Spanish court rules in favour of Super League creators

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So the Super League raises its ugly head once again, as reported by BBC Sport:

Spanish court rules in favour of Super League creators

Whilst Uefa has not approved projects like the Super League, Bernd Reichart, chief executive of A22, sees things differently, saying the ruling meant "the era of the [Uefa] monopoly is now definitively over" and was "an important step towards a truly competitive and sustainable club football landscape in Europe".

What does that mean for struggling clubs like us? Is it a positive or a negative that we may end up in a league with no so-called Big Six?

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Would we welcome a new start, a new league where the other half, including us now have a chance?

Can you imagine Everton challenging for the Premier League, Champions League FA Cup, with no big boys waiting round the corner to mug us of our glittering prizes.

Maybe secretly we all want a level playing field, the chance to start again…

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Steve Johnston
1 Posted 28/05/2024 at 10:41:30
Interesting going forward. I think some sort of Super League will happen. Ideally, the Sky Six leave (no A teams playing in the domestic Premier League), a complete break.

There are more than 6 clubs who could replace them, the Championship has decent-sized clubs and former Premier League teams. Only issue might be £££. The Sky Six are massive cash cows.

But I would like to think that (initially) a 'new' Premier League would be a more level playing field. This would (hopefully) encourage people to watch/put £££ into it.

Andrew Ellams
2 Posted 28/05/2024 at 11:38:49
Steve, I think the Super League would kill Everton right now.

Major sponsors and contributors would at best hugely reduce their cash input and the knock-on effect to clubs like ours would be devastating.

Steve Johnston
3 Posted 28/05/2024 at 11:53:05

Good point. Guess I'm rather hoping for a new start, without the Sky Six.

Shaun Robinson
4 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:04:59
Could always invite the “Old Firm” to take up two of the places. I know it would be a logistical nightmare but it would ensure loads of media coverage.

Don't think it would ever happen though…

Paul Hewitt
5 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:10:23
The sooner this Super League happens, the better.
Andrew Ellams
6 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:16:21
Problem there, Shaun, is that the Super League then indirectly kills Scottish football too.
Paul Hewitt
7 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:19:34
And another thing, this Super League won't last 5 minutes.

Sure at first it will be all great. It will get boring playing the same team every season. I can't see many away fans making the away trip every other week.

Let's not forget, these Super League teams are used to winning things; that won't happen now. Plus will there be any interest in games near the end of the season with nothing to play for. I can see half-empty stadiums.

These teams will go crawling back to their own leagues, begging to be let back in, in a few years.

Steve Johnston
8 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:19:41

Maybe. Think that was mooted a few years back. 'Phoenix League' or when they spoke about Premier 1 & 2. Scotland without the Old Firm would be a much more even league, but without any £££!

I think here in England, take the Sky Six out and there are still big clubs, possibly money-making (to an extent). But, as Andrew says above, short term (at least) there would be a loss of income. Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs are the big cash cows (unfortunately).

Ted Roberts
9 Posted 28/05/2024 at 12:56:54
I appreciate that the thought of a Sky Sixless League is quite a subject for many scenarios to develop but is that not just going to leave the clubs in the new league still playing in the shadow of the Super League to a point where it becomes just the old Football League Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 set up again?

It was brilliant when we had it, but we didn't know any better then. Now, we have witnessed some of the most talented footballers of our time playing in our Premier League, but these same players will only be wanting to play for the Super League clubs.

Or is another possibility being that it could bring about the formation of another Super Six therefore still providing a breeding ground for the greed and corruption that we have seen so evidently so far?

Much always want more, and have no scruples in trying to achieve it. Whatever happens, our football game has changed to the point where there is no going back.

What we had before the Premier League worked, but the business side of the game is the one that now dictates success. Leave the Super Six where they are, they are the most rewarding teams to beat and they can still be embarrassed by the big European clubs.

We will just have to hope to be in their position one day at the moment, but be equally ready to enjoy it if, and when, it happens.

This is just the view of a Blue who is more interested in reading Danny's matchday posts, Christine's and Jerome's financial analysis, and all the informative and knowledgeable posts penned by the cream of football fans – not Super Six twaddle – Evertonians! COYB

Michael Kenrick
10 Posted 28/05/2024 at 13:10:32
Sorry but nothing I've seen suggests that the clubs involved would actually leave their domestic competitions.

Everything I've read indicates that the European Super League would be set up to replace the Uefa competitions – the Champions League and the Europa League. They would carry on playing in their domestic leagues, pretty much exactly the same as they do now.

Ian Jones
11 Posted 28/05/2024 at 13:51:20
I agree with Michael.

It was mostly supporters who assumed the clubs would break away from their own national leagues. Badly reported at the time to gain maximum impact.

Jamie Crowley
12 Posted 28/05/2024 at 14:33:28
A Super League with promotion and relegation would be fine?

As long as the carrot is dangled and it's not a closed shop?

Danny O’Neill
13 Posted 28/05/2024 at 15:02:45
Agree Michael, it would be an evolution of the Champions League if it happens, which itself was an evolution of the European Cup.
Jerome Shields
14 Posted 29/05/2024 at 05:38:21
If one looks back over this past 20 years, as Christine has said on another thread, the football being played in the Premier League has changed and is reflected in a change in rules interpretation to accommodate. There has also has been a change in required club ownership and with that football finance. structuring.

The former change is under attack. Application of hard rules are being questioned, eg, VAR and the current style of ownership is facing both national league rules and continental rules. The latter ownership style is proving unsustainable even for the Big Six and elite clubs in other leagues.

All one has to do is look at next season in the Premier League. The Champions are facing an investigation of over 100 breaches, relegation survivors face getting more references to independent commissions and even promoted clubs are coming into the same mix. How is it sustainable that points deductions are part of a club's season plan without a ball being kicked?

The new era of corporate restructuring, corporate finance and corporate ownership is not only applicable to Everton. It is likely going to affect other Premier League teams and teams in other leagues. It will not be only Everton that will find it is bounced into it. The era of the billionaire cash injection with no corporate responsibility is on its way out.

Just as questions are being asked of the Premier League, questions will be asked in other leagues, as is already the case as the protagonists of the multi-club model have exposed. These changes are not only national but continental.

Sustainability will be the by-word and competition will be bent to suit. New league structures will be demanded and are already evolving.

The Wild West era is over, the Sheriff has come to town… not necessarily for the better.

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