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David Wycherley asks, "How do we recapture that feeling of belonging and get back to enjoying the thing that we love the most?" and believes the answer is to focus not "on what we don’t have right now but ... what we do have: Each other. If we look slightly up north towards the Barcodes, totally ignore their odd indiscretion walloping the odd horse but look at what impact new ownership can have, then any new owner could not ask to walk into a better situation.

"The fanbase has shown what it can do when it comes together. It is easy to focus on the bad parts of the last 18 months, but I am ready to forget them and look forward now – let’s remember the POSITIVE parts. Even if just for a moment in time, we found out what things could be like, what they should be like, and we experienced a little slice of Evertonia. It’s a snapshot of course, the outlier as opposed to the norm, but it shows what is possible when we all come together, in unity lies strength."

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