I am the producer of a new film, Manifesto, which is being released in June. It is shot all around Walton - so pretty close to home for Everton Fans!

It is a documentary following a group of activists in Walton Labour Party over 3 years, including the 2019 General Election. It was such a pivotal time in politics with huge movements of people joining the party under Corbyn, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, and environmental protests.

The film captures the hard work at the grassroots by the activists in their own community, committed to making the world a better place. The tireless passion of this group is the focus, constantly battling with the decisions made away from them at Westminster, which deeply impact their lives.

You can see the trailer here: youtu.be/jMziv57Jlhk

We think politics and football - especially in Liverpool - go hand in hand, but even besides that, the film shows the hard work of people in the Walton community who are always fighting to make life better. I'm sure you know that Fans Supporting Foodbanks was started by some of the individuals featured in our film.

I thought it might be something ToffeeWeb readers would be interested in, it being in their community.