Kenwright salutes community efforts

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In a statement this week, Bill Kenwright has gone public with his praise for a number of Everton's recent community and fan outreach initiatives, off-field aspects that he says make the club special.

The Chairman has been relatively quiet since introducing Roberto Martinez as Everton's new manager last summer, preferring to let events on the field this season do much of the Board's talking this season.

He was moved to pen a statement for, though, by the club's Junior Day festivities at the Norwich City home game last weekend, the latest in a string of fan-focused efforts by the club's communications and marketing departments in conjunction with it's official charity, Everton in the Community.

"Like all of you, I find it difficult at times to adequately sum up my devotion to our Football Club," his statement reads. "But a few recent events have reiterated to me just where this love affair comes from And that's quite aside from the wonderful football we have been blessed with this season!"

Complete with an obligatory reference to Dave Hickson and the Boys Pen, the Chairman's message also describes his joy at last Saturday's focus on the club's young supporters — "Our history, my history; soon to be handed over to the young Evertonians who will take our Club forward" — the Missing People Campaign and "Blue Chrimbo" efforts.

"We are a great Football Club. The best. But we are more than that — we are a family that looks out for, cares for, and ultimately celebrates the unique privilege of being what we are: Evertonians.

"Now I obviously know that all of this wonderful activity we see at Goodison is based on a clear plan, and is motivated by a relentless pursuit of excellence that can only be brought to life by long hours, hard work, and great commitment — but it still makes me proud to be Blue!"

The full message can be viewed on the Official Everton Website.

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