Why Monday night was a massive missed opportunity

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The stage was set on Monday night to expose 27 years of barren management by Everton FC. The last 27 years has been the longest period in our history without a trophy. Instead, we have had to endure misery beyond misery.

The purpose of the protest was to show that Farhad Moshiri, once again missing in action last night, whilst being a generous benefactor, has surrounded himself with self-serving fools.

Surely, when Everton lost in the FA Cup to Liverpool’s third team, it should have been absolutely apparent that the club was imploding. But no, the club just blunders on. Yesterday, as so often, Kenwright got lucky. Nothing to see here folks. Move on.

I’ll let you know what last night was. It was the School OFSTED inspection. In front of the inspectors, it all looked great. Peek behind the scenes though and the school is falling apart, and all the best teachers are leaving.

This isn’t over.

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Barry Hesketh
1 Posted 07/12/2021 at 15:29:47
The fact that Moshiri wasn't in attendance either due to the quarantine rules surrounding Covid, or by choice, meant that the reason for the protest and the method of it would have missed the point?

The reason for the protest was to inform Moshiri that many fans aren't happy with him or his board, which hasn't altered because of last night's result or lukewarm protest, in fact, last night emphasised that the fans (all of them!) play an extremely important part in the fortunes of Everton Football Club.

The owner would be extremely daft to ignore the fans, but he doesn't have to pander to every gripe or respond with ill-thought-out decisions made in the heat of the moment, but he should be advised that the club comes first and that he and others should refrain from interfering in matters relating to the playing staff, which should always be left to the professionals he's hired to do the job to the best of their abilities, and if those professionals aren't giving of their best, he should replace them with people who will.

That extends to every facet of the club, and it will be the only way that the club will turn its fortunes around and alleviate some of the fan's concerns.

Moshiri has to listen to the complaints, decide if they have merit, and then take any appropriate action that he deems necessary, he should then explain to the supporters and shareholders how his actions or decisions not to act are in the best interest of the club. Coherent communication should be done directly to the people via the club's communication platforms and not via a text to Jim White.

Stephen Vincent
2 Posted 07/12/2021 at 16:35:13
Hardly a missed opportunity Jonathan, the volume level of support rose considerably on 27 mins, but the number of people who actually left was really small.

The logistics of the protest had been ill thought out by the organisers. Once in the ground and watching the game not many are going to leave, the concourses around Goodison are tight to say the least. For myself in the Lower Bullens - well no one would notice me leaving anyway apart from the 6 people I would disturb to get to an aisle.

If we are to protest, and I am all for it, it must be something we can all do in our seats and be clearly visible. On the other thread someone suggested turning our backs for one minute, for me the perfect solution again as suggested else where would be to wave something white at the allotted time, a la Real Madrid.

Dale Self
3 Posted 07/12/2021 at 16:48:11
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for participating in the TW live forum Blank Out. While I am repulsed by Bill's decline into entrenched privilege I now realize I let the club and the fans down. Ten hail Dave's at the shrine should do.
Ray Roche
4 Posted 07/12/2021 at 17:02:18
Blank out? What happened?
Des Farren
5 Posted 07/12/2021 at 17:54:56
# 4 All posters were encouraged, mainly by Jonathan by my reading, to post a blank post in support of the anticipated protest. It received less than wholehearted support with one notable exception.
Rob Halligan
6 Posted 07/12/2021 at 18:06:47
Post a blank post on the live forum in support of the protest. And who exactly at the club would have been looking at the live forum during the match? What a pathetic idea that was. I've seen plenty of "blank posts" on there as it is, so a few last night wouldn't have looked out of place!
Dennis Stevens
7 Posted 07/12/2021 at 18:09:53
The fact that supporters feel strongly enough to even discuss how best to demonstrate their dissatisfaction should be enough to set the alarm bells ringing, but most likely we're seen as a captive audience so it'll probably count for very little.
Barry Rathbone
8 Posted 07/12/2021 at 18:32:35
It's quite simple really but like most things Everton complicated by history conflicting with contemporary reality.

There are more devotees of the contemporary Moyes/Kenwright "existence" plan than care to raise their hand with the trophyless one being called for at every difficult period.

Acceptance of mediocrity will never be admitted but the evidence is clear whenever anyone tries to rally behind the NSNO flag they get hammered. First the Blue Union and now the 27 minute crew.

The moral is Evertonians will NEVER protest en masse till the day we are relegated. Indignation at not being a big club by trophy winning standards has given way to satisfaction at existing in the Prem - just the way it is.

I feel sympathy for those getting it off the crowd at least they're trying but I do wonder if they've been paying attention - we've been like this for decades

Christine Foster
9 Posted 07/12/2021 at 19:03:50
Barry, very true, even in the dark days of Kirkby, when presented with irrefutable facts, it never seemed that the majority of fans cared enough to actually take a stand. Perhaps that is the Everton way and Kenwright, in his many years in theatre, knows the crowd?
Nonetheless the message was still delivered in the media if not at the ground, awareness was made, Brands under a bus, life goes on. One swallow does not make a spring, one win cannot cover the bad management. But hope, in the shape of the heart we saw on the pitch, 3 invaluable points, and a feeling that it's a corner turned rather than another bloody roundabout, all remind me of my support for a team.
John Raftery
10 Posted 07/12/2021 at 19:15:10
A lot of hot air reminding me of those in the summer who said they would never attend another match while Benitez was in charge. The latest protest was ill conceived, its execution pathetic, much to the disappointment of the national media expecting another troubled Everton story.

The time to protest, if warranted, is at the end of the season when there are no more points at stake. In the meantime our supporters should not be doing anything which undermines performances on the pitch.

Steve Oshaugh
11 Posted 07/12/2021 at 19:42:43
Watching from the other side of the world I was actually really proud of the response from our fans on 27 mins. The crowd noise appeared to get noticeably louder. I am all for a protest but the time to protest is not during a game especially one that the boys were clearly playing well in. We nearly scored as I recall...a ball was fizzed right across the face of goal.
I also think the protest doesn't have the backing of a good chuck of fans. We may not be happy with how things have panned out over the last 27 years but you can hardly blame Rafa or Moshiri for that. Moshiri has not got everything right but he has definitely put his money where his mouth is so from my perspective is due some latitude.
Jamie Sweet
12 Posted 08/12/2021 at 00:49:24
Perhaps a better "protest" would actually be to sing our fucking hearts out on 27 minutes?
Brian Murray
13 Posted 08/12/2021 at 01:01:00
I was hoping ToffeeWeb was a decent reflection of the feeling of who’s behind our corner shop mentality of a club. Obviously not so as most fans are happy not to be serious or relevant in this league as long as we have the odd night like last night. The only saving grace to stop this buffoon cutting the ribbon at bmd is if moshiri somehow sees the common denominator in how so many bad calls are made on his watch on and especially off the pitch. Last night was a great smokescreen for him no wonder he was smirking.
Mike Gaynes
14 Posted 08/12/2021 at 02:33:23
The best post I've seen in all the multiple strings and comments about this silly protest is what Jamie Sweet just wrote.

The essence of an effective protest, if that's what you have in mind, is not to disengage by getting up and walking out (or posting a blank message on the Forum... gee, how I regret missing that!).

Effective protests are about increased engagement... more presence, not less.

I'd have been proud to be among 40,000 passionate Blues turning towards the owners' box and registering their desire for a stronger team and a stronger club by singing their lungs out.

But a "missed opportunity" to take a hike or post a blank? Nah. To me, that's the ultimate empty gesture. Delighted that most of Goodison took a pass on that one.

Darren Hind
15 Posted 08/12/2021 at 05:58:13
Your point isn’t lost, Johnathan. But the only thing a protest during a match can achieve is division.

I think many Evertonians would have had a great deal of sympathy for the sentiment behind this protest, but very few would be able to find it in them to turn their backs on their team in its hour of need. Not when 3 points were at stake. A protest would have been fair, but the nature of this one was ill-advised and could easily have gone the other way.

To make your point, you have to take the emotion out of protests. That can't really be done during the match. It's easy to turn your back, or protest against individual owners, directors and managers, but deserting your team will for many, feel like deserting their club. It's not happening.

Protest before or after a match by all means, but by protesting during a match, you are only filling the mouths of the RS-loving media. They love the sight of a divided Evertonia.

Michael Kenrick
16 Posted 08/12/2021 at 07:35:43
Excellent reasoning for why this was a non-starter for so many fans, Darren.

Colin Glassar
17 Posted 08/12/2021 at 08:10:57
Good post, Darren. I'm all for hounding Kenwright and his gang of losers out of the club but it has to be done in an intelligent and effective manner.
John Keating
18 Posted 08/12/2021 at 08:55:21
Mike the protest may well have been "silly", but not to them. However, anyone protests and there will always be opposition, whether it will be turning backs to the Directors Box, waving white handkerchief's, whatever. Look at the opposition we have had on ToffeeWeb to the age old art of booing!!

To those who walked out on Monday, either to the concourse for 5 minutes or out of the ground, that was their choice and good on them.

My argument, from when this protest was first announced, and continues to be, is against anyone saying that those protesters, whatever they say or do, are somehow lesser supporters, not real supporters, kopites, left wing militants and all the rest of this shit.
God knows we had enough of that crap during the day's of Tescodome.

Christine Foster
19 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:12:05
We throw cushions to register displeasure. Well, we used to, from the Main Stand they would come. It's the Everton Way, sadly as archaic as those cushions, the only thing that really gets the fans going, is when an expensively paid team of players don't work or even try for fans or each other.

So, serious question, just what type of protest, if any, is deemed to be acceptable to show displeasure as a fan? Before a game, after? During? Bring back cushions?


Rob Halligan
20 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:57:23
Speaking to a mate in The Brick before the match, who informed me that a group of fans (him included), about 50 - 60 in total, had met in the car park behind the Park End stand to vent their feelings towards Kenwright as he arrived at the ground. This was planned for around 5:45 pm but apparently they only saw Barrett-Baxendale.

As far as I'm aware, this was not broadcast anywhere as I'm sure the numbers would have been significantly higher than the 50 - 60 who turned up. Whatever, but this is the kind of protest that the fans should be planning – not some stupid walkout during the match when the fans are needed more than ever.

Tony Abrahams
21 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:10:29
Very sensible post, Darren, with my own opinion being, that a sit-in after the game has finished might get a much bigger response?

Bring our own cushions, and save them for the protest maybe? Because one man who will still be able to remember those days is our chairman, Christine, and he's treated thousands of us like we are soft, for years.

The Kenwright cushion, might give Moshiri something to sleep on?

Ken Kneale
22 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:22:08
Darren – that is a superb assessment. Goodison and the crowd is going to be so important to this team this season that protest during a game feels like a betrayal to me.

Although the reasons behind it I fully support, protest after the game, as Tony suggests, is the appropriate mechanism, and I am sure would sit more comfortably with many.

Brent Stephens
23 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:56:23
Rob #20 good post. Totally agree.
Steve Brown
24 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:00:16
Agree a good post, Darren.

However, past history has shown that Everton fans will not protest in numbers either before or after games. If we couldn't summon up the organisation and commitment to do so in the last 27 years through the Kings Dock and Destination Kirby debacles, zero investment and success under Kenwright, then we won't now.

If we are excluding any form of protest during the game as well, then we can safely let apathy reign and perhaps stop complaining so much on ToffeeWeb about the parlous state of affairs at our club.

Bobby Mallon
25 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:22:29
Mike Gaynes it was not a silly protest
Bobby Mallon
26 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:25:05
Darren @15
Your point isn’t lost, Johnathan. But the only thing a protest during a match can achieve is division.
Well didn’t the owner already achieve that by hiring ex red shite Rafa ffs.
Dale Self
27 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:36:48
Two things:
First Darren “you have to take the emotion out of protests”, exactly! Justice must be pursued dispassionately with an eye always on the remedy.

Secondly, and I disclose this with considerable hesitance, the Blank Out was a hoax. I think it was Pat Kelly’s idea actually.

Kieran Kinsella
28 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:48:51

I thought you were going to advocate something like following the example of the Red Army Faction or the Serbian Black Hand Gang but you actually hit the nail on the head.

Raymond Fox
29 Posted 08/12/2021 at 17:01:15
I'm all for change as long as its for the better, but would it make the very best players who don't want to come to Everton, sign for us?
Would the changes, make the few top players we produce want to stay here?
If you cant solve those two problems nothing will change much on the playing field.

I agree that Moshiri has been let down by the people he trusted to make our squad of players better quality. Hindsights a wonderfull thing though, very probably Brands and those before him tried to sign the top players but received the reply, no thanks.

Do I think the club can be run better, undoubtably yes, but I don't have a solution to what are the mains reasons we are stuck as also rans.

Bill Gall
30 Posted 08/12/2021 at 17:03:50
Instead of yelling to get rid of the board, would it not be better to ask for the resignation of the ones on the board that people feel they are responsible for the problems, I.E. B.K and DBB. There are people on the board who have not been there for long, and I don't think they can be held responsible. for problems before Moshiri.
Regarding DBB. this was posted July 26th 2019. DBB will now oversea the work of Stadium Development Director, Colin Chong, and take responsibility for the new Stadium Project, including the delivery of community led legacy at Goodison Park. Do not see her leaving so that just leaves 1 with the only one who can fire him, Owner Moshiri.

Peter Neilson
31 Posted 08/12/2021 at 17:10:08
Completely agree with Darren’s post. The support on Monday for a struggling team was tremendous. Also not knocking those who went out on 27, maybe ill thought out but I’ve not read a match report since that hasn’t mentioned it. More importantly the media has also focussed on the ire aimed at the board. None, that I’ve seen, have written about plucky Everton, ungrateful fans or how lucky we are to have Bill. The vast amount of money spent to go backwards can’t be simply explained away by seeing the back of Brands. Billionaires might not feel the need to be loved but they don’t want to look like mugs. Hopefully it’s a start in getting Moshiri’s focus and understanding that his CEO and Chairman are incompetent.
Graham Mockford
32 Posted 08/12/2021 at 18:06:48
Hey Dazzler I agree with everything you say *

* applies damp flannel to forehead

Mike Hayes
33 Posted 08/12/2021 at 18:17:27
I can understand the feelings of fans to protest in any way shape or form to vent their frustration at the way the club is run by the charlatan and his cronies; particularly in the last 20+ trophy less years. We are all passionate Evertonians and want what’s best for our club.
What made me angry at the reaction to those who were against it was referring to the protestors as kopites and should go support another club. The biggest Feckin kopite is the gobshite of a chairman - the only “blue” who’s played a red in a sitcom and asked for his favourite tune to be played, YNWA at a play???
You couldn’t pay me enough to play a kopite pretending or not nor listen to that horrible dirge for 5 seconds let alone demand it. He is a total waste of space and has done nothing to help lift Everton to the heights we deserve; instead he’s dragged it down as far as it can go without falling out of the premier league. He cares not a jot for the club, if he did he would have either pumped money into it or stood down when Moshiri bought the club. Instead he’s clinging on like a turd dried on your favourite blanket
Paul Smith
34 Posted 08/12/2021 at 18:55:50
I agree with the OP. I was disappointed with the take up of the protest. Taking such drastic action would show the depth of ill feeling towards the regime. We’re a struggling team because of the decisions being made by the hierarchy not because fans decide to walk out for a few minutes. Let’s not blame ourselves for how shit we are it’s exactly what some might want. The fault is not with the fans and their nuanced opinions on how to vent or show our concern - it’s with years of mismanagement, a lack of communication and outright denials of the state of Everton FC by those who we entrust to run it.
Mike Gaynes
35 Posted 08/12/2021 at 18:56:11
Dale #27, of course it was. The most impish imp among the TW impitude is, without question, Mr. Kelly.

Some great posts on this thread, but Darren and Rob said it best.

Bill #30, I understand the sentiment but there are two problems with the "yelling" approach. One is that there is no unanimity in the fan base as to who, exactly, is the most responsible and the most worth firing. (There's a sizable anti-BK contingent here, but many fans feel otherwise.) And the other is that Moshiri comes out of a lifetime of business autocracies and is not, in my view, likely to be amenable to yelling from the public. If he's anything like Usmanov or Abramovich or the Glazers, he'd be more likely to dig in his heels and tell the critics to go pound sand.

Si Cooper
36 Posted 08/12/2021 at 19:15:42
“The purpose of the protest was to show that Farhad Moshiri, once again missing in action last night, whilst being a generous benefactor, has surrounded himself with self-serving fools.”
Is that really what it was about? I’d got the impression that some were regretting we ever got Moshiri’s benighted dosh and basically demanding some power-sharing with the fan base.
Problem with that is it could easily piss our ‘generous benefactor’ off if he is sensitive about having his business acumen questioned, and whilst some fans may be willing and able to get involved at nitty gritty decision making at the club, the vast majority don’t want anything like that much extra work/ responsibility.
“we have had to endure misery beyond misery.” Talk about first world problems, and Premier League ones at that.

David Greenwood
37 Posted 08/12/2021 at 19:50:21
I think the protest has caught the attention of the boardroom and the board are well aware of the disconnect between the supporters and the board, so to that effect it served its purpose.

Am I reading the third sentence of the thread correctly? Monday night was misery after misery? I must be reading that wrong.

Fantastic to see the players show some fight and bottle, something we've not seen often enough. And the fans, as ever fantastic.

Soren Moyer
38 Posted 08/12/2021 at 19:53:13
No need to walk out or anything like that. All it takes is "KENWRIGHT OUT" banners in our televised games.
Rob Halligan
39 Posted 08/12/2021 at 20:13:05
Si # 36, It's already been mentioned on this thread, and others I think, Moshiri had every intention of attending the game on Monday night, but couldn't because of quarantine rules.
Peter Neilson
40 Posted 08/12/2021 at 20:21:04
Guess he could have planned ahead then again that’s not something we do very well.
Danny O’Neill
41 Posted 09/12/2021 at 08:08:38
I'm late on this due to travel over the past 36 hours.

I agree with Jay (BRZ) on another post in that I can't criticise the intent, want or need to protest.

But I also fully agree with Darren's sentiment. You capture it bang on my money. There's a way, time and place. And, in my opinion, that isn't during a crucial match when the team needs us more than usual.

Brian Wilkinson
42 Posted 09/12/2021 at 18:32:06
Darren has come up with some good points about during the match.

What I would like to ask is how do we go about any future ones, to make our feelings known about Kenwright.

If it is a night match,people not local will have trains or coaches to catch, others travelling by Car will be equally in a hurry, to try and avoid traffic jams, so after a night match or even an afternoon kick off would be hard to make a huge impact after a game.

We have already touched on the during a game a no, so how and when could we realistically go about it.

You could say at ht, but a lot of fans go the toilet or a drink and bite to eat at ht.

Banners are certainly worth a shout, but we need to come up with something, getting rid of Brands,the crowd as it was on Monday which was great, followed by Bills face at ft to me and others who could not attend the game, sent a message that everything is fine, now Brands has gone, if Moshiri was watching the game on tv, he would have picked up the same message.

The fans did their part on Monday, superb backing and support.

However Bill has dodged a bullet and for now got away with it, if things turn again he will next throw Benitez under the bus, so how do we get our message across that enough is enough, with our Chairman.

The only viable option I can see, is after the Leicester game, with a 12 o,clock kick off, it gives people more of a chance of staying behind a bit longer to make a peaceful protest.

I am all ears for anyone who can come up with a suggestion.

John Raftery
43 Posted 09/12/2021 at 19:16:22
I remember the protest leaflets ‘Get Rid of these Communist Traitors' distributed to counter the ‘Kendall and Carter Out' protests in the autumn of 1983 when we were down to 13,000 crowds. All was forgotten about six months later when we won the Cup.

While we may not win the Cup this season I sense no appetite among the vast majority of match-going fans to participate in any form of protest at this stage. Depending on how the rest of the season pans out there may be an appetite in May but only if there are no signs of progress on the pitch.

As regards Benitez, it won't be Bill Kenwright who decides to throw him under a bus.

Bill Rodgers
44 Posted 09/12/2021 at 19:36:01
I am sick to death of hearing Evertonians who mouth "Kenwright" like a bunch of Buddhist lemmings. Sure the Chairman took his time in securing funds but Moshiri has been in place for nearly 5 years now. So the problem isn't money, nor is it managers and with over 50 players tried nor is it personnel. So what is the problem? "Kenwright !!". As if he is personally responsible for putting out teams that don't give a monkey's.

I sometimes think that what makes EFC unique is its fans - chomping away and blaming Kenwright for the weather.

Danny O’Neill
45 Posted 09/12/2021 at 19:50:40
I remember that winter so well. John Raftery @43.

I took the bins out for my mother one night and had never felt so low in my Evertonian life. It was the early 80s too, so not a great place to be in general and probably a major factor in me joining the Army at 16 years old.

Genuinely, the Catholic in me looked to the heavens on a clear crystal, star sparkled night and pleaded with the great Evertonian in the Sky to help us out. Dark times

5 months later I was at Wembley twice and watched us lift a trophy. He delivered. God is an Evertonian. He will deliver again.

Regardless of how dark it sometimes seems, never say never.

I think experiences like that of the late 70s / early 80s and what I saw in the 90s make for interesting discussion with my son and younger brother. They won't have it, but sadly I've seen worse than what we're seeing now!!

Dale Self
46 Posted 09/12/2021 at 19:51:22
Let's not minimize the side of the argument you may be against. If you support him, fine. State why if you wish but don't bootstrap your argument by insulting the other side. There is ample documentation of Bill's sins against Everton so let's not pretend it's all hyperbole.
Brian Wilkinson
47 Posted 09/12/2021 at 21:59:20
Well said Dale, some are for Bill some against, I will never attack a fellow Evertonian for whatever views they have.

As Evertonians we have to stick together, if you are for Bill that is up to you, I will only speak about Bill direct of all the failures and lies, through his time there, not for one minute, would I think of bashing a fellow Evertonian, in writing, who have differing views.

At the same time, it is not a case of let’s blame Bill for the weather etc, everything I have ever said about Bills failings, lies and deceit, is all there in the public domain, by people who know, people at the club, fellow Evertonians.

So by all means defend Bill, give a reason, but respect other posters views.

Brian Murray
48 Posted 09/12/2021 at 22:25:47
While bills business acumen and football brain is not in question ( he has none ). He nonetheless is crafty enough to turn Monday’s atmosphere to his advantage to Moshiri. No doubt he will spin it and to Moshiri that very few walked out because they are all as one with the team club and me. The owner will yet again swallow that bullshit even with Jim white highlighting our rage over him.
Jerome Shields
49 Posted 13/12/2021 at 19:25:13
It was never a waste Jonathan. Better to have done something.

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