Premier League clubs have finally voted to allow five substitutes from a bench of nine for all games from next season.

Nine players will continue to be named on the bench, and tactical substitutions can be made at three different intervals during a match.

Having five substitutes per game has become standard practice across Europe since the start of the pandemic. The Premier League was the only major league in Europe to still have the limit at three.

The Premier League has also confirmed that the summer 2022 transfer window will open on 10 June, and close on 1 September, in line with other European leagues. The governing body has also introduced new Coviid measures that clubs will be expected to follow.

From 4 April, the Premier League will remove twice-weekly Covid-19 testing of players and staff and move to symptomatic testing only.

Other key updates include the removal of the requirement for clinical passports to access previously restricted areas at training grounds and on matchdays as the Premier League returns to business-as-usual operations.