Lukaku misses great chance to win it

McCarthy pilfered a goal but a needless corner was turned in by Watford, and Lukaku fluffed a chance to win it at the end.

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Gareth Barry returns to the starting XI after serving a two-match ban
Watford 1 - 1 Everton

Everton made just one change for the trip south to Vicarage Road, Barry back in for Cleverley. Leighton Baines, in trouble with the manager during the week for his 'misinterpreted' comments about a lack of chemistry in the side, retained his place at left back.

Funes Mori, who played superbly for Argentina against Chile in the international break, started another game on the Everton bench as Martinez stuck with Stones in the back four, but retained some attacking promise behind Lukaku, who had scored 18 Premier League goals this season but would be unable to add to that total with a glaring miss at the death. The teams remained tied after a goal apiece from defensive lapses by each side just before the break.

Everton kicked off and looked bright as they moved the ball forward but Deulofeu could not get past the defender. Coleman and Deulofeu combined nicely but Lukaku could not hold the ball.

Some nice football down the left saw Lukaku feed Barkley on the overlap but his cross was not quite strong enough to reach the incoming Deulofeu. McCarthy was fouled, and Coleman tried to get around their left back who seemed to foul him. Deeney was next to foul, followed by another Capoue hit on Barkley and picked up the first yellow card. From the free-kick, Deulofeu won the first corner, clipped over by the Spaniard well enough but defended away.

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Verado cut in and put a tremendous shot in on goal, curling toward the corner but Robles pulled off a great save to touch it around the post. Similar at the other end, a fabulous strike by Deulofeu turned behind for a corner by Gomez, but then Deulofeu got himself offside from the corner second ball.

Watford looked lively enough when they got the ball but Everton and especially John Stones were defending well. The ball got up to Lukaku whose shot from a distance was very wayward. Ighalo could not get past Jagielka and Lennon and the corner saw some worrying head tennis in front of Robles before it was cleared, Stones kicking it long and out of play.

Deulofeu ran at the Watford defence and git in a random cross well away from any blue shirts and the turnover saw Watord get forward, Watson firing straight at Robles. Lukaku won a corner on the Everton left that Baines curled over but it was cleared and Baines was called offside.

Lennon got in a decent cross that evaded Lukaku and Lennon coming in behind the big man could not control the ball. Deulofeu went on a great central run, ending frustratingly when he stood on the ball. Capoue was all over Barkley, and gave away a free-kick that Baines delivered well but it was met by a defender. Barry, very forward, laid back a great ball for Barkley but his shot was too close to Gomes.

Stones seemed under instruction NOT to play the ball out and it was forcing hoofball from his teammates that led to the ball coming straight back at them. Everton were becoming far far too slow to bring the ball forward, and Stones decided to take more control but Deulofeu once again tricked himself out of possession.

McCarthy got a yellow fr a nothing tackle that actually won the ball. McCarthy was then called for a questionable handball that Jurado powered into the wall but Capoue volleyed in a shot that was deflected for a corner that Holebas headed wide.

McCarthy was then very alert to jump on a loose ball and slot neatly past Gomes to give Everton the lead just before half-time. But John Stones forced Robles to concede a needless corner and Watford somehow scored at the far post, the ball going on off Coleman. A terrible goal to give away and Stones will be questioned again.

Guedioura replaced Behrami for the hosts and almost setup Ighalo, who was called ofside. At the other end, Barkley won a corner that Coleman headed on. But in the second phase, Barkley fired in for Lukaku who seemed to have a half-chance that did not come off.

A more lively attack down the left saw Lennon and then Deulofeu play good balls before a deflected shot won a corner but Watford broke at pace and Barry needed to be strong in defence.

The game was pretty open, Lennon running through and firing at Gomes, Lukaku failing to get his foot on the rebound. And then straight back up the Everton end, where Jagielka was a little strong on Ighalo, giving up a dangerous free-kick that saw Halebas strike the wall.

Deulofeu made a tremendous run but Lukaku tripped at the critical moment and a great opportunity came to nothing. Deeney won a soft free-kick that Holebas walloped well over the Everton goal.

A surprise change was Barkley off for Cleverley, with Deulofeu reaching his fitness limit. The football in large part had been rather sloppy at times form both sides, Everton playing with enough spirit and desire this week but lacking the required fitness to get the better of Watford.

Coleman was next to go on a great run but his cross was picked out of the air by Gomes before Lukaku could get close. From the other side, Baines curled in a good cross but Lukaku could not make the space. But Lukaku did well to set up Lennon with a nice backheel and it forced Gomes to make the save, Cleverley firing in a decent enough corner but McCarthy was called for holding.

Fantastic defending by McCarthy prevented Capoue getting in his pass, and Capoue appeared to twist his knee as he evaded McCarthy's tackle. Mirallas then replaced Deulofeu, who had not managed to create anything magical.

Stones did well to get across Ighalo when it looked like a chance was on for Watford, but the quality of football from both sides was at best limited, as they continued to cancel each other out.

A great cross in from Mirallas went begging, then another was too close to Gomes. McCarty's cross was then overhit. Mirallas went for a little run and drew a foul right on the corner of the Watford area. Baines seemed set to take it but Mirallas stroked it over the wall and Gomes parried it, to Lukaku who should have scored but managed only to sidefoot his shot onto the top of the bar, a dreadful miss.

Then a seemingly perfect cross for Lukaku took him by surprise as he failed to head it properly with the goal gaping, Jagileka then went off in the final minute, with a possible hamstring injury, Funes Mori coming on for him.

A fierce shot from Watson, deflected, was saved superbly by Robles. A foul by Ighalo led to a booking and a very deep free-kick to the back post from Baines thaT Barry could only head to Gomes. At the other end, Ighallo threatened again but Robles saved well.

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Gavin Johnson
1 Posted 09/04/2016 at 15:52:10
Un-fuckin-believable!! I could be the next Nostradamas cos I knew we'd concede on that needless corner. We are so predictable!!
Michael Polley
2 Posted 09/04/2016 at 15:52:15
Typical – we score and then the opposition go down the other end and score FFS!!!
Anto Byrne
3 Posted 09/04/2016 at 15:58:21
Drag Stones for gross fucking stupidity total fucking wanker. Just fuck off you pathetic excuse for a centre half.

Mirallas on for Barkley and Cleverley for McCarthy what a fucking shambolic 45 minutes without creating anything.

I see Watford winning this as they are at least playing with some energy – not like this insipid pile of shite from the clueless one.

Tom Magill
5 Posted 09/04/2016 at 15:58:29
Hands up everybody who knew they were gonna equalise straight away, it's funny now.

I'm starting to feel upbeat again to see who our new manager is going to be, we can't keep this muppet can we?

It's only up from here, NSNO.

Paul Setter
6 Posted 09/04/2016 at 15:59:28
I'm going to go against the grain here and hope we lose as the same with every league game left. We won't be going down and with more diabolical performances hopefully means less chance of Martinez still being in charge next season.
Eric Owen
7 Posted 09/04/2016 at 16:02:05
I am watching the game in Canada. WTF, all Stones has to do is kick it out but "he knows best" and starts tippy-tapping with his goalkeeper. Result: a goal.

I have turned the TV to another game.

I refuse to watch this crap from Everton and I will not watch Everton again until something is done to really change the team.

Kevin Hughes
8 Posted 09/04/2016 at 16:05:03
Stones is a player who wants away, surely that's obvious. If it was me, I send him packing right now, he is useless and his attitude is awful.
Trevor Lynes
9 Posted 09/04/2016 at 16:17:09
So Tom, it is Martinez and not Stones who is to blame for Watford's goal.

Bun McGale
11 Posted 09/04/2016 at 16:27:44
Actually, it is, Trevor, because it is Martinez that encourages and wants his defenders to fanny about at the back. It is part of his philosophy.
Jack Convery
12 Posted 09/04/2016 at 16:59:34
14th!!!! Like seeing the Mona Lisa being sold at Home and Bargain!!!
Ste Traverse
13 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:01:03
Roberto has certainly answered his huge army of critics in a big way this evening.

He's finally got us off 38 points....

Gary Mortimer
14 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:03:57
Well if we'd lost they would have gone above us and we'd be 15th.

Not underachieving though!!!!

Karl Jones
15 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:06:12
Clueless. No improvement from Utd or Arsenal. 1 point from 12. We're now below Bournemouth and Swansea!

The continual long hoofs to Lukaku are worrying and puzzling. That's back to the pre Moyes days. What's happened to the manager's pass-and-move philosophy?

We really are going backwards in every aspect. Martinez out ASAP.

Barry Kay
16 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:06:30
Bournemouth and Swansea now above us. I can't take no more. Bobby bullshit – do us a favour and fuck off!!!
Anto Byrne
17 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:09:43
14th in the League with the best striker and a pretty good attack but the reality is they are just average with average players and an average manager with an average board. How the fuck they have the best supporters in the land is beyond me.

We are safe so let's have Galloway and Holgate with a few kids on the bench. It's not like Howard needs to be there and Kone is just an oxygen thief.

David Barks
19 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:10:31
It's April and we still haven't reached 40 points... APRIL!!!

Absolutely insane that this man hasn't been shown the door after two seasons of worsening football and results. I have to believe it's only a matter of time.

Jon Cox
21 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:13:35
Martinept, complete and utter garbage.

Sack him now. He should have gone last season but we were asked to give him till Xmas.

We did and it only proved what we already knew.

He just hasn't got what it takes to manage a massive club like Everton. Get Gus asap.

Colin Glassar
22 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:13:51
Phenomenal game, Phenomenal result, Phenomenal performance and almost on the magical 40 points mark!!! What a manager, eh Billy?
Jim Bennings
23 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:13:53
Another pile of dross from the masters of shite!!

Our win return is pathetic, what's that now?

About 4 wins in the last 20??

And we really thought the Moyes days were bad. We are looking more and more like Wigan every week.

Tony Twist
24 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:14:25
I have said it before but will say it again, we are so close to success, not with this clown of a manager. It is blatantly obvious that we are doomed to failure with Martinez, any change will give us a better chance in the cup. Put a substitute manager in on a temporary basis, roll the dice but the people running this club just can't see it. He who dares....
Joe Edwards
25 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:15:24
Awful game, nervous players who looked as if they had no belief or confidence in their tactics or manager... and no 2-minute Niasse cameo take make us laugh.
Paul Thompson
26 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:16:45
These performances are numbing me into indifference. On this trajectory we;d be in a relegation fight if the bottom 4 weren't so useless. Little to salvage from today. Coleman put a shift in and Mirallas had a go when he came on. But generally devoid of initiative or inspiration.
Eddie Dunn
28 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:17:50
A clueless first half, but an improved effort in the second. It was good to have Barry back, but I wonder if Barkley's poor show was down to the brutal bumping he received earlier?

Geri really is becoming one of those wingers with no end product, he needs to sort himself out.

Finally, Lukaku was almost as poor as last week, so slow off the mark.

A draw was a fair result as Robles made a couple of decent saves. Considering that Watford have been on such a poor run, and we have come in for some stick, it was a fairly lame affair.

Peter Bell
29 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:17:52
Where have the John Stones appreciation society disappeared to today? The man is a liability, decision making is shocking, doesn't know when to play, doesn't know when to defend, get shut for me to anyone stupid enough to pay the money.

Everyone always says with Martinez, it's always going to be great tomorrow. Well it's the same with the John Stones fan club, he is destined to be great in the future, it's always tomorrow with this liability.

Barry Jones
30 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:19:03
If we lose to Palace away on Wednesday, we will be 15th. This will take us into the Martinez managerial comfort zone.
Nigel Rickman
31 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:20:52
Another game of no passion, no ideas, no tactics, how long do we have to put up with this dross. He may as well be sacked now because the way we are playing at the moment, we haven't got a cat in hells chance of getting to the cup final, let alone win it.

This is worse than the dark days in the '70s.

In over 50 years of watching them, I cannot recall a team bereft of ideas of how to win a football game.

Lukaku has given up, Barkley needs a break, Stones has lost all confidence, the full backs have gone backwards, there's nothing there.

This man has ruined a decent team, which in Moyes's last season was beginning to show nice touches.

I just despair.

Colin Glassar
32 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:24:23
Peter Bell, can't you see that these young players need coaching, direction, cajoling etc....? Any manager in the league would love to have these lads who they could mould into top stars but it appears at Everton they are left to their own devices and told to develop on their own time. It's a crying shame imo.
Christopher Dover
33 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:24:40
Right let's think phenomenal did not work moments the same, unlucky, refs fault and now incredible, just tried with we will be obsessed and That did not work either.
Now where did I put that bloody dictionary?
Neil Cremin
34 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:24:45
It's like back to the good old pre-Moyes days where there was relief that we reached the magical 39 points to know that we will be in the Premier League again next season. Some ambition!!!

We need a manager who manages and coaches a team to win games not allow a load of very talented individuals to play football without any chemistry. Mourhino is available (cause I don't believe he is going to Man United).

Jay Wood
35 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:28:57
Peter Bell, I'll place myself firmly in the John Stones Appreciation Society.

He is an excellent footballer now and he will improve with age.

He had an imperious game as recently as last week against Man Utd when he was MotM. He has had many outstanding games this season when the team have been poor, so it's not 'jam tomorrow' with John Stones, as you claim.

Today was another error of judgement by him that led to the corner they equalised from, akin to the suicidal back pass to Howard in the Swansea game which at the time I also held him responsible for.

I accept Stones's play that led to the corner was unnecessary, but it was poor defending at the far post and weak goalkeeping by Robles on his near post that actually conceded the goal.

Poor decision making by Stones, definitely. Poor game management and basic defending at the corner from the team, especially so close to half-time and having just taken the lead, also definitely.

Andy Kinsella
36 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:30:42
Poor showing today. I wouldn't be bothered if half this team left.

No Niasse again, I am guessing the whispers from Finch Farm are true. Martinez out!

Andy Meighan
37 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:31:10
Score in first half injury time and then concede right away. Absolutely criminal. But something we've only come to expect under this clown. He'll be getting interviewed now telling everyone how unlucky we were and how we've bounced back after the recent defeats... absolute shite.

I said before today's game we'd win one more game this season and I thought it'd be today; I was wrong. We won't win another game this season now: draw at Sunderland defeat at Liverpool and a loss and 2 draws in the remaining home games is my prediction and I'm sticking with it.

14th in the Premier League – an absolute insult to our brilliant supporters who travelled today and those everywhere. When is this going to end? It's embarrassing.

Jim Hardin
38 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:31:50

Fear not, others will be along shortly to blame Robles for not coming out (like they did Howard in a similar situation) They will also blame Coleman, Robles, the post, the ref, and presumably those of us who don't understand the genius that is John Stones on the corner kick itself. I have figured it out that Stones is like a really great poet or painter in that his true skills and greatness cannot be appreciated by the masses until he is gone.

I know, it is only one mistake he made (again) right?

Jim Bennings
39 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:33:01
Just worked out on the fixture list going back to November 20th..

We have registered 5 wins in the last 21.

Alarmingly though 4 have been against the two teams everyone beats, Newcastle and Aston Villa.

Doing a fantastic phenomenal job Roberto.

Jim Lloyd
40 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:33:30
Peter Bell, John Stones is a fine young player, as will be seen when the queue forms for him in the Summer.

What is he, 22? I hope we keep him and I hope we keep Ramiro as well. We'll have two good young centre halves.

The thing is, the whole team set up and how they are coached, needs to be looked at. So Peter, here's another member and he's a great young player.

We don't need to get rid of fine young players. We desperately need to get someone him who can coach them into the whole of the centre half duties.

Gavin Johnson
41 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:34:10
Jon #21 I hope you meant Gus Hiddink and not Gus Poyet as the manager we need to bring in quick. I'm guessing you meant Hiddink, but I can't see Chelsea doing us any favours and letting him walk before the end of the season.

I thought Joel made 2 top drawer saves today. It's a shame the defenders in front of him let him down.

Joe Foster
42 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:35:27
Ah well... back to waking up every morning to check if he has been sacked.
Eric Myles
43 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:36:43
I blame our lack of practice in defending corners, it's been endemic all season, regardless of keeper.
Colin Hughes
44 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:36:57
Get shut of Martinez on monday and bring in Steve McClaren untill the end of the season, All hail the new messiah!
Amit Vithlani
45 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:37:20
Relieved with a point. Our play was quite poor and defensively we looked dreadfully nervous against an old fashioned front two. A run of defeats has ended and that is at least a small consolation.

I hope Jags has not hurt his hammy as we do need him fit for the semi.

From a selection stand point, I think Mirallas did more in 20 mins than Deulofeu, Lukaku and Barkley have done in the last 3 games. He looked dangerous and sharp and deserves to be in the first XI.

Cleverley for Barkley also improved us as Baines pushed on and we started threatening from both flanks.

That leaves the riddle within a puzzle that is Romelu Lukaku. He had a shocker, but with Niasse and Kone not adequate replacements he will have to remain in the XI. Stones was poor too but Funes Mori is not exactly playing with confidence and may need to stand in for Jags.

Lennon and Mirallas are our sparks. Keep them in the first XI and try and build around them for the next 6 games.

Ste Traverse
46 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:38:49
Another 'fantastic' result today eh? Masterminded by Roberto 'what a manager' Martinez.

Let's face it, it's always the same with Kenwright. As long as we are clear of the drop zone and have the odd cup run, he's doesn't give a flying fuck as long as he keeps his beloved Chairman's seat.

If he was any kind of decent Evertonian he would have ended this farcical situation weeks ago.

Martinez has to go, and BK needs to be shipped out straight behind him.

'What a manager' ...indeed.

Paul Needham
47 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:40:34
Barkley has the Euros on his mind. Has done for the last 6 weeks. No challenges, does not want to get injured. Same as Rooney in 2004.

We were a lot better today when Cleverley came on. Lennon is lost on the left and should be on the right, we'd get the best out of him and Coleman that way.

Amit Vithlani
48 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:41:24
Top post, Jay Wood. I thought Stones was poor today but he is a fine player already and I pray he will be with us for years to come.

Colin Glassar
49 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:43:11
I hear there were, "Baines is one of us" and "Martinez Out" banners at the game today. Surely white hankies at the next game at Goodison?
Ian Hollingworth
50 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:46:21
It looks like some of those pesky home supporters have infiltrated the away support putting fear in the team's performances away from home.

I can't wait for the excuses from this phenomenally inept manager. Get rid now, please.

Roman Sidey
51 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:47:25
Mid-April and we still haven't beaten a promoted side.
Paul Andrews
52 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:48:51
The lad can't help himself unfortunately. One solid game last week then back to the stupidity.
Ian Hollingworth
53 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:49:12
What a manager!
Andy Ellis
54 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:50:47
Change needed immediately, we still have a chance of winning the cup ffs, can't see us winning again this season with this clown in charge. Act now Everton for gods sake and give us some hope!
Darryl Ritchie
55 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:50:58
That game was our season in a nutshell. Not completely terrible, but just not good enough either.
Trevor Lynes
56 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:51:52
I have been saying for ages that we field too many players who do not score. We seem to rely on one striker and the rest do not appear to think it is their job to do the scoring. Barkley, Deulofeu and Mirallas are not able to play 90 minutes.

Barkley scored a few at the start of the season but he has been pretty average at best over the past month. Cleverley never scores and neither does Barry. McCarthy scored a very rare goal today and Besic never scores. Why do we sign spoilers rather than creators? It seems that we have had an inferiority complex throughout DM's reign and now Martinez. How are we going to win the FA cup without scorers in the side?

Football is all about scoring goals and preventing opponents from scoring. Creativity provides goals and organized defending prevents goals...

Leicester are the best in the league at these basic skills. Arsenal threw away a two goal lead today and could not contain Carroll FFS. We also struggled against the same West Ham tactics. Combative defending against big strikers should be bread and butter for professional defenders.

Peter Roberts
57 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:52:08
I think Lukaku thinks the £65m fee may put off some bidders so he decided to reduce his fee by £10m today.

Just get Martinez gone asap.

Phil Roberts
59 Posted 09/04/2016 at 17:59:41
Everton manager Roberto Martinez: “We had to work really hard for it. Watford were at their very best today.

“It’s a disappointment to concede from a dead ball situation so close to half time and because of the nature of the goal, the deflection.

"And the amount of chances we created, we showed a little bit of rustiness from the last few games. Another day we would have scored the winning goal."

So who has the problem with English now Señor? Rustiness is when you don't play. We have played just 6 days ago. so close to half time. Forget the when their goal happened, aren't you just disappointed how it happened? And I'm not sure their manager agrees that they were "at their best" just not as bad as they had been.

Steve Guy
60 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:01:49
We drew with effing Watford. We struggled to dominate effing Watford. Get the effing gone you effing muppet.
Sam Fitzsimmons
61 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:05:16
In a bid to offer a bit of objectivity, what I watched today, were two decidedly below average teams, both fielding a bunch of journey men with the odd technically gifted player on each side. Scrapping for points to insure they don't get sucked into the relegation zone. In essence, Everton over the last two seasons have become an also-ran team and are now just making up the numbers in the Prmier League. The compelling evidence for this slide into mediocrity has been well and truly laid bare on TW and elsewhere.

I'm sure Mr Moshiri has already started the plan for structural change within the management and coaching set up at the club and has already worked out the exit strategy for Martinez, which will allow him the opportunity to go out on a high by winning the FA Cup, a win win for both manager and the club. If Martinez can't deliver the Cup then his prospects of attracting another club when he's let go at the end of the season will be severely weakened.

There really is light at the end of this tunnel and it's not a train but a taxi for Martinez

Trevor Peers
62 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:07:31
One win in the last six, about Roberto's average, what a manager.
Paul Smith
63 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:08:25
Did he really say "We had to work hard for it, Watford were at their very best"?

Absolute rubbish, they were terrible!! Absolutely no credibility left please can we make a change, someone, anyone???

Scott Williams
64 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:10:06
Let's put it simply. What the actual fuck?! I feel like it's before the Moyes days. Constant disappointment. I like every other fan wants us to win the FA Cup. But if it mean Bobby Brown Shoes stays, I'm not so sure.
Ron Marr
65 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:11:34
Will drop to 15th if they lose at Palace on Wednesday.

Emperor Kenwright and Woods were in the crowd. Kenwright's whistling showtunes, thinking 'what a manager', while Everton Football Club falls apart.

Time to extricate Kenwright's mutton paw from Farhad Moshiri's shoulder. And also wave goodbye to the relegator.

Be careful what you wish for? I don't effing care, enough of this shite already

Paul Conway
66 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:11:40
We should not settle for anything other than a manager who has been successful in Europe, in winning league titles or CL's. And certainly not foreign managers (as in foreign in not achieving anything!), like, Sanchez Florez, Dvid Moyez, Sam Alardiz, John Barnz, Tony Pulliz, etc, etc.
Brian Williams
67 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:12:14
But we were able "to dominate a team playing at their very best who give you very little at home." – Despite the fact they gave an away win to mighty Stoke not long ago.

I want Martinez to work for me when he gets sacked. He can tell my missus that despite the fact I've done nowt whatsoever, the garden reflects the natural beauty of something left to grow wild and free and she should be pleased with my phenomenal moments of total inactivity!

Peter Mills
68 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:12:48
The last minute of the first half was our season in a nutshell!

I appreciate John Stones greatly, I think he will become a star, but his form this year has been dreadful. His pass back to Robles was daft, but someone should have drilled it into his 21 year old head that when you have scored just before half time you do not mess about, you take your lead into the interval. Nobody has done so, and the ultimate responsibility therefore lies with his boss.

The defending at the ensuing corner was pitiful all round.

This was another soulless performance.

Christy Ring
69 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:14:44
We have to get shut of Martinez now, let Royle and Sheedy take charge for now, because he's totally lost the dressing room. They will pick a team with shape and tactics, and give the players a chance to get their confidence back before the cup semi-final, and show the real Everton.
Tony Hill
70 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:17:20
Open the wine, beer, gin or whatever else does the trick for you and then float gently downstream. It's much the best way.
Gordon Crawford
71 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:17:55
Roberto is worse than Mike Walker and that's saying something. We have a very good team. But they are being managed and coached by turkeys. John Stones can't shoulder the blame for today's result. That lies firmly with the manager.

Players don't want to play for him anymore. We are absolute garbage right now. Any other season, and this would be relegation form.

Bus for Martinez and his mates please!!!!

Daniel A Johnson
72 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:24:15
Ferguson, Mourinho, Van Gaal, Ranieri, and Co (basically any decent manager) would read Stones the riot act after that.

Martinez instead will praise Stones for being brave........and their in lies the problem. There is no discipline or teaching of basic football principles in the team at all, its all just the Martinez philosophy instead.

Get the fucker out now!

David Hallwood
73 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:25:21
While I'm in full agreement with the anti-Booby sentiments; get shut now semi-final or not, however I can't help thinking the players are getting off lightly. For example we've got Lukaku, and his statement that he's ready for Champions League, currently being pimped round Europe by his agent.

We field a team full of internationals (goalkeeper apart), obviously all of them thinking that they should be playing in the Champions League, so why are we languishing in 14th, still a point shy of the magical 40 (which almost certainly won't be needed this season).

Yes I'm with everyone, on the bizarre substitutions, the inability to kill a game off etc, but FFS surely some of the players should be held accountable for some lamentable performances.

Yet another season that I can't wait to finish.

Gary Reeves
74 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:25:31
In all my years as an Evertonian I can't remember a player who is lauded so loudly yet offers so little. Are my eyes broken?

(1) What exactly is his position?
(2) When is he going to realise his "potential"?
(3) Why, why, why does he lose possession so easily, so often?
(4) How come he's not expected to offer anything defensively?
(5) How the friggin 'ell does he play for England?

Ron Marr
75 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:26:12
Flashback: August 2009

Everton 2 Wigan 1
Everton with 26 shots, 14 on target

"Wigan boss Roberto Martinez:

"Overall I look at the game and, if I'm honest, I would've been disappointed with a draw let alone a defeat. It (the penalty) was a soft decision, but then all afternoon not a single break went our way.

"I thought the players deserved a lot out of the game, but the key moments went against us. A defeat doesn't reflect the effort we put in at all.

"The character in the squad has never been in doubt. We're growing in every game and the results are not reflecting the good work of the players in the league, I don't think we're getting what we deserved.

"But you can see the progress on the pitch nonetheless and if we keep improving as we are, we'll be OK."

Sound familiar?

Dean Peamum
76 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:27:42
Did anyone hear any booing in the dressing room?
Daniel A Johnson
77 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:28:34
Yes, the players are to blame but when you are coached and managed by a stubborn, deluded out of his depth Captain Ahab and scared to say anything (eg, Baines, Distin) it must be soul destroying, they are waiting for the inevitable, but in the true Everton way it will take years rather than months.

But hey, teary-eyed Kenwright is looking forward to his London day out.

What a manager... you can't make it up.

Daniel A Johnson
78 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:32:27
You only need to look at what disharmony in the camp does to great players by looking at the defending Premier League champions Chelsea.

If players are unhappy they are unhappy; remove the cancer now.

Eddie Dunn
79 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:34:07
A quick thought on John Stones. I like Jay Woods defence of the lad. Yes it was only one silly mistake. However, there is a definite instruction to the defenders to punt it back to the goalie when they could have already pinged the damn thing upfield themselves.

The goalie isn't always ready for this task and hence , we see a fair few punts going high into Row T on the West/East stand Surely it is better for a real outfield player to use his skill to try a diagonal pass or a hopeful punt towards the penalty area, rather than this idea of rolling it further back to the keeper to try something harder.

It is hard to know what is going on at the moment. I would suggest that the players on the whole are just as fed-up as the fans, and are all pinning their hopes on the semi-final.

I know they want to cement their places in the side for that game, but many of them are definite starters, barring injury. This could explain Rom's woeful form and Barkley's complete shrinkage from the player of a few months back.

I expect similar performances at Palace, but hopefully a bit more effort at Anfield, before the display of the season in the semi. Hope springs eternal – I am completely fed-up with Martinez, but I hope that the players, will conjure something special up for us all in a couple of weeks time.

Kieran Kinsella
80 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:34:52
So how did the holiday in Qatar help us exactly seeing as we have no chemistry and are rusty.
Jon Cox
81 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:38:35
Great shout Amit.

The useless one needs to put Lennon back out on the right. Then put Kev out in his preferred position wide left.

Get Kev to work more closely with Baines. And as long as Lukaku gets his shit together we should return to be once again, an attacking force.

I feel if this does not happen then forget any cup aspirations.

Barry Kay
82 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:39:02
Great post from Ron (#75), says it all really.
Gary Willock
83 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:39:53
At the start of the day Crystal Palace were many pundits' tip to be 'dragged on'. They are just 2 points behind us. I've gone from angry to just sick and worried. He needs to go now. Even a miracle in the cup will be tarnished with the worry that we are well and truly a sinking stone. :(
Colin Glassar
84 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:47:12
How come we're rusty? We only played a few days ago. Rusty from what exactly? After all the oil they used on the Dubai beaches you'd think the last thing they'd be would be fucking rusty.
Martin Mason
85 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:48:02
The only language that the club will ever understand from the fans is when we stop buying the product. It is the only power that we have but we queue up for tickets to watch a poor product. Why?

I can feel now that anger among us is turning to despondency and I'll change my general support for the board if they do not remove this clown. Swansea got rid of Garry Monk because they did not accept the results he was producing but we are EFC not Swansea, we are 14th in the League and our board accept it.

Stephen Ashton
86 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:50:58
Just got back from the game, I have never heard the away fans so apathetic.

Someone asked on another thread who should replace Lukaku? Search over: I can.

Can I stand around and point? Yep
Can I let the ball bounce off my shins? Yep
Can I run aimlessly into the opposition? Yep
Can I loose 90% of headers even though I'm a 6ft plus beast? Yep
Can I amble after through balls without any sign of interest? Yep
Can I miss sitters from three yards out? Yep

No problem give me £60k a week and I'm there. If some fool offers us £50m for him we should bite their hands off.

David Morgan
87 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:52:01
In defence of John Stones, we should be beating teams like this 3-0 or 4-0 and his mistake/s shouldn't affect the outcome. But, as we are so bad, any mistake is costing us more than it should.
John Atkins
88 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:55:06
I love this club with all my heart. Have done for 40+ years.

I'm ashamed to admit with relegation a non-threat I would have been happy to lose today to ramp up more pressure on Martinez as it's quite obvious now to most of us who understand the game that he has lost it and is out of his depth – he has to go! Now! Please please go, Roberto, you're obviously a nice guy but WE don't want you

I wish you all the best and no hard feelings but I and most of us have had enough now

The most worrying statement a few weeks ago from Billy Bullshit was 'What a manager' – are you fucking serious, Bill You need to revisit your statement and sooner rather than later.

Martinez, please please go.

Keith Glazzard
89 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:55:18
Unnecessary goal celebration – 30 seconds to go, defend!
Stones plays 'without fear'. We concede.

Mirallas is subbed on – to play on the left? Don't be daft, to allow Lennon to play out of position on the left.

Nothing is ever learned, and it's been that way for far too long. God knows what we do now. Win the cup? Oh aye?

Anto Byrne
90 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:57:17
"This is worse than the dark days in the '70s.'

I was a season ticket holder in the '70s; we had some great players and I can't remember the team flirting with relegation or being devoid of any passion or commitment to the cause.

Andy King, Mick Lyons, Duncan Mckenzie, Bob Latchford, and Martin Dobson –if only we had that calibre of player today instead of this bunch of overpaid wasters. Billy Bingham at least tried to play entertaining football. I much prefer him to this Spaniard and his gobbledygook.

Clive Rogers
91 Posted 09/04/2016 at 18:57:28
To those who are blaming Kenwright. You are dead right. While other clubs are bringing in top European managers we get ours from Preston and Wigan. If you pick Championship managers, you become a Championship club.
Kieran Kinsella
92 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:00:14
I can see us challenging for the title within two years. Seriously. McAleny and Niasse have the potential to get in double digits even if it seems a long way away. Just like Stuart Barlow before them. Yes folks we can compete for League One with these lads in two years time.
Jack Cross
93 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:01:58
Like the majority on here I want Martinez, gone and would never have brought him here in the first place. But hey ,let's be fare, it wasn't Martinez that let the equaliser in, it was a sloppy schoolboy error.

14th place tells the real story and yes Martinez has made loads of wrong decisions, we all have witnessed that. But surely the players have to take a large portion of that blame also.

All I see is a shower of spineless pricks. No fight or no interest in rectifying their mistakes. On paper we should be in the top 4, but our position shows us for what we really are, a bunch of average players. You know what they – say don't believe everything you read. The problem is the players seem to believe it, even though they can't produce it on the pitch.

So yes, let's hope Martinez is gone for next season. But just remember it's those spineless lazy pricks that have the ball at their feet and not Martinez. Sure you can blame his tactics and substitutions. But when was the last time you saw this sorry bunch show and ounce of bottle, grit or fight?

Colin Glassar
94 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:03:57
Spot on, Clive. I wonder who is next target is going to be? Bill aims low and cheap, I wonder if this new fella has more ambition and higher standards? If its left to BPB then it'll probably be a manager from League Two.
Brian Harrison
95 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:05:52
I watched the BBC interview with Martinez after the game, and the interviewer never mentioned the Martinez out banner that they show on their match report. Why does he always get an easy ride from the press, while other managers get grilled over fan discontentment.

I would say thank you to the guys who held the Martinez out banner, and let's hope there are even more on show for the home game against Southampton. Then Funes Mori will be under no doubt what the fans think of Martinez, because maybe up to now he has only heard Kenwright's view of the manager.

Gavin Johnson
96 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:09:01
If we fail to beat Palace on Wednesday, that will mean we've come up short against 3 of the 4 sides left in the FA cup in consecutive games. Earlier in the week I would have said give Martinez the semi-final and sack him if we lose but I'm wavering now.

I really think he's lost the dressing room. The players aren't performing for him. I saw a shocking statistic earlier in the week that only Aston Villa had a worse record for winning back the ball and closing down. We did the graft against Chelsea in the cup but the players seem to be going through the motions in the league, much like Chelsea before Maureen was given his P45. I think there's a good chance the players would get a second wind, improve, and lose this malaise if Martinez left now.

My only concern is who's at the club could take the mantle for the remaining games?! I'm not sure about Joe Royle, Sheedy, Dunc, or David Unsworth. We need a top manager who is out of work and will be Everton manager next season. The only person I can think of is Mourinho. Could we get him?!

Martin Mason
97 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:10:29
John@88. Losing a few games is an irrelevancy compared to getting rid of Martinez. You won't be classed as a fundamentalist Fan for saying this but you would be correct. Ignore the fundamentalists, anything that gets this clown out is for the benefit of the club.

You want change? Stop going to the game and whatever you do don't buy a season ticket. An empty ground is a very powerful message while comments on here have no impact whatsoever. Get a life and give Everton a life.

Trevor Peers
98 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:11:48
Burnley's manager next if Kenwright is allowed to decide– they're top of the league... What a manager!
Andrew Clare
99 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:12:59
It's quite apparent that Kenwright is the worst Chairman we have ever had.

He hasn't got a clue. He stuck with a mediocre manager for 11 years and then hired a guy with absolutely no track record on the basis of one performance by Wigan against us in the Cup.

I'm watching City against West Bromwich and West Bromwich have got far more fight in them than our sorry lot.

Daniel A Johnson
100 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:13:54
Martinez is a small time player and a small time manager who talks and acts like he's managed Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

It's hilarious and ironic that the biggest bullshitter at the club, Kenwright, has been had by an even bigger bullshitter.

Phenomenal stuff....

Brent Stephens
101 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:16:07
What? A manager?
Daniel A Johnson
102 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:18:04
When Martinez looks in the mirror, he sees Pep Guardiola; in reality, he's a Spanish Gary Megson.
Peter Bell
103 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:21:26
Colin, Jay, Jim, Amit.

I also am a great admirer of John Stones footballing ability, its a joy to watch, but when he crosses that white line, it is John Stones who makes the decisions and no-one else.

The problem is he is not learning.

Daniel A Johnson
104 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:21:54
You can only learn what you are being taught........
Gavin Johnson
105 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:23:47
We luckily swerved Megson. Wasn't Gary Megson Kenwright's original first choice to replace Smith? I seem to remember he came fairly close to becoming our manager at one stage.

This is a huge statement for me, but I'd cut our loses now and give Moyes the job until the end of the season, with onus on until the end of the season. He's out of work (so no compensation) and it would be his one chance to redeem himself in the eyes of many. We'd tighten up at the back, if anything else.

I'm in no way saying I want David Moyes as Everton manager. I just think he could be a convenient option that would suit both parties until the summer.

Neil Lawson
106 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:24:07
Won a few bob on the National. When do Everton play? Have I missed it? My guess is maybe August if we have a new manager...

Is it time to put my bins out again? Full of Martinez and Garth Crooks. Difficult decision as to who is the greater clueless useless tosser. (If you missed Final Score, you may miss the point.)

Stand up Leighton Baines. We love you and you love Everton.

Colin Glassar
107 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:28:15
Peter, if he's being told (which I presume he is) to keep on doing what he's doing then that's the managers fault. If you keep on making mistakes in your job and your boss tells you you are doing fine, and not to worry, who's at fault? This lad is not progressing, or developing, under the present regime which is a crying shame.

Is it a coincidence that both Barkley and Stones look far happier playing for England than for Everton?

William Cartwright
108 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:31:17
It seems some ToffeeWebbers don't get the concept that the Manager has lost the dressing room. The players are going through the motions. They probably have zilch respect for a training regime that does not focus on defense.

Imagine how hard it must be to have your self belief and team spirit pushed sideways all week and then be expected to get on to the pitch and be a sixes and sevens on public display against well drilled opposition. Mind-blowing...

The manager is the most important player at the Club. End of story. When he is on another planet, let alone wavelength, then it becomes impossible to play to your strengths.

I just watched the post match interview and it was scary. The body language, from the neck up at least was nervous, twitchy, rapid eye movement, stammers and stutters and all the usual bull.

Dead man talking I'm afraid and don't ever blame the players. In reality they are the only way to get rid of the clown. And that is what we are seeing them trying to do...

Peter Bell
109 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:32:02
Daniel, Colin, everyone on here keeps saying the players are clearly ignoring the manager's instructions and he has lost the dressing room, John Stones obviously has not then read the players script if he is still listening to Martinez.
Jon Cox
110 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:33:48

I couldn't agree more. Lukaku is just so slow. Couldn't hit a banjo with a cows arse at the moment.

As Jim Royal would say,

"Champions League, my arse".

Bill Gall
111 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:36:59
Just finished watching WBA against Man City and, despite all the criticism Pullis gets, his team looked far fitter with more goal threat than Everton have done for the last couple of months.

I don't want Pullis at Everton, but when you consider his teams showing more pride and endeavor than Martinez's, it shows what a poor manager we have.

Andy Meighan
112 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:38:44
Jack (#93) – on paper, we should be in the top 4... Couldn't any side bar those in the bottom 3 say the same? If what you're inferring is we've got a great squad, you're way off the mark – we haven't. And if football was won on paper, I'd be absolutely loaded the way I predict the results every Saturday and Sunday morning.
Dan Davies
113 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:39:04
Can't be bothered with typing any more than this:


John Daley
114 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:41:56
Stones was responsible for needlessly conceding a corner. The fact the ensuing corner wasn't dealt with and resulted in a goal doesn't mean he was personally responsible for Everton only picking up a single point.

He may still be trying to play with a bit of swagger but it's seemingly battling for control with a hefty serving of self-doubt. He's not the only one though. The entire team currently has the brittle confidence of The Elephant Man on a blind date. Bit of Brut splashed on his bumps and he thinks he's almost guaranteed to get his end away, but as soon as someone says "Giz a look under yer sack.....John", he's suddenly gasping for breath (even more than usual) and wondering how the fuck he's going to get out of this one. It's the same with this squad. Despite all the declarations of belief in their own ability, they're mentally soft as shit and fold as soon as the pressure begins to mount.

You know you're in a bad way when giving away a stupid corner, against sodding Watford, is served up as the reason we didn't win. Just shrug it off. Redouble your efforts. React to a set-back in some other way than rapidly slumping your shoulders and saying 'woe is me'.

Then again, when your manager deems it necessary to point out that "Watford were at their very best today" in order to dampen disappointment in yet another dishevelled dosser of a performance, what else should we expect from those who serve under him?

"Watford were at their very best today"? Well, that is formidable. We're talking about fucking Watford at the end of the day.

"Watford were at their very best today"? It comes across like a sympathy seeking hooker stating she had a "right rough night, last night", only to then go on and reveal it was "coz Cliff Richard was at his most sexually rampant".

Steve Woods
116 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:44:02
Some might say "What a manger"... I much prefer "Martinez out".
Joe Foster
117 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:45:21
Look, Martinez knows no shame. He doesn't get us, he has no intentions of changing his ridiculous tactics. I think Kenwright was only there today as a show of support for his manager.

There need to be more banners, more fly-bys until it's impossible to stay. If he doesn't go, we will be royally screwed next season.

Daniel A Johnson
118 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:46:56
Let's not forget Stones also has previous on this with a suicide pass to Howard which resulted in him conceding a penalty.

Ron Marr
119 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:47:51
It has to be a package deal, Kenwright and Martinez both need to go. Keeping either one means more shite.
Christopher Marston
120 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:50:04
I'm going out of my mind. How in gods earth is he still manager with the utter shite record he has?!!!
Kieran Kinsella
121 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:50:27
Dave Bassett or John Beck for me. Shake things up a bit. Knock lumps out of these clowns and see who's left standing.

Harry Bassett is the sort of jobber who can keep us up and win the cup. He'd probably do it pro bono for the publicity. Then sack him in the summer and bring in someone proper for the long term.

Someone would be ideal but if not him then Allegri or someone else quality. None of these cheap options crap with Howe or Southgate.

Harvey Miller
122 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:52:15
Now would be good time to try young Under-21 players.
Andy Meighan
123 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:52:50
Brilliant posts from Ron (#75) and especially Stephen (#86).

All you Lukaku worshippers, read Stephen's post because it tells you all you need to know about the self-confessed one of the world's best strikers. I'd be happy just to get our money back.

Christopher Marston
124 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:54:07
Any other boardroom would've sacked him 10 games ago – why oh why is he still here! I'm pretty much puking due to my angst right now.
Jamie Crowley
125 Posted 09/04/2016 at 19:56:12
Trevor @ 98 -

It can't be the Burnley manager! My wife would be crushed! I'd not score for months. Have a heart!

Jack Cross
126 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:00:49
Martin Mason 97.

I'm right with you there mate, about not going to Goodison. That's the kind of action that needs to be taken.

The odd banner and shouts of Martinez out are fucking useless but an empty stadium and they will seriously get what we as fans won't tolerate.

Any money loss and this board will sit up and listen to what we having been saying all season.

So I won't be again untill next season.

Fran Mitchell
127 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:01:41
One thing I noticed here.

The way we look at Watford is the way the rest of the league look at Everton.

That is Martinez's legacy.

Peter Cummings
128 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:04:39
Very sorry, too depressed to make a meaningful comment, how about 'MARTINEZ OUT' or has that already been said,?????
Ged Simpson
130 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:09:00
Colin Hughes (#41), Best comment on thread... if ironic.
Terry Downes
131 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:14:19
Koeman for me, lads; one year left in his contract and he's refusing to talk about a new one till the summer. Sounds like he's waiting to see if anyone comes in for him?
Dave Abrahams
132 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:14:26
William (#108), I think you are right, the players, to me, are not interested in the league, they want Martinez out. They will have a good chance in the cup, because they want to win that for themselves and hopefully for us the fans.

They are better than the way they have played the last few league matches, Martinez has had his chances, more than enough, he has failed badly, put Barry in charge until the end of the season, and let him and the senior players organise the training and planning until then.

The biggest disappointment today was Jagielka getting injured, he will be a big loss while he is out.

Gavin Johnson
133 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:24:31
Dave, Gareth Barry would be a left field appointment until the summer but I think he would be an improvement on any of Everton's existing coaching staff having the job.
Stewart Lowe
134 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:24:35
"World's best fans"

"The support was magnificent"

"Watford were at their very best today"

"We showed a little rustiness"

"It was a very complete performance from both teams"

Can Bobby bullshit get any more deluded comments from a 4-minute interview?

Steavey Buckley
135 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:38:50
The 2-2 and 1-1 draws with Watford show that Everton have gone backwards under Martinez, because Everton are now at the same level as Watford.

Today, Everton did not play as a team and crosses never met their intended targets. Thank heavens Everton met Watford today and not a better team, because another result against another team could have been an embarrassment.

Ian Smitham
136 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:40:38
Christmas #69, I mentioned this in January 2015. Have wanted this man out for over a year, maybe I am a bit trigger happy. But, as I said on here the other day, maybe he should be able to have his day in the sun to counteract that.

I am going on the train from Manchester, and I reckon the day will cost me £200, so anything less than absolute full on will be no good. But if we lose, I suspect it will be the end of him.

Amit Vithlani
137 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:42:37
@ Brent 101, I think you could take it up a notch in terms of incredulity with

What?? A Manager!?

I personally believe Kenwright was misquoted. What he actually did was make a demand of the interviewer, not praise our manager...

Water Man! A Jar!

David Barks
138 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:44:57
It really is amazing to see how quickly a manager can send a club so far back. We are not in a false position, not due to a terrible run of injuries or anything. We are exactly where we deserve to be after being awful all season, which somehow is immensely worse than we were last season.

Defensively we are worse despite having quality defenders who somehow were spearheading one of the leagues best defenses under the previous manager. We have quality attacking players but they don't get goals. Instead we play with at least 2 and in many cases 3 defensive midfielders when Cleverly is healthy.

How is he still in a job. When will someone in the media get a quote from someone on the Board? The supporters really must get more and more vocal. The media is now starting to pay attention, but not nearly enough.

Phil Roberts
139 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:45:04
Can someone please come up with a chant and a tune to go with it for next weekend's match.

We know the sentiments to be expressed. We want you our Roberto.

Quite sure social media can make it well known and 20,000 all chanting it will not go un-noticed

Paul Andrews
140 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:45:41
Martinez has gone now, it's inevitable.

I also blame the players,what happened to their pride in the shirt,what happened to them playing for the fans?

Surely grown men don't need a pep talk to perform.

Peter Laing
141 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:48:08
First time since the days of Walter Smith that I actually took no interest in today's game until after the final score. Such is my apathy, how can this team be motivated to compete in an FA Cup Semi Final? The confidence of the players and the fans is shot to pieces.
Paul Conway
142 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:49:07

Martinez's after match interview on the BBC was just laden with bullshit and peppered with contradictions. Signs of a frightened man (his eyes looked like he had cried, or was about to).

BBC interviewer: "Do you feel perhaps its inevitable that the FA Cup might start to appear on player's minds at this stage?" – a point Roberto alluded to last week as just another excuse for a poor performance!

Roberto Martinez: "No, I think that everyone knows that we've got a large squad. I think that there are many players, that they can play. The competition for places is always as strong and we would rely on each other." – Kone and Niasse not troubling Lukaku then! – and that answer had fuck all to do with the question.

"We've got a real intense period now, probably the most significant period of the season." – oh, the other part of the season did not count then, Mr Martinez?.

"To have 5 games in 5 days is what we want." – It's exactly what we fans don't want, with an already rusty outfit!

"So, I don't think anyone can have any sort of distraction of thinking any further than the next game." – a lot of these players are very distracted, Stones, Baines, Lukaku, to mention just a few!

I also don't understand Chinese writing!

Alexander O'Brien
143 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:55:34
Just out of curiosity how many points did we accumulate in the 97-98 season under Kendall? A truly awful side escaping the drop against Coventry with that 1-1. 44 points was it? 9 wins? Jesus, I can't even see us getting two more wins.

Farrelly, Carl Tiler and Mitch Ward; Lukaku, Barkley and Stones.... The difference in quality is enormous yet our manager is on course for one of the lowest points tally in Everton's history.

Ged Simpson
144 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:57:14
Such is your apathy, Peter, you post on here at 10 to 9. Let's not kid ourselves... We care like mad. It just hurts.
Patrick Murphy
145 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:58:45
Why is everybody complaining? We are a point better off than this time last season. We only broke the 40 points barrier when we defeated Burnley at Goodison (1-0) in match 33.

We have the opportunity to break that barrier a game earlier this time around. In RM's first season we broke the 40 point barrier after playing 21 games.

Enough is enough, we need a change, cup or no cup, the performance was better but the sloppiness at crossing the ball cost us two additional points and until the team is geared up to win rather than manage games this will often be the case.

Allan Board
146 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:59:44
Forget the Martinez Out chanting – the best way to make your point is by voting with your feet. DO NOT go to ANY games until the prick, his so-called coaches, and Corrie Street Kenwright have fucked off!!

This lot are not going to take the piss out of my kids and myself again.


James Flynn
147 Posted 09/04/2016 at 20:59:55
They're playing hard without any form or direction.
Tony Hill
148 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:02:51
David (138), a very good point about the Board. Just a little word would be nice, to acknowledge that we are awful. Their silence over the last 18 months has been contemptuous of the fans and of the Club they imagine is their own.

So much for my new Zen approach. It's Kenwright; the thought of his mediocre, hammy smugness does it every time.

Stewart Lowe
149 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:08:31
Can I just say that its all very well us voicing our opinions on here and if Roberto was in this very room as me I would kick 7 bells of shit out of him just for his lies and arrogance. But if any one of you seriously want this man out you need to go to the Goodison on the 16th and you have to boo as loud as you can and you have to take banners with you too.

You saw how much media coverage those two banners got today and I expect a very good Southampton to turn us over. We need to all go there together that day and have our protest, otherwise we will remain a minority chirping away in the corner with nobody paying us attention.

Alex Moore
150 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:15:35
Martinez may be delusional and I don't give a shit how he tries to explain this; the truth today was a professional football team in the Premier League failed to execute simple fundamentals. Our crosses into the box were absolute garbage. Deulofeu, Cleverley and others just plain failed to put playable and dangerous crossed into the box on numerous occasions.

Anyone who thinks this is a fully capable squad minus the managing is living in a reductionist fantasy. Sure the potential is there, but crap in one hand and put potential in the other; see which one fills up first. Our boys just didn't execute out there today.

Sure we created some chances here and there, but our composure in the final third was garbage. Poor effort today.

Mark Wilson
151 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:15:40
I keep checking Twitter for news that Martinez has been sacked. Of course I know I won't see it, but stupidly, pathetically, I'm checking nevertheless. These are sad days, we are collapsing whilst the Chairman, who I've always thought at least knew his football, if not how to run the clubs finances, watches from the touch line, seemingly unable to act.

Is Bill too embarrassed to admit he chose the wrong man? Is it that simple?

Tony Abrahams
152 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:22:45
I honestly can't believe that Martinez is still the manager of Everton Football Club. He should have gone last week, and I really don't understand, how the powers that be can still have him in a job.

I will be very surprised if we beat any team at the minute, and people who think we will just find a bit of form for the semi-final are thinking more in hope.

You can't turn form on and off like a tap, and the longer this aimless football goes on, the worse we will become.

To the people in charge, can you please end it now, for the sake of everyone. Please.

Geoff Risebrow
153 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:31:08
I can't believe I actually wanted this disgrace of a manager at our wonderful football club! He must be sacked immediately and he should have been sacked in the last two Januarys. How much say will Farhad Moshiri have in deciding the manager's future as he owns 49.9 % of the club, doesn't he?
Steve Guy
154 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:32:52
People on here still seem to think this is Billy Liar's call. It's not. This is now down to Mr Moshiri. He is the majority shareholder and he makes the calls. Bill remains a figurehead and that's it. I expect Mr Moshiri to make the right calls as it's his Club now.

Get a proper proven manager in and support him with some proper money. £65m for want away Lukaku and £40m for Stones, plus £100m from Sky and a £100m from his own pocket should make an in road into the top four I reckon.

Phil Roberts
155 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:38:04
Patrick (#145). It is even worse than you state. We are actually 5 points better off than in the same fixtures in 2014-15.

But this will get us 11th place. That is 2 season's running in the bottom half of the table. The last time we did that? 2000-01 & 2001-02. It is not the points we are getting, it is the points in comparison to everyone else.

It is the inability to make results happen. To take our opportunities to win that is the problem. To put it simply, Martinez is not a winner.

Paul Conway
157 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:38:55
♫♫ Brown shoes don't make it.
They can't even fake it,
and I just can't take it,
Anymoooore ♫

♫ Brown shoes are shocking,
The fans they are all mocking
And I just cant take it,
Anymoooore ♫

♫ Brown shoes are for losers,

Don't ever wear them in Boozers,
And I just cant take it ,
Anymoooore! ♫

Well folks, it is a Saturday Night after all!
Ninguna person izz going to pizz on my Fiesta!
Y viva Sabado Noche!!!

Patrick Murphy
158 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:39:34
Steve (#154),

If you are correct, which I think is likely, then perhaps Bill will stay until the end of the season or the end of the cup run whichever comes soonest, if nothing else it would be apt if he was to watch Everton lift the FA Cup at Wembley and then fully hand over the reins to the new guy.

Darren Hind
159 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:41:45
Peter Bell,

Where the fuck have you been, lad? Stones did not get into the England team for his future performances. Chelsea did not offer nearly £40 million for what he may do sometime in the distant future. He has been recognised for being absolutely brilliant in the past.

The kid started life in the most challenging positions as a teenager. The England call up and the attention from all the top clubs are based on what he has already done... he has played 70 games in a role where most people don't get a game until they are mid-twenties.

The John Stones appreciation society is huge in number and it is bursting with knowledgeable football fans who can see more reasons for our defeat than the boy being partially responsible for giving away a corner. You can't. That says more about you than it does about him. If that is all you saw today, then perhaps you really need to start thinking about whether this footy lark is for you.

He's 21, he will make more mistakes. Last week you were slaughtering Barkley... What is it with you and our younger players ? are you pining for the days when no nonsense, vastly experienced players like Weir and Stubbs and Gough regularly had 5-6-7 put past them?

Tony Hill
160 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:45:38
So far from Mr Moshiri we have had a pretty vacuous PR bulletin and the excruciating interview alongside Bill. I'm sure he's going to be the ruthless hitman we all want to see and Bill will dutifully fade away as we build the new Everton (of course he will) but, without being impatient, it would be nice to have a hint of it.
Charlie Lloyd
161 Posted 09/04/2016 at 21:46:53
How much longer must we suffer this. So many false dawns and words from the players lead to nothing new. The model is broken and a change is needed. This has to be the removal of the man who ultimately steers(!) the ship.

Book him a taxi.

Martinez Out.

Patrick Carty
162 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:03:05
What else can we say as fans? Kenwright is obviously happy enough with this shit.

Another Saturday night with no win on Match of the Day. I fuckin' hate weekends now... I can't wait till Monday.

Phillip Warrington
163 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:09:05
Hi all from Australia. We have to get up at 2am to watch Everton play. At the moment watching them is bad for your health. They are the most frustrating team to watch and I have been watching Everton for 36 years.

Why did we pay £13.5m for Niasse only for him to sit on the bench, why does Besic not play and why is Deulofeu playing on the right instead of Lennon, Deulofeu is useless. He beats himself more than the opposition and delivers maybe one out of every 6 crosses.

Lukaku scores goals but misses as much and is useless at heading and laying of the ball. Stones is so confused at how Martinez wants him to play he could turn out a very avarage player compared to the great player he could be.

Look at today's game. Everton failed to break down Watford, a mid table team at best. They had the players just not the tactics, but had Stones not made a ridiculous decision seconds before half time and if Lukaku had not missed a sitter Everton would have won 2-0.
Ste Traverse
164 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:15:56
So Martinez has said this season we don't work on set-pieces, defence and he chirped he's not interested in clean sheets.

All 3 of these are vital if any club wants to be successful.

And to think this is the guy in charge of our club....scary.


Patrick Carty
165 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:24:52
Richard Keyes just said Martinez is a great manager but he must get his defending right... God, he is on drugs too?
Colin Glassar
166 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:32:24
I couldn't have said it better Darren, this guy seems to hate our young players.
Ian Bennett
167 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:32:39
Well done to the lads with the banners today. You speak for a lot of people who want rid of that clueless clown.
Paul Setter
168 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:34:08
Yawn... another Saturday, another performance from an average side managed by a very average manager. I've got to the stage where I hope we lose every week as I so badly want Martinez gone. Hopefully we're another weekend closer to this happening. I would rather we had McClaren than this fool.
Frank Thomas
169 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:34:50
Before anybody gets too annoyed, please keep reading.

We have played some really nice football this season under Roberto and in some of those game we have received really bad game-changing decisions by the refs. The great wins were based on pure attack, not on possession,but, once people realised that our attack left us totally exposed to counter-attack, we started to lose.

This change in tactics from our opponents combined with naçve or fool hardy use of substitutions by Roberto has become a total disaster for our Premier League challenge this season, the season we should have won it, with all due respect to Leicester.

Those early results have not been lost on other groups. The Americans wanted Howard and let it be known to him and to Roberto. So Howard knew he had to stay fit – nobody signs a crock – and his play and form suffered.

Now, we are starting to hear that Roberto is being looked at for the Spanish team managers role so he needs to win a cup and shore up his defence to get that job. Only Everton signs a manager that just got his team relegated or finished near the bottom.

So Roberto is trying to play more defensively and the net result is players are passing too late or wildly so they don't get caught out of position and the attack is faltering. The reasons for the failure in defence I believe lies in midfield. Barkley is very often too far forward and not in line with the rest of the midfield. The rest of the midfield is not in position – the WHU game exposed this midfield flaw.

So, if Martinez can find the solution to our defence, win the cup and get us to 12th, we may be approached by the Spanish team for his services and they may pays us like we paid Wigan but this change of managers will not take place until after the Euros finish on July 10th.

Maybe this is why we have not got rid of him.

Barry Kay
171 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:52:29
My son and his mates are out in town tonight and have bumped into Leon Osman. He has told them that a lot of the players want Bobby Bullshit to go and if he is still there next season then Ossie can't wait to go because things have got so bad.

Read what you will into this but my son just rang me to tell me and I thought I'd share it with my fellow blues.

Shaun Lyon
172 Posted 09/04/2016 at 22:54:53
Some random personal thoughts from actually having been at the game:

1) We need a central midfield player who can control a game – Barkley is not that player. He needs to play further up the pitch or else not at all – he's the second most chance-creating player in the league, I read.

2) Lukaku, far from being 'lazy' or 'uninterested' is horribly isolated and lacking support (which is not to excuse his howling misses today – the poor header, and how did he hit the bar from that range?!). I felt sorry for him at times... no wonder he wants to go.

3) How often was the final ball shockingly bad?

4) Mirallas might have won it and brought real freshness when he appeared. Why did the change come so late?

5) If Lennon is not running with the ball at defenders, then like Barkley played deep, you might as well not have him on the pitch.

6) Oh I could go on and on.....

Personally I thought today was much better than last week, for what it's worth. Still don't know how anyone thought Martinez was ever the best choice for manager of our club.

Roman Sidey
173 Posted 09/04/2016 at 23:22:33
RM thinks Watford were at their very best? I haven't seen the match as I was busy keeping busy not watching it, but, if they were (which I assume they weren't), then why were Everton not at their very best, also?

I cannot think of many matches this season when we were at our very best (Chelsea at home at a stretch), and to be perfectly honest, Europa League aside, we probably haven't performed to our best since Arsenal at home two years ago.

Tony Dove
174 Posted 09/04/2016 at 23:36:05
Tony @70. Floating downstream sounds good particularly as the weather begins to warm up. Hopefully there will be no bears waiting at the end.
Jay Harris
175 Posted 09/04/2016 at 23:50:12
To the tune of My Delilah...... Bye bye bye, Roberto.
Alex Moore
176 Posted 09/04/2016 at 23:54:50
Shaun Lyon (#172),

All excellent points, I pretty much agree with everything you said. Barkley does need to play higher, which would have multiple positive effects I believe.

1) More support for Lukaku who was indeed isolated today (as he often has been this year);

2) Free up Barkley to attack and have less defensive responsibility (which he doesn't do anyways and as such leaves wide open space for the other team to attack in)

3) this is related to point 2. If Barkley was higher up his teammates wouldn't be expecting him to assist defensively and would likely be better able to position themselves due to position roles being clearer (they expect Barkley to come back and apply pressure, and he often doesn't in my opinion).

That all said, if the final ball had been just a little better today we could have won (same goes for Watford though somewhat)

Kieran Kinsella
178 Posted 10/04/2016 at 00:02:56
Barry Kay, I find it hard to believe that Ossie would confide in fans.
Andy Ellis
179 Posted 09/04/2016 at 00:12:57
14th, below Swansea and Bournemouth who's seasons have all been all about avoiding relegation. Swansea sacked their manager while we muddle on with this joker, it's an absolute disgrace BK.
Ray Griffin
180 Posted 09/04/2016 at 00:15:02
Our manager wants us to play like Barcelona even though we don't have the players with that capability (few teams have). However, when he applies for his next job, no doubt he'll talk up his attractive footballing philosophy, playing out from the back, not worrying too much about defending & encouraging our younger players to be 'adventurous'.

The reality – a team that can't defend corners, a team that allow Barkley to run around like a headless chicken who runs into trouble & loses the ball more often than not, a team that indulges Stones to fanny around time after time & cost us goals, an increasingly delusional manager whose post match utterances are increasingly ridiculous & bizarre (a great game, two really good teams. we're turning a corner, we were excellent except we lost blah blah....)

I've been following this great club for over 40 years and have never been so disillusioned until now, incredible how the potential of this current team has been totally been mismanaged.

Rant over, feel better now!

Steve Davies
181 Posted 09/04/2016 at 00:17:03
This clown will not win us the cup. Why can't we just sack him now. BK, I am playing a fortune for my tickets and the coach trip. At the moment I am just looking forward to the coach trip with the lads.

For some reason, because he won it before, some fans think RM can win the cup again. Logic would suggest that he is out of his depth.

I would have Baines as player/manager before I let this arrogant charlatan lead us out at Wembley. I don't know about him being a nice man, but he sounds like an arrogant bully to me and his treatment of Baines is a disgrace.

Why does he always have to stand in the technical area all of the time like some strutting peacock, if he sat down once in a while and talked to his coaches, or sat in the stands occasionally he might get a better perspective of the match.

This deluded manager has a huge ego problem, and is a failure in the league, hence why so much attention is placed by him on cup matches. BK please sack him tomorrow and at least give us and the players a chance of winning a trophy this year.

Barry Kay
182 Posted 10/04/2016 at 00:18:54
As I said, Kieran, read into it what you will.
Mick Davies
183 Posted 10/04/2016 at 02:02:57
Neil @ 106 I totally agree about that muppet Crooks; he is also repeating Martinez and shifting blame onto the fans! What does that dick know about Everton? If we were like Man U, or that lot across the park, our deluded Wiganite would have been gone 18 months ago

At least Jason Roberts gave a different view, and Jason Mohammed was criticising RM too, but Crooks really is the worst pundick on telly. They are supposed to give an objective assessment of a situation, not hold the most patient and passionate fans responsible for the failings of a manager and team who are paid Hollywood style telephone number wages. I can imagine how he responded to Christian Gross and AVB: I bet he never blamed it all on his beloved Spurs fans

And in spite of all that, a big well done to the fans who held up the Martinez out flag at Vicarage Rd, and the solidarity with Baines banner. It's taken 2 years but it's time to do what the scabby sports journo's won't; and that is show the world we've had enough

By the way, Ronnie Goodlass said on Merseyside that stewards made them take the "Martinez Out" banner down – anyone know if this really happened?
Jon Cox
184 Posted 10/04/2016 at 02:04:49
I'm sorry but I've had enough of bloody Lukaku.

He does fuck all, all day long but point at the ground to where he thinks the ball should have been played.

Every ball that's played to him in the air he loses 95% of the time.

"Isolated" you're 'avin a laugh. If anyone was with him that far up the pitch they wouldn't get a shout from the second ball anyway!

I don't care what anyone says, this guy in my humble is a shit footballer and would never have got anywhere near even my school team.

We have proof as to what should happen.

Our boy goes to Man Utd. They make him their striker. He gets isolated game after game.

He doesn't start throwing his toys out the pram or starts pointing at the innocent blades of grass.

He does track back to find the ball and make himself UNSELFISHLY FOR THE TEAM available to his team mates.

For me thats at least the minimum that RL should be doing.

Again it's the useless managers fault for not making it happen.

I want Everton players to play for each other. Not for them selves. I want players who might not be in the top ten of the worlds best but want to play for the shirt they wear.

In short I want 11 players who are a team. A bit like the team who are top of the league now.

We need to ditch the manager, we also need a clear out of useless greedy egotistical footballers who hang on every Sky Sports and TalkSport bullshit words.

Champions League, you're fucking welcome to it Lukaku.

YOU are just another bad apple in the barrel that is Everton Football Club.

Anthony Dwyer
185 Posted 10/04/2016 at 02:28:51
I've called for Roberto's head since early on last season, got a bit of shite for it too.

Fact is, Roberto is not good enough for Everton FC. He's inadequate at his job, he has a poor backroom staff team, and he's making our good squad look poor at best.

Roberto had a brilliant first season, he done a lot better than I ever thought he would, but things quickly turned sour the next season.

From my view point I've seen a good squad who have been either unable or simply unwilling to perform for there manager.

Even Bill must see this now.

Guus Hiddink, Manuel Pelligreeni, Jose Mourinho, Ronald De Boer and a few other top name managers are desperate for EPL jobs, now is the time to speak to these big name managers so as they can start preparing for next season.

Derek Cowell
187 Posted 10/04/2016 at 03:19:13
Am I wrong or was there 1 minute on the 4th official's board at the end of the first half? We scored in the 46th minute and they scored in the 48th!! Did we over celebrate again? I didn't notice as I was just so glad we had scored at all in such a dreadful game.
Eric Myles
188 Posted 10/04/2016 at 03:25:01
You're right Derek, our goal was 45' 30", theirs 47' 30" with 1 minute of extra time
Derek Cowell
189 Posted 10/04/2016 at 03:33:39
I'm just amazed the phenomenal one didn't highlight it as an excuse!
Saegaran Kana
190 Posted 10/04/2016 at 04:35:14
I'm puzzled at our game play. Hoof balls to nowhere. What happened to passing thru the middle? So much space between forward and midfield that no connectivity can be seen in attacking making defense totally exposed. We need a good MF general who can cut the attacks and create as well. I miss the Left axis which we prided ourselves. We have fast players on the wings but its MF that we're lacking. They need to work harder in defense and attack. Roberto wasted good money on a striker we didn't need instead of reinforcing MF.

Gone is the 1st season euphoria replaced by non confident, broken up individual display which is so heart breaking knowing how good a squad we have and the future it holds given the mature young core of players. It's crying out for leadership and a proven winner for guidance. Thanks for the 3 years Roberto, I like your shoes but we need someone better.

Get Jose Mourinho now! Sign him and we might just keep all our young guns and attract big European names to bolster our squad. Jose wants some where there's trust. It goes both ways and I believe we have a great home for him. COYB!
Dennis Ng
191 Posted 10/04/2016 at 05:01:34
Saegaran @ 190, it has been a regular occurrence this season, which makes me wonder why his staunchest defenders complain about hoofball tactics. It seems that even when he uses "boring anti football" hoofball, he can't win LOL

RM is out of ideas, his players are running around clueless and resorted to simplest tactics of trying to use individual talent to get around the opponent by pivoting off Rom. Unfortunately, this will continue till we're done with this season's FA Cup. Then we'll have our next manager.

Mourinho has a good resume but he's not exactly talent magnet without the money. 3 year shelf life and known to lose the dressing room too. I rather have Koeman after what he did at Southampton. That should be our primary target is aiming locally, plus he's not been at the top yet, so perhaps more long lasting drive to improve us.

Gary Heywood
192 Posted 10/04/2016 at 07:09:39
The final pass/cross/corner into the oppositions box was shockingly poor. Hardly ever finds an Everton player. It's been like that in most games though.

Go for Koeman.

Paul Hughes
193 Posted 10/04/2016 at 07:13:38
We have beaten one team outside the bottom 3 since September? How can this be good enough for a club like Everton? It is so frustrating that this man is still our manager.
Paul Smith
194 Posted 10/04/2016 at 08:10:54
What a pile of shite that was.

Didn't do much better in The National either, oh well I have RM's insane synopsis of the game to cheer me up, wait there, they stopped doing that awhile ago. I'm just livid with his piss taking statements, does nobody give a fuck about the discrepency between reality and Martinez's ramblings ???

We need to get him gone. He will relegate us been saying for over a year vehemently we are Villa elect. BK might get his day at Wembley, hand over to Mosh and see us in the Championship 2018 exonerated of all blame and lauded for his time at the helm.

Paul Birmingham
195 Posted 10/04/2016 at 08:26:30
Colin , spot on your your crack about the oil. It's standard and predictable every game even when we win. The Anfield Derby, in 01. 2014,when we started the Keystone Cops, General Custer, scheme of defending could be the litmus to prove beyond doubt to the board,we have regressed like no other established EPL side.

Those of us who saw the most recent good times in the 1980s, will under this scheme not see success again in our days.
Tony Abrahams
196 Posted 10/04/2016 at 08:35:10
Kieran, I also think that it would be crazy for Osman, to confide in the fans, unless all respect for the manager has been totally lost that is.

Barry, I heard a while ago that Osman had been offered a coaching role at Everton, but he was reluctant to take it because he felt that whatever he came up with, Martinez, would just do his own thing anyway.

Brian Williams
197 Posted 10/04/2016 at 10:09:56
If anyone wants to maintain the class and dignity that we cherish at this club how the hell can they suggest Mourinho as the next manager.

The man is egotistical, sexist, and selfish. Don't care about what he's done previously look at what happened last.

If we worry about Martinez losing our dressing room, how bad must Chelsea have been? So bad that from the day he went they have lost one game and are now above us in the table!

Mourinho? No thanks.

Peter Roberts
198 Posted 10/04/2016 at 10:14:00
Anyone still wanna argue the toss for that poor isolated, hard working, Didier drogba mk 2 "beast"???

I mean apparently without his goals wed be relegated... well actually that is not true. He scores goals you expect a striker to score apart from the odd beauty when he feels like earnings his 75k a week.

The thing is the fans get giddy at having a striker who is the first in a while to get 15+ goals... yet will be the first to slam Martinez for underperformed with the best team we've had in years... so the question is "is lukaku doing such an amazing job considering the talent we have in the team?" For me no. He is bang average football wise with a talent for finishing and a poor attitude.

Anything over £45m would be an absolute deal. Let's find a player who has the heart to play for the blue shirt and not an ego that is looking elsewhere.

Colin Glassar
199 Posted 10/04/2016 at 10:35:26
If we have the money, as we've been promised, then why not aim high and go for the best available?

Manager - Ronald Koeman (refusing to extend contract.
Goalie - Courtois (not happy at Chelsea)
Midfield - Wjinaldum (won't want to play for Toons)
Forwards - Embolo and Batsuyahi

Total cost - around £110 - 120m. Keeping Lukaku, JS and Ross, and adding top quality players like these lads would really make an impact on the league and, as shown above, wouldn't cost a fortune.

Brian Williams
200 Posted 10/04/2016 at 10:39:20
Good call Colin, wouldn't argue with any of those, but would suggest we'd need a couple more in addition to them.
Colin Glassar
202 Posted 10/04/2016 at 10:59:16
Absolutely Brian. We'd need to get rid of the deadwood eg Ossie, Pienaar, Gibbo, Hibbo etc....and replace them with younger squad players eg Redmond, Siggurdson, Coutinho etc.....and start giving "our kids" a chance.
Geoff Risebrow
203 Posted 10/04/2016 at 11:00:26
I know where you're coming from, Brian Williams, but Everton also stands for 'nothing but the best is good enough' and Mourinho is arguably the best manager available.

Tell me if I am wrong? Maybe you prefer waiting for us to win a game under the current clown?

Andrew Clare
204 Posted 10/04/2016 at 11:35:48
Why on earth would Koeman come to Everton? I wouldn't have said that 30 years ago but now what is the attraction?

A badly run club with an old stadium and apparently no ambition is how we appear to everyone apart from ourselves. Heck we still haven't even sacked a manager that's taking us to the relegation zone.

We are just the rotting hulk of a once great ship.

Barb Ellis
205 Posted 10/04/2016 at 12:14:27
Anthony (#185), my husband turned to me halfway through Martinez's first season and said this manager will take us down.

Also, what are people's thoughts on why he is still in a job. I think the reason he has not been given the sack is the money Everton would have to pay him, as he has three years left on his contract.

Colin Glassar
206 Posted 10/04/2016 at 12:31:00
Let's make Everton great again, Andrew.
Andrew Clare
207 Posted 10/04/2016 at 12:35:04
Yes Colin. We can start by removing Kenwright and Martinez.
Then get someone in who will accept the best.
Hopefully Moshiri is that man.
Andy Thompson
208 Posted 10/04/2016 at 14:01:13
I am losing the will to live now... how is this clown still in the job?However, it was great to see those banners getting some much needed national media coverage yesterday.

Surely we have now entered the final days of Martinez's tenure at our great club. Otherwise, I truly fear for our future (and my sanity) should we have to suffer another season of this nonsense.

Gary Mortimer
209 Posted 10/04/2016 at 15:04:01
One thought watching Leicester just take the lead against Sunderland after huffing and puffing for an hour without much end product.

Vardy has been starved of service, but he never stops running and offering himself. He's had one clear chance and he's taken it . . . . He wasn't sulking that he wasn't getting the ball and hadn't switched off when the chance came to him.

If only our Rom had that level of work rate.

William Cartwright
210 Posted 10/04/2016 at 15:09:39
Anthony (185) : My apologies, I recall being one of the ToffeeWebbers giving you some stick in calling for Roberto' s dismissal last season. No crystal ball on me I'm afraid! On reflection I still think your call was 'premature' although unerringly appropriate in the circumstances.

Looking back, it is fascinating that Roberto never had the awareness to comprehend what a successful methodology he had 'stumbled upon' with the defensive solid base coupled with the attack from the back-minded approach.

Even 2 years on he still cannot see how the balance of a solid defense (which takes training and skill), coupled with the willingness to attack at speed at every opportunity, is a must for all possession based philosophies.

Complete idiot, allowing ego to overrule his intelligence. Often happens with self-driven, focused people.

On a brighter note I am interested to hear opinions on whom our next manager is likely to be. I have been impressed with Pelligrini and how he has behaved with dignity over the Guardiola situation.

I am very anti-Mouhrino, his character seems so suspect. I am intrigued by De Matteo who seemed to disappear after the Champions League final and also Laudrup who fell out with Swansea. Eddie Howe ticks all the boxes for me but the "think big and foreign" brigade don't seem to support that.

The anticipation of a new management team really brightens me up after this torrid Martinez and crew experience!

Mike Galley
211 Posted 10/04/2016 at 15:36:26
With regards to a new manager, would anyone fancy Diego Simeone? It seems to me that he competes against richer clubs in their league.

I've no idea how much money he's spent but he seems to have fierce will to win. Something our current seems to lack (and the whole team as well).

Max Murphy
212 Posted 10/04/2016 at 15:46:24
Martinez will be sacked tomorrow.
Fat bloke in the pub told me.
Mike Berry
213 Posted 10/04/2016 at 16:49:12
It was like watching two bald men fighting over a comb
Max Murphy
214 Posted 10/04/2016 at 17:23:48
Watching Liverpool demolish Stoke. I fear the worst when we visit Anfield.
Albert Jones
215 Posted 10/04/2016 at 17:27:28
Dear Mr Martinez,

Please do the decent thing and tender your resignation immediately. You promised Champions League Football or did we all mis-hear you and you really said "Championship Football," Because that's where we seem to be headed and The Board won't like the loss of all that TV money! Jump before you are pushed.

Max Murphy
216 Posted 10/04/2016 at 19:02:34
Just seen this on "News Now Everton"

According to a report from Goal, Everton have sounded out Argentinian boss Marcelo Bielsa about replacing Roberto Martinez this summer.

Kim Vivian
217 Posted 10/04/2016 at 19:45:42
Well if that's actually got legs, I'll start enjoying what remains of this season. But we won't be finding out soon I guess.
Andy Meighan
218 Posted 10/04/2016 at 20:49:05
Look lads, I'm sorry for being a right miserable bastard but there's not a prayer the likes of Simeone, Koeman or the all time classic Mourhino are going to touch Everton. They're all destined for bigger and better things... so forget them and their ilk.

Billy boy will go for the likes of Dyche, Karanka etc, because he'd fear being undermined by a big name. Anyway, there's not a prayer dickhead is getting sacked... we've all heard what the chairman thinks of him. Depressing, very depressing.

Colin Malone
219 Posted 10/04/2016 at 21:47:27

We have a young manager in the hardest league. [Pep is going to get a big fucking big shock]
We have a young manager who plays attractive football.
We have a young manager who has to work to a limited budget. [To see that Martinez out flag disgusts me.]
We have a young manager giving youth a chance by loaning to other clubs, more than previous manager.
We have a manager who is willing to give the academy a chance.

We have a manager who is a one-trick pony, with no Plan B. Who is a stubborn bastard, which will get him the sack.

So wise up Roberto.

Get Jose, if not, keep Martinez with money available.

Paul McGinty
220 Posted 10/04/2016 at 22:23:13
No way Diego Simeone leaves Atletico for Everton. If he were available and came to the Blues, there would be a total attitude change on the field.

Look at how his group challenge every team they play; they are full on competitors collectively. Just cannot see it happening.
Dan Davies
221 Posted 10/04/2016 at 23:25:13
We have a young manager who has said he's willing to "give his life" to see Everton winning again. Gobshite Bollox.

Martinez Out

Mike Green
222 Posted 10/04/2016 at 23:35:20
But Colin #219 - wouldn't Jose have none of those positives and some of the negatives.....?
Jim Hardin
223 Posted 11/04/2016 at 01:04:46

How is he a young manager? This is his 6th season in the EPL! Stop romanticizing the man, the myth, the legend, please. As for Pep, I think he will be fine. He will live up to his pedigree just as Martinez is currently living down to his bottom half of the table pedigree.

Darren Hind
224 Posted 11/04/2016 at 06:15:22
Martinez has made some howlers this season. £24m for Funes Mori and Niasse being two examples, another being the continued absence of Besic, who brings a much needed energy... but the biggest howler of all was to persist with Tim Howard.

I said at the time that persisting with Howard when the whole world could see him costing us points would cost him his job and I think that is now a certainty. The shattered confidence of all of our defenders is gradually l being restored, but the damage is done.

Can anybody (even in their wildest) imagine Howard getting in the same post code of the two shots Robles saved? This would have been another embarrassing defeat if fate hadn't intervened and made the decision for Martinez.

At least now Howard won't be around to throw the cup away as he did against Chelsea.

The season may still end in Glory

Colin Malone
225 Posted 11/04/2016 at 13:14:55
Darren (#224).

How are the signing of Funes Mori and Niasse howlers? Funes Mori is getting touted for Barca and is still very young.

How can you make a decision on a player, Niasse, when you have seen him play for no more than 20 minutes at the most?

This is the John Ruddy syndrome, plays shite in his first game, so we let him go and then he plays for England. How the fuck can anyone judge a player by watching him for 20 minutes? FFS.

Paul Andrews
226 Posted 11/04/2016 at 14:21:44
You need a coach's eye to tell that, Colin. Mori is a very good defender in the making.

Niasse? Who knows. Let's judge him next season after a full pre season.

All I would say is there are some top players playing in the Russian league the season this lad got the player of the season award.
Jim Hardin
227 Posted 11/04/2016 at 14:47:51

Funny you could see Howard was to blame for Everton's ills. Why then are they still persisting with Robles in goal? Why is Everton not rocketing up the table with all of the points not being dropped? Couldn't be the shambles of the defending, individual defending errors, and tactics as I have pointed out to you since last season could it? Hmmm, get back to me on that one with your usual entertaining "unique" post.

Please Darren, watch the Chile-Argentina game, or any of the international games in which Funes Mori played for Argentina and you will see a confident center back playing with authority, calmness, and skill. Yes, Darren, it is the one and the same Funes Mori, who plays for Everton. Howler? Ha Ha, what a daft statement.

Andrew Clare
228 Posted 11/04/2016 at 15:08:57
I agree Jim, Funes Mori is a top class player. He should be playing while Stones re-gathers his confidence.

It worries me that Niasse isn't in the team yet but you're right you can't judge a player until he has had a run of games.

Darren Hind
229 Posted 11/04/2016 at 19:34:37

I think you'll find Stones is playing while Mori regains HIS confidence. the Argentine took a fearful hiding from just about every West Ham player every time the ball was put in - including being murdered in the air for all three of their goals... by three different players.

He was also dragged all over the shop against Arsenal, at one stage he was sucked 20 yards into there half for another goal. That's FIVE goals in a hundred minutes, all directly attributable to his inability to defend. Top class player? ... if you say so, but even the defensively clueless Martinez was spooked into dropping him.

Colin @225

Touted for Barcelona? By whom and to do what? Do you not think every coach would have seen his performances against West Ham and Arsenal? – not that you'd have needed a coaches eye to see that... you just needed not to be Stevie Wonder.

As for Niasse, You may have only seen him for twenty minutes but I've seen more and I've seen enough to know that Lokomotiv completely had us over? not fit? ... yeah right. Try not good enough.

Jim Hardin

When Martinez finally accepted that everyone else was right and "Rested" Howard for the Newcastle game. I think everyone knew he wasn't coming back. He had been – to use well known footy parlance – utterly garbage.

In the ten league games Joel has played since Howard's "injury" he has only conceded nine goals... in the ten games before he was axed, Howard conceded 18...

We may not have "rocketed up the table" but we are conceding half as many goals.

Why do you suppose that is? Especially when they both had the same mistake ridden players in front of them?

The players may well have been nervous wrecks when Howard was playing, but like I said, confidence is very slowly being restored and Martinez must be wondering what the fuck he was doing persisting with spoonfeet...

Paul Andrews
230 Posted 11/04/2016 at 20:49:03
Colin 225,

Speculation from usual nonsense sources re Funes Mori to Barcelona.

Same speculation re Stones to Real Madrid, Barcelona etc etc. in the close season.

Stones will not be signed by either club, nor will Funes Mori.

Darren Hind
231 Posted 12/04/2016 at 05:54:22
One solitary bit of journalistic nonsense from a tatty red top against a year long clamour by some of the worlds most informed journalist and broadcasters with inside knowledge of the worlds leading clubs, not to mention a concrete offer of nearly £40m quid – see the difference ? The clue is in the word "offer".

Martinez paid a quarter of that for Funes Mori and lets be clear here, eyebrows were raised everywhere when the final fee was announced. Nobody else would have paid that much. nobody else offered it.

I'm not against Funes Mori. I accept he has had to leave everything behind and move half way around the world, IF he settles (not a certainty) he will improve, but that has to be taken into consideration when signing a player in the first place. There were/are center halves here who would not have cost as much and wouldn't have needed to acclimatise.

Martinez's supporters never cease to amaze me. He has paid £24m quid for two players who cant get into our worst team for a decade... and they still want to dress it up as good business

Will Stones play for Barca or Real? Who knows? He probably hasn't made his mind up yet.

Peter Roberts
233 Posted 12/04/2016 at 09:45:22
Darren – I want Martinez gone immediately, but lets not lose sight of the good things he has done.

Signing Funes Mori is one of the best bits of business he has done. He is 25 which is a baby for a centre-half let alone someone who has come into the English game. For me, he has been a very good signing and will go on to be a top centre-half.

Jim Hardin
234 Posted 12/04/2016 at 14:24:23

Having stopped laughing now I can respond.
Once again you have ignored in your response, the form of the teams played with Robles in goal as well as the defensive changes made by Roberto including dropping Stones and Deulofeu etc. in order to lay the blame at the gloves of Tim Howard. Okay, I will play along.

Bear with me Darren as I know you don't like anything other than superficial stats. Counting the Watford game, Howard had 23 appearances and Robles 8 in the Premier League. Howard's last appearance was the Swansea game where even the newspapers credited Stones with responsibility for the two goals which you continue to blame Howard for. So here are the stats Darren.

Howard 69 saves, Robles 15 (multiplying by three still doesn't put Joel anywhere close because the number of shots on target are markedly decreased (could be the other team's form and/or our then newly minted starting 11 with Lennon, Cleverly, Funes-Mori)

Howard made 2.03 saves per goal. Robles is at 1.67. Hmmm Darren how could that be? Howard had 6 clean sheets, Robles 2 want to guess which clean sheets were earned against the overall better teams, hmm Darren?

Howard 84 catches to 15 for Robles- again a factor of three doesn't put him close. Distribution accuracy is 69% versus 55% in favor of Howard.

Clearances by Howard (means he came off his line) 5 to 1 in favor of Howard.

So, I am not slating Robles – just using the comparison to point out how absurd your original post and the response actually are. It doesn't matter who is in goal for this team as the other problems are the root cause of the poor goals against and place in the table. The problems you have laid at the feet of Howard are simply not his fault. The fewer goals conceded is a product of fewer shots which is the product of the teams played and also the players used and individual errors. The best run came when Stones and Deulofeu were both out and Cleverly and Funes Mori and Lennon were in.

As for your slagging off Funes Mori as a waste and he might be a good player, it is English-centric bullshit. the same is true of your putting Stones on a pedestal. If you put him there the following will require you to make it big enough for FM too.

Here are the stats of the two players with one now in his third Premier League season as a senior member of the squad and one still in his first Premier League season.

Stones had played 2,178 minutes versus 1,878 for Funes Mori, which is more than three games difference, so a true comparison would require adjusting Funes Mori's numbers to compensate.

Stones has cleared the ball 98 times versus 180 for Funes Mori. Total forward passes are 906 to 763 in favor of Stones. Stones has 322 backwards passes to 265 for Funes Mori. Pass completion is 89% to 85% in favor of Stones. Key passes are 4 to 3 and each has created 4 chances. Average pass length for each is about 22 meters. Funes Mori has scored 3 goals. Tackles won is 33 to 28 in favor of Stones. Stones wins the take-ons 21 to 8.

Ariel duals won is 64.5 % to 62.86% although another soccer site's analysis shows Funes Mori winning more in and near the 6-yard box whilst Stones's wins are farther out. Interceptions of passes are 43 to 61 in favor of Funes Mori. That would be better defensive positioning and reading of the game, wouldn't you agree? Errors leading to goals are 2 for Stones and 0 for Funes Mori.

So Darren, It looks like Funes Mori is fairly confident and competent and worth £40 million if Stones is right? Looking at the stats it again reflects Stones's best stats are using skills suited for a midfield player in the making and FM is a better center defender. Hope the pedestal is big enough Darren.

Maybe it is Funes Mori who will be deciding if he wants to play for the Spanish giants or maybe Bayern or PSG. Guess he will have to match Stones in one more category, transfer requests, to do that though.

Darren Hind
235 Posted 12/04/2016 at 19:25:17
I love your faux amusement Jim, but I'd hate to be the one who cleans your keyboard after all that foaming dripping as you type. Relax fella. Telling it like it is about Howard is nothing new.

I've long since held the belief that you fail to grasp the essence of the game. Nothing wrong with that as long as you enjoy it, However... coming on to a website spewing a whole hosts of inaccurate, irrelevant stats dreamed up by some spotty anorak and dressing it up as opinion would seem to suggest that you don't even enjoy it.

I mean who dreams up this crap? Where do you get it from? Why do you spend so much time digging it up and why do you give it any credence at all? Who cares how many catches or successful long throws a goalkeeper makes?

Do you realise just how irrelevant those stats are? If you stopped listening to these idiotic "announcers" or regurgitating the nonsense you pick up from semi interested stat compilers you may even start to develop an opinion of your own. Do you really not understand why one goalkeeper has had to face so many more shots than the other?

Let me give you a clue; The Goodison faithful have witnessed a marked difference to the way both goalkeepers communicate. Robles can be heard and seen shouting instructions all game "drop five" .... "step up" ... "Keepers ball" ... the sort of basic stuff we all grew up listening to. Not rocket science but it often stops danger before it is allowed to develop, do you understand that? On the other hand, your boy was a hooter and a curly syrup short of being Harpo Marks.

There was no communication between the keeper and the defenders, only confusion. His propensity to run into the back of his own net, star jump, miskick everything, bottle out of challenges with big forwards were the visible things to arm chair viewers. but the problem was far worse than that. The only time he opened his gob was to shout at mystery culprit in the top balcony every time he cost us a goal.

The reason we are now conceding half the goals and having nowhere near the amount of shots to deal with has nothing to do with the form of our opponents, it was mainly down the the fact that we are no longer carrying a passenger. That, my friend is the reason Evertonia rejoiced when the penny finally dropped with Martinez and Howard was out.

I hope you are right about Funes Mori, it would be wonderful if he blossomed into a £40 million pound player who was coveted by Real Madrid... but one step at a time eh. Let's see if he can get to a stage where he can hold down a regular place in the worst Everton side many of us have seen in many a year.

Brent Stephens
236 Posted 12/04/2016 at 19:42:12
Come on guys, a new game tomorrow, a new thread to get all foamed up about. Move on, both, and clean your keyboards.

I've got the misfortune to be in London tomorrow with a ticket. We can only hope.

Jim Hardin
237 Posted 12/04/2016 at 22:35:52
See Darren,

I do understand the game and how to coach it. Please Darren, you only embarrass yourself further with such remarks even more so than your FM is a Howler comment.

I gave you the stats to look at Darren. It wasn't difficult, they are readily available and even allow player v player comparisions across years and leagues. You, without even knowing anything about the quality of the stats (some of these sources make their money selling such services and stats to professional teams), dismiss them. This shows your lack of understanding.

Across posts you ask for facts and instances, are given them repeatedly, and then attack the person providing them or just dismiss them as not relevant. Incredibly boring and stubborn of you. As for the research, I find it useful and wish you would use it once in a while. You suggested that the entire blame lies at the feet of Tim Howard and he has somehow shattered the confidence of every defensive player. That is erroneous at best as the stats I provided demonstrate.

Your blaming Howard is childish. Your slagging off Funes Mori is almost worse. BTW , look what Argentina's coach is saying about FM Darren, “We are thinking about (Ramiro) Funes Mori for the [Olympic] Games. We have to see if Everton will allow this but we wish that he plays in the two competitions.”

You are right, what a Howler that player is. Not worth a plug nickel.

Darren Hind
238 Posted 13/04/2016 at 06:14:13

I think this debate has run its course. I suspect that you will continue rely on stats that tell you things like Funes Mori has not been at fault for any goals we have conceded. Good luck to anybody who can sell those stats... and woe betide anybody mug enough to buy them.

I don't trust stats I wasn't there to witness, and I don't give a flying fuck how many "successful long throws" a goalie makes... and here's the thing: I know people like you buy into them, but I don't believe anybody actually clocks them up. They're meaningless, worthless, irrelevant.

If you were to go into an ale house on County Road and tell people Funes Mori hasn't been responsible for any goals, they would laugh you out of the place. You see, most of them would have been at the West Ham and Arsenal games to witness him coming up short for all five goals.

I have no axe to grind with Funes Mori. I think he can justifiably claim we haven't seen the best of him for obvious reasons. He will play tonight and I will be cheering him on hoping he is part of a defensive unit that keeps a clean sheet... but I stand by my belief that Martinez had a complete Weston when he paid £24m for him and Niasse. I don't believe he would get even half of that back for two players who will only get a game if other players are injured. Disagree? That's your right.

To close my part of this debate Jim, I will offer you a word of advice. IF, you ever get into an ale house on County Road and have the pleasure of discussing the game with some of the most knowledgeable supporters you will ever meet, FFS don't start babbling about how many successful back passes player x made, or how many successful "take ons" he performed. Trust me when I tell you. You will empty the place... and to my knowledge, that`s never been done before.

And please don't try to tell them that Howard has been anything other than a massive bonus to the opposition. They were there, you see, Jim, You will never come up with enough meaningless stats to make them deny the evidence of their own eyes.

Good Luck to you and enjoy the game tonight. I hope Funes Mori has a blinder

Paul Andrews
239 Posted 13/04/2016 at 17:30:10
I agree, Jim,this thread has run its course. Just one last post to finish off the thread from me.

The Stones debate will go on, it goes without saying we all want the young lad to go on to be a top defender. Some of us hold John in a higher esteem than others; I think he has a lot to learn but has good potential,;others think he is the finished article and is already world class.

In my opinion, part of the problem with John is that he is starting to believe the people saying he is world class. Martinez has rightly been slaughtered for labelling him with the world class tag,this has led him into running before he can walk.

Let's hope the lad turns out to be a top player.In my opinion his development will continue with Everton. I don't believe a club will pay the required £40 million fee until he is a better defender.

Let's leave it there, time will tell on John.

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