As many have noticed, there is an issue with the new Sky Sports video player popping up ads, either over the screen (on iPhone/Android) or at the bottom of the screen in Chrome.

This is, obviously, not the intended behaviour and I'm trying to work through it with the provider to get it resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

On a related note, there is also a problem with the ToffeeWeb Patron sign-up facility and has been for a long while now. The solution to that issue is wrapped up in the code upgrade and server migration I mentioned a few weeks back, the urgency of which has been alleviated by some interim fixes I was able to put in place.

The completion of that project is a few weeks away but if you want to get rid of all the ads on the site and support ToffeeWeb in the meantime, please email me for PayPal details on how to get a year's Patron membership for around 30% off.