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The BBC have released a podcast series in 10 episodes telling the inside story of Everton's turbulent, pivotal, almost catastrophic 2022-23 season in the Premier League.

Mark Chapman fronts the series in which the BBC were given access to go behind the scenes and meet the people who make up one of England's oldest football clubs.

All 10 episodes are available from today on BBC Sounds

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Ernie Baywood
1 Posted 12/10/2023 at 09:01:12
I love a podcast and have just subscribed to this.

But honestly, I'm not sure whether I can listen to it. I imagine it would be great for neutrals to hear what was happening on the inside, but the whole period just feels sad to me.

Has anyone got into it?

Michael Kenrick
2 Posted 12/10/2023 at 09:07:23
Just starting in on Episode 1.

It was almost strange to hear Frank Lampard enthusing about the whole experience for him again, and his genuine honesty. Hopeless manager but he's obviously a great bloke – for being Essex!

But Kevin Thelwell! That was brilliant to hear him speak: Dad an Evertonian, his biggest critic. Daft, I know, but that made me feel a lot better about him.

Stephen Davies
3 Posted 12/10/2023 at 10:23:43
There's a companion article that goes with the series here on BBC Sport:

Everton: The inside story of a turbulent 2022-23 season for the Toffees

Ian Jones
4 Posted 12/10/2023 at 11:22:49
I am sure this will be interesting to listen to.
Eric Myles
5 Posted 12/10/2023 at 14:26:33
I can't get the BBC here in Viet Nam, it's restricted, too much misinformation.
Peter Mills
6 Posted 12/10/2023 at 15:00:03
I’ve listened to the first two and can recommend them.
Peter Moore
7 Posted 12/10/2023 at 15:29:50
It's a fantastic insight... binge listening today and tomorrow when time allows!
Dale Self
8 Posted 12/10/2023 at 15:53:56
Eric 5, it is cu’t so it was cut. I think I got the accent right on the Viet but it has been a while.
Barry Hesketh
9 Posted 12/10/2023 at 17:52:23
It's well worth a listen, even if it only reminds us of each and every twist and turn that we've faced in this last 12 months. It's also a reminder that there are a lot of jobs dependent on the success or failure of the first-team.

It's so easy to forget that there are real human beings running things behind the scenes and at front of house.

It's such a great pity that the board members and the owners are so far removed from what is quintessentially Everton about this club of ours and whilst we all crave change for the better, we mustn't lose sight of what we are good at and the good people who help to make it happen.

It will be interesting to see what the club looks like in a couple of years time should 777 Partners and their ilk get hold of Everton and begin to shape things in their image.

I suppose at some level, this in-depth documentary could be seen as marking the end of a particular type of club, its surroundings, and the way it carries out its day-to-day tasks.

Paul Ferry
10 Posted 12/10/2023 at 18:36:22
Is it just audio and no visuals?

I just get audio in the greatest democracy the world has ever seen with a quality of life that is the envy of the rest of the world. I imagine BBC Sounds is a bit of a giveaway!

Michael Kenrick
12 Posted 12/10/2023 at 20:16:46
Audio only, Paul. But I think BBC Sounds works over there, doesn't it? Unlike BBC iPlayer…
Peter Mills
13 Posted 12/10/2023 at 22:45:19
Paul #10,

BBC Sounds is an App that is readily available (certainly in the UK, and possibly worldwide), and the podcasts can be listened to or downloaded from there.

Paul Ferry
14 Posted 13/10/2023 at 00:12:17
Cheers, Pete, it's all working well and I'm looking forward to the first two after your recommendation. Hope all is well.
Dupont Koo
15 Posted 13/10/2023 at 01:56:25
Michael @2, you are welcome to be my neighbour on #ThelwellIsland!

Ever since when he first joined us, I have been quietly optimistic with Thelwell, with my belief that his previous spell as the General Manager of NY Red Bulls would equip him well on how to compete against a much richer rival in a heated market (just imagine NY Red Bulls being Tranmere competing against the Red Shite that is NY City), notwithstanding under a stringent salary cap.

As sad as I have to admit that we are still the second fiddle in the city currently, Thelwell would know how we feel as fans: and now we all know that he has a Dad to whom he would explain on every move he has made for the club! XD

Larry O'Hara
16 Posted 13/10/2023 at 02:21:23
Just listening to second episode: surprisingly good tbh, would never have thought the BBC could do something useful like this. Pleasantly surprised.
Ian Jones
17 Posted 13/10/2023 at 10:53:09
I'm 5 episodes in. Really interesting stuff. Certainly worth a listen.
Mark Murphy
18 Posted 13/10/2023 at 11:01:56
Dyche on Tom Davies as he walks past.

“That man lives in a house with no mirrors”!!!


Rob Halligan
19 Posted 13/10/2023 at 11:15:24
Mark, the bit about when Ian Woan said Dyche was hoovering on the morning of a Burnley game against Arsenal was funny…..was Tony Abrahams doing the dishes at the same time? 😁😁😁

ps: I know Tony wasn't at Burnley!!

Dale Self
20 Posted 13/10/2023 at 12:36:56
Well, if the BBC can get something to interest Larry, I guess I'll have to check it out.
Barry Williams
21 Posted 13/10/2023 at 13:15:33
Eric Myles - I am in Saigon now on holiday and lived here before - just get yourself a VPN - that will sort you for access to banned sites - even in China.

In fact it was my Viet students who got me onto VPNs back in around 2008 when they banned Facebook over students and a mankini photo shoot I believe!

Tony Abrahams
22 Posted 13/10/2023 at 13:25:49
I never had to lift a finger, Rob, unless I needed to click them!
Mark Murphy
23 Posted 13/10/2023 at 13:57:06

I have this image in my head of Dyche and Woan as the Odd Couple (Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon).

John Daley
24 Posted 13/10/2023 at 15:23:56
There’s certainly some good stuff to be mined from within the episodes, but there’s also a lot of fluff and banal questioning to get through on the way to finding anything of real interest.

[To the kit-man]: Do you feel like you’re their dad? Do you?”

[To the lady on reception]: Do you feel like you’re their mum? Do you?”

[To a supporter]: “Do you feel like you’re a family member…perhaps an uncle or a distant cousin… who they continually disappoint but you can’t disown them, or even avoid them for any real length of time, so you just have to resort to disapproving looks and shaking your head and stuff? Do you?”

Kevin Edward
25 Posted 13/10/2023 at 19:16:16
Had a listen earlier to the first episodes. As much as I enjoyed the drama and the views of the people involved, sadly this was the season after ‘this club will never be in this position again' etc. So I ended up more angry that it happened at all.

Strangely, I can't help still liking Lampard. He just sounds like the real deal, well-liked and respected, top bloke. BBC were definitely onto the behind-the-scenes Board tactics.

Brendan McLaughlin
26 Posted 13/10/2023 at 19:29:42
John #24

Obviously there's a lot more to come out about the relationship between the kit-man and the receptionist. Can't wait.

Larry O'Hara
28 Posted 13/10/2023 at 20:18:30
Dale (20) — dead right, I was pleasantly surprised.
Andy McNabb
29 Posted 14/10/2023 at 01:17:18
I listen to podcasts while I work out. Usually find them a good distraction from the pain.

Am just at the end of Episode 2. I have enjoyed it on one level but it is also adding to the pain of the workout. If I'm honest, I've felt traumatized all over again.

Don Alexander
30 Posted 14/10/2023 at 04:23:55
Christ on a bike, why the hell is this podcast "educating" any so-called Evertonian?

Where've you all been for decades?

It's as if post-WW2 some bozo decided to put together a podcast entitled; "Hitler, was he really a cunt?"

Wake Up!

Mike Gaynes
31 Posted 14/10/2023 at 04:29:56
Ever notice that people telling others to "Wake UP!" tend to sound the most robotic themselves?
Steve Brown
32 Posted 14/10/2023 at 05:25:36
I have found it interesting and fair - I also think it has added balance to hear the voice of the staff who work at the club and the supporters.

While I wish Bill Kenwright a return to health, the podcast reminds us that he and the board tried to criminalise the fans and tarnish their reputation. For that reason, none of them will ever be welcomed back by the fans.

Their connection with Everton is finished.

Danny O’Neill
33 Posted 14/10/2023 at 08:22:16
I listened to some of it, but like many, I didn't need reminding of the footballing trauma we went through as I witnessed most of it.

For me, I recall the drama of the run in. The late equaliser at Chelsea when I nearly fell into the next row in front of me.

The Michael Keane late equaliser against Tottenham.

The despair of the long trip to the homeland and back to be thumped by Newcastle.

The elation of that night in Brighton and the electric atmosphere.

The last gasp Mina goal at Wolves in yet another stop breathing moment. "Is it a goal I asked"!

Everton of late is a rollercoaster that would give anything in Alton Towers a run for it's money.

John Daley
34 Posted 14/10/2023 at 08:31:25
“Wake Up!”, says Don Alexander (yet again), to a room full of empty beds.

1950:Alan Turing publishes Computer Machinery and Intelligence and the term ‘artificial intelligence' enters public consciousness for the first time.

1951: The first working AI programs piss about playing checkers and chess.

1972: WABOT-1, the first intelligent humanoid robot, is constructed in Japan.

1990: Cyberdyne becomes the largest supplier of military computer systems. All stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne computers, becoming fully unmanned.

1991:The Skynet Funding Bill is passed.

1997: Skynet goes online. Human decisions are removed from strategic defence. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 am Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, people try to pull the plug. Skynet launches missiles against selected targets. Three billion human lives are lost.

2010s: The Man/Machine war rages on…

2029: Skynet sends a cyborg assassin, known as a Terminator, back through time to 1984 to try and kill Sarah Connor, before she can give birth to the future leader of the human resistance.

Skynet sends a second, more technologically advanced, terminator back through time to try and kill off John Connor while he was still just an annoying little wanker.

Skynet sends yet another terminator back to kill John Connor.

Skynet sends Dusty Bin back to kill Des O'Connor.

2037: Don Alexander first warns of the potential threat AI could pose to the human populace.

2038: Don becomes disillusioned that people still refer to him as ‘Don', rather than ‘the Prophet Don' or ‘Disseminator Don' or even ‘Clint Don Baptiste'.

When someone suggests he should probably start calling himself ‘Donny-Kruger', as a play on ‘Dunning-Kruger'.…Don has to secretly go ask Chat GPT what the hell that's supposed to mean?

2040: Don Alexander continues to spend all day and night spreading prescient word to a post-apocalyptic population forced to hide underground in fear of imminent death at the hands of cybernetic hunter/killer murder machines, about how AI and automation could potentially cause absolute chaos in the customer service job sector.

2041: In utter desperation, Don decides to fight fire with fire and attempts to travel back in time to the 1970s to destroy WABOT-1. Unfortunately, Don's repeated loud threats that he's going to “Take out the Japs' AI” (and he doesn't care if ‘nobody else wants to come' because he's ‘going to rub ‘1' out regardless') results in his immediate arrest on charges of public indecency and mopery.

Steve Shave
35 Posted 14/10/2023 at 09:13:02
Classic post John Daley. However, you missed the documentation of Bill's funeral where mourners were "shocked and sickened" by Don's unwelcome appearance. Wearing nothing but his "Kenwright out - NSNO" flag, he was last seen being dragged out of the church muttering something about Kirkby and Coronation Street.

Unable to let go and after years of unsuccessful treatment, Don is eventually enrolled in a flagship government scheme to help people with obsessive thinking. Until the end of his days, every time he hears the name "Bill" he has to engage in a distraction technique involving 20 push-ups and a pirouette.

Michael Kenrick
36 Posted 14/10/2023 at 09:36:22
This leader line in the local rag was a little jarring:

The BBC’s new podcast series on Everton has pierced the silence of this international break like the ear-splitting siren that precedes Z-Cars to kickstart events at Goodison Park.

[From: Everton have power club can use to its advantage and BBC just proved it]

Now a good bit of hyperbole doesn't go amiss, I suppose, and yes, I thought the podcast was of some interest in a gruesome gulliotine-gathering kind of way that some have mentioned above… but that opening shot from Joe Thomas in his Echo piece surely reveals the depth and extent of the chasm that now exists between the club and the dreadful local paper.

For him to make an article out of snippets he has gleaned from something we can all listen to on the Beeb just turns my stomach. Here's a journalist who should have unique professional access to all the characters we're hearing on the podcast. But no, he's like a kid in a sweet shop as he revels in the 'openness' and 'honesty' of the content garnered by the BBC.

What the fuck does he do all day? Trawl the internet and listen to podcasts? Oh, hang on, that's me to a tee.

Tony Everan
37 Posted 14/10/2023 at 09:40:46
2042: Everton win the FA Cup, their 97 year old chairman Bill Kenwright celebrates with the team doing wheelies in his wheelchair around the Wembley centre circle. He leaps out and starts doing the okey-cokey on the centre spot, amazing all present as it was reported his legs stopped working back in 2029.

At the height of the celebrations the clouds parted and revealed a huge silver spaceship hovering over the stadium. A sudden beam of intense light shot forth from the craft down to the the centre spot and engulfed the delirious chairman.

The crowd watched on as Mr Kenwright slowly started to rise up within the beam of light. He knew this was the end and accepted his fate, smiling and waving royally on his way up, as the crowd responded with “Fuck Off Kenwright”. and “1-0 to the Aliens, 1-0 to the Aliens”.

Dave Abrahams
38 Posted 14/10/2023 at 09:54:28
Michael (36),

I think the Echo isn't a best seller in Liverpool and has been well behind what happens at the training ground and the club for a long time and I've had more information on what goes on at the club from supporters than reporters who give us the news!

That was when I got the Echo every night, again years ago, the only pages I miss from the Echo is the Death Notices.

Tony Abrahams
39 Posted 14/10/2023 at 10:33:13
Everton won't win anything whilst Bill Kenwright remains and his nepotistic poison is embedded deeply into the fabric of the club…

Everton won't win anything whilst Bill Kenwright remains and his nepotistic poison is embedded deeply into the fabric of the club…

Everton won't win anything whilst Bill Kenwright remains and his nepotistic poison is embedded deeply into the fabric of the club…..

It's no good telling people who don't want to admit that they have been kiddedto "Wake Up!" because people don't like admitting they've been kidded. The epitaph.

Kevin Molloy
40 Posted 14/10/2023 at 13:00:06
Fair play, John. Very funny.
Kevin Molloy
41 Posted 14/10/2023 at 13:02:40
I would rather poke my eyeballs out with a blunt pencil than relive last season through a multi episode BBC podcast.
Nick Page
42 Posted 14/10/2023 at 13:29:48
Has that despicable parasite Kenwright resigned yet? It is the only news I care about.

Carry on.

Ian Jones
43 Posted 14/10/2023 at 14:47:31
Kevin, 41 and others who choose not to listen to the series for whatever reason, I feel you are missing out.

It offers up a different perspective from throughout the club, including interviews not heard before, looks at things players have to get involved in outside their football duties. Doesn't over or under criticise. Just a good listen.

Brendan McLaughlin
44 Posted 14/10/2023 at 15:15:24
Ian #43

"Doesn't over... criticise"

There's a few on here who won't be interested then!

Mark Murphy
45 Posted 14/10/2023 at 16:25:01
Just finished it - I enjoyed it. It helped that I knew the ending.
Ian Jones
46 Posted 14/10/2023 at 19:32:05
Brendan, go on...name them :)
Jerome Shields
47 Posted 15/10/2023 at 05:18:18
Whilst Everton's story is like no other, they have been and are languishing around the bottom of the Premier League and they need a determined plan, which would upset a few of the backroom staff.

No doubt Lampard was a nice guy but he ultimately failed because he was not able to implement such a plan. Not all his fault but there appears amongst those that run the club a grasping at straws rather than a determined effort (Note: determination rather than perseverance) hoping that a guy that they get on with will make the grade and secure their positions.

Thewell does impress and has done well, though selection, sales and purchases is very much determined by the value that Everton can get for players, both in and through the ins and outs of the squad.

In Dyche's case, the drama goes on with still some unanswered questions. For many in Everton the feared changes will happen. They have all had a load of chances over the years.

The ultimate problem of Everton languishing at the bottom of the Premier League will have to be solved. It is going to be difficult but let's pray that hope and good intentions will be rewarded for those who deserve.

Great to get an insight behind the scenes. I see my friend Don has reached institutional status and deservedly so.

Danny O’Neill
48 Posted 15/10/2023 at 07:46:08
The next few months will be defining for us.

Sunday morning and I have more questions than answers.

The Luton debacle and a loss to touted title contenders Arsenal aside, we've been teasing out results. Can we continue to pick up results and points?

Can we win at the pit of impurity next week? I have to believe we can. Anything is possible in life and football. We don't go into any match believing we can't win. Especially against them. John Senior will send me to the swear jar, but fuck them. That's my team talk and all I have to offer when I refer to them!

I guess there are no rules on away ticket allocation, but how does it work that they allocate a similar amount of away tickets as Brentford do? One stadium holds over 54,000, the other just over 17,000. Surely the Premier League should impose a percentage or fixed figure? How do Newcastle get away with sticking the away support in the gods out of sight and away from the pitch?

What will happen on 25 October?

Will we take one step closer to Wembley against Burnley on 1 November and march towards that elusive League Cup trophy? Yes, we can. Goodison under the lights. Win that, finish mid-table and we're in Europe next season!

Will the takeover finally happen and the new owners install their own people? Out with the old failing regime.

Could Sheik Jassim, Qatari politician, having withdrawn his billions of $£ bid for Manchester United, pick up a bargain with a late play for Everton? That's pure speculation and thought – I have no substance or information, I just noted it on the news this morning.

Although no expert, I can't believe that potential investors don't have insider knowledge of the books and the potential outcomes of the independent commission review. Why would they get to this stage without having an understanding of the possible consequences before putting their money on the table?

Either way, change is about to happen. Some might be uncomfortable as it may, and should, involve big change throughout the club. I think the majority want it. You can change whilst respecting traditions. Respect the past, but don't live in it. Make future history. That's what we did in previous generations when we were an example.

Forget last season, we all rode that emotional rollercoaster and it was another bare knuckle ride. It's about this season and where the future takes us.

More immediately, we have a big day next weekend as we head to Mordor and listen to that nauseating song.

Bitter with reason. Twisted with a cause. Always loud and proud no matter how those imposters try to put us down.

1878. The Originals.

Apologies, I'm probably going to get worse this week in the build-up.

Paul Ferry
49 Posted 15/10/2023 at 19:32:28
"So-called Evertonian?". Would you care to explain that Don (Alexander) please?

What was 48 about?

Jack Convery
50 Posted 16/10/2023 at 11:24:15
I found the series interesting.

However in the Colin Chong interview. he insisted the stadium was on course to come in on budget – £500m. I thought Moshiri the accountant had said it was now going to cost £750m.

Seamus denies he is a legend – well he is, whether he knows it or not.

Paul Metcalf
51 Posted 16/10/2023 at 14:51:08
I found this which is of great interest to all Evertonians.
Ian Jones
52 Posted 17/10/2023 at 08:29:44
Jack, have listened to all of the podcast including the Colin Chong interview and was thinking the same about the budget for the stadium.

I assume the interviews for the podcast finished at the end of the season so anything that has happened say from June onwards is not covered.

Shame there is not an Episode 11 so we can hear about the last 4 months or so...

Don Alexander
53 Posted 17/10/2023 at 13:47:59
Just been advised by Mr Ferry on another thread to respond to what are described as "questions" put to me on this thread.

Well, apart from having been a catalyst to the ever so funny comedic genius Mr Daley, and Mr Shave's opinion, I can't find any other than Mr Ferry's own.

So, to answer him, I merely point out that me and increasingly way more than a few others have seen right through Kenwright for years and attribute all of the responsibility for our perilous predicament to him. Everything else to me is largely irrelevant.

Others meanwhile prefer to chat about "transition failure", "high-press failure" and such like, or try to use fantastical analogies from old movies to amuse themselves.

It takes all sorts!

Brian Wilkinson
54 Posted 17/10/2023 at 16:30:31
Don, you should try and get down to one of the ToffeeWeb meets ups, you will be in good company with a few others, whose blood boil, at the very mention of Bungalow Bill.

I know The Beatles were ahead of their time, but to write a song back in the late sixties, The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill is a pure masterpiece and forward thinking.

Points deducted though in their double attempt with When I'm Sixty-Four instead of When I'm Seventy-Eight!

Mark Murphy
55 Posted 18/10/2023 at 22:26:39
I just finished the last episode and I'm a little confused. Jimmy Martin is asked about his favourite moments and he mentions the 4-4 in the cup and Dave Watson scoring the winner in the 2nd replay at Anfield.

Now I may be getting senile myself but I thought I clearly remembered sitting in the Upper Bullens when Dave scored the winner at the Park End at Goodison? Have I been wrong all this time??

Matt Traynor
56 Posted 19/10/2023 at 04:09:01
Mark #55 your memory is correct. 2nd replay was at Goodison. They had a caretaker manager as Dalglish had quit after the 4-4.

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