Bolasie's high-priced wizardry can bring 'x' factor to Everton

As explosive and dazzling as he can be enigmatic and defeasible, Yannick Bolasie will be nothing if not unpredictable. His price tag may have been high but by taking the step up to Everton, the French-born winger has the ideal stage on which to shine.

Lyndon Lloyd 16/08/2016 55comments  |  Jump to last

Forget about the price tag for a minute. In fact, you might want to forget about the £22.5m we’ve shelled out for Yannick Bolasie altogether if Farhad Moshiri’s statement yesterday is an indication of the further investment planned in the Everton squad because the fees could cease to matter much.

Admittedly, it’s hard to do. Years and years of austerity mandated by the club’s inferior financial position relative to its peers have engrained Evertonians with an almost paranoid preoccupation with value for money and a desire to see the club wring the best out of perennially small budgets. There was even a chant about it three years ago lauding Roberto Martinez’s success in bringing in other club’s surplus talent because he had no money so he signed the players on loan.

So when the Blues write a huge cheque for a player who has yet to fulfil his true potential in the Premier League but is the now the second-most expensive signing in the club’s history, it’s natural for supporters to gulp uneasily at such a hefty outlay.

It’s clear, however, that we’re dealing with the kind a financial muscle unprecedented at Goodison Park in the Premier League era thanks to Moshiri’s ambition and resources. No one except the hierarchy really know how close to reality reports were a few weeks ago of the new major shareholder bank-rolling Ronald Koeman’s close season as Everton boss with a £100m war chest, but it’s safe to assume that, having shelled out millions to sack Roberto Martinez and land both the Dutchman from Southampton and Steve Walsh from Leicester, Mr Moshiri means business.

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The massive inflation of the domestic transfer market this summer shouldn’t be forgotten either. Last year’s £10m player is this year’s £20m signing so it’s worth viewing the Bolasie deal in the context of the new price/value context that exists in the Premier League.

And if it makes it easier, you can always pretend that it was Idrissa Gueye who is the Blues’ new £20m+ man instead, because on the evidence of his first two outings in a Royal Blue jersey, the former Aston Villa man is looking like he could be an absolute steal at £7.1m!

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Bolasie, who is taking the next step up in his career having ascended from non-league football up the pyramid to the top flight via a spell in Malta – the upward trajectory described by The Guardian's Ed Aarons – could have equally as big an impact at Everton as Gueye’s early promise suggests he will.

He brings with him something of a reputation for being as unpredictable in terms of form as he is with the ball as this feet but his undoubted talent means that there is plenty to be harnessed and channelled by Koeman. And what talent there is in those boots and in that brain. As his YouTube highlight reels show, the French-born forward pulls off feats of footballing wizardry that no one else in the Premier League dares and in that sense, he could be a real crowd pleaser in an arena where it will truly be appreciated.

Crystal Palace fans would attest to the fact that when “Yala”, as they called him, is on his game, he can be unstoppable but, by the same token, he can also drift to the periphery and fail to affect games, a point that might explain why he has only managed 12 goals in 142 appearances for Palace and last season registered just three assists in 23 starts.

With his pace, power and inventiveness, however, Bolasie might be the kind of player who can influence matches in ways that aren’t necessarily represented in raw statistics; as an outlet for early balls out of defence, he could be the go-to man to start many an attack without delivering the final assist or finish.

And it’s worth noting, of course, that his numbers are a reflection of the fact that he was playing in a largely ineffective side in recent seasons, under enigmatic Ian Holloway, the one-dimensional philosophy of Tony Pulis, and the mercurial blag management of Alan Pardew.

At Everton under Koeman, the Congolese international has what could be the ideal proving ground in an up-and-coming side. The Dutchman, meanwhile, will have another quick, dynamic option with plenty of Premier League experience in his forward line, one that is now tailor-made for counter-attacking football.

Between Kevin Mirallas and Gerard Deulofeu Koeman has perhaps a triumvirate of players as likely to be match-winners on their day as they are to frustrate, but between them he will (fitness permitting) always have a willing and potentially explosive option on the bench if needed. Few managers or defences are going to look forward to guessing what that forward line will produce on a given day and that can only be a good thing.

Again, the price paid for Bolasie may seem steep but it’s a reflection of the market, particularly for English-based players, and a statement of faith and confidence by Koeman and Steve Walsh. And if he brings with him his penchant for destroying Liverpool’s defences, well… £20-odd million will feel like money very well spent indeed!

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Christopher Kelly
1 Posted 16/08/2016 at 06:32:26
Easily my favorite non-Everton player in the Prem. Probably a few of us can say the same...He'll have far superior strikers to work with as well. His stats could easily double.
Terry Vibert
2 Posted 16/08/2016 at 07:20:06
It's a shame Foxtel has lost the Premier League rights in Australia as this looks to be one of the most exciting seasons for such a long time. The quality is looking the best I've seen in our side for a while and in Koeman I trust. Let's get this done.
Kieran Fitzgerald
3 Posted 16/08/2016 at 07:22:11
Lyndon, I've made very rough calculations and the thing is, it looks to me like our net spend is actually very low at present. Take Barnsley share out of the Stones money, plus what we set aside for the tax office and we have say somewhere in the region of 33-35m left. The 12m for Williams, the 7.1m for Gueye and the 22.5m come to 42m. Our net spend on players in comes to 9m, maybe a little more as I have no idea what the tax man's cut is.

While our transfer fees for the summer are higher than they ever have been for us, we really have spent within our means so far. While it looks like we might be spending even more money, it may not be that much more overall than what we can afford.

As we have also released a number of senior players this summer, we have also freed up wages so we have also stayed within what has always been a very strict budget around the squad.

The second paragraph in the column rightly highlights years of austerity at the club as something that has been at the forefront of our business dealings and the fans' thoughts. I do think that there is still a very tight financial plan in place at the club and I would not be worried that we are digging a financial hole for ourselves by spending big on players.

Paul Conway
4 Posted 16/08/2016 at 07:48:10
Right now with the personnel we have acquired, it's been swings and roundabouts... financially.

If we (have to) sell Lukaku for the fee being quoted, we could buy a couple more true quality players... For example, Joe Hart and Alexandre Lacazatte, it would be another coup. OK, those players are just my personal choice!

If we bought 2 or 3 players of Mr Koeman's choice, that means we have brought in 5 or 6 players to replace 2 players. Considering the criticism levelled at the 2 players (out) in question, that's a sound piece of business and a real positive element for our Club.

Iain Love
5 Posted 16/08/2016 at 09:30:30
Agree entirely with the post. Yala has always been a player I didn't want us to play against and I'm so happy we have him on our side now.

Backup striker and a playmaker next please.

Laurie Hartley
6 Posted 16/08/2016 at 09:41:10
Lyndon thank you for an article that has reinforced my current optimistic outlook on all things Everton. The links and YouTube clip are also terrific.

I think in Yannick Bolasie we have a player that will bring smiles to our faces again – can't wait to see him line up with Idrissa Gueye. They will create havoc.

Yala and Gana – there has to be a song in there somewhere.

Martin Mason
7 Posted 16/08/2016 at 09:42:18
Having watched the games over the weekend and Chelsea vs WHU last night I can see the sense now in Everton's policy of buying on value a certain type of player rather than wasting money on stars.

The difference now between City and Sunderland is marginal as sides like Sunderland and as WHU did against Chelsea can compete with good defensive structure and a midfield packed with ball winners and play breakers (Rodwell was very good). In this respect Gueye was the perfect buy for us. What happens though is that sides surrender possession for long periods and you see 70:30 possession distributions. Tika-Taka is becoming king again as there is no way through the middle of the park which is now like the M25 at rush hour and teams have to try to find a way round and pull the defence out of shape. This comes to the other point which is that the key forwards are now wingers as they pull defences wide and get the ball into the box from the wings when the middle is crowded and chaotic. Hence the absolute sense in buying Bolasie.

Everton are going to struggle at Goodison Park unless we find out how to break down massed mid fields and well organised defensive lines. West Ham could have beaten Chelsea last night yet Chelsea were the better team by a mile. I see a sea change in football now with superstars being a waste of money. It is very difficult now to dribble or pass through a crowded midfield; Hazard was superb last night but he didn't score or get an assist and was taken off. He is possibly the best player in the EPL now.

What I also see is that other sides have improved since last year and we need to have improved to just stand still. I see 7th or 8th as a superb achievement this year, we're nowhere near the standard of the Sky 5 and we have massive peer pressure.

Les Green
8 Posted 16/08/2016 at 09:50:24
This lad has something of the Kanchelskis about him. A superb outlet - I wonder if Tony Grant has still got his boots?
Stan Schofield
9 Posted 16/08/2016 at 09:55:33
Laurier @6: I think Gana is just the job, a fiery spirit, and reminds me of Alan Ball and Peter Reid. Bolasie also seems to totally enjoy his playing, and I can't wait for him to line up for us. I think your phrase 'They will create havoc' sums it up perfectly.
Terry Underwood
10 Posted 16/08/2016 at 10:01:35
It's not all about assists. If he uses his trickery to release a team mate into the clear, who then provides the pass for an assist, he has done his job IMO. Stats aren't everything.
Joe Clitherow
11 Posted 16/08/2016 at 10:07:04
Really pleased with Bolasie, he has all the power and talent we need, and the only factor we need to worry about is whether our current management can make him more consistent, which I think they can. We have been here before with players like Arteta and Pienaar, who were nearly men at previous clubs, but good coaching and making them feel part of a team turned them into solid and consistent performers. Team spirit, and the peer pressure that goes with it, are the most powerful motivators. Moyes understood this, the last fella didn't get it at all (like a lot of other things).

I have to say though, I really do not understand this obsession with micro-analysis to see whether we have spent big or not. Once the fee is paid, it really doesn't matter at all about the cost, only how the guy performs. The game is played on the football pitch not on the FTSE 100. We are the club who spent 65K on Seamus Coleman, and yeah, Gana Gueye looks an absolute steal at 7.1M, but some people seem to base their judgement on transfer fee rather than what a player does - which in itself is an entirely different thread. We all, me included, take an interest in the money side of the game, but I really want to judge a football club on playing football rather than chartered accountancy. I'd guess (without any basis in fact beyond gut feel) that about two thirds of the posts on this site are around finance related matters versus a third about actual footballing opinion. Football Manager anyone?

If the team dynamic is right and performing then that is all that matters. I'd much rather keep money in the bank for the opportunity of spending big when the right player becomes available (which may not be right this minute) rather than spunking it all away just because it may be burning a hole in your pocket. Some people here are in danger of turning us into a Newcastle United ("yeah we got beat 4-0, but at least we spent 37M on our totally ineffective centre forward").


Paul Kennedy
12 Posted 16/08/2016 at 10:27:05
I can't believe it! I feel so positive and optimistic at the moment. This despite being a blue for 54 years – you would think I would know better!

Big grin on my face... hope it don't turn into egg!

Chris Gould
13 Posted 16/08/2016 at 10:33:14
Joe, funny you should mention Newcastle as I would love to see some of the reports suggesting that we are in for Sissoko prove to be true. He is every bit as fast and powerful as Bolasie. Would love to see him on the right and Bolasie on the left.

With Gueye mopping everything up and then sending one of them free down the flank, I think we could be devastating on the counter.

Gerald Foo
14 Posted 16/08/2016 at 11:08:35
I'm seeing a couple of comments mentioning about nett spend. They've taken the amount we've sold Stones for and deducting away the transfer fees for Williams, Gueye, Bolasie, etc. The conclusion has been that we've pretty much not spend any money so far.

Does it matter if we have a negative nett spend? or a positive nett spend? Must Moshiri blow the entire promised kitty of 100M before fans are happy?

Do the transfers that have happened improved the team? if Yes, then why should how much additional we spend matter? If No, then maybe we should look to spend a bit more and get that negative nett spend.

I feel the additions of Williams, Gueye, Stekelenburg, and now Bolasie has actually strengthened us by quite a bit. I would LOVE it if we could improve the team tremendously and still make a profit doing it. Isn't that what a prudent football club is all about?

David Chait
15 Posted 16/08/2016 at 11:14:40
We had literally no natural left wing, he has caused us and other teams endless trouble and will pull defenders out of position that used to double up on Barkley.. So all good.

The fact whoscored say his weaknesses are basically everything apart from dribbling is not encouraging but I thi he will entertain us!

Mark Fitzgerald
16 Posted 16/08/2016 at 11:34:07
Pretty happy with all the new additions so far. Expect to see all four starting this weekend. Would really love to see 2/3 more signings:

Another striker (or strikers if Lukaku ends up moving, please resolve this situation one way or the other).

A new keeper was a cert' until big Mart put on a show last Saturday. Is he the answer? But would happily welcome Joe Hart if there's any substance to the speculation.

For me we desperately need a creative central midfielder who can run the show and provide a supply line to the wingers & strikers. Who is the new Pirlo? The new Iniesta?

Liam Reilly
17 Posted 16/08/2016 at 12:17:51
This guy is a real bag of tricks and could thrive under Koeman. The trick will be keeping him motivated; but hopefully a more attacking set up will help keep him keen.

Good times to be a Blue.

Tom Bowers
18 Posted 16/08/2016 at 12:31:23
The new found optimism is warranted. Since the long awaited appointment of a money-man and then the new manager we have all awaited for the new season. Gueye, Williams and Bolasie along with some very promising youngsters gets us licking our lips for the rest of the season.

Big K obviously is moulding his own squad and strategy which we all hope will be a big improvement on what went before. Motivation is the key for many players so one hopes the boss and his staff can get the squad into the winning frame of mind.

Tim Locke
19 Posted 16/08/2016 at 13:02:55
Really helpful to get our thinking correct. Think you are right, but we also have to except that we can end up with expensive players who are poor.

The best measure of spend, if that's what floats your boat would be as a percentage of turnover. You will see that in reality this is not outside the norm.

Tim Locke
20 Posted 16/08/2016 at 13:06:56
Would further ads don't under estimate how one player can create space and opportunity for another. Just across the park Peter Crouches arrival resulted in Gerard's best season. It's about how the team plays not how one individual plays.
Viv Sharma
21 Posted 16/08/2016 at 13:07:14
I think the point of people worrying about nett spend is in relation to setting expectations for the window.

If we have 100m and the stones money then we can realistically expect several more high quality signings but if the numbers are fictional then maybe we bank the money from the potential Lukaku sale and make do with Kone upfront for the season.

Honestly, if Rom stays, we desperately need another forward. If he goes we need at least 2 new big guns up top. The question is, is there more money to add up top or not. Perfectly reasonable calculations if you ask me.

Oh, and Hazard opened the scoring last night, btw.

Michael Penn
22 Posted 16/08/2016 at 13:19:29
Joe @ 11. I agree there is probably too much obsession with net spend and value for money etc. However, I think the point people are making is just that, if we have £27-30m to spend, is this the right way to spend it? There are lots of players that could improve our team, but spending money on one player means we have less money to buy another. It's all about allocating the money in the best way.

I think we've reached the point in the Premier League now where the difference between a £10m and £50m player is not that great. Stars don't guarantee you success. Look at Man Utd over the past couple of years. I think Moshiri/Koeman/Walsh subscribe to this view – it's all about getting the right balance not just splashing cash. I think we will surprise a lot of pundits this year.

I have a simplistic view on Bolasie – I never liked seeing his name on the Palace teamsheet when they played us. That's good enough for me!

Martin Mason
23 Posted 16/08/2016 at 13:23:14
Penalty though.
Jay Harris
25 Posted 16/08/2016 at 16:00:04
My only worry is that it will cause even more disharmony on ToffeeWeb as posters argue about who should and should not be playing.

However I am very happy that for once we are heading in the right direction with a professional team.

Joe Clitherow
26 Posted 16/08/2016 at 16:26:54
Michael 22

There are a couple of distinct points coming out in the discussions over transfers on this site. One of which is the one you pick up, the "is he worth it" question and it is a fair one from an interest point for debate on a website. Ultimately, if I was Koeman, I wouldn't give a toss over fees, having identified the player he wants. The DoF model means he works with the DoF and between them they identify targets but the manager leaves the finances to others. Which is what we should do as fans I think.

But the other one which comes out is the "why are we only buying £7.1M players, he must be shit" which is closely coupled with "where's the Arteta money Bill" and "why aren't we spending every penny we get in instantly". On another thread here, someone who posts a lot has asked "are we only spending what we can afford??". Hello?? Excuse me?? Isn't spending what you can afford a good thing?

I am convinced that, on a football site, there are people here whose judgement of a player is purely based on price tag and have little or no clue how that really translates onto performance on the pitch. I think some would be far happier if we had offered Aston Villa £18M more than we paid them for Idrissa Gueye (by triggering a release clause set before he had even played in the Premier League mind), cos, err, obviously if he cost £25M he'd be a much better player wouldn't he?

Hence my bafflement.

Everton Wint
28 Posted 16/08/2016 at 17:36:35
COYB, If Koeman is getting the players that he identifies as the one's he wants to fit his plans for our team, then we shouldn't care whether they cost £5 or 50 million. Koeman has already said that is not his department, so why not just judge players on performance and the manager on his team.

Then judge the financial side of things after the creating and building has had, at least a season to show it's true worth. Even then it still shouldn't really matter to us what it cost. Oh yes, loving all the signings... can't wait to see how the Boss is gonna make us so dangerous and truly competitive. Loving it! COYB

Michael Penn
29 Posted 16/08/2016 at 18:03:51
Joe @ 26. Point taken and I agree. As a side point, the reality is that the transfer fee alone really doesn't tell us much about the true cost of a player. If we were going to run the numbers properly, we need to account for wages, length of contract and sell-on fees. and if we're going to do that we need to compare it to money coming in: gate receipts, advertising revenue, TV money etc. It's all pretty opaque and difficult to disentangle.

To your point, the Arteta money isn't sitting in a bank account marked 'Arteta' (!), it most likely went to pay interest on debt, ground upkeep, employee wages etc.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe the Arteta money finally got spent buying Oumar Niasse...

Dave Williams
31 Posted 16/08/2016 at 20:04:03
Joe, you talk total sense. We get excited over a big fee but it doesn't mean the player will be any good – Niasse for example.

The whole point of Walsh is that he can spot a good player who might not yet have fulfilled his potential so we pick up the likes of Gueye cheaply and he turns into a great player for us.

The big-money players can tend to believe their hype (our current centre-forward??) and therefore give less to the team. I like what I have heard from Bolasie as he sounds made up to be here and he is proven in the Premier League to a certain level but has yet to become one of the really top players.

Koeman seems to know what he is doing.

Paul Thompson
32 Posted 16/08/2016 at 20:11:06
He's always been a favourite of mine, so delighted to see him in a blue shirt. Lyndon says that his stats reflect playing for weaker teams. Whilst this may be true, like an earlier poster, I feel that the stats don't tell the full story of Bolasie's creative contribution to unsettling opposition defences.
Frank Crewe
33 Posted 16/08/2016 at 20:19:22
We are not excited by a big fee at all. We are excited by a player we recognise and is a known quantity. He's a top player in his prime and not a youngster with "potential" or a once great has been like Eto'o.

We know he will put bums on seats and get them off seats because he will be exciting to watch. We have complained for years that we have been unable to compete with the rich clubs for the top players. Now that we can there are still people griping. If we had stumped up £90 million for Pogba would people be happy then?

Stan Schofield
34 Posted 16/08/2016 at 22:32:40
Some of the posts on TW that seem obsessed with the size of transfer fee, remind me of a TV programme I saw, about rich folks in Wilmslow (Cheshire). Two women in a dress shop, they see a dress, one says to the other, that's a lovely dress, £900, I think I'll have that. They take the dress to the counter, and the shop assistant says "that'll be £90 please".

The customer queries the amount, pointing out the £900 price tag. The assistant clarifies that it was a mistake, and confirms the actual price as £90. The customer looks miffed, looks at the dress again, turns to her friend, and says "I don't think I'll bother".

Frank Thomas
35 Posted 16/08/2016 at 23:24:45
Buying players is like taking pieces of jigsaws from lots of boxes when you have absolutely no idea what the picture should look like. This is more of a problem when you have nodding assistants who will not tell you that certain pieces will not fit and are of no value to the finished picture. Hence the importance of an independent Director of Football. This position must be taken by someone with the same vision of the finished picture as the manager and they both need flexible egos.

The other major problem comes when you try and fit all the pieces together at the same time. We have seen this with LFC and Spurs when they squandered the monies from Suarez and Bale buying players because they were 'amazing' when they should have bought players they needed. Then they played them all at the same time to poor effect.

So top marks to Koeman and Walsh they have changed the team slowly building confidence by changing the goalkeeper and midfield and keeping the rest fairly stable. Against WBA we will see the backline and attack change, slow changes allowing players to settle in. People have forgotten that in 2nd half of last season our confidence fell and our performance would have landed us in 19th position had we played like that all season.

Bolasie is needed he is a good player who uses the full width of the pitch he will stretch opposition defences creating spaces for Rom to run into. One last thing Niasse and Bolasie look similar players when you check them out on youtube with Bolasie standing out as more skillful but it could explain why Palace were interested in taking Niasse on loan.

Stan Schofield
36 Posted 16/08/2016 at 23:47:27
Frank @35: Spot on. The media are as obsessed with money as much as many of the fans are. Some parts of the media criticising the amount paid for Bolasie, insinuating that our new regime is just splashing out, even though with our four signings they average about £10M per man.

Well, that £10M per man will likely produce a major positive effect, i.e. never mind the price, feel the effect, the most important thing. What Koeman & Walsh are doing looks like real team building, as opposed to the crude splashing out of dosh that the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have been guilty of.

Kase Chow
37 Posted 16/08/2016 at 23:52:53
The best thing I can say is that I am so excited by his level of skill that I've watched his highlights reel 4 times

I don't know if we've had a more skilful dribbler in my time of supporting Everton

Can't wait to see him!!

Anthony Dwyer
38 Posted 17/08/2016 at 00:10:50
Us blues fans need to not worry about price tags full stop.

£2m or £22m, what does it matter so long as all our signings improve our team.

Let's splash the cash and kick on, Bolasie done, not xt up Hart and a good striker.

Jim Knightley
39 Posted 17/08/2016 at 00:52:53
I disagree entirely that we should not worry about price tags. We do not have a bottomless pit of money. We have a limit to the amount we can spend. By spending over the odds on Bolassie we've just let every club know of our desperation for buys.

The market has gone up and we will have to get used to a new order of things, but it has not gone up that much. The issue is with buying Premier League talents who are valued within their club.

Let's take Bundesliga for example. This summer, Mario Gotze went back to Dortmund for under £19million. Gotze, a highly rated German international who is a far superior and younger talent than Bolasie. Dortmund also brought Ousmane Dembele, one of the big talents in French football, for just under £13 million (he is quick, a fantastic dribbler and managed 12 goals in 26 games for Rennes last season at 18-19 years of age). This is not just a result of Dortmund's pull and scouting network. Other Bundesliga buys represent a similar story. Blaszczykowski went for £4 mil, Bartra for £6 mil, Guerreiro for £10 mil, Coke went for only £3.4 mil and Max Kruse for £6.5 mil! All these deals are happening in the Bundesliga, and many more besides, and they testify to the amount of players available for well below EPL market value.

I do not understand why we are being so limited in our approach. There are deals to be had, and exciting players across Europe. The Premier League has changed drastically in the last few years, and we cannot cry as strongly about adaptation issues as we once did. There are players like Mane, Tadic, Van Djik, Eriksen, Payet, Kante, Mahrez and Coutinho around, and we should not limit ourselves by spending silly money on a player with clear limitations.

I think Bolasie is a decent player, and on his day he can destroy any defence. But his days are few and far between. I think he will do well for us, and I think he will do better than at Palace, but we cannot ignore the significant transfer fee we paid. If we have £100 mil, then we should use that carefully and aim to attract players who can become top 4 players. I do not think we've done bad business so far, and Williams and Gueye in particular look astute signings. But the next ones in will define our season, and I'd like us to show more than mere financial ambition. If we want to become a top four team then we need to be cleverly than the opposition, and we wont do that by spending over-the-odds on inconsistent talent. I trust utterly in Koeman but I am not happy with the summer business so far.

Eugene Ruane
40 Posted 17/08/2016 at 02:17:34
Jim (39) - 'I disagree entirely that we should not worry about price tags.'

Dead simple question.

Before anyone contemplates missing out on sleep, stress-related illness, tearing clumps of their hair out, wandering about shaking their heads and generally carrying on like Private Fraser, what specifically would this worrying achieve?

(My guess would be 'absolutely fuck-all' but I'm prepared to listen.)

David Ellis
41 Posted 17/08/2016 at 03:31:44
Looking forward to a new Fab of:


Them lot at the sharp end of a 4-3-3 formation at the Hawthorns...

Christopher Kelly
42 Posted 17/08/2016 at 05:36:00
I also love how Bolasie fits a bit into the Mane' roll at Southampton. Mane' was an absolute terror for teams and I feel Bolasie with a bit more drive and direction can be as good or better for us. He'll also improve Del Boy and Mirallas with competition. Good times
David Price
43 Posted 17/08/2016 at 10:42:02
"Mercurial blag management of Alan Pardew"
Pure class Lyndon.
Kieran Fitzgerald
44 Posted 17/08/2016 at 11:10:30
I like the way people have suddenly forgotten how we were just about keeping our heads above water up to very recently. We have been surviving on selling players every July and then receiving a TV cheque every August.

Moshiri turning up hasn't suddenly increased all of our other revenue streams tenfold. We are not suddenly Arsenal with tens of millions just lying around in a bank account from sponsorship, merchandising, sky high matchday ticket prices and repeated Champions League qualification. We are not suddenly Man Utd with hundreds of millions coming in from a myriad of sponsorship deals and merchandising rights.

I think that being concerned about whether or not we are trying to survive within our means is still an important topic of conversation for fans.

Eugene @40, worrying about it may not get us anywhere but fans burying their heads in the sand and going 'fuck it, it will be grand' isn't the way to go either.

Anthony @38, spending big on players without thinking about it might improve our squad but for a club like Everton al it does is create an all fur coat and no knickers situation. Wonderful players on big wages but behind the scenes, we end up not being solvent enough to pay the match day bills and the loan repayments to the banks without requesting further lines of credit. We simply don't have the revenue streams to splurge on players without having the money in place in advance.

Jim Knightley
45 Posted 17/08/2016 at 12:33:56
Eugene, I usually like your posts, but that is one of the most redundant things anyone has ever said on here!

Why worry about anything then? Why worry about results? Why worry about our manager? How cares where we finish?

We worry because we are football fans and we care. Last time I checked it was not possible to turn off feelings and concerns with the flick of a switch. 90% of the posts on here contradict the essence of your point.

What does any post on here 'specifically' achieve? Why do you post, if that is your philosophy? What have you achieved? What is the point of this forum?

I'm sorry but your comment is either ill-thought out or/and willfully contrarian, but if any post achieved nothing in this thread, then it was yours.

Laurie Hartley
46 Posted 17/08/2016 at 12:42:30
Kieran#44 - as far as the financial wellbeing of the club goes, I have no concerns whatsoever.

From what I have read about him Farhad Moshiri doesn't strike me as someone who will allow the club to be run aground. On the contrary it looks like he has installed Sasha Ryazantsev to ensure that doesn't happen.

Therefore, as I see it our only concerns should be about how we are performing on the pitch and maintaining our Premier League status.

In sacking Roberto Martinez and appointing Ronald Koeman as our new coach Farhad Moshiri has removed any fear I had of us being relegated this season.

It also appears to me that Farhad Moshiri in appointing Steve Walsh as DoF, has ensured that players are signed to meet Koeman's technical requirements and Ryazantsev's budget.

In other words Moshiri has surrounded himself with good people he can trust to look after his investment.

If they reckon that Yala is worth £25m to "the project" and bring in similar signings before the window ends, then I will trust their judgement and enjoy the ride.

After two seasons of gloom I would be mad not to.

Paul Hay
47 Posted 17/08/2016 at 15:48:49
While mates of mine here in London are massive Palace fans, they really don't seem so bothered about him leaving. They are more cynical about Pardew! I take the view that Mr Koeman and Steve Walsh know what they are doing and am therefore very happy to go with their judgement.

Everything the manager has said so far seems sensible and honest. He knows what he wants and will certainly get things done his way. He wouldn't have joined us if he hadn't had that assurance.

Keep the faith.

James Doran
48 Posted 17/08/2016 at 20:22:02
Good evening Fellow Toffees,

I posted what follows on the relevant thread, but I'm guessing that doesn't get visited too often these days:

I am after 2 spares sat together for the West Brom match on Sat, for me and my little boy (both STHs). Can anyone help? If so, please call me on 07966 213 753.



Anthony Dwyer
49 Posted 17/08/2016 at 22:51:27
Jim Knightley.

I can completely understand your point, but we have no control over the cost of players, and you slightly contradict yourself.

I agree our money is not bottomless, I agree that there are much better deals to be had in other countries, and I agree that Bolasie is overpriced.

But you go on to say you completely trust RK, and surely Bolasie at £25m was given the ok by him !

I also agree that I'm not yet satisfied with our business, I've stated this before on ToffeeWeb, we have probably only broken even after the Stones sale, and covered the new players wages with Howard, Hibbert and Ossie's wages.

I also feel we may well lose Rom, which will provide us with £60m plus, if that's the case I very much doubt that we will spend much more than we have brought in. With the new TV deals etc in place, we should easily be spending plus £30-40m, so again I'm not overly convinced as of yet.

My point about not worrying about the fees was more based on two factors, one was my trust in the management of RK and Walsh, the second was based on the fact we never have the money to over pay to get the managers target, so while we seem to then maybe we should enjoy it.

A last point of note from me is with Bolasie, I'm not convinced, he's in for big money, when we did this for Rom I was like a big kid smiling all day, Bolasie hasn't had this affect on me, hopefully he's a grower. 🙏

James Doran
50 Posted 17/08/2016 at 23:11:54
None of the players we have bought this summer 'marquee-priced' by current standards – but the 2 I have seen play in the Royal Blue Jersey to date have been mightily impressive! I trust Koeman and Walsh will have got it right with Williams and Bolasie and I am full of optimism for this season!

Time for another striker and a left back and to get rid of the deadweight that remains.


Brian Furey
51 Posted 18/08/2016 at 17:15:07
I just had a look through the big transfers this summer to see where Bolaise's £28M valuation compares with others. Sky say it's £22.5M + £2.5 add-ons plus another £3M down the line. If you compare that with £26M for Henrikh Mkhitaryan who is also 27 years old. Gabriel Jesus from Palmeiras to Man City cost £27M (only 19) and Ilkay Gundogan Dortmund to Chelsea cost £21M.

I think it's fair to say we did pay over what you would expect for the Bolaise when you look at Nolito signing for £14M, however he is well used to the PL and you would hope that he will improve even more when playing with better players around him and hopefully a good striker to supply balls to. You could see how Geri's confidence grew when Rom was finishing off his good passes and crosses. Is the reason Yani doesn't have so many assists is because his strikers were poor?

Jason Broome
52 Posted 18/08/2016 at 18:40:12
Beautiful signing. He models his game on C. Ronaldo's apparently which can only be a good thing. Might end up the bargain of the season.

Add Joe Hart, Kone, Sissoko and a striker... I'm beginning to believe.

Jay Harris
53 Posted 18/08/2016 at 18:52:08
"I trust utterly in Koeman but I am not happy with the summer business so far."

See anything wrong in that statement.

Ian Riley
54 Posted 18/08/2016 at 23:37:27
When you tell the world you have £100 million to spend. Oh yes throw in £50 million for Stones. How are other clubs going to react? Add a few million to the price tag. The price tag is not important. I personally believe we have a player who will get you up of your seat. He has pace and is unpredictable. Two things the opposition hate!!!

Craig Walker
55 Posted 19/08/2016 at 14:35:46
I'm really optimistic too but then I see the likes of Cleverly and Gibson in our squad and that brings me back down to earth. Which other top side would the likes of these two get into?

Without playing Championship Manager, I'd love to see us get a world class goalkeeper (we have only had two in my time of supporting Everton - Southall and Martyn). We need a goal poacher and that's even if Lukaku stays. We also need creativity in midfield because we have too many players who just keep it simple and don't get goals e.g. Cleverley, Besic, McCarthy. I'd also like to see another centre half because I think Jagielka is past it and Funes Mori is always liable to make a mistake. I thought he was lucky to get a free kick against Kane on Saturday.

I don't like to rubbish RM but he didn't make too many good transfers really when you look back. Barry has probably been his best signing. I think McCarthy, like his passing has gone backwards with each season. Lukaku's goal ratio has been good but we did pay a lot for him. Funes Mori was doing okay with the odd clanger until the Anfield derby when I thought he was an absolute clown. Besic has never really got going. One of those players where the promise is greater than the performances. Deulofeu frustrates the hell out of me. He can do the hard things but not the easy things. I have no confidence whatsoever when he's one-on-one. Lennon was a decent signing but I'm not sure he's good enough. I don't rate Cleverley and never have. He offers nothing. McGeady, Alcaraz, Kone and Niasse were disastrous along with Lacina Traore and Eto'o.

Jim Knightley
56 Posted 19/08/2016 at 19:42:30
Jay Harris - 53 - I can like a manager and have issues with the buys our club is making. Last time I checked Koeman wasn't in charge of our transfer budget and did not personally negotiate the fees for deals. And Koeman is not the director of football.

I think Bolasie will do well for us, but not as well as a 23-28mil should do. We should be aiming for top top talent, not an average performer from a bottom half Premier League team.

Steve Smith
57 Posted 22/08/2016 at 13:53:58
"the mercurial blag management of Alan Pardew."
I cannot think of a more fitting description for this spiv, perfect.
Bolasie by the way, could/should have been two thirds of the way to last seasons assist record if Rom had his shooting boots on.
Paul Hay
58 Posted 22/08/2016 at 14:18:05
Steve @ 57.

Totally spot on! This is exactly what my mates at Palace @ 47 were referring to. A total blag merchant who kids himself that he cons the fans there. They all want Pullis back.

Keep the faith.

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