Pitch Invasions

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Amidst the tremendous scenes at Goodison Park last night that greeted first the winning goal, superbly executed by Gray and Calvert-Lewin, to the hugely joyous pitch invasion that went on for a great many minutes after the final whistle, concerns have been raised on Social Media and in certain sections of the press about the need to control ad prevent such illegal incursions.

While the vast majority of Evertonians were simply bursting with exalted happiness, joy, relief at being safe after such an awful season, there were concerns that Patrick Viera, the Crystal Palace manager, had to kick out at a fan who had apparently been taunting him.

There would also have been concerns about getting the Palace players and staff safely off the pitch, especially as the ridiculous Covid protocols continue to force the away side to enter and leave the pitch at the far corner.

Some sources are talking police investigation and point deductions, as is their way in such circumstances. Let's hope at least that the predominantly harmless celebrations at Goodison Park are not unduly conflated with more problematic events elsewhere.

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Derek Knox
1 Posted 20/05/2022 at 02:39:05

It's amazing what the cameras pick up on – I've just seen on the news, Patrick Viera kicked out at an Everton fan celebrating on the pitch... incredible! Yet he has not given an apology of any sort. Will he get any repercussions? I doubt it!

Peter Neilson
2 Posted 20/05/2022 at 07:40:57
Derek, there'll be no apology from Vierra.

Coming back from the game, Colin Murray on 5Live had already started with the contrived indignation at the pitch invasion, how the white line is no longer “sacred” and linking it to more recent assaults on players. He was like an amateur Alan Partridge arguing with a farmer.

Graham Mockford
3 Posted 20/05/2022 at 09:09:14

The fan was right in Viera's face, calling him a bald knobhead. Got what he deserved.

Anthony Murphy
4 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:09:31
I see the media/pundit disappointment at our safety and lack of last day of the season story has manifested this morning into outrage about fans on the pitch - everyone from Klipperty to Simon Jordan having their self-righteous say - so much historical poor fan behaviour swept conveniently under the carpet.

Anyway… fuck 'em.

Mike Hughes
5 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:27:55

The RS / media seem to overlook their own issues.
It’s always good to keep them in mind. They include:-

Stoning the Man City team coach; Liver Buildings fire; pushing people into a fountain in Barcelona; rushing passport control at Liverpool Airport returning from Athens.

Even the club revealed itself for the dollar whore it is by furloughing their own staff during Covid despite being one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. Nor to mention the breakaway European Super League.

That’s off the top of my head.

I won’t mention Heysel.

They call us bitter to which I reply that, unlike them, we’re not bitter and twisted.

The boot is on the other foot this weekend.
We can relax and enjoy and cheer on the Blues.

What a relief that we have survived. I feared the worst when Gomes started.
Hopefully Frank has seen the light.

Onwards and upwards.

Barry Hesketh
6 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:33:54

Indeed there is much outrage at the scenes at Goodison last night, none moreso than this Newcastle supporting author… what is it about the Barcodes that they seem to think they are bigger and better than all but our neighbours? Trophyless kopites is what they are turning into.

As for the media decrying the 'celebrations' by Evertonians, I'd rather see last night's scenes because the club had avoided relegation than have to suffer one or more seasons of trying to gain promotion, with no guarantee that it would happen.

If any Blue wasn't aware that the media can spin anything to suit their own narrow narrative, this season has been an object lesson in how they do it and how it affects everybody from fans to officials. I hope that Everton FC are hardly mentioned in the national press during the summer, which wouldn't have been the case had we fallen through the trap-door.

Points deduction

I might add that the idiot who decided to abuse Vierra has no place inside Goodison Park and should be banned for life, we don't need that type of fan at Goodison and he has given the media the opportunity to put the boot into our club and the rest of us mostly good-natured and well-behaved fans.

Alan McGuffog
7 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:47:29
Regarding that holier-than-thou Geordie. I started going to Goodison in 1961. Used to be a season ticket holder. Went to all the big games (you'd have to explain what a big game is to a Geordie). In all my years, I have never once seen an Evertonian plant one on a police horse!
Gerry Killen
8 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:55:10
A special thanks to the Police and ground Security people for allowing fans onto the pitch, they could see it was all in good humor, had it been at an away ground the Batons would be out along with the horses, local Police know when its funny or not and went along with the atmosphere. That realy was a special night, one that will always be remembered in years to come, almost as good as Wembley 66 // cheers Gerry
Brent Stephens
9 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:56:23
Barry - that Geordie website now has a comment (I wonder who from!) about their own fan's attack on that police horse.
Neil Lawson
10 Posted 20/05/2022 at 11:56:28
Barry. On point. The scenes were of euphoria and celebration.

One idiot fan behaved as captured on video and his behaviour is totally unacceptable and the club should act quickly to help control the narrative. You can not in any circumstances condone his actions, but perhaps you can understand them (unless he was fuelled on something).

However, the biased and vindictive national media, in the main, are seeking to somehow excuse Viera's actions. We know what was said to him. It can not and does not justify the assault he launched upon the fan. Given his position of authority and his wider responsibility, he must be the subject of proper Police scrutiny, regardless of a formal complaint or not (as is happening).

He is guilty of common assault – S4 Public Order Act offences and should be sanctioned accordingly, by the Police, by the FA and by his club. I haven't yet read that he is offering any apology for his actions.
Fair commentary and true balance is required. Perhaps we should ask Carragher for his views… provided he washes his mouth out with soap first!!

Danny O’Neill
11 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:10:07
The Police and stewards handled it well, understanding the situation, policing it and letting the fans celebrate. There was no trouble, just celebration.

In my bizarre twist of fate last night, I sat amongst the Palace fans. They were great, but I told a couple of lads to try spend more time watching the football rather than goading the Everton fans in the Park End. Those around me laughed and patted me on the back. The steward wagged his finger but winked at me. Fair credit, the same lads came over to me at full time for a hand shake.

There will always be an idiot but the individual should be punished, not the vast majority who were simply celebrating.

It's like punishing all English clubs for the actions of one club.

Joe Corgan
12 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:11:16
Lol, Danny. When has that ever happened!? 😉
Graham Mockford
13 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:21:41

I have no problems with what Viera did but given todays histrionics and offence taking I’m sure it will be a media story and he will probably receive some punishment.

Try going into any pub in Liverpool and finding a 6ft-3in feller and call him a bald knobhead in his face and see what reaction you get.

Neil Lawson
14 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:27:43

Sorry, but whilst you can understand his reaction, and possibly even sympathise with him, you can not excuse nor condone his actions (nor the actions of the 6ft-3in knobhead in the pub).

Anthony Murphy
15 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:32:01
Re Newcastle - wannabe Kopites - how bad is that. It doesn’t get worse surely. Just sums that
up that they hate us and think they have a connection with the shite. Absolute wankers and the worst dressed people on the planet.

Our fans have been different class recently - something of a throwback at times to the days before half and half scarfs and travelling to the city centre wearing replica kits to sit in pubs watching the match, but we have never been and never will be favoured by the media. Whenever there is a feature on the history of the league/FA cup/Great goal scorers/European success etc etc, we never get a mention. Klopp poking his teeth in today has topped it off given their behaviour over the years

Graham Mockford
16 Posted 20/05/2022 at 12:42:13

I can condone what he did. He was surrounded by opposition fans acting with hostility. But apparently we can condone fans being on the pitch.

Some perspective required. Some idiot got the reaction he didn't expect but deserved. No one was hurt. Should be dealt with by the FA. Making it a police matter is a huge waste of time but sadly a sign of the times.

Thirty years ago Cloughie gave one his own fans a smack and the fan rocked up on the telly the following night apologising. Our idiot is probably at a solicitors today.

Phil Lewis
17 Posted 20/05/2022 at 13:06:08
A special mention for the courageous gentlemen in blue who guided Vieira away from the cowardly scum who were goading him.

They showed the true 'Spirit of the Blues'.

Rob Hooton
18 Posted 20/05/2022 at 13:16:24
The idiots surrounding and goading Viera deserved a slap from the big man and they should be found and banned for being muppets and bringing the club into disrepute - I hope that Viera gets off Scot free and am glad some sensible folk helped him.

It’s quite embarrassing seeing such wild celebrations after a dog awful season but understandable apart from the pitch invasion. I was happy and relieved and now there is every excuse for the FA or Premier League to throw the book at us. I wouldn’t bet against a bloody points deduction to be honest, just to rub our noses in it.

Matt Henderson
19 Posted 20/05/2022 at 13:35:15
Graham has the take on Viera 100% correct. The idiot that goaded Viera deserved a slap and hopefully it will make him reconsider further idiotic behaviour in future, and if it doesn't, then that lad has far more to worry about than being slapped because he is going nowhere in life.

Viera did not over-react - it's not like he hit him with a baseball bat or anything. As others have said - kudos to the other fans who de-escalated the situation and hopefully proved to those watching that the idiot is in a minority (though in today's world, that appears to be an ever-increasing minority of morons).

Jamie Crowley
20 Posted 20/05/2022 at 14:05:36
This whole pitch invasion thing is just absurd.

Yes, the fans were idiots to charge onto the pitch after the 3rd goal. Just dumb. On the replay (actually, like 20 or so replays I watched over and over and over) you can hear the fans booing the pitch invaders.


The post game whistle pitch invasion? For those of you who think that's poor form, my only response is in my best Joe Biden impersonation: C'mon man!

It was unbridled joy, relief, and celebration. It was completely peaceable. What in the holy heck is sport for, other than to witness great feats of human endeavor, and celebrate the special moments as only human beings can? It's why we watch and participate, for that moment we can all recognize how special some feats of humanity are - especially when we gather tribally in competition.

Just stop with all the nonsense of condemnation of swarming the pitch. It's really nonsense. The spontaneous burst of celebration of special moments should be celebrated, not condemned.

Your media over there is a freaking joke. Over here NBC was in awe of the Evertonians, the celebration, the community of fans lifting this shitty squad to safety. They rightly pointed out it's what sport and this game of soccer is all about.

While we're busy sanitizing so much about society, language, culture, etc., can we please leave sport out of it so we can come together and rejoice in the human spirit? Cry to the heavens with joy at the feats of what we consider "ours" and relish the skill, effort, determination, and will we witness?

God above, don't take that away from me.

I say well done to the post-game pitch invaders! You showed the world what being Blue means and the passion you hold for what is dear to you. Were I there, I'd have been right along side you, screaming and singing my lungs out. I hope you enjoyed your moment immensely, because those moments don't come around too often.

And to anyone on that Goodison field of green yesterday post-game, know you brought a massive amount of happiness to millions of Blues watching around the world. Well done!

No VPN needed here I believe to see the NBC take:

Peter Carpenter
21 Posted 20/05/2022 at 14:28:58
The goading of Vieira and Zaha was ugly, as was the alleged racist abuse in the Brentford game. We don't need that, please.

I think there might be repercussions from the pitch invasions. It was clear after the Calvert-Lewin goal that another was coming on the final whistle. The poor stewards can't do anything about it but could the referee have managed it better? He could have given a free-kick, told the players time is up and let them stand near the tunnel.

I feared for the Palace players particularly, having to get to that corner. Incidentally, why are we still doing that in the post-Covid period? They could come out from the main tunnel separately if need be.

And I noticed that Mr Taylor was one of the first off the pitch, doing a Linford Christie as soon as he had blown.

Roger Helm
22 Posted 20/05/2022 at 14:55:04
I checked out the link to the Newcastle fan site. In fact I have been on quite a few of the other fan forums and they all seem to be written by angry uneducated morons, who can’t type more than two lines at a time.

Does anyone know of any sensible fan forums of other clubs?

Gary Jones
23 Posted 20/05/2022 at 15:15:43
Funny some of the comments in that Newcastle fan rant. my particular favourites are "And the Merseyside police are investigating Vierra for assault, you couldnt make it up!" (Yes, little fella, who'd have thought kicking people who annoy you is illegal!?), the "always the victim" reply to that comment, and "Hillsborough was caused by pitch invaders".

What the fuckety-fuck?

Unfortunately, anti-scouse bigotry is something we suffer from! We are as much "Hated, wherever we may go" as we are "respected " for our fanatical support. But, we are the Goodison Gang. Altogether Now!

Brian Harrison
24 Posted 20/05/2022 at 15:44:08
I am sure the FA will hit Everton with a large fine for not controlling the fans and allowing 2 pitch invasions.

I know many were just young boys but I think with Billy Sharp being headbutted in the pitch invasion involving Sheff Utd and trouble at the Port Vale with yet another pitch invasion, and Viera being goaded by an idiot could see the FA jump all over Everton. I just hope they don't consider a points deduction which they are allowed to do, and just order a massive fine.

As many showed you can celebrate without running on to the pitch, and it denied the chance for the players and manager to come back out to thank the supporters.

Maybe Everton need to adopt what cricket did for anybody entering the pitch and issue a £20,000 fine.

Kevin Molloy
25 Posted 20/05/2022 at 16:34:27
Amazing the way the British press are running with this 'crowd trouble at Everton' narrative, after the unbridled joy of last night. Can we not have like half an hour in the sun?

Makes you realise we aren't really well wished by the footballing powers. I am reminded of that line in War of the Worlds read out by Morgan Freeman when the aliens (Kopite pundit equivalent) 'regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.'

John McFarlane Snr
26 Posted 20/05/2022 at 16:39:05
HI Brian,

I'm not familiar with punishments regarding pitch invasions, but I think that a points deduction would have caught my attention.

If indeed it was applied to Everton, I would suspect, like many others on this site, that The Premier League and the Football Association, for whatever reason, have an unhealthy attitude to Everton FC, and I also think that this decision could and should be challenged.

Danny O’Neill
27 Posted 20/05/2022 at 16:45:30
The crowd were telling the fans to get off the pitch after the mini-invasion following the 3rd goal. It was stupid and gave me flash backs to that Bournemouth gave a few years back. All I was thinking was more time added and low and behold, 7 minutes got put up. My already under pressure heart sank and I didn't want to check my pulse rate.

To repeat myself, at the end, you can give the fans that. The police and stewards did well to allow but control it. For someone who grew up in the 80s, there was no Millwall like malicious intent like seen at Luton. Just sheer outpouring of joy.

Brian Wilkinson
28 Posted 20/05/2022 at 16:53:20
It's not taken the BBC and Klopp long to comment on pitch invasions... did he not once run onto the pitch during a derby game, while the game was still in action, cheeky fucker!

Be interesting to see if his own fans keep off the pitch if they win one of their next two games.

Admittedly, the first pitch invasion was stupid and could have cost us, but the one on full time, I remember seeing the stewards getting into position and thinking, "You've no chance in hell on the final whistle!" They got swallowed up big time.

Peter Neilson
29 Posted 20/05/2022 at 16:56:51
I think Blackpool had a suspended points deduction a little while ago for a match that had to be abandoned.

I'm finding the media driven agenda on this pretty exaggerated. What's new? It started straight after the game with the ridiculous Colin Murray on the BBC. It's now continued with pitch invader Klopp getting involved and now Eddie Howe.

Apparently it doesn't sit right with Eddie but he's no qualms about working for a murderer. Spare me their moralising.

Gary Jones
30 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:04:47
Short of putting barriers up, what the feck are the club supposed to do to stop that? What about the plod? Should they be fined and have points deducted? That’d be ridiculous, right? Absolutely no different. Indeed, in the RACI model, the plod are definitely the R.

As far as I know, the ONLY injury was to the pride of the knobhead getting in Viera’s face and getting his arse kicked. Identity him and give him a 12-18 month ban. Same with anyone else who crossed the line. The head butter in Lower leagues already in nick, and that’s right thing to do…..punish the offender.

Can’t punish people for being ‘scary’ or for ‘what might have happened’ because that’s a law that knows nothing about liberty. “Some big animated fella was raving to me about the result….I felt threatened. Lock him up!!”. WTF.

Hope there’s another load of invasions this weekend….as long as no one hurt, it’ll shut them up about us.

Matthew Williams
31 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:09:51
So the Geordies want us docked eight points!

Good luck with that boys... yawn.

Christopher Timmins
32 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:16:29
The incursion after Calvert-Lewin's goal was out of order and all those who took part should face some form of punishment by the club.

The throwing of objects or entering onto the playing field during the course of a game has just got to stop.

I have a little more sympathy for those who entered the playing field after the final whistle but only a little. There have been a number of incidents recently as a result of after match incursions up and down the country and it has got to stop. It's only a matter of time before someone gets badly hurt.

Phil Wood
33 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:28:05

Alan Brasil calling for retribution for his pal Patrick Vierra.

Stop listening to this ranting fool.

It's enough to give you a siege mentality.

Media have always loved raining on our parade.

John McFarlane Snr
34 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:41:23
Hi all, I've just read on the BBC sports bulletin that West Ham were fined £100,000 in 2018, Aston Villa £200,000 in 2015, and Birmingham £42,500 in 2019. They all slipped under my radar and I should imagine, that of many others.
Pete Clarke
35 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:42:01
Before any enquirers happen they will need to wait until this weekends games are done because there could be pitch invasions at Brentford, Burnley, Man City or hopefully not, at Anfield.

Going back many years ago, at the end of our second leg of the Milk Cup semi-final at Villa Park, which put us into the final, loads of Evertonians climbed over the fence to jump on the pitch.

My mate jump off the fence and literally flattened a copper and immediately jumped back over the fence into the crowd realizing what he'd done. Looking back, it was funny but, if that happened today, he'd be eating porridge for a while, I reckon.

I don't want barriers up to stop this but we need to get the message across that it's a no-go.

Christy Ring
36 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:57:38
I read the Newcastle spin on the pitch invasion last night, totally over the top, but I think the editor was in 6th class for 12 years
Dennis Stevens
37 Posted 20/05/2022 at 17:57:54
One thing I found rather strange, was seeing Viera wandering across the crowded pitch on his own. Surely a celebratory pitch invasion was anticipated and planned for? And those plans communicated to all relevant parties – such as the opposition manager?! I somehow doubt any such plans would have included him just wandering off on his own.

It's just a shame that he wandered past such a complete dickhead!

Mike Gaynes
38 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:13:57
Worth pointing out IMO that the first "invasion" lasted 2 minutes, that's all. Dom's goal went in at 84:34. The fans ran on. By 86:40, the pitch was completely cleared. There was another one-minute delay for a video review, and Crystal Palace kicked off at 87:42.

No big deal.

Jerome Shields
39 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:13:59
It really unbelievable how pitch invasions have become the Media Hot spot with footage of Goodison to the fore in most reports.
Nick Page
40 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:22:36
I see the cry arsing has begun from all the usual suspects. Tell them all to fuck off.
Brian Williams
41 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:32:48
It's ironic that BBC news just showed a clip of Klopp (say that out loud) asking for calm and not to invade the pitch. Hmmmmm, this from a man who ran onto the pitch to celebrate with his goalkeeper "during" a derby match.

That apart, it's an offence for supporters to go on the pitch, end of. Was last night's invasion to be expected under the circumstances? Of course.

Does that make it right and okay? Afraid not.

Do the actions of a few knobheads who can't just celebrate but have to goad and harrass the opposition complicate things? It does, and leaves us open to punishment and scrutiny.

However, UTFT!

Bill Gienapp
42 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:41:20
The funniest comment I saw from a Newcastle supporter was that the Premier League bends over backwards to protect us because we're their "blue-eyed darling." Just goes to show that people really do live in realities of their making.
Chris Leyland
43 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:42:51
The media, infested with redshite telly clappers have been desperate for us to go down. They will try to spin this for all it's worth and come up with loads of crap.

Whilst the fan who goaded Vieira was bang out of order, the response from Vieira was disproportionate and is potentially assault. Provocation is not a legal defence to assault and Vieria's actions could have made the situation a lot worse. He will be lucky to escape a charge (legal and FA) for what he did. Mind you, if that was Klopp, it would have been a penalty to Liverpool.

Shane Corcoran
44 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:44:18
So it's an absolute disgrace to call a person a bald knobhead to his face.

However, from the safety of your designated seat, you can pretty much call any player anything you want, except if it's racist. Note racism doesn't extend to “You Scouse Bastard”.

Peter Neilson
45 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:49:02
United’s game postponed last season after the anti Glazer protest ended up on the pitch. There were also clashes with the police. No repercussions at all and no media outrage. Premier League refused to comment on their decision. Media was probably torn as they couldn’t decide on which of their two pets to back.
Joe Corgan
46 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:53:56
Klopp’s explanation for his one-man pitch invasion in 2018 was “I couldn’t stop myself.”
Shane Corcoran
47 Posted 20/05/2022 at 18:54:15
Bill #41, you do realise that any non Evertonian (as well as me) could apply your last statement to the majority of ToffeeWeb users?

All relatively unsuccessful teams’ fans think they’re discriminated against.

It’s truly perplexing to me that that isn’t obvious to others.

Charles Brewer
48 Posted 20/05/2022 at 19:02:51
Elsewhere, there is a report about an Everton supporter who wound up amongst the Palace supporters who turned out to be a decent mob. In 1995, I sat in amongst a bunch of Manchester United fans who also behaved perfectly well despite their surprise at being beaten by Everton. I've even sat amongst Chelsea fans (along the sides of the pitch admittedly) and never had anything but commiserations or some standard abuse about Scousers.

So when an overexcited Everton fan makes a couple of gestures at the Palace manager (who'd just seen his team lose a remarkable match in which Palace had no interest apart from playing) it would seem that physical violence is to be expected.

It turns out that Viera, in 307 matches managed the same number of red cards (8) as our beloved but somewhat physical Duncan Ferguson in a similar number of matches (307 to 269), and almost twice as many yellows, and managed 6 more yellows than the known thug Carragher despite playing just under 200 fewer games.

This man is a disgusting violent thug who deserves the full weight of the law thrown at him. Someone making a gesture at you is not grounds for flat out assault.

Bill Gall
49 Posted 20/05/2022 at 19:05:29
Is this the first pitch invasion that has ever happened?

I think I have seen 3 this week…

Bill Gienapp
50 Posted 20/05/2022 at 19:14:48
Shane (46) - I actually agree, I think every fanbase suffers from a persecution complex to a certain degree (even the RS, which is probably the most comical). The juxtaposition in perception just struck me as particularly amusing.
Shane Corcoran
51 Posted 20/05/2022 at 19:17:39
Bill, I find the notion itself amusing but it’s only the Blues that I read daily.
John McFarlane Snr
52 Posted 20/05/2022 at 19:33:00
Hi Bill, [50] am I right in thinking that your question is a [sarcastic] tongue in cheek enquiry, there have been many pitch invasions over the years, some violent others celebratory. I was involved in one only, that being at Goodison Park when at two months away from my 25th birthday, I trod the hallowed turf to celebrate Everton's 4-1 victory over Fulham, a victory that clinched the League Championship in 1963.
John Keating
53 Posted 20/05/2022 at 20:24:21
Load of nonsense.

Suppose they would have liked 30-odd thousand to sit in their seats politely clapping and saying "Well done, chaps."

No malice whatsoever, considering most of us have lost sleep and hair this season as well as a significant number of PTSD cases, a pitch invasion is negligible.

As with VAR they're trying to make footy as sterile as they can.

Jamie @12 – good post.

Will Mabon
54 Posted 20/05/2022 at 20:28:54
The most balanced response to the pitch invasion I saw came from Lampard - a BBC interview, I think it was, whether or not an Everton employee.

Everything just has to be an exaggerated, engineered drama with the same old kit of memes today, makes me sick.

Neil Lawson
55 Posted 20/05/2022 at 20:36:06
Charles Brewer 48. 👍
Andy Finigan
56 Posted 20/05/2022 at 20:40:39
By the way, 10,000 fanatical supporters on the pitch and only one kicking off was – guess who?

Our fans also protected and cajoled him safely to where he wanted to be.

Like Fank said, nothing wrong with pitch invasions if the fans behave. We did!

Paul Hewitt
57 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:22:32
Dock clubs points, it will soon stop.
Christopher Nicholls
58 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:24:15
As for Mr Viera, if he kicked a fan, whatever the provocation, I expect him to be watching from the stands next season.

Now I never want an easy game, but I lost all respect for the man last night. I believe he set up and motivated the team to play recklessly and without concern for players' welfare. Given the absolute nothing that was riding on the game for them, and after losing 3 goals in the second half that was very much bossed by us, he was aggro to the end.

Sorry for the french, but fuck him.

Danny O’Neill
59 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:31:49
I suppose you could draw parallels to justifying Cantona's kick at a fan because he was goaded?

I don't condone it and fans frustrate me, but when you are in a senior professional position, you conduct yourself in a certain way and exercise constraint. It goes with the territory.

But I'll reiterate, stop this Park End thing. Get both teams coming out and going back into the Main Stand.

Bernie Quinn
60 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:32:04
I think I am going into shock! Woke up this morning and switched the TV on to hear that Merseyside Police arrested 4 people at Goodison for invading the pitch and using pyrotechnics.

And then the FA is investigating the incident, reviewing the rules re pitch invasion, and possible penalties to the clubs involved.

Why is it always our club they pick on? Are we hated that much by the FA - the Premier League, and other clubs?

My joyfulness of yesterday has now turned into despair. Why has my celebrating been ruined?

Brendan McLaughlin
61 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:34:38

If the Everton fan was a "mindless moron"... how would you describe the thug masquerading as a football manager who resorted to violence?

Christopher Nicholls
62 Posted 20/05/2022 at 21:40:39
Lost ALL respect for Viera, yesterday. I thought the way he set up his team to play recklessly and conducted himself in what was always going to be a fraught atmosphere showed a complete and utter lack of class.

I sincerely hope he spends next year in the stands.

Chris Hockenhull
63 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:10:13
Now a leader item on ITN News at 10. This is something not to dismiss. Repercussions could be serious – especially with the Notts Forest incident in the same week. Fucking idiots.
Andy Finigan
64 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:19:21
Let's get this into perspective – our excited fans got onto the pitch and sang their hearts out, young and old. No aggression – just relief and enjoyment. Please don't let the media make it anything else.
Oliver Molloy
65 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:20:54
Come on, Brendan,

If this was Lampard or even any Everton player, you would be going off your fucking head defending him or would you?

From what I have seen, the guy went out of his way to provoke Viera – why?

Fair play to Viera for having the balls to stand up to him – he was on his Jack Jones on a pitch with 100's of fans all around him.

Is Duncan Ferguson a thug?

Peter Neilson
66 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:28:18
A couple of days of media hysteria ahead. FA statement is about stamping out pitch invasions in future. Good luck with point deductions. A few blues in replica Brentford/Watford tops would have saved us a lot of anguish.
Tony Hill
67 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:29:35
Oliver @84, spot on; I thought Vieira joined in the fun, if a little exuberantly - top fella and much better than that manically grinning Respiratory Consultant, Dr. Klopp.
Gary Jones
69 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:33:08
Who got hurt Chris? Fucking idiot.
Brendan McLaughlin
71 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:40:38
Oliver #84,

The Everton fan was certainly out of order but it doesn't excuse Viera resorting to violence when there was no direct physical threat to him. Viera was walking off the pitch surrounded by Everton fans but not as far as we can see threatened with physical attack...it was he who opted to resort to violence.

Not sure why you reference Lampard or Duncan... Eric Cantona is surely the most relevant example and he was found to be in the wrong.

Graham Mockford
75 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:50:10

The idiot got less than he deserved which was a good right hander. Of course the FA will reprimand him... but the police? World's going fucking mad!

Stan Schofield
76 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:52:25
The fan who shouted and stuck his finger up at Vierra is an idiot, and should be banned from attending games.

Vierra is an idiot for responding in the way he did. His response was inappropriate and probably assault. Utterly unnecessary, especially from a supposed professional. If every player and manager responded like that to verbal crap thrown at them, the game would be in chaos. He clearly should be sanctioned for his action.

Andy Finigan
77 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:58:59
Graham the only idiet was Viera. I got locked up for far less when I was younger. stop condoning assault. Our fans were superb and showed restraint.
Tom Bowers
78 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:00:20
We know pitch invasions are not allowed but they happen because football is a highly passionate game it can sometimes be excused on very emotional nights like this one.

Of course action will prevail by the authorities in some form as long as the same punishment is administered to the top clubs when their fans do the same.

Oliver Molloy
79 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:01:02
What I am saying Brendan is that if this had been the Everton manager being provoked your opinion would be most likely different and I do not agree with your "thug" tag on Vierra.

Although I get all the euphoria of us staying up and fans going on to the pitch, bottom line is they shouldn't have, just like when we took the lead and the ref added 7 fucking minutes - just silly.

The fan went out of his way to provoke, and got it back - as I said fair play to Vierra for having the balls to stand up to him.

Long term it's not a good idea to go on the pitch.

Brendan McLaughlin
80 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:02:00

If your world allows someone to physically attack an exuberant supporter going to the extreme but still remaining within the realms of only verbal attack... I'm relieved I live in a world that's "going fucking mad"!

Andy Finigan
82 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:06:50
Sorry Stan don't agree with you. Why would you want to ban one of your own fans for getting kicked to the floor for sticks and stones.
Brendan McLaughlin
83 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:11:19
From the pictures...the Everton fan looked a lot smaller and a lot younger than Viera...not the sort of "balls" I've ever looked up to!
Mike Gaynes
84 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:16:55
Stan's right (#96). This was a nothing-burger confrontation between two people acting like morons. The fan had no business getting up in Vieira's face. Vieira had no business taking a kick at him. The club should slap the fan. The league should slap Vieira. Maybe they'll both be less stupid in the future. Done.
Bernie Quinn
85 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:19:54
Re my post at 78. Sorry but I haven't seen a reply to allay my worries. Should I feel concerned? We don't have the same amount of media abuse here in New Zealand, but I know I feel miserable again.

Christine – you must have seen the same stuff – what are your thoughts? Am I right to be so worried about the club being picked on?

Stan Schofield
86 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:25:53
Andy@103: Vierra should be sanctioned for the Everton fan being kicked to the floor. Both by the FA and the police. No excuse for it.

The Everton fan should be banned for his idiotic behaviour of shouting at Vierra (telling him to fuck off etc). No excuse for it.

Both the fan and Vierra are idiots and should be made an example of. This kind of shit brings the game into disrepute, and unfortunately has given the rag media the opportunity to have another biased go at Everton.

Brent Stephens
87 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:26:47
Given other very recent end-of-season pitch invasions and some associated violence, I would have thought the authorities would have planned this better - a pre-arranged signal from the ref to the linesmen, players and coaching staff that he was close to blowing for the end of the game, so that they could all move towards and then run to the same tunnel, with police and stewards also at the ready to ptotect them. The FA should issue guidance?

Given that that didin't happen, I was surprised Vieira would walk unaccompanied (?) to the away team's exit. But he did.

The fans goading him were wrong to do so. If they can be identified, then a proportionate sanction from the club (and would the police count that as threateneing behaviour as well? so...).

Vieria's reaction was disproportionate, if understandable. Similarly, a proportionate sanction from the FA and the police?

Brendan McLaughlin
88 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:32:49
Bernie #106,

RTFT or "Read the full thread"

There are a few posts on here which have dismissed the FFP claims as nonsense. As for the pitch invasion... a fine perhaps... it certainly won't mean a points deduction.

Andy Finigan
89 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:34:54
Don't agree Stan if Viera had been professional and walked of like 99.9 %of well paid managers, no one would be questioning not only some one giving him stick but also bringing our fans into disrespute
Bernie Quinn
90 Posted 20/05/2022 at 23:57:04
Thanks Brendan for your reply - I panic too easily I'm afraid, but waking up to all the anti-Everton stuff, really put me off my Weetbix! Feel much better now so Thanks again
Jerome Shields
92 Posted 20/05/2022 at 00:29:05
I avoid conspiracy theories regarding VAR and Ref decisions. By the turn in the Media Coverage to Pitch Invasions with Everton a high profile example and Burnley and Leeds pushing the FA on Everton finances it is hard not to think that something is not being orchestrated. Will be glad to see the back of this Season after celebrations at Highbury-

The Management selection process.
Agent Benitez
The FFP threat.
£1. 5 million on transfers
Medical Service sacking.
Strategic Planning and Review for the Birds.
The awful run over the Xmas.
Fans select the New Manager.
More injured players than fit players.
Home town decisions regarding recruitment.
Sanctions and Associates.
Beat by all lower table Cliubs
Relegation dog fight.
And now the above.

We all have lived in Nut Country this season, the sooner out of it the better. The only lucky thing that happen was that a Super yacht was not tied to Bramley Dock.

Jerome Shields
93 Posted 20/05/2022 at 00:29:06
I avoid conspiracy theories regarding VAR and Ref decisions. By the turn in the Media Coverage to Pitch Invasions with Everton a high profile example and Burnley and Leeds pushing the FA on Everton finances it is hard not to think that something is not being orchestrated. Will be glad to see the back of this Season after celebrations at Highbury-

The Management selection process.
Agent Benitez
The FFP threat.
£1. 5 million on transfers
Medical Service sacking.
Strategic Planning and Review for the Birds.
The awful run over the Xmas.
Fans select the New Manager.
More injured players than fit players.
Home town decisions regarding recruitment.
Sanctions and Associates.
Beat by all lower table Cliubs
Relegation dog fight.
And now the above.

We all have lived in Nut Country this season, the sooner out of it the better. The only lucky thing that happen was that a Super yacht was not tied to Bramley Dock.

Brendan McLaughlin
94 Posted 21/05/2022 at 00:46:26
You "avoid conspiracy theoriess" as much as Boris Johnson avoided parties in No 10 during Covid!
Looking forward to much more from Jerome Shields' in the continuing drama "GoodisonEnders" next episode...I mean season..duff, duff, duff, duff, duff...duff duff (popular soap music btw)
Terry Downes
95 Posted 21/05/2022 at 01:18:10
Might be me but in all those celebrations I never saw big Dunc anywhere ? does anyone know what happened to him on the night ?.
Will Mabon
96 Posted 21/05/2022 at 01:31:03
Terry, he was there alright. Go onto the SAFE!!! thread and watch the link posted by Ron Marr in the last post, you'll see him in that.
Jerome Shields
97 Posted 21/05/2022 at 08:56:46

You cannot beat the Ref

'Goodisonenders '? more Les Miserables..

Hope you are enjoying Evertons Survival.

Peter Mills
98 Posted 21/05/2022 at 09:33:19
Whatever the rights and wrongs of the pitch invasions, the 20 minutes after the match on Thursday was one of the greatest, most emotional things I’ve ever experienced.

Stan Schofield
99 Posted 21/05/2022 at 09:34:40
Andy@110: If Vierra had simply walked iff without responding, the incident would not now be in the media, and the pitch invasion at Goodison would be covered no differently from other recent pitch invasions.

Professionals like Vierra have a DUTY (which is not negotiable) to act professionally, it’s as simple as that.

Tony Abrahams
100 Posted 21/05/2022 at 09:46:46
I was a bit disappointed in the young Everton fan goading Vierra, because the night belonged to Evertonians, and even though the kid who got kicked wasn’t old, he should have just been celebrating for Everton imo, which was what 999.999% of that crowd was doing.

I think the fella with the kid on his shoulder, and then the man who put his arm around Vierra to guide him away, showed the true colours of most Bluenoses, whilst the ultra-competitive Vierra, was probably just being himself, after responding to something that was completely uncalled for.

Oliver Molloy
101 Posted 21/05/2022 at 09:53:04
So managers have a duty and fans don't?

Do we know if the fan said anything to Viera during the very obvious goading and provaction – most likely – which is probably why Viera has said nothing.

This could have turned very nasty if other supporters had got involved and, if it had, I know who I would hold responsible.

I hope this fan is found out and the club does the right thing and bans him, but I suspect this will not happen.

As I say, if this was Lampard who had been in Viera's position, all you accusing him of being unprofessional would no doubt change your opinion. Let's not pretend!

Steve Brown
102 Posted 21/05/2022 at 09:56:26
A case of the shit hitting the fan.

So, in normal life it is okay to hit someone because they say something you don’t like?

Some screwed up logic there. The fan shouldn’t be banned, but Viera should.

Steve Brown
103 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:00:14
There has been proper edge from the team, managers and fans in the last three months that has saved us. "Nice Everton" who roll over and allow other teams to tickle our belly and referees to take the piss out of us has been nowhere it sight.

That is definitely an issue among some fans - I have heard and read comments like "is this really us?", "we are better than this", "we are turning into them'". By that, I assume we mean perennial losers?

The conflicted mentality was shown after the match with the angst about the pitch invasions - do me a favour. Football is emotion and the second and third goals were moments of unbridled ecstasy after months of pure stress and churning tension. Take that out of football and what is the point?

Stan Schofield
104 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:06:05

Get a grip, man! If Lampard had done what Viera had done, he'd get exactly the same criticism from me. Do not make assumptions about the reasoning of others!

Fans do have a duty, and should be banned if they don't behave in line with it. Managers have a duty, and should be sanctioned if they don't behave in line with it.

No wonder the game has become increasingly unattractive.

Brian Williams
105 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:08:45
Have to say I'm surprised at some of the holier than thou attitudes on here. I wonder what sort of world some live in where they believe they could shout and scream in somebody's face, abusing them aggressively, and not get a smack.

May I suggest a Friday night out in town where they could carry out a little experiment and do what the idiot did to Viera? Any takers? I'll gladly accompany you to record the experiment, oh and call the ambulance. 😉

Stan Schofield
106 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:18:52
Brian, I’d probably give such a gobshite a smack, and in professional life I’ve felt like smacking a few arsehole bullshitting politicians. But, I haven’t and I don’t.

Vierra is a high profile figure, on TV, what kind of example to youngsters is it? There’s a difference between giving someone a deserved smack in private, and giving them one in such high profile. What the hell happened to sensible restraint and acting like a responsible adult?

A top level football field is not the same environment as the centre of town on a Saturday night. There are other constraints to be applied, and need to be adhered to. And it’s not negotiable.

Barry Hesketh
107 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:23:23
Listening to varous outlets, you would be forgiven for thinking that the fans are merely an inconveniance for the governing bodies and the clubs. Punish the clubs with points deductions, how does that prevent people encroaching, it might be a deterrent for some, but not for all, and how do you punish a club that has won a play-off match?

If several thousand people decide to encroach onto the pitch, how do you prevent that from happening? Does the club only allow fans to sit ten or twenty rows from the front of a stadium? What do you do about those who have already purchased their season tickets in the front rows? Do you identify each and every pitch invader and ban them from attending the stadium?

Any of the end of game pitch encroachers who broke the law, like the bloke who head-butted a player, should be dealt with by the law as he has been. The talking heads seem to have plenty to say, but offer little to provide a proper solution to the issue. Events like Thursday's only occur in certain types of matches at certain points in the season, therefore they can be predicted as high-risk, but preventing a mass pitch invasion isn't as simple as is made out, of course fans can regulate their own personal behaviour and that would possibly lead to fewer people taking part, but it won't completely prevent it from happening.

Brian Harrison
108 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:29:52
I think the FA have said that the pitch invasions need to stop and will no doubt look to implement procedures to stop this happening and rightly so.

I personally think that the prat who goaded Viera, pushing his mobile into his face, should be banned for life – a complete moron.

How come we are the only club still having away teams use a different pitch entrance and exit to the home team? Obviously the ref knew what to expect after the mini invasion when Calvert-Lewin scored, he signalled to his linesman to get ready to run and he ran towards the tunnel while blowing his whistle.

Brian Williams
109 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:48:47
Stan #106,

A top level football field is not the same environment as the centre of town on a Saturday night.

Stan, that top level football pitch was a "worse" environment for Viera than the centre of town on a Saturday night in this instance, can you not see that? Watch the footage again.

He was surrounded by thousands of supporters of the opposition in a highly charged and potentially dangerous situation. Some of those supporters (one in particular, in this case), instead of celebrating, chose to aggressively abuse him. He was vulnerable and unprotected. Sensible restraint and acting like a responsible adult?

Jeez, Stan, you even start your post with ~"I'd probably give a gobshite like that a smack."

Real world mate, real world!

Eddie Dunn
110 Posted 21/05/2022 at 10:56:37
Every club has badly behaved idiots. The guy goading Viera is an example of very bad manners, especially as we had just won such an mportant game.
As for Viera, his behaviour on the street is classed as "assault", and I imagine a court of law would reprimand him as the goading is no reason to punch and kick.
As a professional in the public eye, Viera will be well aware of his responsibility and will have dealt with many similar idiots.
He should be fined.
Stan Schofield
111 Posted 21/05/2022 at 11:03:17
Brian, in the real world where there are potentially dangerous situations, do you know what the most powerful action most often is? Answer: To do nothing and simply walk away. If you are unable to walk away, then it has to be handled accordingly. But Vierra could have carried on walking away and not responded to the idiot.

Now, that is unquestionably what he should have done. All he has done is give the idiot a bit of fame which he might love so he can brag to his mates that he got a ride out of Vierra, a high profile figure. Vierra isn’t a supporter, he’s not an ordinary bloke at the match, he’s a professional manager who should operate to standards.

That is the real world mate, it’s not an action film with Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington or Jason Statham.

Chris Corn
113 Posted 22/05/2022 at 01:02:57
Brian, there was no threat posed to Viera. He walked past the lad and reacted, turned and grabbed him then kicked him. There were numerous cops within shouting distance he could have summoned. He can't claim self-defence and has assaulted the lad and he knows it.

In fairness to other fans, they intervened as well.

He got stick from Roy Keane in the tunnel. Didn't see him boot him up the arse. He also will get stick from the stands, so is he justified in wading in there like Cantona?

He could have simply just walked off the pitch and back to the dressing room.

Rob Hooton
114 Posted 22/05/2022 at 12:42:30
Stan I think you have mentioned the law a couple of times in your posts - it is against the law to encroach on the pitch and Viera should have been able to stroll off the pitch without a care in the world and certainly without any dickheads in his face, his reaction is understandable to many.

We all know why fans are not penned in cages in this country any more - we risk that being brought back with any further encroachments.

Will Mabon
115 Posted 22/05/2022 at 13:10:48
It's easy sat here to say Viera should've walked away. Some would, some wouldn't. Fact is though, the safest thing was to just look forward and keep walking.

Luckily, when he kicked out then stepped up square a couple of times, people backed away. Things being as they sometimes are, it could've turned to a situation of him down on the floor in a kicking circle - but it didn't.

This said, it's regretful that such a big deal is being made of it. No-one hurt, and just this one incident in all that emotional melee on the pitch. Not bad. The philosophical view though, has little standing now in Dramaville.

Brian Williams
116 Posted 22/05/2022 at 13:19:45
Well firstly I'd say Viera's actions were NOT grossly disproportionate and I reckon, bearing in mind what happened with Sheffield United on Tuesday, that he used pre-emptive force to stop an attack happening.
That would constitute self defence.
He was doing nothing wrong, just trying to leave the field of play minding his own business, when someone, who had already broken the law by entering the field of play, thrust his phone very close to his face and started screaming obscenities at him.
That person wasn't alone, but had thousands of others who had also just broken the law around him.
There were NOT numerous cops within shouting distance he could have called and it takes less than a second to deliver a blow that could kill.
The situation was out totally the of control of the police and the stewards and he felt threatened, and if any of you had been involved in, or witnessed first hand, how quickly someone can be stabbed, punched, or otherwise have their life put at risk I think you'd see it differently.
Stan if you think that violence, is like, and only happens in those films you mentioned, you've probably never witnessed real violence up close because your stance on this is naive in the extreme, IMHO.

Stan Schofield
117 Posted 22/05/2022 at 22:04:47

I never said what you said I said in your final sentence, where you said I said it, as would be apparent to you if you read what I actually said in the part relating to what you said I said that I actually didn't say.

Glad that's cleared up.

Phil Wood
118 Posted 22/05/2022 at 22:30:43
Interesting to see what happens in the media tomorrow as the league Champions fans assaulted the Villa goalie.pr>If we have points deducted then City would have to too.

This must take pressure off our position as they are not going to take the Premier League title off them.

Bernie Quinn
119 Posted 23/05/2022 at 01:43:43
Like you Phil, I will be watching with interest, the FA's reaction to the Man City v Villa game.
Pete Clarke
120 Posted 23/05/2022 at 03:43:47
Bit disappointed in the Leeds fans not getting on the pitch actually. I had money on that !
Brian Wilkinson
121 Posted 23/05/2022 at 19:42:25
Someone touched on all the Conspiracies we have had go against us this season, right down to having 5 players being sent off after the letter of apology we received.

Now we have them jumping all over a pitch invasion.

One other thing that jumped out at me yesterday was the Iwobi handball, for the next three minutes the commentator kept saying, var are still reviewing this, until finally they thought it should be worth a look on the screen, suddenly the shirt sleeve rule goes right out of the window and the ref gives a penalty.

But for anyone still unsure of everything gone against us, how ironic is it, that not one single opposition player, has received either 2 yellow cards in one game, or a straight Red in the Premier league this season, when they have faced Everton, if I have missed a team being down to ten men against us, I apologise beforehand.

Bernie Quinn
122 Posted 24/05/2022 at 03:47:47
Now that the Premier League Champions have joined the list of pitch invasion and assault, wouldn't it be a nice gesture - as it's the end of the season for the FA.

It would be like the US President granting a General Pardon, or amnesty to all complaints and offences on and off the field? It would be surely appreciated by all the clubs and help them prepare for the new season. Just a thought...

Michael Kenrick
123 Posted 25/05/2022 at 20:50:12
Common sense seems to have prevailed regarding the Vieira incident:

"On Monday, Merseyside police announced that Vieira would not be facing any criminal charges. They stated that neither the Frenchman or the supporter involved wished to make a formal complaint about the incident at Goodison Park, or wanted a prosecution to follow after they were spoken to by officers." – The Athletic.

Let's hope that draws a line under it. Although the FA investigation into pitch invasions continues...

Brent Stephens
124 Posted 25/05/2022 at 21:13:54
Merci instead of merde.
Tony Abrahams
125 Posted 25/05/2022 at 21:51:21
I'm glad about this, Michael, and must also add that I've never seen Merseyside police have so much common sense when policing games before.

This definitely helped make the incredible scenes that were witnessed before the Palace game so much more enjoyable for anyone who had a smoke-bomb, a flare, or was just setting fireworks off!

Paul Birmingham
126 Posted 25/05/2022 at 22:36:40
Ditto Tony, and if only the Premier League referees, in their use and translation of the VARs, could gain such wisdom, as shown by the Police last Thursday, basically all day.

Hope eternal, all matters Everton.

Peter Andrew
127 Posted 03/06/2022 at 11:24:57
Hi, this not Everton-related but I ran on the pitch at the end of the Palace game. I was in tears – my team had just won to stay up... but my wife walked out on me.

She had been having an affair for 5 months. I did not have a bloody clue. She's gone to live with this twat!! And he's a Red!!!

Christine Foster
128 Posted 03/06/2022 at 12:44:04
Peter, sorry to hear that, in fairness you may have been distraught this season and oblivious to the signs. You could always claim diminished responsibility being an Evertonian.

An affair is one thing, but an affair with a Red... that borders on unforgivable. It's clear where your true love lies... L4.

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