Everton have unveiled the fourth and final phase of the ALL seasonal membership packages for the new Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and ToffeeWeb, along with a couple of other Everton fan groups, were given exclusive access to Everton’s immersive showroom last November to get more than a flavour of our beautiful new stadium and the stadium bars and pubs that will be on offer. 

Arriving at the plush Liver Buildings standing tall and proud on the Liverpool dock, we were greeted warmly by Darren Bentley, PR Manager at Everton FC; and then introduced to Vicky Jaycock, Head of Premium Sales at Everton Stadum team.

Moving into a boardroom of sorts on the ground floor, we generally discussed what we were about to see – an exclusive insight into the exciting development of the all-encompassing hospitality spaces which will adorn our magnificent upcoming new stadium, on the banks of the River Mersey.

Before diving straight into the launch, we were given an insight into the detail and planning that has gone into making this something special. It’s more than fair to say that no stone has been left unturned in the club’s quest to make this the very best in the league. If it doesn’t become the best, it really won’t be far away. The team have done an exceptional job in delivering this. The project knowledge from Vicky and Luke particularly is second to none. Any question you asked, they quickly had the answer. Everything about the stadium, the hospitality areas, the planning, is truly second to none.

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Anyone who has attended Tottenham Hotspur Stadium returns very impressed. This will be similar. The team have been in contact with their Tottenham Hotspur counterparts multiple times to tune this to be the best it can. The fundamental difference between the two? Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been created very much with additional events, such as NFL games and Beyonce gigs for example, in mind, and so the signage is very digital-based and changeable. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s a very smart move. The Everton Stadium team have taken a different path of making Everton Stadium our own and keeping signage all about us. Don’t worry, there will still be gigs!

Getting this right is imperative. For at least the next decade, the likelihood of a rival team building a new stadium is remote. Arsenal – they have one. Manchester City – they have one. Liverpool – they are developing theirs. Newcastle United – there probably isn’t a need. Manchester United – perhaps a need, but the likelihood of a whole new build is not a reality. It’s difficult to see a situation where another club would be doing this.

Moving on up to the showroom, we were introduced to the welcoming Luke Shannon, New Stadium Premium Sales. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the project matched Vicky’s and they were able to answer any questions without hesitation. You really feel in safe hands with these guys.

We were shown an Everton ‘wall’, pictured below. You could stare at this for hours… we nearly did. It’s adorned with memorable match programmes from the Dixie Dean era through to the European Cup Winners Cup Final against Rapid Vienna and beyond. A screen shows constant memorable footage, 20 iconic framed photographs adorn the wall, some crucial to our fabric, others not, but all fabulous. One is of Leon Osman for example, screaming with determined delight, presumably after scoring that winner against Manchester City. Another is of Pat van den Hauwe and Kevin Ratcliffe. And then all sorts of photographs and memories make up the wallpaper… away to the right as you head on through is Steven Pienaar jigging with his beaming smile having scored that beautiful goal versus Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

Moving through to the next area, Darren promised us goosebumps. A small cinema room showed the animated fly through of the stadium, from the detail in the sky of cars on the street, through into Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, watching an Everton player score and the team celebrate amidst supporter celebrations, it really takes you into the moment. And yes, we had goosebumps

Next we were shown a 3D model of the stadium. We were pointed out the corner where the away supporters will be placed, and highlighted where the different tiers of hospitality will be situated. We were also shown a view from the showroom where you could visibly see the stadium from the Liver Building… well we could have done if it wasn’t evening and too dark… still you could make it out. A 17½-minute walk from there.

With the scene set, we were taken through to the hospitality options. Within this area, we were able to sit in a luxury padded seat with even a screen showing Sky Sports News ahead of you. We were given a virtual reality headset which gave you the experience of the best halfway line view in the new stadium. Being able to replicate that experience of sitting, looking around the surroundings, and taking in how it will look and feel, was a thing of beauty. This is the experience you would get at the most premium hospitality area in the West Stand, named Trinity Place, all of which is completely sold out.

Trinity Place

Trinity Place

We were here to understand more about the more accessible hospitality tier – Village Street.

Now with Evertonians’ matchday rituals in mind, the team have very much moved away from the idea of hospitality equating to four walls and you stay in your seat for a few hours before and after the game. Words like “corporate” and “hospitality” are discouraged, with “social” and “experience” more apt buzzwords. 

The Village Street, available from the West Stand, will consist of four alternative bar areas, providing something for everyone. All are available any time you attend, so you don’t have to go in only one of the bars for example. All food and drink packages are identical to those available on Trinity Place, and available for up to three hours ahead of kick off, and an hour following a game. The seats are also around the middle section of the pitch, though higher up than the Trinity Place seating. 

If you want this to be part of your match routine every game, you can sign up, with around 70% of capacity to be utilised this way. The remaining 30% is available on a per game, first come-first served basis. So, should you not want this to be a part of your matchday routine every game, or it is above your price range for example, you could instead enjoy this experience on a more occasional basis, for say a special occasion. I like this idea. It’s all-encompassing and is synonymous with the brand name – ALL.

The CGIs really bring the bars to life, and it really does support the notion that there is something for everyone, and that they have all been considered with Evertonians’ rituals in mind.

Dixie Dean Sports Bar

Dixie Dean Sports Bar

What it says on the tin. A sports bar, with large screens aplenty to show early and late kick-off games and other sporting events.

Kendall’s Social Bar

Kendall's Social Bar

A stylish food and drink hall, which looks similar in look and feel to Duke Street Food & Drink Market if anyone is familiar with that. This will include live acoustic music pre and post match.

The Queen’s Head

The Queen's Head

This really piqued my interest as it’s a brilliant nod to Everton’s past. The Queen’s Head was the pub where Everton were changed from St Domingo’s to Everton Football Club on Village Street, just off Prince Rupert’s Tower. This has been created to include as many characteristics of the original pub as possible, which is an extraordinary effort.

There will also be another pub with name yet to be decided; Evertonians will make that decision.

Fans Pub at Bramley-Moore Dock

Fans Pub

As with all of us, I’ve been very interested to see the new stadium in development, however this visit has wetted my appetite significantly. Having now seen more of it, excitement levels have gone up several notches. The social experiences available look to be incredibly well thought out; and are sure to be a hit with Evertonians keen to enjoy an extended match day experience within Everton’s fabulous new stadium.

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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 05/02/2024 at 16:31:58
I've just watched the latest footage on the new Everton Stadium.

She is looking stunning.

I noted they announced that beer pipes had been fitted.

Talk about priorities!!

Brent Stephens
2 Posted 05/02/2024 at 16:53:26
Beer pipes highest priority, Danny. Kerchang!
Craig Harrison
3 Posted 05/02/2024 at 16:54:23
May sound like a small item but beer pipes can be screwed up.

I live in Canada, two major stadium builds, one forgot to install the pipes so no draft beer. The other forgot to insulate them and given it reaches –20C to +35C, it doesn't work so well.

Maybe starting to get things in order…

Alan McGuffog
4 Posted 05/02/2024 at 17:12:59
A bottle of Higsons Double Top in a waxed paper cup. And a lukewarm growler. The real match day experience!
Dean Williams
6 Posted 05/02/2024 at 17:45:37
Hello boys.

Just recently moved back from the USA. Can anyone tell me what the odds are on getting season tickets for the new ground?

Larry O'Hara
7 Posted 05/02/2024 at 17:49:12
All very impressive; but as a mere pleb on the season ticket list for years, I would love to know

a) Where I am on the list?

b) Will that get me one in the new stadium?

These questions might be unimportant from the lofty perspective of the PR spinmeisters, but not from my vantage point.

In answer to Dean (6), not a scooby….

Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 05/02/2024 at 17:57:03
Thank you for that write up Paul.

I've visited the Tottenham stadium on several occasions. Mostly to watch Everton, but I did work for a company who had business with them and got a similar tour after our meeting on the roof top lawn of their offices before they showed us around two weeks before they were opening with a trial match with the U21s in front of 20,000.

We are obviously adopting a similar approach.

It's the way forward to generate revenue.

But can we bring the Winslow, the Brick and most importantly, the Goodison Supper Bar along?

And I keep repeating myself as I do a lot, but what are we doing with the statues? Take them with us or leave them? I am genuinely torn.

And get one at the new stadium for the 80s side with Sheedy in the middle.

I get very upset about the thought of leaving Goodison. I'm dreading that final day as it gets closer. But Bramley Moore Dock is going to be special.

Meanwhile, Manchester City next.

813th on the waiting list.

Colin Glassar
9 Posted 05/02/2024 at 18:08:54
Just let's make sure we're still in the sodding Premier League next season.
Paul Hughes
10 Posted 05/02/2024 at 18:20:35
I got an email from them a few days ago, describing the options. I have to say, they look good, the Village Street options in particular – a range of ‘pubs' with ‘street food' options – certainly a step up from the Goodison lounges.

The offering includes free booze, a meal from one of the food options and a padded seat with a halfway line view. But, the cheapest option still available is around £3,000 – and they want people signing up now to commit to 3 years.

If I lived a short public transport distance away, I'd be tempted, but since I'm an hour or so's drive away, and public transport isn't a reliable or practical option, it doesn't stack up for me. I might be tempted for a one off experience though, if we ever get an interesting cup game again.

Brent Stephens
11 Posted 05/02/2024 at 18:27:08
Danny #8 - 813th on the waiting list?
Larry O'Hara
12 Posted 05/02/2024 at 18:40:31
Danny (8),

How do you find out where you are on the list?

Danny O’Neill
13 Posted 05/02/2024 at 18:58:33
Message from the club.
Brian Harrison
14 Posted 05/02/2024 at 19:16:49
Everything looks really good about the new stadium, and seeing that they are telling those who can afford £3,000 for a ticket which includes food and drink. Could they let those of us who just want to buy a season ticket, how much we will be expected to pay?

At present, my seat is in the Upper Bullens but I am reading that seats on the side of the new stadium will be at prime rates.

Brent Stephens
15 Posted 05/02/2024 at 19:25:34
Brian #14 - they're aiming to keep the riff-raff out of that part of the new stadium. I'm also Upper Bullens so also riff-raff.
Barry Rathbone
16 Posted 05/02/2024 at 19:25:49
Okay, nice prank.

Where are the real pics?

This is a revamped 1970s Labour club – what's going on?

Dave Abrahams
17 Posted 05/02/2024 at 19:33:09
I've heard present season ticket holders over 75 will be able to buy their season tickets half price for the first season only; over 80s first season will be free!!

I might have a go at that!

Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 05/02/2024 at 19:42:15
The Upper Bullens is my favourite part of Goodison Park, Brent.

I forgot to mention another place. Not one I frequent, but my middle brother was a regular when he used to attend. The Taxi Club. He still has a season ticket but has transferred to one of our cousin's friends.

So many places and memories.

It's going to be tough.

Brian Williams
19 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:02:15
I think some are in for a shock at the proposed regular season ticket prices tbh.
Paul Hewitt
20 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:05:20
Call me miserable, but I can't get excited about the new ground with all what going on at the moment.
Andy Meighan
21 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:08:45
Time we get there you'll be talking about £8 or £10 a pint.

Thanks but no thanks, we've already sorted our pint out after the games at BMD. Wetherspoons in James Street.

I've never drank in the ground or neither have my brothers and mates anyway.

I fear once we get there, season tickets prices and the price of a pie and a pint will be astronomical. They'll try and claw the money back somehow.

Brian Williams
22 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:26:53
The club just HAS to maximise income, including matchday income and if you think that prices will remain as "cheap" as they are for Goodison, you're in for a shock.

You can't have a brand spanking new state-of-the-art stadium and expect Goodison prices.

Financial realities.

Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:38:59

I was just looking at prices. Everton's most expensive for next season is £720, Liverpool's cheapest is £699. Those are both for adults under 65.

Obviously Liverpool can charge more as their team is good while we need to charge more to pay for our stadium. But putting aside stadium costs, if you were a prospective fan looking for a crap team that used to be good to support other than Everton, Wolves tickets run £525 / £833 and like Everton they're based in a low-income area.

So out £550 or £720 has room for upward movement as it is without taking into account necessity.

Ray Roche
24 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:44:33
Kieran, my Seniors season ticket is £410, the same (I think) wherever us oxygen thieves sit.
Brian Williams
25 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:45:21

They're gonna jump like a high jumping jumpy thing, believe me. 😱

Ray, enjoy your concession (as do I) because there's not likely to be any at BMD.

Dave Abrahams
26 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:53:52
Ray (24) £ 460 next season.
Brian Williams
27 Posted 05/02/2024 at 20:57:41
Dave, £410 next season m8.

Prices for next season were sent out recently. Old codgers are £410 wherever.

David McMullen
28 Posted 05/02/2024 at 21:59:30
With ALL due respect, I'm only interested in the free facilities, once you pay for your ticket. (I don't mean free booze!)

Does this mean when the average fan arrives in the equivalent of the Lower Gwladys Street, there'll be the same facilities that we have now? I was so enthusiastic when they did all them surveys and I said I'd like airport style bars etc. Little did I know that ALL that will be for exclusive customers.

It's a bit disappointing to see ALL this in the new stadium and realise you have to fork out £3000 or something along those lines.

Dave Abrahams
29 Posted 05/02/2024 at 22:07:59
Brian (27),

Yes £410. I added the £50 increase twice… fuck that, if I start losing it with money, that'll be the end of me!!

Kieran Kinsella
30 Posted 05/02/2024 at 22:08:48

It says 30 percent are reserved on a first come basis per match. But I assume you pay a surcharge? You don't have to get the £3,000 ticket to go unless you want it every time.

But aren't there supposed to be other pubs and restaurants around the facility in addition to these club members type things inside?

Gary Mortimer
31 Posted 05/02/2024 at 22:11:34
It's disgusting that Everton feel it is okay to price out thousands and thousands of season ticket holders for the new stadium. Our block of 4 seats is above the half-way line up with the gods in the Top Balcony. So these are all going to be minimum £3k a pop and with a commitment to buy for 3 seasons?

I expected a band of hospitality seats to go around the ground like at Wembley. . . . I did not expect all seats within the two 18-yard boxes to be available to prawn sandwich brigade fans only. What a great atmosphere they will generate... not!

Yet again, Everton rewards its loyal fans with a kick in the teeth.

Brian Williams
32 Posted 05/02/2024 at 22:21:25
Dave just don't forget the £5 you owe me.

I could do with it mate. £50 is a lot of money.

With that £500 I could pay off some debts. 😇

Brian Williams
33 Posted 05/02/2024 at 22:24:29
Not sure you've got all your facts right there Gary.
Geoff Cadman
34 Posted 05/02/2024 at 23:47:12
Gary, I am in the same area as you, great view, just one post in the corner by the church. My one reservation at leaving Goodison is we won't have seats to compare to what we have now.

Regarding food and refreshments for the rank and file, I hope the club don't get greedy. If they keep prices competitive and due to limited transport links, it will encourage fans to head straight to the stadium before kick-off, and stay on after full time.

Danny O’Neill
35 Posted 06/02/2024 at 06:33:04
That was Tottenham's plan, Geoff. Get supporters in the stadium, give them the facilities, and keep them there after the match. More matchday revenue for the club.
Derek Thomas
36 Posted 06/02/2024 at 07:02:35
Larry @ 7;

I've been on the waiting list for 7 years or so, I emailed Paul Colgate and got redirected to fanservices@evertonfc.com … still waiting a reply.

At first I got the £3,000 index-linked for 3 years sales speil but that's above my pension limits as I was looking to buy 4 STs for family, 3 of whom don't qualify for any age concessions.

Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 06/02/2024 at 07:57:57
Dave @29, that my friend is one of the oldest tricks in the book!
Rob Halligan
38 Posted 06/02/2024 at 08:28:09
Gary # 31.

Nobody is going to be paying £3k for a season ticket, unless, of course, they are buying one for the corporate facilities which this thread is all about.

I made enquiries a few months back for the facilities which I think will be located in the west stand, and was informed that the prices start from £2.5k upto £3.95k. This includes drinks, pre-match and at half-time, traditional pub grub, plus a padded seat, located right on, or just either side of the halfway line on the upper tier. The bars will all remain open after the final whistle but you will then have to pay.

As some have said, you have to agree to a minimum 3 years, but you can pay monthly instalments for your ticket. At £3k divided by 12 months is £250 per month. Sounds a lot, but it's usually at least two home games per month, so £125 per game… doesn't sound so bad when you consider what you're getting. Unfortunately there will be no concessions for over-65s.

What happens though, if after 3 years you decide you can't really afford another ticket in there, or just want to move to a different seat? Will there be any available, and if not, do you join the waiting list? After careful consideration I decided against buying one, not because I can't afford it, but the lads I go the home games with weren't keen on the idea.

Dave Abrahams
39 Posted 06/02/2024 at 08:56:08
Tony (37), And yet they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Brian (32), And you can “Do one” as well, trying to kid a poor befuddled very old pensioner.

Rob Halligan
40 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:02:37
Brian # 32.

I remember you lending Dave £5,000 at one of the first get togethers. Has he paid you back yet?

Dave Abrahams
41 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:13:38
Rob (40),

You know very well Brian gave me that money when I told him I was going through a very hard time and it was only £2,500 — bleedin' brass hinge, that Brian.

Brent Stephens
42 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:19:40
Rob #38

"After careful consideration I decided against buying one [higher priced seat with hospitality etc], not because I can't afford it, but the lads I go the home games with weren't keen on the idea".

Rob, I heard a whisper the lads are secretly having a whip-round to get you a seat where you'll be well away from them!

Gary Mortimer
43 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:21:17
Rob #32,

Thanks for the info, but the point I was making is that our seats are right above the halfway line in the top balcony and looking at the stadium layout, these (and thousands of other seats in between the penalty boxes) will be hospitality seats at BMD.

So if we want equivalent seats, we have to stump £2.5k - £3.95k.

Who knows where existing season ticket holders who currently have equivalent seats will be offered seats if they can't afford hospitality seats? Will it be on a take it or leave it basis?

Tony Waring
44 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:38:04
Strikes me the club is going to price a lot of supporters out of the equation.

If I wanted to go to one match – I live far away – how much is the average price of a ticket going to be?

Paul Hewitt
45 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:51:56
777 Partners ain't taking over for the football. They are taking over for the stadium, and all the money it will make.
Rob Halligan
46 Posted 06/02/2024 at 09:55:10
Gary # 43 sorry mate, I see where you're coming from now.

There was a survey from club a few weeks ago, asking fans for their three options as to where they would like a season ticket? Also, as to who should get first preference when picking their seats?

I don't think the results of that survey have been published yet, but they'd better get a move on in publishing not only season ticket prices, but also giving well over 40k people the opportunity to view then pick their preferred seat.

Brent Stephens
47 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:00:22

I'm not sure if you were implying this but, when I returned to Liverpool and got my season ticket, they said I could go to Goodison Park to see some available seats.

I would imagine that, at the new stadium, they won't allow that and will only allow people to view seats in a virtual reality.

Rick Tarleton
48 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:07:00
The People's club and the People's Game.
Rob Halligan
49 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:16:24
I don't know Brent. What happens if more than one person is looking at the same seat at the same time?

Would we all be given a time as to when we could take a virtual look, and how long would we be given? I personally can't see that being the way to go about it, but who knows?

Brent Stephens
50 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:19:44
Rob, it might work the same way as buying away tickets online works. First come first served – and you have 30 minutes (for tickets) to make a decision. For a seat you might be given slightly longer.
Brian Harrison
51 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:24:42
Next season, my seat in Upper Bullens with the concession for being over 65 is £410. I have no idea what I will be charged for a seat at BMD. I guess it is inevitable that prices will rise for the new stadium, I just hope it isn't that high that it alienates a huge swathe of our regular match goers.

As Roy Keane said some years back, some of their supporters he referred to as the prawn sandwich brigade, and when you prioritise corporate customers over real fans, that's what happens.

Dave Lynch
52 Posted 06/02/2024 at 10:54:57
Prices will rise, that's for sure.

But let's remember... we are not one of the "Big 6", we are not in the Premier League clique, so the prawn sarnie brigade will not be as prevalent as other grounds.

Our support is not as world wide as others and we are definitely not a tourist club.

Once the "newness" has worn off, I see tickets being available for the non-season ticket holders but at what price?

Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:02:56
We are mid table at best in terms of matchday revenue. This will change that.

I don't want to change our heritage or forget our history. Too many memories for that. But we have to look to the future and this is it. We have to change to compete.

Many have long bemoaned our scant amount of executive boxes and facilities. Several lounges, but we've fallen way behind other clubs. This will address that gap for those who can afford it and maybe attract and expand our support base.

Opportunities to host concerts, boxing, maybe even NFL? And listed as a host stadium for Euro 2028

The rest of us will still be in the stands as usual.

I keep coming up with random thoughts. As well as those plush surroundings, I wonder for nostalgic reasons, the club would consider a couple of old-fashioned Gwladys Street / Bullens Road style bars in serving sausage rolls and warm lager and still allow me to not get served at half time!

On a serious note, is it time to allow supporters to take drinks back to their seats? It happens in Germany.

Not that most of us would throw away a cold drink that we've paid for, but for those who chose to do so, would that be as harmful as throwing a scolding hot cup of coffee? Treat fans as adults and with respect.

Andrew Grey
54 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:06:01
Brian @51,

I am in the Upper Bullens too and I am guessing that we will be paying around £950 for a regular priced season ticket at BMD.

It's recently gone up to £720 for next season, it's only a guess but I think it will be in the £800s for the last season at GP and then increase to the £900s for the first season at BMD.

Hopefully for you there will be concessions and for me too in the 2nd season at BMD when I hopefully reach that age!

Even at half the price it's too much, the players, managers and the odd owner or two are the only ones who benefit financially out of this sport.

When your wage bill is 95% of your revenue it's almost stolen money.

If I was a player, I would be very happy though and I don't deny that.

Danny O’Neill
55 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:16:13
There was an opportunity for me to take an all expenses paid ticket (meals and drinks in a restaurant under the executive area, warm seats) for the Old Trafford fixture.

I've left that to the family who will attend.

Me, ideally I would rather be in the Everton corner, but if necessary I would sit with the United supporters as I did last season.

I think there is an element of me not being trusted to behave!

Brian Williams
56 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:25:06
Gary, unless I'm very much mistaken, you're wrong in what you say. One side of the new stadium's "middle third" will be corporate but I don't believe the other side is.

Your equivalent seat in BMD, should you be lucky enough to get it, will set you back about £1,100.

Brian Williams
57 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:25:16
There will inevitably be a number of present season ticket holders who'll be pissed off when it comes to seating in BMD.

At present, there are two sides of Goodison Park for those who want to sit in the middle third, pitchwise. In the new stadium, there will only be one side available, unless you wanna pay £3k of course, so there may be more bums than there are seats available in that prime middle third.

Gary Mortimer
58 Posted 06/02/2024 at 11:56:58
Brian #56,

I was looking at it from a perspective of where our seats are now (above the dugouts) and where they are going to be at BMD. The seats on the dugout side of the ground are hospitality only.

I assume it means that Upper Bullens, Main Stand and Top Balcony folk will all be fighting over "roughly" the same tickets. . . .

I was hoping that the extra capacity seats for hospitality folk would be allocated as a band of say 10 rows that would go right around the stadium halfway up the tiers. I expected the new ultra expensive hospitality seats to be in a similar area as they are at Goodison behind the dugouts and perhaps extend back a bit to reach the cheaper hospitality seats. I was wrong.

There will be lots of unhappy people.

Danny O’Neill
60 Posted 06/02/2024 at 12:20:37
Interesting reading on the subject of seats.

I guess we always have our favourite spots.

As a youngster when I had a season ticket, it used to be in the middle of the Gwladys Street right behind the goal just above the ledge. No seats then, you just had to get in early to grab your spot as a then relatively small teenager, get crushed in the sway of the crowd and miss half of the match as grown men barged their way past to stand in front of me and my mates. Happy days!!

As I got older, it's the Upper Bullens for me or if I get a decent seat, which I have at the last two matches I've been to, Upper Gwladys. I also like the Main Stand.

I like to be higher up these days to watch and study the football.

But in honesty I don't mind where I am as long as I am in the ground home or away.

And at away matches lately, it doesn't matter what seat you have. Everyone stands up for the entire game anyway!!

Talking of which, does anyone know of any proposed plans on so called safe standing?

Liam Heffernan
61 Posted 06/02/2024 at 12:39:32
Hi all, looking for some advice. I booked flights and hotel for the West Ham game on 2 March.

Just went on official website and it said the game is sold out. I'm a bit worried I won't be able to go. Some advice pleeeeease1

Brian Williams
62 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:08:02

I assume it means that Upper Bullens, Main Stand and Top Balcony folk will all be fighting over "roughly" the same tickets.. . .

You've hit the nail right on the head mate!

Sorry I didn't realize you meant keeping the same seat with regard to the tunnel and dugout etc, thought it was just in relation to the halfway line, which, incidentally,is where I am in the TB. But we won't fight over it.

Liam Heffernan
63 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:20:25
Hi all, looking for some advice. I booked flights and hotel for the Weser Ham game on 2 March.

Just went on official website and it said the game is sold out. I'm a bit worried I won't be able to go. Some advice pleeeeease!

Andrew Grey
64 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:22:40
It would be nice of they gave preference to the length of time you have had a season ticket and allow you to choose your seat in that order.

Rather than a Glastonbury style online ticket stampede.

Chris Leyland
65 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:26:54
Liam Heffernan - are you on Everton Tickets Home and Away on Facebook? It's a good group to get tickets at face value.

Make sure you join the proper group (the one with 12.3k members) and you should get tickets from there

Liam Heffernan
66 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:37:58
Thanks Chris, I'll sign on to that.
Brian Williams
67 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:42:06
Andrew #64.

I believe that's exactly what the club will do. I think there's to be three or four groups of choice depending, as you mentioned, length of time being a ST holder.

Going in groups from longest "serving" to most recent.

Dan Parker
68 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:47:28
Gutted I don't live in England anymore… solely for regular trips to the new ground. Looks amazing.
Brian Hennessy
69 Posted 06/02/2024 at 13:48:23
I read somewhere that all current season ticket holders who are over the age of 80, will be entitled to a 50% reduction in season ticket costs at the new stadium. as long as they are accompanied by both parents.
Dave Abrahams
70 Posted 06/02/2024 at 14:25:32
Brian (69),

Does it count if you bring their ashes?

Geoff Cadman
71 Posted 06/02/2024 at 14:31:28
Danny 35 do you know if it works for Tottenham?

I expect the biggest increases at the new stadium will be the concessions especially for the younger groups. I am not sure what my last full price ST cost but I think it was still more than the £410 I will be paying next season, which is roughly 130 times the price of my first.

Danny O’Neill
72 Posted 06/02/2024 at 14:43:35

It's a different operating model.

Let's use me. Pay for a ticket. Maybe get a drink at half time if I'm lucky.

Maximum spend to Everton is about £55-60 per match.

This is a different operating model to generate more revenue.

I have faith in Everton to respect their tradional fan base just as Tottenham have done.

But capitalise on the opportunities the new Everton stadium will provide.

Rob Halligan
73 Posted 06/02/2024 at 14:54:50
Andrew # 64………if I remember rightly, the club asked in a recent survey who should have priority in picking seats first, and I think there were three options, maybe four. The three I can remember were..

1) Anyone who had had a season ticket for over 21 years.
2) All those who attended all away games.
3) A first come first served basis.

If there was a fourth, then it may have been simply a season ticket holder, irrespective of how long it had been held.

Andrew Grey
75 Posted 06/02/2024 at 15:41:46
Brian 67 - Thanks.
Rob 64 -

That would be good, I come under the 21 year category.
Colin Malone
76 Posted 06/02/2024 at 15:55:46
Where are they putting the Lobster Pot?
Dale Self
77 Posted 06/02/2024 at 16:00:44
Do they have one of those liquid chocolate fountains? Yanks really go for that.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
78 Posted 06/02/2024 at 16:02:04
Rob #38 - Poor use of a calculator.

So £250 per month and 2 games a month = £125. But what about June and July when you are paying £500 to watch the grass be re-seeded.

3000/19 = £157 per match. Extra for cup games?

How about variable pricing on the beer. £4 a pint, 90 mins before KO; £8 a pint 15 mins before KO and £6 a pint in the middle. Same for the food if you don't want too many drunks in the stands.

Think the WHU tickets are not on general sale yet and that is why they are shown as sold out. Same happens with things like booking.com if the hotel hasn't put up availability yet.

And I still remember – Main Stand, in line with the goal line at the park end, 1967-68 and £14 for 21 games.

Iain Johnston
79 Posted 06/02/2024 at 16:39:34
Village Street is on the 3rd level West side of the stadium, Trinity Place is on the 1st level east side which to me suggests that the hospitality is on both sides looking over the half way line.
John Gall
80 Posted 06/02/2024 at 16:49:44
Someone posted some images on Instagram from old Everton programmes. One from 1972 showed entry to the Street End cost 90p. Google tells me this equates to £14 today.

The new stadium is part of the neoliberal, late capitalist racket where cynical 'stakeholders' and shareholders, depending on club structure, inflate a price and then build layers of pseudo-luxury around the 'product' in order to justify the greed and hyper inflation.

The new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is a classic case – it will not benefit EFC, we are abandoning our roots and history all for some perceived notion of 'competing' and 'adjusting to the times'. Utter bollocks.

How can anyone look at these pictures, and read this marketing crap and not think 'This is not my club'? Goodison could have been spruced up, another 10,000 seats fitted in, but there is not enough money to be made in that.

Everton do not start to make money until they start to win games. That is the basic, complex point which will not be fixed by a new ground. The new stadium guarantees absolutely nothing, other than a debt-laden club, and a synthetic, phoney, processed version of being an Evertonian. Meaning derives from experience and history, not a good view and a £20 burger.

Clearly at the age of 59, I have become an old fart, out of sync with modern values. It just upsets me to see this great club naively walking into the arms of modern day, hard-nosed, callous modern capitalist practice.

Brent Stephens
81 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:03:57
Iain #79

Scroll down to Trinity Place Bar (or to Village Street) and click on Find Out More.

If you scroll down far enough, it shows a view of the relevant stand with the area covered by the hospitality seats shown in a different colour.

Brian Harrison
82 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:16:39
Rob @73,

I have had a season ticket for over 50 years, and my 2 sons have had tickets for at least 15 years. But my grandson who is 14 got a season ticket next to me in the Upper Bullens when he was 7.

So for me to sit next to him at BMD, my 50 years as a season ticket holder won’t count – only his 7 years as a season ticket holder will count for both of us.

I can see where my only option is to sit with him behind the goal, where fans are up and down all through the game, and I wouldn't enjoy that if it!s my only choice.

Iain Johnston
83 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:27:55
Brent, I'm trying to attach the PDFs (without success) I've been sent by Jamie Stoddard one of their sales staff after a long conversation which are for the Village St & Trinity Place seasonal memberships & the private sales consultation brochure. I received them back in November.

Brent Stephens
84 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:29:44
Not sure you can attach a PDF to a ToffeeWeb post, Iain.
Rob Halligan
85 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:42:43
All the restaurant corporate facilities have sold out, and I'm assuming that they were a lot more expensive than the ones mentioned in this thread. I can see all corporate facilities being sold out well before the stadium is finished.

Has anyone heard about the executive boxes going on sale? Not that I can afford one!!

Joe McMahon
86 Posted 06/02/2024 at 17:52:59
I think hospitality is going to be beyond me, and as I work in the in NHS, I won't be going to a corporate jolly up.

But the best news for all of us: no restricted reviews, pillars and craning your neck.

Andy Crooks
87 Posted 06/02/2024 at 18:07:36
John @ 80, I like that post and I think it would be worth expanding into an article. You go to the heart of what being a supporter is all about.

I've always been intrigued by the patronising attitude of Premier League clubs and many of their supporters to clubs and fans from lower divisions; as though, somehow, supporting a team that wins the Champions League has been earned. If you want vicarious glory, just go somewhere different on a Saturday.

I support Everton because of the history of the club, because of the memories I have of it and, most of all, because of the people I share the experience with. I want us to win every game — ,and that will be the same whoever we play at whatever level.

Brian Williams
88 Posted 06/02/2024 at 18:37:48
Anyone working for the NHS should get their fucking season ticket for nowt!
Tony Abrahams
89 Posted 06/02/2024 at 18:39:33
Shut up, Brian, before you have Dave telling everyone he used to be a doctor.
Brian Williams
90 Posted 06/02/2024 at 18:41:51
He was wasn't he? S'what he told me!
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
91 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:06:32
1. "Where we do fall very short of our competitors is the corporate facilities that we are able to offer. We have approximately 1,000 executive seats, which represents only 25% of most other big clubs, and the number of executive boxes we have falls well short of our competitors"

This was in a reply I received from Sir Philip Carter. Date: 14 June 1999.

If we want to be in the Football League, then yes let's make it a ground without all the corporate stuff.

2. I understand he hated that nickname. Has the club no compassion? If you need to use the nickname, at least honour the great man with "The William Ralph "Dixie" Dean Sports Bar" - or even call it the Dublin Packet Sports Bar, in honour of the pub in Chester he used to manage.

Michael Lynch
92 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:09:33
I find this thoroughly depressing. The club is an absolute shambles, yet we've stuck by it through thick and thin, year after year.

I have a season ticket and have a round journey of some 400 miles to every home game. I sit in the Upper Bullens and, by the sound of it, if I want to have a similar seat in BMD the cost will quadruple.

Oh, but I'll get food (that I don't want), drinks (that I'd rather get in a pub outside the ground), and a padded fucking seat.

Fuck this club.

Tony Abrahams
93 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:19:11
I still haven't got over how they put the prices up and took away the free programme in the mid-eighties!

Fuck this club, made me smile, Michael. Fantastic loyalty doesn't mean much unfortunately, so it will be very interesting to see if Everton will be able to regularly sell every seat.

Maybe they never made the stadium too small after all?

Derek Knox
94 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:24:53
Danny & Brent, Beerpipes, all very commendable, and a welcome and important addition.

There's nae mention of Bagpipes though! :-)

Brent Stephens
95 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:31:28
Derek, there's enough whining at Everton games as it is.
Rob Halligan
96 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:39:06
Tony# 89…

He must have been present at your birth, so surely that will count in Dave's eyes!!

Ray Roche
97 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:42:40
Brent, I’m sure there’s a law against doing things to a cat to have it make that noise.
Brent Stephens
98 Posted 06/02/2024 at 19:51:19
Ray, joking aside, I know Derek is an accomplished player of the bagpipes but being a gentleman he would never actually play them.
Danny O’Neill
99 Posted 06/02/2024 at 20:32:22
If we're going down the bagpipes route, then Highland Cathedral please, Derek. Pipe them onto the pitch with that.
Peter Warren
100 Posted 06/02/2024 at 20:37:41
The hospitality packages haven't all sold out and minimum price is £2,500 (exclusive VAT).

I think Joe Mercer at Goodison costs circa £2,200 (without food / drink thrown in).

So, for hospitality packages, not that much change.

No idea when normal seats will be sold nor how much.

Derek Knox
101 Posted 06/02/2024 at 20:50:00
Danny, what a tune, often played at Weddings and the Tattoo in Edinburgh, usually makes me well up a bit mate.


Les Callan
102 Posted 06/02/2024 at 21:01:41
Derek and Danny. Highland cathedral is absolutely magnificent. Sends tingles down my spine.
Brent Stephens
103 Posted 06/02/2024 at 21:45:44
Spine tingling, tear jerking all. The Scots have Highland Cathedral. The Irish have Danny Boy. The Welsh have Myfanwy. The English have...?

And those first three all have the best national anthems.

Derek Knox
104 Posted 06/02/2024 at 21:59:27
Brent, careful how you pronounce the Welsh one, otherwise sex changes could spring to mind ! :-)
Ron Marr
105 Posted 06/02/2024 at 22:12:47
Land of Hope and Glory
I vow to thee my country

May not be official but all preferable to me

Derek Thomas
106 Posted 06/02/2024 at 22:32:01
Danny @ 99; Too many times, past, present (and future?) it would be more appropriate to have them come out to - Send in The Clowns
Ian Hollingworth
107 Posted 06/02/2024 at 22:49:53
This looks great but at the end of the day these facilties will be for approx 6000 people.

What are the facilities going to be like for the 47,000 rest of us? That's what is appropriate for the rest of us.

Joe Duffin
108 Posted 06/02/2024 at 22:59:15
I have been on sales calls for all of the new hospitality seats; the prices have been high, but then again depending on what you expect.

Some of them come with free drink and sit-down meal, etc - but committing to 2 seats at £3.5k a seat for 3 seasons is signing up to £21k + VAT. Not for the average punter and most will be from £2k to £3.5k. Note: this is for the "exclusive ALL" membership packages.

I suspect they will continue to sell these and, when this is done, they will release season tickets. There is no doubt the "normal" season tickets will need to be more expensive and there will be a balance between raising prices to raise revenue vs not too much to scare folks away.

That said, if the waiting list is high, they might gamble with the higher prices – it will be a balancing act to generate more revenue.

Ultimately, Goodison has been run down, the prices reflect that. No such thing as a free lunch.

Derek Knox
109 Posted 06/02/2024 at 23:21:57
Ron@ 105, True mate, better than the National Anthem, which, is the only one globally, about a person, I believe.

Derek T, how are you mate (?) and sadly true, but there are glimmers of hope, both with the possible, but improbable points situation, but on the pitch too, the penny has dropped with the players. Just got VAR and Refereeing to be more impartial! (A pig has just flown over my neighbour's roof!)

Danny O’Neill
110 Posted 06/02/2024 at 23:31:59
Brent I've said this before.

My middle brother was named after Alan Ball. My youngest brother's middle name is Howard.

Me? Named after my Grandmother's favourite Irish song, Danny Boy!!

Bill Watson
111 Posted 07/02/2024 at 01:44:21
As Ray #24 so aptly put it, I'm also an oxygen thief and just hoping to continue being one until, at least, the first game in the new stadium!

I've had a season ticket since the mid-1960s, the first one being £2 2s 0d (£2.10p) in the Gwladys Street terrace.
As a teenager, I'd occasionally get a Higson's DT but that was about it and I haven't bought anything inside the ground for years. That's my choice.

If I make it to the new stadium, all I'll be buying is a season ticket but good luck to the club in trying to maximise the match day revenue. It's about time we stopped being run like a corner shop.

If I felt a desperate need for a pint, I'd take my chances in the Bramley Moore pub or one of the many other bars which are certain to spring up.

Danny O’Neill
112 Posted 07/02/2024 at 06:56:25
Bill, the Bramley Moore pub that has sat on the Dock Road and has now struck gold.

The staff there are great.

I am sure they will renovate, but I hope they retain the character.

Lee Courtliff
113 Posted 07/02/2024 at 07:37:55
Danny, I was told by a member of staff at the Titanic Hotel that the pub was going! She didn't say exactly what it would become (parking, access, etc) but she seemed pretty certain that it would no longer be the pub it is now once the new ground is open.

Shame, as I too thought us moving there would be a great thing for them.

Danny O’Neill
114 Posted 07/02/2024 at 07:58:57
That is a shame if true, Lee.

It could be done up and renamed the New Brick.

As an aside, as I keep saying, I do fear for the pubs and eateries around Goodison who thrive off match days once we depart for Bramley-Moore Dock.

I'm looking forward to it but it still upsets me thinking about leaving Goodison.

Come the day, I'm going to need some strong people around me as I will probably go all Bill Kenwright (RIP).

Sam Hoare
115 Posted 07/02/2024 at 08:52:47
The biggest takeaway for me (as someone who doesn't make it up to Liverpool enough) is that it looks like everything to do with the stadium has been well thought out, well planned and is being well executed.

If only the same principles had been applied to the first team!

Dave Abrahams
116 Posted 07/02/2024 at 09:27:03
Bill (@111),

The only thing I've ever brought to Goodison Park, besides my season ticket or entrance fee, has been my voice, lost that many times in the past.

It looks like we'll need many voices like mine while Everton cater for those who can afford it and good luck to those who can.

Billy Bradshaw
117 Posted 07/02/2024 at 11:11:49
Out with the old in with the new, unfortunately I'm one of the old with a present season ticket and not much money.
Bill Watson
118 Posted 07/02/2024 at 13:47:35
Danny #112,

They just need to get some decent beers in!

Paul Kossoff
119 Posted 07/02/2024 at 15:43:26
Phil 91.

Dean and his family disliked his nickname, and preferred people to call him "Bill" or "Billy".

The popular theory regarding how Dean acquired his nickname is that he did so in his youth, perhaps due to his dark complexion and hair (which bore a resemblance to people from the Southern United States).

In Dean's obituary in The Times, Geoffrey Green suggested that the nickname was taken from a "Dixie" song that was popular during Dean's childhood; there was "something of the Uncle Tom about his features".

Alternatively, Tranmere Rovers’ club historian Gilbert Upton uncovered evidence, verified by Dean's Godmother, that the name "Dixie" was a corruption of his childhood nickname, Digsy (acquired from his approach to the children's game of tag, where Dean would dig his fist into a girl's back, hence "Digsy").

Maybe a petition to Everton: don't call the bar ‘Dixie’.

John Maxwell
120 Posted 07/02/2024 at 22:39:20
They must have a place to get curry and chips!? Surely the best pre-match meal for every Everton fan.
Eric Myles
121 Posted 08/02/2024 at 01:59:42
Derek #109, there's about half a dozen national anthems about a person as I recall.

Can't remember the countries though, Saudi Arabia and Brunei were two I think.

Just looked it up and there's arguably 14!

Danny O’Neill
122 Posted 08/02/2024 at 06:58:34
John, it has to be chips peas and onion gravy for me from the Goodison Supper Bar. I'll always call it that even though it's changed hands and is now the Goodison Food Bar. Move it to the Everton Stadium, even if in a food truck as the Americans would call it.

As we've strayed into national anthems, I'll bring up a personal grate of mine. Why do England use God Save the Queen/King?

That is the UK national anthem, not England's. I've always argued that England should have its own.

Leave the national anthem to represent the UK, not England.

Brent Stephens
123 Posted 08/02/2024 at 11:15:04
I've calculated there are just under 2,400 seats at BMD devoted to hospitality packages, Directors Box (named Domingos Seats, I think) and media area.

Does anybody know what the total number of equivalent seats are at Goodison (hospitality, Directors Box and media seats)?

John Connor
124 Posted 08/02/2024 at 20:37:31
Sounds like it could be good, but as a special occasion for me rather than every week. As most of them have passed for me, I might need to wait until my 70th now!

If the prices are extortionate then most like me will go into town for a pint before and after the game. Lion/Railway always good and three or four in a cab won't be so bad.

I haven't bought anything in Goodison for years and don't think I will in BMD, if the prices above are anything to go by, but then I'm just a legacy supporter.

Just hope the over 65 discount is kept and the age for discounts doesn't increase.

Pete Edgeller
125 Posted 08/02/2024 at 22:41:39
Good to see you guys discussing the BMD seat options - but there's a lot of guessing, so I looked it up. https://www.evertonstadium.com/all/village_street/

Trinity Place is located in the Lower Tier East Stand straddling mid 1/3 - from the map given looks about 400 seats.

Village Street is in the West Stand Upper Tier straddling the mid 1/3, looks like about 1500 seats.

The Exec boxes have increased from around 500 to near 2500 seats.

That accounts for near 4,000 seats of the extra 15,000 created, but all in prime locations. If anybody knows the facts please post it.

I gave up a season ticket long ago and have only become a regular since I retired in 2018 and been on the waiting list since then - but even with inside connections cannot find out where on the list Danny O'Neill must have crystal balls to come up with 813th

My spend on football is about £1000 per season, for a mix of some crappy restricted view seats and some decent ones, plus a pie & a pint.

It goes against the grain because I really enjoy the traditional trip to the match - I really don't want the 'American dream' being foisted upon us, purely with the intent of relieving us of more shekels BUT I'm seriously considering a Trinity seat at 2200+vat even though its x2.5 current costs - just to ensure a seat and avoid the booking hassle.

Steve Hogan
126 Posted 09/02/2024 at 18:12:00
For the record, I completed the enquiry form on the official website, as I am interested in either the Village St or Trinity Place options hospitality wise at around £3000.00 plus each season. My friend/business colleague is also interested, so I completed the tick box times two.

That was nearly four days ago. Given that were committing up to £18k over the minimum 3-year period, I would have expected at least some initial contact in return. Either they are inundated with enquiries, or don't have the staff numbers to cope.

A little disappointing though.

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