Following the successful Golf Day at Aldersey Green Golf Club, Friday 27th August 2021, and the subsequent Collections and Donations received. I would like to extend the offer for anyone else on ToffeeWeb to make a voluntary contribution to this very worthwhile cause.

As most will be aware this terrible disease can strike at anytime and anywhere, to either (God Forbid) any of us or our loved ones and friends. The more advances that are made in to combatting the Disease, the more a Cure or better Prevention, is getting ever closer. Great strides have already been made and many in certain situations have been cured if diagnosed early enough.

I am not asking for a King's Ransom, just whatever you feel you can afford, for this very worthy cause. I am holding the money already collected, from the Golf Section and a couple of other contributions, in a Halifax Account, which stands at £220. It would be nice if that could be added to, and I can then send it all off to C.R. UK, who I am sure will acknowledge receipt and send a big thankyou to TW and it's Members.

Please contact me, to make a donation either by email : or by text on 07565140075 for which I thank you all wholeheartedly in anticipation.