For those TWers making the trek to Orlando, Florida for the preseason game, I have an offer.

I'd like to meet up. I've said before on a previous occasion, I will buy the first 10 TWers a beer that I meet.

I've been on TW many years now (shocking). There's many, many people I'd truly enjoy meeting. If you're going to the game and would like to grab "a pint" (read, a beer) then please do hit me up.

My wife (Burnley fan… seriously WTF?), my 17-year-old (who knows zilch about Everton) and my 12-year-old (who adores Everton and is a gigantic, outspoken, opinionated fan) will all be there. If you're in the mood, say hello to 4/7ths of the Crowley Clan.

Hit me up at Jamie dot Crowley dot Personal at gmail dot com.

I sincerely hope to connect with some of you.