton’s first biographer, Thomas Keates, the Everton FC Heritage Society has released a new documentary film about the links between Everton village and the football club which adopted its name in 1879

The Beto Story: Everton Striker’s Rise from KFC to the Premier League

Ell Bretland
Everton's new striker has risen from humble beginnings to the Premier League and, in the process, fulfilled the hopes and dreams that the people had for him at the small Portuguese club where his journey began

Creeping Anxiety and a Social Dilemma

Lyndon Lloyd
Emotions are already running high after Everton's bad start. Neither the actions of a tiny few nor a media waiting to pounce are helping

Champagne at Highbury

John McFarlane [Senior]
Tommy Lawton recalls in his own words the Arsenal v Everton game at Highbury in September 1938

Crossing The Park — The Men Who Dared to Play for Both Liverpool and Everton

Rob Sawyer
Peter Kenny Jones's book profiles the Everton and Liverpool players in chronological order of their switch from one side of Stanley Park to the other

The Story of The Bullens

Rob Sawyer
Now giving faithful service into its 97th year, the Bullens Road stand and its Archibald Leitch-designed cross-braced panels has provided Goodison Park its key motif since 1926 and the days of Dixie Dean

The Impetuous Dr Whitford

David Kennedy
Everton director and chairman Dr William Whitford was an outspoken character who often found himself in the public eye – and, on occasion, in hot water.

Peter Corr: Winning in Blue — and Green — at Goodison Park

Rob Sawyer
Four decades before The Corrs made their musical breakthrough in the British and Irish pop charts, their uncle was an Irish international and Everton footballer. Less appreciated is his role in bringing Howard Kendall to the Toffees.

The Greatest Living Evertonian

Dr David France
A tribute to the surviving member of Everton's famous Holy Trinity, a club legend who has served Everton as a brilliant player, an outstanding coach and as manager.

Gordon Watson… One of Us

Dr David France
Something of a raconteur, Gwladys Street Hall of Famer Gordon Watson loved to share tales of his life at Goodison and he once spoke passionately about his team-mates from the side he regarded as ‘The Forgotten Champions of 1939’

Everton’s Finances – A Projection for 2022-23

Paul The Esk
So where are we financially? The last set of accounts takes us to 30 June 2022. It is possible to project forward 12 months to see how we enter this current financial year.

A Dele Reborn Really Would Be Like a New Signing

Lyndon Lloyd
If he can regain his fitness and his form, the Dele Alli story could add a fascinating dynamic to Everton’s 2023-24 season given that, on his day, he is a world-class performer. He might only have a narrow window to prove it, though

Frustration and Fear

Paul The Esk
With Finch Farm welcoming back the first team squad on Thursday and the Everton management maintaining their strict omerta, a call for action and communication

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