I see Uefa have done a deal with Swiss firm Team which will mean another £4.5 billion will be poured into European competitions in 2024.

This has prompted the owners of PSG to say this is a significant change to the revenues on offer and would kill off any threat of a European Super League ever getting off the ground again.

As a guide to the impact this injection of cash will make, they said that clubs were making around £100 million for getting to the final; this would now increase to between £150 and £200 million.

I think this will make clubs who compete on a regular basis even richer and will make it very hard for a club like Leicester City to challenge for the Premier League.

I think this will make the gap between the Top 4 and the rest unbridgeable when you factor in FFP and the extra money will now allow these teams to practically spend whatever they like on players. And, like any hike in revenue streams, it will be the players of these clubs that will benefit most.