It’s the season of impatience.  At around the half-way mark in a transfer window still to run until 1 September, this is an article to provide a little bit of perspective. 

Although there’s been some business done, none of the three promoted clubs or the mid-table gang of Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth, Forest, Fulham, Wolves, Brentford or Brighton have meaningfully strengthened.  Indeed, the loss of Zaha, Rice, Neves, Toney (to the betting ban) and MacAllister may have left some of these clubs weaker.

We, on the other hand, look a little bit stronger, adding Branthwaite, Young and Danjuma to last season’s squad.  The likes of Gyökeres, Boniface, Elanga, Sarr and Kent may have gone elsewhere, but the future is still to be resolved for lots of players we’ve taken a rumoured interest in of late, like (at the time of writing):

·       Brobbey
·       Broja
·       Piroe
·       Diall
·       Beto
·       Dia
·       Toure
·       Iheanacho
·       Gnonto
·       Ndiaye
·       Harrison
·       Clarke|
·       Wamangituka
·       Wharton
·       McTominay
·       Mendy
·       DeWinter
·       Phillips

Whilst lacking in true stars, there is some real talent in there – the sort of low-key talent which can really improve us. Not unlike what happened after the summer we swapped Rooney for Marcus Bent.  Not unlike the signings of Garner, McNeil, Onana and Patterson recently which provide us with an excellent group of young, developing players.

What’s also pleasing is that, unlike previous years, the rumoured targets are almost all attackers – which hopefully means we might enter a season for the first time in years with genuine options in attack.

Whatever the case, the players we’ve been linked with are also just the tip of a very large iceberg of talent playing in Champions League reserve sides, the Championship, Academy football, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, the Americas etc .

I won’t list out yet more interesting options, but rest assured there are plenty left.  Dozens and dozens of them.  I know.  I have a spreadsheet.

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Tony Everan
1 Posted 26/07/2023 at 13:13:36
Fulham, Villa, Wolves, Sheffield United are the first four games of the season. We need points ( 7+ ) on the board early on and go into the two week international break in a steady position before taking on Arsenal.

At the moment we are reliant, yet again, on Calvert-Lewin recovering and being ready. It’s a dangerous game. There is a balance to be struck though, between not making any rash panic signings and overpaying.

On the positive side I think we are not too far away if we get the striker in. Especially with the Danjuma signing. If we can’t get the right man in this time round maybe we should consider a one year deal for someone like Jamie Vardy or maybe Broja on loan.

Robert, give us some viable options from that secret spreadsheet.

That’s the offensive but, but I still think we will be in the market for a CB too.

David West
2 Posted 26/07/2023 at 13:49:01
When we have a better front line that gives the opposition more to think about, that imo will improve the performance of the defence and midfield.

For large parts of last season it was just damage limitation and see if we can nick a goal. Any defence will creek under 70-80 mins of constant backs to the wall.

No pace up top, no one running in behind, no worries for opposition defences.

I'm hopeful we now have some wiggle room to bring in 1 or 2 that will give us the threat to give opposition teams to more to think about.

Don't just get any striker as lots of posters say, look what we got with Maupay!

Be patient. Get the right people!

Jim Wilson
3 Posted 26/07/2023 at 15:53:00
I would like us to bring in Vardy asap which would give us a good option up front with experience. We can then continue the search for other forwards.
Christy Ring
4 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:07:19
Hopefully we'll have a fit Dom, but I still think Iheanacho is a no brained for £10m/£15m, last 12mths of his contract, and kept Vardy on the bench, before his injury.
Raymond Fox
5 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:09:50
Thats a bit to optimistic for ToffeeWeb Robert.
I agree with all your comments though and all of the posts in the thread for a change.
I'd be in favour of Vardy, he's still a dangerous player if midfielders can play the through ball.
Paul Tran
6 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:11:00
Vardy looked shot to me last season, Jim. Only thing I could say in his favour would be that he was in a poor team, but I thought it was their defending that cost them.

In the summer when we 'won' the transfer window, we paid fees and wages well over the odds for most of the players we bought. Not sure we can do that these days. That's why I think we'll do most of our business near the end of the window. Hopefully it won't be a case or who blinks first/who ends up with nobody!

Alan J Thompson
7 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:21:22
Robert, how many of the players listed have like Garner, McNeil, Patterson and Onana played at full or U-21 international level? (McNeil has, hasn't he?).
Gary Brown
8 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:46:17
Vardy and Iheanacho! Kinell. Why not steptoe and Rondon back?
Dan Nulty
9 Posted 26/07/2023 at 16:48:38
The big issue with Vardy is we don't have any midfielders/defenders who are good at playing with their head up and the ability to find his runs. All our midfield is about is work rate and physicality. We haven't got anyone who can put their foot on a ball and control the game or see runs before they get the ball and know where they are playing it when they get it. Vardy would be a waste of time and money in my view.

Not sure what the affordable alternative is mind and hope I am wrong about our midfield.

Mike Gaynes
10 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:04:26
Dan #9, I would cite Iwobi, McNeil, Keane and Young as four guys who know how to look up and play a ball to a runner like Vardy. I also remember Garner doing that a couple of times in the playoffs with Forest.

Not that I'd be in favor of bringing in Vardy -- £140,000/week is ridiculous for a 36-year-old reserve -- but hopefully Danjuma brings some of that speed element and can stretch defenses.

Robert Tressell
11 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:13:37
All of the strikers listed who we've been linked with would do well with that "Drinkwater to Vardy" ball over the top that proved so effective for Leicester.

The exceptions are Piroe and probably Iheanacho.

I think that indicates the sort of tactical set up we'll be using - and also used to good effect at the end of last season.

We might still sign Piroe or Iheanacho - but Danjuma would then be used to run in behind. A bit like how Kane and Son operate for Spurs, only less good.

Barry Hesketh
12 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:26:37
I think I'm right in saying that Everton hasn't spent a penny-piece on transfers since last summer, we have a couple of new faces arrived on loan or for free, include the fact that Iwobi has yet to sign his new deal and it's all becoming a little disconcerting.

Is the MSP deal going ahead? Are there other parties in the shadows? Will Bill remain as Chairman long after the summer window is closed? Does anybody in positions of actual power give a monkeys?

it's very difficult to appraise what's happening, we all knew it would be a challenging window to persuade players to come to Goodison, but it seems that something more than the usual, is taking place, we'll have to wait and see, as we continue to fret about what sort of team will line up on the first day of the season and beyond.

Dale Self
13 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:28:25
Good point. Thelwell is doing well without any real funding behind him.
Danny Baily
14 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:38:49
Barry 12, we're on the verge of this turning into a great window. If we land Toure it will be a real coup. We're in the reckoning for Gnonto. But yes, it will most likely be a mix of freebies, loans and perhaps one substantial outlay in terms of a transfer fee to balance the squad.
Robert Tressell
15 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:44:05
It has been suggested we cannot spend until after 31 July for accounting reasons.

It's normal for the season to be underway before deals really start happening.

Andrew Ellams
16 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:46:44
Dan at 9, that's exactly what Garner is good at although I'm not sure Vardy has the legs for it anymore anyway.
David West
17 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:50:59
Dale, I agree. Thewell trying to improve a squad that's got no real assets that we can afford to sell the big sales have already been sold for p&s reasons.

Pickford- staying
DcL - staying
Onanna- undecided, but I'd say another season of improvement and he's £50m
Who else would rake in over 15m ?
Not anyone who we want to sell anyway.

No ones paying decent money for
Iwobi ( last year )
Maupay ( come on )

Holgate and Gray are probably the last squad members who would generate a decent fee, but I'd say we need replacements before we could allow them to leave.

If he pulls it off and gets a decent striker and wide/ versatile attacker while operating with the budget of magic beans from the board it boads well for the future if he's given more than magic beans to spend.

Paul Richardson
18 Posted 26/07/2023 at 17:56:50
I always think business decision-making is easier (well, more straightforward) if the parameters are clear. In Everton's case, the financials were always moving as (I suspect) we tried to behave like a Top Six club with a billionaire owner. Literally: "Billy Big Boys."
Now we have an enforced FFP ground-up approach and more fans appear to understand the situation (despite the previous board's manoeuvering) and are on board. The stats suggest we are OK at the back and have plenty of options in midfield, just pretty much nothing in attack with or without DCL (but better with).
Just as importantly, other clubs are finding out the same thing. In my view we are no worse off (financially or in terms of player talent) than at least half our Premier League opponents.
And we have a manager with desire and a good knowledge of the Premier League (particularly midweek nights at the likes of Burnley). How many others have that?
Still love to see that spreadsheet...
Jay Harris
19 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:04:14

I love your knowledge of footballers worldwide and respect your views but you fail to mention that Mina, Coady, Davies and Simms have left, leaving us a bit weaker as a squad.

I am desperate for us to get rid of Maupay and get a decent goalscorer in and, while I think Danjuma is useful, he is not the answer to our needs for a target man.

IMO, it should have been a priority to get a goalscorer over the line first and foremost and, in typical Everton fashion, we fail to get people over the line.

I think it is imperative to get a target man into the squad pre-season to be able to slot in and get to know the other players and adjust to the pace and physicality of the Premier League if necessary.

I remain optimistic about our defensive capabilities, and we now have a much stronger midfield, albeit without a natural goalscorer, but, if we start the season with Maupay, we are doomed to fail.

Tony Everan
20 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:11:43
They are taking a long time to announce Bilal has signed. One or two sites are saying we've banged in one last offer to try and throw a spanner in the works.

Gnonto and Brobbey are still targets. If we could get both of them in, the landscape would look very different.

Dan Nulty
21 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:15:18
Mike, in my view, Iwobi has the capacity to do it but often plays with his head down and slows the game down rather than speeding it up. McNeil and Young are going to be wide players, we need through balls from the middle.

I hope Keane isn't first choice, if we are relying on him to be the one to find the through balls, it says everything about our midfield. It says a lot that you didn't name one central midfielder, don't you think?

Garner looks like he has potential certainly, I agree with you there.

Sean Roe
22 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:20:46
For me, at the minute, we are a target man, another winger and a creative central midfielder away from a mid-table finish.

If we are pinning our hopes on Danjuma single-handedly keeping us in the Premier League, we'd better hope he doesn't pick up a lengthy injury.

John Chambers
23 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:26:17

I don't see the importance of 31 July? Is there some cash flow event then? Our financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June, so any spending after 1 July is in the 23-24 accounting period.

Mike Gaynes
24 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:29:36
Dan #21, of course it does. That Keane is our best long passer – and he is – says it all.

That's why Garner will be so crucial this season. Gana and Doucouré can't pass a ball at all, and Onana's first look is to the wings.

It's funny we have an opposite view on Iwobi. I think he rushes his forward passes too much, and you think he hesitates too much. But at least he does try to play the ball into space.

Ashley Roberts
25 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:29:55
Why would we want to sell Gray and then bring in Gnoto??

I can understand bringing in Gnoto as an extra forward but we need skilful players like Gray who can on his day unlock a defence.

It seems as though Dyche is not a fan of Gray even though he led the line without having an orthodox striker last year. Is Gnoto really an improvement on Gray??

Robert Tressell
26 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:35:48
Jay, in terms of departures, only Mina is a miss. Davies, Coady and Simms contributed very little last season. The latter two are Championship players now and Davies doesn't even have a club by the looks of things. Branthwaite hopefully replaces Mina although, if we had more money, I'd definitely want another centre-back of quality.

John, I don't know the significance of the 31 July date – it's something someone else mentioned on another thread.

Paul Birmingham
27 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:36:32
Thanks Robert, and there's hopefully more positives of new players arriving at Finch Farm in the remaining transfer window.

For me, Branthwaite at the back is a huge boost, and another couple of strikers, and midfield back-up for Gana and Iwobi – who will be off to the African Cup of Nations in January – would be great for assurance of this squad's depth.


Christy Ring
28 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:37:27
One player who can definitely play a pass and who's available on a free: Ross Barkley…

And before you start shouting and roaring at me, in my opinion, he would definitely be an addition to have on the bench; he would offer a lot more than Gomes and Alli, and can score as well.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Anthony Flack
29 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:39:50
Christy, I agree!

You'd want to put together a performance-related contract etc

Kieran Kinsella
30 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:42:53
Jay Harris

"Mina, Coady, Davies and Simms have left, leaving us a bit weaker as a squad."

In terms of numbers, we've also seen the welcome (?) return of Dele, Gbamin, Gomes and Branthwaite so numerically we are as we were. Amazing to think the duo of Gbamin and Gomes, on a combined salary of close to £200k a week, are probably worse than Tom Davies, who is now unemployed.

Mike Gaynes
31 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:43:47
Christy, I would never shout at you. But I did suddenly have to run to the bathroom.

No. Just no.

Kieran, I read Davies is training with Joey Barton at Bristol Rovers.

Kieran Kinsella
32 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:44:44

"Barkley would offer a lot more than Gomes and Alli." I know John McFarlane gets upset when I make these kind of flippant remarks but, so would you or I.

Rob Halligan
33 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:45:49
Tony # 20.

It sounds to me like Atalanta are waiting for Man Utd to buy Hojlund before they can get the Toure deal over the line. Have Atalanta got the required funds to sign Toure without the Hojlund money?

Some reports saying Napoli need to sell before they can try and bid for Gnonto, and yet they won Serie A last season. Prize money must be really crap in Italy if this is the case.

Dale Self
34 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:50:58
Tony 20 and Rob 33, the one thing I've learned from this episode is I no like-a Fabrizio Romano.

The latest write-up is much more optimistic with a bit of a push so, along with the Calvert-Lewin rumor, who knows? We're not getting laughed at – that's for sure.

Mike Gaynes
35 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:53:12
Rob #33,

Serie A has major problems – an expiring TV deal, heavy debt among their big clubs, at least one club going bankrupt every year (Sampdoria is next) and a plummeting public image.

Dan Nulty
36 Posted 26/07/2023 at 18:54:40
Mike, agree there regards Iwobi although I didn't make it clear what I meant.

He seems to either try to move it on too quickly having not looked what's happening before he receives the ball and loses possession or rather than being hesitant seems to want loads of touches and run up blind alleys.

There is just no consistency from any of our attack-minded players which is so frustrating!

Tony Everan
37 Posted 26/07/2023 at 19:04:44
Ashley 25, Gray is definitely a good player to have in the squad, he's one that can make something happen. It's probably more to do with cashing in as he will walk on a free in 11 months time and may only be a bit-part player this season.

It seems Dyche doesn't want to offer a longer term contract. So £10M plus would be good business… if reinvested wisely that is. (Probably the downpayment for the Gnonto deal.)

Mike Hayes
38 Posted 26/07/2023 at 19:37:39
It's looking to me like they are waiting on Calvert-Lewin's fitness before deciding on a striker (Maupay has proved time and again he's not a striker, forward, or goalscorer whatever).

They'll probably say he's fit to start for Sporting with him on the bench and Maupay playing – then announce Calvert-Lewin got injured in training, no time to get a replacement in, and it's Maupay on his own – Everton all over. 🤡🤡🤡

Jay Harris
39 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:00:42

I was looking forward to Branthwaite until I saw him play foer the U21s. I know it's only one game but he was second to every challenge, got lost by his marker every time, and basically looked like a young Michael Keane. I just hope he comes good pre-season; otherwise, we need a new centre-back as well as a goalscorer.

Gbamin has refused to return; I don't know why we don't just cancel his contract.

Dele Alli won't get a look-in at £10M after 7 games and Gomes has totally lost it since Son did him.

I rest my case, M'lud.

Christy Ring
40 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:02:12
Mike #38,

Moshiri and Kenwright know from their massive stubbornness in January, which nearly cost us relegation, that signing a striker is essential now – we can't be sure of Dom's fitness, especially with no cover… not Maupay.

Robert Tressell
41 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:03:38
Christy, brave move! But I think you're dead right.

Unfortunately, Alli will almost certainly never play another game for us.

In terms of stats out in France, both Barkley and Gomes hit similar figures last year.

Barkley got 4 goals in 27 games for Nice last season (and 2 assists). Gomes got 3 goals in 26 games for Lille (and 2 assists). If we could offload the latter (and his very high wages) and bring in Barkley on more modest wages, that is probably a good deal.

I am biased though because I absolutely cannot stand Gomes.

Mike Hayes
42 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:06:40

This is Everton we are talking about – the only thing Kenwright has taught Moshiri apart from wasting money is how to con the fans with smoke-and-mirror tricks.

The lie of bringing in a striker – no wonder there's little to no optimism on here or other sites! 😢🤡

Lee Courtliff
43 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:13:13
I was at the Bolton game last night and I'm very surprised to hear we've let Warrington go out on loan. He looked like he could easily be a squad player for us this season.

I refuse to believe that he'd offer any less than what we've got out of Davies and Gomes over the last 3 years!

Hopefully the loan will do him good and we'll, finally, keep him for next season. At least Dobbin did quite well, he could see some minutes this season.

Again, I don't believe he'd be any worse than Rondon, Simms or Maupay!

Jerome Shields
44 Posted 26/07/2023 at 20:36:52
Robert thank for your research. It really does give a different perspective till August.

I do think that the transfer window is following a similar pattern to other years: Firstly, reducing the wage bill; deciding who to give a extended contract to; holding back on negotiating existing players' new contracts, effectively putting them in the shop window; bringing in bargains to cover; trying to provide depth; selling anyone of value; looking for young players with potential at low cost; bringing in loan players, with purchase options.

The main objective is to sell for big money and avoid paying out big money. But there is a ever-present suspicion that Everton would sell the family silver and the Granny with it. But Robert has pointed out there are good affordable options out there.

I do get the impression that Dyche helped by Thelwell will push things to the limit. I just wish the same attitude applied to sorting out the club management structure.

Stu Darlington
45 Posted 27/07/2023 at 03:13:06
It's not that there are not players out there and are available for the right money that's so frustrating, it's the club's apparent lack of activity in securing any of them that gets me.

It's been obvious to us supporters for so long that we desperately need at least 2 strikers and here we are again seemingly faffing around and getting nowhere, as usual.
Unless there's movement behind the scenes we don't know about, it looks like being a re-run of the last 2 or 3 windows.

I know we are not helped by lack of money or all the uncertainty surrounding the club, but it's only a couple of weeks until the Premier League kicks off again, so for God's sake, let's see some positive movement for once.

Danny Baily
46 Posted 27/07/2023 at 07:41:30
I see James Rodriguez is off to Sao Paolo.

Also, Stephy Mavididi to Leicester. Seems like the ideal player for us, 7.5m.

Jim Lloyd
47 Posted 27/07/2023 at 07:49:43
It's fairly clear that anxiety isn't helping us to find a way from the bottom of the "optimistic" league. I think it comes across clear in your post, Stu (45) and a fair few other posts. It's understandable; but I think a bit of patience is called for.

We might be totally brassic; and if that's the case well...we might well be up sh1t creek without a paddle. I think though, that if there's sufficient financial leeway to get a couple of desperately needed players, the Dyche and Thelwell will get them.

I'd say that Calvert-Lewin's condition isn't something we can rely on for a season's first team action (sincerely hope I'm wrong!); but (stating the obvious) we are in dire need of goalscorers!!! Or at least a goalscorer... the best we can get. Otherwise, it'll be like Groundhog Day.

We've had oodles of money and blew it. Whatever we've got now, whether for a permanent signing, or as a loan, it's the best we can get, that we need. We can't waste any more money on players that are not going to do the job. It truly is a case of: Only the best is good enough.

Our best, might only be found in Football's "Car Boot" Bargains but I'd hope we could bring in Jamie Vardy for a year or two and, hopefully, one from the list that Robert has produced.

Mark Murphy
48 Posted 27/07/2023 at 07:54:43
Is it certain that Branthwaite is back and will play for us? I thought he was agitating for a move??
Rob Halligan
49 Posted 27/07/2023 at 08:03:06
Mark, don’t know where you’ve heard that, but Branthwaite is definitely not agitating for a move.
Robert Tressell
50 Posted 27/07/2023 at 08:55:14
Unfortunately, what looks like faffing about is 100% down to money / market forces.

It's only once we pass the start of the season and into the final weeks of the window that selling clubs and agents will be under pressure to get deals done.

Whilst that doesn't make sense from a football perspective – it's the way of the world. And we're not rich enough to operate any other way.

And for those who think we're doomed, left behind etc, by this approach – take a look at the competition.

West Ham for example have sale proceeds from Declan Rice's departure but what have they done with them? They have a very shallow squad, an expensive dud in Scammacca, and a huge hole in midfield.

Crystal Palace have fared even worse. They've lost their talisman Zaha for free and don't even have sale proceeds to reinvest.

It will all change in the latter weeks of the window. Gray and Iwobi might be sold to avoid losing them on frees. Unfortunately, Branthwaite, Onana and Pickford could also go if the right bid comes in.

But equally we should see some incomings too.

Judge the window by the quality of our squad relative to the competition, once the window closes.

Brian Harrison
51 Posted 27/07/2023 at 09:03:09
I saw that chart which showed Evertonians the least optimistic for the coming season. Well, what do you expect, as for 2 years, our magnificent support has kept us in the Premier League! Yet, despite that, we haven't heard a word from our owner or chairman.

We have signed two players on loan and it's hard to see how we avoid another relegation battle. For the past two seasons, we have struggled for whatever reason to get our main striker on the pitch for more than a handful of games, yet we are still to sign a striker.

From our pre-season friendlies, our lack of goals is there for all to see, and you wonder why Everton fans are the least optimistic, really?

I feel a little sorry for Dyche as he has what looks like very little money to put together a team to avoid being in the same position as we have for the past 2 seasons. He is trying to make us the fittest team in the Premier League and seems to have introduced a more intensive fitness regime than we have had for a while, but Bielsa did the same at Leeds yet, as they found, without quality, fitness alone is not enough.

Also most clubs monitor the fitness of their players daily so it's hard to see how we get to be the fittest team in the league.

Iain Johnston
52 Posted 27/07/2023 at 09:05:55
The 31 July / 1 August thing is to do with the Sky £79M equal media share all Premier League clubs receive.

Each club receives around £26/£27M three times a season;
2nd payment is in January, 3rd in May.

Whether you can spend it or not is immaterial if your club turnover is poor and wages are high.

Currently I think our wage bill is 90% of turnover, down from 95% and our turnover at £181M is worse than Leeds & Leicester whose wage bills were 67% & 85% respectively.

As Newcastle are finding out, having uber rich owners means nothing if your commercial turnover as a club is crap. Their turnover currently is worse than ours even with a stadium with a greater capacity than the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Crucially though their wage bill is only 70%.

We can't afford £100k a week players, never could, but of course Billy Big Knob already knew this but still felt he could buy his way into the Top 4.

He's done to us was Ridsdale did to Leeds.

Robert Tressell
53 Posted 27/07/2023 at 09:21:05
Iain, thank you for explaining the 31 July point. Everything else makes total sense too.
Jim Lloyd
54 Posted 27/07/2023 at 10:13:32
Robert (53),

Thanks for explaining the predicament that Dyche, Thelwell (and us) are in. We can only look on while our management team wait for opportunities to develop.

And Iain (52) for explaining the financial mess that Kenwright has dropped us in!

Jerome Shields
55 Posted 27/07/2023 at 10:14:32

I do think that Everton's approach has been good this transfer window, but it will be judged on the latter days of the transfer window on whether they get what they require.

The only drag on proceedings is, once Thelwell and Dyche have done their job, they are very dependent on those that negotiate the contracts and the limits their fauxs pas have put on finances.

Michael Kenrick
56 Posted 27/07/2023 at 10:16:12

"We have signed two players on loan."

I don't think Ashley Young was signed on loan.

Jim Lloyd
57 Posted 27/07/2023 at 10:40:13
Oops, sorry!
Brian Harrison
58 Posted 27/07/2023 at 10:55:30
Michael @56,

Yes, you're right: we signed Ashley Young on a free not on loan.

Dan Nulty
59 Posted 27/07/2023 at 11:38:43
It really gets my goat when you see Brighton's latest attacking talent scoring two good goals last night. £6m from Njordeland in 2021 having scored 11 in 36, then scores 11 in 35 in the Belgian league last year.

What are our scouts actually doing? Have we got any?

Robert Tressell
60 Posted 27/07/2023 at 11:55:36
Totally right, Dan, it is sickening.

We could do worse than signing Nuamah and Diomande from Nordsjaellend this summer, two good players following in the footsteps of Sulemana and Kudus...

Pete Neilson
61 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:08:06
Good article from a few months back in The Athletic [£] on Brighton and their approach to scouting. It starts with the software:

How Brighton's transfers have become the envy of the Premier League

Paul Ferry
62 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:18:31
It's a great read, Pete, and shows us for the dinosaurs we have been in recent years.

I actually thought that Walsh was going to change things for the better (this Brighton article could have been written with some changes about him and Leicester back in the Kante days).

If only we could say, along with the Brighton fella, we identify our targets before we need them.

Jim Lloyd
63 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:20:31
Isn't it right we refused to buy Haaland when our scout raved on him but our coaches, or maybe Koeman, didn't rate him?
Steve Brown
64 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:38:00
There's always reason to be optimistic, but let's not become deluded.

The squad that narrowly avoided relegation again has lost 6 first team squad members and replaced them with 2 replacements.

The “real talent” who Robert listed all have one thing in common – we have not managed to sign one of them. Equally, we are just over 2 weeks out from a new season with Calvert-Lewin still to return to first-team action and Maupay playing badly again.

Branthwaite has replaced two highly experienced centre-backs in Coady and Mina. He might prove to be a great centre-back in the future, but right now he has played a handful of Premier League games.

If this is an example of Thelwell and the recruitment team going a good job, then I wonder what it would look like if he was doing badly?

I am usually an optimist, therefore I am sure 2 or 3 quality young talented signings are around the corner. But, as of today, this is the weakest Everton first-team squad since Howard Kendall Mk 3 and Gordon Lee's final season.

Dan Nulty
65 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:48:23
Possibly Jim although I have that down as an urban myth as United apparently did the same.
Jim Lloyd
66 Posted 27/07/2023 at 12:54:31
Just be like us, Dan! I know Walsh comes in for some stick; but he got some great players in for Leicester running up to their Championship success. He said he got Vardy quick (think it was £2million) before his price rocketed.

He also said he'd advised us on Robertson (Reds' leftback). I sometimes wonder whether our DoFs, especially Walsh and Brands, were that in name only, and that Koeman during his time, Kenwright and Moshiri had the final choices.

Paul Tran
67 Posted 27/07/2023 at 13:22:59
Pete #61, thanks for sharing that very interesting article.

Moshiri is proof that you don't just give people job titles and 'let them get on with it'. It's more important to set up a system and maintain it with discipline and governance.

Tony Bloom is a very shrewd operator in the horse racing world with his punting and buying horses. He clearly reproduces this with his football club.

It's only a mug's game when you act like a mug.

I'm hoping that if these people ever take us over, they're similarly shrewd.

Jim Lloyd
68 Posted 27/07/2023 at 13:51:47
Certainly not by allowing the resident Chairman to carry on with oodles of money, as Moshiri did... or not allowing him to carry on under any circumstances!
Dan Nulty
69 Posted 27/07/2023 at 14:35:45
Fascinating article that, Pete, re Brighton. Note that some of their signings don't work but the ones that have have been extraordinary. Of all their players we could have bought from them last season that would have made a difference we chose bloody Maupay!

Also interesting to note they recruited their centre-forward scout... from Everton! Who has he been scouting for us in the 10 years he worked for us!? Calvert-Lewin? Anyone else?!

Stu Darlington
70 Posted 27/07/2023 at 15:35:12
Is Dan James still at Leeds? If so, may be worth a punt on loan.

Fast, direct can shoot and operate on the right. We could do worse.

Soren Moyer
71 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:01:32
No Stu. They sold him to Fulham in January.
Steve Cotton
72 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:08:49
The Brighton article is very good, their system has proved to be exceptional. Their recruitment in the Far East and South America is also impressive.

Do we even have talent scouts looking at these markets???

Mike Gaynes
73 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:14:09
Great article, Pete, thanks for the link.

Wonder if we could lure Weir back to show us some of their techniques.

Dale Self
74 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:16:35
Before we start thinking about luring their recruiting staff remember how we got Walshed. Clubs like Brighton have developed to the point of knowing who they could let go to the bigs without missing a move internally. And they probably bigged up the ones expected to be tapped on the shoulder by bigger clubs.
Ed Prytherch
75 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:19:06
It looks like we have to sell (or give away Gomes, Gbamin and Maupay) before we can buy which probably means after the season has started.
Tony Abrahams
76 Posted 27/07/2023 at 16:23:30
Nearly everything in football stems from stability and planning ahead. Everton have been the most unstable football club in the Premier League for a very long time now and the only planning ahead has been with regards the new ground.

Moshiri has acted like a lottery winner playing football manager and, if he still trusts Kenwright to negotiate, then he must think most Evertonians are on their school holidays.

Sell up and get out, Farhad, because this looks like it's the only way that you can get that jinx Bill Kenwright to leave our football club.

Pete Neilson
77 Posted 27/07/2023 at 18:24:20
Mike, as long as he brought the app with him. Failing that, he could bring his boots.
Robert Tressell
78 Posted 27/07/2023 at 19:02:52
I think Moshiri would be delighted to sell and see the back of Kenwright in the process, Tony. I bet he regrets ever investing.
Don Alexander
79 Posted 27/07/2023 at 20:03:35
Pete (#61) thanks for your Athletic article.

It stuns me that all but the biggest-spending clubs have seemingly failed to emulate Brighton for years. Are they mad, or stupid?

It depresses me that Moshiri announced himself as the new owner of a club to be towards the top of the league within three years. I suppose Everton still don't even know what an algorithm is, but why would they need any such new-fangled thing when Moshiri knew he had the nation's best football brain at his disposal in the presence of the newly-minted chairman?

And after all, it's only been seven years of worsening seasons, and the best part of £1billion squandered, and no way to now securely fund the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, and yet Moshiri and Kenwright ponce on, still doing the very same thing yet still expecting a better result.

Bill Watson
80 Posted 27/07/2023 at 20:40:54
Jim #63, Dan #65,

It's no urban myth.

Haaland spent a week having trials at Finch Farm. The scout who arranged it was gobsmacked when the three youth team coaches (yes, all three, not just one) turned down the opportunity to sign him and said he wasn't worth the £60k being asked.

Joe McMahon
81 Posted 27/07/2023 at 20:51:11
Bill, if this is really true, and I believe you, then this is edging me nearer to throwing the towel in until the "mythical day" when we have a new owner/board and Kenwright is finally out of this club. I've a feeling Kenwright will hang on and on though.
Tony Abrahams
82 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:03:05
I heard a completely different story from a person who was present when Haaland, ended up at Finch Farm, Bill.

This person surprised a lot of people in the room because he knew Haaland's dad and he said that, even though they believed they were sitting on a goldmine with regards their young prodigy, Haaland's representatives were prepared to restructure the deal to help him join Everton.

I think I was told they had that much confidence in the player, that they were prepared to take less at the beginning, just as long as it was back-ended, so they would receive a lot more, once the kid had done the business. At the end of the meeting, Everton still declined.

Bill Watson
83 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:04:40
Joe #81

From what I recall it was an article in The Athletic quoting the scout.

Barry Hesketh
84 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:16:40
I can't verify any issues over payments etc, but it seems that the Norwegian goal machine was indeed seen at Finch Farm at least according to the Echo from a couple of years ago. I had heard that the coaches at Finch Farm believed that the Norwegian was too spindly and Bambi-like for the Premier League – my words, not necessarily theirs.

His [Haaland's] progress had already been noted by another interested observer, too, someone who had been keeping tabs on his exploits in the reserves and then the first team.

After a career as a goalkeeper in English football in the 1970s with the likes of Chelmsford City, Millwall and Coventry City, Brian King pitched up in Norway and went into management with clubs such as FK Jerv, Harstad, Tynset, Rendalen and Kongsberg, where he lives, before being appointed as Everton's talent spotter in Scandanavia.

Decades in Norway saw him develop great contacts and the talents of Haaland had been buzzing around the country's footballing fraternity for some time. He would soon be heading over to Merseyside to try and prove his credentials.

Ian Atkins, Head of European Recruitment at Everton between 2012 and 2016, worked with King at both the Toffees and then Aston Villa and recalls vividly the chance that was passed up.

"Brian King was really excited about this kid," Atkins exclusively told the Echo.

"He'd watched Haaland a lot and rated him really highly. He gets on to the club and manages to get him in for four days with the Academy so that the coaches can have a look at him and see what they think.

"This is when Haaland is at Bryne, before the Molde move, so he's raw but he's got all these great attributes you don't often see in someone so young.

"He comes in for four days and the Academy decided he wasn't good enough, something that Brian King didn't agree with. He thought there was a real talent in there but they didn't agree. He was one that got away for Everton, but you get that in football. I think Haaland would have suited the English game, though."

Shortly after his failed trial spell current Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, then Molde manager, snapped him up and Haaland went into the reserve side at the Tippeligaen outfit before being promoted to the senior team shortly after.

Fourteen goals in 39 games paved the way for a move to Red Bull Salzburg before Dortmund game knocking and landing a player who looks set to dominate European football for some time to come.

King would depart Everton's scouting set up in January of 2017, following Atkins down the M6 to link up in the scouting department at Aston Villa.

The one that got away

Ian Bennett
85 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:18:42
Soren 71 – Dan James was on loan at Fulham, not bought.

I'd take him on loan, and see how he does.

Robert Tressell
86 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:18:44
I expect that at least a dozen clubs have a similar Haaland story. He was a known quantity at a very young age. I remember the videos doing the rounds of him, I think, playing in the Norwegian league at age 15.

Whilst I know he did a trial with us (as he did at lots of other clubs) I would be extremely surprised if Haaland ever really contemplated a move to Everton.

His career has been managed exceptionally well. Salzburg was an ideal place for him to develop. Much better than any Premier League academy where he could have got much more money, much earlier. Dortmund provided a step up in quality and Champions League football. I expect he always had it in mind to end up at City, with both the pay and the glory.

That's why he negotiated a release clause much lower than his market value at both Salzburg and Dortmund (presumably in exchange for lower wages).

Dan Nulty
87 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:44:16
So we will be signing Tete on a free from Ukraine apparently. 14 games at Leicester last season with one goal and zero assists I think.

Meanwhile, Hudson-Odoi will be going for less than £10M to Fulham it seems. We've got zero pulling power anymore, zilch.

Seems Gnonto doesn't want to come either. We are going to get to end of August without paying a transfer fee, aren't we?

Soren Moyer
88 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:50:49
"Judge me when the transfer window is shut" part deux: Day of Reckoning.

Why let Yerri go and keep Keane, Holgate!? Yes. He was injury prone but by far a better defender than those 2 clowns.

I hear he wants £50k a week to sign for Besiktas. Surely we can afford him now!

Barry Hesketh
89 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:56:11
It's obvious that Bill's masterstroke, whilst fully utilising his powers of persuasion will have Mbappe playing at Goodison next season.

PSG don't want him, he doesn't want to go to the Middle-East, where better to keep fit than under Sean Dyche at Finch Farm, and have no hassle before joining your dream team of Real Madrid?

Oh alright, it will be Wieghorst or similar but it's good to dream isn't it?

Danny Baily
90 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:57:33
Tete on a free would be a great signing.
Dan Nulty
91 Posted 27/07/2023 at 21:59:38
Hope so Danny. Didn't look great at Leicester but was talked up by the Athletic stattos when Leicester signed him. Plays off the right too with a left peg so does actually solve a problem if he is any good.
Robert Tressell
93 Posted 27/07/2023 at 22:41:40
Tete on a free would be an excellent bit of business. Lot of talent and end product too - don't judge on a few appearances for out of sorts Leicester. He was very good for Lyon on loan.

His contract is up in December but perhaps the war gives him the chance to walk early.

Hudson-Odoi is also very talented but not sure his heart is in it. He'd definitely be worth a shot too but Fulham is a good place for him to play a lot of games and get his mojo back.

Steve Cotton
94 Posted 27/07/2023 at 22:50:45
Any chance of Alli, Calvert-Lewin or Gbamin making an appearance of the friendlies???

All earning a fortune in wages but none even getting a sweat on...

Tom Bowers
95 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:07:14
There are many candidates who, arguably may improve Everton and of course the speculation is rife all over the place but mostly unfounded rumours as we have come to expect at this time of season.

Everton look to have many competent players who can defend and then only problem Dyche has there is who to start (if all are fit).

There appears to be a a surplus of midfielders and I am sure a couple will be starting at other clubs come the new season.

Of course the biggest headache will be the scoring department that so far hasn't been addressed properly and although there may be an extra goal or two from some of the more attacking midfielders I cannot see any big improvement over last season.

McNeil and Doucoure can certainly find the net but how many opportunities will they get given that those up front are not really up to snuff enough to cause enough problems to opposing defences.

We are all hoping that one or two gems will surface to change things on the offence.

David West
96 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:19:00
Why do people hold up Brighton as some stick to beat Everton with ?

Oh Brighton get good young players!

Why can't we sign this player Brighton can !

Why would this player go to Brighton not everton?

Brighton are a well run, stable, progressing club.

We are not !

Players like stability.

They don't want to be thinking the manager may change, I may fall out of favour.

Look how many managers we've had recently!

If players have a choice their agents will be saying swerve Everton! It makes Thelwells job even harder.

Even loans ! Decent sides don't want to loan us players. They don't trust us! They dont want their assets mixed up in the Everton bollocks!!

We need stability!!

This season is vital to steady the ship, make progress, show we can keep a manger for a full season, improve the sqaud, slashing wage bill, consolidate our position in the leauge, take the pressure off, take the media glare away from the "club in turmoil "

Only then will we be able to attract the calibre of player we all want to see at goodison.

Laurie Hartley
97 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:27:17
Dan # 87 - “no pulling power” is correct. Add to that the fact that we can’t compete financially leads me to believe that we have to go for free agents.

As I have posted before Vardy and Morelos are available. Perhaps now that we are getting knocked back left, right and centre, we should take a chance on one or both of these two. They both know where the net is.

As an afterthought I keep recalling how enthusiastic I was about Moise Keane and how that turned out. All that glitters is not gold.

Stephen Davies
98 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:30:01
How are Brighton so good at scouting?
Rather than organising recruitment based on geography, which is what most clubs do, Brighton's scouting model is structured around player positions. This change was implemented by Dan Ashworth and Head of Recruitment Paul Winstanley.
Stephen Davies
99 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:31:18
Also,At the heart of the project is Bloom, the owner. He has plowed a fortune into the club — more than $500 million since acquiring it in 2009 — and seen his complex, and highly secretive, modeling validated. He has built the system that allows Brighton to stay several moves ahead of its competitors.
Stephen Davies
100 Posted 27/07/2023 at 23:36:00
I also watched most of their game last night in the USA against Brentford.
They have a very young forward called skillful,very talented ( Ivorian I believe).
Brighton have a feeder club in Belgium where he's been honing his skills. Scored a great goal.. Remember the to watch.
Another young forward they have is Pedro...they have a very tasty team
Nick Page
101 Posted 28/07/2023 at 00:21:32
Fill your boots, Stephen.

Bloom hires the right people, and they do their job. He’s an excellent manager and steward of capital.

Meanwhile we have teary darling Bill Kenwright who actually thinks he’s the dogs bollocks of a Chairman, rather than just being bollocks. The useless twat was well out of his depth 20 years ago, never mind now.

Don Alexander
102 Posted 28/07/2023 at 02:41:19
To people contending Vardy as any sort of productive asset I just want to say be careful what you wish for. His contract at Leicester expires in 2024, at £140k per week, and during their relegation he hardly ever started for them.

On no level do we need him.

Greg Nelli
103 Posted 28/07/2023 at 04:47:17
Just on the Gbamin situation, if he isn't turning up, does the club have any recourse?
Mike Gaynes
104 Posted 28/07/2023 at 05:03:18
I read something a few weeks back that Gbamin had put his Everton kit up for sale on Facebook Marketplace... £300.

Anybody know if that's true?

Phil Sammon
105 Posted 28/07/2023 at 06:27:23
Mike 104

It is true, Mike. To be fair to him it was in absolutely pristine condition.

Dan Nulty
106 Posted 28/07/2023 at 06:59:53
David, you are missing the point on Brighton. It isn't that players are choosing Brighton over us. It is that Brighton seem to be able to buy these players cheap, improve and sell them on.

We seem to have no transfer strategy at all in comparison.

I agree we need stability.

Sam Hoare
107 Posted 28/07/2023 at 08:05:17
A few people on here having a go at our scouts. I’m not sure that’s fair.

There was some talk online last night from someone who has close ties with the club (he certainly has photos to suggest inside access) who was saying that Thelwell and the scouting team before have presented some really great talent, including Kudus last summer and the likes of Diaz and Livramento before that but nearly always they have been overruled by Kenwright and Moshiri.

Apparently last summer Thelwell was keen on getting El Bilal Toure for £6m but Kenwright said he was not proven enough and was the one who pushed for Maupay who was not on Thelwells list. Difficult to know how true this is but it would seem to tally with Brands’ early departure and the things that came out about his time at the club.

It seems like it’s not that the scouts have not presented clever options it’s that the likes of Kenwright and Moshiri have taken decisions that should have been left to football people like Brands and Thelwell.

As for the next few weeks, we need a striker. We cannot rely on DCL so need a mobile target man who can do what he does. Maybe Brobbey or Broja or Dia. Anyone who can hold the ball up well and put away a few chances, two things Maupay cannot do.

I think Tete on a free would make sense, he’s a decent player and will be on less wages than the injury plagued Hudson-Odoi (though I wouldn’t be adverse to giving CHO a chance).

Robert is right, there’s still loads of decent players out there and lots of clubs yet to make significant moves. Danjuma could be a real game changer and the biggest positive may yet be a DCL returned to true fitness. I’m sure we will bring in at least a couple more players but I just hope they are players picked by Thelwell and his team.

Tony Everan
108 Posted 28/07/2023 at 08:23:23
Sam , “last summer Thelwell was keen on getting El Bilal Toure for £6m but Kenwright said he was not proven enough and was the one who pushed for Maupay who was not on Thelwells list”

The issue of a managed decline will rear its ugly head again if that is true.

We’ve got to ignore all the white noise and just sign that mobile target man to properly challenge and back up DCL. The system was working very well with DCL in the team and Doucoure in that advanced midfield role. Sean Dyche had us looking like a football team again for the first time in a long time.

I am often suspect of an unlikely win, as it’s consistency that’s the real marker, but the Brighton game was no flash in the pan. It is repeatable with the right personnel to back up absences.

Having that quality, mobile, target man striker to slot in is a non-negotiable necessity for the club. Failure to address this overwhelmingly priority is unthinkable. Quite simply the best we can get who wants to come here. Make funds available.

Then look to replace Mina with some who can bring stability to the defence. Branthwaite is going to be that man, but will need initially to share duties with a quality centre back who can bring some of Mina’s calmness and authority.

Mina himself is available for about 50k pw so could he be that man to nurture and share with Branthwaite? Probably won’t happen but Dyche will bring someone in.

Danny Baily
109 Posted 28/07/2023 at 08:37:34
Sam 107,

I very much doubt that any of that Toure-Maupay-Kenwright story is true.

Robert Tressell
110 Posted 28/07/2023 at 08:45:29
Although waiting is frustrating, we are absolutely not getting knocked back left right and centre.

Hardly any rival clubs have done any business yet - even West Ham who are suddenly awash with cash after selling Rice.

The rumoured targets listed in this article haven't knocked us back - they haven't gone anywhere.

Apart from possibly Toure but that's not been confirmed yet.

There are literally dozens and dozens of strikers who fit the bill before we have to resort to the likes of Vardy or Morelos.

Brian Williams
111 Posted 28/07/2023 at 08:55:27
A voice of reason among the hysteria!
Tony Abrahams
112 Posted 28/07/2023 at 09:02:15
That's very, very frightening on two different levels that Sam.

If this is true, we have either got non football people making decisions on the footballing side of things, which sets alarm bells off with me because football is rotten to the core and full of snakes who are possibly making money out of every deal.

I know I shouldn't say things without proof but it's definitely the way football used to be run. (I'm sure I can remember Clough and Venables getting away with it, whilst someone else became a patsy?) With a lot more money in football nowadays, then surely the corruption levels will be off the scale?

It's all there in black & white though would be what a lot of people will say, but anyone who professes to not taking a wage will surely be claiming a lot of expenses?

Live off your expenses and don't touch your wages (even if you aren't getting any!😂) is how the clever rich people live!

David West
113 Posted 28/07/2023 at 09:09:07
Dan 106 I don't belive its about scouting. It's not to hard nowadays with technology and all the stats to identify talent or quality players.

It's about being able to offer something that the players want:

Do quality young players choose us with our recent history?

Do agents want their players coming here with all the manager turmoil we've had recently.

The relagation battles are not attractive to players.

The boardroom uncertainty is massive negative when attracting players.

All these factors are hindering Thelwell & Dyche in attracting the players. Add into that the money and P&S issues then you have to have some sympathy for the job Thelwell and dyche have when trying to improve the sqaud.

Fans plucking names out the sky and saying we should be getting this guy ot that guy is fine, but in the real world there's so many factors to consider.

We should be sympathetic to the tough job Thelwell has to do, it was not of his making and imo he's gone about it in the right way.

If he would of got another striker last year and not maupay, who I believe lampard pushed for, we woukd be so much better off.

Sam Hoare
114 Posted 28/07/2023 at 09:36:41
Danny@109, what’s the basis for your doubt? I’ve heard a fair few alarming stories from a variety of sources (both in football world and entertainment industry) that make me think there’s at least some truth in it.
Michael Lynch
115 Posted 28/07/2023 at 09:39:00
Lauren James just scored an absolute stunner for England in the World Cup. Sign her!
Brent Stephens
116 Posted 28/07/2023 at 09:49:20
Brian #111 "[Robert] A voice of reason among the hysteria!"

Yes, no need to panic yet. Cut out the hysteria (I think there's an operation for that).

Steve Brown
117 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:40:56
Sam @ 107, entirely believable for me.

I posted a couple of weeks ago that Everton are unwilling culturally to take a chance on early talent. They have to prove themselves at a bigger club first.

Hence, we spend £30 million on Onana when he was available for £7 million before joining Lille and are bidding £30 million for Toure when he could have signed him for £6 million from Rennes.

Dave Abrahams
118 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:42:16
I understand the frustration and anger at the lack of signings up to now, I am prepared to wait another couple of weeks to see how we are getting along in this transfer window.

I think Everton fans have been more than patient over many years, while being ignored by those in charge of the club, so two or three weeks more of patience shouldn’t be too hard.

If we are not better off then let the moaning begin!

Jim Lloyd
119 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:42:50
Sam (107) If that is true (and I've no reason to disbelieve your source) it would certainly reinforce Kenwright's insistence on investment rather than takeover, when Sheik Mansour sent his agent to discuss buying EFC.

I think the idea of him having control of his train set, has been the single biggest factor in our downfall and near demise. The idea of Himself and Moshiri getting involved in the recruitment process sounds very believable and very disturbing!

David, what you say is right. The major reason in our unpopularity with players began with the interference in the recruitment decisions by the two non football men, as Sam has posted. We're paying for their stupidity now.

Danny Baily
120 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:53:59
Sam 114, to me it seems specious. It fits the narrative of BK being the bad guy, but not everything has to be shoehorned into that narrative.
Dan Nulty
121 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:54:37
If what appears to be coming out is true that it isn't our scouting system but the chairman and owner getting in the way, atwhat point as a director of football do you get the owner and chairman together and say 'look you two imbeciles, these are the 12 players we have recommended in the last 3 years, they cost a grand total of 80m and have subsequently been valued at or sold for 300m.'

I do not undergrad the mentality of employing knowledgeable people and then over ruling them thinking you know better.

Reality is that Moshiri is going nowhere. He isn't going to recoup any of his investment until after the stadium is built. Does anyone know the reality of who actually owns the stadium once built? Please tell me it will be EFC and not a separate company owned by Moshiri and others? I just have this feeling of dread that we will end up like Coventry where the new stadium is built but owned by a separate entity and we end up homeless.

Chris Leyland
122 Posted 28/07/2023 at 10:54:57
We need to be patient because it’s important that we sing the right players rather than just signing players. If we don’t, we end up with the likes of Maupay.

The sorts off players we are targeting appear to be Young (apart from Young!) with a resale value, which is exactly what we should be doing. The fact is that we are a difficult sell to a prospective player who will want to be convinced that joining us isn’t a backward step.

Michael Lynch
123 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:20:36
Boulaye Dia back in the frame it seems. Hasn't trained yet this summer because of knee surgery, which makes him sound like a perfect fit for us.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
124 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:22:09
Amazing that BK tell the DoF and the manager who they can sign but is totally silent on whether we should be playing 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1.
With all that knowledge on players you would suspect he has views on whether Coleman or Patterson should be playing and whether Iwobi is better suited to a central midfield role. Surprising that he is only restricting himself to who we buy.
Dennis Stevens
125 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:34:32
235, Phil #124
Tony Everan
126 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:39:57
Boulaye Dia, player plus cash involving Maupay looks to be on the agenda. He’s 27 in November so doesn’t come into the youngster bracket, he is in his prime. Resale value will be limited, but if he can do a great job at the right price age doesn’t bother me one bit.

Injury concerns and this bit of information have me questioning the move;

“The Salernitana star was among the bottom 14% of forwards in terms of aerial duels won last term (0.71 per 90); Calvert-Lewin was in the top 8% (5.10 per 90).”

Leaves me with the impression that there are better options.

Robert Williams
127 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:41:30
The thing that bugs me with all this transfer nonsense is the to-ing and fro-ing between sellers and bidders about the price of players.

It appears that we now have an offer of 16£/Euros for some forward that's been rejected as too low - The asking price apparently is 20£/Euros.

Why oh why is there not an understanding that the asking price will be the selling price - no more, no less. All interested parties would then know exactly, that subject to player agreements etc, that the sale would go through. None of this dithering, trying to get the better of the opposition etc. First come with the (fixed) price gets the player.
This may be naive - but buyers and sellers would have one price and can take it or leave it. If there are no takers at a certain price then that price is too high.

Mike Hayes
128 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:47:52
Robert Williams - imagine buying players for that price and on them wages 😵‍💫
Barry Hesketh
129 Posted 28/07/2023 at 11:49:36
Robert @127
You are being very naive as football transfers are similar to buying a car, the seller has one value in mind the buyer another, and both parties barter until an agreement is made, or the buyer walks away. Perhaps the all-seeing-eye of the football administrators can decide as apparently every transfer of over a million pounds is scrutinised by the Premier League to ensure a 'fair' price is arrived at, how the heck they do that is a mystery to me, pity they didn't scrutinise the hundreds of millions that Moshiri and company wasted in the last few years.
Ben King
130 Posted 28/07/2023 at 12:11:34
Here’s the deal: we’re around 2 weeks away from the start of the season without an effective fit striker being available

Which means we’re in danger of not maximising our initial matches which appear winnable

After 2 seasons of fighting against relegation we all know how important each match and point is. Goals win matches, winning matches builds morale and confidence

Losing matches creates negativity and reduces the appeal we have for any potential new signings. It also increases the pressure on them which is counter productive because they haven’t had time to assimilate with their new team mates

Our transfer strategy is shocking. Absolutely dire & amateurish. Apparently we were after Joao Pedro of Watford last season. Brighton got the deal done as soon as the season ended. That’s how you conduct good transfer business.

Identify 5-10 great prospects that are realistic. Have the conversations early and nail them as soon as possible. But that’s not the Everton way is it?

It’s all so painful, so drawn out, so pathetically school boyish

This club of ours really is a sh1t shower.

Anthony A Hughes
131 Posted 28/07/2023 at 12:18:35
We were a Doucoure thunderbolt away from going down last season. The first team hasn't been improved via the signings we've made and the squad is weaker by numbers.
Looks like our plan for the season is to find three worse teams than us again.
Bill Gall
132 Posted 28/07/2023 at 12:40:59
you and others are ignoring the 1 important thing in a transfer and that is, the player holds all the cards on where he goes.
I doubt that Thellwell and his team are not trying hard enough to bring in players but they are restricted by 2 things. 1 is the lack of funding, but the major problem is they are competing with well run clubs compared to how Everton has been run.
Players want to play in stabilized well run clubs and that is why when they have a choice Everton will loose out, it is not through lack of trying, it is trying to change the image that Evertons Owner and Board have displayed in the clubs disorganized environment.
Steve Brown
133 Posted 28/07/2023 at 12:47:10
Another stumbling block to closing deals is when the player realises that his mobile number will be on Bill’s contact list.

They can look forward to midnight texts from the world’s greatest Evertonian, blabbing sentimental crap about what it means to play for HIS club.

Dale Self
134 Posted 28/07/2023 at 12:49:23
We need to target players who will sign for us Players sign for other teams all the time. Why can’t we just buy a ready to go contributor that no one else knows about so we can buy them cheap and sell them after a couple of productive seasons?

I just wrote that out in 2 minutes. Why does it take so long for our people to actually negotiate and get a contract signed?

Raymond Fox
135 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:10:27
Anthony 131, your right about the squad, but we played 3/4 of the season without a centre forward.

It is a survival season mate, no more no less.

John Raftery
136 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:19:46
Dale (134) I am pretty sure there is no lack of will on the part of the club to secure deals quickly. There are however multiple parties involved in any transfer. As we know huge financial issues are at stake. Unsurprisingly the haggling can take months before we learn the outcome.

Dale Self
137 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:32:41
John 136, as Ben has so rightly pointed out we need to buy players that win games. We’ve bought players that do not win and now risk never being able to buy winning players. This would be very bad for club morale and the fans. All of these barriers to signings are foreseeable. We should have focused more on these future purchases than survival last year. It probably would have been the same result and we would be in a better place now. I simply do not understand this club or how they deserve fans like me.
Mal van Schaick
138 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:42:10
Not only do we still have players that need to be moved on i.e Maupay and Holgate, but we need to bring in at least four more more players, two midfielders and two forwards of decent quality.

I’m pretty sure Dyche will be vocal if we do not hit our transfer targets.

Brian Williams
139 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:50:00
Interesting story from a Talksport conversation between Jim White and Danjuma's agent with a special mention for some of the Everton staff.

“But Everton football club is a fantastic football club and it’s easy for me to say that now Danjuma’s there. Special mention to Kevin Thelwell, Dan Purdy and there’s a player liaison called Amy – they’re honestly just nice human beings. And when we decided to make the switch, there was something within me that just didn’t sit right – the fact that you knew you were letting down good, honest people. That was probably the toughest thing for me as an agent.”

Asked by White about whether the forward is comfortable with the reception he could receive at Everton, Jarman said: “He’s a nutcase Danjuma. He was on the bench against Everton and warming up in the corner, a goal went in from Michael Keane in the 86th minute and he called me up and said ‘Mike, it felt like 40,000 people were screaming in my ear, I love it – this is a good club’. He loved it, so second time lucky as he’s been saying.”

Ian Hollingworth
140 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:51:06
I fear that as Kenwright is still Chairman and probably still in charge of most things then absolutely nothing is going to change at our football club.
The man firmly believes he is the best thing for Everton FC and seriously believes that all other clubs look to us for guidance.

How deluded can one man be? Sadly everyone knows he is very poor at his job as you only have to look at the state of our beloved club to see how good he is.
Everything this summer is panning out, so far, just like previous summers.
Where is the MSP investment?
When is Kenwrights interim period ending?

We all know deep down that it is not interim and the chuckle brothers believe they can ride the storm out.
If we want him out then we the fans will have to step up the pressure.
We all know we will start the season without the firepower we need and we all know we face a very tough season to avoid another relegation battle.

Yet the Everton policy seems to be yet again hoping the manager (of the time) can pull off a miracle.

As the season edges nearer get ready for increased news on the stadium progress, reports on DCL fitness improving and a third kit announcement and players rally cries about how we all need to stick together.

Every year we hope for more, we convince ourselves it will get better this time.
Under Bill Kenwright it NEVER WILL.

Dale Self
141 Posted 28/07/2023 at 13:52:38
Brian 139, we all know that was written by Bill. Just ask Kevin Molloy.
Ian Bennett
142 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:04:16
The problem we're trying to solve is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there's fifty feet of crap, and then there's us. It's an unfair game.

We are the last dog at the bowl. No one with any quality wants to join us is problem number 1. Problem number 2 is that we have so little money, we couldn't sign them anyway.

We all want to sign these up and coming kids that will be stars of tomorrow. Well news alert, so is everyone else. Chelsea are currently hoovering up all the bright young kids for between £10-20m etc. At the older end of the market, Saudis are buying up as well.

I can't see a huge pool of players that want to come to us. That means buying carefully on players that have potential, but where they haven't proved it at clubs - juve lad junior, or using the loan slots we have carefully.

We aren't going to be an attractive proposition until we have increased revenue from the stadium, Dyche has some stability as a manager (stop the sackings), and we see some decent mid table finishes to end the self harm.

Brighton are held up as a great example, but that is a recent thing. Under Chris Huyton they had loads of rubbish like Glen Murray etc. But they had a plan to break the yo yoing between divisions. We need a plan.

Brian Williams
143 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:11:10
Now, now Dale. :-)
John Raftery
144 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:14:40
Dale (137) There’s no denying we need players who win matches. That’s obvious. I read this morning Ten Hag at Manchester United is fretting about their failure, so far, to sign a striker. That indicates how difficult it is, even at the very rich clubs, to implement solutions to obvious problems.
Anthony A Hughes
145 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:22:46
Ian, our planning comes from the Baldrick's school of cunning plans:)
Dale Self
146 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:23:11
John 144, your gentleman approach to this discussion is making it difficult for my transition to a snappy crapper. I must insist on my despondent disposition. You don’t need to read many posts here to find something to cling to in these times. I’ve considered how difficult it is to keep belief in this age of monied football and have decided to play it safe and trash my club until the situation drastically improves.
Barry Hesketh
147 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:28:44
Ian @142
The new stadium will help, but at what cost to the average supporter? The link below shows how difficult it is, even with mostly full-houses, to extract revenue from punters.

There will have to be a damn good plan and pricing policy for the new stadium to have the desired effect of increasing revenue. The major part of any plan, will have to ensure that there is a competitive team on the field of play, which isn't quite the case at the minute, and it will take some doing to have a capable side by the time the new place opens.

As Barry Rathbone and others continue to inform us, the only way to truly take full advantage of the new stadium, is for Everton to be sold to a 'nation state' investor, anything less and we'll be treading water - figuratively speaking - for a very long time.

Good news, maybe is that Turkey doesn't look like it wants to host the Euro's in 2028, although that doesn't mean that they won't.

The UK and Ireland's chances of hosting Euro 2028 appear to have improved significantly after UEFA confirmed Turkey and Italy had requested to merge their bids for Euro 2032.

Turkey have not withdrawn their bid to host Euro 2028, so remain a rival to the five-nation bid involving England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Source: Sky Sports.

Everton new stadium importance clear after shocking £2 million truth emerges

Ian Bennett
148 Posted 28/07/2023 at 14:59:15
The stadium naming rights will be sold. The 'Everton stadium' is temporary, and they've never used Bramley Moore as a stadium name.

Season tickets will be going up in time, I've no doubt about that.

Hospitality and corporate will increase revenues. A 12k fans zone will generate business, given the lack of pubs around the area.

Euros are being held there, and I'd expect other gig type of events.

Andrew Ellams
149 Posted 28/07/2023 at 15:30:48
John @144, there has been a shortage of strikers globally for a while now. Only City have bought a top drawer on in the PL over the past few years and Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal have almost been operating without one.
Rob Halligan
150 Posted 28/07/2023 at 15:34:41
It appears that Leeds want Holgate, albeit only on loan. Any chance of a swop deal, plus cash, to make it a permanent one for Gnonto?
Jay Harris
151 Posted 28/07/2023 at 15:55:04
There are thousands of strikers the world over,just look at the lists provided by Robert Tressel and Sam Hoare.

If they can find these players on a part time basis then surely Evertons new 120 point plan can come up with even better research.

Personally I don’t know why we don’t just go and get Pirloe from Swansea or Vardy from Leicester both proven goal scorers.

We seem to be chasing impossible targets. We were reliably informed over a month ago that Toure was going to choose Atalanta so why did we waste all that time and resource pursuing him.

I get the feeling it is Moshiri’s vanity that we don’t pursue championship strikers.
I was disappointed we missed out on Gyokeres.

Something is holding us back and I don’t believe it’s FFP as we’re now in a new financial year and yet to unload Gomes, Gbamin. Maupay and Holstein that will surely generate enough for a striker.

Robert Williams
152 Posted 28/07/2023 at 15:59:52
Barry 129. Naive I may be but there must be a more equitable way of dealing with these never ending 'negotiations' that Everton seem unable to master.
Do some of our negotiators fall into the 'naive' category I wonder - 'cos we seem to get FA sorted until 11.59pm on last day and even then there is a 70/30 chance that the whole thing flops and were are left sucking our thumb.
Robert Williams
153 Posted 28/07/2023 at 16:10:08
JR 136. Yes there are so many factors to consider in a transfer. One factor that should be fully considered is a thing called 'reality'. Being realistic - can we afford, does he want to come, wages? I am sure that our board will have considered all these but are we being realistic. There is a hell of a difference between what we would like and what we can afford. Shopping at Harrods on a pittance will not work especially now that we have the Oil Barons dictating world sport.
Let's be realistic, let's stay in the PL this season and let's build towards a half decent team to take to the new stadium. Oh and let's get rid of the deadwood.
Barry Hesketh
154 Posted 28/07/2023 at 16:13:18
Robert @152
I don't think any one can make allowances for the skill or lack of it, by those acting as negotiators for players we'd like to purchase. It is what it is, I'm not fretting about it, because it's been this way since the early 90s, the old maxim of penny wise, pound foolish, springs to mind when considering how Everton do business.

Frustrating it certainly is, but your original point was in my opinion very naive, as the business world, never mind the football world, just doesn't operate in the manner that you suggested and it never will.

Ashley Roberts
155 Posted 28/07/2023 at 16:18:27
I read today that we have now had a bid for Boulaye Dia rejected!! Does the board realize we only have 2 weeks to the start of the season and they have been dithering around and losing opportunity’s of players they obviously really wanted. If this guy is a good replacement for Toure let’s get it done and over the line quickly before we get beaten to the punch again.
Kevin Molloy
156 Posted 28/07/2023 at 16:25:46
Ian yes indeed, the last dog at the bowl.
It still feels worse than that though. Yes, we've got no money, but for us to still be without any sort of striker with a couple of weeks til season start just feels like gross effing incompetence. It's been two years now, and we've not managed to get a competent striker across the line. I'm not even saying a good one, just one able to function at this level.
Gary Brown
157 Posted 28/07/2023 at 16:58:56
I think we are all making the mistake that it’s BAU at Everton, but it’s not. There may be repeating behaviours (like supposedly bidding on strikers we have no hope of getting, and bidding too low on the players that we could actually get), but we all know where that consistency is coming from. It is just a red herring. A PR drama.

Easy to do with a fan base that were seemly pacified by a few board sackings and a small investment firm coming in. We are mugs. Me included.

The MSP deal massively complicates things. The level of cash flow Vs our assets changes as we trade, and every change can have an impact on what both sides want as a price. It is leaving us in utter limbo right now. Owners options of injecting more cash are impossible even if he wanted to or could.

It’s all a CHARADE. Expect the charade to play out until transfer deadline day, where will again “bid £40m for Beto” and fail to land a single striker of calibre once again. Then, the MSP deal will either go through or collapse not long after the window closes.

We just have to pray once again for survival once again, in the hope that next year we actually look like a club on the up: new investment, new stadium, new setup.

It’s sad times, but I’m just staying off Twitter and transfer rumours now and resigning myself to accepting the truth. The clown are still in charge and the big top is currently being tied down for a hurricane.

Andrew McLawrence
158 Posted 28/07/2023 at 17:20:32
We are going to end up with Morelos aren't we?
Kevin Prytherch
159 Posted 28/07/2023 at 17:57:35
Is Rondon still available?
David West
160 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:00:05
Dale 134. You sound like my 8-year-old lad when you say
"Just buy a ready to go contributor that no one else knows about so we can buy them cheap and sell them after a couple of productive seasons?"

Every club in the league & Europe are all trying to do the same!!

If there's a ready made contributor, 50 clubs know about them, 20 are interested, 10 are bidding, 5 are negotiating with the agents, the player is interested in 2 clubs & 1 will win the signature.

So it's not as easy as just sign him!

Fans who think it's just so easy because "Brighton can do it!" are just deluded.

We are not competing with Man City, Arsenal or Chelsea. We are coming off 2 last-gasp relegation scrapes, had 47 managers in 4 years, boardroom turmoil & have to manage P&S issues. Does that sound like an easy sell to a "ready-to-go contributor"?? No!

It's fans living in fantasy football land & with unrealistic expectations that heap pressure on the DOF & manager when they have inherited this mess and are trying to get to grips with it. Have some patience!

Or at least wait and see what happens!

Barry Rathbone
161 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:04:58
We can only hope Dyche & Co accomplish the rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick Martinez so famously pulled off during the last knockings of his first transfer window. The desire for a miracle with loanees whilst having the purchasing power of a bag of crisps is our version of the film "Back To The Future".

Just can't see the equivalent of Rom and Delboy appearing no matter how many times we shout "ABRACADABRA!!"

Colin Glassar
162 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:15:14
Lads, we’re skint. It’s kids, rejects and cripples for us, if we are lucky.
Christy Ring
163 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:19:45
Sam #107,

Very good article, and it certainly makes sense about all the deals involving Kenwright our great agent! Hadn't Bill a lot to do with Brands being shafted, and Levy pulled the wool over his eyes with the Dele Alli deal, and you say he was responsible for the Maupay deal as well.

I cringe when I see Morelos's name being mentioned; I watched him against Celtic over the last few years, he was abysmal, and his temperament against inferior teams in Scotland was shocking.

Danny Baily
164 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:20:09
Looks like Tete has cancelled his contract and is now available on a free.
Joe McMahon
165 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:22:50
Colin, it's fair to say it's going to be yet another low-scoring season. Another way of putting it: business as usual.
David West
166 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:30:05
Barry 161.

Back then under Bobby Brown Shoes, we were still an attractive club for upcoming players and clubs looking to loan players to develop in the Premier League. Now though we are seen as a liability.

I don't see Arsenal, Chelsea etc loaning top talent to us with all the recent turmoil. Danjuma may be an exception, he sounds like he knows he made the wrong choice.

Let us pray for Kevin Thelwell. 🙏

Kunal Desai
167 Posted 28/07/2023 at 18:57:52
Other than a free and a loan without the option to buy, I very much imagine this will be the squad that starts against Fulham.

I don't see us getting a forward in.

Dale Self
168 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:00:25
David 160,

I'm tempted to keep going but thanks, that was the tone I was attempting to perform. It's an act I am entirely in support of Thelwell. This act may not be over though.

Barry Rathbone
169 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:05:38
David 166,

Very true, if nothing else, Moyes and Kenwright provided an air of stability which you could see players thinking "Yeah, that's okay."

Now we're as flaky as filo pastry and players seem to be thinking "No way, Jose".

Which brings me to the question puzzling learned minds in the UN. Why was the Spanish lady with twin boys accused of being lazy? Because she called one Jose and the other Josb.

(It's phonetic: Jose sounds like - hose A and Josb sounds like - hose B).

It's been a difficult day…

Denis Richardson
170 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:05:42
Don’t know why but I’m quietly optimistic this season will be better than last. Won’t pull up any trees but less nail biting.

For one we’re starting off with a manager who actually knows what the job is about. That’s already a huge leap forward from 12 months ago (never wanted Lampard to begin with).

Secondly, on the squad, the two players we’ve signed won’t be back up so the first team has actually gained two. The players let go hardly featured as a group but have allowed us to trim the wage bill. The current first team is actually better than a year ago imo.

Thirdly, whilst not the out and out striker we need, Danjuma is a forward and will be a damn site better than Maupay so goal scoring wise we’re already better off. (DCL was also crocked a year ago.)

Fourthly, McNeil and Onana have their first Everton season behind them and I predict will kick on and be better.

Last but not least, I will be amazed if we don’t sign more players before the window shuts. Early days still and not many clubs have signed loads of players.

Btw - I do think we are a great place for a loanee to come as they’ll be guaranteed first team football if they’re half decent.

So, onward to the weekend and looking forward to watching the rest of the test match. Football can wait another week or so.

Stay positive. (Even of BK and Moshiri are still there..)

Raymond Fox
171 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:07:17
Fear not, the chances are that we will sign 2 or 3 players at the last minute as usual.

Calvert-Lewin will make a huge difference to our season if he can overcome his fragility. Okay the chances of that happening don't look great, but we can hope for the best.

We are not doomed yet.

Brian Harrison
172 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:12:20
I think it's really difficult to know where we will be at the start of the season, with rumours of more incomings and outgoings. I wonder whether Calvert-Lewin or Dele Alli will get any minutes in the next couple of friendlies.

I guess we will have a better idea of our starting 11 after the Sporting game. Dyche has given many of the youngsters a run out but I don't see any making the starting line-up against Fulham. Young seems to have settled in well and I expect Danjuma to get some game time tomorrow at Stoke.

Tony Everan
173 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:18:12
For the sake of positivity, as I need cheering up ;

We were looking a much better side under Sean Dyche, better organisation, fitter, with the formation of Doucoure advanced midfield backing up Calvert-Lewin we looked like a team who could be consistently competitive.

So far;

1 Danjuma is an upgrade, there's goals in the player.

2 Young is going to be useful backing up and competing with our full-backs.

The biggest positive is the clarity of our task. It's obvious to anyone with one active brain cell that we need a striker that can bring in some of what Calvert-Lewin brings. We are not going to get a clone, but a variation on a theme will do.

Essentially, he needs to be a able to compete with Calvert-Lewin as well as back up, as you cannot bet anything on Dom playing 20+ matches.

Get this player in and we have some security and stability in the competitive system Sean Dyche will inevitably operate most of the time.

The final positive is that Kevin Thelwell and his recruitment team must have that one active brain cell between them somewhere. So we are in safe hands.

(As long as the terrible twosome keep well out of it.)

Now for the negatives …

Andy Crooks
174 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:18:33
We could do a lot worse than Morelos but only by keeping Maupay and bringing back Rondon as his partner.
Robert Tressell
175 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:21:03
Things will start to happen after 31 July when (apologies, I forget who explained this) the Sky TV money comes in. I will labour the same point again. Hardly any of our rivals have been doing any business so far – presumably for the same reason.

The start of the season is a false target for transfer business. Obviously it makes sense to get a squad in place early, train together etc and hit the ground running – but very few clubs are actually going to do that. Most will still be in the hunt right up until the final days of the window.

And the likes of Dia, Toure etc all have their weaknesses, absolutely, but all of them will improve us too. Personally I'm not bothered that Dia doesn't win a high percentage of aerial duels. He'd improve us with his pace, power, running the channels and finishing. He's developed as a footballer in Italy too. He's not amazing, don't get me wrong, but with him and Danjuma we'd go into games carrying a genuine goal threat which is a massive upgrade on last season.

David West
176 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:50:50
Barry, Barry Oooohh Barry. (Takes a large swig of a beer… )
That comes under "if it needs an explanation"???

Let's just say when Chairman Bill leaves we will have one of them things that comes before Part B.

Clue: It's phonetic…

David West
177 Posted 28/07/2023 at 19:59:34
Dennis 170. I'm with you!!! Can you infect a few posters on here with your positivity?

The players leaving are as important going forward as much as the incomings for the long term. I believe just a small uptick in performance will mean a decent jump in leauge position.

The terrible start and continued support for Lampard after the World Cup resigned us to a relegation battle. I just don't see the same happening with Dyche.

Ben King
178 Posted 28/07/2023 at 20:15:08
David #177,

What terrible start? Why are you rewriting history???

It was an okayish start that was hampered by the lack of a striker to actually win matches. We hardly lost 5 or 6 in a row

And the problem is, we're likely to make the exact same start again because …….we still don't have a bloody striker!!!!

Dale Self
179 Posted 28/07/2023 at 21:05:25
I think the upside is we are being careful to approach those players that will fit in Dyche's system. I believe we already have enough to survive and just need to avoid the ambitious bad buy that takes us out of the next window.

There will be some quick fixes available in January if desperation sets in but that is less than 10% for me. Just avoid a questionable purchase that limits our funds for what would be worth a wait. I know many will think it is ridiculous but I think they underestimate Dyche and his squad improvement.

It isn't Plan A but we may go for a get by selection if terms force it. There are several last-minute choices we could get by with. Hang in there.

Paul Birmingham
180 Posted 28/07/2023 at 21:14:16
Tony @173, spot on, and I believe this season this Everton squad will be prepared and ready for the challenges that will be faced.

If a centre-back, a couple of strikers and at least one if not two midfielders can be brought in to cover next January, when we lose Gana, Iwobi and Doucouré, then that's a layer of resilience.

All the youth players knocking on the door are out on loan, so surely lessons will be learnt.

On the money front, there were some rumours that some funds would be available from today but no real evidence.


Chris Leyland
181 Posted 28/07/2023 at 21:17:55
I'm with Dennis and the positivity gang. Dyche's points total since he took over during a crisis would have seen us get 45 points over a full season. That's more than enough to comfortably stay up despite the mess he inherited.

He's had more time to still his methods and discipline into the player and he's added 2 players who improve the squad and we will sign a couple more. Another decent attacker alongside the signing Danjuma will add at least 6-9 more points (probably more) which would see us get over 50 points.

David West
182 Posted 28/07/2023 at 21:37:31
Ben 178.

I honestly think Dyche is starting from such a low bar, he may just have the same type of impact Moyes had. I'm not expecting miracles.

But if Lampard would have won 3 on the bounce I would've thought he was some kind voodoo, whichcraft worshiping weirdo. Because he persisted with a losing formula.

Where I see Dyche as being straight down the line, give me 100%, run, effort and commitment and you get rewards. The difference being Dyche has belief in his methods, has a track record that it works.

Tony Everan
183 Posted 28/07/2023 at 21:41:43
Just throw an unmentioned striker in for a bit of discussion, Ross Stewart of Sunderland. 6'-2'', excellent work rate, seemed to be stepping up as a player, and most importantly, gets goals.

He's in the latter stages of recovery from an Achilles injury. I'd say it's too much of a gamble for us because of this, but this is a player who could well come good for someone at a relatively budget price.

Steve Brown
184 Posted 29/07/2023 at 06:11:17
David @ 160,

"Just buy a ready to go contributor that no one else knows about so we can buy them cheap and sell them after a couple of productive seasons?"

Every club in the league & Europe are all trying to do the same!!

That is certainly true, David. The point is that many clubs are succeeding in doing this.

We are not, therefore we must have a process failure in how recruitment decisions are made and executed.

Steve Brown
185 Posted 29/07/2023 at 06:20:59
Where we stand today in terms of squad quality and depth, Sean Dyche and his coaching team are the main reason I have any confidence for next season.
Jim Lloyd
186 Posted 29/07/2023 at 07:49:12
Tony (173) I like your post mate. Along with some others contributions, you've shown that we're not far away from being a decent side already. With 2 or 3 more incomings then we have the beginnings of a squad... a small one but a first team squad that we can cheer for what they do, not primarilly to pull them out the mire.

(I'd also think your lad from Sunderland might be worth our medicos having a close look at him, and depending on their prognosis, take a gamble and get him.)

As Robert says, we're unlikely to do any of our major business until the transfer window is near closing. I'd like Vardy as one of our goalscorers, but someone pointed he's on £140k a week until 2024 (he still might be worth it!)

All-in-all, I feel more optimistic with Dyche as our manager and if, along with Thelwell, he's left to choose his men, I feel we'll not be bottom of the "confidence league" too much longer.

We can't count on this but one great bonus (for him and us) would be if Dele comes out of that nightmare he's been in and gets his love of football back.

Rob Halligan
187 Posted 29/07/2023 at 08:24:05
Never heard of this player, Yuri Alberto, which I guess is a good thing. Signing “Unknown Quality” from South America, which is what some on here seem to be shouting from the rooftops for us to do. Well he's unknown to me anyway, but I guess the likes of Sam Hoare or Robert Tressell may have heard about him and maybe give us the lowdown………

Jason Li
188 Posted 29/07/2023 at 08:38:14
I think Dyche will be with us for many years like the Moyes era. Not because of finances, but because as the team improves under him he brings in better players.

Last two seasons transfers have been much better, only Maupay it seems unfairly brought in to challenge as the focal point of attack and suits 2nd striker much better. I decided to watch back some YouTube highlights of Brighton and he does score a good variety of goals. But is never a number 9.

I am wondering if Dele gets fit and plays in his favourite attacking position, how much better really would he be than if Doucoure was allowed to play the exact same position and role for the season? Personally, I think Doucoure has been very reliable when pushed up to deliver goals and assists, and tracks back very well. I'd be pressed to say one likely needs to be moved on as there's 5 good central midfielders in the squad. Whoever is 5th choice midfielder might get very little game time, and that doesn't include Gomes.

Obviously if Dele gets back playing well it's an amazing bonus. Doucoure is the guarenteed (7 or 8)/10 performer every game though. It's an interesting one!

Looking at the positions in the first team to analyse who are top 10 quality, now with Ashley Young challenging for left back and occasionally when Dom is fit, the only concerns are striker when Dom is not fit, right winger if concerned about goals - if not concerned then Iwobi is a top ten Premier League player, and no top ten centre back.

Overall, this team should get closer to mid-table then relegation this season. Also with the right manager as well. Hopefully with Dyce & Thelwell together things kick on as recruitment processes improve as well.

David Bromwell
189 Posted 29/07/2023 at 08:52:18
I wonder where we are supposed to get the positivity from?

Remember, we have two 'over-age' full-backs and two youngsters who have yet to claim the position as their own. We have one proven centre-back, and a youngster of real promise but who has yet to be given an extended run in the Premier League. For the others, you could fill a book with their limitations and they are all right-footed which weakens our left-sided defence.

As I remember, our central midfielders cannot successfully make a pass, I exclude young Garner from this statement as he looks a good prospect. But surely we need to address this shortcoming?

And finally we are desperate for a tough forward who can at least play regularly and score the occasional goal.

So, aside from still needing to offload a few apparently very well paid but clearly unsuitable bodies, we still need an additional 3 players. A left-sided centre-back, Johnny Evans would have been ideal. A midfielder who can dictate play and pass, and of course a much-needed forward.

In the meantime, I do have faith in the manager and his staff but, with the squad as it stands, I fear another year of struggles.

Danny O’Neill
190 Posted 29/07/2023 at 08:54:14
We're not far away from being a decent side.

Who would have thought West Ham or Aston Villa would have achieved what they did last season? We can do it next season.

I tend not to get carried away with the transfer speculation. Whatever will be and we get on with what we've got and what the management team bring in.

I'm looking forward to the season ahead. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks.

Under Moyes, we seemed on an endless year-on-year wait until the last minute of the deadline to sign players.

In that context, we've got ages. I never liked or watched Dad's Army, but don't panic just yet.

Hold your nerve. We've done it enough in close-to-the-edge matches these past seasons.

Laurie Hartley
191 Posted 29/07/2023 at 09:27:42
Alfredo Morelos statistics:-

Games played - 354

Goals scored - 175

Assists - 71


Sam Hoare
192 Posted 29/07/2023 at 09:31:43
Rob @187,

I had a little look at Yuri Alberto when doing my lists. He's been a fairly consistent goalscorer at Santos, Zenit and Corinthians with around 1 goal per 3 games but I'm not sure he has any outstanding qualities. He quick enough but not rapid, solid but not strong, decent technique but he's not Neymar, is 6 ft but doesn't win a huge amount of headers.

He knits play together fairly well and seems to position himself well. He's only 22 so has lots of time to improve but doesn't seem a sure bet for Premier League success to me. Maybe worth a punt if he's not expensive but I'd be surprised if he's high up our lists.

Lee Courtliff
193 Posted 29/07/2023 at 09:51:46
I wonder if we're keeping some money back to see how Dele looks? If he's anything like his old self then we'd simply have to play him... then pay £10M for the privilege. He's a far more technically gifted player than Doucouré and would almost certainly hit double figures for goals, maybe assists too?

Just a thought.

Robert Tressell
194 Posted 29/07/2023 at 09:53:59
Rob # 187,

We were linked with Yuri Alberto in January. He got a big money (€25M) move to St Petersburg in January 2022 but was bizarrely released for free just one year later. Doesn't appear to be in the richest vein of form now either, having possibly gone backwards since leaving Brazil. I'd be a bit surprised if we really are interested still.

More so than buying players from South America specifically, I think we should be buying players from low-cost markets generally.

Only two of our current squad come from a low-cost "foreign" market – Patterson and Mykolenko, and we somehow managed to pay a high price for both of them. That seems a weird approach for a club with very little money.

These low-cost markets don't need to be as far flung as South America. As much as Brighton have brought in players like Mac Allister, Buonanotte and others, they have also strategically targeted the Republic of Ireland as a market, bringing in Ferguson, Mullins and O'Hara from Bohemians, Moran from Bray Wanderers and O'Mahoney from Cork City. Ferguson already looks a great player.

Personally, I don't see a lot of striking talent coming out of South America right now that looks right for us. There is, however, a seeming conveyor belt of excellent midfield players. Alcaraz (Saints) and Danilo (Forest) both look great signings and were extremely good value. There's plenty more still in Argentina (Medina, Varela, Hezze and Fernandez) and Brazil (Menino, Andre, Bitello).

However, this summer we need to be a bit pragmatic to sort out a really dysfunctional squad. But hopefully if we get a bit of stability at the club we can start to look at these sorts of "at source" signings more.

Christine Foster
195 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:16:03
Lee 193# I can almost agree with what you are saying, the issue will be, can he do the business on the pitch? if he can then 10m for him would be a no brainer, but there were other strings attached to that deal which could still be costly. The out pouring of sympathy for his plight will meet the cold hard reality of accountancy as his time is now limited with his contract. 10 million till the end of his contract would be great, if we had the option on further time because if he does turn his ship around then his worth would quadruple, if not, its a 10m gamble.. ( actually its a 20m gamble as we are also paying his wages)
Hard to see the upside in this one, but it will be down to Dele on the pitch to force the issue.
Rob Halligan
196 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:18:15
Cheers Sam and Robert. I’m sure we’ll eventually pull a rabbit out of the magic hat!! 🤞🤞

Though seeing DCL on the latest club training video, maybe he’s not as far away from a return as some think. Took part in the training matches, then showed some decent finishing in shooting drills towards the end, as did Danjuma. I know this cannot be compared to a proper game, but hopefully we will see DCL against Stoke today, and next week against Sporting Lisbon, and all being well, the first game against Fulham.

Tony Abrahams
197 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:24:42
We are not far away from being a decent side, but it would only take a couple of injuries to turn us into relegation fodder, imo.

Two of the best performances I’ve seen from Everton, during the last two seasons, both came at Brighton. Last years win was fantastic and definitely helped us stay up, but the seasons before was just as good imo, because I thought Everton looked like they could develop into a really good side that day.

Next thing we lost DCL, Mina, Richarlison for a bit, and I’m sure the other player was Doucoure, and suddenly we couldn’t win a game. The squad needs bolstering, but quality players cost money. Hopefully we can do some wheeling and dealing, and bring in enough players with the right quality. Let’s hope so🤞

DCL is the perfect example. He needs to be managed carefully but how is this going to be possible if we don’t sign a couple of quality forwards?

Danny Baily
198 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:26:15
Lee 193, I very much doubt Dele is in our plans.
Robert Tressell
199 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:30:04
Sadly, I agree. I can't see Dele Alli or Andre Gomes kicking a ball for us this coming season. They'll follow Gbamin out of the door on loan, nominal fees or be released from their contracts.

We need to learn from our mistakes and move on.

Sam Hoare
200 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:31:47
Rob@196, I would not be surprised if DCL takes no or little part in the pre season games but is then available for Fulham.

Clearly he is training but they may figure that matches present the likeliest risk of re-occurrence. Think they’ll save him for games that count. Maybe 45 minutes against Lisbon.

Really hope he has better luck this season, though if we bring in a decent striker it obviously relieves the pressure on him.

Ben King
201 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:37:15
Robert #199

Is Gbamin out on loan?

Where at mate? I’ve complete missed this story

Kevin Molloy
202 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:42:09
I know it's a time to be optimistic, with the new season around the corner, but I can't say I think we are a couple of signings away from being ok. Look at our fullbacks, look at our centre backs, look at our centre midfield ( Gana and Doucoure now well into their 30s) and I'm. not even going to mention up front. I was really hoping someone would come in big for Onana so that we could give this terribly tired squad a refresh, but they haven't. And I reckon the crowd are just about punch drunk by now.
Poor old Dyche, it's all on him. Again.
Tony Everan
203 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:48:47
Rob, it was great to see Dominic out there looking healthy and involved in the training. The squad looked like they were enjoying it.

I read somewhere that he has had very little time off, been in Germany and just working daily on recovery from his injury throughout the summer. It sounds like he is fully committed giving his all to get back to full power. What a major boost for the whole club it would be if this summer’s rehabilitation has worked.

Lee , As far as Dele Alli I’d concerned I still think the 10 million fee on top of his huge wage would be an obstacle, especially with our financial situation. A more likely scenario would be for him to get fit and healthy and then get a good loan to prove himself.

Jim Wilson
204 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:52:28
The penny hasn't dropped that hardly anyone is interested in coming to Everton.

The only players who might come to Everton are players like Vardy who want to stay in the PL.

We need to be realistic and go for players who will come and stop shipping out players until we have brought some in.

And if Everton don't realise this soon the players who will come to us will have signed for other clubs.

Danny Baily
205 Posted 29/07/2023 at 10:57:50
Vardy won't leave Leicester. He has the opportunity to fire them back into the PL. He also struggled to make an impact last season. And he's been heavily involved in the marketing of new shirts etc. He's not going anywhere.
Jim Wilson
206 Posted 29/07/2023 at 11:02:39
I said players 'like' Vardy!
Robert Tressell
207 Posted 29/07/2023 at 11:14:11
Ben # 201, I think I've misled you with my punctuation. Gbamin isn't on loan but will leave the club one way or another and it almost certainly won't involve a fee.

He's been reported as saying he won't play for us again. That's generally been construed as though he's made that decision, and greeted with some outrage as a result.

However, I think he is just playing back what he's been told by the club. He doesn't mean he's walked away - he just means the club has told him to find another home.

If I were him, I'd be agitating for a contract with a club in Saudi Arabia.

Andrew Ellams
208 Posted 29/07/2023 at 11:14:19
See Fulham have signed Calvin Bassey from Ajax. We're getting left behind by clubs like them, Brentford and Brighton.
Raymond Fox
209 Posted 29/07/2023 at 11:24:15
Just been watching a training session headlined for Danjuma, he looks slick.
Calvert-Lewin was there training like a two year old, there doesnt appear to be too much wrong with him at the moment.
Joe McMahon
210 Posted 29/07/2023 at 12:04:33
Andrew #208, we are not getting left behind, we already are. The 25 year Kenwright vision "How to destroy a famous football club, and make personal wealth"
Mike Corcoran
211 Posted 29/07/2023 at 12:05:09
Alfredo Morelos statistics:-
Pies eaten - too many
Fxcks given - none
Robert Tressell
212 Posted 29/07/2023 at 12:18:59
The rumours about Tete seem to be building. That would be exciting. Alternative to Gnonto.
Andrew Ellams
213 Posted 29/07/2023 at 12:46:07
Joe @ 208, fair point. I amend my comment to being left even further behind
Jack Convery
214 Posted 29/07/2023 at 14:09:28
Not read all the comments, so apologies if this point has been raised but we must have cover for the African Cup of Nations in January / February 2024. I don't know how things stand but Doucoure, Gueye and Iwobi could all be involved. If we sell Onana the midfield will be decimated. I've been looking at the Transfer MArket site and spotted a couple of freebies / loans that Everton could possibly look at.

Wataru Endo - Current Japan International. Age 30. Defensive Midfielder, who can play CM & CB too. Plays for Stuttgart and is their Captain. Out of contract summer 2024. Fit as a butcher's dog 110 games last 3 seasons. Looks a worthy successor for Gueye.

Luka Milivojevic - Age 32. Released by Crystal Palace. Plays mainly DM but has played CM too. Captained Palace.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles. Age 25. Released by Arsenal. Plays CM / RM and has played at RB too.

Whatever happens we must have cover for our African Nations players.

Andrew Bentley
215 Posted 29/07/2023 at 17:26:42
We are miles away from giving us all some faith that this year isn’t going to be a repeat of the last few years, with potentially worse consequences!

Defensively we’ve signed cover at LB, but lost our best defender (Mina) and still don’t have a better option at RB than an ageing Coleman. The jury is still well and truly out on Patterson and his injury record at a young age isn’t great either. That leaves us needing at least 2 defenders.

Midfield wise we still don’t have any real creativity. Someone who can pass the ball, dictate the tempo, make things happen. Garner May offer us the best hope of this but Doucoure, Onana and Gana don’t. We need 1 more in the playmaker mould to come in and need to get rid of Gomes, and Gbamin.

Then attack wise, the lack of a striker is (and has been) obvious. And we could do with someone else on the right to offer an attacking threat. Gray looks to be out and god I hope someone takes Maupay too!!!

So that’s 5 players we need to improve the team, give us more options and cover for the likely injuries (we are Everton after all!) and as per the last post, cover in January for the Africa cup of nations.

Unless the club takes action now we are going to miss the chance to gain valuable points for the first few matches.

How many games will we have played by the time the transfer window shuts??

Laurie Hartley
216 Posted 29/07/2023 at 22:54:08
Mike # 211 - it depends on how you analyse the statistics. For example, you may have inadvertently stumbled upon a link between pie eating and the ability to score goals! I bet you they were steak and kidney. 😉
Mike Corcoran
217 Posted 29/07/2023 at 23:17:24
Laurie - They’ll probably need to introduce xP and xPG stats to measure it
Don Alexander
218 Posted 30/07/2023 at 00:10:13
Maybe Lyndon and our Mike need to suspend further input on this thread before re--opening it 24 hours before the window closes, by which time we still won't have by then signed anyone.
Johan Elmgren
219 Posted 30/07/2023 at 10:34:33
And there it comes... "It's a tough market".

Well it is because you're fishing in the wrong waters, still believing that you must pay over the odds to get good players in.

There are plenty of good young players out there with potential and that wouldn't cost a fortune. Ernest Nuamah from Nordsjaelland, Alex Scott from Bristol City, just two examples of young players with great potential.

Jeez, the scouts and those responsible for transfers in this club are fucking clueless... Wake the fuck up, Everton!

Bill Fairfield
220 Posted 30/07/2023 at 11:48:02
What a lousy scouting system we must have. Brighton unearth jewel after jewel. Our manager sounding a little down on the transfer front.
Andrew Clare
221 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:03:26
Make no mistake – we are prime candidates for the drop.
We have a poor team and a weak squad, our transfer window activity is non-existent and we are massively hamstrung by P&S regulations.

Never have I dreaded a new season more than this one.
Our fans are incredible and their optimism is immense but realistically we are totally crap. Let down by the most incompetent board in football history.

Laurie Hartley
222 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:06:54
Johan #219,

With all due respect, in our current situation, we haven't got time to invest in potential – we need a player now who will score goals.

Paul Smith
223 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:09:30
Same old shite we've seen for the last 2 close seasons and Kenwright is still here.

There are no words.

Joe McMahon
224 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:10:02
Bill #220.

You talk about Brighton, they evolve all the time and don't stand still. After nearly folding, you are correct: what an example of being reborn.

I look at Everton over the same years and take Tom Davies as an example (not slagging him off here). But would Brighton have kept Tom Davies for 6 years and see him leave out of contact? No! They would find a mug of a club who would pay £15 million for Maupay!.

Brighton would not have kept Tom Davies because he 'Gets Brighton' and is 'One Of Us'. Finch Farm and the culture has been farcical and amateurish for years and we have paid the price.

James Newcombe
225 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:15:29
Not Tom Davies again.

As if he's anywhere close to being the worst midfielder we've had in recent years – and he (relatively speaking) cost us sweet fuck-all. I think we'll miss him as a squad option this season.

Sondre Haga
226 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:18:36
It looks like our scouts only have eyes on the big leagues.

In the Norwegian League, for example, the best players are often sold to France, Belgium etc for £3-5 million. After a year or two, we are interested in buying the same players for £15-20 million. Like Boniface, for example.

We need to pick up these players at an earlier stage. Nigerian Akor Adams is now on his way to Montpellier for £5 million. A strong pacy effective striker that would be an upgrade on what we have.

Dale Self
227 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:26:07
We are undefeated and it is killing some of you. Ha! UTFT!
Joe McMahon
228 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:47:54
James, please read my post again, and you'll understand my observation of what Bill says.

My post is not directly about Tom Davies, but the fact he left on a free. When Brighton would make sure someone paid for his services. Bill was observing how Brighton operate is the correct professional way.

Dale Self
229 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:48:11
Another Sunday morning observation:

I would like to see a cross-tab 2x2 with a breakout for those who did and did not set their hair on fire about selling Branthwaite and how surely that marked our club as fodder. The other breakout would be those who comment at all, at all, about his appearance preferably his performance.

I'll leave the conclusion to you.

Robert Tressell
230 Posted 30/07/2023 at 12:50:33
Johan #219, it is very strange that we persistently overlook the lowest-cost markets despite having no money.

Brighton, by way of example, have just bought a very highly rated 17-year-old Romanian called Adrian Mazilu for £3M. This isn't amazing scouting. He plays for the Romania U21s and anyone playing top-flight football in any league at that age stands out a mile.

It might not work – they tried with a Romanian called Baluta a few years ago – but when it does work, they end up with a top class player at extremely low cost.

We only have Mykolenko and Patterson from what might be called a low-cost market – and we managed to pay over the odds for both somehow.

Tony Everan
231 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:22:13
Joe, it's a good point and indicative of how we have been so loosely financially managed.

Right now, we have Gray with 1 year left and, to Thelwell's credit, he is being sold so we can strengthen.

Then the curious case of of Alex Iwobi entering the final year of his contract, a player bought for £27M who will walk on a free if we don't sell him, as he reportedly won't sign an extension as he wants European football.

It concerns me that it's very quiet regarding him and doesn't seem to be high up the agenda. It's this forward planning that we need to get better at. If he leaves on a free, then there's no funds in the pot to get an adequate replacement. It's issues like these that can help us progress if we can get on top of them.

Phil Sammon
232 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:23:30
Dale @229,

I conclude that you prat around with spreadsheets for a living.

Dale Self
233 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:31:42
It was a past life, Phil. Now I'm into cutting-edge football commentary, as you can see.
Frank Crewe
234 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:45:48
I don't buy this cheap player stuff. Brighton may have had a bit of luck with cheap players paying off but, most of the time, you get what you pay for.

Before Moshiri arrived, we did nothing but complain that we couldn't afford the top players the "rich" clubs were buying and had to be content with cheap buys. No marquee buys for us.

Then, when Moshiri arrived and we had the money, we spent it like it was going out of style and we were all made up. "At last we can compete again" we thought…

Unfortunately things didn't work out as we had hoped. Now, because we have run out of cash, we have changed our tune just because some mid-sized clubs got a few bargains that they sold on for big money.

As I said, generally speaking, you get the players you pay for. The rich clubs spend big and compete at the top. The poor clubs, which is just about everyone else, spend as little as they can and hope for the best.

We are hoping for the best. So let's stop being hypocrites. We don't want cheap players because we have somehow seen the light. We want them because we can no longer afford expensive ones.

Kevin Molloy
235 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:47:18
Good interview from Le Tissier with Simon Jordan on YouTube.

Discussing Southampton, Le Tissier said Southampton spent £140M last season.

I've said it before, but it was a modern day miracle that we stayed up last season. Goals scored, standard of play, money spent, months and months with the worst coach in the modern era, and still we finished above them, Leicester and Leeds!!!

This season is going to be pretty grim probably (to watch at least), but I'm pretty confident regardless of the failings of the boardroom that Dyche will keep us up. I suppose we should be grateful we have a competent coach; otherwise, I think we'd be finished now.

Barry Hesketh
236 Posted 30/07/2023 at 13:49:40
All this talk of Brighton makes me think that their nickname is currently a misnomer, surely it's more fitting for the current Everton?

Coined by the American author Ken Blanchard in 1985, Seagull Managers are bosses or overseers who “fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone, then fly out”.

I remember going to the Goldstone for a midweek game, in the early 80s I think, when Everton reached a milestone of 4,000 goals… or was it points? Perhaps, somebody can remember exactly what it was.

I know Lyons scored but hadn't realised it was also the night that Steve McMahon scored his first goal for the club.

Paul Tran
237 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:03:45
Joe & Tony, excellent points on our free outgoings.

I suspect getting any fee for Iwobi depends on him going to Saudi this summer. I can't see anyone else matching his wages. If he wants Champions League football, he'll need to have a storming season with us.

The moral of the story is: don't let your owner buy players the managers don't want and offer them a long contract on over-the-odds wages.

Oliver Molloy
238 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:18:03
The Saudis' money has changed everything. If there is a whisper of interest from over there in players like Gray and Iwobi, their agents will be doing their best to cut a deal in my opinion.

Any player entering the final year of a contract has the power.
Both the above-named players are fucking bang average and would not get into the starting line-up in any Top 8 side.

Years and years of awful management from those in control have left the club in the position that will take many years to correct and make us competitive. We can only hope we can stay in the Premier League and gradually build.

I think it's realistic to expect this season to once again be a survival strategy from Dyche — of course, the Evertonian in me expects more!

And don't forget: we may need up to 9 points more this season if we get any points reduction.

Paul Tran
239 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:24:03
Barry #236,

I think Joe McBride got the third that night, though the most memorable thing about that game was arriving back home at a ridiculous time!

Ian Bennett
240 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:34:39
Southampton sold Salisu, hopefully that means they come in for Holgate…
Stephen Davies
241 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:38:03
Frank #234,

Brighton's knack of getting very good players is nothing to do with luck whatsoever. They have a fantastic scouting and recruitment system that identifies players for the positions they want to fill.

There was no luck in getting Mitoma, Mac Allister, Caicedo, Enciso, Evan Ferguson, Trossard, Cucurella… They have just recruited 2 young forwards which I'm sure will make others look out far, Pedro and Adingra, both fast and skillful.

They have just signed a left-sided centre-back from Italy for £17m, Igor.

Luck is for Losers.

Andrew McLean
242 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:40:08
Rob @230, it could work.

For example, Suphanat Mueanta is a 20-year-old Thai International. Predominantly a right winger but he can play up front. He needs better coaching and opposition to improve his talent and reach his potential.

I'd rather have him over Maupay any day.

Andrew Bentley
243 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:48:13
Now there's a Dyche story on BBC calling out that we've missed out on transfer targets. Same shit every window.

Expectations firmly now being set for everyone that we are not going to be bringing anyone else in. "We tried" is what they will say.

We've been missing a recognised striking option for three transfer windows now from when Richarlison was sold. Name me any other club during that same period that hasn't addressed its own problem positions?

Paul Tran
244 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:50:34
Andrew, take a look at West Ham. And they're based in London, with money to spend.
Johan Elmgren
245 Posted 30/07/2023 at 14:50:46
Laurie #222,

Buying established stars at high cost hasn't worked out for us. Now we can't do it because of P&S Rules. I think being brave and bringing in youthful hungry players is the only way forward.

Robert #230,

Exactly my point. We have tried this "buying established stars at high cost" for too long. It hasn't worked. We have no money now, we need to find the gems before they get established. Unfortunately, our scouts don't seem to be able to find these players, but there are plenty out there.

Another potential transfer disaster might be that we sold Simms, our best fit forward, before having an adequate replacement in place. Now we may have to rely on Maupay, who has absolutely nothing to offer in creativity or goalscoring. I really hope this doesn't come back to haunt us in May...

We are being outclassed in the transfer market by Brighton, Bournemouth, Brentford etc. They are being brave in their recruiting, and they are reaping the rewards. What the hell are our people doing?

Dale Self
246 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:13:41
I thought the Dyche BBC reference could use an excerpt:

"It's a tough market," he said. "There is only so much that we can do, so we are working very hard – I can assure everyone of that – to construct deals that can work.

"There is no exact moment until it's over the line. There have been situations where we have been into where we thought we were going to get it over the line and we don't – that's the way it goes.

"A lack of goals is always a concern because you need to score to win games. We showed in the second half of the season that we needed to find different ways of scoring goals and we are going to have to do that going forwards. That is part of football."

Dyche sounds like he is fully aware of Everton's position and is in concert with Thelwell on how to make substantive and sustainable progress from here. Stop fearing the cliff, you are on safe ground. If you want to escalate for some histrionics, fine. You'll surely get Carlo'd.

Mike Allison
247 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:15:30
We need at least four ‘attackers’ (by which I mean a player whose primary role is to score or create goals) before the season starts and don’t seem capable of signing even one. Even if we do sign them, they’ve missed pre-season and won’t get to play a friendly before the season starts.

Instead we are selling and loaning out our best young players without them being replaced. I can only assume Dobbin and Cannon will wind up as first team squad players although given Dyche’s track record it seems unlikely they’ll be used well.

Iwobi was back on the wing at Stoke where he’s always been ineffective, and anyone else with talent seems to be seeking the comfort of the treatment room. One of our only effective attackers, Damarai Gray, seems to be being credibly linked with moves away.

I haven’t felt this negative during a pre-season since 2004.

Brent Stephens
248 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:15:51
Andrew #243,

I share the exasperation about new signings, previous seasons and potentially this season.

But when you say "Now Dyche story on BBC calling out that we've missed out on transfer targets. Same shit every window" – I think I'd just note that for every player up for sale, several clubs will be linked with the player, so several clubs will be "disappointed" in the end.

Let's judge it all at the end of the transfer window (and I guess it was you not Dyche who said "same shit show every season"!)

Dyche might also be trying to put the squeeze on the club with his statement.

Ben King
249 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:19:50
I'm sick to the back teeth of the amateur administration of this club.

I don't understand why we haven't identified 10-15 appropriate targets, contacted their clubs and agents, and got 2 of them over the line by now.

We're so utterly haphazard. We let Rondon go without a replacement (absolute madness as he would have been useful). We let Gordon go without a replacement (our top scorer at the time and a forward creative player).

We've let Simms go without a replacement (he may not be the finished product but he's better than Maupay). And we've loaned out Cannon: once again, he's not the answer: we know that… but who else is going to play up top???

I just can't understand the running of this club and the imbeciles behind this all. It's so depressing.

Brent Stephens
250 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:21:10
Oliver #238,

"The Saudis' money has changed everything. If there is a whisper of interest from over there in players like Gray and Iwobi, their agents will be doing their best to cut a deal in my opinion."

If, as some analyses suggest, the Saudis are looking to build a high-level league to compete with Europe (or to actually be part of the European competitions, as also suggested) then high level clubs by attracting high level players will be part of that.

"Gray" or "Iwobi" and "high level" don't trip off the tongue together.

Brent Stephens
251 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:22:49
And as Dale #246 says - the whole of what Dyche says is the key, not selected extracts to suit an agenda.
Sean Roe
252 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:28:32
''We showed in the second half of the season that we needed to find different ways of scoring goals and we are going to have to do that going forwards. That is part of football."

So basically no striker incoming then!

Dale Self
253 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:29:55
“We let Rondon go without a replacement”, yes someone actually wrote that in a public place.

HA HA fucking HA!

I’m still waiting for the holy grail of that side’s reasoning, “well we were so close to getting relegated that you have to think it was pure luck and face the fact that we were relegated in some sense and should start acting like it.”

Keep it coming man. This is some unexpected comedy gold.

And Sean, that conclusion really deserves a scooby doo response but I will refrain from playing on people’s names. It may slip occasionally but I’m cutting that out.

Tom Bowers
254 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:32:57
I think cautious optimism is something most of us have at the moment.

I cannot forsee the same thing happening to Everton as last season.

Defence is the order of preference and I think that in Dyche we have a manager who will get a big improvement in the squad when they don't have possession of the football.

Obviously he is not to blame when it comes down to the finances available for quality new players but it does beg the question why Everton have not off-loaded some ''waste of space'' players that would have saved on wages to a degree.

It won't be pretty to watch without the presence of a natural goalscorer but I think they will be more difficult to beat.

The almost disaster of last season is the final wake up call to the board that says no team is immune from the drop unless of course you have a Saudi or U.S. bankroll.

Danny O’Neill
255 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:40:20
I'll go with that Brent.

We are all purists, but have to be realists.

We want to win points, but first and foremost, don't lose them.

It isn't where I want to be, but its where we are.

Not long now and we are back on the road.

Alan McGuffog
256 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:44:50
Watching Dub v Kerry on the Beeb. More excitement in 5 minutes than in 90 against the Clayheads yesterday. If our crowd were half as fit as these Irish lads.

Not Irish but have a leaning towards Mayo. That bloody curse!
Stu Darlington
257 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:52:21
I may be pretty thick, but I just don't get it. Maybe someone on this site can explain the logic to me.

You can't win games if you don't score goals, we all know that's been the case for the last two seasons. Ah, but it's all down to finances, "we've got no money" is the refrain on TW.

How then could we splurge £34M on an unproven central midfielder in Onana? If we have no money for strikers, where did the money come from to buy him? Is there a separate pot of money for midfielders?

We have a number of winnable fixtures early season but we aren't going to win them without goalscorers.

I know posters on here say it's still early days other clubs haven't seen much movement etc, but I really don't care about other clubs. Looking at the pre-season games, our lack of a goal threat is still a glaring problem and our inability to conclude any deals is exactly the same as the last two windows.

Yet we still read “Everton show an interest in, Everton linked with…” Striker is a must-fill position if we're not going to struggle again this season. There can be no excuses for failure to deliver this time like all the others.

Oliver Molloy
258 Posted 30/07/2023 at 15:52:51

I agree, but they have to start somewhere… Henderson?

As we all know, the Saudis have the cash and they are spending it on many sports, boxing, UFC, football, golf, polo… tennis is next.

Will they build a league capable of producing a team that can be competitive in terms of the Champions League is another story, but I'm sure they think they can with their 'money no object' approach.

If they can't, it is already being rumoured they will create their own champions league trophy!

Money, as we Evertonians know, does not always work in sport but, if you have it, you certainly are in a better place.

I've just been told recently that a guy I had not seen in a while had moved over there and in doing so more than tripled his wage from €60k to €200k – he worked as a lighting technician at big festivals in Ireland and the UK.

If you have expertise in anything, the Saudis are currently trying to establish they will pay you a load of money.

Barry Hesketh
259 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:10:17
Stu @ 258,

I wonder if the former board members are in the running for Saudi public relations managers, especially the wordsmith talents of our erstwhile CEO, she could make a stale jam sandwich sound like a royal banquet.

Then there's the magician of a chairman who can make even the largest war-chest disappear in very short order, without having anything to show for it, but I don't suppose the Saudis are that desperate to waste their fortunes.

Steve Cotton
260 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:11:29
See Piroe banging them in pre-season... as we watch his price goes up a million every couple of days..

If we are waiting for the start of August for a few pennies, then we are royally in the shit.

Also, not a word about anything from the club...

Steve Cotton
261 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:12:54
Ask yourself... “What would Everton do??”
Stu Darlington
262 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:26:57
Heard Toure went to Atalanta for £35,000 a week. Anyone know if that's true?

If so, our name must be mud indeed. I wonder why, when we are such a big club with a Chairman who is the envy of the footballing world?

John Keating
263 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:29:41
A few months ago, Morelos of Rangers was mentioned.
I was totally against him because we would have been lucky to have him playing half the games, not because of injury but because of his total lack of discipline. He would lead the Premier League in yellow and red cards without doubt.

However, looking at our financial situation, Dyche admitting we've missed out on our targets and the lack of improvement so far this preseason, I may have to backtrack on Morelos…

The guy is an idiot, totally indisciplined but he does have some idea where the goal is.

If available, he'll be on a free, so might be worth a punt?

Billy Shears
264 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:44:42
What happened to the Gnonto transfer? Where is our new Strikers? By fuck, we need them all!

This is what happens when you keep Kenwright on as Chairman.

We plod on... it seems!

Brent Stephens
265 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:47:17
Oliver #258,

Ah, Henderson! Yes, I take your point. In fairness, he did a decent job in a very decent side… but yes, he's on a downward trajectory.

Dale Self
266 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:49:32
Gnonto is getting reconsidered now that Tete tore up his contract at Shakhtar. That would be an upgrade given his performance at Lyon not Leicester which was bad timing.

On a free, this one wants a return to the Premier League and was at Leicester, it could happen. Okay for some of you lot it surely won't but the rest of us can get a lift from the news.

Billy Shears
267 Posted 30/07/2023 at 16:59:53
I'd still go 4-4-2 and get Iheanacho and Morelos in now; add in Gnonto and we're good to go.

We need a good start as all four teams we meet are beatable before the dreaded international break kicks in. Our coaching staff should challenge the players to try to go unbeaten with our first four games too!

Just be braver Blues... For fuck's sake.

Paul Tran
268 Posted 30/07/2023 at 17:00:30

Morelos was a one-season wonder up here. Then his on-pitch discipline went, then his fitness and weight control went.

I'd suspect that Dyche wouldn't touch him with a bargepole. I certainly wouldn't.

Paul Tran
269 Posted 30/07/2023 at 17:09:21
Billy, I'll guess what's happened to 'Gnonto transfer'. A load of clickbait websites said we were 'interested' and 'in talks' to buy him. That's the equivalent of me looking at the brochure of a house in Mayfair.

Lots of clubs around Europe will be interested in Gnonto, I'm sure we're one of them. But I wouldn't get excited about anything these websites say – they're just guessing.

John Keating
270 Posted 30/07/2023 at 17:55:33

Morelos, as I said, is an idiot… but a one-season wonder?
Just league games for Rangers:

Season 17-18, 14 in 35 games
Season 18-19, 18 in 30 games
Season 19-20, 12 in 29 games
Season 21-22, 11 in 26 games
Season 22-23, 11 in 32 games

As you know his appearances were affected by many bans due to discipline and the last couple of seasons a few injuries

I see Morelos a fair bit. I was at Easter Road last season and saw him come on as sub and then shortly sent off in a 2-2 draw!!

Anyway all could be moot as I hear he might be going to new boys Grenada in Spain?

Morelos or Maupay? I know who I would have put a punt on.

Paul Tran
271 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:07:32
John, point taken on the stats. I often beat the drum for Scottish-based players on here, but he's never convinced me.

Could I have the choice of neither him nor Maupay?

Maupay appeared to me a classic case of buying someone because we 'had to buy someone'. 10 goals a season man, not a lone striker. So we play him as a lone striker. A truly awful piece of recruitment.

Andy Crooks
272 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:18:37
"We let Rondon go without a replacement", would be in my Rop 10 ever ToffeeWeb quotes.

Surely not the overweight, unfit, bewildered Rondon? A man whose elasticated shorts resembled the circus tent trunks of the over-the-hill old heavyweights who crawled out for one more payday after Tyson was decked by Buster Douglas.

Mike Gaynes
273 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:19:36
John #263, wasn't that Morelos red card you saw his first in the past three seasons?

More to the point, when you saw him play last season, were you impressed at any point? Are the reports true that he's put on a lot of weight and gotten lazy?

I'm just assuming that, when a striker is dropped at age 27 after scoring that many goals, there must be a serious problem, and it doesn't seem to be red cards anymore.

Kieran Kinsella
274 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:31:46
Andy @272,

Haha, agreed. Although surprisingly he starred in Argentina and won the Championship after he left.

Although, then again, Jay Wood would always tell us the South American leagues were poor as all the good young players had been plundered so maybe he found his level.

Alan J Thompson
275 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:33:32
As an aside, if the Saudis were to qualify and apply for UEFA competitions, would they pass the FFP regulations and would fining them mean anything?

Juve recently got disqualified from one of this season's competitions so are we to see a Saudi-financed club competition or is their target the Asian Cup competitions?

Neil Copeland
276 Posted 30/07/2023 at 18:55:58
Alan 275, sort of related to your point, I see that Qatar played in this years Gold Cup which I found a bit odd.

Perhaps some of our America based fans on here can shed light on it?

Soren Moyer
277 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:02:41
Billy, 264,

According to our accountant owner, Bill has done such a brilliant job in the past that he has had to beg him to carry on for an unforeseeable future as club chairman!

So no fear if we get relegated the coming season as our chairman knows better.

Meanwhile, yet another Everton target (Iliman Ndiaye) agrees to sign for Marseille!!!

Brent Stephens
278 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:21:56
Alan #275,

"If the Saudis were to qualify and apply for UEFA competitions would they pass the FFP regulations and would fining them mean anything?"

Probably not, on both counts, if this from today's Observer is a good indicator (relates to UAE but the principle is the same):

"One of the emails leaked by Der Spiegel in 2018 suggested the Man City chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak had said that 'he would rather spend £30 million on the 50 best lawyers to sue them for the next 10 years than accept a deal on FFP breaches."

Dale Self
279 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:25:03
Neil 276, we never found a replacement for Qatar.
Andrew Bentley
280 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:28:34
Paul Tran @244,

West Ham may not have signed anyone yet in this window but they have signed 12 players since the start of last season. My point being that we've had 3 transfer windows to address our issues and failed on the striker front (so far).

Brent @248 – yes, I'm the one who made that statement but I bet he's thinking it. 😂

John Keating
281 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:31:42

You're right, I think, about Morelos's red against Hibs – his first for a while.

To be honest, Mike, that red was ridiculous but his reputation is such that he's a marked man for refs.

Don't get me wrong: when he first came to Ranger,s he was a liability discipline-wise. Certainly last season he picked up a couple of bad injuries and consequently had fitness issues. Colak was Rangers' choice up front due to Morelos's injuries.

In normal circumstances, I wouldn't go near Morelos but he knows where the goal is, that's for sure, and will put in a shift.

With us appearing to be losing our targets and time getting on, I can see us getting desperate. However, as I said, I think Granada are talking to him.

Kieran Kinsella
282 Posted 30/07/2023 at 19:50:39

Interesting article on West Ham Utd today in The Guardian, expecting an implosion.

The new German recruiter and Moyes don't see eye to eye, Sullivan is slow to pull the trigger on deals, Mark Noble is DOF effectively in name only as he has no defined role. Players don't like Moyes's style, etc etc.

They're well ahead of us but seemingly have the same kind of internal dysfunction that did us in.

Andrew Bentley
283 Posted 30/07/2023 at 20:00:55
@Kieran 282,

I'm not holding West Ham up as some exemplar that we should aspire to be, I was merely responding to Paul Tran's comment that West Ham haven't signed anyone. It was him who bought them into the discussion, not me.

I'm only focused on us, and those in charge rectifying the issues that we've all been calling out for years and doing something about it.

Robert Tressell
284 Posted 30/07/2023 at 20:20:37
Kieran, that's an interesting point. Not just West Ham, I think there are 8 other clubs entering the season with difficulties…

Luton: I am sure they will put up a good fight but ultimately they are largely a third-tier side that has massively over-achieved and isn't ready for this promotion. They have bought two wing-backs, one on loan. They have a tiny squad.

Sheffield Utd: Financial difficulties mean they've made just two low-cost signings and barely have anything beyond their first XI. Almost certain to sell star player Ndiaye before the window closes.

Burnley: Although they took the Championship by storm, they've lost loan players like Tella and Harwood-Bellis that did so well for them. Kompany did extremely well but he's young and inexperienced. It'll be interesting to see how he copes after a run of defeats, which they will surely get at some point.

Bournemouth: Not a bad squad but ended the season in poor form after Gary O'Neill somehow managed to put a run of wins together. They have now sacked him and recruited a new manager. Big risk.

Fulham: Looks like they might lose Mitrovic to Saudi Arabia – and possibly Palhinha and Adarabioyo also – which would really hurt the squad. We all know Silva is a good manager but can lose his bottle when the pressure mounts.

Nottm Forest: Cooper did extremely well last season managing to get a completely new squad together. That squad is now pretty good – but very bloated. It will be tricky to manage the numbers and egos. Talk of them losing Brennan Johnson.

Wolves: Lopetegui was given credit for turning their season around last year, but I think that had a lot more to do with a spending spree for Cunha, J Gomes, Lemina and Sarabia. They now seem to have run out of money and Lopetegui is complaining about it. The old guard of Jiminez, Traore, Moutinho and Neves have all left. They still have talent – but are they a team?

Brentford: an exceptionally well-put-together outfit with tactics to suit the strengths of the players. But who is going to score the goals and lead the line while Ivan Toney is out for his betting ban? Although they have effective forwards in Wissa, Mbeumo and Schade, they don't have anyone to replace Toney as the target man.

West Ham: Struggled last season, possibly due to the strain of European football. They have a decent First XI but a very thin squad indeed and big money Scammacca is completely ill-suited to their style of play. Losing Rice will hit them hard.

Palace: Losing Zaha on a free is a huge blow for a side that looked destined to go down at one point. Hodgson did a magnificent job of settling the ship but he is really ancient now. They have a decent squad (quality and numbers) but Zaha is a big miss.

So there we go, a bit more perspective on our current woes. In all honesty, only the traditional Big 6 + Villa, Newcastle and Brighton look "safe" going into the new season.

Tony Abrahams
285 Posted 30/07/2023 at 20:35:24
Mike @273,

I was in the company of some professional football people earlier today and Morelos actually came into the conversation. One of them said he watched Celtic play Rangers at the beginning of this year, and he couldn't believe the size of the Rangers player.

This person said he looked at least 2 stone overweight and he was already blowing for tugs with only 20 minutes on the clock.

Soren Moyer
286 Posted 30/07/2023 at 21:04:41

We could have signed Raúl Jiménez. Fulham paid £5M for him.

Kieran Kinsella
287 Posted 31/07/2023 at 00:56:09
Andrew 283

I wasn’t disagreeing with you mate you had a good point I was just sharing what I read in WHU.


Context is everything

Steve Brown
288 Posted 31/07/2023 at 02:22:17
I understand the point that this is a tough transfer market, but is the third consecutive transfer window where we might fail to sign a centre-forward.

It’s not like we are searching the jungles of wildest Indonesia with a torch and a compass for the Javan Rhino. There are 3-4 of them in every football club's squad around the world.

Phillip Warrington
289 Posted 31/07/2023 at 02:34:46
I read the manager was saying that most of there targets were missed. But were they really targets?

Most of the names being mentioned would never sign for Everton in their current state. We should be looking at players performing at lower leagues, instead of last minute panic buys like Maupay.

Don Alexander
290 Posted 31/07/2023 at 03:24:02
Steve, the fact is that Moshiri and Kenwright have spent hundreds of £millions on shite players, managers and staff so as to now render us entirely skint and world-wide laughable when it comes to new signings.

There may well be 3-4 forwards in every football club's squad around the world that'd improve us but, after 30 years of Kenwright gross ineptitude, massively enhanced by Moshiri's tenure, you can bet your bollocks that no young player of any slight aptitude will even dream of signing for us right now.

Rob Rothwell
291 Posted 31/07/2023 at 03:52:37
At the Seattle Sounders v Monterrey match. Young (ish) striker for Monterrey German Bertarame bagged an impressive hat trick before the hour mark.

Reminded me of young Richarlison. Chased after everything, and shit-housery in droves.

Definitely worth a punt. 40,000 home fans didn't affect his performance. Head & shoulders above Maupay.

Mike Gaynes
292 Posted 31/07/2023 at 05:35:53
Rob, give it up. I've spent years advocating that we look to MLS and Liga MX for attackers. And Berterame wouldn't even be near the top of my list.

Henry Martin of Mexico and Nicolas Ibanez of Argentina would be great shouts too, as would a couple of the MLS guys we've watched. Even an old fart like Funes Mori (yeah, his twin brother) would be better than Maupay.

Unimpressed with our Sounders tonight, BTW. Spectacular start and then one mistake after another.

Steve Brown
293 Posted 31/07/2023 at 06:05:29
Don, you know I agree with your points on the impact of reckless spending, terrible recruitment and mismanagement on the club.

But, there are always solutions. We are letting the club hierarchy off the hook by simply saying that the club blew all the money and nothing can be done. Shape an alternative strategy, for example looking in the championship or outside Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga or Ligue 1.

Brighton (yes I know we all cite them) have signed the following players from outside the top European leagues in the last four season - Enclso, Buonnanatte, Joao Pedro, Verbruggen, Mazilu, Mitoma, Sarmiento, Caicedo, Trossard, MacAllister and Lamptey. They have also been very clever in the loan market, for example with Colwill.

The fact that we were aiming to spend 60 million combined for Onana and Billal Toure when we could have bought both for 13 million shows where we are failing. We are too conservative about investing in early talent from global leagues, and want to see the players to perform in one of the top European 4 leagues before we commit.

So, I am just not accepting the "no-one in their right mind would sign for us", "it's a tough market" and "we thought we had some deals wrapped up" lines any longer.

And I am pretty sure the new MSP consortium investors won't either.

Rob Rothwell
294 Posted 31/07/2023 at 06:06:47
I hear you, Mike.

Shame really as I feel the fee and salary would be in our price range.

You just want to see some desire and passion. And some goals.

With those names you mention we're not talking Denis Stracqualursi either. Proven strikers who know where the net is.

We live in hope.

Danny O’Neill
295 Posted 31/07/2023 at 06:16:42
I too have advocated looking to the US and MLS.

The Bundesliga teams seem to tap into it much better. I found this article:


Decent read and some interesting names in there including our own Brian McBride and Landon Donovan who tried their trade in Germany.

I'm surprised Weston McKennie wasn't given more of a mention. I watched him play for Schalke and was impressed. Not the most technical, but versatile and full of energy. Went on to play for Juventus and ended up at Leeds last season.

Still only 24 as well? I'd take a punt. Maybe scope for some negotiation with the Moise Kean situation.

I see Juventus has been kicked out of next season's Europa Conference after breaching FFP.

Ben King
301 Posted 31/07/2023 at 11:17:06
I've put this on a different thread but putting it here too to articulate the frustration some of us are feeling and why:

To all those saying, ‘wait until the transfer window is closed before you judge' and ‘why are you being so pessimistic?'

We've been here before: the longer we leave it to buy our forward option (a), the less time the selling club has to get in their replacements which means either (i) they'll say ‘no', and/or (ii) said forward options will cost a premium.

We've been down this road so so many times before…. why can the idiots in charge of administrating this club ever learn anything???

Andrew McLawrence
302 Posted 31/07/2023 at 11:53:19
On the plus side, we are currently 9th in the table!
Barry Hesketh
303 Posted 31/07/2023 at 12:47:00
John @305,

I was bored, so I did read your piece, it was interesting and posed some really good questions for the modern audience and the effect that they may have on young and upcoming players.

My take is that the 'very best' players will ignore most of the noise and get on with their job, but the players who aren't fully confident in their own abilities could possibly fail to fulfill their potential if they begin to take notice of the many critics.

Barkley was the first Everton player who I thought took too much criticism, far too early in his career and that cameo picture of him in the Wembley tunnel, asking if it was him that the crowd were booing, remains a poignant and difficult image to forget.

Davies on the other hand wasn't blessed with enough talent to become the player that he was being touted to be, but he could have been managed better had the club been in a more stable condition.

I recommend that fellow ToffeeWebbers read the article that you linked, if only to reflect on some of the things that they sometimes post, and whether they are being entirely fair, when they rightly air their frustrations with a player, a board, or the club.

John Daley
304 Posted 31/07/2023 at 15:36:21
Thanks for reading, Barry. Appreciate the comment and I agree with your assessment of both players.

There was a guy who used to post on here (Damian something or other?), who would pipe up without fail whenever Barkley was mentioned.

The level of obsession and the intensity of his opprobrium over this one player was a sight to behold.

I honestly think he spent any spare time when he was not posting about Barkley kneeling in silent prayer, begging with all his mental might that Barkley’s car would one day break down in a snowstorm outside of his house so he could go all Annie Wilkes from ‘Misery’ on the midfielder’s arse, strap him to the bed, and hobble him with a big hammer.

Danny O’Neill
305 Posted 01/08/2023 at 06:28:46
I think you make a valid point, Barry, we are often too eager to build young players up only to swiftly turn on them and knock them down.

Barkley, Stones, Rodwell. Too much too young? Too much expectation on young shoulders when they are still developing?

We could go back further. Osman and Hibbert were continuously criticised by many over the years. I rated both. Osman was a gifted technical footballer and Hibbert a committed full-back. I can see Mykolenko in a similar manner to Hibbert, only better at delivery and has already scored, so no wait for a riot!

Slightly different, but even many were unconvinced by Seamus when he first arrived, especially as many judge on price tag.

The thing with those 3 is that they all went out on loans before properly hitting the first team.

Now, whilst I would rather see a restructuring of the system and a B Team or Satellite Club model for our development players, maybe there is something to be said for the loan system.

Hopefully Branthwaite comes back better for his experience, but let's not forget how young he is for a centre-back before we start ringing out the Game of Thrones shame bells.

Gary Brown
306 Posted 01/08/2023 at 07:18:48
Spot on, Danny. The blue forums yesterday were partially filled with writing off a 19-year-old before even seeing him play in blue. There is 100% an ageist issue in the base, and it's often even more amplified when they are local.

I'll never forget sitting in Bullens and seeing one grown arse man stand up 20 feet from Barkley and proceed to shout to him just how shite he was. Then we wonder why players have little loyalty to us. The most embarrassing thing was nobody stood up and called the heckler out.

Over the last season or two, there's been a lot more people prepared to stand up and address the haters at the match. There were 4 or 5 incidents by me last season of it. Need more of it too. Might be too wishful online behind their keyboards tho.

Danny O’Neill
307 Posted 01/08/2023 at 07:57:02
There's always the "You're shite, Everton" bloke stood behind or alongside you, Gary!!

I forgot to add Tom Davies to my list. There are probably countless others.

I know people get emotional. I do in a different way. But if we want young players to have their chance, we have to be patient with them.

Frustration builds, especially in the situation we've been in over past decades and I can't imagine the situation around the club and the pressure and expectation from the supporters has made it a constructive environment for young players to develop.

That said, ever the optimist. We have Patterson, Mykolenko, Garner, Onana, and Branthwaite, Godfrey is still young for a defender and can still come good once he gets his confidence back after that injury. McNeil. Stanley Mills is still an Everton player as is Lewis Warrington.

I'm not dismissing the need for additions, that's a given.

Along with the surrounding experience of Pickford, Tarkowski and Gueye, plus players like Calvert-Lewin, who hopefully will recover, there is the nucleus of a decent side.

Fulham soon.

Always end on a positive!

Pete Neilson
308 Posted 04/08/2023 at 09:14:02
Reasonable and balanced article in The Guardian this morning, a preview of the new season. (Not a single mention of Usmanov.)


Alex Gray
309 Posted 04/08/2023 at 09:52:06
Some interesting points about the way we treat young players coming through or young players in general. I have to admit we’re not the most patient bunch when it comes to youth players.

I still remember the way Victor Anichibe was treated under Moyes. Not the most talented player by any means but he certainly got way more stick any time he made a mistake.

Interestingly I watched Juventus vs Madrid this pre season and Moise Kean was excellent. His decision making has improved tenfold looks much stronger on and off the ball. Looks like a good striker.

Dom was written off at a young age and some people still call him a championship striker although i’d say that’s increased with the homophobic comments about skirts by a small section.

Regarding Chermiti he has a lot of potential but I can foresee him getting a rough time if he’s thrown into the deep end. Everyone is clamouring for someone to hit the ground running which is understandable. We’ll still get that striker (whether he’s good or not is a different question).

Reality is a lot of these young players take a year or so to get up to speed. Look at Brighton and the likes of caicedo. The lad did nothing for over a year and when Bissuma was sold he was integrated into the team and has now just had a 80million offer rejected. Patience with these lads is crucial and if done right not only will we get a good player (at a great age!) but selling them sorts our financial mess out. It’s the correct business model.

There is the counter point that some just aren’t good enough and that’s where our scouts need to be at their best. Alongside that stability is needed at the club. Tom Davies was ruined by playing under 8 managers who all used him differently and the lad never progressed and eventually the fans turned on him.

Get the experienced striker in for the short term, sort the squad out enough for midtable and give these young players (hopefully a few more to be bought) time to be developed and in a few years we’ll see the rewards. Reality is the Brighton model is the only way we’ll be challenging for European places as we’re never going to be able to spend big until we are able to bring in the money to do so. 15mil for Chermiti seems like a lot right now but in a few years he COULD be worth triple that.

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