Everton lose in the most 'Everton' way possible

This nonsense is happening far too regularly now and has to be stopped one way or the other.

Paul Traill 06/03/2016 55comments  |  Jump to last
Everton 2 - 3 West Ham United

Keen to catch the crucial clash at the top of the table in the North London derby, Ste and I arrived at the pub early. It was just as well that we did too as it was pretty busy then and filled up more and more. Luckily by that point we had a pretty reasonable spec and were able to catch the cracker of a derby, Arsenal levelling late on to secure a point. Gary and Sue joined us a little later on.

It's with regret that we watch these games at the top of the table. The way this season has panned out it's deeply frustrating to see the talent in our squad as we sit in the bottom half (of the table). We've really missed a big opportunity this campaign.

We were all surprised to see John Stones return in place of Gareth Barry who was apparently suffering from a chest infection. Everton going three at the back, thereby adding a lot of responsibility on to the midfield duo of James McCarthy and Ross Barkley. Anthony Taylor, who's made controversial decisions in games against West Ham previously, refereed. Everton attacked the Park End in the first half.

The way we were set up in the first half, I couldn't really see how we were going to get a goal in the game as having one less man in midfield looked as though we were going to struggle to create opportunities. It wasn't long after I'd explained this to those around us that we only went and scored when Romelu Lukaku exploited bad positioning by the young Reece Oxford, raced into the penalty area and thrashed the ball accurately past Adrian. Everton ahead. Perhaps not deserved at that point, but ahead.

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We really kicked on from there and produced more opportunities in and around the goal with James McCarthy and Ross Barkley both testing Adrian with speculative efforts, Barkley's volley in particular was as impressive as it was audacious.

Of course things were going too well, and things became more difficult when Kevin Mirallas was sent off for two yellow cards. His first dive was stupid, but the foul which followed when already on a yellow card was idiotic. Though Aaron Cresswell made more of it than was necessary and the West Ham players did what they could to get Kevin Mirallas sent off, it was the right call and could arguable have been a straight red card as it was dangerous. Should he have been booked for a yellow? Well yes, I hate diving and he should have been punished, though it's the lack of consistency which maddens me. You see them sort of dives all the time in games and more often than not the referee waves it away and play goes on. It's difficult to overlook how much time was spent on the floor by Emenike also.

We got to the break a goal ahead. At half time Everton played a tear-jerker of a video on the screen of a teenage musician who recently lost his battle with cancer, passing away on 31st December 2015. They then played a song he'd written in a lovely gesture. They are great at this sort of thing Everton.

Onto the second half and John Stones was sacrificed with Mohammed Basic added to the midfield as we went to something of a 4-4-1 system. We performed splendidly in the second half and put in a real effort and things were looking rosy on 56 minutes when Romelu Lukaku and Aaron Lennon combined perfectly to put Everton 2-0 ahead to the palpable delight of the crowd.

Things were looking even better a little later when Anthony Taylor awarded Everton a penalty when Besic was tripped as he burst through towards goal. Replays show it be just outside the box but we were awarded the penalty anyhow. I didn't much like the little argument between Lukaku and Barklery prior to the penalty. These things should be decided before the game and I didn't much like Adrian's gamesmanship before Lukaku struck the penalty. Actually I don't like the detestable Adrian full stop, and I now like him even less after he saved the penalty. It can't however be ignored quite how poor Lukaku's penalty was. I thought he was smart changing his run up direction as I felt that might have fooled Adrian, but the stutter before the strike is always a gamble and in the end I think Lukaku was caught in two or three minds as to where to put it.

This cost us big time. Lukaku was furious with himself and, desperate to make amends, he manufactured an opportunity well to get through on goal but was again thwarted, this time by an admittedly excellent Adrian save.

West Ham United took heart from this and then realised quite how easy it was to score against us, with all three goals effectively coming from straightforward balls into the penalty area. Michael Antonio and Diafra Sakho both headed goals into our net in the space of just three minutes, and then in the last minute Dimitri Payet made the most of more catastrophic Everton defending to win it for West Ham United.

It was all just ridiculous. Game after game Ste and I trudge off on the way home lamenting wild substitutions from Roberto and he did it again this time by taking off Aaron Lennon and experimenting with our new signing Oumar Niasse up front...essentially reverting to some sort of 4-3-2 formation. It was no surprise that West Ham's equalising goal came from a cross from the position where Lennon had been occupied on the left whilst Oviedo and Barkley did little to prevent the ball coming into the box.

Equally as crazy was his later decision to bring on Gareth Barry at the expense of Romelu Lukaku. Surely Gerard Deulofeu or even Leon Osman would have been a better bet at this point...particularly as we were still trying to win the game. This nonsense is happening far too regularly now and has to be stopped one way or the other.

When I got back home I was listening to a bit of the 606 phone in on Radio Five Live and a really intelligent Evertonian caller was on the line complaining about Roberto's "ridiculous" substitutions. When asked who should come in to replace him she said something along the lines of "Well I don't know. That's not my job. Them people at Southampton who went out and found Mauricio Pochettino and Ronald Koeman. We need to get them. There's a lot of good, highly skilled managers out there in the world and we need people to come to Everton and find them."

I couldn't put it better myself.

Player Ratings

Robles: I'm not so sure what he could have done with the goals but I do know that if Howard was playing people would have been screaming at him for not coming for any of them crosses. His distribution however was absolutely appalling. He's far from convincing me that he is the answer. 5

Oviedo: He should have done better with stopping the cross for their winner but otherwise he worked hard and did get one assist in the game. Playing him ahead of Baines is something I'll never understrand however. 6

Funes Mori: Caught a bit flat footed I think with Sakho's goal and wasn't really dominant enough at the back when we needed to stand firm and hold our lead. 5

Jagielka: Dealt with a lot throughout the game but, like his team mates, buckled late on. 6

Stones: Got caught out a few times but also made a couple of good tackles. Substituted at the break. 5

Coleman: Not his greatest game. 5

McCarthy: My man of the match. Took responsibility and covered acres of pitch. 8

Barkley: Also took on a lot of responsibility and was one of Everton's better players on the day. Could have done more to stop the cross for the equaliser but he wasn't the only one guilty of switching off when we needed to be alert. 8

Lennon: Has been a revelation since coming back into the team and scored another fine goal. Shouldn't have been substituted. 8

Mirallas: Not a great contribution obviously. 4

Lukaku: The penalty miss aside he was a constant menace and shouldn't really have finished on the losing side. He's probably thought that more than once this season. 7

Besic: Did well on his return and was good and committed. Will likely be needed against Chelsea next weekend. 7

Niasse: Didn't contribute. 5

Barry: Did his best to try and rescue the game. 6

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Patrick Murphy
1 Posted 06/03/2016 at 19:57:20
I wonder if the Council will re-name a road The Everton Way, it would have to be a pretty long road, with fantastic scenery and famous attractions signposted all along it’s length but when you drive down it proper, it leads to absolutely nowhere and you have to do a U-turn and start afresh. Road to Nowhere by our very own nowhere man.

He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere Man, can you see me at all?
He’s a real Nowhere Man
Sitting in his Nowhere Land
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

Ray Smith
2 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:10:19
When the day does come and it wil (sooner rather than later).

Who do you fancy from the following?

Martin O'Neill?
Stuart Pearce?
Alan Stubbs?

We could do a lot worse!

Trevor Lynes
3 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:12:26
Your article mentioned Barkley and McCarthy having a lot to do because we played 3 centre backs. We actually started the game with seven defenders counting the goalkeeper and the mistake was subbing Stones as we lost height to combat the big players Bilic brought on. Our 3 subs included two defenders in Barry and Besic.I am really worried about the purchase of Niasse for so much money. We could have had Payet for that amount.We actually played well for over three quarters of the match and the players on the pitch were really disappointing in not being able to withstand the high ball barrage. This is a ploy we used a lot when Moyes was in charge. West Ham proved much stronger than us physically and showed much more fight.Martinez cannot be blamed because we played well enough until the last 12 minutes then the players caved in. It is a worry as we seem to lack stamina.It is not a coincidence that we have thrown away leads by conceding late goals. Maybe the training regime needs to be upped!
Gavin Johnson
4 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:25:33
Ray, I'm not feeling any of those mate. Tbh, I don't think there's any good British managers that are good enough to manage Everton apart from Eddie Howe. I think Gary Neville will be a good British manager in the future, but not on Merseyside. That would just be wrong on a number of levels.

If we brought in any of the managers below I'd be happy.


Paul Traill
5 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:29:50
I like the idea of Eddie Howe, Gavin. Seems a pleasant and intelligent fella and is an Evertonian apparently.
Dave Williams
6 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:34:48
Ray – God no!!!

Gavin – any of those will do for me – even Rafa who would no doubt become a true blue if he ever got it.

Oliver Molloy
7 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:46:05

You can not be serious!.... If we have a load of money it has to be a manager that we know will improve us.

Mourinho should be number one choice but probably will never happen.

Hiddink would be a great appointment although the man is near 70 so may call it a day after Chelsea.

Who knows, but the board should let Martinez know he is on a yellow card!

Dave Abrahams
8 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:52:24
Paul, not sure about your ratings: you reckon Barkley was better than Lukaku and as good as Lennon yesterday?

Not having that, Paul, but we all see players differently.

Paul Hewitt
9 Posted 06/03/2016 at 20:59:09
Never has a manager had such a good team and fucked it up.
Gavin Johnson
10 Posted 06/03/2016 at 21:26:37
Yes, Paul. I like Howe, he plays the game in the right way and I'd see his appointment as more seamless, building on the good things Martinez has done rather than breaking everything up and starting again.

We still want the goals and attractive attacking play but lets have a manager with more defensive nous. I believe Howe could meet that criteria.

Hiddink is also growing on me. He seems to have humility, a trait I've not seen in many Dutch managers.

Martin Mason
11 Posted 06/03/2016 at 21:28:26
Eddie Howe would be my choice and we may have a chance to get him whereas Koemans may be difficult to winkle out of Southampton. Mourinho shouldn't be allowed near our club and Hiddink is just too old. I'd prefer somebody British but not critical.

Martinez and his Wigan gang have to be removed from the club because they are totally incapable of running a successful EPL side. We were punching above our weight with Moyes but we have a good squad now that is punching well below it's weight.

I think that Mirallas needs to be sold.

Oliver Molloy
12 Posted 06/03/2016 at 21:42:23

Mirallas should have been sold some time ago.

I know a lot are shouting for Eddie Howe, him being a fan and all, but he’s still a rookie and I think we need a manager of some standing to take us forward.

Martin Mason
13 Posted 06/03/2016 at 21:56:56
I believe that the sending off of players should be stopped apart from the extremely dangerous straight reds. The reason is that having a man sent off ruins the game for the people who are paying good money to see it and is a key spoke in the wheel of corruption. I say this because by sending a man off a ref can consign a side to defeat. It is unfair on his team mates and in the end it is the ruination of a fair game. I personally would like to see yellow cards replaced with a 15 minute sin bin if immediate punishment is the aim

For two yellow cards or being the last tackler, a fairer system would be to ban the player concerned for 3 games similar to the type of ban they get from an accumulation of yellow cards. An alternative would be the ban plus immediate substitution so that the player would still have a walk of shame. What is so special about 2 yellows in one game especially when ref's can get one or both completely wrong and managers groom their players to try to influence the ref to issue cards? A dreadful system that is a punishment only on the people who pay for the game.

Dave Ganley
14 Posted 06/03/2016 at 21:57:52
Oliver, totally agree. Again, I do like Eddie Howe, but we need somebody with a lot of know how to come in and hit the ground running so to speak. Howe has only had one season in top level football and would be seen as a bit of a gamble.

I would much prefer, if possible, to get someone who has a decent track record either here ir abroad. For me, of the managers mentioned above, probably Koeman or if possible, Rafa. Sacrilege to some but Rafa has a track record of winning trophies, even at the chavs where they hated him.... and his family still live over the water.

Steve Davies
15 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:02:51
I think we should hire an experienced manager. Maybe Howe in the future but he hasn't got enough on his CV yet.

We went down this road when we appointed RM. His CV was hardly a glowing one apart from the FA Cup win.

I fancy Hiddink to get the best out of this squad. He has the credentials and Chelsea don't seem to want him at the end of the season so he will be available.

Andrew Clare
16 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:17:48
We must not get a British manager to replace Martinez. They are tactically inept. Mark my words if we do we will go nowhere. Look at the top teams in the table at the moment, what do they have in common? Yes, that’s right... none of them have a British manager.
Kunal Desai
17 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:24:40
The one name that hasn't been mentioned above and is currently available is Ancellotti. Chelsea made a huge mistake in getting rid of him.
Kunal Desai
18 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:31:18
Actually just seen the Ancellotti is taking over at Bayern from next season.
Andrew Clare
19 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:32:13
Good choice Kunal. Ancellotti is the standard of manager we should be aiming for.
Sam Hoare
20 Posted 06/03/2016 at 22:42:49
Hiddink or Pellegrini would be my first calls. Two very good experienced managers who have done well in the Premier League and will be available. Benitez would probably be near that list too.

Bielsa and Garcia are more exotic options whilst I would be pretty happy with Koeman or even Howe who I rate highly though would be the least experienced.

None of this Stubbs/Ferguson malarkey. We need someone who has had excellent results in tough leagues. Not someone whose heart is in the right place...

Garry Corgan
21 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:01:30
I don't think we need to look much further than Pellegrini. He's experienced, a proven trophy winner and available! Add to that, he's available and local. I also admire the dignity with which he's handled himself despite being shit on by City. No brainer for me.
Joe Clitherow
22 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:05:17
Well since we are playing the silly "next manager" game before the issue of getting rid of the current idiot has even begun in earnest, well OK I will bite.

Firstly, Dear God no to Martin O'Neill or Stuart Peace!

I think, now that it looks increasingly likely that Conte will be going to Chelsea, and hoping we have some new funds very soon, I think we should absolutely go for broke and try and get ("Dirty") Diego Someone. A top, top up and coming young manager which would send an absolute message about the statement of intent from Everton under a new regime.

Simeone is due to make a statement on his intentions in April and he could be available sooner if Atletico don't make the CL Final.

There's a proper winner who would not stand for second best.

Colin Gee
23 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:14:15
Roberto has to go, but who replaces him?

I would love Hiddink but I don’t think he would come, maybe if he beats us 3-0 on Saturday wins the FA Cup and gets Chelsea relegated then he might....

Jose would be a car crash waiting to happen, Benitez? If he thought he was hated at Chelsea then that would be nothing compared to what he would get at Goodison!

Pellegrini don’t like him but he would certainly do a job.

Koeman would be a decent choice for me although I don’t think he would leave Southampton.

Oliver Molloy
24 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:15:29
That would be brilliant Joe, but would he be interested in us?

Joe Clitherow
25 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:21:11
How do you know unless you try Oliver? He can only say no.

Evertonians have had an inferiority complex for years. Hughes? Pulis? Pardew? FFS.

NSNO and all that.

Adam Smith
26 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:23:33
People seem very afraid with the idea of hiring a manager without Premier League experience, and some of the names mentioned on here are baffling. Truly great teams think outside the box with their appointments. Said it on another thread, but it has always been my fear that should Martinez lose his job, some other uninspiring appointment would be made, when instead we should be scouring world football for the next Pochettino (who I know has not won a trophy!)

We no doubt will have appointed Martinez, as he will have fitted the brief of favouring attractive football (something most fans said they wanted at the time) but came with Premier League experience and a domestic trophy on his CV. This allows us, or specifically BK, to avoid the 'risk' of scouring the world and also showing up our alarming lack of international knowledge.

My choice would be to try and force Martinez upstairs, as I like his plans for our academy system, his desire to play passing football, his vision for our facilities and his scouting, as I believe most players he has signed are good quality. However, it is becoming clear that none of this matters if you can't sort it out on the pitch. Therefore, we need a great tactician; my choice would be Jorge Sampaoli.

Sampaoli may be a risk, having never managed in a major league, but look what he has achieved with Chile. He is clearly a visionary and has walked out on Chile; therefore he is available. My only concern would be that I have no idea about the quality of his scouting and player acquisition - a move up for Martinez could help there. Look at what Leicester have achieved with a risky appointment, wherein most of the backroom staff remain in place. If we sack off some of the rest of them but kept Martinez in a director of football capacity, we could achieve something similar; although I'm sure his ego would not allow it!

Gavin Johnson
27 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:25:31
Yes, a good choice there, Joe, but I think we'd have little, or no chance at all of tempting someone as high profile as Simeone. Same as Mourinho really.

One good thing playing this game. The selection of candidates are a lot better now we have investment. Imagine the prospects of deciding between Tony Pulis, Phil Neville, Alan Stubbs, Duncan Ferguson and Mark Hughes.

Colin Glassar
28 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:26:07
Ray, you missed out:

Sven Goran Erikson
Kevin Keegan
Graham Souness
Jimmy Krankie

I’d have included Ken Dodd but I think he’s semi-retired nowadays.

Joe Clitherow
29 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:33:58
Ken Dodd favours two up front and one in the hole. Plus he likes the old brown envelopes and none of his teams have any height, so it's a No from me.

The Toothy Twat.

John Raftery
30 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:37:20
I like him but Howe is still learning his trade. Beware those managers who have shown promise in getting teams promoted from the Championship but have not got a proven long term record in top flight football either here or abroad.

Remember Brendan Rodgers, Paul Lambert, Malky MacKay and dare we say it, Roberto Martinez. All were tipped to be top managers three or four years ago, all proved not to be up to the job. We were lucky with Moyes but usually these people get one big job, fail and then disappear down the leagues.

Gordon Crawford
31 Posted 06/03/2016 at 23:54:31
We need a big name manager. Howe has done a great job. But he doesn't have the charisma or the reputation needed to attract the the best players.
Mike Green
32 Posted 06/03/2016 at 00:11:42
Martin Mason #13 – excellent post, could be a thread of its own.

There is no way with our new man on board you will see a Big Dunc / Stubbs type of appointment. Thank God.

As for the Mourinhos and Hiddinks they only want clubs at the top table – this year we might not finish top half.

Pellegrini might work – oozes integrity but getting on.

Eddie Howe? Nice idea but too risky.

Which probably leaves.... why not splash the cash and get....

Diego Simeone.

I’d like to see one of his team’s convert four 2-0 leads into defeats.

Mike Green
33 Posted 07/03/2016 at 00:15:55
Joe – apologies if I’d refreshed the thread I would have seen you beat me to it!
Dick Fearon
34 Posted 07/03/2016 at 00:19:57
Joe C @25,

Pulis has just handed a lesson to Martinez. With his WBA at home and holding a 1-goal lead over Man Utd, Tony Pulis took off a forward and brought on a defender. Not only that but United were down to 10 men.

Dennis Ng
35 Posted 07/03/2016 at 00:27:22
Mike 32, Simeone would be a dream catch. Rudi Garcia has a good resume too. But given the resigned fact we will not see a new manager at least till the summer (unless Moshiri reads TW), we have a lot of managers to look at, even ones at clubs doing better than us, e.g. Koeman.
Jamie Sweet
36 Posted 07/03/2016 at 01:07:41
Would anyone take Wenger?

It would seem that Arsenal fans don't really want him anymore.

Paul Ward
37 Posted 07/03/2016 at 02:09:49
Paul, please watch a replay of the game and explain how you could possibly give Barkley such a rating. I think you had too much to drink before the game.
Phil Walling
38 Posted 07/03/2016 at 07:00:11
Eddie Howe is Martinez Mk 2 and he gets homesick when he comes north. Just ask Burnley

No more chancers and philosophers . PLEASE!

Christopher Timmins
39 Posted 07/03/2016 at 07:09:10
With our improved purchasing power it is imperative that we make the right choice regarding the new manager. I cannot believe that increased transfer budgets will now be handed to the current occupant.

From what I can see on the domestic front the manager at Southampton or the manager at Bournemouth would be good choices. If we did not have the additional funding then the managers at Burnley or Middlesbrough might be candidates. I don’t know who else is available outside of the domestic leagues but could not see the Atletico Madrid manager moving to the North West.

All the above managers are better options than the current occupant. It is vital that we get the next call right!

Phil Walling
40 Posted 07/03/2016 at 07:47:55
Should have added that we are all waffling on this thread.


Kim Vivian
41 Posted 07/03/2016 at 09:40:32
I would really like RM to come good and am struggling to get exactly what is going on. I am starting to think that we could improve dramatically if we could ditch some of the backroom boyos (who seem to be ex-Wiganites).

Can we not fire them and hire some people more worthwhile – or is that RM’s job? Because if it is then he must go and take them with him.

Alternatively, I believe with the right people around him we could make great inroads and perhaps that is were our angst should be getting directed.

It would be interesting to hear more from fans near the dugout with feedback about body language, who seems to be calling the shots etc etc.

Brent Stephens
42 Posted 07/03/2016 at 10:25:42
Joe #29. Nice one. Doddy also only has tears for souvenirs.
Ian Hollingworth
43 Posted 07/03/2016 at 12:47:03
Martinez reminds of the bloke who steps up and runs a kids team with no previous experience etc. You get shouts of ’man on’ and ’well done son’ but nothing tactically or constructive to the management of the actual game.

I watched him and Bilic closely on Saturday and whilst Bilic was very animated and gesturing to his players to do certain things our man Bobby brown shoes tends to stand very still, arms folded and occasionally shouts and makes a gesture with his hands. If you watch him closely its usually the same hand gesture.

After Lennon went off Bilic clearly was telling his players to exploit the gaps on the right hand side (our left) etc whilst Bobby stood still like a rabbit in the headlights.

I usually feel that Martinez makes the substitutions as if we have asked the opposition manager what he would like us to do and hence they often benefit the opposition rather than us.

In summary the man is not up to the job and should be replaced immediately

Anto Byrne
44 Posted 07/03/2016 at 14:19:51
Our away form reflects the way we should be playing at home. Emphasis on defending and a clean sheet. Using our pace on the break as opposed to trying to prize open a well organized defense.
Tony Kinsey
45 Posted 07/03/2016 at 14:50:39
Martinez has to go and it's time we the fans started voicing this more forcibly to make the directors know the depth of feeling.

As for replacements Jose Mourinho, if he hasn't already signed for Man Utd, David Moyes never had a sniff of the money around now and some of our better players where signed by him. Mark Hughes, Slaven Bilic & Chris Coleman have done decent jobs too.

Dominic Tonge
46 Posted 07/03/2016 at 15:16:42
I would imagine De Boer would come if we asked, as would Koeman. We definitely need a good calibre of manager.

I am not sure about Koeman. I have never quite forgiven him for getting one of our lads sent off. I believe it was Craig Short, in an away tie in Rotterdam in our ill-fated return to Europe.

I would like us to be going for the likes of Simeone, Jose, Biesla..... But it’s a big ask.

Brent Stephens
47 Posted 07/03/2016 at 16:24:58
Ian #43 "If you watch [Roberto] closely it's usually the same hand gesture."

So is mine, Ian.

William Cartwright
48 Posted 07/03/2016 at 17:11:29
New manager topic seems almost to have gone viral, and that’s not surprising given that we are sitting on a volcano about to erupt! I love reading ToffeeWebbers comments because they give more distanced supporters (Middle East based...) some great insights.

Roberto has flattered to deceive at so many levels he almost certainly has no long term future. However if we can maintain the good qualities he brought to the club, (sportsmanship, integrity, attacking intent and flair, people’s club social focus, etc.) and add to this the solution for backbone, concentration over 90 minutes, a seriously good goalkeeper, then gentlemen we will be in a strong position.

Everton give the major responsibilities to the manager which I believe works well up to a point. However the cronyism of the typical manager’s backroom team worries me. We have allowed Roberto to surround himself excessively with his chums, even on the medical support side of things. Whoever comes in we need to get the balance right.

My preference would be Pelligrini. I like the dignity and style of the man, but it must be acknowledged he has not set the world alight with City. He does however talk sense in the after-match interviews. I would also like to see USA’s Jurgen Klinsman given a chance to see what he can do...

Tony Cheek
49 Posted 07/03/2016 at 17:58:35
Martin #13. Agree that something has to be done about sending offs. Have never understood how the greatest sport man has ever thought of, can be completely sidelined by this stupid and unnecessary rule. How can you fill a stadium with 60,000 paying customers, and then make it a one horse race by a red card! A disgrace for football.

Not too sure that a sin-bin is the answer though Martin. I would prefer the introduction of Orange cards! Which would mean the player WOULD be sent off, but can be replaced by a substitute. Only applicable to the first sending off! After that players can be sent off as per today! Very seldom do teams have more than one player sent off!

I would also like a rule to stop all substitutions after 80/85 mins? What a bleeding bore that is? Subs coming in for 1 or 2 mins just to waste time. Bullshit if you ask me!

Patrick Murphy
50 Posted 07/03/2016 at 18:31:57
Tony I also agree with you and Martin that sending players off tips the balance of a game far too often. I would prefer fewer first team players on the substitutes bench, say four proper subs and three academy players or three players under the age of 18 on the bench who can only come on to replace a player who is sent-off, particularly for two yellow cards.

I don’t have a problem where a player receives a straight red and the team then have to play with 10 men.

Gavin Johnson
51 Posted 07/03/2016 at 19:01:15
William #48

I can't knock your choice of Pelligrini. He is the kind of manager we should be aiming for. He wouldn't be on my own short list, but I wouldn't dispute his managerial record.

I thought your comment about him having integrity was kind of incongruent from my own perception. He strikes me as a very bad loser and he doesn't mind letting the press know about it. The touchline battle with Alan Pardew also comes to mind. Pelligrini actually reminds me of Wenger in some ways. He's another one who spits his dummy out a lot when the gooners lose, and has had his moments having touchline altercations with Mourinho.

Martin Mason
52 Posted 07/03/2016 at 21:08:34
Sorry guys, I was just throwing up a couple of alternatives and don't claim to have the answers but the main point is that sending a man off is just too serious a punishment when so much money is involved, valuable points (and hence club revenue) in a very competitive league and, most important, the damage that it does to the paying public who are robbed of a good game. This is especially important for those who travel from afar to get to the game. My other worry is the ability of a ref to have such a massive influence on the game at his whim when so much betting money is flowing from Asia. Paying off a mortgage, private education for the kids and a retirement pot are all massive influences on decisions on officials paid a small fraction of the people they are trying to oversee during a game.

I'm also not so sure about the sin bin because sides can defend well with 10 men for shortish periods but 10 minutes with only 9 players would soon stop fouling and simulating. I really like the idea of the offender being replaced by an U21 player too.

It should also be made possible for players and referees to be cited and punished after the event like in rugby especially when simulation has obviously gained a wrong decision. Benteke should be banned for that dreadful dive and Palace awarded the points no question about it. It doesn't even out neither but seems to benefit only the powerful clubs. On this basis if Lukaku had scored his penalty on Saturday it would have been a travesty. Besic was fouled but it was outside of the area. No question of simulation by Besic but a bad decision nonetheless.

It is simply far too important in top level football to rely only on one all powerful referee even assisted by two "assistant" refs he can overrule. Rugby has been cleaned up and football must follow it.

Eddie Dunn
53 Posted 07/03/2016 at 23:09:53
Very interesting thread, but we seem to be jumping the gun on managerial appointments. Our club have been old fashioned in their loyalty to their managers in recent years and I cannot see a decisive move from upstairs before the end of this frustrating season.

However, I think we saw a manager with ideas on Saturday talking to his team, fist pumping his subs as they went onto the pitch. Billic would have been a good choice for us a couple of years back.

I like Howe, but think we should look for a man with experience, If we want to challenge we have to get in a man with some clout, and then back his judgement. He should have learnt his trade already and command respect.

With the new outlook we should be thinking of the likes of Hiddink, Benitez, or Pellegrini but never Mourinho.

Andy Meighan
54 Posted 08/03/2016 at 08:39:40
When I see Evertonians calling Benitez "Rafa" like it's some term of endearment, it makes me want to vomit. If that fat clown ever came near Goodison Park, I'd never set foot in the place again.

Some people have short memories all right... we all remember the 'small club' jibe and didn’t those witty kopites let us know about it...

I'd rather stick with this knobhead we've got now than go down the road of bringing an ex-RedShite manager in. Despicable... absolutely despicable.

Roger Trenwith
55 Posted 08/03/2016 at 11:53:46
Not checked in here in ages, but reading the number of Everton fans seriously suggesting Benitez as a replacement has prodded me awake!

This is the guy who inexplicably keeps walking into top jobs only to destroy successful teams within a couple of seasons. The man is a serial failure, and thoroughly unlikeable to boot.

Luckily, we won’t be able to afford him, or his transfer targets anyway! Me, I quite like the idea of Maureen at the helm, although logic dictates he’ll end up at Man Utd despite all the denials.

Great report, Paul, and it’s good to see I’m not the only one who thinks Robles is no better than a squad player, and not the answer to our goalkeeping problems.

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