I have spoken with The Excelsior about having another long-awaited ToffeeWeb Get-Together and about the availability of the room we usually occupy. I haven't actually spoken with the manager, but a member of staff checked the bookings and it didn't coincide with anything else, so should be all okay to go.

This one will be slightly different apart from the hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as all the previous meetings have coincided with a home match and usually an early kick-off. Those attending the match dropping in after, and those without tickets having the luxury of watching the match with a beer before the rest arrived.

The first televised match for us is the rescheduled Aston Villa Game, which is an away fixture (kick-off 17:30) so I would suggest getting there well before, meeting a few familiar (or not so familiar) faces. Watch the match and then have the option to stay on for a while without disrupting any other commitments.

For those who have attended before, Peter the Bar Manager from Dublin has now left, so I would imagine most of the staff will have changed too. If you were barred before, you should be okay to go back (only joking, btw).

There is no need to inform of names etc, just turn up on the day, the more the merrier. Also, anyone who has not been before and lives fairly close, do try and make the effort – they are good events and something a bit different. It is a chance to meet 'names' and put faces to them too, and discuss all things Everton. A lot has happened in the last 2 years, so there should be plenty of subject matter.

Anyone not familiar with The Excelsior, it is on Dale Street, Liverpool, right next to where the now demolished flyover used to be. It is about a 2-minute walk from Moorfields Station and not that far from Lime Street or Central Stations. The Bus Station is not too far either. It has a good range of beers and they do a good range of pies with chips, gravy, peas etc. Hopefully see you all on the day!