I am a collector of Everton programmes, home and away, and travel to all games (when I can). They give me an opportunity to look at former glories when the current situation looks so bleak.

So, I have scanned all the pages from the progammes for the 1969-70 season, to provide a view of one of the greatest Everton team's progress to the title.

From the Rochdale pre-season friendly on the 30 July, through to the title-clinching game at home to West Brom, these pages show both our own view of our progress but also our opponents' views of the team that went on to provide so much joy to Evertonians and others, all over the country.

Below is the link to the album on Flickr:

Everton 1969-70 Champions

I am currently scanning all my programme pages back from before World War I, so a big job but something that I hope will give people pleasure in the future.