Hello, to everyone again. Nearly everything is in place for the upcoming, and getting ever closer, Golf Day on 27 August at Aldersey Green Golf Course, Cheshire. I have had a fair response to the day, but unfortunately there has been very little from those close to or living in the Merseyside Area. Come on, guys, if people can travel 200 miles to be there, I don't think 20 miles or so is too much to ask.

Another major update too, is that, at the time of writing, Teddy Draper, who the Golf Day's Trophy is named after, should, all going well, be able to attend and hit the first ball to start the day off. Also, I have been forced to have a major rethink about where any profits from the raffle will be donated.

It was originally supposed to be to EitC, and also possibly splitting it between a cancer charity too. Despite sending 3 or 4 emails to EitC, notifying them of the event, and the intended donation, I was disgusted and shocked, to be honest, to never even receive an acknowledgement of any kind. So I have decided to donate it all to a cancer charity as at least it will be appreciated, and definitely acknowledged too.

I also thought of donating a portion to ToffeeWeb but I take my hat off to Lyndon, who, when I informed him, was magnanimous and in favour of it all going to a cancer charity (probably Cancer Research UK).

To date, there has been a good offer of prizes for the raffle from various organisations and private donations too, so any others will not be refused, and ostensibly will add more to the coffers of the charity.

John Hall (Philippines) is the benefactor of the trophy and keen to have it named after Teddy Draper. Teddy, as a lifelong Evertonian and golfer, has been affected by that terrible disease.

Unfortunately because of the distances involved and Covid restrictions being as they are, John will not be able to attend either. He has however asked for as much to be videoed as possible, as he has never met any of us who will be there; more importantly,Teddy reminded him so much of his uncle, who used to take him to Goodison for every match, after the sad and premature passing of his own father at a very early age.

Stephen Vincent and David Pearl have helped me immensely too in organising things and will continue to do so on the day, so my thanks go to them both. David will be doing the videoing via WhatsApp so we can send it to John Hall in the Philippines.

Hopefully I have covered everything but, should anyone have any questions or queries, I can be contacted by leaving either a post on this thread or by Mobile: 07565 140075 (O2 or WhatsApp). Remembering too, it's not too late to put your name down, for what should be a good day's golf and a chance to meet each other too, and all for a very good and deserving cause. Thanks!