Allardyce's sacking as Everton manager confirmed

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Everton have made official the news that Sam Allardyce is leaving his role as the club's manager following a meeting with Farhad Moshiri this morning.

A statement from Denise Barrett-Baxendale, acting Chief Executive until she assumes the role in her own right on 1st June, confirmed the 63-year-old's dismissal after it was anticipated in the media late on Monday night:

Everton Football Club can confirm that Sam Allardyce has left his role as manager.

Professor Barrett-Baxendale said: “On behalf of the Chairman, Board of Directors and Mr Moshiri, I'd like to thank Sam for the job he has done at Everton over the last seven months. Sam was brought in at a challenging time last season to provide us with some stability and we are grateful to him for doing that.

“However, we have made the decision that, as part of our longer-term plan, we will be appointing a new manager this summer and will be commencing this process immediately. Again, we'd like to place on record our sincere thanks to Sam for his work with us over the last few months and wish him well for the future.”

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Allardyce met Moshiri, Everton's major shareholder, in London this morning where the club's decision to terminate his contract six months after he was appointed was laid out. He was quoted by The Mirror as being "shocked, disappointed and disgusted" that the club had announced its executive-level reshuffle while he was at the League Managers Association Awards dinner last night without informing him and his staff beforehand.

He leaves the Blues with a year remaining on his contract which will reportedly see him net £9m in total for the work he has carried out since the beginning of December when he succeeded interim boss, David Unsworth.

In that time, he steered Everton to an eighth place finish but failed to convince either the Board or supporters that he was the man to realise the club's ambitions moving forward.

Allardyce will be joined through the exit door by his assistants, Sammy Lee and Craig Shakespeare as well as goalkeeping coach Martyn Margetson.


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Dave Elliott
1 Posted 16/05/2018 at 12:19:42
The improvement since BFS arrived was nothing to do with The ego steadying the ship or improving us. The improvement over what Koeman had achieved this season can be summed up in two words: "Seamus Coleman".

Only when Seamus and Leighton returned did we look more balanced at the back but due to Sam's ego we did not have a lot going forward. Playing an unfit Boalasie and sending Lookman out on loan — great managerial decision!!!!

Good riddance hope to never see you again anywhere near our great club.

James Carlisle
2 Posted 16/05/2018 at 12:57:54
I guess I'm happy but I don't really know what to think of Everton anymore. I can't say I'm confident about the right man being brought in.
Geoffrey Williams
3 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:39:53
He was never my choice but initially I was prepared to give him a chance. On paper his background staff seemed experienced and balanced. Allardyce was given a great opportunity to prove everyone wrong about his ability as a manager and he simply blew it. His lack of ambition, poor team selection, crass tactics and his misplaced arrogance meant he was doomed to fail.
Joe Aylward
4 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:43:08
Well that’s that then. Bye Sam. Whether it be Silva Fonseca or my Aunty Cyril please God give us some better football and a team we can believe in again.
Ian Burns
6 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:50:58
Yipp - bloody - eee!

We move on - I notice on the ToffeeWeb Poll after more than 3,000 votes, Silva has only managed to garnish 13%.

Is that because there was multiple choices and if the poll said "Would you accept Silva as the new manager?" - would that 13% rocket up?

Daniel A Johnson
7 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:52:58
Did a job that didn't need doing. Saw our panic and did what he has always done which is profiteer and prey on a panicking chairman. He made a pretty profit and has no intention to manage at the highest level. Enjoy the new bank balance Sam and don't ever come back.
Gary Creaney
8 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:57:01
All the very best to Sam for the future.

Not the right man for our club. Like just about everyone else, after half a dozen games he should have realised that the threat of relegation was long gone and made attempts at chasing down Arsenal.

Credit for the Walcott and Tosun signings. I think they will prove shrewd for us next season under the right manager/playing style.

Credit to the club here too for getting this wrapped up quickly. They may not get it right next season either but at least they have decided not to settle for guaranteed mediocrity.

Jackie Barry
9 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:59:11
I hear Fonseca has turned down West Ham too. Maybe a better option than Silva, considering the possible compensation for Watford?
Johan Elmgren
10 Posted 16/05/2018 at 13:59:45
What a relief. it's been the longest 6 months of my life... the hell is over!
John Pendleton
11 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:00:26
An expensive and panic-induced mistake - in terms of cash and reputation (club, boardroom, playing style).

Back to square one, £250m down, no manager and boardroom instability. Still, happiest I've felt for ages tbh.

Steve Brown
12 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:00:27
Great article from. Andy Hunter in the Guardian on Allardyce. Worth a read.
David Scarborough
13 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:00:29
Ralph Hasenhuttl has just left Red Bull Leipzig. Should seriously consider him. Might keep and play Lookman that way too...
Peter Gorman
15 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:04:31
I want to go outside and fire my AK-47 into the air (in that happy way).
Rob Young
16 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:04:33
I'm fed up with all these nobodies telling us to 'get real' and to be careful what we wish for etc. etc. etc.

Can't we just for ones go and fucking show them next season who we are and just smash into all of the them.

Gaute Lie
17 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:09:28
The game is on, then.

What good news, SA out with a rocket up his ass (and a suitcase full of money, for sure).

And hopefully well get a man with a good plan for how to steer this ship to calmer waters, with more sun and less rain.

I would be happy with Arteta or Fonesca. Silva perhaps, but he has not made it in PL with two gos so

Arteta is totally unproven, of course, but he knows the club, has a good temper and is smart. Dont know about his skills as a leader, but guess he has learned. And, I bet he wold like to be manager for Everton, and with help from an older Assistant could do great things for us. Lets say on a four year plan.

Anyhow. SA, takk, farvel og adjø.

Kevin Tully
18 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:09:40
I actually thought Allardyce, along with his massively experienced backroom staff of Lee and Shakespeare would manage to whip this squad into some sort of shape. How wrong I was. The game was up after the first Anfield derby for me. Watching one of most expensively assembled squads in European football playing out a derby game like a conference side really shocked me. I must also say, some of our fans shocked me as well, taking solace in the fact we got a point and upset Klopp. Surely that was as 'small time' as it gets?

It sees a sorry end to a sorry season, which will be long forgotten in a few years. Amazing how most of the football world think mid-table is our rightful place after all the money we have splashed out. I think that's the most worrying aspect of all this.

The new ground can't come quickly enough at this stage. We won't be taken seriously until we leave the relic, and Bill sails off into retirement. It makes you wonder how players view us as a club? Especially after Bill gives them "The Everton Talk." I would love to be a fly on that wall. Or maybe not.

Dennis Stevens
19 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:10:24
If I'd thought for a moment that the consequence of sacking Koeman was to replace him with Allardyce, I'd have been arguing for Koeman to be kept in post! Funnily enough, against the teams that finished below us Koeman had a slightly better return per match in the few matches he was here for.
Liam Reilly
20 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:10:57
Can't wait to hear the Shearer's and the Jim White's questioning this and wondering why this 'little club's ' supporters were so unkind to SA. They didn't have to watch the football every week.

Instead of telling us that he was doing a great job, 8th is a great position for Everton and we should somehow be grateful; he should've been honest and said that the football is dire, uninspiring and bereft of creativity; then asked for a summer to turn it around.

He might've bought himself some stay of execution if he put some skin in the game himself; say... if he'd put his contract on the line and said that he'd walk away if the form didn't improve come say' November; but he was never going to do that.

Now to get the next decision right Mr Moshiri.

Duncan McDine
21 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:17:13
I’d like to be on his hourly rate! I’d probably be a bit of a big head if I was too! Lets hope Moshiri gets something right this time... so far, his decision making has been appaling.
Brian Harrison
22 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:20:01
Watched the main BBC news and no mention of the sacking of 2 Premier League managers on the same day. Then when they went to their sports news the lead story was Joe Hart being left out of the England squad for the World Cup. Says it all really if you are outside the top 6 then sacking your manager is not news.

I just wonder if our poll has been hijacked, how can Benitez be 6% more popular as choice of our next manager than Wenger who has won way more trophies than the Spanish waiter. We have just had 2 managers who had a massive disconnect with the fans why do some want a man who would have an even bigger disconnect.

James Lauwervine
23 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:23:05
What a relief. Those knobheads on BBC and various forums saying we should be grateful and the 'be careful what you wish for' shite can do one. They don't know Everton and they don't know the fans.

The overwhelming theme in recent months has been apathy. People on here, including myself, for the first time saying they didn't care whether we won or lost. I have never felt so disconnected from Everton. A club, team and its fans just going through the motions.

Thank fuck this season is over, it has been the most painful I can remember – apart from maybe 85-86 which was obviously for entirely different reasons.

Steavey Buckley
24 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:23:47
It is not a good day for Everton FC. It is not the manager who should have been sacked but the players, who are not that good when taking into account the amount of money spent on them. Everton need a brand new team to compete with the top 6.
Jamie Crowley
25 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:27:17
It is an OUTSTANDING day for Everton, Steavey Buckley! Dinosaur tactics and anti-football have left a Club who's history demands more.


New management, new coach, new director of football, a new dawn.

A happy Jamie Crowley.

Mike Corcoran
26 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:31:20
He earned approx £1500 for every hour since he was appointed
Paul Tran
27 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:36:48
Did the job he was employed to do. Patently failed to show he could do the job he said he wanted to do.

Thank you and goodbye.

Now for, presumably, Fonseca or Silva.

Rog Walker
28 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:37:45
People won't like this but look at Bournemouth, a small club no revenue no budget, but they scared the shit out of a lot of teams and even when they've lost they've had a go. Now with Moshiri money, better players and more commitment, shouldn't we be able to scare the shit out of teams too.. Play football and get some one in who will let us ATTACK for fuck sake!!!!
Brian Williams
29 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:39:58
I don't like that Rog. :-)
Matt Hunter
30 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:44:45
This is the best moment of the entire season!!!
Tony Abrahams
31 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:45:35
it was the cup game at Anfield that done it for me, Kevin. "Something to build on" was my own thoughts... until I saw the team that lined up a week later at Spurs.

It's a sad day because of Ray Wilson, but Steavey is correct, Jamie: Everton have got way too many cowards out on the pitch at present, mate.

Peter Cummings
32 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:45:56
Have to give him credit for for getting us out of trouble but he was never going be accepted by the majority of Evertonians for his tactics, and dodgy past,

We must appoint someone with a proven reputation in the game with good man-management skills and most importantly an affinity for Everton FC; if that leaves out IMO people like Silva etc, so be it. We can't afford another management fiasco and failure so, if we can find that balance – and it won't be easy – we can hope for a better future for the club and its fantastic following.

Steavey Buckley
33 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:46:56
Jamie (25) what is good about Everton becoming a revolving door for managers, who are doing very well with their severance packages?
Dave Bowen
34 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:47:36
Although I'm very grateful for him saving us from the relegation battle we were hurtling towards under Koeman & Rhino, this is definitely the right decision. The football was horrible to watch & the amount of vitriol towards him (rightly or wrongly) meant Moshiri had little option.

Besides, Allardyce had his way of playing & was never gonna change that to break into the top six. Let's hope the Board get it right this time.

Jerome Shields
35 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:49:51
He had to go. No good for the club, pity he is getting a £6 million payoff. The only reason he wanted the job was for the money. He still got his money, though not from his England tenure.
Les Green
36 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:51:32
Isn't is amazing that of all the TV pundits that came out in support of Allardyce — saying how lucky we were to have him... None of them appear to be putting his name forward as the new Arsenal manager. What a shocking oversight!
Jamie Crowley
37 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:52:03
Steavey -

We brought in a dinosaur to keep us from going down.

He plays the worst brand of football in Everton's history.

What is there NOT to be happy about?

And we are NOT a revolving door. Far from it. Everton was one of the most loyal employers to a manager for over a decade. Since that time we hired what we thought was the perfect replacement in Martinez and that didn't pan out to be true.

His replacement lost the dressing room, and Sam was a stop-gap.

The next manager will be here for a while.

If you don't see the good in firing Fat Sam and only focus on the negative of that act alone - your revolving door theory - then I can't help you.

I would suggest you find a warm, sunny place to find the bright side of life though.

Or tilt your head back and sing (loudly) Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead. It's SO liberating!

Wonderful, page-turning day in this Club's history!

Lenny Kingman
38 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:54:31
I would like to see the Wenger/Arteta combo for a 2 year stint for starters. Would cover the the settling in period with all the changes at the club, and Arteta can learn at the masters right hand. Expect to see big progress.

It will be like having a minister of God here after suffering the West Midlands donkey for the last 6 months. And the buffoons before him. Wenger's experience of being at the Arsenal helm when moving from their traditional old ground to a new stadium would be helpful.

Of course it will probably not come to pass as the big money and prestige of the Arsenal for Mikel, as the likely new Gunners anointed one, will stop that dead in its tracks. Come to think of it, Wenger is unlikely to take to the northern wastelands after being so long an honorary, and honoured Londoner.

Still I can always dream.

John Keating
39 Posted 16/05/2018 at 14:55:24
Thanks, Sam, you did the job you were brought in to do, and extremely well paid for it!

I didn't want you to be honest but, once employed, then you were the manager of our Club and so be it.

Good luck in the future.

Bring on the next one to hate.

Michael Nisbet
40 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:00:49
I'm with you, Jamie... I don't care what's said about us — It feels like a dark cloud has been lifted from the club.
Derek Knox
41 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:06:20
I, like many others, am so relieved that Allardyce has gone. I would urge not to panic over his successor, at least until the dust has well settled.

We don't want to rush in again making a hasty appointment, that we may regret later. Thorough research, which really should have been done already, coupled with a joint agreement, must determine the next Manager.

Oliver Molloy
43 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:11:09
The last 3 managers have cost the club a lot of money. In just over two seasons £20-odd million has been paid out.

A mistake was made giving Martinez a bumper pay rise and another 4 years after just one season. Then we had Koeman with his £6 million per year contract over 3 years, and then Allardyce with a crazy 18-month contract and we could have got him for a lot less first time of asking.

God knows what the next manager is going to demand when we come calling.

Katie Marsh
44 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:14:15
The confirmation of his sacking has put a smile on my face and a wiggle in my walk at work today but I'm worried about what is next.

At least me friends won't have to put up with me moaning about Big Fat Sam all the time. (They suffered the same through the Martinez disaster.)

I know at 22 I shouldn't be so bitter etc and the club wouldn't have appointed him if we weren't in such a crappy position, but I just have to smile knowing he won't be in charge of an important pre-season for us.

Jack Convery
45 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:15:39
Can't believe the media storm about us having the nerve to sack this egomaniac. For the record you bunch of uneducated so called pundits / reporters - WE ARE EVERTON - one of the greats of English Football - we are not fn Stoke, Wba, Whu, Leicester etal. We ARE EVERTON. We are not Newcastle, Chelsea, City, Spurs even - WE ARE EVERTON. Everton are one of the greats of football and I for one think its about time we showed these fn morons what EVERTON is all about - just do it Moshiri Just fn do it. I'm tired of the jokes and having the p taken out of us by never did it pundits ( Mills, Murphy, Jenas etc ), and RS know alls - you would think they never made a mistake, when it came to hiring a manager - Hodgson anyone ?

So glad that FS . has gone.

Jackie Barry
46 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:20:46
Surely Eddie Howe is a better option than Silva, right?
James Newcombe
47 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:28:45
Came in and did a job. Fans have got a right to moan, but frankly, the 'Fuck Off, Sam Allardyce" chants were embarrassing for a fan base that claims to be a better class than their red neighbours!

The next guy needs our full support and I hope we stick with him for a few years. We really need some stability now.

Katie Marsh
48 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:32:20
Hearing the news makes me feel like I've gone from a rainy day in Bridlington to lying on a beach in the Bahamas!!!

Now nobody mention Moyes or I'll be swapping the bikini for my raincoat again!!

Paul Kossoff
49 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:35:38
Money-grabbing, self-centered, over-paid, egotistical, big-headed, loud-mouthed, never take the blame, talentless, clueless, dishonest, lantern-jawed, chewy-chewing, tactically inept, dinosaured, nose-wiping, twat of a son of a bitch!!! Hallelujah!!!! Amen!!!

Oh and I don't like him either!

"Good luck, Sam"?!? — You are having a laugh, aren't you? He doesn't need it!!!

Paul Kossoff
50 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:37:39
Well said, Jack!
Kevin Murray
51 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:38:42
Thank God. On wards and upwards.

I have to agree with Jackie. Eddie Howe surely has a good track record in the Premier League over three seasons. Over-achieving whilst playing the right way. Silva similarly but for a much shorter period and his loyalty could possibly be questioned?

Whoever we get we must get behind them as a club. Reason to be optimistic.

Steavey Buckley
52 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:40:17
Jamie (37) It was not Allardyce who played the worst brand of football, but the players. The same players who were awful under Koeman and will be awful under whoever is manager next season. Moving them on will not be easy.

So what happens when keeping changing managers, each manager accumulates more players? So next season, the squad will get bigger, but so will the wage bill, which will drain the club of much-needed finances.

David Barks
53 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:40:19
No, Eddie Howe is not a better option in any way. He has never had the pressure of actually being expected to win anything. He manages lower table clubs and finishes in the lower half. If he wants to raise his profile he should go overseas to a club and try to win silverware.
Dennis Stevens
54 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:41:28
Interesting piece in the Guardian [ta for the link!]: "...his average points return over 24 Premier League matches was almost identical to Unsworth’s over five – 1.41 per game compared with 1.4 under the club’s under-23s manager. And there was not one impressive performance among them."

His appointment was a triumph of panic-stricken desperation over hopeful rationality, imo.

Dave Ganley
55 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:41:29
Jamie (#37) — you took the words right out of my mouth when I heard he'd gone... "Ding dong, the witch is dead!"

Finally, a decent media article from the Guardian that tells it like it was — an absolute shambles of a tenure.

Andrew Clare
56 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:42:27
I'm with you all the way, Jack. These people have no idea about Everton.
Steve Brown
57 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:42:31
Steavey change the record, you've been trying to spin this line for weeks and no-one agrees with you.
Ian Linn
58 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:42:44
Did the job he was employed to do, let's move on.

No idea who I want next - there seems to be a lot of clamour about Silva but my gut tells me he's not good enough.

Will Rooney stay???

It's going to be interesting next season.

John Pierce
59 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:43:18
Sacking managers? 3 in 25 years... then 5 in 2 years!!!

That's modern footballing business. If you think the next noddy through the door will be given time, you are wrong.

It's very simple; minimum 7th, European footy, and an aggressive attacking style. If you can't manage that or show serious improvement towards it, then do one. Sorry, that's the required standard, must be attained on the job not under some wandering foresighted ‘project'.

No grace period, no wriggle room. Everton keep going until they find someone who can hack it.

Very real, ruthless... but that's the game.

Ray Jacques
60 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:44:08
Can we defer the £6mill until next November when we need a similar rescue act!!!!

Onwards and hopefully upwards but big changes on the pitch needed as well as manager. Won't win the Derby on a donkey, even with Lester Piggot on board.

Surely we are due a change of fortune and unearth a few gems.

Johan Elmgren
61 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:50:28
Steavey (#52), players play the way they are instructed to by the manager, and they execute the technical part of the game the way the manager trains them. Simple as that...

Martinez even made Distin and Jagielka play out the ball from the back... Players can be taught and instructed. Allardyce's style of play and methods of training were simply not good enough...

William Cartwright
62 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:54:55
Goodnight and COYB.
Steavey Buckley
63 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:55:00
Johan (#61) players played badly under 3 previous managers, so, what makes you believe they will be any different under another?
Johan Elmgren
64 Posted 16/05/2018 at 15:59:16
Steavey, do you think they played badly last season?
Darren Marsh
65 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:10:21
Thank fuck for that.
Jay Harris
66 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:10:49

So you are saying we don't need better quality players to get top 6?

David Israel
67 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:11:35
Irrespective of who he is, I'm never happy to see a manager go. It shows we have failed, and is a symptom and a cause of instability. And the fact that this is the third time it has happened in the last two years makes it even worse.

This is not to say that I disagree with the decision – far from it. I just hope we now get it right. Fonseca, Howe and Silva, in that order, are my preferences, but I have a hunch it will be Silva. Let's all get behind whoever it is.

George Cumiskey
69 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:13:34
I've just read Andy Hunter's article in The Guardian, linked above — absolutely hits every nail on the head.

A must read for all Evertonians.

George Cumiskey
70 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:25:58
Les Green@36 exactly my thoughts, now Allàrdyce is free surely Paul Merson will be shouting from the roof tops for him to be the next arsenal manager.
Ian Riley
71 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:26:09
Our expectations were met under sam allardyce. His methods of getting the job done are there to see. Yes we want to play a style of football that gets you off your seat but sam was not brought in for that. Can he do that? Yes given time. Martinez changed our style from a strong defensive unit to a passing sideways without substance.

My belief has been we have to many players whom simply not good enough to change our style. It's a risk to hopefully reward in the long term with quality players whom can buy into that style. Sam went back to basics because the players could do that.

As fans are we prepared to wait? Would we take bottom six to change our style of football with new players? If we are in the bottom six come December. Do we panic? If we do panic do we call sam or david? It's not about becareful what you wish for but progress bit by bit. The owner has set his stall out from the board room. These are his people and he has chosen. Biggest changes for decades at the top.

Again next season will bring great expectations and the manager will need a tin hat implementing his methods. I thank sam allardyce for his hard work. It's onto the next chapter .

Gavin Johnson
72 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:27:34
I haven't agreed with some of the personal insults aimed towards BS on TW but he made a rod for his own back when he took advantage of the club's panic and talked his way into an 18-month contract.

Had the contract been a 6-month interim manager's job, I think most would have appreciated him more for being the stop-gap he was always meant to be. Instead, he went to type and came across as an opportunist, who only wanted the money.

Thanks, Big Sam, but you're not the right manager to take this club forward. Your skin's thick enough, and your pockets are deep enough not to lose much sleep over some of the criticism you rightly deserve.

Michael Kenrick
73 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:36:47
Gavin, it's hypothetical but I, as one who utterly despised his appointment, would have felt exactly the same if his contract had been for 6 months... indeed, 6 weeks — or even 6 days would have been far too long.

Nothing can erase this horrible stain on the hallowed history of Everton Football Club.

Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:41:21


John Pierce
75 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:42:58
The whole ghoulish ordeal was made unbearable because he was cited as a braggart whose tactics were limited, his lack of belief in youth exposed and his disdain for cups there for all to see.

He did exactly that, the things we are Evertonians hold dear he extinguished.

And yet we still appointed him, I’m afraid Moshiri carries the can for it. No amount making up will let me forget. It’s him, not his managers I have my eye on.

A shameful chapter to remember and a cautionary tale to learn from.

John Boon
76 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:49:24
As most Evertonians just plain relieved that he has gone along with a pocket full of cash. In actual fact Sam has been lucky for us and for himself. Despite coming 8th we were incredibly fortunate in many of the games which we won or drew. Plus we have been dreadful to watch.

Unfortunately we still have the "Gloom and doom", brigade who have already started complaining about whoever comes in. We have to stay positive as true blue Evertonians usually do. I intend to enjoy the rest of the summer convinced that we have to look better next season. I doubt we could be much worse.

Steve Taylor
77 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:53:50
Here comes Summer, stonking great pay off, get the golf clubs out, off to his little paradise in Portugal or Spain, Why not buy a Racehorse Sam. Good work if you can get it - next.
Jim Bailey
78 Posted 16/05/2018 at 16:56:05
Gavin@72, he negotiated for and got what he wanted.You or I would try for the best deal as well in our work related fields. It's who gave into him that we should be castigating.
Michael@73,agreed, he is an obnoxious character, but as many have said he has done what he was asked to do,no-one knows what would have happened had Unsworth stayed. So job done,now it's down to Moshiri/Brandts to get the next appointment right,fingers,eyes and toes all crossed.
If they get it right then the Alladyce nightmare will be soon forgotten,yet sadly not able to be erased from the history books.
Mark Wynne
79 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:12:58
Well said Michael, my thoughts exactly.
Alan J Thompson
80 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:16:00
While I thought we might have to win ugly to improve the position we were in, I didn't want Mr Allardyce appointed and the standard and type of football he produced left me feeling he should go. However, it still leaves a bad feeling in the stomach seeing anybody lose their job even if they do so with their pockets full.

Good luck and goodbye.

Steavey Buckley
81 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:28:06
Johan (64) I spent most of the season watching players pass sideways and backwards but giving the ball away when venturing forward. Next season will be no different with the same personnel for the fans to blame the new manager for.
Brendan Fox
82 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:37:06
I like many am happy to see the back of FS given the abysmal quality of football that has been offered up this past 6 months (felt more like an eternity).

The next decision made by Moshiri as to who is next going to be offered the hot seat needs to be well thought out (if the decision has not already been made) but made decisively to give the new manager as much time as possible to bed in.

The new manager needs to be given 2 - 3 transfer windows to clear out the dead wood in the squad and shape a fit, fast paced forward thinking squad of players they want to retain from the existing squad, promote from the youth teams and what they buy in.

Chopping and changing managers every other season is not going to help provide stability to build from. You wouldn't rush when building the foundations of a house so the rebuilding of our club needs patience with the best people available in the correct positions to achieve this given that being realistic the next job is a total rebuild of a squad.

Colin Grierson
83 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:39:51
Good riddance. Couldn't stand his baseless arrogance or his awful brand of football. I hope I don't ever have to watch that kind of football ever again.
When will those who run our club realise that we want to watch players employ their skills in an entertaining manner. We are supposed to be watching the elite. Any athletic journeyman can try and not get beat.
The clouds are clearing, (I hope) and we may get to hear the familiar sound of seats hitting the backrests out of excitement, rather than out of desperation to escape the miserable fayre that we've been used and rush to get an early bevvy to stave off the depression.
David McMullen
84 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:42:37
Good news. This morning before work listening to that RS Dean Saunders talking crap telling Everton fans "what more do you want?" "I don't know". He's an embarrassment. Too many of them just nodding their heads.
Johan Elmgren
85 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:52:29
Jay #66, no I'm not saying that. But I feel the right manager could make this team play much more attractive football than Allardyce did, and close the gap on sixth. However I don't think we need a total overhaul that many Toffees on here are wishing for... Three, four players of REAL quality would go a long way to try to break into top six.

Steavey #81, that's because they don't practise attacking football in training. Allardyce "let them use their imagination". I think most PL-defenses are too well drilled, with too good defenders to hand the responsobility entirely over to the players. The manager needs to drill attacking play into the players, runs, passing, one-two's, targetplaying etc etc to be good at it in games. They need to drill attacking patterns, so the movement and decisionmaking comes from their spine, and then, on top of that, let them use their imagination.

How can you be good at something if you don't practise it? Martinez hardly practised defense, and we saw how that panned out... Every new season we shipped more goals. The drilled defence of Moyes was forgotten season by season...

Mike Keating
86 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:55:08
How much have we paid out in compo to managers under Moshiri?
I hope the fucker gets some proper advice before he appoints the next one!
Dermot Byrne
87 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:59:01
In a media report, reporting on League Managers dinner. Bet that was a laugh!

"Allardyce was presented with a special award at the LMA dinner in London for reaching 1,000 games in management.

He was joined on the table by several members of the Everton staff including assistants Craig Shakespeare, Sammy Lee, Director of Football Steve Walsh and legendary striker Duncan Ferguson."

John Davies
88 Posted 16/05/2018 at 17:59:32
So Allardyce is "shocked, disappointed and disgusted". Just as we all have been by him and his team since the day he arrived.
Fuck off with your £5M Mr Big Head. Good riddance to you.
James O'Connell
89 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:13:26
Fray bentos shares have crashed.
Neil Copeland
90 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:22:52
George McKane, great interview. Thanks for expressing our views so succintly.
Colin Glassar
91 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:27:44
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last!!!!!
Jim Wilson
92 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:30:35
We have to be grateful to Big Sam for keeping us up whether by luck or design. The football was atrocious but some of the other candidates at the time of us being in the shit could have took us down. Whether Silva was one of those names remains to be seen.
But why are we gambling on a guy with no premiership track record I do not know, especially after the Koeman fiasco.
One of Wengers worst seasons (sixth) would do for me next season!
Darren Hind
93 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:31:49
The TW poll is fascinating. You couldn't get a cigarette paper between them

Emery 16%

Benitez, Howe and Fonseca all on 14%

Silva and Arteta 12%

4 % separating six men in a fluctuating poll which could easily swing either way by tomorrow. . .and there are few others that cant be discounted.

This is more exciting than the footy

Jay Harris
94 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:34:44
I agree a good coach will get a better tune but there are still glaring weaknesses in the squad.

Jags and BAinesy arguable 2 of our most consistent players are too old to achieve top level and should only be back up.

Michael Keane just hasnt got it metally or technically.

MF is a major area of weakness with Gueye our only hope.

Up front although I love NIasse and rate Walcott and Sigurdson we really lack a proper number 9 who can score prolifically lke KAne, VArdy and dare I say it Sala.

We need a minimum of 4 quality players to make any progress and we need to dump the ones who are creating a lack of team spirit and winning mentality.

It has been obvious through successive managers that there were issues with this squad and a number of us thoiught it was Lukaku, BArkley and Stones causing unrest. It is painfully obvious that someone is causing instability and it may even emanate from the boardroom,

Jim Wilson
95 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:36:53
Darren I would rather have Dyche to any of the names mentioned.
One thing for sure I want a manager who knows how to plan for an Anfield Derby!
Colin Glassar
96 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:37:19
Just goes to Darren that the next Everton manager will probably be disliked by 85% of ToffeeWebbers.
Andrew Heaton
97 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:42:14
Thank God, never have I been more blase about being an Evertonian, I only hope we don't go down the route of appointing a manager who's made crap teams half decent, like we did with Martinez and Koeman, Silva fit squarely into that category I'm afraid, but on the other hand who can we hope to attract with a proven track record at the highest level? Does Everton have the lure for a top manager? I was in Thailand last year and even after years of sponsorship by Chang no one cares about us, I hope I'm proven wrong but maybe Silva is all we can hope for, I think the "95 Cup Final" DVD will be on sale in the club shop for a little while longer.
Colin Glassar
98 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:45:29
Whoever the next manager is I know one thing. He’ll speak Portuguese.
Colin Metcalfe
99 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:49:02
I just got married on the weekend here in Barbados, I thought that was the happiest day of my life until I saw this news 🤣🤣
Brian Williams
100 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:57:02
Just hope your new Mrs doesnt read ToffeeWeb Colin or you'll be visiting the second hand (wedding) tackle shop.
Derek Turner
101 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:00:00
Colin. Take it from me, if your wife sees the comment your happy Ness will be short lived.
Shane Corcoran
102 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:04:43
I'm a bit confused by Allardyce's statement. He says the club hadn't the decency to tell him but then said he was meeting Moshiri on Wednesday morning.

So he was shocked about something he hadn't been told yet?

I assumed that he meant Everton had told the media, but not Allardyce himself. Anyone able to clarify?

Shane Corcoran
103 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:16:24
Is that right Brian? Why would he get so upset about that. I mean, he ought to be told but words like "disgusted" seem a bit OTT.

What's with the commas around "board"?

Winston Williamson
104 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:17:53
I don’t feel grateful. I don’t feel full of thanks. I’m not sad someone has lost their job. I’m not happy yet either.

It’s a baby step. It’s the easiest step to take so far. It’s a bare fucking minimum expectation to be rid of this horrible man.

There are others still at the club, and they must be removed too. This includes players, staff and board members.

Like I said, removing pond scum is the easiest part, cleaning the cause of the pollution is the hard part!

Steve Ferns
105 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:18:02
Please not conceicao.
Neil Lawson
106 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:23:50
Just got in and catching up with all the news and comments.

The very first post (Dave) is on the money. I can not see anything that Allardyce did. Having 2 experienced and committed full backs made all the difference.

Allardyce will continue to be toxic whilst laughing all the way to the bank and the golf course. A very painful and expensive, and at times distressing 6 months.

With 99% of fellow Evertonians who truly understand our club ......good riddance to bad rubbish.

Dermot Byrne
107 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:28:21
Colin, that is very funny

Colin Metcalfe
101 Posted 16/05/2018 at 18:49:02
Flag this comment.
I just got married on the weekend here in Barbados, I thought that was the happiest day of my life until I saw this news 🤣🤣

Kevin O'Regan
108 Posted 16/05/2018 at 19:46:03
Happy day indeed. Now for Ralf Hasenhuttel or Unai Emery and some decent players who deserve to wear the crest. NSNO
Jamie Evans
109 Posted 16/05/2018 at 20:30:05
John Davies @ 88 you beat me to it.

Shocked — everytime I listened to our former manager.

Disappointed — watching in disbelief at his dreadful style of football.

Disgusted — as he continually set us up like a non-league side against any of the top 6.

Good riddance Big Undies.

Mal van Schaick
111 Posted 16/05/2018 at 20:42:36
Great to get rid of Allardyce, but the reason being “ the long term plan”. How many long term plans do they have?
The next appointment must be a long term manager, signing recognized good footballers and not by signing “ the next best thing “.

Jimmy Hogan
112 Posted 16/05/2018 at 20:57:02
Emery doesn't speak English. Not a great fit imo
Mike Keating
113 Posted 16/05/2018 at 21:32:00
Colin @ 101
I have the number of a good divorce lawyer, should you need it.
James Marshall
114 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:14:42
When you work it out, Allardyce has been paid £65k per day by Everton.

Nice work if you can get it.

Björn Kausemann
115 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:16:16
I knew it from the beginning. Football made by Sam is awful. I'm glad he has been sacked.

New manager? Give a chance to Eddie Howe. He is young, British and has a great record with a very small club.

Andy Crooks
116 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:24:45
Michael K @ 73, I only realize now how restrained you have been over the last few months, well done. However, I prefer it when you and Lyndon nail your colours to the mast.

I know you try to keep some editorial neutralty but you both must have been pretty frustrated over the last few months.

Tony McNulty
117 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:27:15
Lots of dry eyes here....
Mike Price
118 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:39:56
He played us like a fiddle. He must be laughing his fat malevolent head off right now.

The hardest part now is getting rid of some shocking players you couldn’t give away, whilst finding some good ones we don’t pay double value for. A hard year or two lie ahead, no matter who we get in.

Still feels like the air tastes a little sweeter now that dark, stinking cloud has lifted.

Kieran Kinsella
119 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:40:58
Just to be fair and balanced:

When Sam took over, after the West Ham game, we were 13th. We ended 8th. The difference in prize money between the positions was £10 million. So, with an 18-month deal, he effectively covered his own contract and left us a couple of million to pay towards Koeman's severance.

Kieran Kinsella
120 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:44:15
I hope that whoever comes in tries to work with the younger players.

By that I don't mean play them for the sake of playing them. I mean actually hands-on coaching out at Finch Farm with Davies, Baningime, Lookman, Kenny etc. As opposed to sticking them in the under 23s like Luke Garbutt and then when they turn 25 having Unsie say he is going to work on their defending skills.

I think all these kids have potential. Whether they make it or not, who knows. But they've got a better shot if they get some actual technical coaching.

Mike Doyle
121 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:56:32
Little Sam and Shakespeare appear to have gone with SA.

Does anyone know if Ryland Morgans went too or is staying?
He seemed to be well respected.

Barry McNally
122 Posted 16/05/2018 at 22:59:37
Champions League winner Roberto Di Matteo, anyone!!!
Christopher Nicholls
123 Posted 16/05/2018 at 23:19:11
Thank fuck that's over!
Neil Pickering
124 Posted 16/05/2018 at 23:20:16
Go and get Benitez from Newcastle. He has a 6 mil get out clause in his contract, and is a world class manager. Any other choice is a huge risk and will likely lead us to be in same position in 12 months time.
Chris James
125 Posted 17/05/2018 at 00:18:27
Cheerio Sam, don't let the door smack your enormous arse on the way out. Tata to Walsh also.
Brands already confirmed and a shake up in the hierarchy and now we need a young, progressive manager with vision before launching into some transfer business. No drama, no fuss, nicely done Moshiri.
Peter Rogers
126 Posted 17/05/2018 at 00:47:13
Well it's happened at last and for once I can't complain about the decisions the board and owner of our club have made. Fat Sam and the poison dwarf have gone; Walsh is no more and we await the arrival of a new manager (my choice is Fonseca).

It won't matter who it is right now but we must get behind him and his team, give them the support they are going to deserve through at least a two-season transition. If we finish 11th next season but play some decent football that we can be proud of, and a team that at least seems to try, then I will feel justified in wanting to get rid of the fat guy.

I realise some might think that's even worse than this season but at least I can go to the Grand Old Lady again as I haven't been since they turned up, and I can once again support the team I love.

For once, there's been no hesitation, no messing about – it's done so let's forget last season ever happened and get behind the new guy and the players and make Goodison Park a place other teams don't fancy playing at.

Kevin Moorcroft
127 Posted 17/05/2018 at 00:56:05
Moshiri's got balls and he's doing it right. I like the appointment of Denise. Women are stronger than men. You'll find she's a great appointment for sure. The top level is okay now so get the Director to work with his new manager in sifting out the unwanted dross.

Moshiri can't do any more to resolve the situation. He knows his objectives move slowly on together. Let's hope it works as it should do. I think every Evertonian will sleep better tonight.
Ashley Roberts
128 Posted 17/05/2018 at 01:20:44
I am not convinced Silva can turn this team around unless Moshiri backs him with another huge transfer budget. Other than Pickford, Walcott and perhaps Tosun the rest of the recent signings plus Shneiderlin, Bolasie and Mirales can be moved on. We have fallen so far down the rankings that other than Pickford I don’t think one other player would make the RS first team; I cannot ever remember such a poor squad. We need to attract real talent to make us top 6 team and I am not sure Silva provides the magnetism required to bring such players to the club. For me, while a pipe dream it has to be Wenger or second best Benitez plus another 250million.
Ron Marr
129 Posted 17/05/2018 at 05:44:50
Great news. He had his chance at a big club but he couldn’t be arsed.
Jem Bir
130 Posted 17/05/2018 at 09:27:57
Is Rafa free?
Serious manager and should be a serious candidate.

Look at the Poll results - he may even be a popular choice, and I could forgive his RS past :)

Geoffrey Williams
131 Posted 17/05/2018 at 09:32:18
Can we please remove any trace of Allardyce from the site?
Gerry Quinn
132 Posted 17/05/2018 at 11:09:58
Speaking to talkSPORT host Jim White, Allardyce said on Thursday: “I would say most of the Everton fans didn’t want me out… the fans who show discontent are always more vocal.

“Me for, you are left with the tools you have. It was all about reorganising Everton because of the huge amount of goals they had conceded before I got there. The club was in a very difficult position.

“It was about getting the players working harder and then start creating as things got better, which is what we tried to do throughout the whole season.

“We bought in Theo Walcott and Cenk Tosun, who added to the goal tally and added more flair to the team, and it improved as time went on.

“If it wasn’t enough for the Everton fans at that time who were showing some discontent, I think there were certainly more fans who were happy with what we were doing than the ones that weren’t.

“The satisfying thing for me was the response of the players and the staff on the position we finished.

“Yes, some of the football could have been better, I agree with that and there’s no doubt about that. We all want to try and create as much entertainment value and results as much as we can.

“I enjoyed the time I had at Everton. It wasn’t long enough, but there we go.

“I was not employed to do a short-term job on this occasion and that was the reason I came back, but in the end for whatever reason it wasn’t enough and I accept that. I don’t hold any grudges.”

Kunal Desai
133 Posted 17/05/2018 at 11:20:29
Yet again he was selfish by saying his backroom staff are disappointed because it's difficult for them to find another job in football.
It really is about him and those around him.
Michael Lynch
135 Posted 17/05/2018 at 11:34:47
Gerry, astonishing stuff from Allardyce.

I would say I was one of the more "supportive" on here, giving him a chance and saying he was doing the job expected of him, but even I wanted him out. Never wanted him in actually. Sure, once he was in place, I gave him the same benefit of the doubt I would give any Everton manager, but to say that the majority were happy with what he was doing is stretching it enormously. Even if the ToffeeWeb poll was not totally representative of the feelings of the silent majority of match-going supporters, I would say a huge percentage were very unhappy with him, and with the players.

Still, glad he doesn't hold any grudges. But then again, who would, after earning £9m for six months work?

Laurie Hartley
136 Posted 17/05/2018 at 12:21:33
Well I posted an article calling for the appointment of Sam Allardyce after watching my first game at Goodison for many years (Spurs) which alarmed me, and then the subsequent debacle at Southampton.

Rightly or wrongly, I thought we were looking down the barrel of relegation at that stage and felt drastic measures were called for.

Sam delivered on the first part of what I expected, but failed miserably to get the fan base on side by playing some decent football. I actually thought he might do that.

I suppose what upset me most about the whole sorry business was how much it upset the match going fans and posters who I respect.

So in a nutshell I was wrong and this post is by way of an apology on my part to my fellow TWrs for backing him.

Any way he is gone now and I have had a good day because Evertonians everywhere are happy.

One thing I have learned from all this is that the Everton gig is a young man's gig - not an old sod like me. I hope the club appoints a young up and coming manager.

For me the one quality the new man must possess is a fighting spirit. If he does Goodison will sense it and come alive again and the pent up emotion of 30 years will be poured out on the unfortunate team that has to participate in our opening game next season. Wouldn't that be something.

Steve Harris
137 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:28:36
So Steavey, are you saying that passing sideways and backwards had nothing to do with the manager and coaching staff?? What do they do in training all week? Little Fat Sam is supposed to be a top coach but I didn't see much evidence of it! So do you think it would be the same even if we had Guardiola in charge??
Steavey Buckley
138 Posted 17/05/2018 at 15:45:47
Steve #141. When players keep passing backwards and sideways has nothing to do with coaching staff but to do with players lack of footballing technique. Of course, if a team has limited ambitions, these type of players will do. But if a team has higher expectations, then technical flaws will show up, as players will struggle against better teams with better players, who can pass anywhere on the pitch at will.
Lenny Jameson
139 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:05:53
Mr. Buckley. You obviously never go to the game. If you did, you would see that the players keep passing backwards and sideways because there is never anyone, apart from the one striker, to pass forwards to!!

Whether it was Tosun or Niasse, they were so isolated from the rest of the team, generally marked by at least two defenders, that it was practically impossible to give them the ball. The midfielders never made a run to join or go past the striker. The wide players stayed wide and only received the ball when they were also closely marked.

So, yes. It is down to the coaching staff.

Andrew Ellams
140 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:09:52
Steavey, are you saying players like Rooney and Sigurdsson were known for their dull backwards and sideways passing before they came to Everton?
Tim Michael
141 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:23:40
For those of you that read the comments attached to the ToffeeWeb articles and particularly the ones related to Allardyce, you will see that back in January I safely said that he would not be at the club after the end of the season.

In addition, I did also say he would then go on the pundit trail advocating and trumpeting his qualities and endeavours. We that has started straightaway with TalkSport today and in a manner that I thought he would.

In my eyes he's finished as a manager but that doesn't stop him pedalling his arrogance and his self-conceited attitude. Even his son chipped in with some cocky comment.

Allardyce should never have been appointed in the first place. He is devisive and operated a self-centred blame policy. The consequences of him moving into a new season could have been far greater than anyone imagined. I saw a comment that anyone could have got us to eighth in this league and I tend to agree with that.

I have been watching Everton for 50 years and I'm not sure I have seen an EFC manager leave in such an arrogant manner. I'd like to say good riddance but this toad of man will keep up his rhetoric for as long as he can and to fuel his sizeable ego.

Steavey Buckley
142 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:27:11
Lenny (#143). You can give the ball to Iniesta or David Silva anywhere on the pitch and whoever is closing them down, they don't panic, or pass to anyone as a get out of gaol card. This type of ability is not coached into them, it is something they developed all by themselves, probably by watching better teams when they were youngsters, because you can't turn a pig's ear into a silk purse.
Lenny Jameson
143 Posted 17/05/2018 at 16:34:07
Iniesta or Silva! Two of the world's best players. Not many teams can boast of players like that. What other teams do is push up the field as a unit so no one is left 40 yards away from their teammates like our lot were.
Denis Richardson
144 Posted 17/05/2018 at 18:46:40

The guy should have been banned by the FA ages ago and the fact he'll pick up around £9m for 6 months work is an absolute insult over and above the disappointment that this club could stoop so low to hire this corrupt dinosaur.

Elstone also disappearing is a cherry on the cake but am awaiting the real prize in August when Bill fucking Kenwright will finally disappear!

First time I've touched TW or Everton since November (glad for the break actually) but can now 're-focus'.

Onwards and upwards – finally.

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