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Column & Opinion Articles

Contributions from our editorial team and featured columnists.

Everton must make a statement with their next managerial appointment

Matt Jones
A conservative approach in finding Roberto Martinez's successor is the wrong one. Everton need someone to motivate the squad and enliven a fanbase that’s been dulled by the multitude of galling moments in recent years.

Roberto Martinez’s mantras have become muddled and it’s time for a change at Everton

Matt Jones
The Catalan breezed into Everton on a wave of positivity and with an identifiable plan to take the club back to the top. Three years on, he has sadly lost his way and much of the belief in this vision from the players and fans is long gone.

FA Cup success shouldn’t save Roberto Martinez at Everton

Matt Jones
The ingredients for success in cup football are a few shades removed from what’s required to thrive in the domestic, week-to-week grind of the Premier League and it's on the latter score that the manager has struggled for two seasons.

It's time for Everton to sensibly reintegrate John Stones back into the starting XI

Matt Jones
If the 21-year-old can recapture the form that made him the most sought-after young defender in the country, he could improve Martinez's struggling team.

Roberto Martinez's prolonged hard-luck story doing Everton no favours

Matt Jones
Roberto Martinez needs to look closer to home to amend some clear systemic problems that are producing games like Saturday's defeat.

Romelu Lukaku must be held to high standards

Matt Jones
The Belgian is a special talent and while he’s already one of the finest goalscorers in the English game, the potential is there for him to become so much more.

This pulsating Premier League season shows how far Everton still have to go

Matt Jones
Having fine young players isn’t inextricably linked to success at this level; footballers need to be guided, organised, nurtured and motivated. While Tottenham and Leicester are showing the way, that process doesn’t seem to be in motion at Everton.

Roberto Martinez must preserve Everton's new-found pragmatic blueprint

Matt Jones
If Roberto Martinez continues to set Everton up in the style which worked so effectively against Stoke City, then the the swell of angst against him in recent weeks will quickly dissipate.

Roberto Martinez and his team must give the Everton crowd something worth shouting about

Matt Jones
Ultimately, the type of football on show will be mirrored in the fanbase and at the moment the fans have a right to be unhappy as the Toffees are languishing in 12th position in the Premier League.

Evertons perennial lapses in focus threaten to undermine steady recent progress

Matt Jones
As long as mental frailties continue to blemish performances, Everton will continue to falter. Given the shelf life of this side, potentially very short if European juggernauts come calling in the the summer, it’s imperative a consistent defensive focus is discovered.

Ross Barkleys steady maturation shouldnt be a concern for Evertonians

Matt Jones
Ross Barkley's Everton career is back on track after a difficult second season in 2014-15 but he continues to attract criticism from some supporters who are frustrated with the Blues' lack of progress overall.

Roberto Martinezs flaws are too longstanding and too costly to ignore for much longer

Matt Jones
There’s a sense that support for Martinez’s utopian vision has seeped away lately and unless some uncharacteristically decisive action is taken in the weeks to come, the swell against the manager will only gather more momentum.

Everton must rediscover their nasty streak at Goodison Park

Matt Jones
Everton are far too nice at this juncture and if this team is to progress as we all hope it does, Martinez and his players must show some backbone.

Roberto Martinez Must Act to Address Fundamental Flaws if Everton are to Progress

Matt Jones
Recent results where Everton have thrown away vital points have shown that changes in approach are needed lest a chance to capitalise in a wide open Premier League passes the Blues by.

Everton are bringing some overdue enjoyment back to Goodison Park

Matt Jones
Everton’s style has gone from bereft of impetus to breathless. It’s not perfect, as was evident against Palace; there’s clear progress to be made which makes it a little easier to look beyond frustrating results and at the bigger picture.

Bournemouth Surrender Exposes Evertons Lack of Leadership

Matt Jones
Everton's young attacking side had been thrilling supporters in recent weeks but a lack of leadership and communication was exposed at Bournemouth in the 3-3 draw.

Aston Villa Win a Stylish Step in the Right Direction for Everton

Matt Jones
A result that represents another surefire sign that this is a young team and a young manager who have recognised their errors and are slowly starting to set them right.

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