Why the Carping At Martinez's Success?

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A more balanced piece of commentary by Sarah Winterburn at the Football365 website asks: "Why does praise for Robero Martinez have to come with caveats about David Moyes's defence or the loan system? Is it just because he's proved us all wrong? Perhaps..."
[W]hile Everton supporters can revel in glory unexpected, some of those who are paid to know about football bitterly disparage their success simply because they did not know. It defies logic that a manager could so completely change a team's philosophy (in terms of both style and ambition) in such a short space of time. It defies logic so the aggrieved look for loopholes.

Some say he has merely built on Moyes's foundations of a solid defence as if that was a criticism, as if keeping the impressive elements of a team and making improvements elsewhere dilutes his impact; the same people don't stop to wonder why Moyes never attempted to make those same improvements himself if it was so damned easy.

Some say that borrowing players is somehow a shortcut, a cheat. They ask where Everton would be without the goals of Romelu Lukaku and the experience of Gareth Barry, as if they are the only ones to exploit a system that is available to every club, as if it takes no skill whatsoever to source, persuade and integrate a loan signing.

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