The winners of the FA Cup could land themselves a place in the Champions League going forward - but only if they have a European pedigree, by saying "European Club Association are nodding to a rich boys’ club who don’t like the idea of fair competition at home leaving them without a ticket to further big bucks abroad."

The potential new rule comes as a result of a reformed European competition, which will now include 36 teams. Two extra places will be handed out based on the co-efficient rankings from 2024. The UEFA-based algorithm is drawn up according to previous history in the tournament, which means certain clubs cannot qualify by virtue of it.

The two extra Champions League places will be handed out to the two non-qualified clubs who sit highest on the Uefa co-efficient list. This has copped criticism as certain clubs, who may overachieve by winning the FA Cup, cannot take a seat at Europe’a top table, reports the Telegraph.

It means Crystal Palace could not take a part in next season’s Champions League were they to lift the FA Cup at Wembley. However, were Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City to miss out on the top four they could still be in Europe’s elite club competition next term by virtue of domestic cup success.

The new rules come as the tournament gears up for a rejig in 2024. The Champions League will change from a 32-team, eight-group system to a 36-team single league table in its first round. It will add 100 more games per season to the competition with teams playing 10 group-stage games.

The introduction of the rule that will see FA Cup winners granted a route into the competition is close to getting the green light. It had originally been a sticking point with UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA) due to its lack of meritocracy.